No Agenda Episode 1252: “Agitprop”

you got a look at this right now quick
before they take it down Adam curry

curry and from northern Silicon Valley
where I’ve had to kill the Kayleigh
segment of today’s show I’m John see de

Bourgh oh no no no no no no we cannot
start like that what do you mean killing
the Kayleigh segment what is this a
Batoche oh my goodness what happened

well play the I have a Kayleigh clip you
can play it and figure it out when you
just listen to it oh how about the
Kayleigh jingles all of that is not
appropriate for today bro I’ll probably

try to bring it back on Sunday by this
supposed to be every Thursday
Scott oops sorry here we go my own note
about the Scott Bell is for years we’ve
tried to make lynching a federal crime
in this country and the Scott bill does

does nice too great bill it’s more great
action from Republicans and we hope we
can have bipartisan support on it I got
a whole bunch of messages and tweets of
people some crazy like oh because some

audio engineer left the returned feed

fader open that’s the big surprise and
they couldn’t fix it oh it was
throughout I thought they did it was
throughout the whole thing
I watched and Fox just killed the feed

oh goodness I don’t know maybe they did
fix it at the antibody wasn’t gonna
listen to it I mean it’s because she was
delivering a number of good zingers I

was just oh no I lost another one yeah I
mean it’s not as though she won’t be
doing this forever but are you thinking
that this is indeed sabotage yeah gosh
ha I didn’t consider that I consider

just dumb you know these guys have made
mistakes before in the briefing room
and I
this is what really this was a big bad
yeah well you know it’s like they

probably had a cell phone off and
someone was trying that you freaking out
trying to let him know what was going on
I just never heard it I guess unless
you’re right
sabotage I don’t provocateur doing the
sample tags she’s not well-liked

I mean I was looking at the no kidding I
was looking for example there was a good
thing was in the newsletter I ran these
Rick Wilson Rick Wilson is that which I
have some clips of him later Rick

Wilson’s like one of the guys behind the
Lincoln project a bunch of disgruntled
supposedly disgruntled conservatives but
that went Trump out yeah right
crib crystal be one of them this guy

some old some other Republicans Romney
might as well be in the group well and
he’s like blasting dominoes for
acknowledging Caylee saying thanks for

the pizza 12 years ago 12 years ago so
what’s section twenty twelve is eight
years ago but and so somebody ended up
digging up some stuff on him talking

about how great it was that somebody
beat up a soldier you know if you want
to do that now since you’ve kind of done
the whole introduction well it’s a bit
this is this is kind of one of the more

intellectual series is in by
intellectual I mean it’s education like
I say in that lecture that’s never
intellectual and this is all these are
clips from the new abnormal and they

kind of play into your yes okay hold on
a second so first of all whenever I get
up on a show day morning and I see not
one but multiple series of clips from

you my heart skips a beat and I saw this
I did I’m of course I don’t listen to
them I saw this AB new abnormal like uh
John’s found something I can’t wait now
that I know what is related to why don’t

I start off with the noodle gun and then
we can fold into that does that make
sense yes I would prefer that because
this is a little bit too little too
educational yes start this early morning

yes I understand
she’ll face away the my noodle gun you
racist be the shield
I was I thought that people would want

to do something about the original
noodle gun sound which is this even the

keeper said man that sounds kind of
wimpy yes and that’s and that’s not
exactly I think what a noodle gun sounds
like so we did get a new one it’s been

upgraded in caliber give this one a shot
what do you think it’s funnier I think
the scream does it works for me

yeah well we’ve had just to readjust to
recap noodle gun based on noodle boy if
you don’t know who noodle boy is just
take it from me it’s everyone who you
see on the street right now who is
between 25 and 35 years old and who were

outraged by everything and they are now
using the power of their phones and
social media to call out the woke brands
and people of the world who have been

saying that they’re all in and they they
support black lives matter and inside
these organizations are noodle boys and
noodle girls who will gladly rat on them
and make change from within and this is

hurting business I’m not saying if it’s
justified or not but he’s hurting their
business and we’ll start today with the
the noodle gun that everybody it was the
noodle gun shot heard around the world

familiar face at breakfast for more than
a century will soon be a thing of the
past Quaker Oats which is owned by Pepsi
announcing that they’re getting rid of
the one hundred thirty year old Aunt

Jemima brand famous for pancake mixes
maple syrup and other breakfast foods
and Jemima buckwheat pancakes
because by the way what kind of lame-ass

jingle did they make for it might remind
the back in the day the company says by
the universe here is packaging will no

longer feature the controversial Aunt
Jemima image and soon they will
completely change the brand’s name
altogether it’s time to let go of
symbols like this because of how way

that they are and what they represent
Cornell University’s dr. rachet
Richardson recently wrote a New York
Times article
can we please find a native aunt jemima
children you know going with their

parents to the grocery store can still
see images this retrograde image of
black womanhood on store shelves and it
was if an image that harkens back to the

antebellum plantation is fluting and
plantation and Jemima is that kind of
stereotype that is earnest on his idea
of black inferiority and other nice

berry successful New York Times article
I’d say very good
I’m sorry I like keeping other nests in

play other nests yeah now I can’t wait
to talk to moe about this particular
noodle gun target strike I think it was
on deck for a long time we’ve heard this

before that you know do we got treasure
but one of our producers Glen yeah and I
said we want to read a couple of grass
is pretty long huh I guess you heard
something about the antrum I am a thing

II guess because of the icon Quaker Oats
I chose the decades ago he was based in
a minstrel she says minstrel stroke
character but that’s not true he goes on
to mention they apparently Uncle Ben’s

rut converted rice is up the crab and
Quaker Oats just held on these for too
long now here’s the part this I thought
was kind of interesting
apparently horrible Candis is removing

one of their licorice face shakin just a
black face licorice from the overseas
markets bite the hands off a white
chocolate bunnies because anything

that’s made of darker chocolate is a
racist product everyone knows that live
bunch so this goes to Easter Bunny yeah
everyone knows that the buzz but here’s
the one that just comes up on the dinner
tail just by coincidence last night I

now wonder how long Nabisco will get
away with selling its Oreo cookies slur
heigh-ho heigh-ho heigh-ho oreo cookies
got to go yes I’ll be the Hydrox or

whatever which is probably going to go
too cuz it sounds too much like
hydroxychloroquine what because I did
reflect on this for a moment about Aunt

Jemima and what I always felt growing up
I was a box reader so I read the cereal
box you know I couldn’t wait to cut out
the record on the back remember those
look cardboard
45 you could play and I’d stare at the

antrum i’ma bottle and I remember man
she looks like she makes good pancakes
I’m serum that’s all I ever thought but
no no these kids today they see that and

they need to have a different connection
although it’s been around for 100 and
over a hundred years
now the other one they’re going after is
which isn’t even a black character would
be apparently because this is in a brown

bottle wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong you
just heard that article about the Jews
men she mentioned the antebellum period
well here comes another noodle gunshot

the black lives matter movement caused
the country pop trio Lady Antebellum
this week to change the name of the

group from lady by the way they’ve won
scores of Grammy Awards American Music
Awards you know they’re extremely
successful as Lady Antebellum de belem

to simply lady a they said in life black
lives matter movement
the term Antebellum was offensive to
many the word itself actually meaning

pre Civil War so they changed their name
now a blue singer out of Seattle whose
name is Lady a as stepping forward
saying this is my brand I’ve used the

name for over twenty years it’s what I’m
proud of it shouldn’t take and this
George Floyd’s death to realize that
their name had a slave reference to it
and she is asking that they change it to

something else that her name has already
been taken
rare ricochet from the noodle garnet
splattered off Lady Antebellum and hit
him again with the lady a good job now

what’s taken what does it take to check
the Copyright Office you’re a big name
like you said you said it these are big
these are multi-million dollar big-name

band and they just just changed their
name without even doing any research
whatsoever with all that money that they
hey it’s their own fault you know you
don’t you don’t do it right you ricochet

off you can get huh you struck twice by
the shrapnel from the noodle gun little
bits of pasta on your face can the navy
can the Navia is not immune to all this
the CBC kids weigh in on the latest

noodle gunshot all right well let’s get
into it
Vina what has he fired up this week
well I’ve been following this JK rowling
controversy and it all started with a

tweet she made actually it started with
this headline training a more equal
postcode in nineteen world for people
who messed race JK took issue with the
word people being used maybe she was
trying to be funny but she hinted that

the publication should have stuck with
using the word women some fans pointed
out that there are lots of those who men
straight who don’t identify as women and
then things got a little messy lots of
tweets back and forth and at one point

JK fired back with my life has been
shaped by being female and I don’t think
it’s hateful to say so it’s 2020
releasing these kind of statements
online it’s not in the book and hasn’t

she been accused of transphobic stuff in
the past supporting a woman who was
fired after saying that trans women
weren’t real woman sis read the room

there are so many conversations right
now about equality justice and racism is
it any surprise that the story is
blowing up right now exactly its prime

months – and this week’s Daniel
Radcliffe Harry Potter himself reacted
with an essay advocating for trans life
oh yeah he saw that gun come out he’s
like who let me write you a little essay

about trans life
stay away from me with that noodle gun
and now inside the publishing car before
we right no I I don’t want to kill your
bit here your virtual red buttons or

you’re doing this there’s a reference
one guy will get but I want to talk a
little bit about that last clip okay

now that clip came from the Canadian
Broadcasting Company and they have a
bunch of these kids shows and that is
one I don’t know the name of that ones
kids or something it’s got something CBC
kids just CBC kids well that’s I think

the whole I think that’s the overall
brand I think this individual shows out
different names or could be that and
that particular one is for one thing the
kids are this is reducing these kids

were reading the script really something
on television is scripted knives get out
of town and they’re trying and they’re
so they

promoting a kind of a point of view and
right now you’re right this the noodle
gun aimed at JK Rowling’s who dessert
Brownlee deserves it
and I just find it’s like a propaganda

piece and I find it to be just generally
offensive I find that to Dec I had that
same clip I does reason I can talk about
it I found it to be offensive a bunch of
kids going on and on about transgender

but they don’t know anything and there’s
and they’re making these I just found it
extremely offensive well there’s a
backstory to this or a follow up really

as machette publishing house workers
inside the company and this harsh yet
will be a publishing Rowling’s new book

the a kebab have staged their rebellion
they said it already did that once you
know yes I know but but not now it’s for
reals because now they have lead noodle
Gong and well they just they had the

noodle go when they aimed it at Woody
Allen that’s they killed his book but
they say they’re not the same this is
different they have support from the
outside now this is different maybe am i

different scenario yeah this is a lot of
support from the outside of us she’s JK
Rowling’s book will not get published
they will not until she repents she has

to repent she has to make a statement oh
yes she will even the richest woman in
in book writing today JK Rowling she
will repent I guarantee I’m gonna put it

in the book in a moment you put it in
there cuz I I would like to see her
repent that getting her to repent would
be dynamite well she would have to say
that she was wrong and she’s educated

herself now hold on a second so this is
you know there’s a actually we can write
the script and this is well we’ve heard
enough of these repents you know I was
wrong I did not was uneducated that the

education angles in there and I found
them right what the right path
we should look over some of these
apologies and kind of construct a
universal apology okay so I have it here

June 18 20 2011 26 a.m. JK rowling to
repent that’s it’s in there she will
repent I have a couple muah let’s see
yet just one more clip and then we can

talk about a few other ones this just
came out this morning as about 15
minutes before before before we got on I
saw this trending and I thought oh my

it’s the noodle god yes this is video
taken by a Taco Bell employee he has the

cam he’s in his car has the camera on
his lap he’s wearing a black lives
matter mask and his the rest of his Taco
Bell uniform and he’s talking to his
manager because his manager has just

fired him this is now viral who noodle
gun viral do you just fired me because I
got a black lives matter on you just
told me I gotta take it on I’m not I’m

cuz I’m standing up for what’s right I’m
not taking it off Sam you said before
whatever matter no she did not she said
it had to be

okay stop stop stop stop stop give
yourself a clip of the day for that

thank you very much the the hashtag is
r.i.p Taco Bell so you can follow along
thank you very much yeah this is it’s

it’s very very powerful and I’m I’m sure
this this manager will be terminated she
has to be the column heads got to do
that I’ll just run that roll let’s roll

so we have Mike Grundy of course
Oklahoma State football worthy coach is
gun player Gundy I don’t know I’m just a

head coach just reading the headlines
superstar head coach yes well the
superstar head coach has repented and
has apologized for the having the
audacity to wear a one America News
t-shirt day off

let’s see internal uprising with the I’m
just doing the headlines with in the Los
Angeles Times newsroom over racial
inequality and coverage of the black

lives matter protest it wasn’t covered
right okay then we have game developers
this is really interesting steam as you
know is very popular hub I guess for for

getting games particularly on Xbox and I
have no nothing of this yes well you can
also I guess it’s the company’s valve

think it is available yeah well exactly
so valve the company behind steam I know
steam I played Steam yes they have they

have not come out and well in fact I
have the quote here over the past few
weeks steam and valve have chosen not to
address the black lives matter movement
failing no failing failing to make even

a broad and generic statement about
racial justice this will not stand
it’s clearer than ever that the owners
of this platform feel beholdin to a base

of angry white male gamers this makes me
especially sad I feel that some of these
people are the people who most need to
hear the messages of black lives matter
everybody yellow square hit you sunk my

battleship with that one nice one and
these are the developers are pulling
their games taking away their own
livelihoods fantastic ABC ABC finally

finally finally has cast the first black
bachelor but it took too long to do it
so does a good place producer Megan mram
apologizes for offensive tweets I won’t

even read them because you won’t
understand what’s offensive and of
course NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is
now encouraging teams to sign Colin
Kaepernick as we still have a red book
entry for him to actually play Colin

Kaepernick himself has joined the board
of blogging company medium I would say
this is as excellent noodle gun proof
vest hey man if someone says something

weird on our platform we got Colin
Kaepernick so will will evaluated
properly Lewis Hamilton the successful
formula 1 driver is very mad at helmet

Marco because apparently he hasn’t said
anything about black lives matter he
needs to come out and say something and
and now Hamilton is out saying I hope

your teammates know what you really are
all about just because the guy said and
really not interested in saying anything
Boy Scouts of America listen up
introduce the black lives matter

inspired diversity and inclusion badge
which will now be required to become an
Eagle Scout
what is the no okay each one of these

badges require some sort of skill or
development or something about the not
badge if I hope we gotta tie so many
knots or in kind yeah so what is it what
will this be you gotta have sex with the

person of color I mean what well let me
see if it’s in the article I don’t
really remember reading the actual
requirement it must be let’s see mmm

well the statement we condemned the
murders of George George flirt Amato
Bree Brianna Taylor all those who are
not named but equally important we hear
the anguish feel the heartbreak joined

the countries resolved to do better the
Boy Scouts of America stands with black
families and black community because we
believe that black lives matter this is
why as an organization we commit to
introducing a specific diversity

inclusion merit badge which will be
required for the rank of Eagle Scout it
will build on components within existing
merit badges including American cultures
and citizenship in the community merit
badge which requires Scouts to learn
about and engage with other groups and

cultures to increase understanding and
spur a positive action oh here we go the
scouts will be requiring diversity and
inclusion training Oh for all the
employees now brother whatever fine it’s

a closer you take a course you take a
course and get a bet this is all
insincere it really is and why is it

well it’s not I think that that’s what’s
happening is the insincerity is now
being pulled apart so these brands who

are virtue signal about how woke they
are and it turns out it’s not true on
the inside is an issue and that and as I
said I think they’re coming for Tim Cook
the it will come here’s one thing that

was you know MIT for everybody here’s
one thing as far as you can with these
things yes yes yes yes and I have a clip
to prove that you’re absolutely right so
here is something interesting as you

know know your limits you got once you
get the limits in the next go-around cuz
the first time around black lives matter
didn’t get to accomplish much the chain
I don’t know what happened I’d like to
know if they changed the PR agency or

what they did they change the CEO I have
no idea but as now as there is a it’s a
kick act ass operation it sure is and I
think and I think because it’s that

distributed that it’s so kick-ass
honestly no one person owns the brand
anymore you know it’s out there and it’s
being painted on street sands on
t-shirts every day you could anyone can

pretty much use this I don’t think it’s
copyrighted trademarked or anything at
this point now sleeping giants and Media
Matters and a number of other groups and
noodle gun bearers have been hitting at

Fox News in particular teracles all my
clips are about this okay good I’ll
leave that for what it is good my clips
are about sleeping giants perfect so

because we have the founder of sleeping
giants appearing on a podcast so before
we get to that I would like to take a
look at what I the what I think is going

on you’re talking about this powerful
brand and I think that there’s influence
across the board we’ve we’ve seen just
in the past week

54 scientists given NIH grants have been
fired for failure to disclose foreign
ties and that is to China the Charles
Lieber the the main professor the first

guy who he was the former chair of
Harvard University’s chemistry and
chemical biology department he has now
been indicted
that’s a charge he was indicted on June

