No Agenda Episode 1251: “Viewpoint Discrimination”

Oh privilege privilege white privilege
Adam curry is no agenda from northern
Silicon Valley where we’re all buying

crap I’m Chauncey Dvorak what are you
guys buying out there then if you’re
buying crap

oh just kravid spike just can’t buy good
stuff anymore buy crap
what do you mean even grocery savers
from Mexico now well you know who took
the good toilet paper know who hello

hello your mom there’s a reference you
know the Chinese stole at all really we
have good toilet paper here and we have

let’s just called the one I like which
is a Charmin oh well I still get those
giant rolls of Charmin so I’m still good
okay all right but what’s up with the

what’s up with the Mexican stuff is it
no good yeah all I’ve seen everyone’s
got toilet paper now but it’s all we
it’s not too weird off-brand you
normally see as off brazzers it’s all

Mexican toilet paper rather really
colorful no seriously you would have
thought hmm interesting
yeah fascinated by it yeah well with all

hell’s breaking loose what do you mean
yeah what do you mean all hell’s
breaking loose on the stuff you mean
well not here

well let me start with some interesting
news as we only question did a few weeks
ago and now within a week within a week
of this young woman from Missouri who

said hey the definition of racism isn’t
correct it’s not doesn’t make sense in
the way we use it today and they have

their definition and published it I’m
sure you are very excited to hear that
we’re doing that story I forgot to
mention that this particular process is
not unusual I say that because I had a
definition changed oh do tell

yes all the dictionary said I’d written
this column to slam dunk my research and
the definition of nerd oh I remember
this story yeah yeah yeah this is a good

was I used to be nobody knew what it
what word came from how this weren’t
even evolved and it was they would all
say well maybe it’s a shortening of Nair
do what do all Nair do or something some

crazy little that was in the dictionary
yeah yeah nerd do lava stupid nerd do
all on cheese well nerd no narrow do
hair the guys in air do all huh the guy

doesn’t do anything he’s a narrative
wall there’s something that’s a phrase
that some of the chatroom might know it
exactly that for life I didn’t ever do I
know the phrase yeah but somehow they
said maybe it’s a contraction is a

contraction of that mm that was the
dictionary definition of nerd Wow
or the etymology that was in the
dictionary so I tracked the word back to
if I ran the zoo in 1950 book by

Theodore guys known as dr. Seuss yes it
could find interestingly someone in the
troll room just mentioned that before he

even said it and I documented that there
was no use of this word before he did
he drew a little guy a little nerd alert
little nerdy looking guy called the nerd

and ever since then the word started
becoming commonplace and they’ve
developed over after 1950 so Theodore
guys obviously invented the word I

called him up and talked to him about
this and he didn’t realize this what you
called dr. Seuss yeah he was I think he
was in New Yorker then and and and
that’s kind of cool
did he talk like a normal human being or

did he talk in those weird warren’s
well he’ll Dvorak I say I do it is you
the pile I poop on you just that
a guy like not just to go so he was
unaware and so I wrote this I wrote a

very elaborate column on this and how
the word is stems from this 1950 usage
because it’s the only place did he
invented the word and that’s where it

came from it the all the dictionary
slowly okay but it wasn’t within a week
of using really quick oh really
hmm yeah I was faster than you’d think
and so I was kind of happy about that

well by the way wait there’s one kicker
to the story so some years later at
Universal Studios down in Orlando they

put up eight if I ran the zoo a little
exhibit with all these different
characters in there and guess what
character wasn’t there the nerd I’m sure

well I wish I had such a cool story to
tell about about the word racism but
obviously it’s a lot less significant

didn’t take all these all this work it
just took one one girl in a cell phone
with email and she got it changed
yeah well that was pretty radical well
their definition I think was lacking by

today’s standards definitions change
over time I own it orcs me that but it
does happen well let’s see if we agree
with the definition now what they did

not do is change the number one
definition which to me is kind of a
chickenshit move you’re not mean if it’s
if you take it doesn’t everyone just
look at the first definition and then

say well it could also mean that but
we kind of let it slide it doesn’t feel
like it’s a real change to me personally
okay so the original the same is racism
definition a belief that race is the

primary determinant of human traits and
capacities and that racial differences
produce an inherent superiority of a
particular race and as far as I know

that has been the definition for a long
number two is what has changed to a we
have an A and a B they couldn’t decide

to a doctrine or political program based
on the assumption of racism and designed
to execute its principles

so I think that just means couldn’t it
just put a Republican so let’s just say
Republicans to a Republicans duh

doctrine or political program based on
the assumption which is a tough word to
use but ok assumption of racism and

decide designed to execute its
principles which would mean there’d be a
political program that assumes people

are lesser and therefore we well that’s
the Democrat Party then I guess if you
think about it but ok let’s look at to
be I found this one to be more
interesting the definition of racism can

also be a political or social system
founded on racism this is a mind boggler
because that is something that

circumlocution and they just say it’s
referring back to itself yes isn’t that
like a correlation or some logic
it’s what do you call it programmers

love it when it when it when it circles
back iteration no no it’s not iteration
it’s a different word it’s it’s like we
hold a mirror up against another mirror
no recursion recursion there we’ve got a

recursion I knew I hit it eventually
with help from the trolls
it kind of is so it’s a political or
social system found that on racism is
racism is racist

how can you use the word racism in a
definition of the word racism I don’t
understand how that works well I don’t
know maybe they I have no idea I get I

have one more low insight about
dictionary and their changes about this
change of racism let’s hear about the
dictionary process go yeah all
dictionaries are copyrighted

and you cannot produce a definition in
your addiction so all the day diff ways
and so I can’t publish a dictionary and
use to be a political or social system

found that on racism not unless you have
the documentation to prove your
definition all definitions have to have
documentation this kind of it’s no it’s

actually interesting you don’t think
about less things out comes together huh
so you can’t like one dictionary just
can’t let’s just make a dictionary call

it put our – Adam Curie dictionary and
then steal from everybody else you can’t
do it you have to have proof of your
deficit 34 definition and the real
problem of course is the Oxford English

Dictionary which is the big boy and
that’s one’s got that’s the one I would
look at the definition of racism from
while while we do that while we’re doing
this I would like to let you know that

the no agenda glossary calm is in on the
air and available and updatable so you
can make an account sign in and you can
update the no agenda glossary which is

not quite like you know this is a good
idea II was trying for about the last
four years to do a FAQ yeah and maybe I

just put it in the glossary let me see
what we have today what new of their
newest serving up 41 definitions for all
your definitions before all your

definition amines a work in progress
this is great wait recent additions oh
this is cool chips Todd
Rolfe and Anderson Cooper chip Todd
let’s see what the we get under chip

Todd chip Todd the show nickname for
Chuck Todd of Meet the Press this is
cool they’re already people contributing
this is very nice huh
anyway so hey take that Webster or mere

Mirim Webster we’ll do it ourselves I
don’t care care about you update on the
email situation that I went through with

the the email flood and we just do a
couple quick updates then we have some
over by now om well of course now I’m
subscribed to a lot of stuff so there’s
that my dear some good information I put

it all anyhow I filter it all out and I
take a look and see what’s there pretty
much all of its crap and also because of
all the email list subscriptions now I’m
on different spam list but that we’ve

been working on that that’s an in
Bayesian logic us pretty well but one of
our producers has sent me nobody says
hey I deal with the financial fraud at
work and you are correct about the most

common reason these methods are used the
email flood of being subscribed to news
lists which is typically and it may have
happened although I haven’t noticed
anything I only have you know two
accounts it’s not that hard it typically

is they steal a password and then they
want to make sure that when they reset
the password or they have access somehow
that you don’t see that email and yet
then the flood just goes by and our

producer goes on to say I have had
access to the one that does the volume
you experienced it is hosted by a
Russian group and is for rent is called
floods CRM flood CRM dotnet and he even

gave me an invite code it’s fantastic if
you want to send 15,000 emails to
someone because you do it by it by level

but you can also do phonecall floods SMS
floods this is an evil evil tool cost
you about 10 bucks for 15 days havoc yes
10 bucks for 15,000 emails so the volume

I receive that someone paid several
hundred dollars for that to go through
that so I hope it was worth it did I
count yeah nor did you do account yeah

yeah yeah it’s about a hundred thousand
in the first you know forty yeah that’s
a much at least yeah so unless it was
the Russians themselves yeah who knows
who knows and must be anything oh yes I

am as as usual whenever someone has
grievance on this show it always gets
sent to me and as as usual when someone
has grievance with you on the show

everyone sends the email to me I I
forwarded a few of these there’s some
confusion about your Kongo numbers oh
offer to understand yes be kept well I

got those these main meals – oh you did
okay good good yes I used the Republic
of Congo numbers instead of the
Democratic Republic could kind of go
numbers and I was off by a factor of

five five so the so the numbers of
people that were alive in 1955 was
actually fifteen million not five okay
that was a factor of three and fifty

five bytes a factor it’s a bigger factor
now than for some reason the Democratic
Republican could go win population crazy
mm-hmm and so that so I can’t prove my

the whole point is ruined that’s the
problem yeah I thought it would be
that’s too bad
but I think I can still go back and do
some tough research I cannot believe
that anyone could kill in a population
of a country of 20 million that you can

kill half of the people of the country
and get away with it without them
killing you it just doesn’t make any
those Belgians man they’re slippery King
Leopold they can’t even keep right now

they’re being pushed around by the
social justice warriors do they even
have a government yet remember when they
went for three years without a
government I think just like we can’t
decide who it’s gonna be so we’re fine

the country just kept on chugging along
and whatever we’re all good no problem
see there’s a you know I I got a couple
of interesting little mini sequences but

I’d like to start off in the UK where
they’re kind of going through what the
u.s. went through now with the fear and
the numbers and they know they want to

open back up and Boris Johnson is being
blamed for doing it all wrong horse hey
table obviously his hair the the UK
Health Minister though was providing

some interesting statistics and it’s
always in the wording that is
interesting so they got pretty high
death numbers let’s listen to especially
that I think it’s like 48,000 dead some

astronomic steam iliyan people
but of course that’s the national health
system so I mean everyone I’m sure was

treated just perfect
yes but yeah the question we now have
everywhere is you know where these P did
these people really die from Colvard 19
if they just have the virus and they had

some other comorbidity well they’ve come
up with a way in the UK to describe that
the fifth slide shows the daily figures
for those who sadly lost their lives
after testing positive for coronavirus

across all settings I don’t know man
that doesn’t say that you died as a
result from coronavirus he said
something very different

they died after having tested positive
it’s not the same thing suggesting
positive of something test positive for
herpes it doesn’t mean it killed you who

sadly lost their lives after testing
positive for coronavirus so slippery man
you gotta be careful cuz I’m sure that’s
true but that doesn’t mean that all

those people died of a result from that
but I don’t know we don’t know in fact
yeah you do yeah I know well they’re
pulling the the problem the emergency
brake they’re signaling already by
updating you on the latest information

from the government’s Cobra file on the
first slide here we can see the latest
information on infections results from
the ons infection survey published this
morning estimate that the number of

people who tested positive coronavirus
in england fell from 150 mm between the
27th of april in the 10th of May to
33,000 just approximate numbers mind you

they could have chosen 32 they could
have amped it up done 34 if it’s
approximate who gives a crap anyway
you’re there to scare people now let’s

make sure we don’t let everybody know
it’s a 33 abort mission abort mission
crazy well I’m not a subscriber to the
33 meaning a bull or admission by the

way ok no I have no proof that that’s
what it is it was at one point used as a
board mission I think now it’s just
signalling for all kinds of stuff
that’s yeah yeah all kinds of stuff is

the problem what is that all kinds of
stuff were cific I wish I had an answer
so did you see the undercover nurse no

oh crap this is a newer one because
there was you know this is a new new
recording yes this is a new recording it
was a chapter 9 I guess and and here and

to preface it all let me kind of say
what I think is going on here this nurse
or her friend or if you’ll recall there
was a video several weeks ago maybe

maybe six weeks ago yeah yeah and it was
it was an Instagram you know a short
shot in portrait mode answers think they
have that I actually downloaded that

video yeah she’s saying they’re killing
people and downloading these videos by
oh thank you very good and while you’re
at it upload them to the bitch shoot or
something just that offload them someone
else’s storage somewhere so and and and

it was so outrageous her claims and the
problem if I recall and it’s very
superficial of me but I looked at her
and went like this is some cute

Instagram girl who has a friend and she
said something she’s really upset and I
really just went click I don’t care
whatevs yeah I know it’s but that’s
where there’s two of us you downloaded

it I dismissed it now what I think
happened there’s this nurse who she’s a

I think army she was in Iraq in 2003 oh
yes yes that one there’s different ones
yeah this is the one I’m talking about
and she was whereas she retired from the
US was really irked this one well she

retired from the military and she’s
working at a where she lives at a
hospital in Florida and on some kind of
exchange program I there’s a lot your
traveling nurse is very common she went

to Elmhurst in New York which was the
epicenter of the epicenter that was the
hospital where we had the body bags and
had the refrigeration trucks and all the
horrible things that was the center

center of the epicenter and she clearly
saw what she believed was things that
were very very wrong and she then must
have either contacted or somehow she got

in contact with some guy some producers
of production group who has taken her
story and made it a bit confusing
because it’s professional you see her

videos the interviews she’s got she’s
got makeup it’s not by the way it’s not
great makeup but his television makeup
she’s you know her eyes everything is
all done she’s wearing the Hat I think
for some kind of you know makes her a

little bit less recognizable her hair
probably looks very different as long
she can do all kinds of stuff whether
you wouldn’t see her you wouldn’t
recognize her immediately but she
otherwise her you know she’s she’s her
and she’s stating her name and she’s

she’s saying this is what she saw and
when the guy asked questions throughout
and this is about an hour if you haven’t
seen it’s in the show notes of course
any show notes calm he sounds almost
like the veritas guy you know what I

mean which it pisses me off is like that
I said okay you really it’s not it’s
like doesn’t feel good there’s a lot of
things about this they don’t feel good
there’s a book coming out so that always

feels weird on the other hand I like
that someone has taken the story from
the beginning and decided to
professionalize it to get the message
out because this video I mean I believe

