No Agenda Episode 1253: “Trained Marxist”

arrest that woman Adam Curry Jhansi
Devorah this is no agenda from northern
Silicon Valley where I’m rereading life

and death and shanghaied by me I’ll
change just to see what we’re up against
I’m John Steve all right oh man did you
were you up late last night reading this

riveting tome no I’ve read it before now
and well he’s one of it it’s a
suppressed novel now what where’s this

going what is it called again life and
death and Shanghai mm-hmm last time I
was in Hong Kong which is sometime back
there this was the rage this book and
everyone’s reading it all over on the

world of the United States it was
suppressed and so nobody got to read it
dynamite product about the Cultural
Revolution ah right now do they mention
struggle sessions in there I’m just

looking for all these terms struggle
sessions yeah that’s that’s apparently
that’s a Chinese invention that’s the if
you you know silence is violence that’s
that’s how it works

shaming into submission shaming people
into saying something or doing something
yeah that’s what the story yeah I’m sure
that was the an element of the book yeah
now I did not I have a maybe a fun

presentation to talk about today but I
did not see anything really of the
president’s rally yesterday and I saw
that I watched the whole thing I didn’t

clip it cuz I’m gonna have to go back
mm-hmm cuz it’s hard to clip and it was
he went 140 which is what is that is
that longer than normal species are
usually about an hour okay sorry when he

went long wuz there new material yes Oh
say that at least an hour and 10 minutes
was new material and about 30 minutes
was was rehash says best-of and I
thought it was outstanding in terms of

his new materials really funny he did
the whole bit about the military speech
we really don’t care much about his
policy we just want to hear if he has
new material is the jokes already good
he’s good so he goes to a whole bit

about ambling down the ramp
all right this slippery ramp does the
whole thing I wish it is so long of a
bit dose almost a shaggy dog story it’s

are very hard to clip but he will do one
gag that kind of cracked me up oh he’s
going he goes into the whole thing about
why he held the glass of water so funny
and everything yeah and he says so he

thought he gave a pretty good speech to
the West Point and he’s cause his wife
and she says Donald you’ve been trending
you’re trending on everything about the
speech this is all really what are they

saying about the speech and she says
they think you have Parkinson’s so what
did he say I was just nervous I was

thirsty but couldn’t raise me I had just
done some more some arm curls you double
down on watch is true if you were
leather really expense especially the

more expensive shoes they’re they’re not
they’re not that good on untangles his
shoes with the slippery soles and the
magical lifts well they may or may not

have the lift he says though that was a
metal ramp which nobody discusses oh
yeah the can it was shiny metal right so
the anyway he goes on about this ramping

you know metal and which and I could
understand some of it and there was no
rails no brailles you could hold on to
he was fearful that freak he was freaked
actually went to it it was actually a

long bit about the ramp he’s always had
issues with stairs and stuff he doesn’t
like descending anything for some reason
well he he didn’t bring that it but he
talked about the glass of water and how

he had to he was actually cupping the
glass cuz he was wearing a he said one
of his most expensive silk ties and he’s
ruined these ties before by drinking

water oh okay it’s the old I’m wearing a
silk tie bit I like it I like it
well he did sounded reasonable but but
the thing was that it was the attendance

was down yeah it wasn’t what yes because
the tic-tock apparently the Chinese
operation what are the chart that the
CCP do this time they told everyone on

tik toks to register or a bunch of
people did said register for the Trump
thing that’s how they got those big
numbers a million people registered that
make no sense yeah and so they had all

these people registered that weren’t
going to go and they just flooded the
system with the fake registrations at
the encouragement of the tic-tock

management apparently really now well
according to even Acacio Cortez was
gloating this morning on Twitter about
how Brad the campaign manager got jobbed

by the tick-tock
Zoomers uh-huh who had screwed over the
campaign and she thought it was
hilarious and so funny that they were so
stupid they didn’t know what they were

doing and they couldn’t get everybody to
show up and then the media whoever did
show up was kind of scared to there but
the super spreader event and yeah and
then there was a bunch of radicals out

there threatening people was really what
a rookie mistake that’s a rookie mistake
and yet when they came out with 800,000
registrations yeah they should have bad
it – and – and they and they shouldn’t

even have used that I mean this is when
you get all jacked up before you really
look at what’s happening with your
numbers and they all yeah it’s gonna be
fantastic and then it was short right it

looked like about half Wow that’s even
that’s even worse than I thought it was
yeah yeah I think there’s at least I
flipped on the flip
the the news for a second I see that’s
all I saw oh it was hardly you know

empty bleachers empty seats and even on
on fox news there was a what’s his name
Titus Titus is with the Greg Gutfeld
show no I just want another one of these

jamokes they’re on Fox
well his he says timing was flat the
jokes were flat it wasn’t full there
wasn’t a good vibe pence did a horrible

job with with the pre-show which may be
true or not couldn’t surprise watch that
yes bullshit yeah that’s was pants
okay so well then we know that this was
a setup and everybody was in on it

including fucks like especially if
they’re starting to panic cuz I why I
said it was win an hour and forty he had
the he had the crowd going he thought it
was a you know a c+ maybe himself is but
talking about him but I thought that he

was timing was good the jokes were funny
his bits were their bits were a little
longer than I like because you can’t
clip him yeah and it was fine it was
just like the people you know I’ve

always liked Obama’s speeches and people
on the UH how he sucked how moms were
always pretty good and he had some yeah
they were always written this was it
this event was as good as Annie and it

was extremely long he wanted to show he
did a whole bit about about his having
Parkinson’s and drinking the water start
waving around took the best Wigan and

threw the glass he’s doing prop comedy
now the fact that Fox would be
condemning it is a good another sign of

our or your actually your basic yeses
the Democrats run the whole show of
course yeah and it was so obvious
because it was just peppered throughout
the throughout what I was hearing
I mean you expected from CNN MSNBC and I

heard a fox like okay and and and I was
trying to think so either they lied and
and tried to jack up all we got eight
hundred thousand registrations I didn’t
really consider it been a it been some

kind of scam and I loved that it was
tick tock that the CCP indirectly owned
tick tock
yeah it had done that that’s great not
so anyway here’s what’s that’s why I
mentioned life in death and Shanghai

here’s what’s funny about is that the
CCP does indirectly own tik-tok and
people like Alexandria Cortez and all
the rest were all in on this in fact
there was a good article showing all
these Hollywood celebrities from Jordan

Peele – – just a bunch of these kind of
b-list celebrities all appeals up there
bragging about how he Gordon Peters buy
this Jordan Peabody reconnaissance

Jordan Peterson and Jordan Peele Jordan
Peele not Peters okay Peele all right
Hollywood celebrity hmm there’s all
these Hollywood celebrities Peterson’s
not a net no I didn’t get the Hollywood

part yeah anyway all these Hollywood
celebrities slamming in the whole event
because Trump did not because of what
Trump had to say or the fact as the last
ten minutes was slamming bite and know

to an extreme but because he didn’t get
his big attendance which was created by
this tick-tock somebody’s got to wake up
one of these days to see what’s going on

here this is not healthy for the country
well I want to look at a few of those
things but first I do have one clip from
the rally which someone sent me and it I
thought first of all it’s short you know

under a minute it was something that’s
incredibly relevant to what we’ve been
looking at which is here in Texas the
surge we’ve got the surge the Ronis
surge then we’re all now it is now law
in in most cities in Texas if you’re in

a retail location then you must wear a
mask and the people in the retail
location must wear a mask you’ll be shot
on sight by quite sure what the penalty

is the issue with the surge is we’ve got
all the surge in cases all new cases so
doubling the cases really don’t have a
doubling or some any kind of surge in

the hospital system and certainly not
with deaths and the president kind of
confirmed what we’ve been thinking for a
long time about you talking about this –
the last show and expressing the exact
numbers here a bullcrap

yeah and it’s it’s because we’re
increasing testing and when you and it’s
retail testing so we’re opening up
retail certainly the the chains are
saying all right you know or if one

person is tested positive then everyone
has to get tested and of course there
are cases and then most of them are
asymptomatic but the president really
has laid it out very nicely yesterday

you know testing is a double-edged sword
we’ve tested now 25 million people it’s
probably 20 million people more than

anybody else Germany’s done a lot South
Korea’s that a lot they call me they
said the job you’re doing here’s the bad
part when you test of what you do
testing to that extent you’re gonna find

more people you’re gonna find more cases
so except that my people slow the
testing down at least
like oh yeah please slow it down so we

don’t have this Serge crap they test and
they test we got tests the people don’t
know what’s going on we got this we got
another one over here the young men’s
ten years old he’s got the sniffles

he’ll recover in about 15 minutes that’s
a case that was really pretty funny hour
and forty minutes was like that was

raucous and I’m glad you’ve caught fox
thing and it was a it was a turkey
that’s very funny
just on testing etc I’ve put two we’ve
had two deconstructions of the

undercover nurse finally we have the
best producers one is from an internal
medicine physician the second one is
from an emergency the medical doctor at
Elmhurst who is a resident I have

confirmed his identity I’m just I’m
going to believe the internal medicine
physician both of them of course
anonymous for some obvious reasons they
do not agree with the undercover nurse

on a lot of things and so I’ve asked
them the but they both give me
permission to put their entire very long
deconstructions into the show notes
they’re in there under undercover nurse

deconstruction I encourage everyone to
read it there’s a lot of things they
disagree with but for sure
testing is bullcrap you know you
sometimes they go for times testing just

to get a positive result which makes you
wonder what result do you want the
do-not-resuscitate is certainly
controversial and both of them are very
unclear as to why that happened so a lot

of other procedures they explain but I
just it’s too much and too lengthy that
would just be me reading this and if

anyone’s really interested it does
nuance the undercover nurse
deconstruction but still obvious
problems and and I came back to reading
the emergency medical doctor who was
there at the time he I think I still

think there may have been a differ
strain at some point in New York what he
describes was not anywhere else in any
other hospital from the reports we’ve
received so anyway that’s that’s
something that needs to be read there

was a piece of video with the president
which I got two clips from which I
thought was kind of cute for Father’s
Day by the way happy Father’s Day
Today Show hey Father’s Day I got a nice

text as I got a couple of texts happy
stepfathers day very nice got that too
so Don jr. interviewed the president for
his I think he has a podcast called

triggered I don’t listen too much of Don
junior or watching much on on Twitter
but he had two questions which I thought
were kind of fun and I just wanted to

play these so the first one which is the
big one also on my mind is which is your
favorite Trump child and why is it
Ivanka know wise guy all the same
hundred percent 100 percent 100 percent

and I’ll even say you only for purposes
of this interview but other than that
all the same I’m gonna remember that
sounds to me like Ivanka is the no doubt

about it thought that was cool and then
Don jr. asked the question that has been
on my mind as well when are we gonna
find out when is he gonna let us know
when is he going to lift a little bit of

the veil so last question before you
leave office will you let us know if
there’s aliens because this is the only
thing I really want to know I want to
know what’s going on
would you ever open up Roswell let us
know what’s really going on so many

people ask me that question I know it
sounds almost ridiculous but it’s
actually the real question sounds like a
cute question but it’s actually there
are millions and millions of people that
want to go there that want to see it I

won’t talk to you about what I know
about it it’s very interesting but
Roswell is a very interesting place with
a lot of people that would like to know
what’s going on so you’re saying you may
be classified you’ll take it well I’ll

have to think about that one right
oh no no goddess does nowhere another
tease another Tino well he said what’s

going on there so the alien conspiracy
community’s like ah there’s something
going on cuz he said people want to know
what’s going on there so there’s
something going on that in JFK well I’ll

know soon thousands of unsealed
indictments coming soon to a Oval Office
near you
I did get to ISOs from from the rally
hello okay good here’s the first and the

second it’s almost the same that’s all I
it’s true from the president they put a
look you always have just the right

amount of reverb to ruin the ISOs that
was yeah you’re right you’re right
that’s exactly and I see the Tom Petty
family is bitching about him using I

won’t back down yeah as a matter of fact
even though you gave the long lecture
about if they can pound salt yeah well
I’ll give you the short lecture as long

as the venue is playing is paying the
performance rights there is no legal
recourse for anyone that’s the law its
statutory sorry so it’s just more it’s

either under-informed virtue signaling
or just virtue signaling one of the two
so I can’t believe they’re under
informed on the right so all this stuff

they know what’s going on yeah
and they’ve already obviously when they
were bitching somebody told him to read
them the you know the rules
yeah and you haven’t heard much sense

they’re just complaining yeah yeah was
liberal friends yeah yeah you’re yeah
that bastard he’s stealing your music
and they’re complaining and virtue

signaling at the same time so there’s
there’s two things that I was looking at
I’m listening to over the past couple of
days that I want to put it may be a
presentation could help us understand
these so-called systemic racism and what

it really is
surprise surprise has nothing to do with
racism and it started for me it actually
came from now you were you were keeping

a list you said you were trying to
maintain a list of when these noodle gun
type events huh I want to get a list and
i wanted to track it yeah yes i’m trying
to get something going and I’m thinking

maybe a wiki or something that might may
be able to track this way back mm-hmm
cuz it goes back a long time it goes
back further than we’d like to imagine
yeah cuz you took it all the way back to
Paula Deen but it’s not like I can go

ten years earlier no problem yeah maybe
twenty so someone who might it’s a
evergreen college was the Caprican

University or evergreen college college
do you remember I think as well maybe
it’s university but it’s I’ve been there
it’s a college so how about that on the
timeline if you recall that would be on

evergreen had that had the like all
white people have to get off campus
wasn’t that wasn’t that racist it was

yes so who was there not one of your
favorite people but someone who did have
first-hand experience is Eric Weinstein
who kind of was a professor there in
it’s like it’s like biological science

is a very famous biologist yes and so he
was there and he witnessed all this and
I think he was actually chased off
campus and he kind of came to the phone

the students went after him and he came
to the foreground and that’s when he
quit and so did his wife who was
teaching yes they were both kind of run
out of town or off the campuses and
they’re both super liberals they’re all

they fit the mark of beauty
old-fashioned liberals is the problem
right now and then later he started this
intellectual dark web which I always

thought was pretty stupid and I don’t
think it went anywhere and as that his
no I thought that was him I may be wrong
and maybe that uh shoot I don’t know no