9th for making false statements about
his association with China’s thousand
talents program and he will appear
before the Boston federal court to
answer the charges at a later date but

he’s arrested for fraud and he has been
out on bail
a million-dollar bail is so beautiful so
this is something yeah this is the kind
of thing that you’d think would be just

front page pounding the pounding the
front page pounding the beginning of all
the newscasts this is major this is
espionage this is by the highest levels
of professorships in the country and

it’s not even discussed so in wake of
everything that’s taking place and I
mean really corona orange man bad black
lives matter the noodle gun all of this

comes from not just the medical
profession which clearly there’s
corruption going on the entertainment
world clearly we know this corruption

going on and the academic world that
clearly we know there’s corruption going
on politics yeah I’m pretty sure there’s
always corruption but it seems to all be

coming from one place and I it was a
producer who pointed out to me the clip
we played of Tim Tom Collins cook virtue
signaling about how much they care about
blood matter even though they’re well

under the national average with their
diversity 9% instead of 13% but still
the best of Silicon Valley I was
something was pointed out here about
something he said and I think it was a
tell and and I have some follow-up clips

about that so it is today we’re at an
important moment in our history a time
when progress which has been far too
slow feel suddenly poised to move

forward in a great lead
each of us are we familiar with a great
leap forward was that Johnson or is that
Kennedy China China have the great

that’s right the cultural that
revolution yes the Great Leap Forward
the Cultural Revolution Tim Cook doesn’t
say this by accident and I don’t know if
he’s lifting the veil and letting us

know what’s coming or if that he’s
signaling to his buddies in China
I don’t know well listen to that one bit
again it feels suddenly poised to move
forward in a great lead it’s you know it

was the Cultural Revolution so I found
an interview this is again that American
America’s thought leaders podcast and I
pulled a couple clips because this guy

lays out what the CCP I’m not gonna say
China but this Chinese Communist Party
may have been doing at least there’s a
lot of circumstantial evidence and why
we’re in this position now with with the

influences that have come from the
outside and now this guy works for the
epoch time so you got to take that into
account he’s severely biased well he’s
in the epoch time you know better than I
do what are these guys they’re aren’t

they something cult yeah Falun Gong okay
not a cult but their religion well it’s
not a religious it’s a cult maybe go on
well it’s it’s an anti Chinese Communist

Party group so you need to bear that in
mind but let’s start off with academics
and as we were just talking about and
the Department of Education what they’re

doing right now about these about the
corruption and the fraud inside the
educational system so that is dr.
Charles Lieber he was the head of the
chemistry department at Harvard it is

significant for several reasons first
off because out in and of itself a top
professor at one of the probably the top
university in the United States if not
the world one of the top was indicted

and he wasn’t indicted for his ties to
the Chinese regime he was indicted for
the a slap on the wrist charge like you
know lying into investigators but what
he was doing was as he was taking money

allegedly of course he’s hasn’t been
I found guilty at but allegedly taking
money from the Chinese Communist Party
under its thousand talents program and
this is kind of showing a light on the

issue of Chinese academic espionage it
has the whole country at least to some
extent aware now that the Chinese regime
has been buying off our professors and

that the Chinese regime has actual
programs like the thousand talents
program as many others meant to get into
our universities and compromise
professors academics researchers and so
on and one one thing that’s interesting

now is the Department of Education is
going through the different universities
and they’re investigating I mean top to
bottom whether individuals have received

gifts from foreign governments China
being the largest that they were not
disclosing and what they’re saying that
was Charles Lieber dr. Charles Lieber is
the tip of the iceberg the iceberg

everybody yeah I like that
let’s stop for a second and analyze what
the guy said first of all what does it

mean like I’m a professor let’s say I’m
a professor over here at Cal and
teaching chemistry and the Chinese are
coming by you know that by office hours
they come by they say how you doing

nobody get would you have to wear that
we like that we like what you’re up to
and we’d like to you know maybe partner
with you
maybe we can do a joint venture
somewhere down the road you know the way
these things will operate and and then

they give me a fifty thousand dollars a
month they were getting they given blood
just say they give me a gold Rolex worth
about twenty grand
uh-huh and and I’m a good boy and I

declare it on my taxes is that good
enough for these people you have to
disclose that to the university why

that’s part of your of your employment
agreement I’ve never heard this well
that’s the understanding I have I’ve
never been a professor I’ve never really
even been in a university well we have I

don’t know we had you
but the when you have review of T well
but there’s there’s another issue is
grant money that goes towards specific
research is also co-sponsored by the

United States government so that has to
be known the government I mean I’m sure
there’s disclosure forms
I don’t know 100% what the problem is
but and these guys also have labs in

China till they go over there and
they’re working there for a little bit
they’ll come back and they don’t allow
well we’ll get to all of that let’s move
on beyond the medical to really the

three Warfare’s doctrine that the
Chinese I believe have been waging on us
and from the surface standpoint it is
very much cold war but when it comes to

the CCP they talk about world view
warfare they talk about the three
warfare is in fact adopted into their
military code as a three Warfare’s
doctrine which is media warfare
psychological warfare and legal warfare

it is the war for hearts and minds
as we would call it but on a very very
large scale integrated fully into their
military and done outside of the

spectrum of normal warfare you know for
example China Daily had just had to
disclose finally it’s far documents
showing money it was giving two
different far Farah is the foreign agent

Registration Act so if you are lobbying
on behalf of a foreign and this is
basically what put Paul mana Ford in
jail because it didn’t file those papers
sound that’s to run its propaganda China

daily was already right or was already
registered as a foreign agent of the
Chinese Communist Party more recently
under the State Department it was it’s
now classified as a foreign mission of

the CCP when you’re a foreign mission
you’re a branch of the Chinese
government and so major US newspapers
we’re taking hundreds of thousands of
dollars each collectively millions of

dollars from what is really a branch of
the Chinese government that’s for the
Chinese Communist Party to publish its
propaganda under under China watch they
called it now from their standpoint they
would say oh it’s labeled as

advertisement it’s an advertisement
the question is you know is it they were
these are the some of the same mountains
that are making a big deal about Russian
disinformation affecting our elections
if you if you look at this question of

well you think Russian disinformation is
a problem we don’t think Chinese
disinformation is a problem and you’re
taking money from a foreign government
to publish it when it’s very hostile to
this country Oh what could possibly go

wrong now of course you revealed that to
us months ago and when I said when I saw
the press release that it was only two
papers that were mentioned that were

taking money for these so-called paid
ads and it was the wall of the
Washington Post in The Wall Street
Journal but the I didn’t see the New
York Times that’s what I thought too but
I don’t see it listed well that’s odd

yeah and and of course they do the the
China Daily which may be a different
publication they’re taking money for I’m
not sure exactly why but everywhere I
was explicit to newspapers oh it’s the

post in the times it was the post in the
Wall Street Journal I was very surprised
anyway let’s move over to the political
landscape but on the broader picture
there’s also political warfare and the

Chinese Communist Party has the general
political department hundreds they
called the the liaison Department we
heard about Russian interference in
elections the general political

department of the Chinese Communist
Party hundreds of liaison Department as
is a full-scale operation for political
warfare it has an entire military branch
dedicated to political warfare the exact

thing that people were trying to warn
about with Russia there’s an entire
military branch under the Chinese regime
dedicated to that and I believe they’ve
also been here in Austin Texas as a you

know they what these guys do is they
they try to corrupt governors and I
presume mayor’s Pompeo went out and they
spoke to the governor’s about this
specifically months we had a clip of a

do it in months ago and he said hey they
got a name with your list on it who’s
friendly last year
OSR 2018 Austin’s mayor the Honorable
Steven Adler led an economic development

mission to Asia with the Texas Growth
Fund and I don’t know who paid for it or
now and these things it’s usually pretty
to have foreign investment in your in

your city spotlight innovation set to
propel u.s. cities Austin ties with
China okay that’s all fine but then I
see the headline while Austin’s in
crisis this is from January suit 25th

mayor escapes on lavish holiday he said
put posted pictures of himself and his
family now this is before Corona really

hit so we really didn’t know that this
was a bad thing he was had a lavish
holiday in China and you just got a
thing gee I’d love to see the receipts

did you pay for all of that yourself
slightly unlikely I would think it’s
highly unlikely as well so I’d like to
know about that but this is what’s going

on even in our little Texas town now to
the cultural part and so the bigger
picture during the during the Cold War
with the Soviet Union between the u.s.
and the Soviet Union mainly was what the

Soviets called ideological subversion
this is the this is the idea of how do
you wage war on a country how do you
spark revolutions in a country how do
you how do you change the culture of a

country without waging open warfare on
them and so these days they have what
they call short of war tactics where
you’re pushing here’s your bit you’re
pushing your aggression and your

hostilities right to the boundary of
what would constitute open warfare but
you never cross that line so Russia does
that Iran does it many countries do it
China is very aggressive on it the

Chinese regime they would call it
unrestricted warfare it outlines three
different categories of warfare
non-military Trane’s military and
unconventional military and it includes

things like economic warfare it includes
things like culture warfare drug warfare
psychological warfare so drug warfare
for example where does fentanyl come
from where do these synthetic drugs come

from they come from China where did it
where did the drug cartels in Latin
America get their precursor chemicals
from China in fact there was an
interesting story just recently saying
that the cartels are having trouble
manufacturing the drugs right now

because they were getting their
ingredients from a factory in
we’re the epicenter of the viruses that
can’t get there they can’t get their
ingredients for their drugs right now
what is culture warfare that is how do
you impact the culture of a country who

controls Hollywood right now who
controls a lot of the talent houses the
Chinese Communist Party that I mean
through their different companies their
usual sports talent houses AMC Theaters
is under one of their major companies if

if companies if films want to get into
the Chinese market which they need these
days for the box office they have to
follow all the Chinese regime’s
regulations on films this includes

supporting you know core socialist
values as the CCP would call it and
because the standards are so tight and
also not clearly defined which means
that a lot of them have incentive to go

above and beyond normal censorship but
self-censorship some of them even
co-produced films with Chinese studios
so that they can be sure that they’re in
line with what the Chinese regime is
looking for and I can draw the obvious

conclusion that the investments from the
CCP in Twitter Facebook Google expansive
relationships that they are self

censoring they’re censoring you know at
first I thought it was only for the ads
but just imagine what kind of trouble
the CCP can can mean for reddit who
basically got a saving investment of was

it 300 million dollars you know so hey
you want us to freeze the Donald Trump
no problem frozen got it for whatever
they want they’ll do it
people are flawed they’re lame it this

has a name the struggle session I got
this from the book of knowledge struggle
session was a form of public humiliation
and torture that was used by the

Communist Party of China at various
times in the in the Mao era particularly
years immediately before and after the
establishment of the People’s Republic
of China and during the Cultural
Revolution the aim of a struggle session

was to shape public opinion and
humiliate persecute or execute political
rivals in those deemed class enemies
this is pretty textbook stuff
and it didn’t happen just overnight you

know it’s not like China woke up one day
but think about it who really thought
for decades oh yeah especially what we
saw when Trump got in to screw things up
they had to put it in high gear that’s

right and so the fine have to get him
out yes I agree and in the end the guy I
don’t have it in these clips the guy
says the problem is that the one thing
they can’t control is what the Chinese

people see happening here because the
Great Firewall of China is of course
bullcrap you know there’s a lot of ways
around it you can’t actually segregate
in the way they’re doing it China from

the rest of the internet and stuff gets
in if it has to be smuggled in a thumb
drive and someone’s but stuff is getting
in what they can’t have
is having the Chinese people who are
very happy in general I believe because

they came from 30 years ago from crap
and now they is decent and they got
phones and they got you know McDonald’s
traffic they got all the great stuff now
is they can’t see that it’s so much

better over here with our stupid
ideology of capitalism so that’s why it
has to be stopped at all cost because
they will not be able to hold their own

people so that’s why and we have the
psychological warfare you talk about
psychological warfare psychological
warfare isn’t just lying to you it’s not
just propaganda as we would normally

think of it psychological warfare is
changing the way you interpret
information so that you and I can be
looking at the exact same set of data
and we would come to wildly different
conclusions on it so for example with

this virus right now this pandemic
you’re looking at the Chinese regime’s
handling of the virus we’re both look at
the we’re looking at the exact same data
now do you interpret it as being a sign
though the Chinese regime did all that

it couldn’t its power it it took very
strong measures to ensure that the virus
didn’t spread and the rest of the world
is just being unfair to it or do you
think the Chinese regime lied to the
world the Chinese regime

you know arrested doctors disappeared
journalists and these types of things if
you were following only the information
the CCP was releasing and some of the
organizations that support the CCP what

they were saying
you would view it in line of the ccp’s
you know Pro CCP viewpoint if you were
following all the real data the for
example their cover-ups they’re lying to

the world they’re you know manipulation
of data and numbers you would understand
okay they were they were misleading the
world they were very dishonest about it
and know that it’s absolutely they did
not handle it well the idea that they

handled it well would you would only
believe that if he believed all of the
lies that were telling the world most of
which have been exposed and isn’t that
kind of exactly what we’re seeing here
aren’t we seeing people watching the

same movie but coming away with two
different two different ideas of what
happened yeah this is dimension a
dimension B one movie two
interpretations yeah and I had this very
strongly with the Atlanta cop cop

shooting because before anyone was out
there laying down all of their
prognostications etc I had watched all
the body camera footage and it you know

it would to me it was quite apparent
what happened and you know the even
under the legal definition of deadly use
of force it was unfortunate but I think

I don’t think it was murder but then we
get all these interpretations from other
video and it looks like he kicked him
and there’s omissions even Tucker

Carlson played the video where the cop
is chasing the guy he turns around to
turn around shooting the Taser that is I
went to black before that so you only
see running and shots

it’s unbelievable Fox News completely
complicit in this completely this did it
last night again two nights in a row
when he shows the video you see the guy
running away race yard and you see the

cop behind him and he turns you don’t
even see that you just hit play you just
hear the firing and his black with audio

oh it’s despicable I said Tina and I
fell off the couch but anyway it’s being
interpreted even by the mayor of Atlanta
coming up with a completely different
story not at all that the guy was passed

out the other people were afraid of him
in the in the Wendy’s he was in the line
cop comes over wakes him up guys
passes out again wakes him up again hey
man drive your car over there he drives

onto the grass totally wasted and that’s
a violation but no he should let him go
home to his to his daughters and so
they’re building this whole narrative
around it which if you only saw what you
you know the first bit from someone else

yeah that’s my interpretation well you
know what almost happened I drove the
clip you can play it this is the
Atlantic cops which wasn’t play by any
the media I mean I tried to find it but
I had to go right to the ABC station in

Atlanta to play this clip is the
Atlantic cops almost went on strike
also breaking tonight the Atlanta Police
now addressing reports of an officer
walk out this comes after reports of

evening watch Patrol officers ending
their shifts abruptly turning in their
keys to their patrol cars and going home
APD just minutes ago responding to the
reports calling them inaccurate the

department is acknowledging a higher
than usual number of call-outs with the
incoming shift police say they do have
enough resources to maintain operations
and remain able to respond to incidents

and this comes just hours after former
atlanta officer Garrett Rolf was charged
those charges include felony murder
three counts of aggravated assault with
a deadly weapon and seven counts of

violation of an officer’s oath Fulton
County District Attorney Paul Howard is
recommending he not be granted bond the
DA says there is no justification for
the shooting we’ve concluded at the time

mr. Brooks was shot that he did not pose
an immediate threat of death what’s
interesting just interruptus that the
same prosecutor in Atlanta one week ago

he was saying that a Taser is a deadly
weapon and should not be used by police
he was saying was an absolutely lethal
deadly weapon that was his argument one

week ago yet pointing it at someone and
firing it is not menacing serious
physical injury to the officer or

officers the DA says the other officer
Devon Brosnan has agreed to testify
against Rolfe for the prosecution but
and says tonight bras nested resonance

attorney denies that he has agreed to
testify or plead guilty
Brosnan faces three charges aggravated
assault for standing on Rashard Brooks
shoulders and then two counts of

violating his oath of office district
attorney Howard has recommended a
$50,000 bond
so without getting into that just
quickly I want to I want to and I want

to get to your your ab new abnormal that
what is happening in education is really
we need to look at it very closely and
what are your children being taught

Teen Vogue teen teen vogue has an
article out this week who is Karl Marx
meet the anti-capitalist scholar the
communist scholar ideas are more

prevalent than you might realize and
they go into this you know of course he
was even though it was really angles who
who wrote it and then Marx was a
basically a blogger but okay
they they they really hike them up talk

about all these other great pieces of
work that he did three volumes of dust
copy Tom a you know the which of course
eventually turned into the first

international I mean all these you know
it’s the socialist ideology and here we
have a quote public high school teacher
mark brunt teaches excerpts from the
Communist Manifesto alongside curriculum
about the Industrial Revolution in his