Tucker Carlson showed a bit of it maybe
Friday or Thursday a little snippet but
that was about it was a it had just come
out but you can needle drop in this
video I’m not kidding needle drop

anywhere you want for those of you who
are too young to remember we used to
have vinyl records you had a needle you
could drop it in almost anywhere and get

any number of stories that we have heard
about have discussed throughout the
entire pandemic and locked down we’ve
talked about the do not resuscitate
orders oh no that was a hoax turn out

some nods not true we talked about the
ventilators people being killed on the
ventilators with overpressurization uh
all of this is in here every score piece
that’s why don’t watch this like

reiterating our show for the past two
well the what’s good about this is she
undercover she also recorded video and

they gave her glasses were the camera
and she and she was miked up so nice so
it’s not Veritas qualities actually
audible without these subtitles yes say
it again Dvorak that’s nice they’re
looking at screen and they blur some

stuff out but they’re showing the actual
proof of what you would think would be
I’m a layman but medical malpractice and
doing things more for a profit motive
than anything else I just took I’m

taking four random clips really needle
drop this and we’ll start with the issue
that and it’s and of course if you

really you got to watch the whole thing
to get all the context but one of her
claims is that people were coming in who
thought they might have corona virus and
she said it’s not not in this clip but

she said well most these people had
anxiety you know they had trouble
breathing because they were afraid the
anxiety kicks in they start
hyperventilating so she wasn’t so but
but instead of using the rapid test

which could get someone in and out in 45
minutes they would do different tests
and put people in the ward with the
presumed positive coronavirus people he

filled me smalls so you walk in saying I
don’t know man
nice she’ll tell you herself here you
have a sit here next to this guy who

does and you will there you go we have
in the United States and we have had it
for a while a rapid test that’s 45

do you have Cove it don’t you they’re
not they’re not doing the right
they’re not no okay Elmhurst you’ve
never seen nope they don’t do it it’s

too expensive they do five day it’s like
five to seven day turnaround in the
meantime they admit them onto cupboard
units so non covets the rule outs are
going to covet units and waiting for the

results even though we have a rapid
result which is 45 minutes and they’re
not doing it no not one would you say
it’s too expensive I mean isn’t this all

getting charged to the fund anyway I
mean why not do it why not
I mean are you saying I don’t know why
it doesn’t make any sense to me um I
asked that doctor about it how come you

guys don’t do the rapid tests here so
money hold on a second wait so instead

of spending the extra money for the

rapid test and getting the person out of
there they admit them which actually
costs more money gee I wonder why
they’re doing it with with the
probability that we get covetous even
more money after four to five days

they’ll get it yes once of course on
this show we have pointed out over and
over when you compare the numbers around
the country New Jersey and New York have
the most cases and there are the two

scammy estates in the nation now this is
a public hospital and so she was
continuously drawing the comparison
between the private hospital she works

at in Florida she said we didn’t have a
single person died we most people who
were sick were out of there in six to
eight hours and of course
hydroxychloroquine vitamin D vitamin C

but none of the expensive stuff no
ventilators no I mean at a certain point
she’s talked about what cut when someone
gets put on a ventilator what kind of
as they put in your IV oh my god they

have to paralyze you but you will never
get out of it it it’s literally fentanyl
is just the first fentanyl and then it’s
just all the SAMS and the Pam’s diazepam

all of that shit is in there and that’s
the worst and she said actually the one
guy who survived on her ward the one guy
young guy he because he was a pretty
heavy drug user

key the drugs didn’t have that effect on
him he extubated himself he pulled the
tube of the ventilator out of himself
and he walked out that day he’s like I
don’t want to be here he pulled it out

anyway she has another comparison with
this Elmhurst Hospital and she compares
it to a place in her military service I
compare this hospital to a third-world

country I’ve been in the third-world
country hospital in Iraq the Iraq
hospital is better than this one and I
says a lot I’ve been there I’ve had I’ve

been in both hospitals and we’re this is
in the United States and there’s
hospitals treating
so income mostly people and it almost

makes me feel like they think these
people are disposable

they’re people and having listened to
the whole hour and you hear a lot of how
doctors respond there is an arrogance
within the medical community which I

believe is in some ways comparable to
that in the law enforcement community
when you’re dealing with people who are
violent and nasty and messy and it’s
always a problem and they hate you

eventually you build up a resistance
like one other just then and I think in
the medical field that’s like what can’t
help is just another just another person
screw it we’re on but there’s this

throughout the whole video there’s this
orders from them from above the
higher-ups and no one can answer exactly
who they are or what they want or why
they’re making these certain decisions

and this is the well this is one of her
conclusions which we’ve already made I
mean that’s her statement was it looks
like they wanted to get people sick for

the money perhaps quite a charge I mean
what makes you think I really want them
to get kovat because money money it’s I
think it’s at least twenty nine thousand

dollars per patient and then you have to
think you’re also targeting supplies and
more supplies more supplies that’s just
like a bonus money but what do the but
the residents aren’t getting that right

I mean why oh that’s the thing and I
actually had a
I’ve went at it with a lot of residents
already and they’re they’re ordered
followers yeah we’ve heard that before

rule follower so if the rule is that we
have to do it yeah I’ll do it and I
believe this I believe the medical
profession has just put a bunch of
textbook rule followers into place yeah

who knows if they even learn about the
human body anymore it’s all about
treatment treatment treatment keep them
in move them up get him in get him on
the vent and then you gotta fill out the

forms and check the boxes to get the
money the last clip I have a little
longer but is about the do not
resuscitate and what happened in this

particular clip is someone from
higher-up said that patient is do not
resuscitate DNR and in the computer
system the the nursing station did not

say DNR so that would mean he would be
if the patient would be at full code so
if someone goes into cardiac arrest or
is dying

then they it’s full code and there’s
things we do you know a CPR doll just
shock with it whatever it is whatever
the situation DNR do-not-resuscitate
means let the person die so there’s a in

the system there’s no change the doctor
saying no this got this he’s and he’s
DNR and there’s even a question if there
if the patient’s family is aware that

there’s a do not resuscitate which there
really isn’t but it came from somewhere
up high so it’s very confusing and this
contains the actual audio of her talking
to a doctor about it and then to the

other nurses why are we being told not
I mean because I’m gonna tell you right
now I’m jumping on his chest period
point-blank it’s gonna happen because

until that status is changed in the
that’s what I am to do protect me
well Alvers does have a policy and given

like a : policy brand of scarcity of
there’s not a it’s a difference normally
the Sanders wherever the family that

says like we just did exactly would say
coding for about five years like we just
do that there’s the doctors names are
being beeped out this shocked me sure

the guys eighty years old but this is

exactly the death panel we have heard
about yeah this is your death panel was
me they’re a pale as death panel that
she was ridiculed for a decision was

made right there came from the
higher-ups we are not going to spend any
blood or oxygen electricity or even
light particles on this waste of human

flesh and we don’t need to get
permission from the family we’re just
gonna tell them I think someone calls
them I don’t know holy crap this is

worse this is our medical and it doesn’t
sound like they were in the throes of
running out of blood or electricity or
oxygen ventilators never really seem to

be a problem there were thirty thousand
on order and you don’t want a sense that
you want to cut someone off it continues

this guy was 37 I’m sorry he wasn’t
eighty who was 37 holy crap sorry you
waste of human flesh and our hunting

sugreeva this is
at this point he doesn’t have anything
to sustain going and I said who decided
this and I said can you put a comfort

care order or not no we can’t do that
can you put a DNR order no we can’t do
that I said so what’s our plan well he’s
dying and I’m like I understand that but
there needs to be an order indicating

that either I’m doing compressions or
I’m not doing compressions well I can
say that we can all be in agreement that
we I will definitely I will right with
you I don’t care that’s what we that’s

what we’re here for I’m not status that
he is a DNR and they can do a true
physician can say if they’ve talked to
the family yeah but until they change it
and I see it this really is its did you
watch the whole thing and your mouth

falls open well the nurses seemed at
least if you have their act together
have we not always said on this show
that nurses need to be respected because
they are the ones that actually keep you
alive in the hospital this is your

example then I’m jumping on the guy if
he codes thank you
it’s nice to know someone cares you know
this looks like a lawsuit that will be a

beauty this is this massive like this is
like you talking about system a thank
you thank systematic malpractice yep
you know death and fraud I would say

fraud fraud the US government’s gonna
have to go after these hospitals to
spend the Elmhurst looks like a good
target this is the same hospital if I’m
not mistaken was one of the many

hospitals that was played up on the
nightly news in New York City I’ve been
across the country then the next day
people went with their cameras and so
that was nothing going on I believe so
which was taken down from YouTube of

course why not well it was actually
President Dwight Eisenhower he warned us
as he’s warned us with other things from
the president’s office in the White

House in Washington DC we present an
address by the President of the United
Dwight D Eisenhower
in holding scientific research and
discovery in respect as we should we
must also be alert to the equal and

opposite danger that public policy could
itself become the captive of a
scientific technological elite elite I
think we’re there I think we didn’t

listen never listen to Eisenhower didn’t
he do the military-industrial complex

bit as well yeah we didn’t listen to
that either it’s worse than you could
not even imagine what it’s like Ike
would be rolling over in his grave
he probably is actually it’s so I

implore all of you implore I’m telling
ya you gots to go watch that video
there’s eight other episodes that I

don’t know what else is in that I don’t
care this is the one
now she’s also cute which makes it I
think actually less credible but she did
have a lot of TV makeup on so yeah she

may look a little more she just didn’t
look like a worn nurse I hate to say it
but you know optics are everything for a
nurse but the question is will this get
any legs I mean I the book I don’t know
what’s gonna happen with this video I’m

sure it’s getting kicked off you toss me
or you already answered the question by
even doubting it might get no legs
they’re gonna cancel it this thing go
out there and I’m gonna come Tiger

Carlsen makes a few clips that’s the end
of it he didn’t even take a few just
took a like 30 seconds almost nothing so
you are we’ve already done more on this
show oh yeah
then the m5m is gonna do on this

material because they they’re all in
this is stuff you really have to see and
it will make you think about you know I
mean seriously there is now talk that
perhaps half the infections in the

hospital came in word people got that in
the hospital they walked in healthy some
never walked out they were immediately
oh you probably Cove it okay stay in

this ward for four or five days if you
don’t have it by then you know so you’re
not with your family you’re stressed out
it’s a horrible place to be and you know
then they’re like well we should sedate

you a little bit and then you know
anything that’s wrong with you can kick
in it’s a crazy crazy sequence I told
Tina I said just put me in the backyard
in a tent don’t take me to the hospital

please bring in dr. Ron the voodoo
doctor have them shake some sleep you
don’t have to go in I mean people would
you know they’re going into the hospital
when if they stayed home they’d be

better off you go there that okay well
we really have to admit you you know we
really feel you should be here for x y&z
reason it’s very say no the kovat motel
patients check in but they never check

out of the motel and didn’t idle like to
move in to move through kind of this
into vaccines and into black lives
matters a lot to talk about

pouchy is back out doing the rounds
although he’s not doing any big as far
as I know any any big announcements or
briefings but he’s being interviewed and

on NPR it was science Friday
sure you know the science Friday be like
oh yeah science Fridays every they do
that on Friday yes I hear they do it on

Friday and IRA is the host not Ira Glass
a different IRA and before we even
starts we really need to take a step
back in but everybody know that yes even
the scientific community is a racist bag

of dicks why are we seeing
record-breaking spikes in the numbers of
cases and hospitalization let that was
my intro was for this clip sorry
this is science Friday I’m Ira Flatow I

want to talk about something for a few
minutes before we get started today here
at team sy Frye we support the protests
demanding racial justice because black

lives matter we know in the long history
of Science Friday we haven’t included
diverse voices as much as we should have
as a media platform with a large

audience we recognize our equally large
sponsibility to act in service of social
good we’re sorry and we know we can do
better a few years ago we made it a

mission to seek out the voices of black
and minority scientists to show you our
listeners a wider range of perspectives
that a lot of times is missing from
science news

we made talking about racial disparity
research a focus for our radio and
digital reporting we aired stories about
how black communities have unequal
access to health care how climate change
harms the communities disproportionately

and the unfair and racist hiring
practices in academia it’s not enough
but we fell short and need to do more so
we’re doubling down on elevating and

amplifying black voices and experiences
in science it’s our duty as journalists
to represent black perspectives in
science and I know why don’t we start by
making the hosts someone other than a

rock journalist IRA IRA but this is the
shut down stem initiative that is a that
is now shaming scientists because of

course we need to have scientific
evidence of systemic racism I am hearing
this used there’s scientific evidence of
systemic racism I apparently do a

double-blind study on this I guess so
nature magazine systemic racism science
must listen learn and change nature
commits to working to end anti black

practices in research and then we have
what is this this is a shuttle that’s
just oh yeah this is a shutdown stem
initiative this happened last week you

didn’t notice it because we’re not stem
here science has a racism problem did
you know that
did enough this is from apparently I

didn’t die I do right do remember last
week’s stem but here it is we have not
jumped into this but if you have vote
you’re deciding to jump into it I’ll

follow science has a racism problem and
this is the editors of science journal
committed to publishing and
disseminating exciting work across
biological sciences thirteen of us are a

scientist none of us is black under
representation of black scientists goes
beyond our team who so look to the
history of human genetics in a blah blah
blah okay so there everyone’s under

pressure everybody’s got the noodle gun
pointed at him we’re gonna circle around
back to that after we listen to a few
moments of Science Friday with IRA and
the foutch Meister as we listen to white

guys to white guys talking stem and the
numbers I we should be I I think it’s a
mistake for us to only wash the feet of

black lives matter protesters we should
be washing foul cheese feet
he has saved or created millions
millions of lives millions it worked

why are we seeing record-breaking spikes
in the numbers of cases and
hospitalizations in recently open states
like Texas Arizona Utah North Carolina

and Florida because they’re dickbag
Republican states well it’s not
unexpected era and the reason is that
this virus was so easily transmissible

that the best way that we did and we
successfully did it we mitigated it by
essentially shutting down just notice
what he said we we successfully did it

this arrogant prick listen to him that
the best way that we did and we
successfully did it we did
we’ve America mitigated it by
essentially shutting down the country

going into lockdown it wasn’t just us
the rest of the world did the same thing
and you know there’s a recent paper that
came out just yesterday of the day

here we go showing that that closing
down of society globally has saved
hundreds of millions of infections and
at least a few million deaths so we know
that mitigation works okay this is

that is not cyan’t see without having
not done it since everyone did the same

thing according to filed sheet you
cannot say it worked because we did that
I don’t believe that’s the actual
scientific process am i correct sir you
are you are correct sir thank you when

you pull back and try to re-enter a
degree of normality you can expect that
there will be blips of infection whether
those infections become real rebounds is

going to depend on how effectively you
address it by identification isolation
and contact tracing okay great anyway
thank you for saving millions of lives

thank you thank you even though you
can’t prove that you did but all right
there’s a paper somewhere that said that
so the paper must be right
this is NPR as you know it’s
commercial-free time to add in a sponsor

there have been some recent reports that
REM death severe may have some positive
effect against the virus is it possible
that we might have a treatment like an

AIDS we might have a treatment before we
have a vaccine our I would not be
surprised if what you said is absolutely

well REM death severe was a drug that
was put into a placebo control
randomized trial who sounds fighting in
hospitalized patients with kovat 19 who
have lung disease who are on the brink

of death it was a statistically
significant but modest positive effect
statistically significant but modest
positive sounds like it was crap of
about 32% diminution in the amount of

time it takes to recover
diminution oh man if you’d if you
Dominion I only had that was this test
that it was time to recover it wasn’t

survival as people who didn’t die die
dead less quick or didn’t die less quit
or die but they didn’t die didn’t

thanks REM disappear that’s the guy
kicked out of the hospital a couple of
days before the other guys exactly yep
towards developing better drugs and
drugs in combination yes

in combination well we all know what it
is it’s just keep them going let’s keep
the vaccine dangling out there everybody
are we gonna get it we gotta get
vaccines gonna happen stop how do we do
it let’s turn now towards the search for

vaccine this how can anyone listen when
you do a science program do you have to
be a boring guy like that like I rock I
agree with you let’s bring in some black
voices iris boring boring yeah we need

to put it right car I’ve been in a black
black journalists for Science Friday
IRA you’re boring let’s turn now towards
the search for a vaccine when we

couldn’t expect the vaccine and has your
view changed on this I don’t even know
what that question means has your view
changed on this what a vaccine no my my

view hasn’t changed so let me just
reiterate it again we’re gonna go into
an advanced phase three trial in the
beginning of the summer with more than

one can we yeah oh yeah we me bill Gavi
that’s the vaccine Alliance that T’s a
part of CDC I read on Wikipedia so I
don’t know if it’s true there is one

person responsible for green-lighting
vaccines inside the NIH and I should
actually pull that article up and it has
a very particular title let me just see

if I can find this real quick cuz it
actually had it in the show notes for
light here we go
is that one person actually just a

rubber stamp with the word YES on it I
believe so it is to see the Department
of bioethics at the National Institute
of Health of the health clinical Center

which makes decisions and gives green
lights on on vaccines the green light is
what I call it the person currently in
charge is Christine Grady according to

the Wikipedia she’s married to foul Chi
what yeah

so uh you know there’s a couple articles
it’s yeah it’s it’s on Wikipedia so I
mean this claim of it you look it up on
Wikipedia on on this Christine Grady’s

page and it says she’s Anthony fouled
she’s wife and she serves as the chief
in charge of bioethics in other words
the person who gets to make decisions on
exceptions oh I’m sorry exceptions to