I think it’s him I think he was he was
his brother to work for Peter Thiel he’s
not podcast and I thought he did the
into I don’t know oh maybe it is the
brother I’m wrong anyway so Weinstein

was on was Rogen and he said a couple
things that that I thought were quite
interesting as we look at the three kind
of groups or waves that we saw during

the protests the and and I think we
should rename it just like we say CCP
instead of China instead of black lives
matter it’s probably better to say black
lives matter Inc

cuz that really is more appropriate
because black lives matter is is this
kind of intangible movement but there is
a real black lives matter Inc that is
taking in real money and doing real

things with it that are not what anybody
thinks of course so he witnessed this at
Evergreen when I was they everyone white
get off and and it was it was just

really quite quite a bizarre moment I’m
sure I’m sure we have clips from back
then we covered it but he he identified
something which he said was when all of

this started so you have the the three
groups we have kind of the black lives
matter incorporated which is these under
informed over socialized kids who were
out there doing what they’re told to do

you know making the noise making the
signs whatever right after they’re out
we get the Jean provocateurs so now
we’re not sure who was controlling these

we have a lot of different ideas and
people we can look at but they’re the
ones that are systematically smashing
windows okay we’re gonna do this we’re
gonna do the chain outlets and then they
also set the stage and start smashing

windows it for which is new it’s not
it’s not typical for a a a black lives
matter Inc protest high-end stores so
Fifth Avenue New York Rodeo Drive in

Beverly Hills this was not smashing
their own neighborhood so to speak this
was something new he was going after
wealthy and upscale properties and that
was the looting is then done

I really a third group which I’m going
to use the words specifically thugs even
though that is now seen as the n-word

but I’m using it specifically because
this word is once again under
investigation for its meaning so
Weinstein has experience with the black
lives matter Inc with the over the over
socialized under informed kids and he

attributes the reason they are the way
they are to a number of things and it
starts off with an interesting thesis
about the Democrat Party I would claim
that this actually goes back to a shift

in the Democratic Party during the
Clinton administration during the
Clinton administration the Democratic
Party effectively switched it took up
the Republican Party’s business model

moving away from defending the interests
of common people as its reason for
gaining power and that created a problem
so during the Clinton administration we

saw the end to aid with family to
families with dependent children we saw
NAFTA we saw basically an abandonment of
the core resin d’etre for the Democratic

Party now the Republican Party at that
point was the party of business but that
doesn’t really mean the party of
business what the Republican Party was
was the party of well-established large

businesses which frequently meant as it
was catering to their interests that it
was preventing small businesses from
rising up that would threaten its
constituents now the Democrats took up
this model they went into influence

as well during the Clinton
administration and they became the party
of other businesses I’m just gonna pause
this for a second cuz when he said that
I thought to myself what business and
what business opportunities have

Democrats been involved in since the
Clinton administration and I could only
really come up with one the wholesale
sell out of every American institution
to the Chinese yes and there’s a lot of

documentation I mean Clinton was if
Weinstein had looked at it as Clinton
being the the real original sellout to
the Chinese mm-hmm because he gave him

our new
nuclear secrets he did all kinds of
deals with him he let the whole and him
and Hillary both let them let the

outsourcing begin let the outsourcing
begin mm-hmm
offshoring and all that really started
getting into high gear with with Clinton
and and the NAFTA of course is an
example of that that was an offshoring

deal right yeah totally get that to
China in that case but – but to Canada
in the end Mexico Mexico mostly
and yeah but I his other assertions are
old it worked by a few of them his other

assertions are old left-leaning democrat
ideals from the sixties all the rich
people are Republicans all the rich

people are Democrats well he said that
I’d be more inclined I mean talks about
these corporations that are beholden to
the Republican Party are back and forth
and let’s talk about them you know the
Hearst Corporation all Democrats the

DuPont Democrats I mean you can go down
the line they’re all Democrats I would
argue at least that both parties and I
just got to think he’s right about that

both parties were more interested in
corporate and business interest than
small business interest and the people
they were in I totally disagree the
Republican Party has always been

promoting the small business ideal right
but in reality after Clinton
we got Bush and while Bush was a
Democrat for all practical purposes and
still is all right the point is none of

the policies were really for the people
anymore I think we can agree then that
then they never have been the case but
he’s making this case so now you have

two parties that are basically dealing
with competing business interests vying
for power but what that does is it
excludes the interests of regular folks
and so regular folks have been getting
the shaft ever since nobody is

representing their interests they’re
getting wise to it and they’re feeling
the effects on the street they are
feeling the system is rigged it’s rigged
against them
it’s not even evenly rigged against them

so you know in black communities there’s
a perception it’s specifically ready to
guest us and you know what it is but the
is is very subtle it’s not a matter of
racism being ubiquitous you know inside
every white head it’s not like that it’s

and this has very little to do with
modern racism that’s correct and we know
exactly what that modern with what what
is really happening is a historical and

it started with no man about the house
this was an actual policy where you
could not have a man and a woman and
children in the same house in order to

quality with jobs in order to qualify
for Social Security this problem still
exists today and that’s why and I’m say
black men capitalist welfare not Social

Security no welfare I’m sorry welfare
and to some degree that is still the
case but even going back to slavery
itself men were separated from women the
when you remove men from the from the

household you create incredible problems
and here’s weinstein on that here’s the
part that I don’t hear discussed when
you take men out of a population it has

a very predictable effect you take the
men out of a population it undercuts the
bargaining position of women in mating
and dating right so if you take them out

of the population it means that those
men who are still present in that
population are in very high demand now
men being men if they’re in high sexual
demand it is hard to get them to settle
down a man who has lots of options is

much harder to persuade to become
monogamous and participate in
traditional family raising so what that
does is it creates an environment in

which you have many more single-parent
homes many more children growing up
without their fathers present which of
course hobbles the kids who are raised
in that situation because humans are so

difficult to raise they’re so costly in
terms of time and energy and resources
that one person has a much harder time
doing it than a team of two people and
this sets in motion all of the things
for which white society imagines that

there’s some cause inside of being black
when in fact it’s a demographic
process a demographic process that
unfolds very naturally if you remove a

disproportionate number of men from a
population and undermine women’s
bargaining position so I’ve learned a
lot about this especially in poor
neighborhoods pushing the men out and if

you know facts we’ve done our and how or
after our about how that works and how
that is specifically affected American
descendants of slavery but we can only

go to the clip we’ve heard we played
recently at Bob Woodson from the Woodson
Institute formal civil rights activist
and leader who says now what is actually
happening is the people who do get out

of the neighborhood
the hood the ghetto they actually form a
new class of the same people who are
suppressing the lower classes to keep
their own existence and so I really

think that this talk about
institutionally I don’t know what
institutional racism if I want someone
to tell me what that means I believe
that the reason that they keep invoking

it is because it prevents black elected
officials who have been running me see
they’re Liberal Democratic mayors and
City Council member and school board

members been running our cities for the
last 50 years and those are the places
where they identify the largest amount
of inequities exist well they don’t have

to then answer the difficult question if
you were elected on the promise of
improving the conditions for the least
of these why are students why are

children failing and systems run by your
own people
so to avoid answering that question all
they’ve got to do is point to some
abstract notion like institutional

racism somehow white America has found a
way to compel black professionals to
this educate their children in schools
run and controlled and financed by them

but they don’t have to answer that
question as long as they can keep the
public’s attention focus on instant
to tional racism whatever that means

then they don’t have to adjust the the
difficult questions so whether it’s
homelessness whether its welfare for
poor communities when you have

organizations whose job it is is to get
money from the government and then hand
it out they don’t actually want to save
anybody they call these people their

clients for a reason they want to grow
the base
sorry needs to upgrade his language from
institutional racism to systemic racism
he does he actually he confuses the two

then we’re gonna get into the systemic
in just a minute so that is it and just
look at the problem areas black mayor’s
black governor’s black police chiefs
black representatives why why is it

still a shit show because this is this
is truly systemic this has been going on
for a long time and what that creates is
a very small group of people who are

completely locked out and this is what
the president the other day called thugs
do you think that right now the nation
needs you to express that same sort of

comfort and healing that some people
need to heal there’s a little Supercuts
that mo get me by the way right now I
think the nation needs law and order
we can’t allow a situation like happened

in Indianapolis to descend further into
lawless anarchy and chaos Law & Order
will prevail the looters is looting you
do have looting these people it’s a lot

of radical left bad people are
exploiting this tragedy to loot robbed
attacked and Menace hatred chaos rioters
looters and anarchists violence and

vandalism led by an Tifa radical
left-wing groups terrorizing the
innocent destroying jobs burning down
buildings the mobs are devastating the

life’s work of good people in our key
criminals and vandals wreck our cities
and lay waste to our communities mob
violence radical left criminals thugs
angry mob angry mobs it is essential

that we protect the crown jewel of
American democracy the rule of law
violence mayhem and disorder an angry
mob rioting I am your president of law

and order professional anarchists
violent mobs arsonists looters criminals
riders antiphon dangerous thugs domestic

so you heard all the things he was
saying and a lot of it is about the
aschoff provocateur group which i think
is on Tifa like groups paid to start
crap off but he throws in the thugs
twice and I had a back and forth MOBOT

it yesterday he believes that Trump did
that on purpose because he knows that
lights up his base may be at the expense
of some heat but you’ve not seen the
mainstream come after him with his

typical racist rhetoric about this which
I found very odd he’s even capitalized
thugs in tweets and the reason is in
2015 we learned that the word thug is

equal to the n-word when this happened
majority of the community in Baltimore I
think it handled this appropriately

expressing real concern and outrage over
the possibility that our laws were not
applied evenly in the case of mr. gray
and that accountability needs to exist
and I think we have to give them credit

my understanding is is you’ve got some
of the same organizers now going back
into these committees to try to clean up
in the aftermath of a handful of
protesters a handful of criminals and
thugs who who tore up the place and that

was an issue there was a lot of talk
about him using that word and he doubled
down the next day and said no no I
really meant thugs because he meant
thugs and if you want to understand that

the the history of thugs it goes back to
Tupac Shakur thug life
mo facts we did three hours on that
yesterday but there is a group of people
who have been trying to get a taste of

the life on the other side have been
held down effectively by their own
people who moved up and out and have
been servicing them and then we come to
the real problem that happened which is

I think the reason behind the stem
blackout you know there’s now this stem
is racist we’ve laughed about this math
is racist and I think finally figured
out what was going on and why that’s

being said but there’s two sides to it
the first side is the Weinstein side
which we need to observe and that’s from
the from the over socialize children at
school if you’re in critical theory

first of all if you end up in critical
theory any one of these fields Women’s
Studies queer studies whatever it is you
have already foregone this option you
don’t end up in critical theory if you

have the chops to do science so in
effect you have people who don’t stand
to personally benefit from opening those
doors wider because they wouldn’t go

through them arguing that nobody should
go through those doors if you were to do
these things properly you would study
them with the tools of stem but we know
from we know that’s not what goes on

inside of these departments and we also
know that the product doesn’t add up
from the point of view of science you
can’t take the claim for example that if
a man decides that he is a woman than he

is a woman it’s not a valid claim it
just doesn’t stand up and you can’t
claim that sex is a spectrum either that
claim doesn’t stand up these are empty
we could have a discussion about what we

are to do in light of the part of gender
that is flexible but we’re not having
that conversation because we’ve got an
ultimatum on the table either you agree

sex is a spectrum or you’re the enemy
and I think this is a real big part of
of what we’re seeing with the anti stem
is kids who have taken women studies

gender studies all these you know not a
non scientific types of courses and I
guess you can get degrees in this

meanwhile it’s like if you actually look
at from a scientific standpoint no that
can’t be what you’re saying and so
there’s a rift between people who
believe oh there’s a hundred and thirty

seven different genders and biologists
who say well no this is kind of where
we’re at on the other side of a stem is
something that happened in 1994 and in

nineteen and I think was 90 and maybe
just before 94 do you remember the sand
of the yummy the Sandifer case was his
11 year old kid who was in Los Angeles

and had just gone you know was killing
people and was like a child soldier
essentially it was a huge case it would
end this was this is when people were
freaked out by it

do you matter remember it Santa you see
I have it here it was a Robert Sandefur
and it was it was a very famous 11 year
old murderer yeah yeah it was like

basically child soldier 11 year oh I’m
11 year old American boy from Chicago
Sandiford murder by fellow gang members
in Chicago garnered national attention
because of his age resulting in his

appearance on the cover of Time magazine
in 1994 he was named yummy because of
his love of cookies I mean I remember it
now that it wasn’t murdered you mean he
was murdered but he was in a gang and he

had murdered is like a 12 year old girl
he’s and what the story was is look at
the children who are now just completely
radicalized they’ve got heavy weaponry

it’s kill or be killed
they don’t kit well here’s a here’s a
little background err even in an era of
violent teen killers Roberts and AFER’s
murder was big news the story scared

people says criminologist by their this
is a New York Times report by Chris Berg
this was no longer a Chicago story this
was a story that no matter where you

lived you turned on the evening news and
you would hear about this case by now
nearly all of us know the story of
Robert Sandifer there was a sense that

the country writ large was going to hell
in a handbasket no one had a clear idea
of what to do political scientist John
Dee Leo taught at Princeton University
and had done extensive research in

prisons studying the criminal justice
system from 1984 to 1994 when Sandefur
was killed
teenage homicide rates had more than
doubled Elio looked at studies that

estimated that by 2000 there would be a
million more teens between the ages of
14 and 17 and he predicted crime rates
would snowball even more you’d have a

doubling or tripling in the rate about
youth violence in the in the time
between the mid 90s and up to through
the mid 2000s so this is so beautiful in
light of what we’ve seen just recently

with coronavirus and the data models we
were told to shut up shelter in place
cower in place go home be quiet you’re
gonna die millions of people will die

will die this is not the first time this
has happened
perhaps most troubling to D Leo was what
he saw as an indication that the small
percentage of kids who commit the most

violent crimes would be much more
destructive than the generation before
them studies found that essentially six
percent of every male youth cohort was
responsible for about 50 percent of all

the violent crimes committed by that
cohort that small fraction of people is
going to be able to wreak incredible
havoc giulio wasn’t the only one
predicting a surge in crime

by the year 2005 we may very well have a
of teenage violence Northeastern
University criminologist James Fox says
his choice of words was deliberate I did

sound an alarm and I did use some rather
strong language in terms of what might
happen if we didn’t react quickly Fox
and deullyeo felt compelled to call

attention to this perceived problem and
rhetoric proved the most powerful arrow
in their quiver dealio an Ivy League
academic from South Philadelphia wrote
this article for the Weekly Standard in