English class he uses the jungle by
upton sinclair published in 1906 that
revealed the exploitative workplace
conditions of the meat industry in
chicago so he does role playing with

this class but i you got to wonder what
are they come what are these kids
walking away with I wonder if that same
teacher talks about Upton Sinclair I’m

very familiar with him I know your stuff
I know you are he that late in his life
he meant he mentioned that the jungle
was largely fictionalized and most of it
was bullshit no I’m sure he mentioned

that to the children I said probably
don’t think so dad you’re right when I
teach Marx it’s got a lot to do with
questions of how to think critically
about history mark says we live under

capitalism has not always existed it’s
just it goes on and on and on so this is
a Teen Vogue yep yeah yeah zoom
acknowledges its suspended activist
accounts at China’s request says NPR and

there’s even the 45 communist goals for
America that is resurfacing that was
that that’s that’s when I was born that
came out so these things ours and that’s

not bad too you know to have it’s good
to learn all kinds of ideologies of
course it’s just how is it being
presented and do parents agree with it I
don’t care if I agree with it your kids

yeah your kids York you want your kids
learning about being radicalized yeah
that’s pretty much what’s going on but
you know right under your nose exactly

so I feel that there is a huge influence
right down to little Austin Texas from
the Chinese Communist Party and who
knows what it now the part of the

culture they were supposed to be very
involved with South by Southwest this
year of course that fell through
now I’m thinking Adler probably
cancelled because they told him to

ultimately was it was a good decision I
guess because the surge is back you know
we’re all dying here in Austin right

yeah I got under stood that yeah 95
degree weather yeah yeah now we’re we’re
totally dying actually if you want to
hear it it’s kind of funny
or was it here it is yes he was on NPR

NPR our mayor was about them actually I
should set this up just a little bit

the governor has not made mass mandatory
now we’re going through the surge which
means we’ve gone up to I think 22 people
who met who have been hospitalized per

day 22 was three million people in Texas
22 of course retail is opening up again
and what is every retailer doing whether

there’s suspicion and some just to get
started because they promised it they’re
doing testing and they’re testing
employees 98 percent has zero symptoms
but yeah it’s a test and oh my god it’s

going up what are we gonna do it’s the
surge stay indoors so Adler the mayor
mayor Adler wrote a note with I think
eight other Texas mayors like hey man I

know we can’t supersede you because you
know it’s the law and shit but could we
at least make mass mandatory please so I
think they’ve come to some kind of

compromise where it can be enforced in
retail locations but when peddler was on
NPR this I found this to be very
interesting in particular how he winds

it up and ultimately tells you why you
need to wear a mask Texas governor Greg
Abbott is sticking with a plan for a
phased reopening Austin Texas would
rather not Mayor Steve Adler extended a

stay at home order yesterday amid news
of rising coronavirus cases mayor
Adler’s on the line good morning sir
good morning Steve and I guess we should
mention this can only be stay at home

advice actually right you can’t give an
order that that’s that’s certainly the
conventional wisdom we know it’s the law
we’ve been preempted by the state
granted no it’s the law at this point I

can just make recommendations to the
community and recognize that the
community actually chooses what happens
regardless of what the governor allows
or doesn’t allow our individual choices

add up to what our community responses
and apparently he knows exactly what
that is well how serious is the increase
in cases where you are you know it’s
it’s at the beginning of what looks like

a little search time a little surge it’s
the beginning of a surge we’re testing
retail employees you dick confirmed
cases are up 90 percent this week over

last week our new hospital admissions up
58 percent week to week from 12 to 22
yes we should mention the governor Greg
Abbott declined to order the use of face
masks the CDC I believe has recommended

them but president Trump declines to
wear them do you see a lot of face masks
oh yeah in places you know you’re going
to some of our grocery stores and
everyone’s wearing a mask employees and

customers alike would you go into other
place now that’s not true that is just
not true that at both at HEB and now at
Whole Foods
people are not wearing masks Whole Foods

is almost 100 percent h-e-b 6 to 60%
that’s really our Texas local grocer 60%
have masks no one has a problem no one’s
I went to the car wash yesterday for the

first time in months
I walk in in the the young lady there
behind the counter has no masks on I say
hey that’s really refreshing I get to
see a face she says yes I typically

mirror the the client if they walk in
with a face match to put the mask on and
this is how ridiculous it is no one’s
believe in this but ok let’s go
this is restaurants or some of some of

the club’s you’re going and then you see
you don’t see any I think we can yeah
please wear a mask while you’re eating
and open up or at least trying to open
up parts of the economy if people would

just follow orders where the base
companies I know it’s inconvenient I
know it’s hot I know it’s a nuisance not
helpful to I know it’s all of those
things and it’s hard to do and people

don’t like it but at the same time our
community has to decide just how much we
value the lives of folks in our
community that are over 65 and older we
have to decide if how much we value the

lives of the communities of color that
they’re suffering disproportionately
because of this yes that’s if you don’t
wear a mask you’re racist thank you
that’s what I was waiting for I’m a

racist that guy
is so getting voted out I might as well
do the mass ink my mice will do the mass
cuz got two clips in then we’re done
Fouts she lied to us and he doesn’t give
a shit and he’s admitting he lied but

news that he is lied from day one was he
hiding work with admitting admitting he

lied he’s admitting he lied in this clip
and it’s about face masks cuz if you
recall in the beginning no no no don’t
worry about the mast really doesn’t help

don’t need it that much and he was asked
about this what about month or so or two
or three ago when people were saying you
don’t really need to wear a mask well
the reason for that is that by the way

he says people that was CDC officials
it might have been you foul monster wear
a mask well the reason for that is that
we were concerned the public health
community and many people were saying

this were concerned that it was at a
time when personal protective equipment
including the n95 masks and the surgical
masks were in very short supply and we
wanted to make sure that the people

namely the health care workers who were
brave enough to put themselves in a harm
ways to take care of people who you know
who were infected with the corona virus
and the danger of them getting infected

we did not want them to be without the
equipment that they needed so there was
non enthusiasm about going out and
everybody buying a mask of getting a
mask we were afraid that that would

deter away and the people who really
needed it so instead of saying American
people please do not buy a mask right
now we’re working on the problem is very
important that our first-line health

care workers have the proper masks
please do not buy anything yet just hold
on for a second we’re working on know
you didn’t trust the American people
instead you had to lie now we have masks

we know that you don’t need an n95 of
you’re a person more than every person
in the street we also know that simple
cloth coverings that many people have
can work as well as of masks in many

cases so right now
unequivocally the recommendation is when
you’re out there particularly if you’re
in a situation with this active
infection keep the distance physically

and wear a mask so although there
appears to be some contradiction of you
were saying this then then why are you
saying this now actually the
circumstances have changed
that’s the reason why it’s I find that

baffling okay well thanks we were too
stupid so that’s why you had to lie to
us but it turned out the action were
kind of important and we could have used
any kind of face covering oh so annoying

this guy and confirmed it is indeed his
wife who is in charge of exemptions for
biomedical ‘s biologics I think is what

it’s called for vaccines miss Grady not
even the same last name that go ahead
and ask at the dinner table you even ask
your your Millennials there say do you

think that’s a conflict of interest I
think they’ll say yes
so the guy who was running the vaccine
industry almost gets approval for

exemptions for biologics which are
vaccines so they don’t have to go
through rigorous testing and they get
indemnification it’s his wife I don’t

know seems odd to me anyway this is
spilled over so so vastly this mask

bullcrap that now as masked exotic
contrast only predicted as you predicted
no you didn’t even predict you
recognized it masks on Democrat masks
off Republican Nadler held session

yesterday and this is what happened the
gentleman yields back
I want to announce that in accordance
with what I said this morning the
attending physician of the House has

said that it is imperative for the
health and safety of people in this room
that members where that members wear
masks I would greatly prefer that all

present simply upholds the quorum of the
committee by complying with reasonable
safety standards that are recommended by
the attending position and are
respectful of all the occupants of this
room I have been greatly leaning into

today however I will tell you now that
anyone who is not wearing a mask will
not be recognized to speak period who
seeks recognition

mr. chairman so that’s that’s a
Republican who’s calling be seeks
isn’t that airman miss Escobar was named
chairman a point of parliamentary miss
Escobar is recognized he’s basically

skipping right over the Republican as he
just threatened to do because all you
don’t have a mask I’m not even
recognizing you tried repeatedly to make
his point repeatedly miss Escobar has

the time miss Escobar has the time mr.
chairman mr. mr. Escobar has indeed mr.

Luger mr. Luger smoke it’s anything that
love Lincoln’s turn and mr. McLintock
has tried now for several minutes to be
recognized on a point of order there is
no point of order but mr. Chairman I

seek recognition for a point of
parliamentary inquiry this gentleman
will state his point of parliamentary
English I would like the Chairman to
cite the house rule requiring members to
wear masks in house proceedings if we

had such a vote I don’t recall it if we
have such a vote I will vote against it
but I will be happy to abide by it it’s
a house so decides until then I would

like you to cite me that rule since I
obviously know the chairs authority to
enforce the preservation of order and
decorum during committee proceedings

derives from the speaker’s enforcement
authority under Clause 2 of rule 1 and
then I went on four minutes talking
about who had the right to require mass
this is so unproductive the rotting fish
head right there Jerry Nadler

Jerry oh I’m sorry you can’t go you
can’t you can’t he’ll ever get up you
can’t kneel so and as you know I just to
tie it all up foul Chi of course had a

lab in Wuhan so the CCP and I really am
trying to be careful not saying China
but saying that CCP Chinese Communist
Party these are not our friends and they
have what we need to reinstall the house

on American Activities Committee from
the 50s we’re trying to root out the
Communists well let’s get the church
committee and everything in them oh
we’re at it there’s a lot of things we
need Nadler just going all he does is

just looking for the slam trump that’s
his whole goal in life he’s not doing
any good in the Judiciary Committee no
and the whole Democrat run Congress is
over houses is useless pretty much or

they’ve all sold out I mean it’s
frightening how much they’ve sold I saw
one of the snippet of one of the Rogen
episodes where he goes after these

stupid a-holes who did that that clip
that I provided a few shows him though
I’m responsible and respite for the
Hollywood cycle of other Hollywood folk

they just ripped these people and write
rightly so there’s a whole bunch of
parodies about an old resident so

there’s so this the Chinese have not
CC’ing over the place yet CC yet the CCP
I should say see yeah we really so take
me a while yeah me too but and I don’t

think it’s that important Chinese we
know what we’re talking about but these
these a-holes have been problematic why
when we were at me vo there was some you

remember there was some demonstration
and it was there was concealed media
concern that the Chinese were somehow
involved with this demonstration the

dudes like the Chinese nationals and I
went outside during this thing and there
was a bunch of Chinese going by and I
cuz I know there’s been a local

California Chinese not like they don’t
all look alike the local Chinese look a
lot different than a some guy that just
stepped off to you know stepped off an

airplane yes yeah totally the their
culture is so incredibly different when
it comes to public you know personal

space matters pop manners that we
consider manner so different that’s fine
and as we’ve discussed on the show
before if you bring it to their
attention say hey man give me some space

that’s what we do here oh I’m sorry
they’ll back off right away they don’t
know it but the CCP yeah these are these
these these guys are no good so let’s
talk about the new abnormal because I’m

sure it ties into this well I ended up
just as curious because endeavour way
too many cliffs but they’re all good the
problem was is I normally do weigh do my
clips for some reason I put the new

abnormal and new abnormal mm-hmm making
me think I had less clips but now I’d
say as long as you let me know which one
has it though in front of it we’re good
okay well this is a new abnormal and

this is the what this is the one that
just says new abnormal and advertising
and this is the longest clip this is a
mess then talk about your pivot to

so just come to later stop stop little
little setup is needed yeah let me do a
septum new abnormals a podcast with Rick
Wilson one of the guys from the Lincoln
project ah who claims to be a Republican
strategist when he’s he apparently he

hates Fox News he hates Trump he hates
everything every Republicans ever
existed and he’s just a Democrat who did
he work for I mean surely he has some
Republican credibility then from the

past not that I know I’m Wilson I’ll
check him out
look at him up and then he’s working
with this woman Molly uh what’s her name
Fong got Molly Jung fast and she is

Erica Jong’s daughter and she is kind of
a I don’t know I can describe her but
she sounds like a witch away she laughs
and she and she’s a Democrat socialist

and she has
she outed her I don’t have a lot of
respect for because she outed her mom in
a salon magazine article because she got
married and she staged she’s not like a

libertine like she called her mom and
talked about her our mom Erica Jong a
famous writer about sex I used to wander
around the house naked and then they had

a bunch of open threesomes yeah I have a
clip over here of the clip of her during
an open threesome that’s her and so the
and then she mentioned she had I guess

she apparently had betty Friedan from
the sounds of it over for a threesome so
Molly here is the co-host of this

podcast and they go about you got new
abnormal and advertising a new abnormal
and advertising tucker which were the
ones were you playing there tucker you

only want the real oh okay I see it came
first in the rundown alright
yes I see it is longer okay here we go
hey folks with us today is Matt rivet
the founder of sleeping giants which is

an online campaign to defund hate and
bigotry in the media they have been
doing absolutely amazing work in
pressuring advertisers to get off sites
like Breitbart and shows like the tucker
carlson frozen fish racism hour and frau

ingre hams white power hour on fox they
are bringing this press this is rick
wilson yeah Angra ham i have to hand it
to him frau ingre ham this is good back

it up a little bit hisses tucker thing
was even funnier power the dead fish
white power our doing absolutely amazing
work in pressuring advertisers to get

off sites like Breitbart and shows like
the tucker carlson frozen fish racism
our frozen fish racism our i don’t know
what that means but he’s jacking it up
that’s kind of cool and frau ingre hams

for power out for bringing this pressure
on social media that’s actually managed
to drive real results and
delighted to have Matt with us Matt I’m
so excited that you’re here today I’m a

big fan sleeping giant
I’m curious can you talk about how you
got started with this cuz it’s a new
kind of thing yeah I’m kind of confused

how it all started myself it was all
very quick it was just after the
election in 2016 you know I just got
sort of fascinated with Steve Bannon I
felt like he was a real dangerous guy

and he was using racism as a tool and to
me it wasn’t a political thing it was a
I’m scared of racism and anti-semitism
thing and I had never been a Breitbart
before really I wasn’t that familiar

with it and went the first time and
those articles blew my mind in a really
big way and I just didn’t think that you
could print that kind of stuff and couch
it his news so I’m in advertising I
still AM I’m a copywriter and I went on

to the to see who was supporting it from
an ad perspective and found out that it
was kind of every advertiser in the
world it was just the way that ads are
displayed online and things are
monetized online like Google and

Facebook and these ad networks where
they place all these brands all over the
Internet without any kind of error for
the brand or they don’t even know where
they’re gonna land most of the time so I
had set up this anonymous Twitter handle
with an anonymous gmail account and took

a screenshot of one of the articles I
think it was heisted high and proud that
confederate claims a glorious heritage
Kamath line and next to an ad for a loan
company called sofa and i just tweeted

it to the CEO and to the corporate
handle because i always heard that if
you you know on twitter and you complain
to an airline if you’re sitting on the
runway for two hours they just give you
like 20,000 miles just for complaining

so I’m pretty good at complaining so I
and so I just tweeted it to the company
I said just do you support this because
at the time Steve Madden said it was the

platform for the all right
Android said are you supporting the
platform for the outrage is that
something you want to do and they got
back to me within you know a day and
then this thing just got started and it

just kept going and going going further
than I ever thought but was joined by
nandini Johnny has been working on this
for almost from the beginning and it’s
been really wild other
I’ve joined in and you know not just on

Twitter but to do other stuff and to do
some research and it’s been a crazy wild
ride that just continues to go despite
the fact that I would love to hop off
does he make money with this at this

point I don’t know but I do know he’s
got his professionally designed a logo
which is a vista clenched yes which is a
socialist symbol a cultural
appropriation at best no there’s some of

that and I don’t know if he makes money
he probably he still he still works as
an advertising guy so I can’t say for
sure mm-hmm
I would say we could go to we could go
man let’s say we go to couples

everywhere could play the saw new
abnormal rw1 and I just want to play
this he has never raised ever thought
about it before he also isn’t a good
reader even on the prompter he’s not a
good reader the only time I thought it

would come back to that I don’t know
what let’s go to the new abnormal and
advertising Tucker this is the one you
were playing originally talk about your
pivot to Tucker so Tucker didn’t come

till later but the next one was really
Bill O’Reilly and you know all those
articles came out that said Bill
O’Reilly you know was sexually harassing
women on Fox and the network had settled
32 million dollars in sexual harassment

suits form or something
and so there’s cry because it’s really a
community that everyone’s like we should
do something about this so I’ve been on
us all everyone said yeah we got to get
involved in this so I was like shit I

don’t want to tangle with Fox really
that seems really scary but I just think
we decided let’s go for it
and it was within which created these
Bill O’Reilly facts so things that he
had said over time things about his

settlements etc and we just tweeted
those out to advertisers said do you
support this and within two weeks 40 of
them had left and there were other
organisations involved too in that but

you know 48 hours are left and then he
went on a vacation and never came back
that was a real eye-opening
because this is just a Twitter handle
and a Facebook page that’s all it is

there’s no real organization there’s no
fun thing no anything and so just a sit
here and go WOW like I’m on my phone and
all of a sudden this guy that’s got the
number one show on cable that’s being a

horrendous person is suddenly gone it’s
just all we’re doing is appealing that
he felt good to their brands and
appealing to their corporate policies
and providing information and that seems

to work this is sort of asymmetric
warfare if you guys hit move and they
can’t hold up their own behavior to the
light that’s why I think that a lot of
the corporate folks that I’ve talked to

about your effort and others have said
things like well look I’ve got to sell X
or Y to 60 plusses I got to be on Fox
but there comes a point where that
cost-benefit equation flips over and I
think we’re kind of past it now as you

said they’ve been looking for eyeballs
for so long and just chasing a
demographic and they don’t think that
what they’re paying for is actually
they’re investing in more of that and
that it can bounce back on their brands

pretty significantly so guys haven’t
thought this way before but now I mean
especially on the internet they’re
paying for the free internet so what
they choose to invest in is what’s gonna
win it’s gonna be the thing that’s

pushed forward unfortunately for them
they don’t know where they’re landing a
lot of the time but they’re all these
studies that basically say the brands
showing up a negative content
dramatically affect consumers view of
these brands so just to be clear this is

not media matters is not the actual
noodle gun what happens is all these
companies who’s using giants not me I’m
sorry sleeping giants well neither are
its once they’ve done their job the

brand’s everyone goes away starts to
start to virtue signal then when they’re
still doing something bad that’s when
the noodle gun strikes but this is this
is the setup and this has been going on

yeah I mean but sleeping giants stands
on the shoulders of media matters which
started with the Clintons I think yes
but medium matters is old-fashioned yes