FDA rules when it comes to things like
drugs and vaccines they’re all of course
accepted there oh not all drugs but
vaccines are of course indemnified along
with other exceptions to the normally

alleged transparent process that is
supposed to take place before drugs and
other things get into America I get
indemnification thing yeah but then
we’ll never have that level never ones

will never have vaccines and Grady is
married to out we have all the good
vaccines already Grady is married to
Anthony Fauci and they have three
daughters together it’s right there in

her wikipedia so I guess she’s in charge
of or at least has a role in approving
these things and she doesn’t even have a
fancy name yeah that’s a good trick he
had the I can you know here where the

scandal is which one well the one that I
think would be the good one to come up
with mm-hmm what facts it vaccination is
to have the daughters had did they get

HPV they at all this is 800 vaccines you
need by the time you’re three I’d like
to know that’s like this just like Steve
Jobs not letting his kids use an iPad

which is true evil man no kids you
here’s an abacus shut up it’s a paper
draw draw daddy a picture by back to
Science Friday

pouchy Friday on NPR I’ve you hasn’t
changed so let me just reiterate it
again we’re gonna go into an advanced
phase three trial in the beginning of
the summer with more than one candidate

and it’s gonna be very large trial
involving tens of thousands of
individuals and we hope that by the time
we get into the mid to late fall if
things work out okay we don’t get into

any unanticipated speed bumps that by
the end of this
the year and the beginning of 21 2021
that we will have a vaccine or maybe

more than one vaccine that will be able
to deploy and utilize to protect people
yeah are you worried that we will see
hesitancy from people about getting the

vaccine driven by misinformation like
Kermit the Frog their rating already
yeah that’s always a worry that I have

advanced liberating already yeah that’s
always a worry that I have are you know
it dates back to the vaccine hesitancy

around measles that we saw resulted in
the unfortunate rebound and resurgence
of measles in a country that had
essentially eliminated Noah measles I’m

always concerned about the general
anti-science attitude and particularly
the anti vaccine attitude so what we
have to do is we have to intensify what
we call community outreach oh to be very

it’s called propaganda fowey you can
call it community outreach but I
understand what I’m talking about the
propaganda part he’s just talking about
starting about the cabinet in here we go

we’re reaching out to your forum to your
upper arm
Maxine attitude so what we have to do
and we call it community outreach
forced vaccinations or community

outreach is we have to intensify what we
call community outreach to be very
transparent with the community to talk
to them about the trials to ensure that

in the conduct of trials we don’t
compromise safety and we don’t
compromise scientific integrity
now what this was telling me is they

plan on doing big trials with real
people and they’re gonna do community
outreach at large yes and do community
outreach and let you know that you’re
just fine
it’s okay

unlike you I believe that the mainly
because of the swine flu episode that I
got to see the lines people will be
jumping on this found she has got a

negative attitude he’s been around too
many skeptics man the public will jump
all over there want the vaccine I agree
with you they’re ready for it yeah I’m
ready mr. gates jab it in me

needed bill dr. bill save us dr. bill so
there you go but I think our conclusion

of this little episode is the same we
need IRA replaced with a black
journalist i this is the only show IRA
does a busy of other shows I don’t know

he’s got to go mention at the beginning
of the show he’d signed his own dis
sealed his fate really I think so let’s
listen to that beginning just we need

more black voices this is science Friday
I’m Ira Flatow ain’t you I want to talk
about something for a few minutes by the
way back in the day
this guy’s audition tape you and I would
have been next

Oh he’d been out not gonna get it not
gonna get on my air no well here’s to
here’s what here’s what I’ll make it
fair okay new auditions for the post

now he may own the show so that’s not
gonna happen oh okay well no then we
should create a new one and remove the
show will have Moe host it it’s gonna be
anybody yeah Moe would be good now the

point is is that you have a guy who you
just say you start okay ya know you
we’re not firing you we’re just gonna do
new auditions and let the best man win

it’s like quarterbacks in the NFL you
know you you know a new guy comes along
and he’s better than you you get put on
the bed we’ll have a very diverse panel
a blue-ribbon panel will be completely a

diverse we’ll have a white guy we’ll
have a white guy a woman a black guy a
black woman some trans what else can we
throw in oh

J will just throw some stuff in there so
J got a couple of Chinese guys this is
science Friday I’m Ira Flatow yeah I

want to talk about something for a few
minutes before we get started today okay
here at team sci fry we support the
demanding racial justice because black
lives matter we know in the long history

of Science Friday we haven’t included
diverse voices as much as we should have
as a media platform with a large
audience we recognize our equally large
responsibility to act in service of

social good I don’t hear him saying
black voices anywhere so he said black
voices the right this you’ve missed it
was the sentence before that last one is
as much as we should have as a media

plaque lives matter we know in the long
history of Science Friday we haven’t
included diverse voices as much as we
should have versed voice first we have

not included no because that’s systemic
racism bro because you’re in charge
you’re the boss you know you need to
have a vote goodbye IRA you know us you
know what’s good for him the noodle gun

pull out the noodle gun here we go
that’s my noodle gun well he is the
executive producer so he probably owns
this show that’s what that explains why
he’s the host listen man we because you

you said it a minute ago he’s not
qualified he’s got the wrong kind of
voice yeah it’s not even a good all
wrong skin color hands like this now of
course he used the black lives matter

slogan and
Moe caught something we did a whole
deconstruction on Moe facts about about
the black lives matter and is something

I suggest people can listen to if they
have the time I like that show but on
this show I will steal a clip from that
show because Moe identified something
very interesting to the set up for this

entire thing after the George Floyd
death so this has nothing to do with
that how that was set up or not or
triggered is irrelevant we got a dead

black guy and a very guilty looking cop
with some other cops and I think Floyd
was officially pronounced dead at 9:00
in the evening
the next morning 6:45 a.m. is when the

very frazzled Jacob what’s his name
Frye the mayor of Minneapolis made a
statement and it was in this very short

statement and of course I didn’t catch
it mo did that it was very clear that
this and remember there’s no black lives
matter nothing had happened I mean do
you have something had happened but you

know we had that one very unrestful
night and this is what the mayor came
out and said and these things of course
are not off-the-cuff they’re written

they’re discussed no mayor goes out and
speaks in front of crowds or than in
general in front of crowds or the media
without having specially not this guy I
think without having run it by as some
of these people

here we go so the better part of the
night I’ve been trying to dis find the
words to describe what happened and all

I keep coming back to is that you should
not have died what we saw was horrible
completely and utterly messed up this

man’s life matters one he matters – he
was someone’s son someone’s family

member who’s someone’s friend I think we
need to wrap it up one more for good
measure he was a human being and his

life matter three there’s your three
that’s all you need in 20 seconds 3
times mattered mattered mattered he was
setting it up that was signaling totally
that was the message boys let’s go BLM

saddle up well everybody knows this was
all pre I mean this is though an Tifa it
was a radical arm of black lives matter
had everything in place because they do

all these spontaneous demonstrations
were just too coincidental all in
Democrat held mayorships areas ‘m Hank I
understand but radically controlled

towns mm-hmm you had Oakland in San
Francisco locally you had Austin yep I
think I guess Philly I don’t know about

Baltimore Chicago for sure mm-hmm
where all hell broke loose and that was
all triggered its same all happened the
same time very coordinated was an
insurrection it was a shot but again you
and I have discussed this part of it may

have been a little too soon no no I
think they’re way too soon although it
is now perfectly timed yeah for a second
go-round yeah the second go-round will
be it’ll be up to Allison Keith Allison

the Attorney General because all you
need to do is
let the cops off at the right moment I
mean he determines when it goes to trial
is gonna set that all up I would say
October Surprise anybody and you know

they’re asking for murder – which is by
itself uh I think wrong should be one
but okay no no no murder three it should
be murder three they can get Vic and

convict on three they can’t convict on
one no I’m just telling you what it
really should be is one what do you mean
for him yeah okay it’s not over yet they
could jack it up to murder one which is

a guaranteed that he’s gonna get off you
know the you can put it think you can
you can give us so that you can make it
so the jury can choose but I don’t think
in Minnesota that’s possible I think if
you put them up for murder one they have

to convict on murder one they can’t back
it up we’re gonna give a murder three
we’re going down grade two Windows 95
can’t do yeah they can’t calibrate can’t
do that like you did so but either way

October will be a great time end of
October just before the elections get
everyone crazy let’s make sure that we
can’t go out because of the riots that’s
why mail up mad snail invoices what this

can be stopped and it would be stopped
by the by the feds coming in and taking
over the cases is some sort of like FBI
could federal case could take over what

doesn’t make it a federal case hmm well
then it may be all that have to put it
that’s not their jurisdiction they have
to do something – no no civil rights
violation day it is the first okay you

can go in there and take it over but
they’re not doing well you got to wonder
why what the hell is going on
doesn’t seem like no agenda ters they
don’t think ever ii go around it that

bit trump’s flat-footed bars got other
things on his place you know still
working on the michael Flynn stuff
trying to get that to work out no I got
a problem not just me but bar seems to I
don’t know what he’s doing he must be

doing something really important but if
you listen to tom Fitton from Judicial
Watch who has been going after Hillary
Clinton and the lost that you know the
deleted never losting the deleted emails
that she deleted the blackberries she

had smashed up with hammers
the server she had completely wiped so
this was supposed to happen they were
supposed to get her in to testify and

apparently something’s gone awry because
tom Fitton is pissed no one would have
concern about the misconduct no one
would have concerned about the
accountability attorney general bar why

on earth would you let your attorneys
come into court and basically dismiss
the concerns of tens of millions of
Americans at your own Justice Department
about the legal activity of Hillary

Clinton I don’t understand Secretary
Pompeo your State Department’s taking
that legal position as well you know but
it goes to show you the Judicial Watch
you know I’m not just here you know I’m
obviously you’re talking about stuff but

we’re doing other things I’m talking
about activity we’re in court we have
probably about a hundred lawsuits active
now we filed probably nearly a thousand

by this one thousands of Freedom of
Information Act cases so once again it’s
Judicial Watch in court doing the heavy
lifting to hold Hillary Clinton
accountable to the role of all because

Congress doesn’t want to do it the State
Department doesn’t want to do it and the
Justice Department doesn’t do it and he
doesn’t draw the logical conclusion
that’s because they’re all corrupt tom
Fitton no one wants you uncovering any

crap they definitely don’t want off
server emails because everyone’s got one
of those they want no part of uncovering
what really happened because they know
their next corruption is our problem

corruption in law enforcement
corruption in the medical system of
course corruption in politics the
educational system corruption it’s true
well you think about it that’s the

problem racism it’s true its corruption
meanwhile Adam Housley on Twitter who
has a blue checkmark so it must mean

says criminal referrals have already
been sent to the Justice Department and
the overall number may reach as many as
sixteen to seventeen by the end of the
week I was hoping for thousands

investigators are working on additional
ones as we speak thousands of sealed
indictments on the way 1617 wow that
could import could include some

important ones you don’t know good could
uh-huh I’m not holding my breath I’d
like to do a little a quick little
rundown on the on the noodle gun that we

discussed cuz I have some updates and
there’s some new cases I think we should
keep on our radar and I will see you on
a roll Yamazaki stay on a roll okay cuz

then I’ll then I’ll be rolled out so the
noodle gun some people didn’t understand
it well just do a quick you better re
explain it because it needs to be
explained because this is a major new

development in the show’s memes so
noodle noodle boys not new but the
noodle gun is new so noodle nation is
where we all live and neutral nation are

the it is comprised of noodle boys and
noodle girls and who is a noodle boy is
exactly what you heard with Occupy Wall
Street but we have a very specific
example not gonna play it again you can

hear it on the last show where it’s like
hey man it’s not fair I work at noodles
and we should have more say and the
owner shouldn’t yell like let us make
decisions and and run the shifts likes
it it says

completely out of his gourd thinking
that it’s unfair that they tell you what
to do and as a worker you have to do it
he literally said things like that so
this and this was ten years ago or nine
years ago so we identified this is not a

very good trend amongst young people
these young people are of course the
ones that are now out with good heart
and good intent saying yeah yeah hey hey

hell hole racism’s gotta know send my
skateboard and weed money to black lives
matter which of course is routed
directly into AK to blue which is to
help Reed to elect Joe Biden and reelect
Democrats is not really going towards a

bailout fund some may but not those and
they’ve discovered the noodle boys and
girls of noodle nation that with social
media and cell phones you

and pressure companies what started with
entertainment and it’s the cancel
culture you can cancel someone get them
to say what you want or so I was not
saying anything you just say oh you know
what silence is complicity silence is

violence and you’ve shame someone into
saying things so they’ve been doing this
with companies go ahead now before you
go on any further I want to mention that
I do have one clip about this I want to

mention that I am now looking for the
roots of this and that we were getting
some email just naturally without me
even suggesting it suggesting it but I
would like to find out where that where

the turn there’s a spot where things
switched and there we have and these
kids took over and I’m looking for the
genesis I want to know where when this

happened it’s hard to say could be it
looks like the beginnings of it started
in the universities right but I thought
I think the yes but what’s the first
example I want if for example throw one
I want to do how about Milo I would say

Milo is one of the first big cancel I
wouldn’t go away before Milo and go to
Paula Deen Paula Dean okay I mean we can
go back as far back someone put the
plywood it go but I want to make a list

