No Agenda Episode 1250: “Noodle Nation”

is beyond laughable Adam Curry this is
no agenda curry and from northern

Silicon Valley where we missed the

zephyr which seemed to not only be on
time but 30 seconds early I’m Jesse
Devorah well then the most important
question is how many cars

oh no water and I saw this effort going
by I missed the car the car that I
started to count with well luckily it’s

you did this on Thursday there’s only
there’s only you know a day and a half
left of trading I mean the markets will
be confused if we can’t give them the
Zephyr economic car indicator then this
is a trouble well I feel bad about it

that’s okay I mean it happens it’s not
our job per se this seems like it is

the week started off fantastically how
does this work well we had great news
from the w-h-o I was super excited oh
you mean the news that they said they

did get some pushback from the Democrats
and they had to go back against the news
and then back off on its news well it it
went a little differently but I do have
the sequence and this is the news that

made me happy maria von kharkova of the
whu-oh during their regularly scheduled
conference call with dr. ted ross and
you know it’s it’s a little presser and

they give all the latest details and and
health professionals call in and well
here’s what she said the second part of
your question is what proportion of a
symptomatic individuals actually

transmit so the way that we look at that
is we look at they need these
individuals need to be followed
over the course of when they’re detected

and looking at secondary transmission we
have a number of reports from countries
who are doing very detailed contact
tracing they’re following asymptomatic
cases they’re following contacts and

they’re not finding secondary
transmission on what is very rare and
not much of that is not published in the
literature from the papers that are
published there is one that came out

from Singapore a long-term care facility
there are some household transmission
studies where you follow individuals
over time and you look at the proportion
of those that transmit onwards it still
appears to be rare that an asymptomatic

individual actually transmits onward
really really want to be focused on our
is following the symptomatic cases but
from the data we have it still seems to

be rare that an asymptomatic person
actually transmits onward to a secondary
individual so well that’s what I thought
I was super happy and and of course if

you listen to what she says a couple of
things she says there are a few studies
published papers it’s very rare that
people who are asymptomatic pass on the
Cova the corona virus to other people

and she said they found this out by
doing contact tracing and this of course
the contact tracing is the next step who
would Bank fired yeah well it’s the next

step in someone’s in one gender one of
the many because what we’re gonna find
out about everybody and who they’re
hanging out with and this is a fabulous
network that you can put into a database

it’s great it’s great for all kinds of
things so we cannot have that a we can’t
have people thinking that they can’t
they can just stop wearing a mask we
can’t have that we can’t have a contact

tracing show that this is that this is
happening so the guy who has not been in
a briefing for weeks pops up on Good

Morning America of course we’ve got to
bring in the big gun doctor fowey
himself to reject this claim from the
World Health Organization
the same organization he’s touted for

months as the authority and the w-h-o
said something recently suggested that
asymptomatic spread is rare and they’ve
been walked it back just all they walked
it backwards now there’s not this is not

a scientific correction retracted papers
none of the whu-oh walked it back this
is the authority that you have them a
clip of them walking it back got a clip

of that but first we have to listen to
function is rare and they’ve then walked
it back just a little bit so can you
clarify that for us what happened the
other day is that a member of the whe

show was saying that transmission now
mind you a member of the WH oh you mean
that one of the women who has been there
for months giving us the information we
have been told to believe that’s the

member you’re speaking of Maria kharkova
who’s dutch name translates to
churchyard was saying that transmission
from an asymptomatic person to an

uninfected person was very rare they
walked that back because there’s no
evidence again ouchy unscientifically
they walked that back I can hear the
meeting now holy crap did you hear what

those a-holes did tell him call now tell
them to walk it back they just forgot to
use a different term once they did it
they walk that back because there’s no
evidence to indicate that’s the case and

in fact the evidence that we have given
the percentage of people which is about
twenty five forty five percent of the
totality of infected people likely or

without symptoms and we know from
epidemiological studies that they can
transmit to someone who is uninfected
even when they’re without symptoms so

diminishing the hold on harmless listen
you gotta it’s important so to make a
statement to say that’s a rare event was

not correct and that’s the reason why
the w-h-o walk that back so he
saying that there’s no evidence he’s
saying that this statement was incorrect

he just obliterated that and what do you
think what is his name username Robin
Robin right is that who it is from Good
Morning America it could be what do you
think her father what do you think she

does a follow-up question yet she nails
him to the cross yeah let’s just check
the end again WH Joe walk that back
doctor fell to hearing all of this how
does that people are wondering about

school’s reopening okay
oh yeah well she nailed him on that all
right tell me about school’s reopening
now let’s listen to the actual
retraction the WH show gave not quite
the same that there’s no evidence and

this confident Maria now she looks like
a deer caught in the headlights so there
were quite a lot of messages that I
received overnight and that was we
received about making some

clarifications to some points that I
made yesterday at the press conference
so I think it’s important just to just
if I could briefly cover some of them
perhaps some of the misunderstandings
not say there were papers published that

showed a symptomatic spread was rare
that’s what I heard
seems she was very clear and you used
the word rare at least two times I think
three times well not as many times as

foul she uses the word walk back so I
think what’s important related to
transmission is what we know importantly
what we don’t know and what we’re trying

to do to really understand this very
complex question there are some
estimates that suggest that anywhere
between six percent of the population
and 41% percent of the population may be

infected but not have symptoms with a
point estimate of around sixteen percent
she says the range of known infections
is between 6% and 41% with a 16 point

error margin that’s not knowing anything
statistically that doesn’t seem like you

know anything
actually there’s a term for it
statistically spitballing that’s nice
she’s spitballing exactly with an a

point estimate of around 60% I don’t
want to get too technical I don’t want
to get too technical you might be able
to figure out I’m about to talk about
I’m about to be spitballing but that we

do know that some people who are
asymptomatic or some people who don’t
have symptoms can transmit the virus on
and so what I was referring to yesterday
in the first conference were a very few

studies some two or three studies that
have been published that actually tried
to follow asymptomatic cases so people
who are infected over time and then look
at all of their contacts and see how

many additional people were infected and
that’s a very small subset of studies
and in that I used the phrase very rare
and I think that that’s misunderstanding
to state that that asymptomatic

transmission globally is very rare what
I was referring to was a subset of
studies smaller studies however if we
take a study that is against
hydroxychloroquine that only looks at

their 40 patients then it’s accepted and
oh stop administering that that you’re
being lied to this whole thing is
bullcrap the whole thing is 100% crap
yeah there’s a virus but the lockdown

was a lie a lie I tell you from these
people and you know if the Curie Dvorak
consulting group were brought into this

I would recommend to the president if
and maybe he’s thinking of this the
following he’s got to go on prime time
and say ladies and gentlemen I can’t do
his voice but this is how it would

supposed to sound
I was hoodwinked and with me the
American people and perhaps the world by
the experts I was told to believe them
we all believed them around the world

pouchy Burks CDC w-h-o all lied to you
and whether you reelect me or not I tell
you I will drain the swamp because
there’s no I mean Boris Johnson is now

apologizing himself all except he’s not
doing it right he’s saying well this is
what I was advised I would say the voice
is dumb

so it’s crap the whole lockdown

situation is just a lie it was designed
to bring down the economy hello and the
check mark recovery everyone was in on

it on the stock market I will figure
that out just shift some money to online
businesses yeah it’s alright Don yeah
just sell now wait until it goes down by
at the bottom and everyone made out like
bandits bandits there’s a lot of

banditry going oh my goodness but this I
mean this just tells you that it’s it’s
it’s just a lie that they’ve not told us
the truth and and you know of course

vaccines now listen to he’s actually
walking back his vaccine story a little
now he’s promised all the vaccines
coming oh it’s coming now here he is
with the Ghana Good Morning America

talking about the vaccine vaccine back
side by the end of this calendar year in
the first few months of 2021 so that’s
the thing that makes me feel confident

that the process is really on track and
that’s good news again in the context of
never being able to guarantee success
things are clearly going in the right

direction that’s very promising very
promising indeed and once there is a
vaccine follow-up that’s very promising
this let me just tell you a little
something about interviewing people when

you either weren’t listening to the
person you were interviewing we have no
idea what they were saying you just say
something like what this resist
journalists job did Robin it Robins
journalist she’s because she’s a show

I’m never being able to guarantee
success so he’s now saying oh yeah we
never can guarantee success it’s not
guaranteed and she’s like oh yeah thanks

of never being able to guarantee success
things are clearly going in the right
direction that’s very promising indeed
and once there is a fact about the

sports robbing scene how often do you
think we would need it would it be like
getting the flu shot every year now this
is a very good question we need it now
she doesn’t know why she’s asking the

question piece of paper that’s why so
does that mean does coronavirus will it
change every year just like the flu
that’s the question but she doesn’t know
she’s asking it let’s find out you know

we don’t know that right now we’re gonna
take it one step at a time of such thing
we want to do is to determine if it’s
safe and it if it protects how long that
protection lasts we’re gonna have to

obviously observe that and that’s the
reason why when you make a vaccine it
isn’t the end of the game you have to
keep following and see how long the
duration of the protection is we hope

it’s substantial but if it isn’t you can
always give a boost so right now step
one let’s just prove that it’s safe and
effective and then we’ll go on from

there okay as to me a vaccine you get
one in the minute they start with the
boosters I don’t think that’s as great
as you’re telling me it is we asked

their boosters every year no I don’t
like it
it doesn’t matter because all of this is
just good news where we are today as
Neil Ferguson the man of the eye mhe 2

million dead model who walked it back
and then walked his naked ass to his
girlfriend who was cheating on her
husband during the so-called lock up he

says I was right I was right
before walkman interventions were

introduced so had we introduced lockdown
measures of Lucania we reduced
identifying the debt held by the

minister half so I lost I think for the
measures given what we know about this
fun knew about this virus then in terms
of its transmission relative this point

certainly have we introduced them
earlier very very animated young man
here’s hey I was right go ahead and

prove me wrong was always great to say
if we hadn’t done it do we more people
dead go ahead and prove me wrong
thanks yeah mr. science we’ll go try and
prove a negative so what is going on

with this data what is happening with
all that Alex bit I’m almost done with
Alex Berenson wrote a book which i think
is one of the bestsellers now really
about the data as you know co vid 19 the

date of the models and it’s a very kind
of he wrote it you know in in kind of
like the way we’ve explained how these
things work but only use published data
and he was on Adam Carolla Show talking

about it and what what is happening to
our journalism that’s right right so
okay so people in the media a lot of
them are not very good at math and
they’re very prone to groupthink as they

as the cannabis thing taught me but
there’s something even worse than that
right and people call it trumped
arrangement syndrome I don’t like to
call it that because that to me suggests
there aren’t good reasons to be mad at

Trump I call it orange man bad because
you know don’t from does have lots of
issues but there’s orange man band

syndrome going on and Donald Trump got
blamed for this early on and you know
the government didn’t prepare right he
shut the borders but then the government
didn’t really prepare in February and
early March and then it panicked but

what people realized in the media
consciously or not was they could beat
him up with this they could beat him
over the head with it because his normal
style is to fluster and to bluff and to
mock people and that does not work when

they’re when
you know when you have these death
counts every day right so they realized
they could embarrass him and they have
been doing it non-stop ever since but
the flipside of embarrassing it means

you have to constantly talk about how
terrible this is right and there’s one
last irony here Adam if this were really
terrible okay if this thing we’re really
the Spanish flu or worse you know this

were like forget the stand but let’s say
was killing ten percent of Americans we
would have to take it you know I like
that he listens to our show but orange
man bad and we are now two weeks and two

days since the protest peaceful protests
began we saw everyone out there with
without mass touching all kinds of stuff

going on by now we should have people in
the intensive care units dying on mass
big big groups of them I don’t see it
however must be seeing it Adam you’re in