I agree angry this is a modern thing
this guy’s doing but but he says he kind
of invented it but no this was done by
the right-wingers years ago unless with
these Christian operations

yeah and for some reason they all kind
stop doing it and there’s not been no
counter to mediate to this I’m sorry
sleeping giants I and and he talks to be
I mean this was the long interview by

the way and he will goes on and on about
how these this formed in Brazil because
they’re out to get balsa narrow it’s
just a bunch of lefties that are that
are harassing yeah at the right the
right has done nothing to counter any of

it and these guys have been losing their
jobs left and right yeah that was Tucker
right now to try it did Newt new
abnormal Tucker to hey homo seconds a
new abnormal not the Oh got it so Fox

right now your folks you’re looking at
at Fox right now are basically Tucker
and Frau Ingraham you know someone
called it the white power our and it’s

not even coated so much anymore and if
I’m a brand I don’t understand why any
brand wouldn’t want to be associated
with that I understand they’re probably
gonna get a great deal on eyeballs right

now but why would you associate with
someone that says that white supremacy
is a hoax I just don’t get that the
brand especially these brands they’re
right now they’re doing these black
lives matter tweets and diversity and

inclusion clauses very public on their
website that’s how this works it’s just
like okay you’re advertising on Tucker
cross him but it says in your site here
that you strongly believe in diversity
and inclusion so why would you sponsor

that and so that’s always the logic you
know yeah yeah we understand your logic
let’s lift him by their own petard let’s
play he now he talks about Kellogg he

there is a there is a a gotcha in their
strategy and they discuss it in this
clip which is the new abnormal or not
the just new new abnormal Kellogg and

Sinclair besides Kellogg’s who did you
find were the sort of big ones where you
got them and you were like it’s sort of
turned the tide it was endless I mean I
like I had people from Mars that were

wanting to talk on the phone and said
like these are ten brands that we’re
gonna remove from here and we would like
you to like announce this very publicly
that’s now we support and like that’s

the goal to come out and not be in favor
of racism enough they can I just this is
a white guy I presume this is the
difference what an idiot
this guy is a total idiot have you never

seen a sharp turn have you never watched
Jesse Jackson that’s your business model
you could be so successful with this if
you only pressured him for some money

now you’re doing it for free
the thing that’s me that’s the most
dangerous part about it yeah this guy
thinks he’s doing the world a favor and
when he talks about Tucker he says I

can’t believe they wouldn’t he there’s
of other aspects of the site because I
listened to all the Clippers over I just
interrupted it so this one dog but
there’s a I just want to bring this in
he talks about these opera and maybe in
this clip but I don’t know he talks

about I don’t understand how people to
advertise next to a source of
disinformation he calls Tucker’s show a
bunch of disinformation he says the same
thing with Ingram showed this

information but White’s much I swear we
take a clip and this dissect it and
showing that is where the trickery is
they never know no they just say it they

just say I awhite supremacist that’s the
Tucker Carlson he’s the white
supremacist I know because I’ve been
called that because I said I watched him

oh you’re white supremacists ok alright
I be in favor of this information and
yeah yeah I’ll roll it back a little bit

so we can hear what he says it’s pretty
good what a moron
I want to know that’s not we support and
like that’s the goal you know you want
brands to come out and not be in favor
of racism and not be in favor of this

information what brand goes out and says
I’m in favor of racism buy my products
please and I think that’s happening more
and more I think the last two weeks
especially there’s a real awakening
around this and this is like the

Superbowl we’ve
ready for it for the last three and a
half years it’s like okay brands finally
get it what they choose to support with
their media dollars really you know
drives the conversation so I know that
we look at foxes like the big it is the

Mount Everest of right-wing racist
agitprop but if you guys right-wing
racist agitprop so what he said I want I
want that on a business card

right-wing racist adjective I gotta
write it down is so fantastic
I like the gut what he comes up with
right-wing racist agitprop because very
creative yes I’m impressed it’s like the

big it is the Mount Everest of
right-wing racist agitprop but have you
guys started to look at Sinclair because
they’re sort of more stealthy they’re a
more at the local station level and
they’re doing the same kind of content

not really I mean it’s it’s a much more
complicated thing right it’s like it’s
all wrapped up in local news and and it
is crazy dangerous but again this thing
has been really focused on racism and

hate and so it’s also just hard to see
all that stuff there’s so many channels
and there’s so many people saying things
we’re in an information war right now
and this information is a huge problem
and I’m really hoping that like industry

groups get together and advertising and
say what do we believe in here you know
now that I think about it Mike the the
my pillow guy all of a sudden he started
selling sheets just sayin she may be a

can take a sheet supplier you know I
think I think we should discuss that
this guy doesn’t seem like he’s on the
all right let’s play now this one has

the this is the new abnormal RW one and
then we’ll follow that with two he has
never really never thought about it

before he also isn’t a good reader even
on the progress that’s about talking
about Tucker right no he’s talking about
Trump oh okay I’m gonna go back again he
has never raised never thought about it

before he also isn’t a good reader even
on the prompter he’s not a good reader
the only time Trump comes across a
seeming like he’s engaged with the
material is in the asides is in the

oh my goodness
yeah nice find that little clip to be
the most interesting of the whole thing

you just threw right in there for no
reason just it’s like Tourette’s racism
is equals racism hey stick to the script
you racist so this is even it’s actually

skits were so this is the same can I
just saying it with a little more
context is just a question I need to

catch you a question do you think that
these people lead normal lives
it’s they seem very obsessed was trying
to find things that they can connect to

turns into Comi agitprop s– but but do
you think that they’re happy I mean and
well let me here’s just I wanted to say
this earlier during your presentation I

kind of lost track of it but so my I
have two neighbors next door that are
neurologists and they’re usually they
have houses all over the country and
they were they were apparently in

Georgia or if throw in their Florida
house and they couldn’t get back through
their normal New Yorker route and they
just moved back into the house mm-hmm
next door and so once we decide to take
your car out of the driveway was it a

bummer I’m sorry which means you had to
take your car out of their driveway
that’s what always happens actually keep
a car oh okay okay so they so one of
them the

men is is on the balcony and she says
hiding because I’m in the did you know I
thought with your earshot and I come
over and chat with her a little bit and
Dave you know they’re they’re real

liberal progressives hate Trump it’s
unbelievable mm-hmm and they were in
Florida and they went along with the
whole thing locked down so they never
left the house and they’re you know they

just went along with the program right
and I was looking at she looks sick I’m
actually concerned yeah I think she
could drop dead at any point how old I
was they’re probably in there are surly

70s hmm um this yeah it’s very bad Gigi
at home white as a sheet unhealthy
looking it’s like it looks like you’re

looking at it you’re a zombie a dead
person and I’m thinking this is
interesting because the Democrats and
all their mask-wearing you know bring a
lot of carbon dioxide in those masks
like yeah yeah they couldn’t a bag over

your head and not for good stuff not for
fun it’s they’re the ones that are
suffering the consequences not the
Republicans who don’t wear the mask and

then cheat and go outside with the
Karen’s go exactly so they’re like
killing their own or calling it calling
it could be calling yeah all right so
here’s the same clip one is a little

more extension to the extension – this
is a thought new abnormal RW – isn’t the
asides is in the ad-libs the racism he
really comes alive when he gets to say

racist stuff look when you see the
window open into Donald Trump’s ego or
his it’d but that’s when it’s real
that’s when you hear the real thing and
you can see those moments and this
speech he didn’t really break away from

the speech much but if you look at Trump
reading off a prompter and then what he
jumps out of characterization so this is
still are they still talking with with
the with the gentle Jolly Green Giant

guy yeah but they jumped they went into
a tangent that I thought was amusing
okay so it’s but it’s in that context so
it’s like racist racist racist
haier ingre afro hair frau ingre hem

white power our Trump that’s it okay I
got it orange man bad much but if you
look at Trump reading off a prompter and
then what he jumps out of character

where he’s playing the president like a
guy you wouldn’t hire for a Dave Hart he
jumps out of character understand what
character is he playing when he breaks
out and he’s the real Donald Trump

that’s when it’s genuine but just like
all these it’s like he’s playing the
president in a Shrunk NATO part 19 movie
for five minutes and reading off the wow
in 1990 called that like the reference

back prompter as if he is whacked out on
Thorazine he’s basically only genuine
when he’s making fun of people right
insulting people aggrandizing himself or
soaking racial hatred right it’s too

much for me this is a podcast what a

great invention proud of this
congratulations Mr curry good work all
right so let’s play now I got two more
left and this is kind of the interesting

one to me this is the new abnormal the
new abnormal Tucker I think this is
Tucker three oh no no no oh we never
played Tucker three let’s play new

abnormal Tucker three and then I then I
get two left okay yeah can we ask you
this who are the big advertisers I mean
not not like my pillow and fish oil
supplements who are the big guy yeah

they’re coming they’re coming
choice was left on those shows at night
they’re almost zero no they’re almost
down to nothing I think from big
advertisers sandals is probably like the
biggest which they seem to stick with

them no matter what sandals chlamydia
Beach Bahamas that’s fine yeah if you
want to stick with it that’s on you and
that’s what you believe in and that’s

fine but most of them don’t and they’ve
all kind of run for the hills for the
most part because people are just
they’re noticing it now they see it and
consumers see it most consumers aren’t
with race I mean there’s some sure but

most of them are so you just want to
avoid that I have a comment about that
but I don’t want you what your next
clips are so hold back well let me get
these two out of the way them you can

comment I think by the way that there
were him calling it chlamydia Beach is
actionable yeah I think makers to make
work of that yeah I would okay now this
is the part these two Clips kind of

point out a certain kind of hypocrisy
that that these sorts of people always
exhibit you know there’s so cocksure
about everything and so they talk and
talk and talk and so the apocrypha just

kind of comes in there because they
don’t they’re not looking for it so this
is the new ab north the new abnormal
three kicker well that’s the reason the
daily caller foundation goes after you

because it’s funded by anonymous
tax-deductible things by who don’t want
their fingerprints on it either but
they’re certainly happy to have the
little like alright minions out there
playing their little games yeah man i

would love for this some legislation
that happens at some point and i doubt
that it could that an outlet on their
website will have to list their
ownership on the front page because we
need to know who’s funding these
messages because it doesn’t matter which

political ideology it is it’s just bad
to have someone behind something and and
we don’t really understand who’s paying
for it oh be careful what you wish for
rick comes on as well you know there’s

anonymous jerk cause they’re gonna so
let’s go but you know earlier you you
may more me i’m not admissible i have a
five second sub clip after listening to
this all we should have legislation

about these people so we know who they
are because they’re all anonymous now
let’s listen to this clip new abnormal
and advertising sub clip i had set up
this anonymous twitter handle with an

anonymous gmail account and took a
screenshot yeah of course anonymous
he got out it started off as an
anonymous guy himself well Danny but
nobody else can do it but the Daily

Caller outed him that’s why he’s pissed
off The Daily Caller outed him and then
the New York Times got wind of it and so
then he had to come clean and admit that
it was him yeah well gee poor baby yes
well here’s here’s kind of the the funny

the funny part of this variety did a
piece about this
so the advertisers when they’re
pressured by sleeping giants or Media

Matters whoever’s but sleeping giants
they call up Fox and they say hey Fox
reallocate and so Fox just reallocates
that that commercial into a different

time slot that is not being pressured
and so basically anything but Tucker
Carlson actually there’s their media
spend remains the same they do not they

do not spend any less money and the
exposure it’s not during Tucker’s show
but it actually gives Fox News the
opportunity to sell ads even if they’re

the my pillow guy to other entities they
are making more money because of this
that’s that’s what I find the funniest
well they think they’re doing everyone a

and yeah yeah well not with that trick
that’s not working that’s not working
advertisers you know like yeah sure but
they’re not they’re not pulling their

ads they’re getting the same reach
they’re getting the same ratings just
not identifiable in that particular
segment and the Fox’s content is pretty
neutral I mean read says fair I mean
it’s just like any other newscast yeah

yeah I’d say so
well Hannity is anything but news you
mentioned that because this came to mind
I was watching something yesterday and I

was watching Hannity interviewing Trump
Lindsey Graham’s
oh yes that was a trump came on right
and I exactly and I said well this is

Hannity is never mentioned as a target
know I know that Limbaugh was targeted
once that he wormed his way out of it
but Hannity I don’t recall and Hannity
is the tub thumper for the Republican

Party no I don’t understand why they
don’t target him the only thing I can
imagine is he has deep ties I think his
parents were both FBI
maybe CIA he always wears an FBI and the

CIA pin every day
he was boasting about it yes I mention
it he was boasting about it yeah yep so
maybe he has I don’t know maybe he’s got
some protection somehow but he’s also

boring I mean he’s like a block of
he just says the same thing over and
over again like I was waiting for Trump
and I cut out after Lindsey Graham I

can’t watch this anymore it’s too stupid
lady G Lindsey Graham lady G hear about
that no it was true he was outed for
trolling for male prostitutes all I

heard was a handle lady G it probably is
but but yeah so Hannity has never
mentioned never mentioned he wasn’t even

mentioned he doesn’t get man now let
alone targeted late yes leave something
up with him Lindsey Graham in the
streets lady G in the sheets amuse
yourself someone sent me a 43 set one of

our producers sent me a 43 second Rick
Wilson anti-trump rant which he edited
together you want to hear it sure
Donald Trump has rescheduled his
Juneteenth rally in Tulsa in the

Oklahoma stance and has now moved it to
a day later and has summoned a loya
jirga of his Trump hotties I’m mixing
all kinds of metaphors all you Middle

Eastern scholars just let me roll this
so that next Saturday they’re going to
have a super spreader Palooza it’s like
a Phish concert for Mogga people in
Tulsa eita this rally set to be sort of

a delicious toxic slurry of everything
it’s got Trump racism it’s got someone
dividing the country along racial lines
in a moment where you know everything’s
calm racially speaking it’s got the
chance to jam people into an arena to

serve as plague bearers for these super
spread of kovat it’s just got everything
you know we should keep our eye on this
guy cuz he’s signaling we’re troubles

ahead you know it’s gonna be a mess in
Tulsa you know it’s gonna be a mess you
know that they’re gonna strike they’re
gonna say they’re gonna do something
that’s gonna be nasty you can just wait
for it look

go back to the talk the discussion of
striking and the fact that the Atlanta
Police Department may have done a
walkout I am waiting for one of the
police departments to go on strike yeah

and I’m surprised it hasn’t happened
already and there’s and it’s happened
before in history in the 70s it happened
a number of places including New York
City the police went on strike and this

becomes a real problem for them every
now is this are all police unionized all
police department is a lot of police are
unionized and this is another thing that
gets me why is the left the talking

points that Democracy Now folks to Rick
Wilson’s of the world is people all big
Pro Union Pro Union and then when the
police union comes along they’re not pro

union with them what white what is
different about any unions or unions if
you’re a pro union person and you’re
pushing like unions and then the first
thing you hear when you’re mentioned

well you know certain people shouldn’t
have to unionize government workers
probably but then the biggest reason you
have to me the tube Service Employees
International and American Federation of
state government and municipal workers

that’s the after me operation and these
are giant unions of of government
workers that are so totally supported by
the Democrat Party but a police union is

not now what’s the difference you like
to teachers unions but you don’t like to
police you in just because the police
changes that they decide to go and
strike everybody in in an old-fashioned
way all the unions have this stop work

here’s a question so with this union
would the striking officers get a some
kind of wage from the union is that is
that still a case that’s still a thing

like he’s guards they have a fund for
specific fund cuz you know these cops
don’t make a lot of money man they don’t
make a lot of money most of them well
during these riot air is a lot of cops

in some jurisdictions are making 200
bucks an hour so they’re happy with the
overtime yeah I’ll send you out into the
riot and give you 200 bucks an hour
well I’m not going okay now that the
point is is though unions do a lot of

things for further for the people in the
Union and one of them is to keep
members from getting fired so they make
a big fuss now when the New York
Teachers Union has a teacher who’s

getting fired they put him in the rubber
room where he gets paid his full salary
and doesn’t do any work and that’s
apparently okay
but when a policeman’s Union keeps a cop
from getting fired for whatever reason

that’s bad so how is it bet you’d make
up your minds if you’re gonna be Pro
Union you have to be all-in which means
that the police unions is illegitimate

as any other Union say Union
it keeps cops from getting fired it
defends policeman’s rights it does all
the things that unions do and I find it
baffling and Democracy Now is the worst
case of this that these pro-union