I want to make a huge list of them pall
of shame the what’s important now is
that the noodle boys and girls are in
these companies and and that might as

well tell this part of the story as well
the marketing and advertising firms who
have been trolling through Twitter for
four years have decided that in the past

sometimes it was leopard prints gonna be
the new trend or you know purple is the
new black or come up with anything woke
it was virtue signaling and woke nested

trend and so all the big brands who took
the advice from the advertising
companies and their marketing
professionals started to do woke stuff
you know I’ll give you an example I have

some some woken us here from Tim Cook
from Apple hello everyone the unfinished
work of racial justice and equality call

us all to account
now and always growing up in Alabama
during the civil rights movement I saw
firsthand that the only thing that ever

made lasting and durable change was
people of goodwill
putting aside comfort and safety to
speak up to March to call for
accountability and to do what they could

to make a flawed society more perfect
pay real close attention to Tim Collins
here because this is gonna come all of
this will come back to haunt him so it
is today we’re at an important moment in
artistry important a time when progress

which has been far too slow feel
suddenly poised to move forward in a
great leap really each of us has a role
to play in making sure we rise to the

occasion things must change okay
and apples committed to being a force
for that chance what are you gonna do
today I’m proud to announce Apple he did
that you know this did you hear that

announcement I did not he could have he
could have said what to make that change
today I’m proud to announce the latest
in our iPhone lineup iPhone 99 listens
the same cadence things must change and

apples committed to being a force for
that change today I’m proud to announce
Apple’s racial equity and justice
initiative with a 100 million dollar

commitment it’s just like announcing an
iPhone he doesn’t give a crap you’re
absolutely correct if you add a little
more time could’ve cut it right in

couldn’t I’d they new iPhone a bitch it
would fit perfectly the point is that
there are people who work within Apple
and these people within Apple are going
to see in equities and in what is this
the Apple or see actually this is a

funky name by the way let’s listen
initially today I’m proud to announce
Apple’s racial equity and justice
initiative racial equity and justice

initiative sounds like you ain’t get
nothing why doesn’t it sound interesting
cuz it when he says and justice sounds
like injustice it sounds like racial
injustice I said the note to Moses we
better get some some Bank from Tim

Collins over there send us some money to
the podcast man there are people inside
Apple who are going to see inequality of
course there’s inequality certainly with
an apple do they have the same amount of

men as women maybe another trans maybe
to the bathrooms okay no how about all
people how about brown people no believe
me it’s too low and so they are no they
are going to get shamed and and this

virtue signaling will come down on him
Tim Cook should watch his six it’s gonna
come I’m trying to watch World War two

movies take my mind off of stuff so this

is gonna hurt the brand at some point
yeah it’s gonna be it’s gonna be not
cool gonna have an apples no and here it

it’s gonna be that’s gonna be the the
noodle gun it’s gonna hit you right in
the face Tim there’s a whole bunch as it
just laid low there are a whole bunch

that are on deck but first two minor
things the CrossFit CEO I got a number
of emails from people who thought I was
being horrible about this but I went
back and listened to Chloe being

horrible what did they say to you they
confused the virtue signaling a noodle
gun with my example of hey the CrossFit

CEO had to resign now he of course he’s
the owner so it doesn’t really mean
anything and if you look deeper into the
CEO of CrossFit his very interesting guy
and is probably very No Agenda orient

and people thought that I was saying he
was a virtuous thing or no I said he had
to make a move in this case maybe didn’t
make a lot of difference to his
organization but he was very vulnerable
he did that not just because of hassle

because people were cancelling so and
all he really tweeted was Floyd 19 but
there was a lot more that he’s that he’s
been involved in and seems like actually
as I said kind of a no agenda guy

but here’s another example as you know
we talked about anthropology and
anthropology big virtue signaling big
black lives matter oh we love them so
much but now the rumor going around

oh no we’re canceling anthropology
because they use the word NIC they use
the word NIC for black people in the
store you need to watch those Knicks and
this was taken by American

under-informed over socialized children
as an n-word and a racial slur
anthropology is part of urban outfitters
it is a publicly listed company they

take this very seriously and several of
our producers reached out and this
producers wife worked with them for the
work that urban for in the anthropology

for 10 years
NIC was used but had nothing to do with
black people
it was a word to describe someone who
was going to Nick something the British
snail that’s an old British thread it’s

a mr. Nick or mrs. Nicole not Nick as in
Negro or other n words and one of our
producers sent in an exact example of
how this would sound over the headsets

at anthropology hey guys just wanted to
let you know Nick’s in the store and
he’s in the second section he’s just
looking at some shirts and I just wanted

to let you know keep an eye on him
let go over and see if he needs some
extra help he’s a great customer so this
term has been used in their stores for
years and now all of a sudden people

think all the over is the under-informed
over socialized children like they are
they are the racist they have racist
thinking racist still yeah so now that’s

just clearing that up now let’s look at
some of the noodle gun hits and misses
I think the merriam-webster dictionary
we consider that a noodle gun hit I

think they they nailed it you probably
read after the last show that Colin
Kaepernick has interest from an enemy
Colin Kaepernick has a team interested

in hims you know which one you have have
you heard anything about it
probably he’ll play man anyway that’s
not a noodle gun yet it’s on deck

they’re working on it he’s trying on
decade Cl before and then they nixed it
and they okay now they’re gonna do it
because of the local politician say Nix
that’s really – be careful you’ll be
canceled in two seconds here comes

noodle guy well John that goes John
Cleese um besides Monty Python have
another’s very successful series Fawlty
Towers yeah that’s been removed from

streaming sites because of course
British humour from 35 years ago is no
longer funny it’s racist
Cornell professors declare informed

commentary criticising the protests as
racism against one of their own
professors they want him fired UCLA
professor is actually under police

protection following threats he is the
one see what did he not want to do he
who didn’t want to request – he declines

a student’s request for a delay of a
final exam in light of national unrest
so he fire that guy Howard Stern under
fire for past use of blackface and use

of the n-word we all saw it back in the
day Starbucks of course a total direct
hit as the black lives matter attire is
permitted you predicted that on on

Thursday Ice Cube even the left I would
say pretty radical left ice cube rap
Meister extraordinaire is angry angry
about paw patrol being cancelled the

cartoon paw patrol was cancelled because
one of the dogs is a cop noodle gun
direct hit YouTube is also creating a
100 million dollar fund quote dedicated

to amplifying and developing the voices
of black creators woohoo that’s not the
end of it for you YouTube that’s gonna
end very poorly you will be called out

as horrible racist misappropriation of
funds you’re not gonna win there’s too
many noodle boys and girls inside your
organization thus loaded st. John’s
immediately fires fencing coach after

recording of racist comment leaks no
idea what he said Berklee College of
Music apologizes for allowing Boston
police to use restrooms during protests
oh no noodle gun well that’s pathetic

the entire Florida supposed to do P on
the street
yeah the entire Florida City SWAT team
resigned after the police chief kneeled
with protesters Police Chief noodle

gunned on deck I already said we we have
the we got the stem we also have what
else do we have
shoot I thought we had one more anyway

so that’s just what’s on you can wait
for you just keep your eyes open it’s
everywhere it’s happening around you
well there’s a actually a podcast that
specializes in this now oh really and

they had this woman who does the podcast
Katie Herzog who’s a lefty on the J
Rance Show which is a teat which is
actually a radio show up in Seattle
mm-hmm and she’s lived in the in the

Chad zone and talks a little bit about
it here but she this has got kind of got
me into this finding out the origins of
this turn around because at some point

there was a critical mass of the noodle
boys as you like to put him or the
noodle gun and she’s also looking for it
too and she’s and she comes from a
left-wing perspective and she’s quite
arced about the whole situation exactly

this clip from the show where is this
coming from on the Left in particular is
it generational or is it purely ideology
ideological or maybe a little bit of
both I think it’s I think it’s I think

it’s both a lot of people would argue
that this is something that really
started a long time ago with you know
Foucault and post-modernism and critical
theory so started in academia and has
really merged or really spread from

there and when students know colleges
were doing Herger Waring’s and things
like that you know probably even ten
years ago probably even longer in some
schools like places like Oberlin I would
imagine and you know people like me and

you would would talk about how this is a
problem the sort of safety is on this
cancer culture call out culture on
college campuses and a lot of people
particular on the Left would respond say
like there’s just college

college kids have always been crazy
which is true but the problem is they
don’t stay on campus and now these
people have entered institutions and in
some cases they are taking over those
institutions pushing out senior senior
people and I do support workers rights I

think workers should have power as well
but they’re they’re focusing their power
in ways that comes across is incredibly
authoritarian and so if you make one
mistake currently or in your past you

know you can you can be in danger of
having basically you know a mob of
people in their 20s and 30s or sometimes
older walk out on your business you know
like who shot the publisher of Woody

Allen’s memoir cancelled his book
actually pulps his book it had been
printed and actually pulps his book
tossing them I don’t know how much money
because staffers at the publishing house

didn’t want that book published it’s
absurd you talk about an instance of
something similar although way crazier
with a grocer out of Minnesota who ends

up losing the lease to his building
essentially over something that was said
a very very long time ago yeah it’s a
problem and people you know we’ve become

programmed to respond to an outrageous
headline and it’s very easy
now the oh so diverse Apple actually
yeah makes black workers go to a

separate bathroom something like that
doesn’t it okay that should be true
doesn’t even have to be true it can and
a public company so this is not
necessarily a racial issue but simcha

traders delight let me tell you right
well thank you for saying that
Salesforce had their I guess the
quarterly call would that make sense

already the quarterly call they do
quarterly call and it must be their
quarterly which means the CEO is on but
also the see CFO and clearly someone
from HR as a very interesting cut and

when you report your numbers you sit
down as a big phone conference and
typically it’s analyst calling in and
say hey guys great queue wait
go really fantastic listen I have a

question about the deferred stock option
you have some other bullcrap there
trying to figure out that they’re trying
to figure out the real meaning behind
the numbers etc until this one came on
and it was so jarring I guess to Benioff

who was there to answer that he was
silent and I guess put it on mute motion
to his HR lady to pick it up your next
question is from Justin down off of the

National Center for Public Policy
Research and Salesforce is a very
valuable company I mean the stock price
moving on Salesforce makes a difference
for a lot of people including people
with 401ks at this point today’s annual

meeting he filed a shareholder
resolution with the goal of having
Salesforce amended Equal Employment
Opportunity CEO policy to protect
employees from potential viewpoint

discrimination so what I think this guy
is saying is hey you know at the
shareholders meeting we entered in we
put a shareholders resolution we wanted
something and I so he’s addressing that

now on this call rather than doing so
the company petition the sec arguing
that it was within its ordinary business
operation to discriminate against its
employees based on their ideological
views this is very important because we

have something new he says the company
denied the shareholder proposal and
appealed to the Securities Exchange

Commission and said we do not want that
we feel our business model sometimes
requires us to be discriminatory against
different viewpoints I think this is a

very important if this ever goes to
trial or if anything ever happens
because here we’re talking about
something not new in concept but it has
a named viewpoint discrimination new
given Silicon Valley’s well-known

liberal leading combined with jobs for
CEOs Marc Benioff far left public
Facebook statements and action taken on
behalf of the company we are concerned
that conservatives may face a hostile

work environment at the company
furthermore the company is ignoring the
financial risks of viewpoint
discrimination also that recently ended
a years-long lawsuit for firing a
conservative engineer given all this

will you commit today to
in Salesforce EEO policy too explicit
explicitly protect against
discrimination based on viewpoint and
ideologies so I I like this clip because
it shows that this works both ways

here’s someone who clearly represents a
different viewpoint a right-wing or
conservative viewpoint is now saying hey
look at these other companies who have
been sued is that really what you want

Marc Benioff or will you or will you an
you know yeah I just have to mention
some irony here is that going back again
under my preoccupation with the origins

and yes we have to remember that it was
the Family Council or some other thing
that used to do cancel culture against
TV shows back in the 60s and 70s and
maybe the 80s and they would do you know

they would and they were right-wingers
going after shows that had any left-wing
bias whatsoever and they would get the
show’s canceled by going after the
advertisers and then that kind of died

down because they were kind of crackpot
II and it was picked up by the left that
the left bitched and moaned about this
but they decided now they’re gonna do it
hey this is just okay Luther I have a
good clip later that kind of talks about

the ludicrous nature of this of this
swap well let go on let’s do it now
because I just got a couple seconds left
on this so there’s the the silence which
is a good ten seconds in eight seconds

before anyone spoke and you know what’s
going on it’s on mute and been enough is
going you answer that HR lady you were
absolutely crag you could just if you
were in the room there Benioff size had
opened up he was going you know doing a

throat slash thing and hitting his
button and pointing at somebody was
radically you know violently pointing at
the HR person in pointy twenty point is

your applet and then in motioning we
already know exactly yeah you really
don’t want to be an HR at the moment
that that question comes here we go

great thanks mister down on for your
question and your interest in the
a long-standing belief that is important
to have diverse set of views and

policies within our company and our
employees which like that it is very
important to another company it’s
important to our values our values that
has long stood by us at the company and

we continue to believe in those as we
pointed out pale proxy and Tory the
proposal you believe that the proposal
that was presented was not appropriate

for the proxy up here lotty blahdy
blahdy Bob but I’m telling you viewpoint
discrimination will be a thing it’s a
horrible name but I think it will catch

it because it’s also VD I like that hey
man that’s VD and well if you’re gonna
go if you’re gonna start going down the

road they’ve gone yeah just what we’ve
been talking about for the last half
hour this is much has to go further yes
you can’t stop walking yes this is much
bigger than anyone realized this what

what first was just canceled culture is
something much bigger yeah betting
office afraid he’s afraid you can say he
isn’t he has more money than he needs
but he doesn’t he doesn’t want this

hassle but there in your own company man
it’s like this it’s normal it’s very you
have a group of people who have
different ideas but if you’re gonna
virtue signal and and I have to give

noodle boy some some respect it’s like
you’re not really representing all the
views you should either shut up just do
some business or or put up then they
can’t because inherently it’s just word

salad they don’t mean a lick of it oh
here’s 100 million dollars Tim Cook
could drop his wallet a hundred million
could fall out he wouldn’t give a crap
I’m presuming well you might be a

tightwad it’s the only words the same
clothes oh I know man there’s that app
working at Apple it’s cheap you can only
wear a turtleneck Saar you’re good to go

so well I don’t know where this is
headed but obviously it’s gonna be a
point of Gov don’t lease gushing from
yes yes for sure for sure I have a
couple of things that we kind of offset

that yeah you know these notions no
let’s do this uh let’s I have two clips
I thought I had two here I should have
dug this up

great Glenn Greenwald was on the the
rising and is that the crystal ball show
yeah okay you know catch an is the crit

was the Christmas agar Sager who I think
is more entertaining but let’s he does
it thing on on Flynn which brings in a
number of these points Greenwald who’s

an old-school progressive wisely lives
in Brazil he he he
he’s like some of these other guys we

had these these radical lefties on some
couple years ago saying I don’t
understand why the progressives in the
left are all cuddling up to the FBI and
the CIA all of a sudden and they’re all

in with this kind of thing it doesn’t
make any sense historically and
Greenwald has some similar thoughts are
on this Flynn update the case of Michael
Flynn with you know you saw a Glenn Amin

you covered here and we’ve had Matt
Taibbi and others just about the abuses
and the cases and the case against Flynn
and you’ll regardless of how you feel
about Flynn himself personally now we’re
seeing some developments going on with

the judge just want to give the audience
quick update on that what can you tell
us about this judge seems to be
declaring that the Department of Justice
wanting to drop a charge against Flint
is an abuse of power by the Department

of Justice itself yeah it’s really
bizarre you know for years the idea that
lying to the FBI was even a crime at all
was a kind of reactionary view of the
criminal justice system and liberals

were the ones leading the way
in denouncing anything we talked about
before that the jurist who wrote
probably the most compelling opinion
about why aligning the FBI should not be
a crime his name Ruth Bader Ginsburg
boring and the person who went further

than her refusing to even that’s just
recent didn’t she just right that no I
don’t know when it was it was a reason I
think it was older but it just waltz
within the last 87 years yeah but it’s

always good to note that the lying to
the FBI which everybody’s now all you’re
like yeah I love you all these liberals
are saying this when in fact the