Texas NBC sees it but doesn’t see it for
what it is that they say there’s an
uptick a surge I am confused troubling
new signs tonight about coronavirus in

some areas that reopened early
hospitalizations are way up a more
serious indicator than the number of
cases and today dr. Anthony Fauci called
COBIT 19 his worst nightmare saying it’s

not over yet oh it’s the states that
opened up early okay that’s the problem
not the people out there writing and
peacefully protesting and I do not

believe this is true I I really don’t
have that same report I agree with you
said the people are democracy now is
playing that up too but before we get

too far away from the your first clips
you’re already abandoning no I didn’t
abandon them and keeping the flow going
I have a que leak out of context I’m

gonna pull a Caylee clip mm-hmm because
I have a Caylee special today well it’s
as you know what I love about this show
without ever speaking to each other

we have this magic that works between
you myself and our producers and so when
you say you have a Kaylie what a Kaylie
special a Kaylie special

drop the mic

first conference
one more time
John Lucas you’re a master so I have the

Kaylie special for later me if we wanted
to produce that and this show was run

like a traditional m5m show what do you
think five weeks
has to run past legal we have we have it
we’re all kind we have to finally we we
have to audition singers now we just get

it value for value thank you John so
Ferguson coming back and saying he was
right yeah

brings me to this because there’s no
reason not to take advantage of the
situation and so we’re gonna have this
of this clip which is like the Trump
administration taking advantage of this

and this is kaylee pulls and Obama also
I wanted to take us through few other
things relating to the corona virus
first the corona virus task force
briefing was held yesterday I was in it
there’s some very good news that I’d

like to share with you I don’t know if
you all saw there were two studies that
came out very strong studies in the
journal Nature and in Europe which had a
very similar epidemic profile to the
United States 3.1 million lives were

and the efforts taken by the European
governments and as dr. Burks noted to me
she sent this to me just before I walked

out here she said it suggests that the
United States also prevented over 3
million deaths thanks to the efforts of
President Trump and the American people
another study found that the shut down

efforts prevented 50 million additional
coronavirus cases so those are two very
encouraging studies underscoring the
work of the American people know not
everyone will understand why this is so

funny if they’re kind of new to the show
after the 2008 Great Recession Obama’s
metric was jobs saved or created they

didn’t know which one it was but it was
something to look at and it was millions
of jobs saved or created and we
determined it was just kind of a made-up
thing it’s bullcrap I’m looking for I

can’t find any clips that contain saved
or create I mean we laughed about they
were all mixed it we must had about 50
clips as well that’s why I find it odd
that well it’s also from the very
beginning I may not have all that

archives but this this bit created saved
or created it’s the same scam gamma pull
nobody’s calling him on it

well no it’s Kalei hello yeah right so
get there but having to go see and the
later can be special where she you know
I found I got her formula I’m getting

her formula down here that the clips in
the next site to be the second after the
first to break you’ll start to see the
formula she uses for slam and these guys
is pretty funny anyway so yeah I thought

the saved her created is exactly what
we’re looking at here and and they
opened the door for it when Ferguson
doesn’t help by coming back and and and
taking a you know a victory lap spike in
the ball it doesn’t help at all there’s

one other thing I just wanted to read we
just came in it’s from a medical page
today which is a lot of doctors to

subscribe to the newsletter and it’s a
website and they have a story here about
the administrator of the Saugus rehab

and nursing centers in Saugus
Massachusetts who had heard that a new
Medicare website you could find all the
data of the cases and deaths reported

from nursing homes so she went to take a
look and her facility had seven hundred
ninety four confirmed cases of Cove in
nineteen the second highest in the

country and two hundred and eighty-one
cases among the staff and this is the
CDC’s national state healthcare safety
network which operates under new rules

from the Center for Medicare and
Medicaid Services it’s called CMS well
her eighty bed facility only reported
forty five residents to have tested

positive and five residents died it’s
it’s impossible that these numbers are
inflated by a factor of ten so she
started looking around and talking to

people and there’s nursing home after
nursing home that has numbers that are
inflated by I mean seriously a factor
ten MedPage they first learned of the

inaccurate actors shortly after
publishing an article on Friday on the
new public database in that article was
a list which has since been removed of

outliers those were the highest numbers
of cases and deaths among residents and
staff included Dell Ridge Health and
Rehab Rehabilitation Center in Paramus
New Jersey the CMS data indicated it had
the most kovat 19 deaths of any nursing

home in the country 753 kovat 19 deaths
that number is insanely wrong Jonathan
Dell ridges marketing director wrote in

a frantic email we are a 90 bed center
and we have had less than 20 deaths how
do you report such inaccurate numbers
well I think we all know the answer why
don’t we because this was a scam and

these are these are the numbers that go
in Medicare fraud by the way to the list
well that’s the whole point they’re all
all these now I’m not pointing the
finger at anybody either

administrators at the nursing homes are
like hey this is our moment because
they’re gonna make us do all this stuff
we got to have all kinds of money or
whatever it is or it’s someone in
between them at the that Medicare

jacking up the numbers for other reasons
internally either way data is
disqualified it’s disqualified
take off your mask people go out it was

a joke this dress here insulin now this
just came in from one of our producers
this is outrageous

the so that the nursing Oh tear it off a
you tube the nursing care industry is
now saying oh crap we’re gonna get
blamed we’re gonna get blamed the other

thing is well the hospitals are they’re
probably doing the same thing they have
the same issues let’s let’s back up
let’s back up to the early order all the
reports is show them on NBC ABC CBS

although they’re backed up there oh
they’re slammed and of course they’re
showing on videos you watch YouTube you
have a bunch of doctors and nurses
dancing in the halls but it’s beside the

point slam slam slam and then the next
day a number of people went out with
their own cameras after the reporting
was over and took pictures and went
through the hospitals and went inside

there was nobody in there take it off
YouTube take it off YouTube exactly what
happened and you know he’s the virus
real yeah peers to be real they seem to

be it but this is gonna unravel before
the election oh it better it better
because this is an outrage and people
are being silenced over this they can’t

it won’t last because there’s too much
of it you can’t overdo a scam unless you
have anything else I’d like to move it
right to my next conclusion of the week
unless you have more on Co vyd well

let’s see do I I think I got my good one
out of the way the good one I just have
to do well I mean we could do the
democracy now or

I just democracy neither think so the
Cova deaths update so you know the
breathless deaths update which we now
know is probably bogus exactly
coronavirus cases are continuing to soar

told tops 112,000 the watch give or take
10 post reports what if what if
everything was times 10 and we’re really

only at 10,000 it makes sense yeah that
makes a lot more sense to me to
coronavirus case I’m sorry I’m gonna say
we I have a times 10 report later in the

show on something else ex
coronavirus cases are continuing to soar
across the United States is the death
toll tops 112,000 The Washington Post
reports kovat 19 hospitalizations are

increasing in at least nine states
following the reopening of businesses
Texas North and South Carolina
California Oregon Arkansas Mississippi
Utah and Arizona are all seeing a surge

in patients needing medical attention
Texas has seen two consecutive days of
record coronavirus hospitalizations on
Tuesday the nation’s top infectious

disease doctor Anthony Fauci described
coronavirus as his quote worst nightmare
and said the pandemic is not close to
over yet the Institute for Health
metrics and evaluation has revised its

projected us death toll upwards
predicting 145 thousand deaths by early
August models and data it cannot be
trusted it cannot be trusted and just

with global warming well don’t worry
that’s coming back so something
interesting happened again it was just a
crazy week on Sunday we talked about

Sesame Street and what they were
teaching the kids about racism and I
took exception to their definition of
racism this is a clip from Sunday’s show
it may sound eerily like we’re talking

now but it’s a clip from Sunday’s sure I
should probably do a sound of it
I should do this this will make it more
racism is when people treat other people

unfairly because of the way they look on
the color of their skin is not I’m sorry
not the definition of racism there are
they’re freaked out the definition of

racism prejudice discrimination or ant
or antagonism directed against someone
of a different race based on the belief
that one’s own race is superior it is
not what was just said here that is not

answer you’re teaching children
incorrect things well that didn’t take
very long and all it took was one noodle

girl from Missouri as hundreds of
thousands March for justice across the
country and in st. Louis one recent
college grad is using her voice in a
different way with everything going on I
think it’s really important that

everyone is on the same page the same
page of the dictionary that is Kennedy
Meacham a recent college graduate
studying law politics and society said
the issue stemmed after people would
quote the verbatim definition of racism

a couple weeks ago I was like okay this
is the last argument I’m going a half
about this like I know a racism is I’ve
experienced it so I emailed them I
basically told them that they need to

include that there is systemic
oppression upon a group of people it’s
not just it’s not just oh I don’t like
someone after back and forth emails the
editor of merriam-webster agreed saying

a revision to the entry of racism is now
being drafted dr. Charlene Jones teaches
political science at harris-stowe State

she said from her students to people
like Kennedy the young generation will
make this movement different now I’m not
exactly sure what the lady from
merriam-webster was saying about that

what change we can expect could you turn
your speaker’s down just a little bit
and just slapping back so I’m not sure
what exactly she meant but it all it

took was one email from a noodle kid in
Missouri and now they’re changing a
definition that as far as I know has
been around for quite a long time that

is something new this is a this is a
change and I’m identifying it and for
people who are new to the show I would
like to revisit the noodle boy because

this is the noodle boy has grown since
this clip first came into our possession
was this Seattle this had new the noodle
boy clip I always forget I don’t

remember where the noodle boy was I
think it was an Oregon or maybe was see
how it sounds like a cial guy so he
works at noodles which is the noodle is
noodles or noodle factory whatever it is

and then and now we’re going back to
what maybe 8 9 10 years with this clips
of years of 10 years and we were
laughing about him because these kids
seem like they were off their rockers

like hey man this is not fair we got to
have a say it’s Kappa taking over
either work for someone else are you

working for yourself and most people
work for someone else in a way that they
aren’t free you don’t really get to
decide your work for example I work at
noodles a restaurant and basically it’s

a dictatorship that are told exactly
what we’re gonna cook how are we gonna
get in there
and basically if they don’t like what
they’re doing they try to tell us what

to do if we own this and they get rid of
us and so we’re not able to actually
cooperate in a way that we make
decisions together I try to convince my
my fellow employees that we should have
a union at noodle so it’s a source of

power just to start with and then I
think in terms of the bigger picture
when you actually get rid of is by
having workers take control of the place

where they work well
we laughed we laughed we referred back

to noodle boy many times constantly we
got gamergate and social justice
warriors and of course we saw something
what entered the fray really was social
media and Twitter and it was fun we

could call people out and and you know
and and and get make trouble for them
and then a couple of these noodle kids
they they figured out that you could

probably shame advertisers into doing
certain things and if you can shame
advertisers well maybe we can well they
didn’t work too well on public people
that’s really how it started trying to
cancel it cancel culture trying to

cancel people and it’s always fun to
take you know some kind of media
property or media personality so as we
move forward in time from the noodle boy

as noodle boys and girls they have
they’ve evolved and they’ve figured out
they have a rep oh no no they didn’t
evolve they got older social media came

into the fray and I see noodle boy now
having what I’m going to call a noodle
gun not quite sure how noodle gun calm
by the way is registered to us not quite

not quite knowing how to use it yet but
when they figure it out when their aim
is true and they’re loaded it’s getting
pretty good some simple things that now

again this is just target practice these
demands for racial justice are not going
unheard tonight we’re witnessing a
number of cultural shifts many say are a
long time coming with that here’s Blaine

it’s an American movie classic
known for its swirling score and
unforgettable cast but now Gone with the
Wind is temporarily gone from streaming

service HBO max the film set in Georgia
during the Civil War has been criticized
for romanticizing slavery HBO says the
film will return to service with a
discussion of its historical context and

a denouncement of those very depictions
so you get the idea and Gone with the
Wind but it’s not just gone with the
wind let’s cancel some more stuff
another noodle shot in the wake of all
of the protests following the death of

George Floyd the paramount network is
now canceling cops after 33 seasons on
the air it’s a long time also pulling
live PD from its schedule okay so let’s
just look at a quick little rundown the

CrossFit CEO CEOs are now being targeted
this is where it’s getting interesting
now cross I love it CrossFit is
vulnerable I looked at their business
model and they the way they work is

anyone can become a CrossFit gym you pay
three thousand dollars a year in fees
and every instructor has to be certified
by CrossFit and it’s a thousand dollars
and that’s it

but there’s no turf protection so
someone could open a open a CrossFit
right next to you in the garage next
door gyms have have expanded and and and
added this so when he when the CEO

tweeted Floyd 19 that’s all he did he
tweeted Floyd 19 immediately the noodle
gun came out and it got so bad the gym
it’s not that hard for a gym to just say

fuck I’m gonna cancel they can always
resize like the other contracts not
exclusive then they started to cancel
they only have 15,000 so this guy had to
resign that’s how bad it was now the New
York Times was very clear with boycott

your own relatives until they get woke
don’t donate money to black groups and
tell me you won’t text or call them
until they do let’s see what else is
happening Elmer Fudd in the new Looney
Tunes no longer has his rifle a church

now this was interesting
catch and release catch and release a
church in let me just tell you well this

one at one of the parishioners of the
Church of the Highlands in I’m not sure
where this is so quickly liked a tweet
like to tweet and I don’t even have to

get into what the tweet was they lost
their lease at the high school a million
dollars to the high school by the way

no you can’t have you here noodle shot
noodle gun once again it hits we have
let’s see Little Britain in the UK has
been removed from Netflix it’s a it’s a

parity a comedy it’s very very
successful but when I was there which is
not that long ago it was number one
people loved it and now has to be gone
has to go michael moore’s film cancelled

censored taken off anywhere jesse small
ad is seeking to capitalize on
nationwide police protests with isn’t
latest legal argument more noodle shots
noodle boy noodle shots robert

baden-powell statue the founder of boy
scouts past to go and when they pull
down statues like they did just the
other night which was kind of funny how

the head fell on one of the protesters
and put him in the hospital with serious
injuries when when you do that when
people pull down statues it is symbolic
that they’re coming for the leaders next

and if you people don’t see it you are
screwed here’s what’s happening with the
guns it starts with the ceos
anthropology anthropology as a you know
a chain store they sell clothes and dude

do you know what a lookbook is do you
remember look books from the advertising
agencies I know about look books but I
don’t recall them and it wasn’t
something that was in the public domain

no no notion available now look books
before the internet advertising agencies
paid college kids mainly they gave them
polaroid cameras and just mostly in New