Trotskyites they’re all over the place
and they’re all in the broadcasters
they’re all everywhere and now they’re
teaching kids to be Marxist which is
fantastic they’re all for all this stuff
into except for this one makes no sense

those interesting troll room gave me a
lot of pushback Oh cops make a lot of
money they got paid a lot for driving
around not doing shit okay trolls I see

in 49,000 to $65,000 a year in Austin in
Austin yeah you’re getting by your wife
is working and you’re living around this

is that the support for the police is
not I mean this is not gonna work out I
mean if we remember somebody pointed out
during the Nixon’s run for president he

swept into office and during an era of
rioting and police bashing and it’s
Athiya this is the setup for Trump being
reelected the way I’m seeing and I don’t

think anybody on the other side I find
this very interesting John that I see a
definite bias amongst our trolls
that cops need to shut up but they’re

making enough and with overtime they can
make $100,000 they’re very little very
little compassion for them interesting
buzz media yeah and a good job yeah I
think so too

uh well so where are we at now with all
this I think we’re at the breakpoint
yeah I think so too and that’s why I
would like to say in the morning to you

and thank you for your courage the man
who put both C’s in the CCP John C
Dvorak John cccc devorah exactly in the
morning I’ll ship sassy boots on the

ground feet in the air subs in the water
all the Dames and nights out there in
the morning to our trolls I love I love
our trolls they they never they never
said they’re never boring there’s always
something new with the trolls and you

can be one of them in fact you probably
are you just don’t know where your
bridge is this is the troll room it’s no
agenda Stream dot-com no agenda stream
comm is where you go and you will you
okay what happened there did you the mic

fall off no I just moved it okay
not only can you sit there and troll
along with the live shows but you can
also troll
shows that are recorded which is even

funnier cuz the hosts won’t respond to
you but you’ll have other trolls around
you and it gets to be said also while
you’re in there let me see how many we
have that let me see how many we have
today will troll count 1440 hear that
Horowitz is gonna do the Nick or did the

Nick to rat show no that’s that’s the
kind of stuff that goes on and no agenda
stream calm that’s exactly right that’s
how it works it is it’s cool as so many

different people all jamming together as
part of our value for value network and
while you’re there you can also get an
invite for no agenda social calm which
is our federated social network about

6,000 members I think and it’s a very
high signal-to-noise so you can really
you know you get I get AG lot of good
show prep from there and this even

engage sometimes in the conversation
which of course you can’t do anywhere
and then I’d like to say in the morning
to our artists four episodes 1251 we
titled that viewpoint discrimination

speaking of democracy now it was I don’t
know if as Gabe Grider ever had a piece
of art selected by us in the past uh
he’s pretty fairly new some probably not

know some interesting art though but
really hit it just squarely with so if
you know the democracy and our logo
everyone’s seen this artwork is instead

of democracy now mob rule now with the
Statue of Liberty with a Molotov
how could you argue with that that was
dynamite it was right off the bat like
that’s the one it’s just that it pops

out you know it it’s you sometimes you
can’t explain art other than that it
just nailed it thank you very much Gabe
brighter and welcome thank you for your
value provided to the community this is
actually this would be look on it look

pretty good on t-shirt although I don’t
yes I mean right right on a mug to run a
mug no agenda shop sure for sure yeah no
agenda shop comm does that and they they

make sure they get permission from the
artist of course it says no no agenda
art generator so it’s there and then
when once they put it on stuff they sell
it they give a third to the artist keep

a third for themselves and eventually
wind up giving a third to the show no
contracts love it and thank you again
Grider no agenda art generator comm
where you can participate yourself of

course it happens during the live show
but you can also see all these well tens
of thousands of pieces of art that have
been uploaded and collected over the
past decade or so yeah thank you very

much for your courage all of your you
know your site where we put that where
the art was put up and submit remember
this is interesting you bring this up

yes whatever happened to those art piece
well that’s what happened to the first
two years of Clips archive
we this was a very big lesson for me and
for the show and for many with me we

were using something called drop dot IO
if you remember and drop do was a place
we it was kind of an early file-sharing
essentially you could just drag a file

in there and it would it would then
create what is called the drop and then
you had a link so he could share it he
could build a page and so we were saving
artwork and and other people were
creating drops and sub drops and then

one day drop said well we’re closing
everything sorry I didn’t have time for
you to take your your content off but oh
well we’re not hired somewhere I forget
where they went I should look that up

where those dicks go drop welcome to the
Internet and a bull crowd and they were
basically bought out for the team and
they just closed it and then all of our

stuff was Facebook acquired it that all
that there you go we can recently
confirm we we can confess book says we
can confirm we’ve recently completed a
small talent acquisition for drop do

acquired most of the company’s assets
yeah and our clips and our art yeah
that’s what happened

have a few people of things that’s why I
don’t I don’t have I don’t have some
stuff from the early days yes we have
starting with mr. funghi funghi LLC in
Corvallis Oregon a mushroom grower worth

a thousand dollars and wrong holy crap
1010 you get your PIN out because I
didn’t send this information to Eric
okay one thousand ten and five cents all
right and he has the note you sent in

his skimming as a chicken forgive me
Father for I have sinned I’ve been
overly occupied with my new startup and
I have not donated please d douche me
yeah okay no problem here we just
donation in the amount of 10 1005 double

dimes on the nickel nice I like it
should catch me up on my dues for the
valley for Valley I received from the
BPI to you according to the moolah

report I would like to credit this
donation to my to MUC to my co Rossi my
to my Mike Carosi company mr. funky calm
that’s mr. – funky we provide beneficial

fungi fungi
I’m sorry fungi and supporting material
that helps plant uptake nutrients
probiotics for your plants this product

is incredible for fruit trees vegetables
hemp and of course the devil’s lettuce I
would like to be known as okay nice if
he’s gonna be total okay it’s the night
go okay hold on a second yes so you

didn’t okay so this is not on our list I
got it
I’d like to be known as sir fungi the
night of the rhizosphere
sir RH I see oh the fear of the spell

that again
RH i zo rise o rise o sphere brew the

nice sir funds funghi the night of the
rise o severe yeah in commemoration of
this knighting i grabbed surf fungi calm
and any no agenda list was get 33
percent off of the fungus using promo

code magic 33 woo
thanks for all you do our nation’s emit
for all you do for our nation’s amygdala
loving light no jingles no karma yeah

thank you very much mr. funky that’s I’m
looking at the page right now
and here it is increases sighs
productivity Oh plant sighs okay good
decreased water usage so much more all
right thank you

take a look next on list is Adam in
Austin you 500 bucks
nice he says I know as he stays a little
anonymous Kaylee’s but it says Kaylie

specials and blasting the experts are
your moneymakers for me I’m coming oh I
feel bad we don’t have a Kaylie special
now because of the savage no I that’s

why I announced it at the beginning
there was one today that’s okay she’s
coming back for more
keep them coming I’m catching up on no
agenda episodes after a beach trip my
friends on the Texas coast enticed the

prevalence Trump flags and dearth of
masks and rioting blew my mind was a
Galveston I wonder let me know yeah
excellent Thank You Adam from Austin

Jason Simon 590 is 500 and does Jason
Simon’s 500 so we’re doing okay today
not quite a war in peace but close
jingles please D douche he needs a d

douche induced he’s gonna need the
Korean broadcaster 999 clippity-clop and
that’s true

one too many but we’ll do it this
dissertation begins now and there’s
nothing here
spoken word has performed by John John’s
firm voice and his fists in the air and
foot on his keyboard so whatever it is

you sent never got onto the spreadsheet
and I looked at my email not there
either so the war and peace is in
abeyance now I want to thank you for the

500 bucks and we do have your jingles
yeah with that this is what’s weird
because I pre sourced these and they got
the 999 and I’m getting file format not
supported what the hell is that

uh I didn’t check this before yeah but I
don’t understand that what I got I got
one that works there and what was the
first one again I’m sorry was that the D
douching you get Korean Korean lady yeah

yeah come on gap I got my gonna yeah why
is that it’s coming up with an error
that is so in the clippity-clop that’s
but now I have to find I gotta find a

Korean Lee nearly this donation was
jinxed no one’s broken it cuz I only
have this long note is missing okay here
we go

right first I got to do is D douching no
I don’t think I did this dish that you

the message is clear
karma why not you’ve got didn’t realize

that the very strange in compare so
onward with here we go our buddy Dave

foo goes oh no the Duke of America’s
heartland and the Arabian Peninsula you
want to read his note
I sure do enclose as my official
Father’s Day donation of d + a + D and
33 cents in honor of my dear old dad

David fuga Zotoh I presume that we
should mention his donations for 1433
that’s the DA d 33 like my mom and
mother-in-law he’s a keeper

if you’re interested here’s a quick
update from the Peninsular portion of my
dukedom Saudi Arabia’s kovat cases have
been spiking past ramadana yet and at
last count was pushing 5,000 new cases
per day this is in contrast to before we

came out of lockdown when the Mac’s
trended under 1000 that said death
seemed to be fairly low at about 40 per
day and it seems like the medical system
has capacity yes sounds like testing is

going on there in spite of the uptick we
are still on track to fully open the
country as of the 21st of June and this
is Saudi Arabia and I expect we’ll be
wearing masks from this point onward to
infinity yep and perhaps even beyond yep

so we’ve got that going for us
non-compliance is 1000 reals for the
individual and 10,000 reals for the shop
that let you browse without protection

you will obey citizen domestic flights
are flying now but still no concrete
dates for international flights so I
remain marooned he’s been there what the
whole lockdown three months awaits me in
there a couple of months

Sephora with the epidemic of swollen
amygdala in the USA
once international flights do finally
open I’m seriously considering getting
one-way tickets to bring over my girls

and our scruffy mongrel here we only
have to worry about the occasional
Houthi missile attack or Iranian back
drone swarm yeah what’s it
thanks as always for the timely and
thoughtful analysis of the current

situation this show along with Moe facts
with Adam Curry are exactly what the
world needs producers I call on you all
to step up chip in and to propagate the
formula not just hams can save the world

right no jingles but a dash of goat
karma for strength and thank you for
your courage
Dave fuga sotto Duke of America’s
heartland and the Arabian Peninsula and
thank you sir for your courage you’ve
got uh Norah James story $334 in zero

zero sense and Laura Hut
New Zealand New Zealand er greetings we

have recently turned to a semblance of
normality after a long government in
Polk the excuse me and pose a lockdown

thanks to our obedience sheep like
population socialist we managed to
effectively eliminate the virus and
without compulsory mask-wearing reminder
the Japanese store which is interesting

too not a moment too soon
no so they weren’t wearing masks this
whole thing is ludicrous
given the large flocks of sheep here who
jumped on the black lives matter protest
bandwagon unfortunately two new Kovach

cases have circulated through the
country this week due to a breach of
border quarantine protocols let’s hope
we don’t end up back where we started
either way the economic impacts are left

to be fully realized so I better donate
before the exchange rate gets worse by
the time this episode airs it will be my
birthday here turning 41 on the 19th
please have my name Lee are on the list

I’d like to give a shout-out to my
long-standing partner in crime Julia who
has been subjected has been subjected to
no agenda in my car on the weekend
drives a couple of weeks ago we decided

to take her car and she surprised me by
asking me if I would like to play my
podcast request a foamer and a goat
karma loved the show it’s really

enhanced my critical listening skills
James and remember it’s the people who
no agenda together who stay together
you’ve got Andrew Grasso of the Grasso’s

uh 3:30 3:30 force maybe a night you

might be sir happy birthday to my dad
Michael all cases think it’s this child
of Michael huh yes any happy for his
father’s day to me and my son Michael

was born on March 20th well we got a
double please
give me a health Karma for my
grandmother Marcy who has just admitted
to hospital to the hospital with stroke

symptoms and dementia uh it’s not good
it’s ridiculous that family members
still cannot visit yet this is Duncan

that visit their sick kin all in the
name of the nonsense fear-mongering
especially ones with dementia yes
these soldiers Russell’s term Long
Island New York it’s very cruel yes of

course we do
you’ve got health Karma Alicia Julian in
Gilroy California 33333 local happy

Father’s Day to sir Julian Earl of the
South Bay and autonomous cars love Shady
Bridget’s rib –is– rubbish 333 and 33
cents from Kennewick Washington this is

a Father’s Day gift for Ross rubbish you
think it’s Reba Trebek
it is Kennewick to Kennewick okay do you
think it’s rubbish Reba CH Ross was a

rubbish rubbish it’s the father’s gift
so he’s not called out as a douche by
his cousin who got him hooked on your
podcast ah Bridget I see what’s going on
Ross is now a regular fan and shares no

agenda with anyone willing to listen
your candor and insight is much
appreciated I believe she is calling for
ad douching for her my hands
you’ve been deduced so there you go

thank you very much for the support you
can continue to read the one after this
I’ll see if I can look up the email
Michel poplin from Denver Colorado
that’s the email and that is the one

you’re looking at but I’m still I’m
dragging it out I’ll say it again this
color one after that note okay sir Carl
with the K 300 dollars and 33 cents from
Rochester New York in the morning

the show has been excellent since the
lockdown I especially love it when you
break down Andrew Cuomo’s pressors which
are must-see TV here in New York State
as we anxiously await his permission to
live our lives your show has meant a lot

to me over the years first and foremost
it keeps me sane and informed it’s also
brought a lot of listeners to my show
who are these podcasts thank you for
that I think that’s a thank you to you
John in addition I’ve met many great

people in the no agenda community or is
it the N a cult no we prefer media tribe
but okay recently I was a guest on the
grumpy old Ben’s podcast with fellow
Knights Ryan dem rose and Darrin O’Neil

after our great discussion I knew it was
time to donate speaking of my appearance
on grumpy old Ben’s we all agree that JC
D would make an excellent guest host on
who are these podcasts Jon you have an

open invitation any time you want to
come on and make fun of a podcast with
me I know it’s something you’ve always
wanted to do I think you are uniquely
qualified anyways keep up the great work

I’ll take a classic in the morning for
my jingle and a podcast karma cheers sir
Carl with a ke I think you should take
them up on I think that will be a hit

you’ve got karma seriously considering
you should do more than one guest host
it’d be great you’d love doing that
I would love doing that in fact I out a

will right now just make the comment I
will do it excellent
they’ll be Fant all right well I have to
say he couldn’t find the email

there’s nothing here and there’s no
nothing under poplin is nothing under
the number what I tell people to do is
write donation note
all right and that I didn’t get anything
so we have a check email guy no warranty

she says from Denver this is Michael
poplin Denver Colorado the donation is
33333 and I want to thank him for
donating yeah you’re gonna on words with

Gavin McElroy why don’t you take this as
I gotta sneeze yes Gavin McElroy two
hundred and sixty six dollars and 84
cents this seems this would be I think a

$1 Ettin donation from Victoria
Australia John Adam Gavin here an Irish
Aussie currently based in the Sultanate

of Oman oh yes
Oman sincerely thanks for your work I am
a former JRE listener now converted
whole-hog to nai like Jo but dammit he
gets a bit too lefty from time to time

well it’s this right this is why our
timing is perfect
you can if you if it’s to lefty listen
to us for a bit and go back and forth it
works perfectly for all sides
shout out to my decisively delicious
wife Christine who celebrates her

birthday on June 30th I celebrate mine
on June 26 note the donation amount
relates to the correct date format not
your backwards version can I get an

Obama no no no and goat karma please
keep on keepin on brethren you know what
I think happened here is because this is
clearly not a date or is it oh 26 684 oh

I guess it doesn’t make sense does it
well maybe if it’s his birthday okay
okay maybe well I think it’s very good

I’ll give you an Obama no no no no and
thank you very much for your support and
yes we stand corrected on the date
no no no hey you’ve got one word with

Joel Nelson $250 bullshit executive

producer he wants that’s one mother
baby-making Karma it’s with sadness that
I must state that I asked for
baby-making karma too late last donation

I needed to have asked for it at least a
week early huh to that end I would like
for additional that’s one mother
baby-making karma to help in our third
attempt that there’s material here I’m

just gonna keep our movie Abba sister
requests from my ketchup kick I’m gonna
sorta hot wife okay lost your job due to

covet and is looking for an HR
specialist talent acquisition dot God
within 20 or 30 minutes of Richfield 35
west of 494 if you know of one email me
at Joel Nelson – Joel Nelson – at

protonmail calm this is a request for a
job for mice in a social profile listed
in the show notes and I’ll send out her
resume pin ultimately 3x douchebag call

out already
mm-hmm mark L do name Ben in the mouth
Elijah G you name Ben that I hit in the

mouth and Phil L there’s a marketeer
with brown shoes that I hit in the mouth
thanks for their biweekly sanity of an
info segment

you’ve been a great help during this
time of tribulation is due to kovat and
the riots here in Minnesota don’t you
know don’t you know don’t you know all
right so we have a jobs karma but first

we’re gonna hit you with the one hot
milf baby-making karma so if you ready
bend over no that’s one mother I’d like
jobs jobs jobs and jobs

well how does not by want to stop by
Cody the black male cowboy in Long Beach

California 248 16 I know jingles no
karma but I do correct I have a
correction several shows ago all
Corrections accompanied by donations are
gladly accepted uh several shows ago you

received a donation from a town in
John pronounced the town Louis ton but
it’s actually Louis town hmm
I grew up in Lewistown and I still have

family there it’s always perks um so
here it pronounced incorrectly we’re
sorry we’re sorry
keep up the fine work good sirs go to
the black metal cowboy we can always do

better we will be better you appreciate
it we can always do better here’s our
buddy circle a circle of lavender
blossoms with two three four five six
Northville michigan ITM folks JC d I am

emailed you about your dress no response
can I ship some honey to your P o box it
might be a larger package Adam how’s the
honey happy Father’s Day to you and the

rest of us dads out there circle of
lavender blossoms org I really want to
thanks Raquel
he sent a fabulous care package with all
of the of course the lavender blossoms

solves and the and all of it dis
essential oh I mean it was like a huge
package with a giant jar of raw home
home grown honey yeah did you decided to

post office bugs they put it in the back
I pick it up later it is it’s crazy jugs
of Pennsylvania a maple syrup ninety one

of our producers I didn’t get that well
he said yours to me did you did you get
your cheddar cheese though No Oh Brad
the man sent a big tin I’ve never seen

this before it comes in a tin
refrigerated of Cougar cheese from
Wisconsin no no not from with
from Washington State University