Liberals are the ones that always
thought this was bogus you say liberals
with such disdain
just hate him oh man be I should not be
a crime his name Ruth Bader Ginsburg and

the person who went further than her
refusing to even recognize it as a crime
despite the law saying that it was was
John Paul Steven so it was always a

left-wing liberal view that even likes
the F that lying to the FBI shouldn’t
even be a crime and what’s interesting
is that now you have a judge who is
refusing something extremely rare which

is Justice Department saying we were
overzealous in our prosecution we want
to drop a a line to the FBI prosecution
and liberals are acting like this is
some grave threat to the Republic and

what judge Walton did is he had jaunt
inglese and who I know very well he’s a
former district judge a former federal
judge from Brooklyn from the Eastern
District of New York in front of him I
practice when I was a lawyer who is

known as he was used to be a prosecutor
he was always he’s always been a very
Pro prosecutorial judge which is why
they selected him
now essentially advocating for I don’t
know for whom for the judge I guess in

saying that the prosecution against
Michael Flynn should continue even
though the Justice Department has
concluded that it was unjust imagine how
threatening that is to just the basic
rights of a defendant we want

prosecutors to drop prosecutions when
they conclude that it’s unjust for the
judge now to say we’re not gonna let you
incredible abuse of the criminal justice
system which liberals are supposed to be
working to weaken not strengthen

well so it hit me listening
this and Glenn Greenwald would be the
guy to figure it out
the genesis of all this is really the
noodle boys and girls entering the

journalistic workforce and I would say
going dating back at least three years
to the Michaels the Steele report the

Russian hooker P report tape whatever
that the virtue signaling that and it
was really the journalists who made that

happened and I’m talking about the ones
that BuzzFeed at you know advice that
Vox at the verge a lot of these and
they’re all on Twitter and they’re all

check marked and they’re all outraged
and you know if you really makes the
biggest mistakes of shit they say it’s
the journalists and they always delete
their tweets and get rid of it somehow
there’s that I think that’s really where

the change started to happen because
they pick up the stuff that’s bubbling
they amplify it amongst themselves and
then they take it to print
well I’m not it’s just subscribing yet

but I’ll say this I’ve noticed that all
these and they’re all this journalist
within the same age but many of them
have moved on from BuzzFeed in there at
the New York Times I know plenty of

people that or the New York Times that
started off elsewhere they got shuffled
into the New York Times and they have
their Twitter feeds and I can document
I’ve always thought about but it was
like overwhelming it couldn’t do it

biased tweets from all these journalists
where and there’s very clear was oh this
is my my opinion okay it’s your opinion
but you’re right there and say you’re a
New York Times reporter and your opinion

it seems to be that you hate Trump and
you don’t think that’s gonna get into
the into the mix this is just my opinion
this is my opinion
it’s possible that it I mean let’s face
it the journalists have been the

progenitors of all of the mess with the
lousy reporting the biased reporting the
jumping on this and jumping on that
names right as it was you’re right
dubious yeah right people who knew you

know the sources there’s an unnamed
sources and they’re all and they and now
they’re pushing their weight around

within the organizations getting them
yet certain editors fired from both the
New York Times the Philadelphia Inquirer
and elsewhere Bon Apetit oh yes yes Bon
Appetit that’s right yeah poor guy
and there’s no stuff that took place

years ago I mean that Bon Apetit thing I
didn’t realize the guy was in brown face
which means you put some bronzer on in
2013 and got fired
yeah well bronzer on lugo TV makeup

you’re fired you know we may not be
high-powered people we may not have hype
high-paying jobs a man I feel I feel job
security I’m saying good about regular

media now are these mediocre your

mediocre not mediocre the best podcast
in the universe was beside the point
we’re in in a kind of a bubble of
we’re itseif people stop listening and
they started giving us money we were out

of business but that’s not happening no
because we’re providing the information
that they when everyone knows we’re
right this is the issue here it’s pretty
much right about this stuff in broad

lines yes we don’t get it always right
yes screw up and make it the Belgian
population off but but generally
speaking when it comes to this sort of
its analysis of the culture change which

is incredibly important important nobody
else will talk about this it’s protests

it’s not protests any mores protests
protests protests protests yeah you’ll
hear everyone say it protests you’re
gonna go to the protests yes yeah

they’re dropping the tea in protests yes
protests telling you so yes and you know
what with that why don’t I just thank

you for your courage to say in the
morning to you the man who just put the
C in culture change
John C Dvorak well in the morning to you
mr. Adam curry also in the morning to

all ships and sea boots on the ground
feet in here subs in the water and all
the Dames tonight’s out there and a big
and hefty hearty in the morning to all
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Darren is gonna find something for her
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nailed it yeah and it’s it’s astounding
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no gender art generator calm there was
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yeah yeah they’re not normal are they
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yeah but Darren Dan is man he’s very
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call it our donation segment here we go
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you actually hate I do all right who
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sharpton dealer stop the hammering and

the corona karma dear crackpot and
buzzkill I turn a quarter century old on
the 14th of June my he’s 25 my own
ancient amount is 1680 350 should bring
me to Marin status ok insta Baron yeah

we’re not in stubborn but Baron I would
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over I’m not one to really believe in a
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share a coincidence that can be observed
last year a few months before my
I don’t ain’t asking for jobs karma this
was after the company I was working for
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belly-up I was at the lowest of the low
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lowest of the low with the hugest amount
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don’t you don’t use don’t get into the
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anyway he goes on and on

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bitching to some contacts about my

situation I got a job offer
possibly the job karma really works it
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no one’s really asked for the instant
have it I took a job last summer and I’m

coming up on a year in a few months
while navigating these strange times
I’ve been able to see some places I’ve
never been before and never thought I
would ever see both leaks all ways
traveling yeah all the experiences I’ve
ever had over the last 36 months managed

to take a new understanding of a lot of
topics as I go I would be unfair not to
give no agenda some credit for having
set my mind up with the ability to think
critically and objectively I’ve been
listening to no agenda since I was 16 or

17 Wow unfortunately I’ve had a handful
of friends who I’ve seen their amygdalas
grow and the critical thinking skills
decreased when I compared my success for

others I’ve given high risk and high
failure rate of what I have done in the
past I owe so much of my success to
being able to have a clear mind I’m one
of the few that enjoys chaos that is

good you know what we enjoy it that’s
going on in the world right now

coronavirus and civil unrest presents a
great opportunity for people like me
that can keep my head down and work well
there’s people spin their wheels I hope
everyone in the No Agenda family can
have the same positive outlook on life I

have it is exciting time to be alive and
try to get ahead peace out bye Bitcoin
yeah okay here’s what I love about Nick
we’ve known this young gentleman since

he was 16 years old has grown up with
the show and here he is now becoming an
insta Baron I’m very proud of you
and your journey is your journey and the
road brought you white right to where

you are today and I’m very happy to see
your enthusiasm and thank you so much
for supporting us we’re glad that you
receive some value for the past ten
years here’s what you asked for ESP ICT
stop the hammer ank you’ve got now you

asked for the car that’s up to you I
can’t help that
bill grass and Galt’s Gulch Galt’s Gulch

Michigan during 500 gulp that’s where it
is if he wanted to know mm-hmm I’ve been
a loyal listener says year one but I

have to say that the show’s over the
past 10 weeks and especially show 12:50
have been pure effing good thank you and
keep up the great work you’re welcome
thank you very much next on the list is

Sir Neville James in North lamington New
South Wales 500 a few shows back at and
mentioned the show from ABC Australia
that may have a hidden agenda probably

not hitting the ABC TV and radio which
stands for Australian Broadcasting
Company is fully funded by Australian
taxpayer dollars and has a charter that
decrees fair and balanced reporting any

agenda is left and acted as oh yeah so
what all know what else yeah what you do
when you get free money you become a
lefty the ABC reports like big meaty and
American on many of the same issues CNN

ABC NBC many presenters and guests are
activists of course evidence in fact
what kind of a job is I and here she is
Joan Jett Joan and she’s an activist it
says activists under my rock do you

recall recall them that one of those
masked letters were 2,000 people signed
on and said we think it’s it’s okay for
people to protest despite coronavirus
and one of the titles was

literally here’s wendell evidence in
fact seek continues are a minor issue
unless it fits and Lefty narrative the

ABC is super critical Trump using
Democrat evidence
course they attacker supported tax on
conservative women including the
indigenous women or conservative

government with this closet lefties art
which is what we have to know yeah
closet lefties which caused the trouble
our cowards do not do anything despite
being constantly attacked by presenters

I will let you guess on where the ABC
sit and report on the current protests
black lives matter and NT Faust rally ax
yeah it’s not organized but there’s an T
fall Australia anyway so there’s also

black lives matter it’s and it’s not
it’s no longer about American white cops
killing black American people no it’s
all local it’s now yeah now it’s all

local yep Nancy Nichols is next on the
list 333 it by the way the artist is
top-heavy today we want to thank
everyone for helping us know three
hundred thirty three dollars and 33

cents in Waco Texas they the donations
did well without the Karen involved
thank you and keep doing what you do to
keep us educated and informed shoutout
to my amazing boyfriend Don who

introduced me to the Texas chili parlor
and no agenda
he fights bullshit every day on many
fronts and inspires me to do the same
and sounds like a great guy Nancy and
thank you very much for supporting the

the work here 33333 also comes in from
sir Sir Leia lei Ron Dothan and Dothan
Alabama is that right yep Bama yeah but

it’s his name of a town his last name
alright now have a feei maybe well maybe
he calls himself I think so sir this is
her name is sir and SAR name

congratulations thanks for the infirmity
of and entertaining shows to the plague
peaceful protests before this and more I
rely on this show quite a bit for
counter thoughts to the sinked media

information and depth of material
referenced my only request is jobs karma
for the many needing work that’s very
kind of you sir layer in Dothan and
Alabama jobs jobs jobs and jobs

that’s karma then you have this note
from Sean and Joelle I do I have it

right here and you can tell I have it
because it makes noise when I sounds
legit Sean and Joelle Edgington in
Bisbee Arizona 33333

I’m currently dictating this letter to
my plasma hot wife because I can’t type
for shit besides giving her credit for
her typing skills she also hit me in the

mouth she hit him in the mouth the day
we met nice four years ago we’re firm
believers in the couple that no agendas
together stays together we need addy
douching you got it nice there’s our

first donation of the best podcast my
plasma hot wife may need a bigger D
dishing though I’m not sure how you do

that as she has been listening since day
one poof my life would call my wife
basically the dudes married to us now if
she’s been listening to us from day one
it’s like laying in bed with curry and

Dvorak there’s no doubt about it it’s
got to be a fantastic experience my wife
would like to call out Zach in Alaska as

a douchebag she hit him in the mouth
seven years ago and is yet to donate we
are founders and operators of successful
nonprofit consignment store in Bisbee

that supports our local homeless shelter
and recovery house if you’ve never been
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Dimension B when visiting and be careful
not to bump into the overly swollen

amygdala as they are rampant in our
hippy border town we are hosting the
first Bisbee Arizona meetup on June 21st
one of the surf mutton and me but I’m
not sure what mutton is Islam mutton is

is is mature lamb yeah surplus land and
it stinks it’s the opposite of veal
it’s like yes it’s the opposite of via

lamb is like veal and mutton is like
beef but it stinks yeah
and when you cook it it stinks up the
house right yay and he doesn’t know
anyone who brews me so it’s tacos and

Tecate anyways as indicated by my plasma
hot reference my wife is a huge sci-fi
net in her honor can I please have the
following jingling earlier I will rock

it man space force mm-hmm pew pew and
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space for pew pew and theremin with the

quit thee and you should have theremin
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donation sorry I thought the note was
this card out just for you John enjoy

the glitter because the glitter core I
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do they want a karma as well or just the
space Oh karma you may read the next few

notes while I look up Jennifer’s email

Jessie Schaffer from Stuart Florida says
in the morning gents I’ve been a
listener to for close to a year now
YouTube’s taken me from being a burner

liberal this ber NER as in Bernie I
guess into understanding how things
actually work in less than a year well
that’s like a $30,000 college education

right there yeah I am extremely grateful
for the media deconstruction you bring
and eagerly await each release we love
releasing to you I also greatly enjoy
every show on the live stream shoutout

to that Larry Show grumpy old Ben’s and
Nick the rat of course that’s no agenda
stream calm the value for value model
has settled it for me and I can’t stand
any of the shows I used to listen to due

to the constant ads in
middle of an important topic I look for
the best has got to be Venn Shapiro
he’ll just be talking with you like this

and all of a sudden he says do you have
gold you need gold
it’s very jarring very Joey I use yes I
look forward to becoming sir Schaeffer

Knight of Stuart Florida in the coming
months I would like to call out Cameron
H of Austin Minnesota that is as a
douchebag as he has been listening since
2017 hit me in the mouth I’ve also

requested a deed douching for myself and
Pelosi jobs car will be greatly
appreciated as my company has cut my

salary benefits and bonuses based on
bullcrap covered projections despite us
being busier than ever does they’re
bastards if they got I don’t know how
big your company is but with the

Paycheck protection program they
shouldn’t be doing that in fact I think
I think there’s legalities but it may be
a very big company but Jesse thank you
so much and of course we’ve got we’ve
got a little bit of Trump Pelosi jobs


and the whose show is that I’m sorry so
now we’re at Rob after the Earl from
Kansas City 333 a long time since my
last donation sorry about that he says

NJ and kano jingles no karma and we’re
not stupid thank you don’t worry about
it Rob alter the Earl who lives in
Kansas City appreciated Rob thank you
for your courage all right we’re go

we’re go
333 as well these are fantastic numbers
the 33 lives large on today’s show this

donation is a birthday present for my
lovely amazing wife suing soo
I’m suin Sunday is her birthday and

she’s an OTG kind of lady so may we
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see you haven’t pulled that one out in a
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didn’t see any other email did you
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look for that one thank you very much
then you know yeah I didn’t know if you
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karma for producers of course

you’ve got karma alright Jennifer ugly

in Russell Kentucky two eight nine
seventy five and she sent an email an
interesting number why I don’t know it’s

just it’s it’s no no I said we got
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gents donated last night and hopefully

this note makes it to eight nine seven
five credit to my incredibly selfless
handsome husband Matthew ugly ugly
Mowgli for his 37th birthday on the 17th

ah I don’t know this done the list is on
unless you know let me see you keep
reading and I’ll check it out
but cake this Matthew Oh ugly mm-hmm can

you add him to the birthday list please
and make sure he gets the producer
credit okay we can do that and he’s
never spent his birthdays today on the
17th of the 17th okay he never spends a

dime on himself so I’m forced to do it
for him and yeah and thanks to the
stimulus and pandemic unemployment I was

able to make this happen
oh well thanks happy birthday babe she
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you big Lea and this brings you halfway
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of the way as I failed to do so at the
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and can you see that juice this is gross
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the juice and Obama’s you might die

okay wait wait this morning to the notes
so you can this is all part of the
birthday present seriously yes my
husband and I have been through a lot

over the past year he graduate with two
degrees and we moved back to Western New
York so hoping you’d find work in this
field but sadly jobs karma has not
worked out as if yet so we’ll take
another dose so didn’t put that on the
an through bet in the light of King