1995 the term super predator originated
from an inmate who said as well as a
throwaway line he said oh these kids
they’re they’re stone-cold predators and
like a match to a flame the word caught

on super predator predator predators
super predator and there we have it from
science technology engineering and math

came the term super predator because a
bunch of numbers guys thought they had
seen the end of the world
remember this is New York Times report

the super-predator idea was wrong once
it was out there though it was out there
there was no real need in the experience
was a turning-point dealio increasingly

began to think about religion and public
affairs as the best way to affect change
I lost faith in social science
prediction at about the same time that I

gained faith of a traditional religious
con but Chris Berg says the problem
wasn’t with social science but that
dealio not only misinterpreted the data
but what it meant there was a myth and

unfortunately it was a myth that some
academics jumped on to the fear over the
super creditor led to a tremendous

number of laws and policies that were
just now recovering from and that’s how
we got the 1994 crime bill when we
weaponized the entire law enforcement

system the commercial prison system
everything was all set up but what
didn’t we have we didn’t have warm
bodies so everything if you’re a hammer
everything looks like a nail we got to

go round them up get these super
predators and I don’t think we will
recover from that and that’s how the men
never got back in the house everything
stayed the same and now you still have a

very small group of I’ll just say it
thugs and they who live a thug life and
when the azam provocateurs kick open the
high-end stores they’re like shit we’re
just gonna walk in everyone else seems

to be grabbing in this world and that’s
why no one believes in stem and the
black in the black community that that
not that math doesn’t work it put us in
this peril and I think there’s a lay the

whole thing on Joe Biden pretty much he
drove it that’s for sure this is why Joe
Biden couldn’t should never ever be
President and certainly has no business

saying if you if you don’t vote for me
you ain’t black this guy is the
personification of the problem indeed
so there we are it’s being replicated

around the world now it doesn’t you
don’t need to have racism for this to
happen now if we go to the United
Kingdom I’ve received this from a couple

of couple of my friends over there this
is just a youtuber you’re a racist and
apparently we all are according to black
lives matter egged on by the BBC we
can’t help it we were born this way they

claim all whites are privileged and can
never understand we’re all guilty and
should admit it
remember your right to speak is because
of your privilege so you should shut up
yes this is 20/20 we’re a tiny minority

is trying to impose a cultural
dictatorship on the overwhelming
majority the brutal killing of George
Floyd in the u.s. sparked levels of
civil unrest not seen in Britain for
years police brutality is always wrong

but 4,000 miles from Minneapolis in a
country with a very different history
from the United States protesters chose
to descend on the Cenotaph our sacred
memorial to millions of British heroes

who died fighting racism and fascism one
protester scaled the monument and tried
to set fire to the Union flag so let’s
be clear this right wasn’t a bad career
criminal armed robber and drug dealer

George Floyd black lives matter States
its purpose is to bring down capitalism
and defund the police they were joined
by thousands of useful idiots white
self-hating middle-class spoiled brats

fresh from three years of brainwashing
and our publicly funded universities who
demand that we take the knee at the
altar of their woke religion so Britain
has a very different history not built

on slavery the way the United States was
infrastructure etc but the model is
completely exportable you still have a
group of people who are kept small and

in in dire straits and it’s a horrible
crop show you still night estates wasn’t
built on slavery I want to stop that

it wasn’t your right but there were
peace I said infrastructure which is at
the time I think farming and cotton was
infrastructure well that’s one of those
little pieces and I agree that you have

no argument with me over that but my
point is this is a takeover that has
nothing to do with racism it’s being
couched under that it’s a power grab and

it’s meant and I think ultimately will
result in commercially corporatize
police it’s not going to reform into
anything other than you know the the the

Erik Prince model of policing for the
rich people for everybody who’s got
money it’s gonna get much much better
like your privately-owned jails you’re

gonna love your privately-owned Police
Department and here’s the the model
being exported by one of our old
favorites Jesse Jackson the American
civil rights leader has written to the

prime minister of the Netherlands asking
him to stop a Dutch Christmas tradition
that critics call racist a character
called black Piet the tradition is
accused of encouraging blackface and the
black Piet character Jackson says is a

racist relic of colonialism I’m writing
to you to urge you to heed your moral
conscience and do what you believe and
know to be right Jackson wrote to Prime
Minister Mark Rutte in a letter sent via

the Dutch embassy in Washington in the
Dutch tradition black Piet accompanies
st. Nicholas delivering gifts to
children he is known as a clownish
servant who is usually portrayed by
white people in black face paint wearing

frizzy wigs and red lipstick so Jesse
Jackson is exporting the model he’s now
he’s he’s on the radar in the
Netherlands and he’s only as Jesse
Jackson oh my goodness

he’ll be going over someone somehow he’s
I’m sure he’s got the money figured out
he’ll kill young I guess Al and Benjamin
Crump have it all locked up here so he’s
you know he’s off to do something else

here is a
they’re fine example megan Markel
herself mixed-race is 50% descent

american descendant of slavery of course
married to one of the princes and living
in Los Angeles she is so dumb that she

finally breaks her silence to speak
about what’s going on and you tell me
who she’s speaking to and who she feels

sorry for and what she feels sorry about
because she is not in touch with reality
and I had to tighten this up by chopping
out long sentences of her looking long

silences of her looking in the camera
and pensively thinking about her next
wonderful thought if she is the princess
as we’ve all seen over the last week

what is happening in our country and in
our state and in our hometown of LA has
been absolutely devastating and I wasn’t
sure what I could say to you I wanted to

say the right thing and I was really
nervous that I I wouldn’t or that it
would get picked apart and I realized
the only wrong thing to say is to say
nothing because George Floyd’s life

mattered and Brianna Taylor’s life
mattered and falando Castillo’s life
mattered and Tamir Rice’s life mattered
and so did so many other people whose
names we know and whose names we do not

know Stephan Clark his life mattered and
I was thinking about this moment when I
was a sophomore in high school I was
fifteen and as you know sophomore year
is the year that we do volunteer work

which is a prerequisite for graduating
and I remember my teacher at the time
one of my teachers
miss Polly has said to me before I was
leaving for a day of volunteering always
remember to put others needs above your

own fears and that is stuck with me
through my entire life and I have
thought about it more in the last week
than ever before so the first thing I
want to say to you is that I’m sorry now
when I heard this I’m like okay I’m

sorry repenting she apologizes but who
is she what is she sorry for and who’s
she sorry about what I’m so sorry that
you have to
up in a world where this is still

present I know that this is not the
graduation that you envisioned and this
is not the celebration that you imagined
she’s talking to the college kids
talking to blacks oppressed America

she’s talking to the kids oh but this is
not the graduation that you envisioned
and this is not the celebration that you
imagined but I also know that there’s a

way for us to reframe this for you and
to not see this as the end of something
but instead to see this as the beginning
of you harnessing all of the work all
the values all the skills that you have
that you have embodied over the last

four years and now you channel that now
all of that work gets activated now you
get to be part of rebuilding and I know
sometimes people say how many times do
we need to rebuild well you know what we

are going to rebuild and rebuild and
rebuild until it is rebuilt I don’t know
ma’am I don’t know what the hell she’s
thinking but she’s feel sorry for the
people who didn’t graduate and have

parties yeah but it’s okay now is the
time to activate which of course means
she’s a complete political operative
doing this and disgusting well I don’t
know of course there’s the only one of

these stupid speeches these people are
giving these virtual commencement
addresses that’s an embarrassment I
don’t know why I’m going to take that
gig and here’s the to get up there so
they put a shawl on you and throw a work

thing around your neck and you get a
phony degree for it though you get to
call yourself a doctor or something
this is best not true very few
commencement things give you an honorary

that’s why I’ve never done one cuz
that’s what I always demand and they
didn’t say no I’m not gonna do that for
you Your Honor there’s honorary degrees
aren’t there well there’s plenty of
honorary degrees but this doesn’t

necessarily mean if you do a
commencement you automatically get one
the funniest thing that happened in
white/black world came to me on a

podcast from gimlets
who are just I think the gimlet model is
now pretty clear now let’s make a couple
of diverse diverse podcast we get some

different background people doing some
shows which doesn’t really matter if
anyone listens or not and then and then
we in those shows will promote the
custom podcast we make for Cisco I mean
it’s so it’s so lame I’m feel so sorry

for those people who thought they were
they’re gonna have a great deal I’m
going to become a podcaster yeah and
then you get a you get to do your
podcast but you have to produce five

others for corporate podcast and promote
them in your own it’s like ah I didn’t
know about this news to me
great gimmick yeah but I think we
invented it this is the thing me you

guys dropped the ball no we did this all
the time we had the Honda Honda ones
yeah we did all that kind of stuff
anyway so this this is a this host is I
don’t believe he’s a boss he’s black

because as he says he is but I think he
may be more a descendant of of the
islands and he discovered something that
he investigated on his podcast and here

is this thing my experience it’s
incredibly confusing payment some
variation and it hasn’t been happened to
everybody I know like my sister my
neighbor’s my friends

white people I’ve been sending black
people venmo payments in these really
weird bizarre ways this guy like a
British Butler I mean where does that
accent I think it’s an island accent is

it could be Jamaica it could be Barbados
something like that one of the one of
the colonies one of the colonies so this
is about the strange venmo payments that

start coming up I’ve been sending black
people venmo payments in these really
weird bizarre ways often completely out
of the blue and frequently completely
unsolicited I put out a call on Twitter
asking for people to share their

experiences of this and I heard from all
of these black people who had gotten a
notification that some white person has
it in cash in like the weirdest form of
reparations and I dick to say he’s a few
bucks sorry for racism

a random man mouth and it said for we
there are drinks so much that I’m
sending it back this is happening all

over the country I live in Chicago
I heard from clothes designers are
spying filmmakers Paducah organizers
computer programmers teachers academics
podcasters photographers comedians flock
when you do the middle class much of the

time under 40 payments were continually
kept coming through and I was like
according to my completely unscientific
survey it seems like you’re more likely

to get demo payments from your white
friends if you live in a mostly white
area went to a mostly white college or
if you work in a mostly white field like
the sketch comedy thankfully white
people don’t tend to send these with

emojis these payments just seem to be
small amounts of money like the amount
you might contribute to a colleague’s
birthday card made to people that are on
the hole financially completely fine
this shows you what is going on these

children juices running around yeah oh
this has been going on for a while this
this idea it just started up a couple of
weeks ago first time I heard of it I

know it probably predates that but it
was the end I can name people on Twitter
that are promoting it white people
mm-hmm as the send a black person 100

oh no but this is this is like five
bucks people are sending I can’t afford
or whatever you can afford it’s kind of
an open model oh this came up in the
dinner conversation last night the
Eric’s here working on the house and and

Eric I supposed to somebody one of the
kids said you know he’s supposed to send
a hundred dollars to a black person and
Eric says I said what do you talk what

is this I said and I explained to him
this just bit there’s a good bit by the
way cuz it gets a full bunch of free
money in Eric’s is a hard no no hard no
yeah well and you know most most black

people found it pretty insulting it’s
like hey man what are you doing what
does the and especially because it’s
like $3 or $5 and sorry for racism have

a coffee
but this this is what you’re seeing that
is black lives matters Inc where well

that said of them a million times
just completely under informed have no
idea what they’re doing finally we’ve
got to Oh tom Fitton mister mister
lawyer oh my goodness

blue charities is the fundraising
charity that purports to raise money for
other charities why is this involved in
black lives matter global network
there’s no IRS info on this organization
hello and Candace Owens also just woke

up to this how long will be saying this
3-4 weeks now this is the total money
grabbing scam it’s gonna help you elect
Joe Biden or get him money for his
election you know I got into an argument

a couple of people about this already
the the act blue website they yeah they
are a kind of a quasi PAC and they’re
the front for the DNC but they also do

just straight-up collections like a
PayPal and so black lives matter does
run through act blue but it doesn’t but
they’re doing if you look up if you go

deep enough into their website you find
it as a whole pricing schedule and you
can pay them to clear to be a
clearinghouse you it cost you 3.5 or 3.8
percent of all the income and you get

the money it doesn’t go to act blue they
get their 3.8 percent in and probably a
piece of the mailing list but this
nonsense that has to be I’m gonna
disagree with you I’m gonna tell you why

act blue is the nonprofit there is no
black lives matter official nonprofit
organization that’s the problem I have

they are just like the Austin Justice
Coalition they’re on the payroll of act
blue they’re not they they get less
light show me that I’m all in well if

you can show me that there’s any
organization outside of act blue that is
taking money on behalf of black lives
matter that has a form 990 I’m all in

there is
I’m just gonna tell you this I’m gonna
say it again act blue is a clearinghouse
the hardly any different than PayPal
that you can run your whole operation

through and then if when you donate to
black lives matter ten bucks
the act blue people will take their
piece of it three percent and you get

the rest of it I don’t do everyone’s
thinking that all the money’s going
right into the Joe Biden campaign when
it’s not well I disagree on how the
money is run here and I disagree on your

categorization of what act blue is and
who runs it and look at pricing for
nonprofits they collect money for a lot
of people and non protect money for

nonprofits but for anyone you don’t have
you have to be a non-profit any any
locating guru okay we could we could use
act blue to collect money instead of
PayPal that’s correct but until they in

this case I believe that black lives
matter is not one single identity that
has any kind of fiscal responsibility

because they are not an organization so
it’s just a name and it’s yourself said
they’re in Inc no I gave it that name

okay because there is no incorporation
there’s the black lives matters
foundation which was set up in 2015 has
not reported anything since 2017 is run

by people who are not involved in any of
this and they’re probably raking in
money and laughing all the way to the
bank activeblue is yes you can you can
use them as a clearinghouse but then if

you use them as a clearinghouse you’re
you’re taking money in so you have to
somehow file taxes I don’t care if
you’re nonprofit or not so who’s filing
taxes and what kind of money is going in

that’s the point of this accountability
it’s not going to show up on act blues
form 990
it’s not right so then it’s just a
client but Putin well is it possible

that that black lives matter is
incorporated or not or even establishes
a non-profit under some other name I
have I have looked and the only thing I
can find is other democrat run

organizations that and when I say like
Democrat Party and the biggest one you
know I’ll bring it up right now cuz I