York I would say mostly in New York go
out welcoming a Madison Avenue is in New
York go out with your Polaroids
take pictures and so if someone would
notice like a leopard print

dress in a club and there’s an album
cover with leopard print and some other
leopard print these advertising agencies
would charge their clients big money to
look at the lookbook

here are the trends were identifying so
it was a good chance that fashion or
some other product whatever the trend
was from the lookbook would show up in
advertising and in products with the

advent of the internet data became the
lookbook and the agencies all became big
data agencies oh and Google and
everybody all calling data looking at
the trends and thinking they found

trends which of course they’re not
because each trend for each individual
person is algorithmically driven all of
its algorithmically driven so is it
really a trend or is just a trend for a

small set or for one individual and the
trend was woke culture so all the agency
said we’ve got a virtue signal so in
came the pride colors and black lives

matter and all the virtue signaling you
can imagine but now an anthropology and
this is gonna be all the designers now
anthropology is the best example this

news is not really breaking yet but
scumming they have all this virtue
signaling stuff for black lives matter
people inside the company noodle kids
who work there are now using the noodle

gun and they’re saying oh yeah well
that’s very interesting we have a code
word for black people or people of color
in the store it’s called it’s Nick and
we say on the headsets we say like a and
hundreds of employees all over the

country are confirming this someone’s
going down the CEOs going down the
company could go down this is a huge
it’s to me it’s almost like like the

Socialist Workers Revolution somehow
they are taking control of corporations
now they’re figuring out that they can
this is going to be great to watch clip

in Seattle riots just as some riot
updates and get some of these could I

know what you’re talking about
well can I just give you one more bit in
them then we’ll be done with it because
we have to do this anyway because I know
what the first real noodle gun cannon
shot is and that’s gay what is it well
that’s Colin Kaepernick yeah and I think

was the last show I said I think he’s
gonna he’s gonna hire him back no you
say you put it in the red book I said I
put it in the red book he’s going to

play again he’ll be hired and again and
playing again and hired is two different
things but go on I think you know the
intent of what I was saying this is you
know the intent wish go ahead I’m not

okay I have to stop for a second and we
can clarify the red book entry yeah what
is it I think I know the intent cuz I’m

a mind reader I can tell you what I
think I wrote it down okay here’s what I
Adam June 7th to 2020 11:25 Kapernick to
play NFL that’s what I said play play

that’s okay that’s okay I’ll take it I
was wrong he might play oh your dad even
you don’t even give it a chance to roll
out you can’t be wrong I just want to

get to the clips I have no there’s no
desire to discuss what I predicted this
is this is the New Orleans Saints safety
Malcolm Jenkins Colin Kaepernick gets
back in the league what does that mean

to the NFL on its stance for racial
equality why I think it means something
very significant it means that the NFL
is recognizing that it has to be what it
says it is you cannot have this all of

this commentary you can’t have Roger
Goodell giving statements you can’t do
all of it you can’t say black lives
matter if you’re not going to recognize
the black life that you ruined that you

actually went out and actively sought to
end his career and but I think the more
important part day that is the fact that
there are 15 billion dollar industry in
there has to be room for everybody there

has to be room for all of these
different attitudes and these different
points of view you saw it with the video
with the players yesterday and there’s
no way that you’re going to be able to

say that you’re an inclusive
organization to everybody if you’re
going out and you’re actively silencing
the players I mean I just feel like when
I think about this I think about the
ability of a country to be able to

handle the truth yeah you have to be
able to handle what’s taking place in
this it’s actually one of the areas
where we’re at our worst is the
inability to actually sit down and say

listen the world’s not going to collapse
if Colin Kaepernick is playing football
in the NFL if anything it’s actually
helpful so that’s just a guy from the
saying to you I have no idea about

sports I don’t know if it’s important or
not so I’ll just call that a BB gun shot
let’s get out the 22 caliber this is
sunny Hostin of the view she’s like
kneeling and the question is is Colin
Kaepernick owed an apology what do you

think sunny well I don’t
I think he’s not only owed an apology
Whoopie I think he’s owed his job
I think he’s owed back pay and I think
he deserves a Nobel Peace Prize

fascinating about it is when you listen
to Roger Goodell Mayock oppa he mentions
everything he says we were wrong we

should have listened
athletes in the league are now allowed
to take a knee we support peaceful
protests he mentions every single thing
except the very name of the man who

started the protests you know who
started this peaceful protest taking the
knee has become the symbol of these
protests we see it just all over our

country we see it actually
internationally now and I think it’s
shameful that were allowed to co-opt
that movement and make it about the flag
and make it simple it was never about

it really really just is shameful no
again I don’t know much about sports
certainly football or American football
as it was my understanding Kaepernick

was just not that good he came back
after whatever injury or whatever he had
he couldn’t keep the weight on the guy
was just no good and there was the
controversy it wasn’t that he was no
good he would they weren’t playing him

but then I want to do some
clarifications before I get too far off
the track he was being paid by the way
all even when he was off the team sure
no one would pick up his contract he

doesn’t get back pay he was getting his
full salary it was over ten million
bucks as far as I recall a year and I
think he may be getting it he made a
deal right he made a whole payoff deal –

yeah he made a lot of money so but that
doesn’t matter because this is not about
this is about a win this is about
shooting the noodle gun right into the

heart of the enemy which of course is
the racist NFL owners who are friends
with Trump we all know that that’s
what’s going on and the noodle boys and
girls found an ally the man whose actual

business model is to make things happen
by shaming corporations you can’t get
much bigger than the NFL I mean you can
but it’s a big corporation so it in

comes at the eulogy for the third eulogy
for George Floyd the referee now oh it’s
nice to see some people change their
mind get it an NFL said yeah maybe we

was wrong football players maybe they
did have the right to peacefully protest
well don’t apologize give Colin

Kaepernick a job man
this was
the longest applause of the entire
ceremony I had to cut some of it out
some MP apology take a man’s livelihood

strip a man down of his talents two and
four years later when the whole world is

all of a sudden you go and do a FaceTime
talking about you sorry a face
minimising the value of our lives you
saw it then repaid the damage you did to
the career you stood down coz when Colin

took on me he took it for the families
in this filming and we don’t want an
apology we want him repaired and
repaired like a reparation to colin

kaepernick we have to revisit another
piece of lost information that we
revealed on this show which is that one
of the reasons he wasn’t playing is

because the line wouldn’t block for him
no because he had an affair with one of
the linemen wives but also he was mr.
Dees mix he’s mixed-race he was mr. GQ

kind of more passing than anything
although you know just it if anything
looks a little more Jewish but then once
this happened out came the fro all of a
sudden and this is from what I heard

from oh I don’t pay attention to that so
this whole thing it really doesn’t
matter because where we’re at now is
Roger Goodell is under pressure
al Sharpton doesn’t just give up this is
his business model he stands there until

he gets what he wants or he’ll stage
protest after protest he got the
business before Jesse Jackson yeah and
now we have a Benjamin Crump is the new
guy he’s in there as well I think al

brought him in as The Apprentice Crump
is the attorney for the family same
business model chick-fil-a Oh someone
was wearing a back the blue t-shirt in
chick-fil-a one of the workers which

means you know hey I stand with the
police ha ha ha oh no chick-fil-a has to
apologize CEOs are going to be the ones
to go when a CEO is fired for this kind
of thing

they can’t work for a good ten years
they’re contaminated these guys they
don’t care about noodle boy noodle girl
anything they want their status their
job their ability to move to other
companies a lot is going to get done

with the noodle gun oh I think so too
noodle gun clip from let’s play my rice
clip about Seattle because this is the
real problem is that somebody pointed

out you give these guys an inch they’ll
take a mile
Washington State hundreds of black lives
matter protesters took over Seattle City
Hall Tuesday evening demanding the
defunding of the Seattle Police
Department and the resignation of mayor

Jenny Durkin police did not try to stop
the protesters as they marched downtown
unlike on previous nights when officers
unloaded with a barrage of so-called
less lethal firepower on Monday Seattle

City Council member Teresa mascota
condemned the mayor’s militarized
response to protests how many people
need to write in about being gassed in
their own homes how many people have to

be sprayed in the street every night or
experience getting hit with flash bombs
or rubber bullets how many people have
to call for the police to be defunded

for you to consider resigning or for the
mayor to embrace radical change what I
find kind of fun about this story is
these are the people that are you know
no borders the first thing they do in

their own country is set up a border
did you see the signs like you’re now
leaving the USA but it was kind of
written on cardboard like the way you

used to put on your room no girls
allowed with the S backwards or the r
backward this is exactly what I’m seeing
these are children it’s crazy parently

are out of control and taking over the
place the rise of the noodle boy and the
noodles kids like you think about the

noodle gun I think this is this mate may
catch some leg
yeah well noodle gun calm is registered
that it takes it takes you to us so
that’s that’s a that’s a good start
let’s see where we at okay then I I’m

probably I don’t know what a little
virtuous signaling please do something
how about playing the bonus clip okay
which is a new Hollywood production

showing the same oh yeah this is you
know we have the twenty thousand or
twenty there’s two thousand of these
Justice Department X Justice Department
lawyers and DA’s other may be signing up

for we have the same thing in Hollywood
with the Kristen bells and the Stanley
Tucci’s the same whole group of people
so they’ve come out with a little thing
to shame the public shame the public I

take responsibility I take
responsibility I take responsibility I
take responsibility for every unchecked

moment for every time it was easier to
ignore than to call it up for what it
was every not so funny joke every unfair
stereotype every blatant injustice no

matter how big or small every time I
remain silent
every time I explained away police
brutality or turned a blind eye I take

black people are being slaughtered in
the streets killed in their own homes
these are our brothers and sisters our
friends our family we are done watching
them die we are no longer bystanders we

will not be idle enough is enough I will
no longer allow an unchecked movement
I will no longer allow racist hurtful
words jokes stereotypes no matter how

big or small to be uttered in my
presence I will not turn a blind eye
going for a job should not be a death
sentence sleeping in your own home

should not be a death sentence playing
video games with your nephew should not
be a death sentence shopping in a store
should not be a death sentence business
as usual should not be life threatening

I stand against hate
I’ll stand against hate I stand against
hate I stand against hate I will stand
against hate in love I will make my

presence known and killer cops must be
prosecuted they are murderers we can
turn the tide it is time to take
responsibility call out hate step up and

take yeah you know sadly this is not
going to help much and if I was one of

the Democratic leaders or and any leader
really I would actually see if I could
get a movie greenlit that really
triggers everybody because now we know
it’s no fun there’s no one left to trip

up and end and nail to the wall in
Hollywood the the the people who are
worried shut up and have gone away
everyone’s virtue signaling so this you

if you don’t focus these these noodles
on on Hollywood they’re gonna go to the
CEOs yes yes somebody should do exactly
what you say get something going these

Hollywood douchebags let’s start let’s
just look at this dude all I want to the
in stereotyping orange man bad Trump’s
an asshole I want you to read a Rob
Reiner tweet once in a while so you want

to stop I mean this guy is the most
hateful guy and all the people that
follow him and click like like like I
mean this is the the worst kind of hate
is the hate against our own president

the United States that all comes from
Hollywood it all stems from Hollywood
and these douchebags
also produce the most violent
hate-filled films as they’re the ones in
the movies not me I can’t get their sake
are dying can’t even get a bit part I

blood that’s beside the point the point
is is that these people are hypocrites
yeah that wasn’t the cue was it now it’s
gonna be about Leopold the second ooh