Cuomo’s executive orders in the scare
tactics on the m5m we are forced out of
our housing as our roommate was
convinced my five human resources all
that’s nice would give her the road

that’s horrible
we decided no longer we could retake the
miserable unhinge leftist views of the
great state of New York and refused to
go down with the ship so he opted to

move back to Kentucky where we have been
able to live him out lives mask free and
soak up that vital vitamin D my husband
was able to go back to his old job
working for a local greenhouse owner

which has been his best year ever and it
can’t seem to get plants to produce in
stock can’t keep them in stock with all
that said I would like to extend a big
thank you from the bottom of my heart
through you and Adam as you helped us

get through these dark six months in New
York and literally kept us sane and
married the No Agenda couple that
listens together together stays together
in fact we have human resource number

six on the way I’ll take credit it’s
John we did it six wholly late August so
some birthing car would be helpful safe
to say that we are definitely doing our

part to support the economy on like most
Millennials who think their dogs will
support them you know who think their
dogs will support them in old age you
true to have no idea you are changing

the world and healing our hearts and
minds in the process keep doing what you
do here’s to many more years love and
light and health to all Jen that is that
is so incredibly sweet what a lovely

note by the way a baby birthing karma
falls on their jobs karma just so you
know we consider that to be a part of a
big job that’s really beautiful thank
you and I’m very happy you guys escaped

and that you’re happy in Kentucky and
yes jobs karma and we hope it works toys
hard to get it aroused
is hard to get it aroused but we got it
aroused I’m gonna give you the whole

load jobs jobs jobs and jobs Jennifer
Randy Holcomb comes in at 234 dollars

and 56 cents from Lake Forest California
thank you for all the great work and
deconstructions you guys do twice a week
I’ve been a listener since the beginning
and your show almost never disappoints

please keep it up
June 14th flag they will be turning off
Flag Day June 14th yesterday no no
cheese no another promotion promotional
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let’s see ABCDE f6f I will be turning
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and put up should put me over the
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do it the right way by donating over a
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machines ever used to be my plant I did
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goat karma and they’re respected jingle

okay so it’s Randy let me just get it
right because it wasn’t on my list Randy
Holcomb bull come come with a bee and
he’ll be night of the as400 was that the

exact yeah somebody had to be yeah yes
400 is like a spelling mistake in my
spell checker somebody hates incredibly
the greatest miss you one of the

greatest computers that the Burroughs be
5,000 I think YouTube new machines you
can’t I mean as 400 is still it’s still
a division is still in business they
still make them they just need you to be

updated hopefully Randy can program it
our ESP ICT oh hello oh hello what

play what’s going on you’ve got Kirsty
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o’clock yeah it works again sorry yes
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this is also an honor of the meetup
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vote for you too
thank you for the for your courage
jingle akarma with a goat you’ve got Dan
merchant $200 from de val Tejas howdy

crock-pot and buzzkill first-time
donation from a fellow Austinite after
catching Adam on the Joe Rogan
I shall deduce you you may not know how
it works yet so let’s make sure you get

that let’s see I have become addicted to
your amygdala amygdala control twice a
week and deconstructing the end of the

world in steps I love the show I will be
listening until the mothership lands to
take us to safety I look forward to the
next Meetup to maybe meet Adam since I
know jcd won’t be making a trip to Texas

anytime soon you never know
can I get some goat karma China has
asked ho and we’re all gonna die in a
massive deducing since I’ve waited till
now to donate and thank you for your
courage boys that with a Z can’t wait

for the partay dan merchant no
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karma Oh Chinese asshole and what was
the last one go Crum
oh we’re all gonna die okay and sorry

about that it’s when I read the notes
that doesn’t make it easy you’ve got all
right last on the list less than

finishing this up is Robert Hausner in
Ontario Canada I don’t know how to
pronounce the name of this town I kept

push okay
yeah I give up on yang Yang give up on
anyway he sent a note in completed with
his email address but I had to be honest
about I can’t find that no and I used
the exact address but I did find another

note from him written in on June 10th
when he donated fifty seventeen so he’s
uh I have a note here I have a note here
from is that also when is that the
Wednesday was at the tenth Saturday June

10th I have a note from Saturday June
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work thanks for the poop uptake update
he says that kombucha rock so does kefir

but kombucha is I would not advise it as
it can’t be reproduced you are not a
kombucha fan you know I think it’s
tossed by is you think it’s poison yeah

most of its fake now it’s just little
vinegar water they don’t even make it at
most places don’t even make road oh
really oh really yeah because of its

it’s not to health issues it’s dangerous
it’s not good for you so he’s thanks for
the work you didn’t know why I do not
have that email and no I don’t have
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once you resend it and they know it yes
yeah we’ll get to it eventually
okay well I want to thank all these
folks these are the executive associate
executive producers for show of 1251 and
they made make make it all possible

along with our other donors but to get a
top Heavy’s day like this is rare yeah
your air is beautiful
welcoming that’s welcoming and these are
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associate executive producer of the No
Agenda Show episode 1251 just two days
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executive producers and not from the

executive producer but from a firm who
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producer ship and I gave a glowing
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you to everybody who supports the show
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die my formula is this we go out we hit
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I did want to mention one other thing we
make mistakes that we miss stuff we do
stuff wrong happens all the time if

you’re a producer and you notice
something I would like to some people
some ways in which a producer an actual
producer works when talking to people

who are putting the show together and
are the talent of the show there’s two
ways to approach this you can say hey
now I have some personal experience with
this I think you you missed something

you could have done something a little
differently here and and you know if you
have it here’s some links whatever you
have that’s really the way to approach
it as a professional producer and if you
have supported the show financially

you’re definitely a producer here’s what
doesn’t work very well that is not a
very effective way interested in your

it is really it and I have to say it
hurts like man you’re a producer it does
you’re a producer it’s not like charity

you have a total valid reason to talk to
us and say hey here’s what I think you
did wrong but when you approach it from
a hostile point it doesn’t work so it’s
just a friendly own but it does get but

but wait there’s a plus to it and cut
the plus side is you get to hear Adam do
that voice yes if you want to be the
subject of the voice we can certainly do

it so but that’s all and and I
understand people like totally screw
that up it’s wrong yeah that’s what we
need to know we’re happy to correct
stuff happy to it’s important we need to
anyway like the Congo you know the small

thing now people are pretty nice about
that but also there was like botton line
as you heard earlier we are we are

idiots we would not be anywhere near
clearly we’re podcasters this is where
we belong or say
yes okay down in the bottom of the watch
casting last show business ladder in

general yeah what and quit show business
here sweeping of elephant dung hey man
do you have a do you oh by the way a
reminder as well for people if you want

we now do have we do have that
requestable donations do you have a
kylie special i think kylie today

no no kylie is only on Thursdays okay
alright cuz we got I mean people are
jacked about the Kylie specials the city
oh yeah well you get that daughter
overdo it it’s a great segment though I

and if so I so ideas I have one I think
I got nothing
okay I have one was sent to me by a
producer I think it qualifies thanks for
the lecture idiot Tucker right I think

so I know that makes sense yes I think
it’s good it sounds like let’s play some

some off-the-wall stuff let’s start with
uh here we go Joe Biden is that where we

go we wasn’t in to go right on biting
but that we can do we got some here’s
first let’s talk about about Biden
before it get any biting clips this is

Joe Biden and secret advisers I thought
this was worth knowing
Shoaib secret advisers okay what did you
make of just like the idea of secrecy
around who is actually advising just

asking these questions is this from can
I just say your voice gets on my nerves
who is that that’s that’s crystal that’s
crystal ball odds wolf what did she make

up just like the idea of secrecy years
actually advising Joe Biden I think it
has to do with what happened a few
months ago a few weeks ago which was
that two of his advisers leaked out one

was Larry Summers a controversial figure
a guy who’s seen as fairly aligned with
the ideology
Wall Street and then another story came

out saying that Rahm Emanuel the former
Chicago mayor former Obama chief of
staff is also advising Joe Biden and you
know that those are two not such
encouraging names to be on a list

advising Joe Biden they’re people who
aren’t all that well-liked I mean Rahm
Emanuel left office in disgrace as
Chicago mayor after a situation where

his administration had essentially
suppressed the video of police murder of
a teenager so the idea that Joe Biden is
being advised by these Democratic Party

dinosaurs controversial ones I think it
came out people didn’t like it and now
the Biden campaign is sort of like it
you know what here’s our solution we’re
just not gonna tell anybody anything

about who is advising the potential next
president of the United States they’re
gonna put the economic advisor list in
the basement yeah why would Joe David
what really caught our eye is that the

New York Times reporter who even broke
this story he revealed one of his
biggest qualms Jim Tankersley let’s put
his tweet up on the screen one of the
things that it really matters is that
the Biden campaign telling their

advisers they can’t disclose their role
allows those people to go on TV without
identifying themselves as part of the
Biden team and so I mean look what we do
here on this show like when you were

working for the Bernie campaign is real
like hey this guy works for the Bernie
campaign so the viewers can know and
same with any other adviser to a
candidate this is a real disservice that
the media is also being complicit in oh

oh I’m sorry do you have any illusion
that there are not people on the payroll
providing opinion without those
credentials currently please no they
shocked shocked shocked and just made

shocked I tell you okay he had an
interesting little thing on Biden that
was about the media requests for bite
this was actually a big good little rant
from this guy say gar who he just heard

and was shocked and dismayed but listen
to this this is say gar on Biden media
requests containing an open letter it
demands that Facebook quote
promote real news not fake news quickly

remove viral misinformation and the
pre-election quote/unquote lie period
and enforce voter suppression rules
against everyone even the president now
all of this sounds innocuous until you

really begin to dissect it in essence a
candidate for president of the United
States is asking for Facebook to begin
fact-checking political advertising
including his own especially two weeks

before Election Day
now why would Joe Biden a proven liar on
dozens of issues in the public realm
from his role in the war in Iraq his
role criminal justice his record on
trying to cut Social Security and even

on supposedly getting arrested while
trying to see Nelson Mandela want there
to be fact-checking of political ads on
Facebook well the answer is simple as
all risers know he knows that if

Facebook were to ever get into the
fact-checking business that they would
partner with the mainstream media who
have no problem giving Biden a blatant
pass on his lies while crying foul if

Trump sneezes and calls it a cough then
they rate it false or Pinocchio’s five
stars as I say every single time that we
have this discussion you may get a warm
little fuzzy feeling when you see a lame

CNN journalist called the big bad Donald
a liar but the neoliberalism that
animates that CNN journalist is comin
for you if you dare to hold
anti-establishment views here are the

people who these are the people who
would fact-check aoc on the cost or
Medicare for all
they’re the people who got mad Bernie
Sanders for correctly saying illegal
immigration depresses domestic wages and
they’re the people who bend over

backwards to say that we’re all wrong on
this show about trade because you’re
better off with some cheap Chinese crap
their profession can better be described
as neoliberalism checking far more than

fact-checking but beyond the actual
mechanics of fact-checking think about
the macro ask of the Biden campaign here
they want tecala gark mark zuckerberg to
determine what is true and what isn’t in

our political discourse or worse they
want Zuckerberg to appoint a weird
so-called independent board of directors
made up of a bunch of money meal
liberals to decide what we see and

what we don’t Zuckerberg doesn’t even
want that and neither do i and neither
should you
well the media is very happy to
fact-check Trump I’m looking at Forbes

magazine as of early April and they’re a
little behind on the counting Trump is
told 23.3 lies a day that is 0.5 lie
increase since 2019 what’s more this is

a horse Magaziner Trump is average 23.8
lies per day since the first case of
Kovan 19 was ported in the US another
0.5 lie increase do they do they

proofread this shit do they go like man
are we really talking about 23.8 lies
per day is that really the metric that

Forbes yes Franco zanuck for journalism
is this and these as we’ve already
documented half of these lies are lies
you just have you read Matt Taibbi ‘he’s

new new piece the American press is
destroying itself yeah must yeah I get
I subscribe I subscribe to his what does
that yeah I guess I get a sugar sky

whatever it is I think what he said is
true and this is just virtue signaling
from Forbes they got a virtue signal
otherwise they don’t get access to the

to the really rich people who aren’t
Democrats typically now now sorry say
guard said something you followed this
up with something I have a part two of
this clip and let’s see what that side

don’t remember it though let’s see
what’s going on it’s part of a broader
delusion that pervades the chattering
class these people genuinely believe
that nobody in their right mind could
have ever voted for Donald Trump unless

they were tricked into doing so by some
Moldovans bloggers some stupid Facebook
memes or a clickbait headline they think
Trump voters or even Bernie voters for
that matter could

never hold the positions that they have
without getting duped into them and thus
if we’re bombarded with their propaganda
we’re gonna change our lying ways the
opposite is true yes various dude cigar

yeah we have talked about this before
which is the that class of people that
say I don’t know but I don’t know how

you want because I don’t know any person
to vote it for I’m not a single couldn’t
have one no way doesn’t make any sense I
have a couple of clips from Joe wish and
the reason I pulled them is it was an

interview with Trevor Noah of The
Tonight Show lockdown edition Tonight
Show The Daily Show gotcha
and it was 9 minutes long and knowing

from your research that Joe is coherent
in the first 10 minutes I figured let’s
have a listen and he was coherent now is
he saying anything that a presidential

nominee that would give him an edge I
don’t think so but this of course was
mainly about black lives matter and Joe
is on message as usual Trevor Noah will

set it up I want to talk a little bit
about the op-ed that you put out today
and talk me through how you would plan
to undo systemic oppression how you
would plan to undo systemic racism and
and how you think you’ll address the

needs of the African American community
well first of all it’s gonna take time
you know Donald Trump didn’t invent
racism but he sure has promoted you and
a systemic is a combination there’s a

there’s just an awful combination Cobra
19 unemployment systemic racism what
you’ll hear systemic racism what you’ll

hear is a politician who was running to
be president who has zero solutions he
can identify the problems he has zero
solutions and the solutions that he has

he doesn’t even realize what he’s saying
is is really inadequate as the he wrote
an op-ed and of course no one actually

wants to defund the police
the people in power because they need
them to protect them so they’re never
going to be a complete defunding or at
least they want is gonna protect the

vision yes so that someone has to
protect those left-wing tech moguls that
live in Hillsboro so in a certain so
Biden of course looks at it more as

reform which is how adults pronounce the
word defund you have come out in favor
of police reform you know but what what
does that actually mean because some

people think that you cannot reform an
institution that is fundamentally rotten
in the core well I don’t think it’s
rotten in the core and I don’t think all
cops are bad cops but I think what it
looks comes from local taxpayers so now

listen to what he’s saying
ninety percent of everything that funds
the police comes from local taxpayers I
think that’s probably true ninety

percent and in fact that’s what the
defund movement is about how can we be
spending so much on policing how is this
ninety percent comes from local sources
not the federal government ninety

percent of all the fun in feliz comes
from local taxpayers so the federal
government under our system cannot other
than taking a civil rights action say
they do a B C and D but what we can do

is we can make sure that we insist on
certain fundamental changes take place
now and clue down giving making sure
there’s sensitivity training making sure