I’ve been looking at this for weeks is
some thirty million dollar Democrat fund
here on a second I’ll bring it right up
here I’m going into guide star to get

you the well you’re doing that I’m gonna
reiterate your position your claim is
that black lives matter is a front for
the Democrat know you can let more money

know Joe Biden no I’m not saying what I
would think I’m saying that they’re
misrepresenting themselves as helping
black people when all that that’s why
that’s all I’ve been saying well I know

but I’m talking about the act blue
connection so okay black lives matter
Foundation which has not filed anything
since twenty seven so they’re defunct as
far as I’m are as I’m concerned and

hadn’t there’s no names or anything that
that triggers any any bells what was the
last date was that date twenty so they
filed their 2017 taxes so they’re in
violation of the law because they had to

have twenty eighteen in a year ago the
Center for popular democracy which is in
Brooklyn New York which has gross
receipts of thirty seven million dollars
is collaborates with the movement for

black lives
everything else is there’s nothing else
they’re not a second the Center for
popular what is it the Center for

popular democracy 37 million mmm-hmm the
Center for popular democracy works to
create equity opportunity and a dynamic
democracy and partnership with high

impact based building organizations
organizing alliances and progressive
we strengthen our collective capacity to
envision and win an innovative Pro
worker pro-immigrant racial and economic

justice agenda and this always stems
back it seems to me these these New York
operations of the world’s workers party
yes yes
so anyway remember answer a dot and yes

it let’s so let’s talk to or let’s not
talk to you but it’s listen to two short
clips from one of the co-founders of

black lives matters the initial black
lives matters which are started in
Louisiana that’s really when it’s one’s
first came out and this is patrisse

and she listened to this I also think
that it might I think of a lot of things
the first thing I think is that we
actually do have a ideological frame
myself at least you have particular are

trained organizers we are trained
Marxists we are super versed on sort of
ideological theories and I think that

what we really try to do is build a
movement that could be utilized by many
many black folks trained Marxist so
there’s there’s your world Workers Party
all of that is trained Marxist yes

but not just trains Mark Twain Marcus
Marxist no no the co-founder of this
organization which doesn’t really exist

which sends money to an organization
which does a lot of different things and
they have the the financial
responsibility fine whatever if they get
it or not if they’re just a pay
processing I pay taxes someone’s got to

pay taxes over that what these kids are
sending their money to is to a trained
Marxist who clearly does not have real
racism and solving of that etapa mind in

fact she admits what it’s all about a
lot of criticism former Vice President
Joe Biden from civil rights activists
the election obviously will be a choice
how do you think Biden matches up

compared to President Trump when it
comes to these
issues that are important to you well
I’m hands down Trump not only needs to
not be an office in November but he
should resign now Trump needs to be out

of office he’s not fit for office and so
what we are going to push for is a move
to get Trump out while we’re also going
to continue to push and pressure Vice
President Joe Biden around his policies

and relationship to policing and
criminalization that’s going to be
important but our goal is to get Trump
out that’s what they’re for nothing more
nothing less

that’s what it’s all about it’s always
been about Trump I know but it’s good to
hear people say it yeah well they
usually won’t admit it no but now it’s

just out in the open you know things are
going their way so that they can now
come out of the from under the rocks
we’ll see your train marks this thing is

very disturbing especially after your
you did that thing last show about the
Vanity Fair for teens and the promotion
of marx’s and where’s the government in
all this I mean we’re not supposed to be
encouraging I mean it’s not like it’s

against the law because there is a free
speech issue but I think we should be at
least aware of the of this a little more
about the Marxism that is really a
counter to the American system and even

though all these same politicians
politicians included I would I would say
a a oh she’s one of them
capitalism must go yeah and they they’re
very outspoken about it I mean

everybody’s capitalism must go they want
to get rid of capitalism they want to
replace it with a state-sponsored system
that they can then turn over the

one-world government not that I’m gonna
go that far but it’s easiest way to go
to what yeah but I even wonder I wonder
even if that’s if that’s really what
it’s about I think it’s just all power
everybody wants power and these people

are now trying to grab their power I
don’t see any real heart in this except
for the people who get sucked into it
who eventually wind up saying well
mayor’s venmo a black person so money
because I’ll feel better

about it because I don’t really know
what my mother that’s how it always
devolves in this country some you know
some token gesture that makes you feel
good in your washed your hands of it
that’s that’s who we are that’s the

basic thesis that I would just subscribe
to which is that nobody’s really been
radicalized they’re just idiots and
that’s who we are as a can I solve this

with a pill or with some cash either way
I’d really appreciate if I could just do
that meanwhile back in Washington DC or
we do have some action out on San
Francisco which I don’t have which I do

have some clips of we had a bunch of we
had a statue of yeah you had a lot of
statues in fact in war in Oregon they
overturned they taken down to Thomas

Jefferson statues and Francis Scott Key
yeah Francis Scott Key I think’s in San
Francisco yeah they took cause of course

you know the racist national anthem got
to get rid of that so we have these we
have this and this is San Francisco
action this is what’s going on in San
Francisco and there’s a pronunciation
issue here from two different reporters

both covering San Francisco which has me
completely beside myself but you want to
play this clip is San Francisco action
and bad pronunciation KQED outside San

Francisco City Hall activists came
together to paint the words defund the
police on the street in giant yellow
letters Mission District resident
resident Audrey Annika Marana was there

qamar Ando wants more community
involvement and oversight in the
policing process especially by those
most impacted by police such as people
of color the trans community and

homeless people activist spray-painted
stolen land stolen people and native
lives matter at the site of the Junipero
Serra statue Sarah built missions across
California often with a labor of captive

Native American people and I was
wondering how to pronounce the name
well that ain’t it then what was it is
that the end of that clip yeah that’s

all I got this is supposed to be 36
seconds it’s 35 seconds and that was 35
seconds yeah well he pronounced awry so
the other girl

this is there was another pronoun
another one that came and I’m sorry to
cut off but he’s let’s listen to San
Francisco bad pronunciation one and
native lives matter at the site of the
Junipero Serra statue by the way

Junipero Serra is the way it’s
pronounced on Google Maps
is that how you pronounce it no I have
no it wasn’t a bad pronunciation number
two two ropes around the statues they’ve

seen between a pair of Sarah
so she the woman and these are local
Ritz you nipper Oh Sarah you nipple Oh
Sarah this is as bad as me here in Texas

saying hey I’d like that jicama sauce
I’d advise you wear to God I said what
do I know man I grew up in Amsterdam so

how are you supposed to pronounce this
you nipper Oh Sarah
oh there’s a giant Boulevard in San
Francisco called you nipper Oh Sarah you
nipper Oh Sarah you’re nipper Oh Sarah

and they’re pronouncing it Junipero
which is again again the way Google Maps
pronounces it because they’re just doing
it phonetically and that these are local
reporters no I think they’re getting the
news from Google as well these are local

reporters the point I’m gonna make is
they’re not local reporters these are
outsiders have them moved in for some
reason to give us local news and they
don’t even know how to pronounce you

connect the dots who is putting
journalists in newsrooms everywhere for
free the same people who help them
pronounce it wrong Google we had the

whole story we had the whole story
Google’s putting the journalists into
newsrooms everywhere you yourself said
they pronounced it the way Google Maps

does yeah coincidence
that’s not a coincidence it’s proof fact
Junipero Juna para it’s a good one para
these are not reported well they are

actually reporters they’re reporting
whatever someone put in front of them
call home base we’re talking about the
Trump rally earlier so I’ve decided I
started changing my beat around a little

bit I’m starting to listen to NPR radio
and realizing it’s worse yeah it’s
pretty bad it’s worse than the networks
and they’re getting away with it because

it’s obvious the only people to listen
to NPR you know the dedicated ones and
why all these lists you mean instead of
listening to PBS or Democracy Now well
let’s see what would you listen

you’re in your car you’re I’m assuming
most of you listen to NPR in their car
driving to work and they’re listening to
the NPR news feed as opposed to locally
here we have CBS Radio she’s really kind

of a lively news operation even though
they’re slanted a little bit but it’s
not too bad mm-hmm but no the if you’re
an intellectual and you’re driving to
work and you’re not on your bison no you
listen to NPR of course you dream about

having sex with it depends on what your
preference is Ira Glass or Terry Gross
that’s that’s that is the profile the
NPR listener and it turns out there is

absolutely no difference it’s the same
person their report on the Trump rally
and see if there’s any dubious issues in
here okay which I’m sorry this starts

with the word slanted I got it okay the
Trump rally we got it here the Trump
campaign says six staffers for the rally
in Tulsa tonight have tested positive

for Koba 19 but officials say those
people won’t be at the event and that
everyone attending the rally will be
given temperature checks before they
pass through security this as tens of

thousands are expected to be in the city
both for the rally and to protest
against President Trump Chris Polanski
of member station k WGS has
things are tense in downtown Tulsa

police confirmed that they arrested a
woman wearing an I can’t breathe
t-shirt this morning that the request of
Trump campaign staff some Oklahoma
National Guardsmen are carrying rifles

despite the guard telling reporters
earlier this week they just skip right
over this hole they arrest a woman
because she was wearing a t-shirt and
that’s it let’s just do the headline no
no do you missed the best part of it at

the request
yes Russ I heard that too arrest that
woman things are just waking Tulsa
Police confirmed that they arrested a
woman wearing an I can’t breathe t-shirt

this morning at the request of Trump
campaign staff some Oakland and the cops
okay stop stop you get the whole thing
it starts off with with the assertion

that six staffers were tested positive
yes but they won’t be attending yeah so
what differs does it make boarding at
sixth oh yeah some guys wife at home he

got yeah but they’re not gonna be
attending anyway so what’s it got to do
with this story nothing it’s just gotta
feel the worst report I’ve ever heard
will pick it up and now they’re

arresting some woman for wearing a
t-shirt at the request of the trans
campaign because she’s wearing a t-shirt
that’s a reason yes lock her up I have
no idea they’re not giving me much

detail things are tense in downtown
Tulsa Police confirmed that they
arrested a woman wearing an I can’t
breathe t-shirt this morning at the
request of Trump campaign staff some
Oklahoma National Guardsmen are carrying

despite the guard telling reporters
earlier this week they would only carry
batons and pepper spray an organizer for
one of several counter demonstrations
says she’s expecting as many as six

thousand attendees at a city park
leaders in Tulsa’s black community made
one last appeal to mayor GT Bynum to
call off the event Bynum has stood by
the president and the rally

the leaders of the in the black
community which I guess is checked one
area what they’re talking about they
don’t either
they just distilled words words while

we’re on the topic of slanty reports I
want to play this other than NPR report
this is the one on kovat meanwhile
states around the country are continuing
to see record numbers of Cova 19 cases

as officials try to find the right
balance between reopening and limiting
the spread of the virus and here’s
Matthew Schwartz has more Arizona
reported 3200 new cases in one day

Texas more than 4600 South Carolina more
than a thousand and Florida more than
4,000 none of these states have a
statewide mask requirement several

cities and counties have imposed their
own rules for wearing masks in public in
Florida Governor Ron de santis continues
to shy away from imposing a statewide
requirement telling reporters masks have

to be voluntary because quote the
Constitution is not suspended just
because there is a virus also seeing
record highs Tulsa County Oklahoma the

site of President Trump’s campaign rally
Saturday night Washington yeah we ever
heard anything about Tulsa County and

the whole three months of this covertly
no now it’s a bright top of the news I
had I had an interesting see if I still
have this I had like an anti anti Trump

thing from the UK about it uh I wonder
if I well you’re doing that I got but if
I’m gonna get Brent ranting on these
guys so I’ve been listening to the NPR

feed and so most of the stuff that they
have is pretty if you’d listened to
their news you have like I’ve got a
dislike they talk about for example

there’s listen if I can find this is on
the yeah this is elite let’s try this
one leaf blowers that this is what you
end up listening you this is what they

talk about on NPR now leaf blowers a lot
of places have banned leaf blowers or
restricted their hours especially the
your gas powered models Walker was
interested in the relationship between

noise and public health in a city like
Boston sleep disturbances I think they
the direct relationship between sound
and negative health the World Health
Organization suggests that daytime noise

levels shouldn’t exceed 55 decibels
Walker wondered how leaf blowers
registered even if you weren’t the one
blowing the leaves we see even when you
move 400 feet away from the point of

operation you’re still getting sound
levels there in excess of what the World
Health Organization recommends for
daytime sound levels but then we also

learned that these leaf blowers have a
strong contribution from the lower
frequencies it has an ability to travel
very long distances and penetrate

through the walls so it’s really hard to
mitigate and we see in the
epidemiological literature that
low-frequency sound is creating negative

health effects above and beyond high
frequency sound oh man but windmills not
an issue no well that’s good you got say

the second part of this this is the leak
this is a different story now they go on
about that they’re down with the leaf
blower and then they start talking about
lawns become the importance in the
history of lawns the Sun mpi this is

what people listen to on their way to
work instead of our show under leaf to a
different story
something good if you go look at the

oxford english dictionary and try to
find the word lawn you’ll see that it
dates from the 16th century from old
english for an open space or what was
called the glade

ten Steinberg is a history and law
professor at Case Western Reserve I am
the author of several books including
American green the obsessive quest of

perfect lawn and these lawns as it were
that existed back in 16th 17th 18th
century England were typically found on

now talk about how America got into
lawns and the degree to which they upped
the game so lawns go way back in