Belgium I know all about leopold ii of
belgium you know so i do have good news
i have immersed myself with some of the

younger white millennial children in
austin by happenstance who have
participated in in peaceful protesting
etc and I noticed that Austin and Austin

businesses the work ones and the mayor
and the City Council are all following
the lead of the Austin Justice Coalition

as mayor Steven Adler announces
initiatives for anti-racist policy
marches alongside Austin protesters the
City Council members discuss police

reform solutions with the Austin Justice
Coalition Austin restaurants donating to
support black communities and causes as
about 15 20 of them
Austin justice coalition so what do I do

I go and take a look well it would hope
so they’re right down the street from
you well lo and behold they are a
nonprofit have not published their 2018

or 2019 numbers now when you have a
non-profit and you are a year behind
that’s a flag in my mind so I looked at
the 2017 form 990 it’s basically one guy
and this one guy is a famous face round

Austin’s names
Chaz I think and they raised about a
hundred thirty thousand in 2017 most of
that went to salaries and to

to travel and I was curious why
everyone’s giving to this organization
who don’t seem to have a legitimate
accounting and order and so I emailed
them and I got a reply back actually I

should probably read that verbatim that
would be a little more accurate and one
second Texas here we go and here it is

thanks for reaching out we are a
non-profit but we use fiscal sponsorship
through Texas fair defense fund as we

are a very small staff nonprofit with a
large volunteer base if you use their AI
n a note AJC as the group we will get
the funds I didn’t offer any I just said

where’s your 990 I can provide
information about our joint agreement to
the appropriate people who need it well
let me just tell you this is bullcrap
you’re a nonprofit or you’re not a
non-profit you either have income and

have a statement or you don’t they don’t
because they’re on the payroll of the
Texas fair defense fund the Texas fair
the front defense fund does not have an
entry saying they gave money to the
Austin Justice Coalition but the Texas

fair defense fund is also quite small
they ever see is it as in fair defenders
that the defending the Texas State Fair
the Texas fair defense project which is

so to remember this is black lives
matter they’re taking money for black
lives mattering and that money is going
to an organization that wants to change

the criminal justice system and have
been working in Texas to remove bail

bonds their bail ah this is what this
has nothing to do nothing absolutely
nothing to do specifically with black

lives matter at all
at all you know I’ll read to you the our
mission we fight to end the

criminalization of poverty in Texas we
envision a system of justice that
upholds the dignity and civil rights of
all people regardless of income race or
gender okay so the money these companies
are donating to help black people in

Austin goes to these guys who do about
four hundred thousand dollars a year
spend more than half of it on their own
salaries eighty thousand dollars on
lobbying and almost the rest on travel

this is not going to anybody but these
in Austin is filled with little
consultants who are a nonprofit who suck
off of the Dell foundation teach

organizing little events and stuff and
they and if you’re under two hundred
thousand you can file a form 990-ez easy
you just say we made this we got that
with taxes and goodbye that’s all you

have to do this is a scam of epic
proportions and people are falling for
it so when I say to these young white
girls hey tell me about the Austin
Justice Coalition I got answers ranging

from oh they support black creative
artists too they support black lives
matter too yeah they’re working in with
the black community in Austin
Bulbul yes sure they’re black people who

are who are poor were being criminalized
they’re a part of the poverty problem
but this is this and this scam is
everywhere everywhere you look there’s
these little comfort level organizations

and where is this consistent four
hundred thousand dollars a year coming
from that of course they don’t have to
report and they don’t although I feel if
you’re spending eighty thousand dollars

on lobbying you should you should be
reporting who you’re lobbying for on
behalf of who and maybe that’s a
different maybe that’s a some other
thing that I could find somewhere but

this is I find it absolutely outrageous
and people are falling for it so they
are the the children you’re seeing most

of the children you’re seeing and I just
call them children they are under
informed and over socialized they really
do then and they have
good heart they all have good hearts
they’re like hey ma’am we just want

peace and love and they’re being
manipulated and they don’t know it and
it’s to a degree where you can’t even
say anything because part do you have
when you get shouted down I’m just

telling you where the who I spoke to
this is where they’re coming from
they’re coming from a good place but
they’re under informed that ignorant
they absolutely do not know and what is
the one thing they say consistently well

it’s systemic racism that’s what we’re
against institutional racism systemic
it’s the cut we have to get rid of this
everywhere enter Bob Woodson I found
another interview with Bob Woodson this

is the guy who exited the civil rights
movement that he was in he’s in his 80s
I think late 70s he runs the Woodson
Institute and he was on American thought
leaders on the podcast three clips but I

think they are incredibly important to
understand from this former civil rights
ADIS black man we have to do colors oh
well listen to what he has to say and
the answer becomes clear and so I really

think that this talk about institutional
I don’t know what institutional racism
someone to stop the clip I think you’ve
mixed it up this is actually foul she

was lowering my desk during the clip
it’s it’s actually Bob Wilson and so I
really think that this talk about

institutional I don’t know what
institutional racism if I want someone
to tell me what that means I believe
that the reason that they keep invoking
it is because it prevents black elected

officials who have been running me see
they’re Liberal Democratic mayors and
City Council members school board
members been running our cities for the
last 50 years and those are the places

where they identify the largest amount
of inequities exist well they don’t have
to then answer the difficult question if
you were elected on the promise of

improving the conditions for the least
these why our students why are children
failing in systems run by your own

so to avoid answering that question all
they’ve got to do is point to some
abstract notion like institutional
racism somehow white America has found a
way to compel black professionals to

miss educate their children in schools
run and controlled and financed by them
but they don’t have to answer that

question as long as they can keep the
public’s attention focus on
institutional racism whatever that means
then they don’t have to adjust the the

difficult questions I had never thought
of it that way I think he’s spot-on
and we need to start asking people or
finding definitions of institutional
racism but what Woodson is about to say

here is what he believes is actually
going on an abuse of demographics and
data all hidden under this guise of
institutional racism first of all you

cannot generalize about the black
community any more any other people we
are not monolithic
we have difference in education
difference in income and when it’s
convenient we generalize the black

community and we use the demographics of
those who are living in the most
troubling situations we use the
demographics of the incarceration of

low-income housing we use that
demographic information to make a case
that all blacks are suffering okay and

then when the money arrives it goes not
to the people suffering the problem but
those who are providing service for
instance in the last 50 years the

government spent 22 trillion dollars in
programs to aid the poor 70 cents of all
those dollar go not to the poor but
those who serve poor people they ask not
which problems are solvable which ones

are fundable then you have black elected
officials many of them were veterans in
the civil rights movement
who then came in to political office
they were the ones who were dispensing
those funds and listen to this two out

of ten whites who with college degrees
works for government six out of ten
blacks with college education works for
government which means that the vast

amount of money that has been spent on
the poor that has produce and reinforce
dependency have been administered by a
lot of middle-class blacks who then

elect those into office in those cities
who continue this funding and so as a
consequence over the past 50 years if

you look at the biggest income gap in
America isn’t between whites and blacks
but it’s between lower-income blacks and
upper income blacks and so the question

if that is true racism is the culprit
then why are not all black suffering
equally and and so that you have a lot
of professional blacks are or operating

in in a a professional class whose
careers depend upon having poor people
to serve yes it doesn’t and these are
not ill-intentioned people but they’re

you talk about structural racism is
structural inequality which means that
you got one class of Acts whose careers
and future depends upon another group of

blacks who are dependent so that if your
career as a professional service
provider is a pendant is dependent upon
having dependent peoples who serve what

incentives do you have to promote
independence among the class of people
who are down and struggling for
independence and self-sufficiency you do

not have one now it’s just his view but
he has some credentials in the area
I think his views accurate I think it is

I mean you cannot deny if you look at
Baltimore what’s been going on that’s a
great example of what he’s talking about
but you know the and actually was
interesting some troll in the troll room

whose nickname was defund said this is a
skewed right-wing view of history it may
be that’s possible
I don’t know sounds pretty feasible to

me well like what history are we talking
about I don’t know I’m just telling you
sounds like sociology to me there’s only
history at all that’s how people are
triggered man they didn’t ape handle
defund what does that tell you about

this person a final clip a little
shorter so what is really going on here
what is really happening
well it’s white guilt as we’d expect as
instruments of institutional racism they

don’t live in those communities that are
suffering a problem their children are
not in the foster care system and so you
have an unfortunate situation where

middle-class I call them grievance
oriented middle-class privileged elites
are the ones on television shaking their
fists claiming that America is incurably

racist and they are preying on the guilt
of white Americans who are writing
checks to them so they are personally
enriching themselves and their

organizations champion so we just saw
this social justice and they are taking
money in the name of addressing an

injustice but the people will who are
going to suffer from this arrangement
will be the people in those communities
because around the country recruitment

of police officers are down 62% it has
the highest kind of dropout rate of
people suicide rates among law
enforcement is high and that is 86% of

the police chief said they’re having
difficulty recruiting people and so
there what happens in some cases in some
cities the police are unable to respond
appropriately for to 9-1-1 calls because

they don’t have enough officers to cover
it it’s so it’s in the show notes well
worth listening to the full hour of Bob
Woodson and yes why don’t they put them
on CNN well hello that doesn’t quite

seem to go with the message and the
message always is orange man bad that’s
all that it is focus focus people obey
you know who the problem is that’s just

a matter soak in these idiots the I’m
reminded there’s no just not even part
of the conversation but I remind minded
bit by the concept that the idea is to

find these guys to give them get their
money mm-hmm I used to be in the mailing
list business for a very short time but
I knew a lot about it when I had a

newsletter just before I became editor
of infoworld hmm and there used to be a
catalog of mailing lists used to be able
to rent these lists and the big catalog
was called standard rates and data and

it was this huge catalogue of every like
you want to feel the stream mailing
lists or so many people are on it and
here’s how much it cost per thousand to
borrow the list you have to use it for
one-time mailing you have to go to

mailing these services they could do
this stuff they have big giant mag tapes
it was very you get to handle them did
you handle the magnet eggs yeah yeah I
still have a couple anyway one is if you

go down to go look through the mailing
list there’s a lot this is just before
there’s a movement called the database
movement where they started combining
lists and then they come up with people
that subscribe to this and that you’d

get this but there was this one list it
was a very valuable as it was called
bleeding hearts and you can rent this
list and it was a millions of people
that were David errantly would just buy

anything you could if you took the right
pitch at him they were bleeding hearts
huh and this is what we’re dealing with
here which is people that are all they
feel so guilt-ridden they’re made to
feel guilty yeah and then then there

gets soaked too first you know the
donating to this little Texas operation
you’re talking about they don’t even
know what they’re donating to no it’s
just to us wage they’re bleeding heart
yeah it’s kind of pathetic I’m sorry to

say not kind of
super pathetic and then how about the
how about the debt no this this I think
was the was the top the ultimate where
the Democrats everyone saw it dressed up

in African scarves Africa you know
brightly caught it from Ghana from Ghana
as it turns out and they did a to clear

let’s play let’s play it because this
this was that I mean we went within a
year or two from cultural appropriation
being one of the most shameful things

you can do to the actual Democrat Party
leaders doing that in some virtue signal
about black lives matter Fanta
I got you I’ve got two black guys

commenting on this one’s a comedian as
another both these guys have a total
number of Twitter followers this is like
double our scores this fear that the
black conservative twins no no I didn’t
get them those guys are funny I did not

get the hodgson twins yeah yeah yeah
they’re very funny but this is Ted this
is the clip that I have to the I
couldn’t get this thing guys name I
screwed up dad this is the one this is
Terrence Williams on Dems

okay this is the guy who does the
YouTube make it easy he was invited to
the White House that kid right I think

so yeah let me get myself together
Terrence be serious here okay so y’all

think you gonna get the black vote by
kneeling with some African listen I have
not been outside of the United States of