Creamery Oh neat
hello warren beatty meat so baby said
the madonna about her show it’s more

than neat I’m excited about this isn’t a
big tin it has to go in the frame
looking forward to that yeah this is the
cool gold you don’t get that my shipping
address send me another note anyway I

lost the name of the guy who sent me the
Pennsylvania maple syrup and he has to
send me a note
we thank Cersei I love lavender blossoms
profusely of course and for his donation
and check him out lavender blossoms calm

Nick Miller also with through 3 456 from
Berlin Deutschland a big in the morning
from yet another Joe Rogan experience
convert I’ve been addicted to your

humerus and cerebral analysis from the
first episode I listened to and it means
even more to me now as the world dives
further into insanity this is my second
donation but the first is associate

executive producer lever so please do
some jobs karma I’m currently living and
working German working living and

working in Germany but I’ve decided it
is time to make my way back home to the
States to be closer to the family
software company I work for here is not
interested in extending a contract for
me to continue working from them

remotely I know I’ll find work back home
but don’t have a clear plan yet so every
bit helps
do you have the good work Nick Miller
Thank You MIT Nick and yeah of course
we’ve got a jobs karma for you and
welcome to our Metis tribes

jobs jobs and jobs let’s vote for job
in fact karma this node needs commentary
I’ve noticed this there’s a Joe Rogan

people have come over adapted to our
show with one episode which is rare cuz
the olden days very rare in the olden
days all these from from scratch
listeners took and they were to talk

about this song I hated your show I had
to listen to it to history time as I
finally oh I finally started getting it
now is it possible that because Rogen’s
a podcast that people are just finally
getting used to listen to podcast found

going from podcast the podcast easier
than going from scratch to podcast or
have art has Arden Way of opening the
show and actually doing this show has

that have we grown into just a new taste
of the public at large
one of the two um because it isn’t it is
interesting to me yeah that the Roga

nights just came right in boom they’re
there they’re there
well a couple things because of the
nature of Rogen’s show which is you know
two and a half three hours like ours
long and it just kind of gets started

and you get into it or you don’t and I
think the with us you need a little
patience even to just hear where we’re
going on the data we’re trying to think

we don’t know we don’t have any agenda
either we start off like I won’t figure
out what we start with but I think we’re
also kind of you know rogon I don’t know
if he has lefty days he everybody’s one

guy you know where the guest is a very
different kind of show here we have two
guys we can have we crossed opinions and
no guests but yeah we cross opinions all
the time and ultimately thank you that’s
really what it is what are you and I

doing we’re talking to each other and
it’s and I think that it’s genuine now
if we disagree we disagree sometimes it
gets heated sometimes I’m bossy

sometimes yes it has always been true
that’s different than people having
listened to the show three times that we
used to recommend that is true it was

and now the the rogen night with that
hello was that the Zephyr Moochie it
seems to be am ia gonna hit the car to
hit the house and so now it’s they go
straight in and it’s like fine with the

bread to get go so I just find it fast
and I don’t know why there’s something
does change in this in the culture well
it’s it’s a good change as a welcome
change and I’m lit ISM I’m very happy

I’m happy that we fit in the same
category of people but you are right
they come in and immediately get it love
it want to support it and they’re

donating right away to know the bolts
call I haven’t heard that way thanks man
you bring quality people
he’s like congratulate the very high

quality audience yes yeah that’s true
true sir dude named Ben defender of the
megawatts protector of the electric grid
in Franklin Texas two hundred thirty
three dollars and 33 cents got a

birthday coming up Adi John and Adam
jingle request a citizen AOC 1980 1984
Revolution pew pew shut up slave I
cannot finish my 33rd trip around the
Sun without another donation of the best

podcast in the universe please add me to
the birthday list for June 19th not only
be celebrating my birthday this weekend
but my first Father’s Day as well with
all the 2020 craziness thank you for

keeping me sane as our history is being
rewritten we’re being told to shut up
and stay home and cities are burning
John do you know the story of Jim
limbered Davis I found his story ironic

as his adoptive father statue was pulled
down by ignorant crowds who don’t know
understand the nuances of history this
insanity has explained that Pocahontas

wanting to exhume Confederates from
Arlington National Cemetery
many of the m5m have said in the south
that the south x act of secession was an
act of treason ironic for a country that

was founded on this by the same process
the South forgotten and lost his first
bid for independence perhaps it is time
for another Texas at least should resume
his proper place as a free and

independent state I for one will not
comply with the cowardly in
Lincoln Heights second attempt at the
reconstruction of this nation I will
remember my heritage in history
sincerely unreconstructed sir dude named

Ben defender of the megawatts protector
of the electric grid well thank you very
much sir you’ve got karma Matthew Abbot
in Castle Rock Colorado tu-tu-tu-tu-tu

long time Boehner first-time donor I’m
excited to meet small amygdalas tonight
at the Denver Meetup and couldn’t be a
douche bag any longer nice dealer’s
choice Sharpton did you see the juice

what yes here is to be deduced no it
doesn’t say that yeah please d douche me
right okay China asshole it tastes like
poop to to the head again we were trying

to minimize these there’s something
funny in for ya we try and we try
perhaps it was influenced by gurgle and
the third right SP you special police

can you see that Jew juice juice it just
cut off I always going on it’s messy

this bring that this is from Christopher
ruddiger know do we I didn’t if I didn’t
do China’s about it Chris wrote a girl –

OH – OH – and says this brings me up
tonight hood accounting attache I’d like
to be knighted sir teat see a tat

jingles attached clip okay pew-pew and
an older Fletcher scream could you just
read this so I can see if I can get
these together John neato okay please

prema I’m writing his testimony the
value for value system the show by
itself is priceless and what whoops
whoops whoops whoops whoops and what
producers have helped build around the

show creates a truly precious resource
of information and entertainment that
encapsulate what the internet was
supposed to be if you’re thinking about
donating you should and if you’re

donating you should have a few drinks
and go for an associate executive level
to have John cold read a note
you don’t remember writing it’s a cheap
out-of-body experience the Merman please

the value I add today is more juvenile
every donation of mine has been from a
real from a real town that I don’t live
remotely close to but was funny hearing

it announced I’ve included a mush edit
for your enjoyment well we I don’t have
it I have it nice I found it I got it
yeah much love to my smokin pot wife

smokin pot hot wife okay pickles as we
celebrate our second anniversary my
first Father’s Day and my 35th birthday

on a Saturday this week it’s a gift to
be making a family with you her gift to
me that would – he’s talking to pickles
not us yeah her gift to me was making me
donate the No Agenda because she wasn’t

how to MA oh sure yes love and right
from Chris and the Rutgers meat eats
meat ever heard of this place

Petit’s white Meeteetse Matisse how do
you propose it petits met meet see
Meeteetse as in me TT fly New York only

time I’ve ever seen that town name ever
thanks for making us sound like
douchebags Chris yeah well reduced well

produced yeah it was good actually I
think you’re doing more chrismole me in
Cherry Valley Massachusetts – OH – hi
John Adam thanks for hitting my wife in

the mouth recently it’s been a quite an
experience for both of us please give a
shout-out to my smoking-hot wife she
knows who she is thank you Chris mommy
I’m gonna give her one that’s one that’s

how we do it here and drive you’re right
go ahead
Andrew Riley two hundred and one dollars
this Father’s Day donation on behalf of

my dad Steve Steve Riley please also
credit him for the associate executive
producer ship make a note please
yes thanks aunt barb for the gift idea
aunt barb the gift idea and plan so in

the customary D douching
you’ve been deduced nice that’s very
good and Barb is on onboard she knows

what’s going on I like it
Joe Slater in Kamloops BC 200 donation
from Joe Slater for show 1252 now
there’s a note Remy

yes the Laramie cooter kayui ter in for
board for full burg Raimi coder Raimi
good for birth father bag I don’t know

why it still cracks me up after 12 years
after why why people why uh don’t stop

doing what you’re doing and keep on
keeping on donation is a game drive for
my smoldering hot wheels I like that one

a small my smoldering hot wife femme key
femco celebrate her birth femke femke
dempke used to be an actress named
Stephanie Yan Sir James Bond girl who

was Dutch yeah the one that were there
what’s her name did she killed men by by
squeezing this reason with her head with
her thighs yes that’s very Dutch who
celebrates her birthday on June 17th

he’s a big fan of the show and would
like to have the following jingles goats
karma John’s fisting nuts and Trump
aroused all the best from lockdown zone
you guys are dirty locked down zone oh

seven Oh in the nether regions where
will be joining the dog in the protest
against the cove in 1984 that’s one –
fought 1.5 meters society that’s coming

Sunday soon to be stir source
stinkfinger aka the plague from The
Hague Remy Remy cute ax and femke of bun
Bremen yes the Maurice de Holt the dog

is doing a speech and I believe ancilla
is also going to be speaking it’s
supposed to be big a lot of people are
talking about it and this is because the
Dutch are putting into law the

1.5 meters society I think we mentioned
it before so instead of six feet for
some reason they feel it’s five beep
five feet social distancing but they
call it that on the hull from a thermite

supe which is a nice has a
da-da-da-da-da do that it up people can
remember the unlit hall from eight miles
back but it’s going into law
it’ll be permanent it’s a permanent
thing you always have to hug anybody

anymore and then in the hall and you
can’t give them a couple kisses on the
cheek one left to right it’s going it’s
it’s going into law it’s crazy they
slipped a couple other things they

called something called the dragnet laws
they’ve also pushed that through during
this whole Rona thing which is basically
illegal spying on telecoms yeah they’re
going all in a very good very good

darling very very good just go for John
tell us your peeve about the fisting
method of eating snacks on me I see this
on the airplane and it’s very annoying

and I think it were resultant in fights
breaking out cuz it’s just so annoying
to watch guy takes his bag of peanuts
throws a pile of into his palm of his
hand and then he makes a fist around the


is what happens when you’re in Holland

and lockdown you start thinking about
dirty just dirty uh Joseph died venero
Vinnie arrow duverney arrow

d di ve RN IE ro Joey really it’s Joey D
is Joey da in Cornelia’s North Carolina
200 bucks

I found you short I had his appearance
on junior E I knew immediately after I
had to check out No Agenda and I liked
it so much that I’m now a regular
listener to D H I’m plugged and mo fax
after growing up in the Long Island

Catholic community and going to a
private liberal arts college I always
found both perspectives of current
events either through my parents who
watch Fox News or friends who spit out

liberal talking points I always found
that the truth was somewhere in the
middle and you guys confirmed that for
me I love how you both cover stories

objectively which is impossible to find
anywhere else and when you do interpret
a story differently you talk it out loud
to find the truth instead of just

yelling at each other
like most of them do I knew after the
Eisenhower quote from the last episode I
had to donate as anytime I learned
anything about the man I’ve become more

and more impressed I never heard that
quote on science and technology but
loved it also has this quote of the
government which foreshadows the issues

we have today he wanted to get the
federal government out of any
unnecessary activity and to stop the
hysterical approach of cutting
during every owl through the infusion of

cash not sure what I’m saying
please accept my donation as an
appreciation of you guys show now what
you do if you could please play orange
man into afternoon delight and finish

with some goat Karma I’d be a happy guy
I think that’s one of your best voices
you kept it up really long slow golf
clap Tiffany pin tap very impressive

orange man bad you’ve got last guy he’s
our associate executive producer for

show 12:52 and i want to thank everybody
the associate executive and executive
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I’m so excited I don’t know which button
is unfortunately more our formula is
this we go out for your people in the


I know what happened so I had I drew
over yesterday drew I’ve been trying to
have waiting for three months for Drew
who’s gonna build my studio table near

the desk Oh drew is your carpenter well
he actually he builds studios
I think it’s right Smith Studios just
one guy he used to do custom motorcycles
when he lived in LA

like the $300,000 crazy custom jobs yeah
and then he moved here and and he
started building a studio cabinetry and
well obviously we had all kind of he’s
probably a dynamite uh-huh and he’s made

it fantastic so we were like positioning
stuff cuz I want to keep it so I can
still take it with me I don’t want to
have a duplicate set you know so it’s
still the portable but then it’s kind of
all docked into this you’ll send
pictures when it’s ready anyway so we

were messing around with the with the
with the screens and I’m hitting but I’m
hitting like where I thought it would be
and it’s uh next to it I’m hitting the
wrong buttons I’m sorry he will get
better oh I see yeah it’s just

accustomed to the new layout well it and
still the old layout I don’t have the
desk yet but we were working working at
night you know what I’m talking about no
okay so working probably it’s a work in

progress is what I’m saying hey you know
there is stuff going on all over the
world and a couple people sent this to
me you know and I’m not surprised that
we haven’t heard about it because of

course in the United States certainly
why would you expect any other news that
but in Dijon France you think it’s bad
here police reinforcements have

descended on the French city of Dijon
looking to end a string of violent
encounters between rival gangs the city
has seen four consecutive nights of
clashes which were sparked by an alleged
attack on a 16 year old chechen by drug

dealers last week dozens of men armed
with guns and crowbars wreaked havoc on
the low-income district of busy last
night setting bins and cars alight while

France’s deputy interior minister is in
Dijon today but local officials have
called for more government help to stop
the violence this involves rival gangs
armed groups who have taken justice into

their own hands under the eyes of the
state without any reaction and I along
with my colleagues I’m asking for more
resources I’m asking for police I’m
asking for justice I’m asking for

specialists educators in our territories
we must work on the real issues if not
simply react but work upon the real
issues and you see the video this is
Chechen gangs they are dressed

completely in body armor they’ve got you
know semi-automatic weapons and perhaps
automatic weapons they just on the
streets Romans shooting in the air it’s

it’s finally oh yes nuts diversity do
you think that there’ll be a shortage of
mustard region it turns out you know
I’ve had this thing about the Dijon

mustard people can send a meat samples
and it turns out that a very good copy
of real Dijon mustard actually made by
French’s ha doesn’t surprise me very
hard to find hmm

it’s a guy to black labels as French’s
Dijon mustard and just as style and I
have to go back look at it it tastes
exactly it’s that hot you know good
Dijon mustard when it’s fresh is

extremely hot like right through your
nostrils like wasabi yeah sabe
yes and then it gets stale it gets stale
very quickly so you buy the my or any of
the various brands of ingrateful Ponta

cost my my ma IL le Miya Miya yeah the
Grey Poupon is the American Grey Poupon
has been replanted that doesn’t say
anything like this John but if you buy

Grey Poupon in Canada you get a real
Dijon and it’s fairly fresh and so it’s
pretty hot when I was still at MTV or 89
and I’d bought a Rolls Royce Silver

Shadow 2 it only had 15,000 miles on it
but that’s cost $70,000 it was very
expect but it was it was a classic rolls
Brewster British racing green and I
drove it into Manhattan from New Jersey

every single day and if you know route 3
you go into the Lincoln Tony you have
this roundabout it’s kind of a
corkscrewed to get into the tunnel you
could be sitting there for 45 minutes
listening to Howard Stern but invariably

in the late 80s someone would be honking
next to me roll down their window and
say Grey Poupon and of course I did I
had one to jari I might it might a

little desperate yes why I do would you
like some ah good times well for the
rolls is all that money

well the Rolls Royce I ran out of gas in
the in the Lincoln Tunnel that’s what
that would that ended my my high-end car
career do you want to see people angry
why don’t you run out of gas

Madge in a Rolls Royce in the Lincoln
Tunnel Friday afternoon you’re the MTV
guy with a leather jacket on and the
hair what do you think that experience
was like most in Manhattan they were

throwing stuff at me like milkshakes
that’s all gonna be in the book okay
well we’re looking forward to it yeah so

let’s go either you do a little more
international stuff I got some other
stories like the escalating Korean
tensions north and south yeah let’s talk
about that for sure you got a clip here
yes tensions are escalating on the