American history Washington and
Jefferson of course had lawns
nevertheless this is why podcasting is
so great because you may want to listen

to an hour about lawns but it should not
interrupt your daily commute as that’s
something that will change your day
necessarily that’s pretty good did they

have anything to be against lawns it’s
in the vegans leaf blowers I don’t know
these guys it’s very negative operation
this NPR I’m not sure I got this report
from but it may have been from a similar

type of broadcast organization surges in
cases of coronavirus are not linked to
recent protests such as the black lives
matter George Floyd and police protests

oh good
not even more people leaving their homes
during the warm weather explains the
surge of new coronavirus cases this is
according to findings of USA Today an
analysis of counties nationwide for now

surges seem to be most intense in
counties that had avoided the worst
outbreaks earlier this year the analysis
found no single cause seems to explain
why some places have seen spikes while

others have not the report cites one
health expert is saying the virus is
still out there and the strategy for
fighting it has not changed now which
leads me right back to trumps testing if
they can’t pin it on anything if there

was no for some reason protests made no
difference then there’s really not a
surge is there
then you’re just testing more people and
people just have it but are asymptomatic

well I think it’s the scam aspect that
remains yes yes I would
we can do one of two things we can do a

quick noodle gun run down just to see
what’s on the list of what’s getting I
actually have a contribution I believe
to the noodle gun oh my this is the this
is an older clip that means from a

couple weeks ago I didn’t do before
before we do the noodle gun we got to
get to get the jingle
all right you have a contribution I want

it this is Cady Herzog who is a ex
writer she’s a socialist or lefty but
she’s a she hates everything going on
because she thinks it’s just that you

know cancellation culture so she does a
podcast with this other guy cancellation
podcast I can never remember the name
would cancel into something and abort I
can’t remember the name of the podcast
but she lists all she all she does is

they have their harp on these ridiculous
cancellations of people for doing just
lame things oh girl
over history especially she what she
really kind of gets gets her riled up is

when something that happened ten years
ago gets somebody fired tomorrow and
cured see this is a this will catch us
up with the show but there’s some like

accusations of them of the magazine like
being a hostile environment for people
of color and this is gone
so this was at bon appetit over the past
few days so a editor from refinery29

stepped down an editor at the
Philadelphia Inquirer resigned on
Saturday after dozens of staff members
walked out because the paper published
an article with the headline buildings

matter to which clearly is a reference
to black lives matter in reference to I
guess like looting and burning a billion
Billings in Philly so the headline was
like so egregious to people that they
walked out the CEO of second city the

CEO of CrossFit the sustainable fashion
brand Reformation a woman from the CBC
was fired after quoting the n-word in a
meeting so she was like literally

quoting someone and she was fired for
that some some like pop culture starts
have been fired a few people were fired
from the show Vanderpump rules which
I’ve never watched but apparently is

popular a guy named Hartley Lauer was
fired from the flash and that was after
this woman named Skye Jackson who I’d
never heard of but she has like five
hundred thousand followers on Twitter

and she has she wrote a book called
reach for the sky hot Owens
buyer and empower and clap back so this
woman has turned her account into like a
call-out account where people are
sending her like incriminating DMS or

social media post or whatever and she’s
publicizing them she for instance
targeted like a Yale freshman who when
she was 15
used the n-word and like a in some sort
of meme or social media saying Yale like

responded to this and said they were
investigating this student for something
she did when she was 15 years old so
this is like this is really spreading I
think me too for microaggressions is a

great way to put it and we’re seeing the
same sort of apologies self-flagellation
promises to do better and I am very
curious to see how this is gonna spread

yeah I think we have a lot more that I
can just list in less time because she
did a kind of recap of a couple older
ones and we now have a website for this
you know we had noodle gun calm now one

of our producers has taken upon himself
to track the the noodle gun direct
targets so that may be helpful for your
project yes and I will just go through
where is my noodle gun here we have yeah

well actually the one we wanted okay
Lloyd’s of London apologizes for

shameful role in Atlantic slave trade
CBS CBS and MTV Networks have higher
they still have people are still alive
from that era that can apologize they

should be getting a skeleton making him
talk CBS and MTV have hired private
detectives to check and monitor social
media of their entertainment stars to

make sure that if and it nothing can
turn up old miss is being encouraged to
drop rebels as its athletic nicknamed
Minnesota Twins remove the Calvin

Griffith statue from Target Field we
have the president of course proclaiming
Juneteenth day not officially but did
write a nice note to everybody this is

one that is
in your neck of the woods the repeal
proposition 209 have you followed this
yeah yeah I have can you fill me in uh

not why I wasn’t prepared to so I can’t
quite but it’s this to change the way
that the affirmative action is is
handled so races and involve so you can

actually it’s designed so you can
actually use quotas legally dry what
this many black people and I want this
many Mexicans in here and then Hispanics

and a Latina ‘xs and you know I want ten
of them and five is studies and then you
get and you can do it legally so it’s
yes I’m just reading here came from
nineteen ninety six the original

proposition 209 which passed prohibited
the state from considering race sex
color ethnicity or national origin in
the operation of public employment
public education or public contracting
so now they apparently they want to be

able to do that to force organization
focus quotas right which I’m sure will
be fifty percent or fifty one percent
even who knows that’s I think that’s

that’s it that’s a noodle gun there or
let’s see Oh Rick Wilson Rick Wilson the
noodle gun is backfiring as he and his
wife have been caught with the pictures

of a cooler in the back of their truck
that says that has a confederate flag
and says the South will rise again he’s
got to go the well you probably saw the
the chick-fil-a

CEO shining Lecrae shoes the rapper
Lecrae shoes did you see that yeah oh my
goodness here he is a chick-fil-a CEO

some of our closing moments here but a
story that was shared with me by a dear
friend he shared with me about a revival
that was taking place to the church in
Texas and at that revival in the front

seat was an older ask American young
older african-american men man those
and this young man got up that was there
in that service and he’d been so gripped

with conviction about the racism that
was in that local community in a small
town in Texas that he took a shoe brush
and he walked over to this elderly

gentleman and he knelt on his knees and
began to shine his shoes and tears began
to float and that service it was an
attitude of conviction so I invite folks

to shoes and shine their shoes own or

maybe they got sandals own and listen to
what lecrae says when he backs away from
it’s very telling it really doesn’t
matter but there’s a time which we need
to have you know some some personal I’m

sorry I hit a button you didn’t hear let

me just roll that back for a second I
hit a button accidentally some personal
hit some stock and chick-fil-a so that’s

the guy comes over shines the black
man’s shoes then says and I’m gonna give
you a hug and the black man says

appropriately how about some stockings
in chick-fil-a how about you stop with
the pandering and give me something
tangible so telling now now if I
understand totally tone deaf President

Trump I think is being roped in a little
bit a little bit of noodle gun aimed at
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said he’s
encouraging NFL owners to sign Colin
Kaepernick Donald Trump has not weighed
in yeah and if you remember Donald Trump

slammed players for kneeling during the
national anthem and called for them to
be fired
here’s Trump and then what he had to say
yesterday about Kaepernick check it out
sports and kneeling do you think Colin

Kaepernick should get another shot in
the NFL
he deserves that he should if he has the
playing ability he was he started off
great and then he didn’t end up very
great in terms of as a player he he was

terrific in his rookie year I think he
was very good in a second year and then
something happened
so his playing wasn’t up to snuff the
answer is absolutely I would

as far as kneeling I would love to see
him get another shot but obviously has
to be able to play well if he can’t play
well I think would be very unfair
drove Kaepernick out of the NFL oh

really he deserves a second chance but
what the hell changed the man has still
been Anil he’s still gonna kneel so what
will your re-election is coming up and

now you want to change your stance on
this but he didn’t drive Kaepernick out
of the NFL just let me know what the
noodle gun is doing of course he would

know what show is that Entertainment
Tonight Canada all right here we go
couple mortars we just go down the list
I think we already discussed that

Associated Press and now has changed
their style guide the word black will be
capitalized with a B capital B if it’s
about black people Johnson & Johnson is

dropping all skin whitening creams so no
choice for you ladies no matter what you
want to do Ford Motor Company is pushing
back the debut of its new Bronco because

you know oh I stopped a second yes what
if somebody wants a lot of people use
those skin whitening thanks for blunt

you know like they have liver spots like
all kinds of stuff sure yeah there’s
reasons to use those creams and they’re
Japanese have a big market in those
creams yes so they’re just taking them

out arbitrarily Johnson & Johnson has
decided to stop selling skin whitening
creams somebody tell them to this is
somebody I’ll read it to you
populist skin whitening creams popular

in Asia and the Middle East it said on
Friday after such products have come
under renewed social pressure
recent weeks amid a global debate about
social equality no please well close

gave up the market because the Japanese
the cosmic Maria stop selling that stuff

conversations over the past few weeks
highlighted that some product names or
claims on our dark spot reducer products
represent fairness or white as better
than your own unique skin tone Johnson &
Johnson said this was never our

intention healthy skin is beautiful skin
the health care company said it would no
health care company said it would no
longer produce or ship the products but
they still might appear on store shelves

until stocks run out this things don’t
turn you white all right go on just give
me the details Ford Motor Company pushes

back debut of its Bronco the new Bronco
because you know oj can’t have that I
like saying I like seeing what was it it
was popular science had an entire

article how to remove a racist statue
the physics of taking down statues
well done Popular Mechanics Eskimo Pie
is going to drop its derogatory science

at Popular Mechanics errs two different
magazines ooh I think it was let me
it well that’s a good question why I
can’t find it now I I thought it was

yeah it was Popular Mechanics it would
be better I guess and I don’t know I
can’t find it on the right continued
Eskimo Pie will drop yes rogatory name
yes we’re good

get a little noodle noodle there Folgers
has been forced into releasing a pro
blacklivesmatter statement over black
coffee I kid you not

yeah black coffee although of course
this is trolling so that’s kind of fun
we’ve talked about the open source

community and github and something I use
every day is open SSL and open SSL is
indeed changing if you you can better

words this is a post that they’re
changing the actual code so that master
and slave are not used white lists black
lists also not used and it’s very

interesting that’s the deprecated things
and there’s a whole conversation and
what should we replace it with should it
be main should be primary as the really
twisting themselves into a not trying to

make their code less racist with
problematic words this will have to be
the the great move Amazon Studios has

purchased Stacey Abrams voting rights
documentary for air somewhere in the
fall gee what could that mean would that
be perfect for it I don’t know some

little election or something probably
work out well then in Santa Barbara I’m
we’ll go on Hanna Barbera I was gonna
say Santa Barbara Oh an icon of Santa

Barbara has changed the name Sam bows on
this restaurant as we’ve known it since
1957 is going away on the Santa Barbara

once with over 1,100 sites nationwide it
was a popular chain in 47 states it was
reduced down to this one original

location after bad business decisions
and the interpretation of the name to be
racist I understand that it wasn’t
intentional right I’m not saying that
Sambo’s and the owners were racist I was

saying about the slurs racist Rachelle
Monet requested the change during this
week of strong emotion over racial
issues but the backstory on the name
comes from Sam Battistone and Newell Bo

Bo net the founder 63 years ago the
current owner is Sam’s grandson Chad
Stevens who was keeping everything like
it was the first day it was his name and
partner’s name Sam and Bo something I

respect and continued through but I
understand there’s some hurt in that and
we will move forward in the last three
days the decision was made the Sambo’s
lettering would be covered up until a

new name is decided upon this is the
first idea but others are being
considered we’re working on this
together now it’s gonna say peace and
love like that’s like one of the biggest
things we need right now is yeah to take

away the guys brand named after his
father his father’s partner oh but I’m
triggered by the word Sambo so now you
got to change that and we’ll turn it

into peace of love I’m sure you can
trade some I’d like to see changed okay
there’s a couple of things out there for
example what about that you know that
Quaker Oats with that Quaker guy on

there that kind of like doesn’t he go
agent in my oatmeal that’s already on
the on the docket I think that’s already
happening okay good we he’s got it going
what about Cracker Barrel anybody

thinking about that kind of a racist
cracker and Cracker Jacks Cracker Jacks
gotta go
yeah it’s becoming Caucasian Jack’s
Asian barrel yes you don’t by the way

there’s a joke the one joke that goes
around you they already got rid of the
poor Indian girl on Land O’Lakes mm-hmm
mainly because of the the gag you could

do with you know like cutting her knees
out and make them there
you know it’s very funny bit you could
do can’t do it anymore the kids are
ruined yes but the comment is they got
rid of the Indian but they kept the land
just like Americans always have done yes

hello Twitter gags very good I’m sorry
I’m sorry about Jemima as we know had
the noodle guns splatter all over her

face not so nice for people who I don’t
know are related to Aunt Jemima think
the history action Jerris is the family
historian for the Richard family of

Hawkins and could hardly believe a big
part of their family legacy the Aunt
Jemima brand was about to be erased from
supermarket shelves by the way this
piece is so edited they have they have
spliced together pieces of words in

entire sentences and it’s it’s really
noticeable other people want it removed
we want the world to know that our
cousin Lillian Richard was one of the ng
Mama’s and she made a honest living we

would ask that you would reconsider just
wiping all of that away she was
discovered by the craic the Quaker Oats
Company to be their spokesperson
Lillian became a goodwill ambassador for

Quaker Oats and for decades portrayed
Aunt Jemima all over Texas
she made an honest living out of it she
toured around the state of Texas here in
the fal community just outside Hawkins

is a historical marker dedicated to
Lillian Richard who’s recognized as one
of several portraits and the family is
proud of what she did oh no actually
considered like a hero in in the town of