America why are you wearing an African
scarf to get my vote you’re not going to
get my vote wearing an African scarf
first of all I am from America so put on
an American scarf and maybe you’ll get

my vote but hold on
you’re not gonna get my vote do y’all
not know that you have to work for a
vote do you not know that you have to
actually do something for people to get

a vote you just can’t put on the scarf
and get on your dirty knees and think
you’re gonna give my vote well you’re
got on your knees for nothing because
you’re not getting my vote ha ha ha not

today not tomorrow
it’s called tangibles that’s what they
what this young man is looking for
tangibles I love that Nancy couldn’t
even get up Nancy Pelosi couldn’t get up

and now just imagine on her heels
yeah and Nadler didn’t even kneel
because you knew he’d just roll right
over that man is an actual troll he is
really a true now the other guy the

other guy that was awfully low I
couldn’t I didn’t know really oh I’m
sorry it spiked it on the on the podcast
I’ll make sure he’s just on the pot yeah

this is the other guy whose name I lost
but he’s another famous black guy who’s
got he’s following his unbelievable
night I don’t know if he’s an actor or a
presenter but he’s uh this is another

good tape uh and who isn’t this one says
Terrance Williams vitriol over Democrats
kneeling ah got you on a plane all day I
didn’t notice that Democrats has only

needs like a bunch of dumb and dashiki
sauce and the thing that’s most
disrespectful about everything that’s
involved in it is they ran all those
African colors and flags when they’ve
been in power for 40 50 plus fucking
years destroying black communities the

black family all of their policies that
you can think of coming out of the
fucking Democrat Party has been clearly
meant to destroy control the fucking
black poor population in this fucking
country period but especially black

since the very fucking beginning so when
I see Nancy Pelosi disgusting ass on her
fucking knee taking a knee that she
really gives a fuck about black folks
why the fuck has the shipping happening
still on your watch then huh riddle me

fucking that all these years or all
these people being murdered being
discriminated against and now you want
to put on a fucking dashikis cloth now
you wanna camp fuck out of here fuck
every Democrat your sick your line

pieces of shit
Eddie Murphy just called he wants the
title of mister fuck you man back please
holy crap
so there’s a lot of work well I haven’t
that that’s the publicity stunt which is

what it was oh yeah it was versus fire
again they made a mistake this is a
butchering the name of course
Akio Jia Obiang yuju who is from Ghana

and she lives in America so she is
actually an african-american Agony’s
although she’d probably say she’s she’s

from Ghana but it doesn’t matter here’s
what she had to say cuz this presented a
problem for the actual Africans I was
just looking online today like most of
you and what did I see a bunch of

Democrat politicians kneeling down which
I have nothing to say about that because
I am NOT an American however having
around their necks this colorful fabric

which I’m sure they put around their
necks as some kind of mark or show of
unity or solidarity with black people so
in other words they are putting for what

they came to material or this colorful
fabric they had around their necks as
there’s some kind of black 18 sign or
symbol to show that they are not racist
and they are together with black people

excuse me yeah Democrat tokenism you
didn’t wait to find out that this thing
that you’re hanging around your neck
it’s not just some African uniform it’s
actually decayed a material the candy

belongs to the Ghanaian people mainly
the Ashanti tribe excuse me Democrats
don’t treat Africans like we’re children
these fabrics and these you know

colorful things that we have within our
culture and tradition they all means
something to us I know you look at us
and you say Oh Africans are so cute in
all your colorful dresses well some of

those dresses and patterns and and
colors and fabrics actually do mean
something to us some of them belong to
ancient shrines and means something to

so why are you using
as your own show of the non racism or
you’re unsure of veteran why are you
using the king day material to signal
your vets you stop it we are not
children Africans are not children and

leave our tradition and our culture to
us and if you don’t know much about it
somebody there would be something else
you could have done to show you your
solidarity with black people instead of
taking the kingdom material I’m making a

little show of it some even have said
that some of those colors belong to the
Kente tribes who actually had slaves and

so to the dutch to trade with the
americans so it’s just a little extra
insult they’ve added their what a bunch
of nincompoops how that was Nancy’s

doing it’s what an idiot
I mean seriously it did it’s like she
said we’re not it doesn’t take much

brain power to figure out that was not a
good idea was a simplistic view of the
world yeah that allows you to go in that
direction yeah yeah and I don’t like the

idea of our leaders having such a
simplistic view of the world especially
when they’re accusing the president of
having a simplistic view of the world
yeah so I died yeah that was a fiasco

and it was not gonna get up with it was
the final touch that really made it
perfect yeah but there’s lots of virtue

signaling everywhere Silicon Valley is
doing all they can to stop everything oh
by the way in the in the Netherlands of
course the probe their protest is now
obviously we were waiting for it started

out as hey man stop those racist white
American cops from killing black people
and now there’s a new term that has been
introduced in the Dutch vernacular and
it is Afrikaans Eneida loaners so

whereas we have african-americans they
now have African Netherlanders instead
of just Dutch no no now now they have to

start to virtue signal
and your African it would be African
Dutch that the right translation but
nadolol nurse it kind of flows better
you say a free constant able owners it

has a sound to it most of these people
aren’t from Africa they’re from
Indonesia from yeah it’s like come on
but now the verse you’re signaling

continues and that’s how they’re gonna
that’s how it’s gonna be played and you
might go ahead I was gonna say I what
you finished what your thought was I
interrupt you you know I did doesn’t

matter okay well I had it I’d there’s a
clip we play on the lash I wanted to
clarify okay this clip which is the let
the extortion begin life protest or 24

second clip played again okay are you
know I’m a leader of this ftv movement
means a lot of things it could mean free
to people it could be for the people it
can also mean fire it’s a property you

know and that’s very possible today I’m
leading a demonstration from Barclays
Center at 6:00 p.m. to City Hall and
that’s the first stop and we’re hoping
the Blasio and Cuomo come out and talk
to us and give the youth some direction

but if they don’t the next stop is the
diamond district and gasoline thanks the
truck there’s awfully cheap ok
clarification they busted this guy turns
out he’s a Brooklyn Attorney oh boy
that’s interesting yeah huh no that’s

his voice was so distinctive I guess
wondering hey this is one of our one of
the members is a firm here so he wasn’t
did he get fired I don’t know yet that’s

still up in the air but I can’t imagine
him not getting disbarred I Oh
Katie Williams a huge apology Katie
Williams yes on the last show and I’m

taking the blame but because it but he
said negating what I just said my email
problem from the last show which was
quite problematic was a big problem I

screwed up and I said that Katie
Williams had emailed that rules for
white people which you questioned if it
was real or not which I think it’s

pretty clear now it’s it and similar
messages are out there
and are real she hadn’t sent it she was
the girlfriend who sent it to our
producer who sent it to me and so she

she was very displeased with that and of
course I apologized to her personally
and I want to make good on that here on
the show

oh shit does happen I’m sorry you know
yeah I know should be ashamed of
yourself I am I am ashamed of myself I
didn’t mean I’ve got another since we’re

talking about these and Tifa it wasn’t
brought into the picture but they’re
really one of the targets and they may
be behind a lot of the activities mm-hmm
including that that letter which I still

question which is Laura Logan is back
and she’s pounding the pavement here and
there cuz I guess you know she had a
run-in with an teeth and she’s you know
that now she she’s a tough cookie she is

she was on Tahrir Square where she was
sexually abused and molested by all
these these men who just like surrounded
her and we’re sticking stuff in her and

was horrible I’m not Jewish
that’s pretty naive at the time did we
think a pretty blonde like in which you
know she’s at her best looks right there
she’s by herself no the camera crew got

separated yes that’s what happened
camera crew ended up disappearing and
she’s now surrounded are you blaming the
victim no I’m not believe you said she
was pretty not mean to victory a Vic and

my blaming somebody who goes into a war
zone and gets shot at for being shot at
no I was just saying if you blaming the
victim she was no I’m just I’m just I’m
just kind of trying to philosophize

without blaming the victim but I might
actually be blaming the victim what she
because you said she was naive and I
think I I said what there’s a naivete it
seems to me in that in that situation
but okay

she’s okay though yes yeah well I think
she’s badass I mean I like what she does
a lot I mean a deep well you have you
seen any of her clips I think she said
someone oh no no not some she had

something massive done and it was
necessary but it changed her face a
little bit and that could just be some
temporary swelling we know
this happened I have some previous wives
who have given me some knowledge in this

area but yes she’s had work done and but
doesn’t matter to me because the work
she’s doing is I think is pretty
impressive she’s and she speaks out and
that’s why they’ve put her on Fox Nation

so they can’t cancel her off TV you see
so here she is discussing the fake book
shop scam going on there’s something
going on and your little town there

seems to be the nexus of some of this
well one of the most interesting things
about this video shown is that it shows
how this American woman married to an
NFA activist from Sweden came to the US
and really brought the European model of

antifa to the city and it really struck
a chord with me because it centers
around a book shop which is a kind of
fake bookshop where the training occurs

and I’ve been talking to members of well
law enforcement here seeing very senior
law enforcement sources who talk about
the exact same type of bookshop in
Austin Texas that has already been

investigated that is operating in
exactly the same way where you have
professors from nearby universities in
this case UT and in the video they’re
talking about in Portland who will train
recruits they’re in here and what’s

extraordinary is that there’s a very
organized process where you have to be
vetted vetting is not simple it takes a
long time
you have an entire syllabus there’s
certain number of lessons that you have

to attend you have to be taught in
different things most important you have
to know how to conceal your identity and
one of the greatest deceptions of this
movement or organization whatever you
want to call it is that there is no

organization to it that’s what they want
you to believe because as Dan will tell
you that’s how they stay one step ahead
of law enforcement all the time that’s
how they avoid accountability so they’ll
change their names they’ll proliferate

the numbers of groups but if you have
any doubt about how organized they are
take a look at what’s been circulating
on a number of their website this is
digital security for activists right and
they put it out this is the civil

liberties defense center that’s putting
it out which basically tells you how to
encrypt your communications how to
describe your social
your accounts they have webinars
training people in this so you don’t
have to have a central like you know

mini man command structure sort of this
is how we’re all gonna do it because
they put out their tactics they put out
their ideology and they all follow the
same kind of principles and I can
promise you this is one of many sites

out there oh yeah oh yeah this book shop
in Austin okay so I’m aware of the story
I am not 100% sure but from what I

understand this would be book people
it’s and I’ve been to book people many
times it’s with I think the one of the
few really independent bookstores it’s
conveniently located for parking right

next to Whole Foods but it’s a little a
little independent store it does have
three stories and they have meetings
there all the time of all kind all sorts
it’s it’s a very community oriented
bookstore so it I don’t think I’d blame

the bookstore but I’m pretty sure that’s
where it’s happening and anyone in
Austin let me know let’s go find out
let’s go attend a meeting see we let’s
see if we could learn something you’ll
be spotted a mile away I just want to

come in I just want to take you out back
no please it’s gonna take me out back ah
their weapon is then they got noodle

guns noodle guns don’t hurt you they
just get you fired
yes all right I got the riot update in

Austin okay let’s see you write about
Austin here we go a warning to our
viewers this next story contains graphic

images of police violence in Austin
Texas black lives notice only police
violence no other violence is just
police by Austin Texas black lives
matter activists are demanding the

arrest of officers who sent two young
people to the hospital with head trauma
at recent protests I may 31st police
shot 20-year old Texas State University
student Justin Howell and head with a
lead pellet bag fired by an officer

shotgun after he fell unconscious to the
pavement he was picked up by fellow
protesters who tried to rush and passed
a police line for medical attention
the police then opened fire with another
barrage Powell was hospitalized in

critical condition with a fractured
skull and brain damage a day earlier
another Austin officer shot 16 year old
Bradley veo Ella in a head with a
beanbag round as the teen stood

passively on a hillside near a line of
riot police
Hollis family says he’s undergoing
neurological testing at an Austin
hospital and faces a long road to
recovery yeah I’m so sorry you go to the
protest the deal is you can get hurt and

I saw these news reports they’re all
local that kids were standing at behind
the protest as a little off to the left
videotaping them of course and I don’t
think a cop aimed at him specifically

away from the group but the cops were
you know bottles were being thrown so
they know they decide okay it’s time and
they shot back and their people got hurt
hello what do you expect the noodle boys
I’m sorry I have no I have no compassion

for this feel horrible for the children
but don’t you go there that’s gonna
the hell don’t you give your children
the talk the white kid talk stay away

from stay away stay away from riots you
moron it wasn’t a protestor coalition it
was a riot they were starting to riot

well hello but then oh he was standing
passively aya
all of them were passive yeah well that
he got dropped now did he did Amy have a

report about the the Dallas police
officer who was killed or the other
police officers who have been killed and
you report on that that she highlight
that no no of course not
no the Democracy Now is a Trotskyite

yeah I like it I think you’re right
let’s you want to catch up I get the

other two I got the Santa that I got the
riots in New York let’s finish these
riots let’s do that can let’s go New
York this is the riots in New York
there’s a sketchy story that I have some
comments on this when I’ve seen this

video a number of times here in New York
New York police officer Vincent d’andrea
has been charged with assault criminal
mischief harassment and menacing after
video showed him violently shoving a

peaceful protester to the ground as he
shouted an expletive and a misogynistic
slur at her 20 year old dunya zyre
suffered a seizure and was hospitalized

with concussion after the May 29th
attack okay all right so here they never
really showed the full clip the only

shows the spot where the cop starts to
shove this guy that this woman and she
is there marching down the street by the
you know it kind of like a formation of
cops and she runs into the street
apparently up to him and he shoves her

out of the way but he puts a little more
force on it than that old fart that was
shoved down by the Buffalo police that
they made a big stink about oh you
shoved do you mean the one that someone

actually canceled there no agenda
subscription because I was propagating
Russian fake news yeah yeah okay well
for every one person we lose for you

propagating a Russian fake news there’s
something fishy about that bit let’s
face it mm-hmm
we should pick up a couple so we people
help step up step up step over this