1960’s called yeah yeah they want their
sensitivity training back Joe that’s not
gonna fly now all of cops run fast
grievances are she’s me transgressions

oh the truth wants to come out all the
cops press past grievances
I mean transgressions get your word
straight Joe that all of cops past

grievances are shooting me you believe
me they’ve got grievances to
transgressions are all made public
because we can say if you don’t we are
not going to provide the federal funding

that we provide for you through they
call burn grants and cop grants so
here’s the big man Joe Biden who just
got through telling us that 90% of all
police force funding is local from state

taxes but you know what I’m going to
stop the cop grants do you know what a
cop grants are look it up cop grants are
specific grants for things like
sensitivity training you numbskull and

so we can type it now impact on
significantly the desire of many police
departments as well to fundamentally
change the way they police bullcrap so

he’s saying oh no we’ll get rid of 10%
yeah that 10% that’s actually probably
good that his federal money and NOAA is
not having it and he’s pushing further
Trevor Noah

some would say to you mr. vice president
if you were to become president do you
think that there would be a world where
defunding the police would be the
solution and getting getting some of

these responsibilities away from police
forces and you know policing schools
police handling mental illness police
handling homelessness etc well I think a
lot of changes they can take place

period without having to define by the
way when I hear this like exactly this
you know homelessness meant this is if
if Joe Biden wins or even if the
Democrats can win the Senate that

anything is possible then you’re gonna
see an expansion of services like you’ve
never seen before
we there goes all the money and they’re
all gonna have their clients and clients

you don’t fire clients you don’t say hey
you’re now an ex-client cuz I solved
your problems so you want to grow the
base bring in more clients this is this
is this has not works let’s put it that

way a lot of changes they can take place
period without having to define police
completely here’s what I think’s
happened you have well over 80% American
people going whoa I didn’t know this I

didn’t know this was happening I don’t
believe this never come from God 80% is
just if science is in shut up you have a
question about Joe cuz we’ll send the

Anti Fog goons on you don’t question it
but apparently 80% of the American
people had no idea this was going on
we have not been traumatized for the

past 25 to 30 years really since the
Rodney King in 1992 that’s how long
we’ve been we found it pounded and
pounded and how did I didn’t know this I

didn’t know this was happening I don’t
believe we should be defunded but I
think the conditions should be placed
upon them where departments are having
to take significant reforms relating to

that we should set up a nationally use
of four standard if they don’t sign on
to it then in fact they don’t get any of
the federal money
in addition that they have to
demonstrate that their release all the

data that relates to misconduct by being
sent to the Justice Department if they
don’t send it to the Justice Department
nationally they don’t get funding but
and when Isaac every relates to for

example mental illness and homelessness
and drug abuse and the life many changes
we can make did you see it’s like all he
wants us to have more programs I’m sure
the cops don’t want to deal with mental

illness it said you know this is very
try I don’t where the hell needs that so
I don’t think Joe has any anything good
there I just didn’t say anything they

say anything worth of shit he was awake
and and he was active and the adderall
whatever he’s taken was it was going it
was nine minutes so he but if nothing
really came out of it unlike Joy Behar

who was also at home in her basement for
the view and she was asked to give her
you give her view about defunding

because of course you know that she was
a former school teacher did you know
this no I didn’t well apparently she was
or let’s see what we will set it up for

Joe you’re a former English teacher
she’s a formula English teacher I
thought she was a formula for me you are
you’re a former English teacher

what does defund mean to you here
furgus what is drunk sober angle you’re
right drunk or not rusty sir what does

defund mean to you here well Sonny said
basically everything that needs to be
said about it because the real word
should be reformed
but of course deep fund sounds very

scary and people say oh they’re gonna
eliminate the police department of
course that is the ridiculous on its
face no one’s eliminating a department
that protects people if I’m getting

mugged I certainly want the police to
come to my aid
privilege privilege white privilege
white privilege so let’s just protect me
when they weaponize a term so that’s why

they stopped the clip she ever seen
these protests were they somewhere the
site lettuce the printed scientist says
abolish the police no has she read any

of the documents that they’ve been
teefin particularly put out where it
says we don’t want to eat we want to
defund then abolish the police that she
didn’t do any any of this no now I’ve

got this at the dinner table the other
night it’s like the abolish the police
cited the argument is completely ignored
and by the way it has to be like like
yeah it has to be ignored you find is

there yeah you find what you were gonna
say by the way find that you you had a
comment about some people that you know
some time ago that you said they’re not
radicalized they’re just they’re just

idiots no it’s the children the children
aren’t radicalized they’re just idiots
yes and I found this to be the case with
some debate over the last few days and
it was like John I feels the point I

feel your pain that’s exactly right
what is the point and here she is doing
exactly what the under-informed
offers notional eyes children are saying

that she shouldn’t do which is act out
of privileged thing we’ll have our
getting bugged I want to show
I’m saying I’m an English teacher like
for instance the term black lives matter
I was I’m interested in that because

certain people I know say well all lives
matter oh these are racist a-hole
friends Joy Behar certain people you
know do they say all lives matter you
should be ashamed to disassociate from

the shame shame shame and that because
certain people I know say well lives
matter and the explanation they’d get
someone gave which i think is brilliant
is the house is on fire on this block

okay this house is on fire these other
houses are also not on fire so yes these
houses matter but this is the house
that’s on fire right now Wow the analogy

Queen strikes again and I think that you
know people just take the words and
distort them even the pro so-called true
life movement pro-lifers generally are

happy to be pro-life until the person is
born and then they drop social programs
and they’d the continued to not be
pro-life so they they call it pro-life
but it’s really anti-abortion well then

say it like that okay
then joy I’m sure you’re going on to say
that people who are pro-choice are
actually pro-abortion shouldn’t you just
say it like that Joy Behar

well actually the old words the old
words was pro-abortion than the old
words that they the pro the pro choice
was abortionist their abortionists but
it’s like it’s abortion ism but does she

nuts and well of course she doesn’t but
someone surely sees the irony of her
literally saying you a-holes
don’t say pro-life just say you’re
anti-abortion it’s more fair well could
you say instead of saying pro-choice a

pro-abortion or abortionist no no
actually I think she actually catches
her idiocy here if you listen to it they

they call it pro-life but it’s really
anti-abortion well then say it like that
as my is my
oh shit I think she just realized their
crop ah that was kind of dumb okay as my

sunny points that Biden and Pelosi and
the rest of Democrats they just want to
get rid of choke holes which sounds so
inhuman to me and also if you’re going

to barge into people’s houses knock on
the door first every every police show
I’ve ever seen they knock and they say
police and then they go in oh yes
joy and in those police series they they

just knock they go in and then they’re
shot out and whenever they shoot
immediately it’s over the said someone’s
arrested it always ends well on the
police shows you watch joy no it’s a
drama and now if you were talking about

cops but that was canceled
yeah it’s these are all shows darling
these are is it’s entertainment Dick
Wolf okay
I think it’s you Dick Wolf worked for
ABC to sit down no he was dead the Dick

Wolf was the NBD he ran he ran the NBC
stuff then he moved to CBS he’s doing
stuff in CBS now but this is Chicago
he’s doing Chicago PD right right well
this just shows you I know what it shows

I don’t even know why we’re playing it
but it shows you that joy Behar’s an
idiot we shouldn’t play our clips 30
more seconds three police show I’ve ever
seen they knock and they say police and

then they go in why is it that certain
states allow police to go into the house
without warning them that they’re there
you know and they need the national

database well that’s because they have
strict gun laws in those states and it’s
not a problem two cops show up because
they don’t not expecting a gun on the
other side typically that’s the answer I

have for you now I’ll look into it
police to go into the house without
warning them that they’re there you know
and they need the national database for
tracking police misconduct so you know
because they keep sending them here the

talking point
and and by and while you’re out of joy
want just tell Christians are idiots
database for tracking police misconduct
you know because they keep sending them

from one precinct to another it reminds
me again of the Catholic Church and the
scandal there whether a certain broke a
priest is an abuser and instead of
picking them out and sending them to

jail they send them to the next parish
these things are all systemic and needs
to be changed
oh there it is that’s systemic now I get
it so the church is systemic abusers yes
you should do a topic on that joy and

say you know don’t hide it like you say
say it the church or systemic abusers
which is not true of the whole church
but you can go ahead and say it this
woman is I just needed to undress that
idiot I’m never gonna get anywhere now

you’re right what am I thinking of
course not I have a couple things here I
want to get out of the way before I take
over second break which is we got this
there was this funny stolen call of the

Chicago aldermen oh he’s talking to the
mayor yeah they’re cussing each other
out the unfortunate I don’t have the

real cop you have the bleeped copy I
have the real colony I have it I have
the copy with the unbleached yeah I have
the clip okay play that clip yeah
Alderman I had it for the last show and
it’s an hour long the whole thing this

is just a segment of it so you went to
sing with a cousin and that’s the one
I’ve got so an alderman in in Chicago as
I understand as well but what is an
alderman let’s explain this to people is

it like a person who was in charge
kind of like an elected was not borough
is burrows or hole of incorporation so
it’s blocked city blocks or something

that’s not blocks it’s uh it’s more like
supervisors within San Francisco for
they have an area said yeah I guess it
is blocks it’s kind of an area of blocks
and there’s like 50 of them in Chicago

in it every older minute he’s like the
local guy who gets things done for his
little area you know they need to put
fix some potholes they
need to grease some grease for some guy

get his license it’s a very elaborate
system and some of the aldermen in
Chicago don’t like this woman Lightfoot

who somebody called uh what’s the name
of them oh I can’t think they had a
nickname for I just thought was very
offensive and and accurate no I think
we’re so so that one Alderman’s really

these who runs for mayor all the time
and he needs to get goes to gets on her
case and she never pays attention to me
so they get into a a cussing festivities
with each other and actually mike that

why don’t you play well actually why
don’t you play mine cuz it takes the
cussing out it has a bonus no come on
this is good you want the cussing you
want the cussing it’s a part of life we

can’t expect our police and I don’t
fault them at all to be able to control
this but I know that we asked our st.
basic esterday to stand at the front
line between police and looters and

rioters and I’m simply not comfortable
telling my churches those people to be
the intermediary in the middle of a riot
the city wise we need something better

because right now we only have 370
whatever National Guard’s on standby
half our neighborhoods are already

obliterated it’s too late you know we
know that people are here to antagonize
an insight and you’ve got a wall punch
tonight today they’re not going to go to
bed at 8 o’clock they’re going to turn

their focus in the neighborhood
gangbangers with ak-47s walking around
right now just waiting to settle some
scores what are we going to do and what
do we tell our residents other than good

faith people stand up it’s not going to
be enough
you ignore this guy actually sounds like

a pretty cool dude he’s like hey man

this is messed up we got going on and I
love when the real Chicago accent comes
out your attitude can’t even do it
well that’s yeah it’s a little bit like
that yeah well I have mines clear all

right I do have really doubt but I think
you should play my clip okay because
this is actually taken from Fox so it
has commentary all right well what’s the
name of this clip it must be in here I

hope did you even have it stolen Chicago
call I got it this was a conference call

on May Sunday May 31st to talk about
Chicago’s response to the widespread
looting on the call were mayor Lori
Lightfoot and all 50 Chicago aldermen
and alder women including Alderman
Raymond Lopez one of the mayor’s

harshest critics now for context on the
day of the conference call Chicago had
699 arrests mostly looters a hundred
thirty two officers were injured oh yeah
this is this is great this is how Fox

News would do it that’s exactly right
look at all the crap that was going down
it was higher of our 448 shootings 17
homicides and Alderman Lopez 17
besides being prepared as the looting

spread saying his ward had become a
virtual based on before we give based on
her response do you think that she
really just doesn’t put this you really
not believe that their murders taking
place inner city does she not get a

report does she really not know I have
no idea what she’s thinking
well wars in Congo is a total mess you
can’t have 17 homicides during this
thing nobody even talks about that in

the mainstream media
dude 17 homicides in Chicago is Saturday
afternoon no I understand that but it’s
not actually 17 is not Saturday
afternoon days usually and it may be 9
over a weekend but to have 17 that one

event is pretty high yes looting spread
saying his ward had become a virtual war
zone listen half our neighborhoods are
already obliterated it’s too late we

have to come up with a better plan
because once my fear is once what
they’re done looting and rioting and
whatever is gonna happen tonight what
happens when they start going after

residents going into the neighborhoods
once they start trying to break down
people’s doors where they think they got
something there you know we know that
people are here to antagonize an insight
and you’ve got a wall pump tonight today

they’re not gonna go to bed at 8 o’clock
they’re gonna turn their focus in the
neighborhoods I’ve got gang bangers look
18:47 is walking around right now just
waiting to settle some scores and the

alderman wasn’t exaggerating his ward to
Walgreens were burned down along with
restaurants shops and an entire strip
mall but when Lopez finished speaking
mayor Lightfoot refused to respond so
alderman Lopez demanded that she respond

finally she did watch
you want the Prix to calm things down

but alderman Lopez than the mayor
weren’t the only ones trading

profanities another altar woman was
heard saying this is a total blank show
and the mayor added that she’d never
seen blank like this before one alderman
finally spoke up saying many people in
the city were listening to the call

including children okay I’m sorry you
need to give me a clearer signal if you

if you have editing work I didn’t
realize I’m sorry I didn’t know I’m
something to it well worth it
now the other one i have i got i got

stacey abrams on colbert oh good is she
still not going to be the vice
presidential nominee well we mentioned
that we might as well play that one

minute stacy abrams supercut where she
says she’s not gonna do it and then
she’s gonna do it and she’s not gonna do
it she’s not gonna do it she’s gonna do
it super cut now they’re talking about
you being on the ticket with joe biden
he hasn’t even declared yet what do you

think about that i think you don’t run
for second place she did however reveal
the new york times that she’d be honored
to be considered for vice president by
any nominee this is an unusual position
to be in for someone to be considered

possibly the next vice president of
course I wanted but if the Vice
President were to call you’d answer the
phone and for all those reasons you
maintain that you would be an excellent

candidate I think absolutely this is a
question of competency of skills
I think Vice President Biden is going to
make a smart choice I would share your
concern about not picking a woman of
color Stacy Abrams former Georgia

lawmaker unsuccessful candidate for
governor has been privately calling
Democratic power brokers asking them to
tell Biden campaign officials that she
should be the Vice President Joe Biden
needs a vice presidential running mate I

have said many times that have called I
will answer but I’ve not received any
I understand the Democratic Party is
next man up she’s not the next man up no

no but she feels entitled to it that’s a
no she’s gonna be a problem down the
road she does feel entitled she’s got
something wrong with her you need to
listen to you use the word problematic

she’s problematic this woman
so here’s Colbert Asian and Abrams clip
one protesting continues nationwide
right now an activist is this moment

feel any different to you it does I
participated in the demonstrations and
protests after the Rodney King verdict

in 1992 I was a college freshman I
helped organized marches I
to a fight with the mayor of Atlanta
declaring that his administration wasn’t
doing enough for poor black kids

employed black young people in the city
but those demonstrations ended and after
a few months of actually after a few
days of demonstration after a few months
of conversation we went back to the way

things were but the fact that we have
had more than 13 days of sustained
engagement we see multi-generational
multi racial multi-ethnic people
standing up and declaring action and

going back to the point of voting we see
elected officials actually declaring and
taking steps concrete steps to make
things right that feels very different
but I think we also have to remember

that we have a coward in the White House
who has shown us what he intends to do
if he stays and he’s been suborned by a
group of moral cowards in the US Senate
who are allowing him to get away with

his behavior and I think that urgency is
also sitting with demonstrators she’ll
be a fantastic vice president can’t wait
oh yeah name-caller gonna be fab so here
here’s where he brings in the vice

president he has a funny way of asking
one of the questions that I think if you
hear it when you hear it then it’s like
wonder why he did that but here we go we
know that we have to take action in
years past we could possibly excuse

those who were in charge saying well
they’re not that bad there is nothing
worse that we have in office than what
we have today
speaking of defeating the people in the
White House right now Joe Biden needs a
vice presidential running mate of the