Hawkins and we are proud of that we do
not want that history erased Harris says
her family feels that activism has gone
too far I wish that you know we kind of
would take a breath just not just really

just get rid of everything good or bad
it is our history moving that wiping
that away wiped away a part of me we’re
proud of our cousin yeah well too bad
your cousin is no more it’s gone with

your cousin gone well how long do you
think they’re gonna keep the Jolly Green
Giant oh that’s not racist Oh
as far as I’m concerned it is know what

against green people at all
now that the bigot might be bigoted but
it’s not racist it’s gotta go barrel
goes so should that so there’s there’s

one interesting bit is while there’s
also black lives matters riots in
Germany they are they are on they’ve
just erected a Lenin statue yes you know

curiously there’s a Lenin statue in
Seattle which is also just fine it’s at
the Lenin statue is not a from Lenin

statues great we have that in Seattle
and then tear down Christopher Columbus
yes because you know Francis Scott Key
and Thomas Jefferson yeah because Lenin
never owned a slave no far as we know no

slavery as long gone by then but and I
think it I think it’s Ann Coulter who
was pushing Yale University which
apparently was named for Elihu Yale not

just a minute ago not just a minute
change the name of Yale yes that’s what
she’s pushing for not just a man who had
slaves an actual slave trader that would
be now if that happens if they really if

they’re gonna try in the in Splatt Yale
University and it works that then I
won’t say they have a lot of awesome
that truly awesome power if that takes

place well I think we should push it
well if it wasn’t an Coulter already
doing it I’d consider it don’t give up
and that’s what I have that’s your that

is your noodle noodle gun that’s only
the beginning
just get started and with that I’d like
to thank you for your courage and see in
the morning to you the man who actually
put the C in cultural Marxism John C

Dvorak well in the morning you mr. Adam
curry also in the morning all feet the
air something or water or the names of

the nights out there yes and in the
morning to our trolls in our roll room
you would you you’ve been missing out on
those for a while now we can’t take it
seriously hey we got record trolls 16 16

nice number hello no agenda stream com
that’s where the troll room is you can
hang out there patrol around lots of
trolling people saying things that make
me want to respond with it’s so easy do

your own podcast but that’s what’s cool
about it because you can just troll and
you control me other live shows but
there’s 24 hours 7 days a week live
stream with podcasts all of them

employing the value for value model and
you in the troll room can also get an
invite to no agenda social calm that’s
our federated social network without the
algos but all the fun thousands of

people on that insist that it’s
federated around the mastodons universe
and new social etc and we also have a
generator where you can upload art that

we gladly use for the album art for
every single show we have artists around
the globe who are working on this as we
speak during the show we choose it kind

of quickly like 10 minutes within
closing up and the artwork for episode
1252 title that was agitprop came to us
from nick the rat it was a no-brainer we

both saw it it was the donkey with the
Chinese flag and with with a mask based
upon the clear research that only
Republicans would dare go out with masks

and the Democrats are obeying and I
guess it was a political statement from
Nick but it did the art popped and it
said everything we had in that show
Democrat Party Chinese Communist Party
shut up and wear a mask you ass donkey

was there anything else that we’d looked
at because there was lots of art no it
was pretty much that was pretty much it
I was what we went for yeah thank you
right well Nick no stranger to doing

fantastic artwork very much appreciated
and of course this is all part of our
value for value system which means that
you know everyone gets something out of
it you get out of it what you put into

it and Nick if you’ve never heard Nick
the rat from the sewer I think it’s
Wednesday and evenings also live at No
Agenda stream comm and thank you again
for your art and you can see all of that
at no agenda Archon Terry no agenda art

generator comm wanted to mention that no
agenda show dotnet is staging our
brand-new website so we still have no
agenda show calm and soon we’ll move
that over but if you want to take a look

at the new website no agenda show dotnet
it’s fantastic includes searchable and
shareable links to the transcript you
can go right into the transcript find

find it click on it play it click a link
you can add chapters notes you can
create add there’s a troll room if you
start listening to show on that site the

troll room replay happen so you can see
what the trolls are doing it’s really
quite quite an amazing piece of work Tim
Cagayan has been working on that for us
and really appreciate that and all of

our searches back so you can see search
out any show notes calm noah gentle calm
being it dot io no agenda query calm no
agenda quest calm we’ve got developers
working with each other now i can add

this here i can put that in there so
we’ve got a brand new infrastructure
really proud of the value that we’re
getting and now our executive produces
an associate executive producers who had

helped us out with the show for our
dedication day the best top forty
reference we could think of very pleased
the keeper whispered that in my ear and
i pass it on to you and you you went for

but we have a few people to think
starting with sir true we have actually
three $1000 donations today we want to
Wow make a big deal out of that swimming

child at the top of the list and Lindon
Utah he came in with 1033 and he says
over the years I’ve been been enjoying
having my producer comments embraced by

adamant poo poo pooed by John emblematic
of the no agenda show dynamic I’ve quite
quite enjoyed it first to establish cred
with my next producer suggestion I’ve

committed to make monthly donation for
the remainder of 2020 and kind to
today’s donation oh let me get this
straight so for the rest of the year is
gonna he’s gonna donate 1033 that’s
that’s what my see never be nice we

won’t hold it to him but hold him to it
but yeah we’re showing in that one you
would just say one thing abut you know
the color blue and that’d be the end
your show and analysis is you need air I
am doing it again your show and analysis

is unique and the words do not convey
how important this show is producer
suggestion I direct this suggestion to
the peerage committee for consideration
is a new ongoing donation level level

and title the highest one-time donation
will be granted a title see below for my
offer I am NOT set on the name perhaps
the protector of the realm this tie will
be held with all its glory and

entitlements until another donation has
received exceeding the previous donation
amount and so on until the amount is
reset each calendar year to be the
do-over period I’ve copied and pasted

the show note to gain favor with John
Sir Truman karma three times is what
he’s looking for what’s three Karma’s to
hypnotize us all PS I will promptly
submit $2,500 to raise the na banner

until another worthy producer raises at
higher assuming the peerage committee
approves well I will look the peerage
committee which is headed by me I will
look over this proposal and will take

this offer in consideration
consideration it sounds like a good idea
we have to come with a good thought I do
like you
suggestion you said poopoo everything
you say but I’m gonna say I like the the

realm of suggestion there’s a protector
of the realm is a is a good title that
doesn’t really interfere with the normal
peerage titles and such so I will let
you know me some email I don’t know if I

get the email from him from at least
name yes sir Truman let me let me just
give him a karma just for just for the
whole idea for being here and thanking
him very much

you’ve got karma yes very interesting
Nicolas cell comes in next with a $1,000
in one cent and he has no email

whatsoever maybe you’ve got something
from him but I sure don’t I looked in
there Nicolas looks in her cell I looked
under whatever I could find and there’s
nothing and that’s uh let me do a crowd
side of there Virginia I’m not sure what

do know I do not fight you were looking
for that the seller I said fine I’m
gonna read Stephanie Mora in Burien
Washington outside the airport and she

came in for $1,000 this for my smoking
out husband and father of our for Human
Resources happy Father’s Day and happy
10-year anniversary jobs karma and a
China is five whole jobs jobs and jobs

Christopher Kessler 61 a 612 53

interesting numbers here happy Father’s
Day to my 71 year old father Calvin who
was battling a brain tumor to my

beautiful wife Diane who makes each day
better than the last don’t tell her I’m
appropriating her last stimulus
unemployment payment for donating as she
goes back to her tomorrow do my friend
and co-worker Emily who hit me in the

mouth in January and I have been hooked
ever since thanks Adam and John for the
best podcast in the universe he’d like
an F cancer of course for understandable
reasons and a goat karma thank you very
much for your you’ve got Levi print

printing in Northfield Minnesota oh but

you know this if I gotta get this off
the Trump thing at Trump he said many
many uh Napoli’s many Annapolis for

Minneapolis and many Annapolis I’m gonna
start using that me many Annapolis
minion app isn’t that the actual
pronunciation meaning it knows
Minneapolis meanie app mania Minneapolis

Minneapolis many app many of many many
Annapolis many Annapolis it’s like a
small Annapolis mini an apple mini
Annapolis okay Levi’s printing in

Northfield Minnesota 350 should be a bit
more than halfway to knighthood but I’m
not exactly sure since I can’t seem to
figure out how to look past one year on
the PayPal page probably not looking

correctly I’m without four glasses of
wine in this and I needed to send a note
the retirement community here in
Northfield Minnesota is still on
lockdown the old people are restless and
annoyed but spirits are still in good

spirits are still in good okay
have my fair share of IT problem sense
family can’t help them when they can’t

get their iPads and laptops to connect
to zoom but I’m here to help them over
all else the kovat money keeps flowing
and this is a third bonus we’ve gotten
since the lockdown has happened is not a

lot but when you have five kids every
little bit helps
okay and I thought you needed your share
since you keep me sane and my coworkers
are slowly starting to see the Sham of
all this kovat BS I only asked you to

send some Carmen to my sister and her
son baby Reuben because he just lost his
dad to an OD brother loved everything
you do and thank you for keeping my

amygdala small and all the stress and
bullshit of the world when you baby
you’ve got karma 19 from Toby Trisha I

shitty note Trishelle trickle trickle
trickle T RI CH e double L from farmer
Ville Louisiana in the morning gents of
the best podcast in the universe
first-time executive producer donor

I’d like addy douching please great work
breaking down the m5m bias but I wonder

what’s slipping under the radar while we
are being distracted with the kovat 19
pandemic and protests Rahm Emanuel said
it best you never let a serious crisis
go to waste I thought it was good crisis

shout-out to my super fine firecracker
wife Jessie who helps keep me honest
mark c and francois see it’s your turn
to step up to the blade no jingles just

house selling service goat karma thank
you very much toby and we appreciated as
well you go your karma from the goat
you’ve got a Blackard circle and the
future dame swanee flickered I guess in

Indianapolis Indiana 333 thank you
gentlemen please accept this tribute in
support of the No Agenda show podcast my

wife and I have enjoyed the program and
wish you both good health this is the
second installment from our wife’s dame
hood with only one more to go she
especially likes being an executive
producer of this podcast while waiting

to be a Dame okay we got her make a note
that she’s executive producer today
we’re timing this donation with our 42nd
wedding anniversary on Monday who would
have thought that we would still be
sitting together on the deck 42 years

later whenever there is a problem one of
us will say you can always be single
again but then one of our big overweight
and single friends will be showing up at

your door you make the decision this has
been such a ridiculous first half of
2020 I say we put the Christmas tree up
now and call it a heir to all the dad

listeners please send good karma for
Father’s Day also please play my wife’s
favorite jingle that’s right which I
hear frequently thanks for all you do
and the best regards from the

blackguards circle and the future dame
swanee so if we’re gonna credit her or
just be the future dame swanee okay
we’ll do that we can do that and I think
it’s that that’s true I think that’s

what she means not that’s right that’s
true we don’t have it that’s right no
that’s what he means okay and and a good
karma yes of course we’ll do that thanks

you’ve got karma Drent lining Bach in
Zionsville Indiana 33333 call out Eric

Laird and Britt Lauer men who stay as
douchebags have loved you guys for years

no jingle just go turn you got a thank
you so much trunk you’ve got sir crash
EMG 321 dollars 23 cents from North
Carolina Holly Springs gentlemen happy

Father’s Day as I – join the club
welcome happy to announce our new human
resource who I will call princess
sprinkles born on the previous Thursday
the 18th welcome citizen a brand new

human resource in Gitmo nation on this
Thursday I wish love and light and the
finest malt whiskey and Cuban cigars for
all my friends and fellow round tables

we shall smoke one in her honor sir
crash EMT and thank you very much
appreciate it no Carmen I know why you
don’t do a new job do a new
human resource karma you’ve got bring it

up we gotta do 314 for my choco muffin
cuz you’re a good dad to our nugs
and I guess I like you a little love
peed donut that’s a code there yeah oh

and you need D douching well we can do
that seriously no jingles no karma don’t
read this okay I won’t read it on the

air onward yeah game day meow dicen
Madison meow listen no you know in the
morning John and Adam I’m making this

donation in memory of my dad Bob who
passed away unexpectedly in December
just days shy of his 60th birthdays 314
dollars and dame me Alison is from
Orlando I’m donating 314 dollars because

he used to call me Pie Face amongst many
other ridiculous nicknames and hence the
314 he was a lovable teddy bear of a man
who was missed by so many the show has

been fabulous as always and I hit people
in the mouth every opportunity I get
could I get an Atlas Shrugged shrugged
and a heaping dose of karma please and
then for the record she says John smokin

hot is is a no agenda staple when we
know that we just tried to shake it up a
little bit love you guys and keep up the

excellent work and that is from Dame me
Allison and well of course we have that
for you and we’ve got your a little bit
of karma as well

by ein rant
you’ve got karma cream pie perhaps sir
calling the friendly fat man in

Cincinnati Ohio 300 I ta man happy
Father’s Day crack puttan buzzkill Sir
Colin a friendly fat man from Ohio after
struggling for years to get our dad a
gift worthy of all he has done for us my

siblings and I finally realized the
solution was simple we would get him a
no agenda knighthood I have been working
away at a barony myself but I am teaming
up with the family to bring my father

Arthur Arthur King Arthur to the right
roundtable accounting in the email he
has been a fantastic example of me and
my brothers working tirelessly to give
us more than we could ever repay thank

and so happy Father’s Day from Corey
Stephen Caitlin Colin Connor Sean and
Aidan that’s a big family it’s also a

quick Father’s Day shout out to Chris
Kevin Steve uncle George uncle Steve and
friend of the family Tom Tom some Rev al
Oh Tom okay Tom Tim Tim some anyway Rev

al drone again and my corona for all
those dad’s out there’s what he’s
requesting which is a groovy groovy
combination except they didn’t have them

all ready for you out here we go drone
again and
my Corona I can do it I got the I got
the mine it was my sharona was it Mike

Mike her oh my Corona I got it all so

you’ve got karma boy that was a segue

you didn’t expect you kind of work that
liked it a lot
nice Sarah Gonzalez two and eighty one
dollars and sixty six cents Sarah is

from Houston Texas and says in the
morning gents a very long note we’ll see
how we do in the morning gents first of
all happy Father’s Day to you both and
thank you for your courage in the