I lost a subscriber yes who probably
didn’t like the show anyway and probably
wasn’t a subscriber I’d have to go no no
no no he’s a
recognize name and he was so upset that

his donation is subscription has just
gone through and he was like I can’t
believe it I’m canceling my subscription
I can’t believe you did that
it was at the top of the show you know
like your offhanded comment yeah and I

said well apparently the guy is an
that’s been arrested like 85 70 times or
something like that that’s well-known no
ideas an agitator I know but but the

thing is the yeah people get really
riled up this is my point I don’t know
why people get worked up Buster and
things that he’s had to put up with the

show but let’s talk about this girl so
she was always see as him shoving her
and she and he doesn’t unlike the old
man this guy pushed this girl like get
that if he gave her a good shot nothing

that she couldn’t have you know
recovered daughter yeah she couldn’t
recover from because she was a dead JIT
wasn’t a but I she didn’t she stumbled
and then she hit her head and looked

like she didn’t soon as she’s curled up
and moaning and the cops took kept
walking but it looked to me as though
she ran up to the cop and spat at him

who knows we never hear the cop side of
the story all we know is that he shoved
her and called her something which I
would assume was the c-word and that was
about that and that was so I found this

just to be a sketchy story this New York
story I still don’t buy now this one can
we just stick with New York cuz I I do
have I do have a cop quote from the New

York cops cuz that’s what’s go that’s
what’s being reported this was a clip
that I only saw it once or twice but
this is the New York City police union

boss this is it stained by someone in
Minneapolis mano force – does it shine
on it and so do theirs so do this
stop treating us like animals and thugs

and start treating us with some respect
that’s what we’re here today to say
we’ve been left out of the conversation
we’ve been vilified

it’s disgusting it’s disgusting trying
to make us embarrassed of our profession
375 million interactions overwhelmingly

overwhelmingly positive nobody talks
about all the police officers that were
killed in the last week in the United
States of America and there were a

number of them
we don’t condone Minneapolis we roundly
reject what he did as disgusting it’s

it’s not what we do some police officers
all legislators abandoned us the press
is vilifying us well you know what guys
I’ll probably be a cop and I’m gonna

continue to be proud to be a cop until
the day I retire and that’s all I have
600 cops want to resign I think the cops

you used though they got a union that
the police union and then of course the
unions are the greatest thing in the
world according to Democracy Now yeah

except when they’re police right and
then it’s no to make up your minds what
kind of union you want and then I’ve got
into an argument about well well you
know that’s different because this the
public sir public servants shouldn’t be

in a union anyway and so the police
shouldn’t have a union well then then
explain to me the SEIU yeah how do
service employees union the one that
that’s the big Obama supporters that’s

all service guy you know mostly
government workers yep so but they’re
okay yes they’re big Democrats yes yes
so let’s go from that to the riots this

story here needed a little more
investigation Jamie just reads it off as
some horrific story and it makes me and
I will look into it to see what actually

happened here but this is a horrible
story this is riot San Jose and San Jose
California police shot their own
anti-bias trainer in the groin roughly
during his testicle with a rubber coated

bullet as he tried to de-escalate
tension between police and protesters at
a May 29th rally doctors say 27 year old
Derek Sanderlin who’s african-american

may never be able to father children
Wow yeah that’s it that’s we call human
interest in the news business this seems

to be it would be nice to know that this
the actual story of what happened here
looks like he’s trying to calm people
down and they shoot him in the nuts I

mean really
it’s not it’s not even that funny now it
is funny I can’t help not funny but what
I’m sure who would happen to you it
wouldn’t be funny that’s for sure please

and with that I’d like to thank you for

your courage and say in the morning to
you the man who put the C in Democratic
cultural appropriation
John C Dvorak well in the morning to you
mr. Adam curry also in the morning no

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yes well that’s yeah that’s what who did
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yeah no agenda are generated are calm
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yes yeah so I guess you can wrap your
Glock to make it look special and we
haven’t played this one in the wild
Groundhog Day – we are watching that was

upturned general about some Republicans
holes are already beating the drums of
war today the Pentagon refuted that

claim and he said the American people do
not want him to quote riddling either
they do not want him dribbling his
thumbs you can get a gig as a court of

contortionist intravenous fluids and
pills coated or with galette gelatin we
leave our women women women our men in
uniform behind the monument to the you

Burris representative role our labrador
years of a bill of abuse
I personally apologized to mr. peepers
just ask soon-to-be former Congress with

Democrats are tourism counterterrorism

why do I always miss of the name you’ve
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knowing he made a mistake and tries to

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to mo facts I found that dialogue
extremely interesting also and we’ll
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soon I really appreciate your dissection
of the m5m and its ability to do what I

think I understand is keeping my
amygdala in check yes you are correct
your knew but you are on the ball I’ve
been unable to watch news other than
that a rare Fox News Sunday or even rare

NPR news hour for three plus years
instead relying mostly on written word
which I think makes bias clearer or at
least more palatable without the drama
given the Joe Rogan experience linkage I

and several other newbies to the podcast
have mentioned I would find interesting
to see possible future visits to JRE by
JC D and or mo well I’ll get right on
that not exactly how it works

you don’t call up Joe Rogan and say I’m
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does that’s what people don’t understand
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nothing worse than a freeloader
meanwhile here in Toronto insanity
persists our police chief of the fourth
largest municipal police force in North

America just resigned after taking a
knee with protesters we have suffered
our just nine hundred and fifty Cova
deaths within our population of over six

million with eight hundred of those
deaths linked to long-term care homes
and still no one can cut their hair and
by the way anyway

by the way those nursing home deaths may
be phony maybe a fraction maybe a tenth
from what we’re learning the whole thing
may be a 900 950 covetous maybe 95 yeah
could be and was in the media CBC news

editor in chief Brody Fenton issued an
apology claiming that a clip that aired
of police vehicles driving into crowds
in New York was poorly worded by the way

there’s a story that’s got nothing to do
with Canada that’s poorly worded whoops
I’m sorry no I get the scroll button and
went off driving in the crowds he was

poorly worded and mischaracterized the
events framing then mostly from the
perspective of the police and that CBC
News improved the language quote unquote
and rebroadcast the clip only to find

that we were an international meme and
proof of the media’s complicity with
police one need only live in Canada Navy
or search the terms CBC and police

violence to know that the claim of CBC
being in codes with the cops is beyond
laughable as a result of this in in
incident the CBC is now making wholesale

changes through the way they report the
news noodle boy strikes again we look
forward to that with the same
anticipation that we would look forward

to a quadruple root canal no jingles no
karma that’s a kind of pathetic
what no jingles no karma no no that’s
not pathetic that’s fantastic it’s kind

of pathetic the CBC is knuckling under
for their reporting it’s not surprising
not surprised I can’t this is like a a
generation of people with no backbone

noodles that exactly a noodle is limp
I think the noodles on both sides here
well it’s noodle nation another noodle

nation hold on do not move read the next
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now this short little clip I want to

play which might lead us into the kale
eclipse okay for reasons that are not
necessarily identifiable immediately but
this is Thomas Sol he’s the black in

tonight’s look right or does last uh he
was on the Reuben report excellent
excellent interview it was quite good
night but I thought the most poignant
things was this particular small little

clip you were a Marxist at one time in
your life most people will find this
hard to believe but it is true but it’s
not that unusual most of the leading
conservative thinkers of our time did

not start off as conservator you got a
couple like Bill Buckley and George Will
but I mean Milton Friedman was it was it
was a liberal and a Keynesian a Hayek

was a socialist Ronald Reagan was so far
left at one point the FBI was following
him so then what was your wake up to
what was wrong with that line of

thinking of facts good sorry but was
that a recent one I think so right it
was recent yeah Reubens together at a

punchline weather well you you
accentuated it that was even better
so yes little goat Kaylee’s up to our
press secretary press secretary yes yes

and she was she was in good beat she was
in a good mood
slamming people left and right I just a
little taste of it here is the let’s

play Kaylee fourth time the fourth time
I’ve been asked it hello you got well

yeah we have the answer to that we heard
it earlier from at least an answer from
Ben Woodson

yeah well Woodson has the right answer
so so this is John Carl trying to make
trouble so he comes back after she but
slams him
and he asks again you know cuz it makes
it the fifth time but this time so what

if noticer formula is is that you keep
asking her the same question her final
answer is always going to be some Joe
Biden slam always that’s what you want

to do though isn’t it I mean that
everything had a other side Trump orange
man bad it’s like you know it’s like

training a dog so here she is the second
part of that clip this is Caylee slams
John Karl again change the way law
enforcement has done in this country to

make fundamental changes so that there
isn’t the kind of disparities that we
see looking at various proposals and I
would say this president has done a

whole lot more than Democrats have ever
done when it comes to rectifying and
justices where you had the crime bill of
the 90s which created great racial
disparities in our justice system and

president Trump rectified some of those
with the first step back so president
Trump’s about action and he’s shown that
and he recognizes and justices and acts
promptly when he sees them is no one
home did you have extra time this this

week I start earlier so now I have a
three parter and this is the final
report here and this does this exactly

the same process no and now they’re
harassing her about the changing of the
names of these forts the press
conference saying a look a bunch of
people want to change the name of any

for it of any that has any name that has
any you know just to help with history
and everything else we want these
they’re just pushing people around again
like you said earlier in the show these

guys get a little power and the noodle
boys get a little power and they take
over the place they can and it never
ends if you give them an inch they take
a mile so let’s play this is part one
this is the finale part one and this is

kind of how it
how it starts one of these bases for
someone who was a general who won the

Civil War with the president veto the
Defense Authorization the president will
not be signing legislation that renames
America’s ports it’s important to note

you know Fort Bragg for example it’s one
of the largest military installations
it’s home to tens of thousands of brave
American soldiers and when you think of
Fort Bragg we think of the brave

soldiers that deployed from there we
think of all five World War two Airborne
Division’s 82nd 101st the 11th the 13th
and the 17th all trained at Fort Bragg
the 555th Parachute Infantry Battalion

this was the first black parachute
battalion trained at this fort we must
recognize the sacrifices made by these
men and women some of whom saw Fort

Bragg for the last time before they went
overseas and we’ve got to think of the
Fort Bragg soldiers that have led
humanitarian option operations like in
Hurricane Katrina and the earthquake in
Haiti we’ve got to honor what has

happened they’re not renamed it so that
is an absolute non-starter for the
president I’ve received several notes
from military personnel who say that if

this happens they will throw their
medals out they will send him send him
back to DC that’s that’s how important
it is to them that’s good to know well

you know wasn’t apparently dish’s send
their medals to Petraeus he’s doing
causing the trouble now
I don’t know who’s telling Freya’s wait
a minute betrayus yeah how well you did

are you gonna miss you okay well did
clip to kind of explains it now this is
where now you know she’s been hounded
the whole press conference about this

what if it’s accidental
what if somebody just puts the sign up
what if somebody slips it in as a writer
and you’re on and on it so now we have
now we have one of our top
correspondents there sit in the audience

without his man
Scot asking this general david petraeus
is one of those people who went through
Fort Bragg a number of times in those
first command was at the Fort Campbell

Kentucky he penned a quite lengthy and
detailed editorial about the reasons why
of those bases should be renamed saying
it’s ironic that American soldiers and
Marines are being trained and faced his

name for people who fought against the
Union back in the Civil War many of the
people for whom these faces are named
were leaders held in questionable regard
but who were elevated during the Lost