Korean Peninsula one day after North
Korea issues tensions are escalating on
the Korean Peninsula one day after North
Korea blew up a joint liaison office
near the South Korean border the office

was set up after the 2018 peace talks
North Korea’s also threatened to send
troops back to the border meanwhile
South Korean unification Minister has
offered his resignation as ties between
North and South Korea worsen I forgive

me if I don’t see this as some kind of
move by China
hey blowing up how did they know is
gonna blow up that they have a good film
of it they were real that’s a good

just an office yeah they got blown to
smithereens and it’s very just
documented I mean one said okay get her
your cameras over here we got a CNN crew
yeah seemed seemed a little fishy out to

me it was just okay just you know CCP
called up and say hey
it came joke and make some noise man
just do some stuff should make it tough
this want to make it look tough this

make it Trump look bad it’s part of it
and here’s the Hong Kong update as
presented to us by NPR yes thank you
Hong Kong’s chief executive Carrie Lam
is voicing support for China’s proposed

national security law for the city as
NPR’s Emily Fang reports Lam is accusing
those opposed to the law of demonizing
the issue Lam claimed Hong Kong had been
traumatized by protests against her

Beijing backed government over the last
year and needed such a measure Beijing
is out to restore order in the city by
increasing its control through a
proposed national security law that
would require Beijing set up its own

public security forces in Hong Kong
critics worried that the sweeping
language of the legislation so far would
outlaw and nearly all dissent and give
Beijing control over which legal cases
it can try in mainland China

earlier this week the deputy head of
Beijing’s representative office in Hong
Kong said that it would reserve
jurisdiction over rare cases in Hong
under the new law I mean is anyone gonna
step in why are we gonna step in I mean

this is clearly not cool what’s
happening no guess step in now will you
we’re already in too deep with China if
Trump knows that now and we haven’t
severed we can’t sever ties because we

can’t get they would just stop our
supply of drugs for example not not the
bad drugs not but the real drug like you
know everything that you take your
prescription drugs are all coming from
China and India I mean we’re so like you

know this was a mistake
big one when we like when we locked up
with China to such an extreme that we’ve
done and I mean Trump’s been trying to
get us extricated no one else is

interested so if you want to just turn
the country over to China and the
globalists you know just vote Joe Biden
that’s the way I see it that’s it that’s

I don’t have any more no no I that’s
international sunscreen yes I like your
oh yeah no back to the International so
we got all kinds of stuff Nazi well
ultimately give an entre mom just just

so we can laugh for a second with Iran
tomorrow I’m always looking for an ultra
mall okay you know Martha on Fox Fox
News Martha she’s she’s actually she’s
quite sweet I think Martha I know her
last name is she’s on Martha before

Tucker Carlson after Bret Baier
yes she’s Martha so she you know you
gotta like her she’s a sweet sweet lady
and she she’s talking about Chaz I guess

the Capitol Hill autonomous zone and
some of some of the demands that the
inhabitants of the nation of Chaz are

demanding in any way this is short clip
of her reciting some of that and we’re
also learning that there is infighting
among some of the occupiers and some
signs of rebellion against Roz Simone

who we introduced you to here on the
story last night
one posting on social media that has now
been deleted read this I didn’t vote for
as I thought we were an autonomous

collective an anarcho-syndicalist
commune at the least we should take
turns to act as a sort of executive
officer for the week so that was what
she thought was one of the demands

I’ll play that again and then play you
the original which came from Monty
Python’s Life of Brian Feroz I thought
we were an autonomous collective an
anarcho-syndicalist commune at the least

we should take turns to act as a sort of
executive officer for the week what I
told you we’re an anarcho-syndicalist

commune we take it in turns to act as a
sort of executive officer for the way
that’s a good troll that’s a high-level
troll oh I liked it a lot I thought that

was damn good that way no it wasn’t like
for Brian what was it it was um Holy
Grail I’m sorry no Monty Python Holy
Grail Holy Grail yeah

I like it that’s what you get that’s
what you get so let’s listen to the
Beijing update and dig because they have
a covert outbreak in Beijing yes and I

have a boots on the ground as well
health officials in China say they’ve
locked down a third neighborhood in
Beijing where a new coronavirus outbreak
has infected more than 100 people in
less than a week at least 27 of 40 new

infections reported nationwide yesterday
were in Beijing most of the new cases
have been traced to a wholesale food
market in the capital here is the update
from our professor who teaches in ladies

in Shanghai I’m sorry is in Shanghai but
we might as well do it now here’s the
news a Beijing Beijing how do you
pronounce do you say Beijing Beijing

bitch no nothing Beijing clothes all at
schools large markets in Shanghai are
once again doing temperature checks and
requiring patrons to wear masks by

definition the co vid tests are
worthless at best the claim is that a
person is positive for certain DNA or
RNA strands that are associated with
what is claimed to be the covert however
there’s no proof the virus causes

illness or the viruses are contagious
yes professor
we are aware yeah people can test
positive for viruses but we all make
viruses all the time and given there is
always someone who is sick and there’s

always someone who will test positive
for whatever the real question is why
would any government follow the Chinese
model we will probably have internal
travel restricted again definitely if
anyone went to Beijing they would have

to submit to the RN a nasal swab and
blood draw tests at present I cannot
leave Shanghai the rule is that no one
can enter a school campus if they travel
outside of Shanghai until after a 14-day

self-quarantine period my last scheduled
day of school was was 24th of June but
the government extended the
year two weeks Wow that’s dedicated
however the news from Beijing within 72

hours we will know if all is modified
I’m still taking vitamin C II d3 a
selenium magnesium and zinc
all the best JC JC j.r professor in
shanghai sounds right

sounds about right yeah he’s not all big
on the testing being true well you know
this all shakes out in a book probably
written in about two or three years oh

we were idiots this would be the name of
the book right another kind of a foreign
clip this is biting at some event where
he’s speaking to some kids or

something’s another empty audience and I
get two verses that Viton mumbo-jumbo
one and mumbo-jumbo too but I produced
number two first and I went back you
know I can’t do this

I edited so it’s just unbelievable this
guy’s makes no sense so it’s not that
Donald Trump doesn’t recognize the
importance of testing and now he
seemingly decided he doesn’t even want

to try so have some basic questions for
President Donald Trump
why don’t you enforce the osha standards
for worker protection during this global
pandemic what businesses didn’t get

special special approval folks here’s
the truth the pandemic is still here
it’s going to be here for the first show
before the four-syllable foreseeable
future until we get it under control or

until we have safe and proven widely
available vaccine Cova 19 is a fact of
nature I’ve laid out baseline steps of
what needs to be done from make it work

checklist for successful accountable
recovery for successful accountable
recovery that I put out back in early
April I used to find that it was mean

and it was elder abuse and now let’s go
to the blogger on bite and this is a

woman whose mom had this what she calls
ti AI never heard of it that’s a small
aneurysm small she says that she’s
witnessing the and she’s on your old

of Elder Abuse this is the bloggers come
back up again they look at so I learned
about roaches I learned about kids
jumping on my lap and I’ve loved kids

jumping on my lap I actually stopped
laughing and shaking my head I’m no
gerontologist there’s my disclaimer I’m
not a doctor of any kind but I’ve

experienced something like that
personally and I just don’t think it’s
something that should be mocked and made
fun of I’ll tell you my story in the
early 90s

my mom began having transient ischemic
attacks or TI a’s sometimes called mini
strokes they’re associated with vascular
dementia which is the second most common
form of dementia so for about a decade

until her death in 2003
I watched her slowly decline and it was
really sad and a lot of the clips I see
a bitin look sadly familiar and kind of

spooky okay yes TI a was we have spoken
about this on the show because that’s
what my dad had he had multiple t IAS

and was told to take it easy stop
boozing and smoking and whorin and he
didn’t and he had more T IAS and then it
just it went real fast

and then he was basically you know not
much left at the end just four years
just completely you guys start to get
paralyzed old was how old was he when he

died 8080 and and I saw him just before
he died but but I think the last time I
saw a really coherent was about six
years ago maybe so yeah that’s why I

fell bad but not anymore that’s that’s
what the Democrat Party wants to do to
an old man and it’s on you I’m gonna
stop it then we had this story which I

still find peculiar and I this is we
haven’t talked about this to any extreme
and we haven’t analyzed that and we
still aren’t going to yet and hopefully
we won’t have to because I think is like

some sort of screwy operation it may
even be a government you know
some sort of a COINTELPRO or was
agitprop who knows this is the clip the
Boogaloo killer busted in active-duty

Air Force sergeant with ties to the
far-right boogaloo movement has been
arrested for killing two law-enforcement
officials in California in recent weeks
Staff Sergeant Stephen Carillo is

accused of shooting dead a federal
security officer in Oakland during the
protests over the police killings of
George Floyd in May later Carrillo
killed a deputy sergeant in the Santa
Cruz County Sheriff’s Office

Korea’s lawyer says the Air Force
sergeant had served in Iraq Afghanistan
and Syria FBI Special Agent Chuck
Bennett spoke Tuesday should be clear
Carrillo elected to travel to Oakland to

conduct this murder and take advantage
of a time when this nation was mourning
the killing of George Floyd there is no
evidence that these men had any
intention to join the demonstration in

Oakland has some of the media have asked
they came to Oakland to kill cops
authorities have also arrested an
accomplice of Sergeant Korea’s earlier
this month federal prosecutors in Las

Vegas charged three other men connected
to the far-right Boogaloo movement with
inciting violence during the recent
protests and conspiracy to commit

the three men also had experience in the
US military
yeah I’ve seen I’ve seen this pop up of
course far-right extremists Alou I don’t
know I don’t far-right extremists who

hate cops yeah this is sounds odd and
and then they kill this one guy in
Oakland I remember when he was shot was
then the first day of the riots hmm and

there’s just that car just drives up and
they said it was like a Hispanic guy I
don’t see that this was that look like
it’s to me it’s the main that may not
even be this guy who didn’t shoot a
security guard to me this is like a

4chan troll or whatever yeah these guys
came from the cult film break into
electric Boogaloo yeah I’m sure I’m sure
maybe they just made it I don’t know I

don’t see any leaders I don’t see any
strange seems to be promoted by the left
media well sure because it’s
scary-looking and bunch of dicks yeah

wearing Hawaiian shirts which annoys me
with with the ar-15 hmm I’ve heard it
crop up I guess Amy thinks it’s

important so maybe someone’s working on
the mission it might there might be some
kind of op I’d think seems like it
doesn’t seem like anyone’s really behind
I mean we had the the Juggalo so what
it’s kind of like a take on them or it

could be an onion thing really I don’t
know there’s another story is kind of
interesting this is the Southern Poverty
Law Center your boys yeah and why is it

my boys all of a sudden because I’ve
been tracking them is actually a racist
hate group for years yeah my boys okay
now they’re giving money away when the
Southern Poverty Law Center says it’s

offering thirty million dollars to
nonprofit groups in the u.s. in an
effort to boost voter registration among
those who tend to participate less in
elections here’s NPR’s Pam Fesler the

money will be awarded to nonprofit
groups involved in expanding access to
the polls in Alabama Florida Georgia
Louisiana and Mississippi
although the effort is intended to be

nonpartisan the grants come amid intense
partisan fighting over voting rules and
their impact on minorities and other
groups with low participation rates the
Southern Poverty Law Center’s that the

voter outreach efforts are especially
needed at a time when the nation is
embroiled in protests over police
violence against African Americans the
grants will also provide a much-needed
boost to voter registration drives which

have dried up across the country due to
the pandemic I am sick and tired of the
nonprofits and I don’t mean actual
nonprofits would closer to my heart is

the Ronald McDonald House so that’s a
non-profit what’s happening here and I
identified this years ago in Austin we
dell has a huge nonprofit foundation and

instead of just hiring contractors they
farm it out to smaller one-person
nonprofits who then do slyke’s they’ll

they’ll throw the party or they you know
and they have a mission which is we
throw parties for foundations there’s
something like that and so then there
are nonprofit this is all this nonprofit
stuff and it’s just vendors and in this

case with systemic radicalized
radicalism it’s giving money to these
little not that’s how black lives matter

started giving money to these little
nonprofits is anywhere between 40 and
150 thousand dollars a year and you can
spread it out and you can’t trace it
because they don’t have to report where

the money came from unless it’s a
lobbying nonprofit so they don’t have to
report who gave them the grants only
what they spent it on it’s it’s really
the same thing with the it austin your
the austin justice coalition turns out

to not even be a nonprofit anymore and
now the black lives matter foundation
which was a go fund me it’s not the
black lives matter that people think it

is it’s raised millions just because
people saw black lives matter fund a
shall give to them path let’s go yeah
other foundations go to act blue the
whole thing is completely corrupt and it
should be stopped

i mean we’re a non-profit for a reason
because there’s we did not want anyone
telling us that we had to do things
particularly the government but now this
nonprofit you know the easy form 990 you
just if you’re under two hundred

thousand dollars you fill out five
things done no taxes and you get a lot
of write offs and all and it’s it’s
creepy it’s creepy I like like some have
investigated it huh good luck what if

you took yourself and make yourself a
non-profit that for the easy 9200 yeah
and so can you collect a hundred ninety

nine thousand dollars yeah you do a name
change to create a second nonprofit for
the easy 990 it was a different name

you do five or six say you do if you do
10 of them mm-hmm now you’re a 1.9
million sweet I think this is a way to
go truth well you condemn it oh man hey

back in rotation 25 for 45 were rolling
back the clock were going for the 25th

amendment for the 45th president because
clearly the man is not in good health we
go to CNN’s John King maybe a separate
issue for the president there was a lot
of talk over the weekend he gave the
commencement address at West Point he

was walking down the ramp afterwards and
he looked a little shaky
the president says no big deal it was
the downed wood rep and it was a little
so he says slippery even though it was a
clear day the Internet as the Internet
does suggesting maybe the president was

having some balance issues straight man
the straight man yeah I’m a news
reporter but then of course you got to
bring in the what’s-her-name

Abby Phillips what do we know yeah but
President Trump also responded to this
by tweeting about it and I think it
really contributed to the conversation
around all of this and I think what

we’re seeing here is President Trump has
had these moments there there’s this
video there is also a video of him
drinking water and hold
that have led some people to question

whether he is being transparent about
his health again President Trump himself
has been one to constantly criticize the
the health of his rival Joe Biden in
2016 he criticized the health of his

rival Hillary Clinton but now I think
it’s a moment where people are looking
at these latest incidents they’re also
looking at the president’s you know long
history of his of his speech his ability

to sort of convey information because
you can’t convey information accurately

he’s lying I think is an illness you
know long history of his of his speech
his ability to sort of convey
information accurately that really leads

to questions about whether the president
is being transparent about his own well
he or whether this is a case of
hypocrisy that the Trump campaign
repeatedly questioning whether Joe Biden

is mentally fit and now we’re seeing
Democrats turning the tables on that
message with President Trump as well
watch this yeah like I said cuz they
kept hearing about it you know let me go

so I went to the speech listening to
this speech sucked you know and he gave
this long speech and then he generally
walked down this this ramp which may
have been slippery whether it’s wet or

not it could have been painted funny
painted you know could’ve been slippery
or not but maybe is he’s wearing his
lifts and it didn’t feel comfortable
walking down the steps yeah we’re down
this yeah that’s what I was thinking
good lift is he have lifts in and you’re

leaning forward it’s it’s yeah you’re
having trouble walk you’re gonna have
trouble walking on a ramp yeah and but
he but even then it wasn’t that bad he
was a slow going down the ramp but it

wasn’t like the way I heard it described
oh my god he could barely walk down the
ramp it was the almost a stop in his my
favorite was he said it was slippery but

it hadn’t rained yeah these are only
slippery when it rains ever been on
granite so so I thought it was
nonsense and then he he jogged down at

the bottom for some reason so I just
thought they make there they’re grasping
at straws and it’s just kind of and
there’s a lot of it is at CNN and the
same guys as these Chinese controlled

CNN New York Times Washington Post those
three sources are no good MSNBC we know
is no good and that’s not controlled by
that’s just historical we know just dunk

poem of Matt Lauer
poem home of the protecting of Harvey
yeah that’s NBC and they’re comcast I
mean the guy people should gif they’re

gonna get it should start hounding the
the right-wingers and they’re in there
operations that are counter to the Media
Matters and the rest of them should
start hounding the shareholders about

the chairmanship of this Comcast they’re
the ones that call the shots on NBC they
own it
I don’t think Republicans I don’t they
used to do that he’s doing our religious

no no is that it well right now we have
the left-leaning Catholics are furious
at the president you have this retired

archbishop Vigano have you followed this
guy with his I have not followed this
story at all yeah this I had a long chat
with one of our producers about you know

he was trying to clue me and Todd trying
to clue me in to the Jesuits and you
know really the Catholic faith has
fractioned and and it’s over really odd
things but the big is a big break was

not going to church in allowing
churchgoers to be locked up and not even
do a thing of something outside with

cars or whatever the alternatives were
and because half work well I’ll just say
roughly half I don’t know what it is
a lot are like well no it’s just too
dangerous in the end and and then you
have the ones like well no matter what

we should go and you know we have faith
in God but we’re gonna do whatever it is
there’s a rift and it also exists
with pro-life vs. pro-choice is also so
there’s things going on in the church

that I’m not a verse enough in myself
but it’s there and this Archbishop
Vigano he’s he’s all in on he might as

well just be a Trump guy and he’s saying
some smart things but you know look at
the Pope the Pope is I think personally
I feel he is a charlatan he’s not the

guy he’s not the man of God that’s why I
was so easy for me to predict him yes
you have direct connections with the
devil clearly yeah okay thanks there was

a picture of Greta not floating around
and it’s a sexy picture finally with her
hair loose oh no no this is the worst

picture of her I’ve ever seen she
actually looks like the devil and I wish
two eyes came to mind I gotta find
something because there is a picture of
a demon or something that this is this
shot is fashioned after I’m absolutely

sure of it hmm girl feel sorry for her I
want to thank Scott Adams for doing
something very unpopular but only
something that he is uniquely qualified

to do and he says that he has now been
waiting for seven full days he had a
challenge he wanted anybody to provide a
current example of systemic racism in