Saturday in this increasingly nutty
world I make this donation first in
honor of my searing hot Chiquita banana
Rolando Gonzalez by the way Chiquita
banana is not an ethnic slur for any

noodle gun nuts out there simply my
favorite from the list of alternatives
to smokin hot the reason for the amount
of this donations that it brings his and
my individual contributions to an equal
number to make it easier for us to

eventually go to the round table
together Rowland is the best husband and
father to our two daughters my and Alice
I could ever imagine I am forever
grateful that he hit me in the mouth

that late last year we often listen to
your show together and roll Rowland’s
and their show mixes are so catchy that
Alice regularly includes the do it for
you pop pop mix in her daily dance

routine yes Rolanda Guns Elvis has they
live great makes another one today your
show has not only helped keep us sane
but has also helped us explain the
craziness of the current world to our
kids they asked us why can’t everyone

just listen to no agenda and stop being
so crazy I think we’re done John I think
our work is done we’re out of here when
this this kind of stuff happens that is
exactly what all children’s to be asking

if only it were that easy to drag people
into universe a we have just decided to
home-school because we have no hope the
schools will be doing anything
worthwhile for the foreseeable future
smart I think Texas is saying kids will

go back to school but with modifications
are probably with a virtual option we
figured the kids will spend most of
their day not being able to hear their
teachers through their mask or face
shield and sanitizing everything you

will someone inevitably test positive
for the Rona and they shut the school
down again no way next I would like to
dedicate this donation to the memory of
Roland’s late grandfather
Rolando Salinas Ramon who passed away

peacefully last week at the age of 19
ice age and my father-in-law alloy alloy
who is giving no agenda a tribe and last
but never least to my own dad who I used

to think was a crazy anti-vaccine spear
see theories and is also a militant
vegan that’s a combo my living in
universe a has brought us much closer
together and he is one of the few people

with whom I can have open conversations
when I when I went to see him live last
year of course he listened to a show
about Jose carne carnivorous month long
meat only diet and so now I have

apparently lost my credibility just one
other thing okay – huh
yeah I can skip all this got it very in
in other words we thank you very much

Sara Gonzales for your wonderful
donation and all the nice notes and
everything that you said about the men
in your life and in us and appreciate it
thank you very much all right

no jingles lots of karma so we do need
to hand off some comment you’ve got
karma well now we have a get back to it
we have Daniel lang man and Victoria BC

which is noting email subject line
donation note and knighthood Victoria
$250 I see one donation note a
knighthood subject like I can’t find

Latin Langman in my email I don’t have
it either and the donation note a
knighthood doing one that actually says
that is from Richard Zula from like a
week or two ago who I think we knighted

I’m not mistaken I believe so yes and I
you know know that that that subject
line does not exist in my email and

neither do you
those reefs and it will make dua make
good on you at some time and yeah uh
very much layover to success just not
there not there Stephen helm
meanwhile in Leawood Kansas 250 bucks

there’s a top-heavy donation day so you
have to excuse us hi this Steve this
donation should bring me the knighthood
I’ve been listening since the spring of

2013 and the four buck a week plan since
2016 now is the time to take the real
plunge and finally support the best
podcast in the universe
please deduce me my bodacious babe wife
has approved this donation as a Father’s

Day gift to me so happy Father’s Day to
you and all the dads I used to travel
from work maybe I will again someday and
you guys have kept me sane in my many
flights and lay overs and airports

around the world your coverage of the
plan Demick has been second to none and
gives real perspective on what’s going
on thanks for all you do at the
roundtable I’d like to be known as Sir

Steve helm the Leawood Squire and have a
good helping of barbecue and bourbon
means that on the list please bite in
play bite in give you the whole load
Hilary what difference does it make and

boogity boogity and goat karma karma
extra goat at it on there thank you very

much sir a ‘fuck a pH I see in parks and
South Dakota dear defenders of sanity
love your show although my wife gets
frustrated with my no agenda refined

critical thinking I can no longer watch
the mainstream news you have forced me
to become my own investigative
journalist on important matters the m5m
bias and outright lies are like

fingernails on a chalkboard
a soon to be phrase from the shays in
the world of touchscreens
good point please send my dad ray an F
cancer the doctors discovered prostate

cancer that has spread to other areas I
pray he gets a few more Father’s Day
fishing father’s days fishing with his
grandkids keep up the great work a Happy
Father’s Day to you sir a fake and we

appreciate that very much here you go
fuck that can see you’ve got karma damn
kovash in Dickinson North Dakota to 4444

I would like to wish brandy my smokin
hot cougar at Gloria’s no agenda
birthday please give her some karma and

China is asshole you’ve got as a matter
of fact we do nice just inhale if you

read the donation numbers I will go find
a note
Justin he’ll let me see what he says the
numbers are now he’s somewhere in
California your favorite donation two

three four five six 234 dollars that’s
actually an Edmonton no and I just
figure if he’s got Canada yes drink
jingles lgy
that’s true and a douche bag check in

karma to lgy
that’s true a douche bag check which we
haven’t play for a while I’ve always
enjoyed I don’t want any also before you
where’d you get those lined up you got

one a little item to deal with your
call-outs Justin L is a douche bag
another one for you time to get deduced
you’ve been deduced thanks for the

twice-weekly sanity check donation of
two three four five six worked out to
three hundred thirty dollars and 96 cent
Scandinavian dollar hats we will bump
you up now if we can remember and I was

a twit listener and have finally been
guilted into donating by the JRE people
thanks guys Justin cheap Canadian until
these guys came

you’ve got karma that one a long time
where are we dead word tat you know okay

you can do that one at two 33 33 from
Indianapolis Indiana of greetings gents
I’m several donations late in seeking
and asking for a deduced I appreciate a

call to my lovely bride Doreen on the
occasion of our 33rd wedding anniversary
hey Doreen thanks for all you do I was

adding a little something for her yes
from the archives then we have Ellen

Murray Ellen Murray from Missoula
Montana to 202 22 71 in the morning
gentlemen thank you for your courage
jingles requested don’t eat me Hillary
whip them with the Constitution oh my

can you do this one I didn’t ever saw
those jingles if you just read this and
all the morning gentlemen thank you for
your courage jingles requested a new you
have them there I feel like we are old
friends after spending six hours a week

together for the last five years I
mostly want to thank my brother Doug who
contributed over half of my name hood
and to both of you and your unflagging
dedication to telling the truth and
promoting sanity nothing crazy required

for the round table a special one-time
helping of shrimp scampi and
sarsaparilla plus a smattering of
jingles see above the happy social I see
above happy solstice to my fellow dames

and knights and all the No Agenda
producers thanks especially to my local
406 Montana crew for the celebration
yesterday and to my listening friends

smokin’-hot man of the house Walker
Damian Oh sir Stafford iron bran circus
of media JC and Tennessee for the mouth
hit dead Steve in China for staying cool

and staying alive special note to Adam
thank you for emphasizing the CCP not to
these people during the dastardly deeds
I’d like to be known as Dame Ellen of

the dream realm and you’re on the list
and I don’t know whether it’s added but
items should add the shrimp scampi and
sarsaparilla yes I have ordered that it
shall be at the table


you’ve got karma nailed it

they did Alexa f2 22:33 she writes in
Dear John and Adam happy Father’s Day to

both you’ve been especially my own
father Chris Farnsworth who hit me in
the mouth at the age of 13 Wow
love you bunches pops I’m now 23 and
finally in a financial position to give

in to the value for value system towards
my dame hood I would like to ask for
addy douching thankful as I am for
keeping me loke I indeed call out to my

dad for being a douchebag
poor dad thank you both for your courage
all I asked for some jobs karma karma
for the entire No Agenda community no

other jingles necessary sending all my
love and support Alexa I’ve received and
returned Alexa thank jobs jobs jobs and
jobs that’s yes
Heather Hina King Hina King from Seattle

Washington $210 happy first Father’s Day
to my husband Daniel and the wonderful
father to our beautiful Freya Freya
Freya fr eja

Freya J who turned 1 this meetin this
week I am so appreciative that you have
taken the lead on diaper Chan changes
burping baby and continue to assist in

many other ways as you work a full-time
job and Adam to read glad fires dark
that is my Swedish Norwegian Danish it’s

all the same accident but she glad fires
da so Lucas a father doc there you go
and give a little Karma for the brand
new and they’ve got Karma

Matthew Decker’s next from Dakota dunes
South Dakota and he wrote a note in on
the emails please accept this donation

or two or 620 which represents the date
of my smokin hot wife Brittany and it’s
and I add my okay my the date of my
smokin hot wives Brittany’s an eyes

wedding day if they got married on June
22 2020 you guys provide much value to
our lives and we had to share the spoils
of our big day with you huh

if it’s possible play Hilary swoop and
the Hillary cackle if you have it the
Hillary swoop whoop and the Hillary
cackles is that’s not the a love and
light Matt Decker okay we have some

footage for you this is a new swoop here
she comes
watch out
you’ve got karma

she’s grown her wings somewhat since the
last time we checked in Jake Miller
getting Kailua Hawaii yeah Kailua – or –
or – please wish our Father Bob

Milligan of Elko Nevada a very happy
64th birthday 64th Friday the 19th of
June he’s on the list mm-hmm happy
Father’s Day and credit his donation
credit this donation towards his

knighthood you do the bookkeeping we’ll
do it please play a reverend al
compilation as it would surely make him
laugh as it makes everyone laugh yeah
we’re all so proud when we heard our
parents first donations a while back is

good to know we aren’t the descendants
of douche bags they can proudly say
grandkids you can hold your head high
and get mo nation our family is spread
from Florida Maryland to Nevada to

Hawaii and it’s always a joy to discuss
your show in interesting times like this
despite the distance the family that’s
no agendas together stays together thank

you for all you do love and light sir
Jake Milligan listener since 2010 aka
the Haiti earthquake just sends your
cash I know a lot of people want to send

blankets or water just send your cash
crown all day – we are watching that was
upturned General Eric Holder DVDs about

some Republicans holes are already
beating the drugs of law
you’ve got karma and last but not least

the sword eh slammer 2200 dollars and 35
cents and he writes in jingles deals at

the top JC DS homoerotic refinery
firefighter training description which
is not really a jingle now and go karma

I don’t hasn’t been played for a while
and we did the nuts one day last time
say miles will continue with the
humiliation the two hundred dollars and
35 cents down a Shinto celebration of
Baroness Dame bang Bang’s 35th birthday

and sir Andrews 12th birthday happy
birthday from the no agenda family that
listens together remember taxation is
Epstein didn’t kill himself and
libertarians are just anarchists who are

afraid of a commitment love sword eh
slammer hey man what we haven’t played
it in so long I don’t remember what I
called it it wasn’t firefighter

it had to be firefighter suddenly
because it was about firefighting
refinery fires yeah I know I know what I
caught he found it no I didn’t say I

found it but when you said you found it
I don’t think so man what is this so you
take your hose and you roll that sucker

as far as you can get it and then some
guy some that’s that’s part of it but
I’ve no I don’t remember what I don’t
think yes no that’s not part of it daddy
that’s the original had something like

oh man I’m bummed out now that I can’t
be stumped we will find it for you sir D
H slammer we will play you’ve got that
is our list of associate executive

producers and executive producers for
12:53 I think yes 1 2 3 that’s right and
so I want to thank them for making this
show possible because you actually made

the show possible yes it is value for
value we don’t ask you for anything
other than to just send us the value
that you get from the show and I think
we’re hitting some marks I’m so happy
and I’m looking forward to a number of

nights and at Damons for the roundtable
later on also I will be thanking more
people $50 and above as John said it’s a
little top-heavy that of course is what
you get with it with a dedication for
Father’s Day also meet up reports all

kinds of cool stuff on the way we’ll be
doing this again we do it twice a week
the second Thursday of the week coming
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I would like to get the Biden gaffe out

of the way Oh okey-dokey
let’s see do we even have a gas jingle
anymore no I don’t know we ever had one
but yeah we do of course we got one okay

so bite so Juneteenth is an interesting

phenomenon that I want to talk about a
little bit not too much I don’t want to
go into a report but it’s a really been
a Texas celebration and if you look on
the in Graham at Google this word really

didn’t show up much before 1960 it’s
hard to find references to it outside of
Texas anywhere in the country I did find
some new still Oakland Tribune had a

reference to it in 1970 the NCAA the
NCAA first celebrated it officially in
around the mid eighties and you can do
this research yourself but Texas they’ve

they have been celebrating a lot but if
we listen to CBS it’s been celebrated
like crazy because it is the black
person’s fourth of July oh really

according to CBS I want to play before I
play my Biden gaffe I want to play the
this is deep I’ve been playing these
clips at the beginning of the different

news shows showing how they tease the
whole show and you’ll read that to watch
this right right right CBS doesn’t do
that they only go 59 seconds and I have
a comparison between CBS and ABC I don’t
want I really do that it’s 59 seconds

for CBS 2 minutes and 6 seconds for ABC
which really does the show right but CBS
draws a couple of zingers in theirs and
this is the CBS intro fail tonight
the president’s warning to protesters as

Tulsa prepares for his first campaign
rally in the a
coronavirus president Trump issues a
threat as the mayor ascends a weekend
curfew plus Tulsa sees a record high in

Nuuk Ovid cases what the Oklahoma
Supreme Court is saying tonight about
forcing rally goers to wear masks
celebrating Juneteenth for 155 years
african-americans have celebrated June

19th as their Independence Day the end
of slavery and this year across the
country tens of thousands marched for
change the city of Louisville moves to
fire a police officer involved in the

deadly shooting of Brianna Taylor nearly
100 days after she was killed in her own
home the stunning termination letter
tonight and CBS’s Steve Hartman on why a
mysterious mailbox has become a popular

place to talk to dear old dad – okay
well you suck 155 years of celebrating
it’s their celebration of Independence