Cause movement he goes on to say we do
not live in a country to which Braxton
Bragg Henry L banger robert e lee can
serve as an inspiration what does the
White House say to that okay I didn’t
know my Petraeus I didn’t know so that

is by the way that question is a minute
and forty always where’s the question
question okay the question was forty one
second okay so she’s finally fed up and

this is where she will pull the Biden
card at the end and and close the book
and walk off on the things they’re all
begging her especially John Karl you can

hear his voice very distinctively
begging her to to stay and she’s had it
and so here we go
what does the White House say to that
Bragg is known for the heroes within it

that train their that deployed from
there and it’s an insult to say to the
men and women who left there the last
thing they saw on American soil before
going overseas and in some cases losing

their lives to tell them that what they
left was inherently a racist institution
because of a name that’s unacceptable to
the president and rightfully so and I

would also note where do you draw the
line here I’m told that no longer can
you find on HBO gone with the wind
because somehow that is now offensive
where do you draw the line is it to

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson
and James Madison be erased from history
what about FDR and because of internment
camps you know he should he be erased
from history or Lyndon Johnson
as a history of documented racist

statements and finally what about people
that are alleged by the media to be
segregationist NBC tells us Joe Biden
didn’t just compromise with
segregationists he fought for their

causes in schools experts day CNN tells
us letters from Joe Biden reveal how he
thought supportive segregationists in
the fight against busting a Washington
Post tells us that Biden’s tough talk
once 1970 schools desegregation plans

could get him new scrutiny and there are
several more that that’s where that came
from so I’ll leave you with the question
should we then rename the Biden Welcome
Center yeah should we rename the Biden

welcome centers what she says it’s the

question she leaves them with so she
leaves him with a question to answer
should we rename the band and her point
is actually pretty well taken because
we’re dealing with Fort Bragg which is a

general in the 1840s most most known for
his fighting in the mexican-american war
mm-hmm a North Carolina General and
that’s where the fort is and so if we’re
gonna go back and condemn people from

the 1800s why weaken tempio from the
1970s the Joe Biden would be the example
that she’s using and he was called out
by Pamela Harris in the debates for the

exact same thing and this all is so long
ago I don’t know I can barely remember
that far back
ooh so she is if they’re gonna keep
doing this she’s gonna keep doing the
counter action and she’s better at it

than they aren’t and she can walk out
that was a good little series I like
that and please continue on this Caylee
beat I got to Katy Katy beat I do like
the Caylee beat well speaking of Kamala

Harris she is still a according to the
numbers in the newsletter she’s still
the number one according to the the odds
place the bookies becoming the the VP

selection she weighed in on the Los
Angeles mayor who wants to defund the
police so does that mean you support
proposals like what we’ve seen in Los

Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti saying takes
some of the money from policing about
150 million dollars invested in Health
Initiatives training initiatives for use
I support investing in communities so
that they become more healthy and

therefore more safe the right now what
we’re seeing in America is many cities
spend over one-third of their entire
city budget on policing but meanwhile

we’ve been defunding public schools for
years in America we’ve got to re-examine
what we’re doing with American taxpayer
dollars and ask the question are we
getting the right return on our

are we actually creating healthy and
safe communities and that’s a legitimate
conversation and it requires a really
critical evaluation I applaud Eric
Garcetti for doing what he’s done yes

she talked about the fact that
California was just on the worst schools
in the whole country it spends the most
per pupil does she mention this or talk
about any of these kinds of expenses

were already spending on per pupil for
education systems and you know in
California she talked about that because
she’s in California she’s California she
should know that she should be talking
about it you should say anything you

should post those questions on Twitter
you might get some fun that might meet
some new friends I’m just wondering
Sheila Jackson you might have a clip No
Good Morning America with the Clinton

insider Stephanopoulos there’s no
further questions please Sheila
jackson-lee though our representative in
Texas she had a little segment here

where the truth wanted to come out she
used I heard this in the car and I heard
Lee I got to make sure I get that that
on record thank you for having me as you

have noted the most important focus for
me over these last couple of weeks and
certainly decades dealing with police
reform is now today George Floyd who
should not have died on the streets of

America the stain of racism but also the
crisis of police actions really warrant
and which is what we heard in the

hearing today really warrant a
catastrophic change catastrophic she
I’ve heard of a lot of things
but catastrophic change doesn’t bode

catastrophic Jane I mean if maybe she
meant something else but the t’noshi
what what what could it have been she
meant catastrophic change which is gonna
be catastrophic change a really warrant

a catastrophic change and that is all
we’re talking about we’re saying that’s
all we’re talking about love fuzzy by
the way that’s all we’re talking about

there’s nothing big here just
catastrophic change catastrophic change
and that is all we’re talking about
we’re saying to the marches and the
protesters the black and brown and white
and Asian young people that we hear

their cry they are collectively raising
their voices and Riaan saying black
lives matter so the emotion is palpable
without bubble it is still there
yesterday when I spoke I spoke to the

family I indicated that the murder of
Jules this is another thing that bothers
me and I mean it’s okay
I mean yeah we all saw it there was not
a pretty situation how Floyd ended his

how Floyd’s life was ended but it would
be technically correct that maybe at
least for Andrea Mitchell to say alleged
murder don’t you think yeah it has if

you’re a journalist that’s what you’d
always used to do it automatically
people effect they got to the point now
where they’re saying it when the words
not necessary well it’s just a minor

point it’s I’m sure it will come out as
murder but it’s kind of have to say
alleged or whatever the kill him you can
say a lot of things for saying alleged
murder in this case not if you’re

stealing Jackson Sheila jackson-lee you
can no she’s never she’s none cancelable
day when I spoke I spoke to the that by
the way I disagree with once the noodle
kids have the gun focused and they got

some rigidity in that flaccid noodle gun
of theirs very carefully
yesterday the family I indicated that
the murder of George Floyd cannot go in

vain it is a sacrifice that they will
now have to bear their entire lives
people are innocent until
well alleged to be involved in some type

of criminal activity okay the law
I forgot Brennan’s law of an innocent
until proven guilty which is not the
case this is the CIA former CIA chief

for those who are new to the show John
Brennan and he feels that when it comes
to not guilty or guilty people are
innocent until well alleged to be
involved in some type of criminal

activity you’re not guilty your system
how it works as an aside I have an ISO a
proposal okay I don’t think I have any

ISO so I’m very what you guys it’s the
one I sent as them in the bonus yes I
have it here now there’s enough that’s
perfect who is that by the way it’s one
of the actresses in that stream of the

Hollywood stuff Hollywood guys I’d like
to identify a couple of them because
they’re the most arrogant they’re the
ones they’re you know they’re yeah just
hate unless you hate Trump try dating

Trump is okay hating ball publicans is
okay hating conservatives is okay but
other than that don’t know hey love okay
I do have a little rant if you have a

minute I have more than a minute for you
okay let’s play a democracy now a clip
about some of the statues coming down
and discuss one element of this uh Chris
Columbus good old Chris protests against

racism and police brutality continue to
rock cities and towns across the United
States and around the world in Richmond
Virginia protesters toppled a statue of

Christopher Columbus on Tuesday evening
they set it on fire before throwing it a
nearby lake and Antwerp Belgium
city officials removed a statue of King
Leopold the second Tuesday just days

after protesters set it on fire from
1885 to 1908 Leopold – declared himself
absolute ruler of Congo leading a
campaign of torture and genocide that
killed an estimated 10 million people I

believe that to be true of course you do
is it not true
that’s what I was trying
diligence let’s listen to some of the

facts this was also stated in the
Encyclopedia Britannica hmm apparently
he killed 10 million and left and left
the nation a day it was a nation of 20

million and he killed 10 of them I know
it was pretty bad I know the Congo was
bad and I know King Leopold was a part
of it but I has all the opposed fault

let me just ask you a couple questions
Oh since you’re on that side of the
argument cuz you’ve heard it and
probably taught you that in school I’m
not on any side I’m just no no you take
the side take the side okay I’ll take it

okay so let’s see if they broke off the
ruling of Belgium I think in 1908 1910
something in the period let’s say they
were out of the Congo by 1920 okay now

if they had killed
Leopold’s had killed ten million and
then the Encyclopedia Britannica meant
you to kill everybody or they killed ten

million and Amy said ten million you’ve
heard ten million the Britannica says 10
million leaving a population of 10
million 10 million so they had 20
million people living in the Congo in

the 1800s that’s a lot of heaps seems
like it because let me point out it’s
real facts because they’ve done studies
of real demo demographers have come in
since that World War two and they have

they have followed the population of
Congo in this exact same place that
Leopold ruled where he killed 10 million
so in 1955 the population of the Congo
was under a million yeah today’s

population is 5.5 million and the
population growth in the Congo from 1955
where there’s about 800,000 – today’s a

slow growth so from 1910 1920 within 40
years the nine or ten million people
that were supposedly left over after he

killed ten million they died off nine
million of them died off of what
when did this huge die-off happen so
you’d have a population in the Congo of

let’s say about 800,000 in 1955 what
happened to those 9 million plus people
Ebola there was no Ebola then you’re
asking me I don’t know it’s bullshit

it’s a lie
according to didn’t kill 10 million
because there weren’t 10 million people
to kill in the entire continent there
was only a hundred million at the time

interesting so you’re not so how you
killed 10 percent of all the Africans in
Africa how do you get away with killing
10 million why do people suck this 10
million number up when it’s not even

possible if the population of Congo is
less than a million in 1955 and it’s
only 5.5 million today and this big
exact same Congo where he killed 10

million this is a lie and his bullshit
and it gave me the following got me to
the following conclusions you realize oh
you know the problem with the education
system is it only started European

history that’s because that’s the only
history that’s been recorded this
Chinese some Chinese history but most
deep recording of history was done in
Western civilization

Toula me back you know 2,000 years of
writings about history and the idea of
studying history is so you can
understand the movement of history not
so you can understand the peoples cuz

it’s not about you it’s about the way
civilizations work you’re not reading
history aren’t trying to understand
these things because it’s about blacks
or Chinese or whites it’s so you can
understand the flow of history you can’t

do that with Africa because there’s no
flow of history because there’s no
written history that is set for what the
Romans did in northern Africa and that’s
just a bit of Africa so the reason you

want to study African history is the
same reason you can throw out this
bullshit 10 million killed by Leopold
which they tore his statue down
over it because you can lie to the
students with made-up facts and turn

them against Western civilization and
make them socialist globalist this is
nonsense this whole thing is a scam and
that 10 million number bugs me to know

in and it’s a lie and should be rebuked
johnsy today exactly we can Wikipedia
actually says 10 to 15 million what

happened to all the leftover people you
can look at the modern demographics and

back it up it starts today with 5.5
million how did it get to 15 million
dead it’s bullshit it’s a little it’s a
blatant lie okay and it’s designed to

make you feel bad because all you killed
all these people all right and it’s your
whitey so well I have homework for you
then I really like this next I would

like you to deconstruct six million Jews
in the Holocaust go thinking this hold
on a second third rail no I’m gonna go

I’m gonna go to the third rail for this
reason the idea behind the ten million
dead Congolese or fifteen is to diminish
the Holocaust because it’s also

anti-jewish bullshit yep so that you can
diminish the Holocaust by making these
phony baloney massacres that never took

place look bigger in the 1800’s and
early 1900s which wasn’t even possible
and the population doesn’t support it
but you can throw these numbers out
there make people believe it you believe

that you heard it when you were a kid
and the fact it because you know about
Leopold’s you were raised in Holland
yeah and did they talk about this stuff
and everybody in Holland probably thinks
he killed ten million this is to make
the Jewish Holocaust look minor by

comparison it’s a lie I’m actually
looking this up in Dutch now it’s just
I can find any any numbers I don’t want

a Wikipedia because you know that would
just be a direct translation though I
got it out of the britannica backs this
up saying they killed 10 million left 10

million which somehow those 10 million
disappeared by 1955 so I’m a magic way
so this is really a scheme and it’s bad
and it’s dangerous and this is the kind

of rewriting history but they can do it
in areas that really aren’t debt
documented that Africa’s not a
well-documented it had a lot of
civilizations here and there sure they
did but they’re not documented but

what’s interesting is that and I and I
like your assertion that this has been
now of course the lie has been there for
a long time