America and no one could do it
no one could provide an actual example
and he goes on to say that there’s alt
users people throw out stats you know

stats like well more black men are
killed by cops than white men and then
you say well no that’s not true yeah but
statistically because there’s less black
men and it just goes on and on I mean if

we really were looking at stats honestly
it would be hey why are cops killing men
if you’re really interested in
statistics why what’s going on why are
men being killed why are men in jail

more often but no that’s not that’s not
what it is
and he said there is not a single
serious statistician on the left or the
right who will come out and defend
defend the statistics that are being

used for systemic racism because they
know they can’t and I think it’s really
brave of him to do that because you
don’t make yourself popular with the

black lives matter crowd but it needs to
be discussed we need to look at this
does well this is like go Tucker
Carlson’s supposed disinformation but
the difference here is in my mind black
lives matter and focusing on the cops is

a cover-up in plain sight even if it’s
just the policies let’s just say it’s
the policies and the training and the
Train if you have really good training

you will not do certain moves you will
not shoot under circumstances because
it’s reflexes muscle memory that’s why
it’s called training these are because
of the policies of the very same people
who are now saying it’s all the police’s

fault it’s a huge cover-up and it’s
going under this banner of systemic
racism which no one seems to be able to
prove Jim Crow actually did end it’s off

the books you know so that show me the
systemic I’m very interested so good on
scott adams for doing that show me the

systemic racism show me

I set the keel

we did we’re gonna name and names and
location of our donors ready to go here

there because we do have some special
there’s some call outs for some for
father’s in here and you’re gonna be on
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gonna work Douglas Marie’s topical this
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then as a boost to his sister’s damn

hood Mark Brinson and Fort Worth Texas
got a birthday there yes his first
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and deducing in honor of his 40th
birthday which was yesterday June 17th
Brian punched me in the pit me in the
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with this show at the beginning of the

scan Demick Thank You Adam and John for
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bullcrap please send jobs karma at the
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table as Dame Monde I’m committing
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thank you very much Michael Stephen Bo

$100 he’s up in Seattle and he does have
actually a kind of a note that’s
interesting he needs a D douching for
you’ve been deduced boosting goes

boosting his first hand observation
Chazz and he says his falls in with
Seattle based journalist Katie Herzog

who is a left-wing journalist that who
got fired from one of the local papers
up there she’s now a podcaster and I do
have some of her stuff lined up cuz
she’s quite oh she is part of the you

know documenting the people who have
been cancelled she’s a cancel haha okay
so we’ll do stuff with her later gert
not today Gert belin in verdict ver ver

trek ver trick Belgium see this would be
feared Baylin in fair track yeah I’m not

not sure wreck birthday thank you very
much sir David then that’s a 99.999
David Pugh follows that in a birthday

call-out 808 from Massillon Ohio and
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Tom Bowersox in Cedar Rapids Iowa 808
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6666 sarah brown 66.6 Oh Steve Whitmer
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note which we won’t but she it was a
Happy Father’s Day to Tyler brown and
something of his that has made him a
father of three times over
yes Sarah it’s got to be those Joe

Rogan’s people again John coming in with
their dirty – very very lewd dewitt rib
yeah and if Tyler’s listening he should

ask her what she wrote yeah really it’s
your father Steve Whitmer of the sir
Steve at the sir Steve of the Las Vegas
Valley in Las Vegas 56 30 and he’s got a

birthday he’s celebrating his 56th trip
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everything for you coming up thank you
very much
Phillips Andrew Pomeroy Washington 5560
and he’s gotta have a call out here if
you can find it well he liked the

analysis the noodle gun loves the noodle
gun but he disagrees with the noodle gum
being weakened flaccid he filed it finds
it’s a noodle assault rifle everyone is
terrified of it so he’s talking about

the 5560 being the caliber of round used
in the ar-15 to be the noodle gun
donation huh interesting
yes definitely J and Tyler in willows

California 55 55
I think they knees you see a couples or
a call-out oh no I want to read this I

want to read this okay this email is
associated with the donation from Joe
Queen okay so this is from Jay and Tyler
a longtime boner first-time donor we are

a gay couple living in a small rural
Northern California community and are
huge fans of the show I’ve been
listening to as a skunk train goes I’ve

been list that’s what she said I’ve been
listening since 2009 after hearing Adam
on the Adam Carolla podcast I hit my
husband in the mouth about five years
ago our donation is long overdue and

thought this was the perfect time as my
company’s being threatened by a noodle
gun I worked for a small tech company in
a non Silicon Valley town in Northern
California we have a small group of over
socialize and under informed employees

who are threatening to call out the
company and our CEO of senior management
does not follow their demands one of
these noodle kids actually quit since
the demands were not met

it is absolutely surreal watching this
play out and gee it almost seems like it
is being taken from some sort of
playbook the only reason I’m keeping our
real names anonymous is because I don’t
want the gun pointed at me or more guns

at the company on a side note Adam our
local cable system did not add MTV until
my junior year junior year of high
school 86 87 to

this day I associate you with white lion
videos since they were often on the
daily top 10 video countdown and your
hairstyle closely resembled their lead
singer Mike tramps hair
we were also religious Watchers of

headbangers ball thanks for the great
memories J and Tyler thank you very much
for your courage and I guess do they get
thank you nice to know I appreciate that

Aaron Garcia comes up from Tempe Arizona
with 5555 does sir Sean De Santis and
Fort Pierce Florida
55:33 sir Dean Roker a baron broker from
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Alexander Stowe Winsky stilinski in
Denver Simon Alicia in Elster Wieck
Victoria Australia hello Australia Scott

lavender baronet baronet Eamonn
fist-bump in Montgomery Texas Jessica
green in Asheville North Carolina Chris
has this is to start my excellent

husband and dad to our kids on his
journey to knighthood we
love you Stuart green no Eisen that
sweet Chris Lewinsky sir Kristen
Sherwood Park Alberta longtime donor

yeah and finally sir spud the mighty in
Marietta Georgia 50 yards those people
all contributed and helped produce show
1252 want to thank each and every one of

them plus the people down below and we
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do this for Peter Mel and Shelley he
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to my daughter ad Ramirez or Romy’s Dame
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this obviously we’re making a Ford loves
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well the jingles and all the bad words
I’d also like to do a shout-out to my
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man if there’s one thing I hate about

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cos she celebrated on the 17th sword a
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tomorrow Katie turns 40 happy birthday

from everybody here at the best podcast
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got a dame we got proof was this Polly
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Sun they’re the wrong heading okay now I
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happy birthday to John Ball and Sir John
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it’s like a potting
let me check it out hello everybody

just like one

I have a potential ice so I’d like to
play okay I have a couple myself
actually interestingly enough well start
with – Biden the truth – another one of
the truth Biden

okay folks here’s your truth Oh
I could do a double ender folks here’s
the truth it’s true then I someone sent

me this one for some he’s funny that’s
this is aura whatz did he say this on
the dhm plug show he might have put in
forever he’s not bad so what should we

do what should we do you want to do
these do like the idea of the combo the
combos folks here’s your truth that does
kind of work doesn’t it okay oh please

see all three of them might work for you
say Putin forever well then that’s too
much that’s too much I’m not English
work too much work you know executive
decision experience and then what works
what doesn’t work so we have a screwball

thing in California where the PG&E
company was now charged with murder
what yes yes I don’t know what they’re
gonna do about it well they’re gonna put
someone in jail for life for what what’s

the deal listen a utility company PG&E
has confessed to killing 84 people as it
pleads guilty to involuntary
manslaughter charges over its role and
starting devastating fires in Northern

California in 2018
the fires destroyed 18,000 structures
Butte County District Attorney Mike
Ramsay described the plea deal as
unprecedented we’re in our North County

Court today saw something of an
unprecedented nature the major the
United States corporation pleading
guilty to 85 felony counts even four of

which were on site counts I was killing
84 View County
Wow so how does that work who gets the
estrogen this is classic democracy now

there’s no analysis nobody coming on to
say well what’s this all about who gets
the chair you’re gonna put someone in
jail or just well there you have it
geez I have no idea I’ll do this
hydroxychloroquine update since Gus you

want to say something I’m just saying
everyone’s scratching their heads yeah
well there’s your democracy now
transparency explaining everything to
you so the FDA I believe it was the FDA

removed hydroxychloroquine from the
emergency use of those days men Joe shut
up because apparently it doesn’t work

it’s not effective and it could even
interfere with the official drug you’re
supposed to like which is REM disappear
so we have to discount it even more and
here’s a local report from Houston at

Houston’s United Memorial Medical Center
dozens of patients with the corona virus
have taken hydroxychloroquine the drug
was traditionally used against malaria
until the pandemic broke out we have a
survival rate of more than 99% dr.

Joseph Barone is the chief medical
officer here hydroxychloroquine works I
know that a lot of people think that it
doesn’t but you know we have treated
more than a hundred patients in the

hospital with networks of chloroquine
and the patients have done well the FDA
has now revoked its emergency use
authorization saying the drug is not
likely to be effective in treating Cova
19:00 and the benefits no longer

outweigh the potential risks such as
heart problems I might point out that
Chinese this woman dr. Leila wok Coburn
is an infectious disease specialist an

associate professor at Baylor College of
sounds like the infectious disease
expert would know all about this seems
like it’s two different types of
practice she says the drug can have
harmful side effects in our case

to make someone better we wanted to try
everything sometimes by doing that you
actually make it worse usually takes
about three to four days before you can

start seeing an improvement in patients
by a four or a five they’d really do
better doctor Peron believes the drug is
effective for coronavirus as long as
it’s given early to patients and they’re

closely monitored in the hospital of
course no mention of zinc or anything
like that so it’s a woefully inadequate
well the other thing the woman is mixing
up they’re always doing this they’re
mixing up chloroquine with

hydroxychloroquine hydroxy which is are
they really mixing it up John
are they really I don’t know if the what
they’re doing and there was a report CBS
by the way they took this thing off one
list put it on another took it off

another list it’s all over the place and
so I’m listening to see I’m telling you
I’m listening to CBS radio mm-hmm and
they go this then take it off the list
so people can now prescribe it and and
then they had Jon LaPook I wish I could

get this clip Jon LaPook is the CBS
medical guy and yeah there’s a quick
line and they just quick line through it
in well it seems to work boom off to
something we’re done good way to take it

off John because it seems to work okay
and the next story yeah right this is
the strangest thing I’ve ever witnessed
because it’s just about Trump it’s not

about the drug was a legacy well the
media was played easily by being about
Trump but the medical pharmaceutical

industry really didn’t want this 50 cent
pill anywhere near this problem and the
useful idiots of the media did want once
all you need is for one official person

with a lab coat to say hey I don’t think
so now then the media jumps on it
there’s that new thing the methyl oxes
don’t so and whatever it is another
amazingly cheap draw this steroid the

other steroid thank you so I’m just it’s
a trump needs to endorse it so I can get
pulled off the market just disappear
well he is vaccines while he’s at it

he’s plugging the vaccines he’s all in
on it because he doesn’t care he what
he’s like vaccines will that solves
itself people who want to take him will
take and people who don’t don’t

he wants the check mark recovery which
by the way is coming and I’ll explain
why oh boy yep
we are a we’re so the former New York
banker has taught me that the problem we

face in the United States with the money
that we’ve printed up this is your
monetary your your modern monetary
theory mmm tea is we can slide into the

so-called Japanese debt trap if we don’t
make more children which doesn’t seem
very likely because we’re making dogs
our children and so the older the

society gets then we’re just going to
print money print money print money and
it’s not even printing it’s a it’s a
back-end process it’s shuttling back and
forth there’s really no more money to be
made in credit markets and now Japan is

officially in a deflationary state and
we could see that here too and deflation
is difficult the deflation know you’re

screwed that’s what that’s the most
feared it’s very early in the economic
this is where the term helicopter money
comes from so I fully expect in addition

to the one trillion dollar
infrastructure bill if that’s first
maybe not we are going to see another
huge payment to Americans citizens and
residents is going to be a huge payment

more money is coming because they are so
prices what happens is prices drop and
when prices drop people as we’ve been
locked up like hey you know wait for the

sale you go to the mall now 40 50 60 70
percent off some some don’t even have
product anymore they can’t they got to
get rid of it the price people don’t
want to pay for stuff so deflation is

very very very bad and you don’t want
that and we’re starting to go into it so
we’re gonna get helicopter money and the
result of all of this modern monetary

theory is that anybody who’s in the
finance game has nowhere else to go but
one place the stock market these stock
you can
oh I mean I don’t take any stock advice

for me I’m not doing it
but you couldn’t put money into the
market it will guaranteed go up for the
next foreseeable time because that money
has no other place to go
hence the check mark doesn’t mean the

economy is is strong the economy is
gonna suck we’re in deep shit
particularly with deflation but the
check mark is coming

that’s your financial overview for the
day brought to you by the Vijay you
trust me don’t you
ding okay we can do one kovat World
Report and I think that’s enough I agree

let’s see how is Koba doing in the world
in China Beijing has closed its schools
again and canceled thousands of flights
after a new kovat outbreak a hundred six

Beijing residents have tested positive
over the past week in India the death
toll has reached nearly 12,000 after
authorities registered more than 2,000
deaths on Tuesday meanwhile Pakistan

reported 140 people died over the past
day a new daily high in Latin America
Honduran president Juan Orlando
Hernandez has announced he has tested

positive for corona virus along with his
wife and two aides Ananda says he began
to feel unwell over the weekend in
Australia authorities have announced

Australia’s borders will likely remain
closed until 2021 meanwhile the United
States has announced its borders with
Mexico and Canada will reign close to
non-essential travel for at least

another month another coronavirus news a
new study in the journal Health Affairs
estimates as many as 450 thousand cases
of kovin 19 could have been prevented if
States had mandated the wearing of

facemask oh yes of course
that makes no yes yeah well Trump
bungled it so he’s responsible for tens
of thousands of additional deaths Joe
Biden told me so yeah Joe Biden knows

what he’s talking about
special thanks to end of show mixers
Jesse coy Nelson and John Fletcher we
have Nick the rat show coming up next on
no agenda stream calm this may be the

one that Horowitz is on episode 235 so
stay tuned for that and hang out in the
troll room and we will return on Sunday
and do it all over again because there’s

always something new and fresh happen
and so excited coming to you from
opportunity zone 33 in Austin Texas
capital the drone star state I’m in FEMA

region number six if you need to look it
up on the governmental maps in the
morning everybody
I’m Adam curry yeah I’m from northern
Silicon Valley where I can see the
freeway clogged with trucks with the
Amazon logo I’m John C Dvorak how

depressing does that sound again
remember us at Dvorak org slash na we
love your support we need it is our
value for value network you get what out
of it but you can’t be put into it and

that works both ways
till Sunday adios mofos and such
so when it comes to black lives matter

I think what folks that are writing all
lives matter need to understand is it
for some people
for some people black lives don’t matter

at all so for us
black lives matter
frankly my and I don’t give a damn well
first of all I think now my nieces and

nephews will actually give me you know
some props because they’ll think I’m you
know I’m cool now the Dave Chappelle has
mentioned my name and I’m actually
honored to be frankly but I don’t give a
damn but I do happen with what I will

say is that I agree that I think the
establishment I think that the young
people who are out there in the streets
I don’t give a damn I’m ashamed that I
voted for the ninety-four front you’re

ashamed of that though I know I’m wrong
home in fact I drafted this manager
because I know that by the way black
guys really do matter but the problem is
is to serration never experience racism

in America doesn’t mean that other
people have and none of the people that
I know are racist I don’t know a racist
I never been around racist why do I have
to be subject to the idea that people

are forcing on me just because the color
musk you wash your hands more often than
you ever dreamed dreamed off the top
wash your hands wash wash wash wash wash

your hands or hand more often than you
ever dreamed return possible positive we
need you to do this it’s not for
so and for your important whale a whale
wash your hand wash wash wash wash wash

your hand your hands
do it for your granddad wash your hands
or hand do it for your papa papa
wash wash wash wash wash your hands more
often than you ever dream the treetops

especially in communities of color wash
wash wash wash your hands your hands
wash wash wash wash more often than you
ever dreamed possible

do it for your granddaddy wash wash do

it for your papa
wash wash do it for your big mouth wash
your hands more often than you would
ever dream dream possible pop and
speaking of mothers Mother’s checking on

your mother she wants to hear from you
from you right now right now right now
right now
avoid alcohol tabacco backhoe and drugs
drugs we need you to do this before you

whale a whale wash wash wash your hand
right hand
do it for your big momma momma wash wash
wash your hand do it for your papa wash
wash wash your hands more often than you
ever dreamed a dream possible papa

mofo Dvorak org slash and a folks is the
truth it’s true