April Ryan says you’re being vetted is
that true or you calling April Ryan a
liar I have said many times that have
called I will answer but I’ve not

received any calls so my I I look
forward to hearing from whomever April
Ryan that we could do and a lot of times
vice presidential a possible running
mates demurrer when they’re asked the

question you don’t you’re like sure I I
would I would I would like to do that
why why do you not demure as people do
in the past because I know that when I’m

asked the question are you qualified
and you do this then I’m not just
answering for myself I’m being asked
this question because I don’t look like
what people usually look like when
they’re really and I’ve learned over the

course of my life starting out as a
young black girl in Mississippi if you
don’t speak up for yourself then people
will take that as permission to
underestimate you but more importantly

it gives them permission to
underestimate everyone who looks like
you everyone who reminds them of you so
for every young woman every young girl
every person of color who has been told
not to dream my responsibility is not

only to dream but to say it aloud
who’s telling anyone not to dream first
off did you listen to that whole answer
he says she says when I’m asked if I’m

qualified I I and then she throws out
the race card yep she never says that
she’s qualified that is a crazy crazy
clip well in fact what she said is she
is uniquely qualified according to her

rules or color and what she eyes and
every black girl and every black boy was
told not to dream who’s going around

telling people not to dream oh we all
know the answer yeah that’s the old
dream dumb shit give me a break there’s
a lie show my food by donation to no
agenda imagine all the people who could

do nothing oh yeah that’d be fun
I wonder if the incog-negro still
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sometimes you hang out with all the
nightstand day

you to me
me tribute all hell
it’s just like a party nice fade-out got

a couple things okay the Seattle

situation is getting funnier oh this is
the Jazz the Jazz autonomous zone we had
now you wrote it in the newsletter we

had a him we got a guy there boots on
the ground i mislike is basically amazon
people yeah it’s Amazon people having
burgers and listening to music and and
writing on the wall with chalk and

there’s there’s a rumor going around
which I can’t everyone didn’t came over
the dinner table and they you know this
of course nobody could confirm it I

couldn’t get any picture oh yeah there’s
lots of evidence to come on just show me
some evidence I couldn’t get any that
they the cops in the at the Eastern
precinct building that they boarded up
had actually put inside the building a

bunch of pallets and cans of gasoline
Goggan kerosene hmm so you catch the
whole block on fire all the protesters
saw this they all saw so this is a setup

we won’t do it we won’t be used so but
then again no one could prove this and
they’d be I don’t know that even got in
there to see take pictures of sounds
like bullcrap but the Seattle Police

Chief was act and so she comes out and
sends a private message to her troopers
and then said she’s a she’s a really
sorry but she’s like she always looks

like she’s she just doesn’t looked a
part of a police she’s just sad all the
time she’s cry is sad because she was
told to abandon ship she couldn’t
believe that she had to abandon ship

yeah well here she is Seattle police
chief telling you her troops and knowing
that this is gonna get out in urk the
mayor the decision to born at the
our precinct our home the first Precinct

I worked in with something I have been
holding off you should know leaving the
precinct was not my decision
you fought for days to protect it I

asked you to stand on that line and day
out to be pelted with projectiles to be
screamed at threatened and in some cases
hurt then to have a change of course

nearly two weeks in it seems like an
insult to you in our community
ultimately the city had other plans for
the building and relented to severe
public pressure yeah are you sure the

change that that was secretly recorded
I’ve seen that I’ve seen it around it
was she knew it was gonna get out she
did it on purpose meanwhile the mayor
and her gotten big did a press

conference later and they talked about a
little bit like the mayor kind of ignore
or did and she and the mayor comes out
the mayor of sail comes out there’s
really a you know she’s a classic old
progressive you know shithead and she

thinks this is great and if this Chaz is
fine and this is what’s the big deal and
they’re taking this very lackadaisical
approach to law and order it’s like you
know it’s okay that this is fine this

has been their sisters tradition she’s
pretty much she says so here’s here’s
her like her shirt rosy for discussion
mayor of Seattle no that’s the one been

looking at all day I will continue to
meet with community to listen what is
this thing then you notices with all the

Democrats they did it Hillary did it in
2016 and now I’m hearing it a lot
we’re and Joe says it all the time I’m
going to listen I’m going to listening
and then Hillary when if you remember

she went on a listening tour yeah on
tour yes which do you want to listen yes
what is this isn’t that what you kind of
part of your job it’s not like something

you’d explicitly take out of context and
say well now instead of doing what I
normally do I’m gonna listen well you
haven’t been listening is that what
you’re saying you’re saying you haven’t
been listening I think that’s pretty

clear what they’re saying it’s like we
haven’t been listening at all but now
we’re going to listen so now it’s going
now it’s fine honey I started over so
you get back in the groove I will
continue to meet with community to
listen my focus is mayor

will remain on how we work to make
Seattle a model for addressing the
inequities that the pandemic and these
last two weeks have made impossible to
deny Cal Anderson Park in Capitol Hill

have been for decades a place for free
speech and community I’ve been going to
Capitol Hill for almost 50 years and

have demonstrated hung out and been with
community many many times I just want to
say I know there’s the anachronism Hill

autonomous zone I got news for people
it’s been autonomous my whole lifetime
and anybody who knows and loves Capitol
Hill knows that to be true I want to

make clear that for myself and for the
city and for Chief best the First
Amendment rights of residents must be
protected and protesters must feel safe
when they express their First Amendment

rights over the past few days we’ve had
peaceful demonstrations across the city
we had an amazing demonstration in
Rainier Beach and Othello where
thousands turned out we expect

additional marches and a strike tomorrow
led by black lives matter chief best
chief Scoggins the Seattle Department of
Transportation Director our director of

Office of Economic Development and the
director of Seattle Public Utilities
have been on-site on Capitol Hill since
6:00 a.m. today since 6:00 a.m. Tuesday
morning making sure the community is

safe talking to protesters talking to
residents and coming up with a plan for
Capitol Hill going forward
so what exactly how do you categorize
that whole spiel she just did there she

is an old-fashioned progressive which
are the people on the outs because it’s
the Millennials and the youngers hmm
that are pushing them out and she is a

target and she’s going to get kicked out
of office because she’s not doing it
I don’t know how what right means you
know what it would have this ain’t it
yeah she whatever she’s doing is not it
and so she’s kind of knuckled under and

the protesters they want to do a general
strike a kind of a strike or some squaws
a general strike in Seattle and she’s
okay we’re we’re behind you all the way
yeah right so instead of bucking the

protester she’s whatever they say goes
and it’s working them a lot of the
public it’s not working the people in
the capital here at district is together
this little party zone going on so

they’re having a pretty good time and
it’s not like Capitol Hill this area
used to be the most gay of Seattle was
the gay it was the LGBTQ area and now
it’s an amazon area because all the gays

got gentrified in terms of the people
moving in just to know everybody I won’t
know all the gays fuck I think I moved
out love you John was actually the

funnier part of questions want to go
with in that direction and ridicule me
community is usually the one that
gentrified of course no we know the

fallacy of it all I’m just laughing not
really so they got booted pretty much
kicked out for the Amazon folks cuz Oh
Amazon will pay more because they got
more money and so that it’s been like

it’s like a very twisted situation in
this Chaz well what’s his face the res
the the so-called warlord leader or
whatever you know this guy is going has

to be accounted but he’s going down
because where do I have I had a edit in
here I believe that he that someone
found some tweets where he was

homophobic from years ago using the
f-word ah so he’s toast
as far as I’m concerned he’s done yeah I
could hear it is uh I got the article

Chas one shot of what’s-his-name Raz
Simone yes rasma yes yeah where’s uh oh

this is actually from when is this from
20 2010 December 7th 2010 it’s fair game
here it is it is uh-huh how’s your rap

cast is it censored ha ha I couldn’t
even say it
closest you get to being a rapper is
being the poster boy for the faggot
community Malcolm yeah see these things

when they dig that up it’s not good so
he will be out well that we might yeah
and that reminds me of the guy who got
fired as the editor of Bon Appetit cuz

he posted a picture of himself in
bronzer oh gosh and and I’ve always said
this and I’ve said it on this show I’ve
said it before I’ve written about it
people who go on if you remember some of

these systems flicker google pictures
all these things are all public don’t
Instagram many of these things are for
all practical exams the worst worst

offender at the moment you’re posting
your posting private information when
you post a picture of yourself drunk at
a bar

giving the deal.this the Longhorns or
devil sign and got your tongue hanging
out and a beer glass in one hand and go
party you this is stupid and this is
what the result is is what you’re

starting to say and this is gonna get
everybody what will interest me is so we
have a social justice warrior black I
might add a skin colour black no idea if

he’s a toss or what he is who is armed
and he has armed militants by his side
will the cancel culture beat the gun
will he give up his position without a

fight or will he start shooting people
with iPhones too
that he’s a horrible man I’d love to
know who wins this well the castle
culture has had no luck

going up against the Second Amendment
people and now I’m starting to I’m
looking at tweets and I’m seeing
compromise where they’re starting to say
well you know maybe guns are good for

some this is not this is not about
owning guns the guy has a gun in his
hands and you’re gonna go up and say hey
man that wasn’t cool you tweeted 10

years ago are these are these kids brave
enough to do that
no is this Rasmus not guns at the moment
guns if you haven’t noticed guns are off
the table if you don’t understand what

I’m saying he is actually armed will
heat when they come and say you can’t
say faggot will he take the gun and
point it at them and say shut up or will
he leave with his head drooping that’s
my point it’s not about the gun it’s the

fact he’s holy or just think the guys
armed to the teeth and he’s gonna shoot
it anybody who comes against there he’s
in in video with guns no so the kids
inside that’s my question will they be

able to remove him even though they can
remove him with their words
that’s what thank you that’s what shame
that’s shame shame shame pigs and Audi’s

ghost he comes out he probably won’t be
drooping his head but he’ll be holding
his head high and he’ll realize that he
was made a mistake ten years ago you’ll
be contrite and he’ll apologize and you

leave with or without the guns these
guns are not gonna be in play okay all
well then that’s what a leader that is
huh are you allowed to shame a black man

into leaving the camp well this is gonna
be interesting yeah he’s probably the
only black guy there from what I can
tell all right I think we’ve had enough

yeah we’ve done it enough damage I think
I do have one little thing if you want
to just hear one funny little bit again
Glenn Greenwald going out blast and ROH

Khanna who I mean this little Greenwald
on George
w bush I thought was worth a listen this
is again on the rising and gladly I want
to read you a quote this is from Brokaw

no to The Daily Beast he says of Bush I
began my career in public service
running against Bush’s war in Iraq and
Oh for but no one doubts his commitment
to tolerance and inclusiveness now I
mean given you your own record covering

the Bush administration and then the
Iraq war I mean I’m not sure there was a
lot of tolerance and inclusiveness in
Abu Ghraib I mean just would love your
reaction to that notion that Bush was

some saintly figure even though he just
took the misguided view of invading Iraq
I mean this historical revisionism from
liberals is so nauseating I mean I you

know II may be my own personal
experience I began writing about
politics in 2005 late 2005 for really
only one reason which was that I thought
that the abuses of the bush-cheney
administration when it came to the war

on terror when it became too extreme
executive power abuses and theories of
executive power were extraordinarily
menacing to basic basic what the basic
everything uh uh young boy that guy it’s

just just shipping accepted menacing but
the thing is is that the Democrats are
trying to get George Bush to endorse
bite in this is what this is all about

Bush’s already said he won’t do that he
says it’s ridiculous where I’m I admit
am i behind does something else have no
no you’re ahead because supposedly it
was reported in you know the various
mainstream media’s that Bush was not

going to endorse Trump right and so they
assumed that he’s gonna vote endorsed
bitin and it turns out that Bush
actually says he did he never said he
wasn’t going to endorse Trump he wasn’t

saying anything
yeah why this was the whole thing was
bull crap why does anyone care about old
Bush young Bush that Bush really
according to these guys the Democrats

are jacked up over the idea that Bush
will turn on Trump ladies believe me
Bush and Trump are no friends isn’t

there’s no turning it’s just you know
will he embarrass the Republican Party I
doubt the George Bush
gonna have George W Bush is not gonna do
that at all and who in and again who

cares who cares we care we care yeah we
care because my carrot we care about you
producers we care about you and we have
unless you’ve got a bevy of stuff

happening here grumpy old Ben’s mr. Carr
will decay special guest next on the no
agenda stream calm he’s got Jesse Coyne
Nelson we’ve got some Fletcher and what
else do we have

I don’t know who made this think we got
it all think we got them all
those are end of show mixes and please
remember us at Dvorak dot org slash

tonight is we will return on Thursday no
doubt there’ll be plenty to talk about
in Clinton and deconstruct these shows
are getting plenty long but it’s worth
it coming to you from opportunities own

33 here in Austin Texas capital of the
drones star state FEMA region number six
in the governmental maps in the morning
I’m Adam curry and from northern Silicon
Valley I’m John C Dvorak we return on

Thursday right here on no agenda
again remember Dvorak dot org slash na
until then adios mofos and such

it’s Tickle Me Elmo when your child
pickles them he talks the president
spoke from the Rose Garden even as he
declared himself quoted that ally of all
peaceful protesters um who is the thug

he calls them thugs
who’s the thug he calls them bugs a

black man killed with four officers
holding him down with four officers

holding him down
fact-check Falls stopping and frisking a
young black man simply because he’s a
young black man back there gathering
together to protest through protesting

people are able to share their feelings
and work together to make things better
I’m gonna say one thing fuck Trump who
is the thugs

people saying enough is enough
we don’t have to kill upstanding black
citizens because a non upstanding placa

citizen a career black criminal died you
do stupid things
you win stupid prizes Coons the fuck

here I got to Katie beat beat beat you
got a really nice move your legs around

a twisty and kinky stuff it’s like
dancing there’s something really cool
about doing stuff with a group of people

nobody’s pushing everybody come on let’s
now I will say beware my Tourette’s will
get a significantly worse that’s fine
but that can be entertaining that’s not
what this is cardio of course is

fantastic those new weights what are you
oh is this my release ya know dance to
move your legs around no I’m interested
well this sounds a beautiful but
audio-only so do the dancing what’s

going on that’s an amazing story man I

like where you’re coming from
people need community everybody needs
community particularly in taxes
this is groundbreaking dude you have a
flip phone create less data at least

that Kyle is cool
swear to God we didn’t try to be a
pirate crew
mofo voron dot org slash and a thanks

electric idiot