I grow up learning 10 million I don’t
know if I had a number but Millions
absolutely millions so it’s not like
that lie is it predates black lives

matter etc but it’s certainly being
brought back now and a numbers being put
on it and then subsequently the statue
goes down gets taken down very

interesting that you that that it’s
meant to look bigger than than the
Holocaust and the Jews that’s that’s you
know what it doesn’t surprise me does

not surprise me at all house in the car
these fucks they just believe things at
face value somebody says it Oh 10

million glial killed 10 million oh he
did huh
okay you killed 10 million what a bad
prick that guy must be yeah what statue

down well but and the guy was a jerk
it’s pretty obvious if you read anything
about him but this is not right this is
nonsense it’s worse than Hitler
really yeah well done well as you say as

you say by the way just hanging in
Europe do you know that the European
Union still has not figured out an
economic proposal

for the fort for Corona a salvage can
you believe that we’re three months we
have spent eight we’ve created saved or
created eight trillion dollars they’re

still talking yeah they’re terrible at
this they’re still talking that’s the we
saw this after the 2008 collapse see
well and that’s and that’s really when

they lost remember the former New York
banker would say we beat him the the the
European banks are dead we own them we
own all of it or something to that we
won the war was the idea we won the
banking war and he got out of banking

because it was boring from that point on
it was there’s no fight there’s nothing
else now it’s all just you know simple
that was just running the money nothing
no big gambit to do cuz they’re broke

it’s very very odd how they’re going to
make out with that good I just wonder we
reassess we’re just move kind of Europe

for a second one quick note from one of
our producers anonymous about the
national health system in the UK which
is touted as the crown jewel to be

protected at all times Trump is gonna
steal it
Breck’s is gonna steal it everyone to
steal the that saved the NHS that was
one of the slogans save the National

Health System save the NHS in the
lockdown wear a mask shut up stay at
home save the NHS not save lives save
the NHS hey Adam says our anonymous
producer want to give you a personal

account of the struggles here in the UK
lockdown my husband has been waiting for
major heart surgery to fix the ticking
time bomb in his chest that’s where this
has been delayed indefinitely because of
wuhan flu but he’s still on the list

he’s been on that for over a year he was
instructed to get a dental check before
surgery to make sure there’s no
infections all dentists in Cornwall are
not accepting new patients so no surgery

on his enlarged regurgitating heart and
valve defects no dentist
my teeth are deteriorating I cannot get
a dentist either I received a letter
from my doctor today stating that I

cannot see ADHD specialist because they
are not accepting
patience what the fuck does mental
health have to do with kovat on top of
that government literature in the UK has

stressed that mental health services
will still be available it’s bullshit
the cherry on top is our appointment
with the surgeon at the beginning of the
pandemic one doctor wouldn’t shake our
hands which was okay the other doctor an

Indian who did a blood draw my husband
did not wear gloves while inserting and
removing the needle from his arm I was
livid funny though I noticed most NHS
doctor deaths from kovat were Indian not

to be racist but Color Me unsurprised on
June 15th apparently the lockdown eases
up for real our local high street will
be closed on June 15th for a couple more
weeks the closure sign says Street

closed for shopping no businesses were
open nobody has any money but police
citizens spend what little you have left
by standing in line in the rain outside
due to store quantity limits effing hell
and FD NHS and just so you know it’s not

just us every country has these issues
and these are the hidden victims of the
scam the scam that was pulled on us and

we were careful not to call it a scam
even when Trump was saying it was a
Democrat hoax we were very careful not
to go down that road well we do know a
virus exists yes yes the virus exists so

that’s not a scam but it’s the way that
it was handled the scam purposefulness
the way it was done to it was all I hate

to bid I’m the cynic this is just all
about Trump this was an international
effort to sink the world’s economy so

that yet Trump and these other populace
out who else is mentioned constantly I
don’t have a clip but I could play any
clip from Amy Goodman on Brazil and it’s
never the guy that runs Brazil balsan ro

it’s the right wing leader she always
puts that in front of everything I’m
surprised they don’t do that with Trump
president Donald Trump yeah were they
yeah you’re right I don’t know why they

don’t do that they should add that that
would be smart they’ll be smart to get
people even more hating the Republicans
more Republican party leader and right
winger outright nazi quadroon KKK member

Donald Trump something like that orange
man bad I’m gonna show my food by
donation to no agenda imagine all the

people who could to us oh yeah
yeah we do have a few people to thank

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days I made a donation I gave up on
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has something to do with his quote
unquote system anyways you guys have
done a superlative job deconstructing

that we you know I’ll tell you one of
the things you keep well deconstructed
deconstructing that we have to get rid
of Trump at any cost
news reports even when the BBC is
reporting a president Trump they use

derogatory terms like he didn’t walk up
to the podium he slithered up to the
podium you get the ID I tried even close
to me in the mouth but as a matter of
taste and people have their daily

routines I would like to give a shout
out to Bill and Lady Jaye it Boyden
Easton’s Boyden station east please he
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wasn’t like a reaction like one of my

reach I don’t know it had nothing to do
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the agitator that he got pushed down and
then I said apparently the guy is some

kind of some actually had some kind of
agitator and he had the fake blood
apparently I had no clip to back it up
at nothing prepared I’m responding to
what you said yeah you were he said he

said this is important he said I will
never support the show again I wish I
could have canceled but it just went
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fake news from Sputnik because
apparently the guy at one America News
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long as you don’t vet that you’re not
worthy I’m like what the hell

what’s it but as often happens and this
is my personal thing I know if it’s
Drew’s case is find we’re drew by the
way we’re okay you know he’s in the Bay

Area which is hard it’s very hard to be
and buy the wage you take it take your
drive up and down San Pablo and ask
yourself why half the buildings like
pastime hardware in place like that are

boarded up even though there’s never
been even a march down San pablum but
they’re all freaked out by these people
I don’t remember what I was gonna say
but no you were yeah yeah you were just

blown off steam
I will say in eight out of 10 cases cuz
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sometimes you wanna go hang out with all
the nights and days you to be
check it all hell

you use the sage like a Potter
hmmm I had a couple things we’re gonna

end with okeydoke first of all there’s
this funny thing about Biden in the
basement which apparently was a zoom
meeting with Terry McAuliffe who’s
running the campaign they had a big zoom

meeting discussing that strategies for
the party he’s running a lot of parts of
the Biden campaign and they think it’s
just great that Biden’s in the basement
and this was played up on the the little

show with the crystal ball and cigar
wouldn’t listen okay and I’m just look
obey the top of the list how could I
miss it absolutely incredible so Terry

McAuliffe he’s a top bundler advisor to
the Biden campaign he’s also the former
governor of Virginia well he al does
zoom call with some Virginia I think
Democratic officials and Fox News

basically obtained the audio of the
video yeah I would love to leaked it and
which is straight-up admits they’re
totally fine and cool with Biden in the
basement for as long as he needs to be

let’s take a listen people stay all the
time oh we got to get the vice president
of a basement he’s fine in the basement
two people see him a day his two body
people a set and let Trump keep doing
what Trump’s doing it’s hard for the

vice president to break through you’ve
got to covet crisis he’s not a governor
Don the other national guard is that the
president on the other preview he needs
to come out strategically what he says
something like he did on race relations

two days ago it needs to have a big
impact thoughtful and that’s what we
prefer that he actually do at the time
amazing I mean they say the quiet part
out loud

yes like yeah we’ve loved having him in
the basement anyone except for his own
bodyguards and he’ll win you know what
seems to be true he’s totally right he’s
totally right it reminds me of that

saying what is it like a gaffe is when
you accidentally tell the truth yes to
come out but look Joe Biden so in the
same chat I had with some of the

millennial young white girls yes they
weren’t so first they have no problem
this is very interesting
I think I’m bringing it to Joe they have
no problem excoriating someone they

don’t like specifically politically so
the I overheard the conversation about
Lindsey Graham and you know Lindsey
Graham apparently someone figured out

that he was online using a a handle lady
G and he was trying to hire a male sex
worker now these trolls is a shocker and

but and I’m listening like you have no
problem making fun of this gay guy yet
you’re right there with pride and this
horrible and all these but you don’t

mind outing him out and and what I got
back well it was funny but he’s Lindsey
in the streets and lady G in the sheets
I think it’s funny but I’m surprised
like it’s it’s not about what they say

it is it’s not really about all we can
we know we can’t be against gay people
but we can make fun of a Republican gay
person so anyway so then they’re going

on about the Swiss cheese heads on how
Trump is a Swiss Swiss cheese head and
what I guess means does that mean means
Swiss cheese has holes so the air goes
through the holes in your head yeah and

I said well that’s creative if you don’t
mind me just pointing out I think Joe
Biden may have a lot of Swiss cheese now
this was interesting we’re still voting
for him it’s it’s unbelievable

they don’t care by the way they don’t
give a shit they don’t care about
politics they’re not actively engaged
they just are there to virtue signal
whatever they’re told to do they are
under informed and over socialized I

would say this is true let this play my
I got different clips we could play his
last clip let’s do one more clip know
what I want to do is this clip which is

the problems at the New York Times
because this is becoming yeah this is an
example of what we talked about the
beginning of the show he was boys noodle
gun and we little boys get in there and
once you get in there this is the

problem with people who have hired these
certain types of people that are I think
personally if I was doing a JC hire
he’s uh he’s had some software company

there’s a lot of the hiring and he look
he’s on the lookout I’d be on the
lookout you have to be careful you don’t
hire these these people are subversives
and once they get in they don’t care

about the olden there’s old structures
they don’t care if you fire them they’ll
sue ya I mean it’s unbelievable but the
New York Times is being taken over by
these people and they date or oh there’s
only at the beginning there’s only at

the beginning of this and here’s the
kind of a report on this saying what a
terrific column you wrote on the civil
war at the New York Times and what is

happening to journalism a brilliant
analysis your thoughts on this Lou Dobbs
is that or mashanda Lou Dobbs show you a
columnist for the post he wrote this

very interesting column the effect where
are we going with a national left-wing
media that is decidedly activist
organized around one principle he Trump

and elect any Democrat any damn Democrat
whatsoever well thank you I would add
one more word to describe that media

today to which is at least among the
management Craven and cowardly that’s
two words like this but the New York
Times and The Philadelphia Inquirer

dumping editors top editors because the
mob in the newsroom demanded it not the
mob in the streets but the mobs in the
newsrooms this is extraordinary

development to see the publishers in
both cases give in to this mentality
that if you should say anything that we
don’t want to hear a headline in the

case of the Philadelphia Inquirer or a
an op-ed by Tom cotton in The New York
we the mob we refuse to hear those
things and so you must pay with your

head and it’s a form of human sacrifice
what the publishers did in both those
cases and so I think the word will go
out to journalists everywhere
you have to now toe

party line which is to me
indistinguishable from the black lives
movement line which is frankly
remarkable in a few short years this

fringe group has now come to be the
dominant group in the Democratic Party
it’s not just a democratic party life
life they’re out there it’s it’s it’s

fascinating to watch and I you see
actually saw the beginnings of this in
the 90s and I could trace some of it
because I diverse other attempts made

they’ve got it’s a noodle boy phenomena
as part of it it’s so bad now that it’s
an amazing relief to me to be a
podcaster self-financed podcast room

with people that are contributing to
this show and keeping us going we
straight up there’s no middle man
there’s no corporation there’s nothing
going on in the middle because otherwise

knit you would not be hearing any of the
what we talk about on this show all
these clips all the analysis everything
from your material on the black on the
on the movements the noodle boy concept

at the base level to Leopold a second
none of this is available anywhere
because it’s just some is some odd it’s
unbelievable coincidence that we just

happened to be doing the right thing at
the right time no it’s how the universe
works it’s not coincidence it’s how well
you got thrown into it and here we are
and hopefully we keep getting our
support the support we need but we

neither one of us I can’t imagine I ever
was kind of kicked out of PC Magazine by
the same types of people I didn’t care
because at that time I’ve been so
marginalized but at the same time

they’re taking over all kinds of stuff
and you can’t the media is really
subject to it and them in Hollywood and
TV well everyone but us and we are proud
to do it again for you on Sunday please

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was right or you can prove

Oh Schumer Palacios Pelosi
promised to take good care blood show

man Pelosi Schumer Pelosi
might save ya

other ones white liberals who promise
and take good care blacks burn but
orange man train bus wrench man back

other ones widely
we promise to take good care of blacks
I’m Nancy Pelosi and 9 Chuck Schumer and
we approve this message

Vicki naps in London where thousands of
people are gathering in protest as we go
to here near of course one of Ben Avery
has all been they’ve just been some

clashes with police what’s happening
when you have




oh my goodness from the data we have it

still seems to be rare that an

asymptomatic person actually transmits
onward to a secondary individual after a
bombshell assertion by the WHL Monday
suggesting transmission from patients

who do not show symptoms is actually not
very common what about people who
recover what are they going to be like
six months from it you don’t know that
and to truly understand how many people

don’t have some we don’t actually have
that answer yet
the numbers were the last number of
weeks this this pandemic is still

evolving and to make sure that you wash
your hands thoroughly after contact with
the animal and also to make sure that
your meat is cooked thoroughly mofos for

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