Day now Juneteenth is the celebration
that started in Galveston Texas and it
was a it was a celebration of the last
era of their slavery ended when Lincoln

signed the Emancipation Proclamation
sure I don’t want to generalize but I’ll
put it this way the dummies in Texas
never got word of this and so they had
to march into Texas on Juneteenth to

tell hey you guys are okay to go now
you’re good to go and it’s really a
celebration of Texas getting the word
more than anything else and they’ve
turned it into a state holiday in Texas

and it’s never really been played
anyplace else except where there’s a lot
of Texas people for people from Texas
Oakland has a lot of people from Texas
easier to celebrate according to me me
in Oakland she recalls and so but it

hasn’t been celebrated like the way
they’re making it out to be and then to
make matters worse because nobody has
really heard about this too much until
now and if you look on the end gram it’s

taken off like a rocket mm-hmm along
with some other things I’ll talk about
in the next show but just hears jeers
bite and now I told you what it’s about
it’s about letting the Texas slaves know
and the slave owners know that the

Emancipation Proclamation in
play and it’s you guys should be
shouldn’t be slaves anymore that’s what
it was about
that’s listen to what Biden says it’s
about he’s going down at text anon
Juneteenth right the first major

massacred literally speaking of black
Wall Street whatever Joe Joe Biden
thinks that it was there was a massacre

in Tulsa like a hundred years ago and it
was called the black Wall Street and it
was uh has nothing to do with Juneteenth
no at all and Biden who was supposed to
be the big candidate that door if you’re

black you vote for me he doesn’t even
know didn’t even do enough research know
what Juneteenth is and so he says
something stupid like this and he
doesn’t so nonchalantly like he knows
what’s going on I just find it a very

very humble and of course that’s no one
else really said anything about that
just let that go that’s hilarious
oh yeah heaven forbid don’t say anything
don’t say anything you know hurt his

chances brother I do have a bite in
Texas I so I don’t know what it is all
right let’s take a listen to that
he’s going down a texture on jus teeth
the long oh yeah

that’s the other part of the gaffe this
one nobody talked about this that’s
where I’d s actually a reminder to me he
wasn’t going down to Texas on June 10th

he was going to Tulsa yeah no he’s come
so he mixes up both the both the
Holladay of the Juneteenth thing which
is was a Tulsa event and then he says

that Trump is going down to Texas where
Juneteenth did take place to have a
rally and that’s the part that no one
caught that the little because he’s

mixing it all up he’s got everything
mixed up but he sees mumbles so much you
he says he’s got it out of Texas and I
had to I saw it because I wanted to make
sure he wasn’t saying Tulsa he was

saying Texas he was mumbling in a
mumbling voice so yeah he’s got it guys
a wreck
I’m here LIGO he’s going down at techsan

Juneteenth yeah Texas he says hey man
I’ve been waiting all show we’re all
right here we go hold on


yes everybody is time for a Kaylee’s
well she didn’t do a drop – Mike then
this last press conference but she did

go after a cost in it in the old one two
three you give him one do you get get
get get to that you throw a few Slammers
in there then three okay am i right and

then you kill him and so Kayla yeah this
is just Jim Acosta he’s sitting there
you know just they can’t stop talking
about–we she’s trying to answer the
question he’s yeah I can’t get jack in
the background they should throw him out

I mean I’m now convinced that he’s he’s
there for for this reason only so here
is Kate Webster sorry candy versus a
cost of one well any White House

officials be at the rally tomorrow will
be several White House officials at the
rally one of those officials or will you
be there other White House officials be
wearing masks at the rally personal

sways I won’t be wearing a mask on I
can’t speak for my colleagues and why
won’t you wear masks because it’s sort
of a personal political statement is it
because the president would be
disappointed in you I’m tested regularly

I feel that it’s safe for me not to be
wearing a mask in I’m in compliance with
CDC guidelines which are recommended but
not required so he’s a little I thought

there was a little snippy the guy’s a
jerk I really dislike this game more and
more acaso anyway so it’s not over oh

good around you no it’s not over if I
can ask you about last night the
president tweeted out some fake videos
one of which was labeled about
manipulated media why is the president

sharing fake videos on Twitter about two
who are obviously showing a lot of love

for one another it seems as though he’s
exploiting children to make some sort of
crass political point
why is he sharing fake videos he was
making a point about CNN specifically he
was making a point that CNN has

regularly taken him out of context that
in 2019 CNN misleadingly aired a clip
from one viewpoint repeatedly to falsely
accuse the Covington boys of being quote

students in maggie gear harassing a
Native American elder that’s the
harassing video a misleading video about
children that had really great
consequences for their future and if you

come back from that did he have
something these guys okay this isn’t
good enough so he’s gonna now he’s gonna
start hounding her and harassing her and
here we go but just the question does

she actually have a little a little cart
machine when she’s making these cute old
fashions I like an eight-track so it
looks like it’s like a four-channel I
don’t know she should keep that up I’m

liking it too so you’re saying it’s okay
to exploit two toddlers hugging one
another on a sidewalk to make some sort
of political point I mean but as you
know the president has described the

members of the press as fake news during
the course of this administration when
you share fake videos like that doesn’t
that make you fake news I think the
president was making a satirical point

that was quite funny if you go and
actually watch the video I think he was
making it and talking making it here
that the point is it was a play on CNN
repeatedly taking the president out of
context like the time when you guys had

a a chyron that read Trump slammed some
illegal immigrants they’re animals well
guess what the people he called animals
were ms-13 illegal immigrants who
regularly mutilate people in this
country those things are entirely

misleading they refer to some Mexican
references breakfast he has tried to
pass a Muslim ban and this
what I want to know what he said there
that was great this country those things

are compiling misleading refer to some
Mexican references breakfast eaters
tried to pass a Muslim ban and defender
almighty subscribe goodness black NFL
players of sons of bitches it’s an

absurd attempt to justify the misleading
headlines that are regularly on your
network like I was just walking in
watching CNN as they lotted the quote

rallies in the streets this is not your
cable news segment this is I’m speaking

from the podium from the White House
podium they doesn’t care he just bail
out it’s entertaining for us I like it
but shame on the whole bag of a man is

that really what we’re doing good in the
streets this is in a cable news segment
I’m answering your question right now

from the White House podium when I walk
out of here
when I walk out here jammer before when
I walk out here Jim and I see on your
when I see on your network celebratory
headlines about the rallies and the

protest outside you actually said
protests and rallies so in light of the
protest rule these gatherings happen in
light of a protest or a rally as you say
that rally is to be condoned but not the
president’s rally I mean it’s appalling

you have one person on your network
saying that this is a celebration in the
streets a carnival-like atmosphere
there’s a guy with a sign that says free
it’s beautiful what’s happening in the
streets there is music people are

hugging you celebrate hugging in the
context of a protest but in a trump
rally where we celebrate historic low
african-american unemployment criminal
justice reform HBCUs that rally is not
allowed because guess what Jim it

doesn’t fit the ideological agenda of
CNN ok leave now packing heat she’s got
fire power hmm if I was writing a

Saturday Night Live skit and I was to
having a Kayleigh person I would have I
would cut to the one guy and then I’d
cut back to her holding a gun shooting
the guy yeah bikini what would that be
even better you know she didn’t have to

drop the mic thing but she did get a
little one of those I think you guys
should go do this you know she should go
look into this and try to so she had a
little lecture at the end and you know
you do your homework class is dismissed

is what it amounts to and she slams the
book and leaves it wasn’t this the way I
got a clip oh there’s the Kaylee collec
collection finish hmm collection finish

additional debates to this schedule how
many debates with the president be

willing participated yes so the
president talked about this yesterday
the president is happy to debate when
given the opportunity right now there
are three debates and he’s happy with
that but certainly if others were

proposed he’d be willing to look at them
and he very much looks forward to those
debates one thing I would note and I
think it’s just very important
especially as we go into the weekend and
we begin to look at some of the news

coverage out there is that I would
encourage all of you to cover the
protests in the same way that you
covered the rally goers it’s really
quite something when you look at this
extraordinary video by media Research

Center and News Buster’s where you have
multiple host on MSNBC CNN and CBS
boasting about the quote massive crowd I
mean massive tens of thousands of people
thousands and thousands up to two

hundred thousand people they exuberantly
exclaim but then they have grave
concerns about the size of the Trump
rallies you have MS CNBC contributor
saying social justice over social

distancing but when the president looks
to celebrate the accomplishments for
minority and communities in this country
our rallies are derided as breeding
grounds for coronavirus while lawrence

O’Donnell celebrates armed and armed
protest so I really think that we should
have internal consistency here in the
way we cover large crowds we should be
guided by science not cherry-picking

science as I see all too often on the
airwaves especially from Sanna
impressive she’s she’s doing it she’s
lasting longer than most well somebody’s

guys call her a beast and you
wasn’t there was some guy who I think
was right after a casa and if you got a

clip of it and he was saying I got that
clip that I was gonna blend that in with
something else I might have but yeah
this was Peter Peter Alexander and all
he’s from ABC right Peter Alexander may

be seen he decides to pull in a cuss and
pulls a crazy question just a nutball
question which leads her to slam Bolton
his Bolton’s in the bid in the news

because of his book supposedly he’s
there’s a lot of Bolton stuff I try to
have a I should play them whoever the
bolt and clip first on top of that she
then you can listen it okay where is

that you got motivation to beat Mulvaney
okay that this is about first of all
this is from the ABC teaser which I
don’t want to play because we don’t
really have enough time for it okay but

is the beginning of the ABC’s David Muir
says something like oh and it’s a crater
it’s unbelievable what one of the
officials of the Trump administration
said slamming the president and that was

the tease and this is so then I wish
said well night now would listen to the
damn show and so I found this in there
and this is Mulvaney who is still
working at the administration they took

him out if it was out of context or what
it’s a pretty good comment and then it
leads right to the Bolton thing which
then leads to the question so let’s play
Mulvaney comment ABC tonight as
president Trump fumes over John Bolton a

remarkable comment from former acting
White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney
who is still serving in the
administration if there was one
criticism that I would level against the

president is that he did hire very well
he did not have experience in running
government and didn’t know how to put
together a team that could work well
with him Mulvaney said that yeah yeah

right there Wow and if you think about I
agree he’s hired he had all these
backstabbers and weirdos that he thought

were like you know they’re qualified but
they didn’t like him what’s he hiring
him for I told agreement with this
i’m i don’t think it’s true as much as
it was at the beginning but it was

apparent it there again he got sucker
he got sucker-punched yeah so this so
the follow-up to this on ABC is go
delves into the into the Bolton book
this is Mulvaney to Bolton is only the

latest member of team Trump to turn
against the president in his new book
the room where it happened he portrays
Trump as inept and singularly focused on
his own reelection you described the

president as erratic foolish behaved
irrationally bizarrely you can’t leave
him alone for a minute he saw
conspiracies behind rocks and was
stunningly uninformed he couldn’t tell

the difference between his personal
interests and the country sensor
interests I don’t think he’s fit for
office I don’t think he has the
confidence to carry out the job there

really isn’t any guiding principle that
I was able to discern other than what’s
good for Donald Trump’s reelection but
Democrats are furious he was willing to

tell all for his own book after refusing
to testify in the House impeachment
inquiry bolton argues the hearings were
too politicized and Congress should have

investigated Trump for additional
possible impeachable offenses well it’s
quite a charade iYou know I give him
credit for sheer nerve because what are
you saying basically is there was

malpractice and impeachment because you
should have investigated things that I
was unwilling to tell you about the
president’s team livid Secretary of
State Mike Pompeo calling Bolton a

traitor accusing his former colleague of
spreading lies fully spun half-truths
and outright falsehoods administration
lawyers are arguing Bolton’s book

contains classified information and
should be blocked Bolton denies this and
today a judge noted that copies are
already in circulation saying the horse
seems to be out of the barn no word yet

on when he’ll rule baby okay so if I
understand it properly that based upon
these this incredible in-depth work that
has been done over there at ABC they

came up with I guess a quote from
Bolton’s book and is that what Peter
Alexander was using in this next clip
because he was messing that’s true now

they did a long hour-long interview with
bolt and ABC did and this running on
Sunday today yeah I’m one of some show I
don’t know what

and they took clips from that and so
they have a lot of the they may even
have a copy of the book I’m not sure but
but Peter Alexander yes I’m that’s got
to be work where this comes from because
it’s too off the wall

he really read I’m sorry read that
question and they had to look down when
he repeated it I saw him yeah he
repeated it yeah and it was to me it
kind of like a screwball question it

Kaleigh I thought did it she had to
expect it and she she did a good job of
going after Bolton after this question
was asked Alexander I love the question

because when I heard that my head waiter

I’m like what and I have the I so I have
the ISO of that you might want to play
dumb as a rock oh that might be a good
one for us job as a rock overrated way
over their heads Wakko and Constance

it’s long but I wouldn’t mind that as an
end of shower it’s a nice one end of
show we’re not a grower a show laughs
the show end of shower not a grower
let’s get back to when you’re Peter

Alexander here Peter Alexander let me
ask if I can because why does the
president keep hiring people who are
dumb as a rock overrated way over their
heads Wakko and
so the president makes hiring decisions

based on the fact that he likes to have
countervailing viewpoints I spoke to him
this morning about John Bolton that in
particular and he said I like to
counterbalance my own opinion with

individuals that oftentimes have the
very opposite opinion of my own
he likes the model of having a team of
rivals like what we saw in President
Lincoln’s administration I’ve been a
part of that I often see rigorous debate

and the president uses his gut and makes
the best decision as to how to move
forward so that’s what goes into his
hiring practices and I think the team of
rivals was President Lincoln worked
quite well was obviously value in hiring
a team of rivals it’s worked well in the

past but then if you’re gonna hire
rivals why hire rivals who were dumb as
a rock overrated way over their heads
wacko and incompetent how does that help
those labels to be true and that’s
particularly true and that doesn’t

securely true in the case of John Bolton
um who repeatedly praised the president
then turned he’s been widely criticized
by the New York Times for his book I

think John proven John Bolton has proven
himself to have those labels as true
turn that around but that book must

really have nothing in it if that’s the
bed that’s what they’re showing up with
well he’s he’s hired wackos idiots bony
hey hey we hadn’t heard the message be

we hadn’t seen the constant string of
people being hired and fired but okay
why does he do that I don’t know maybe
you weren’t available mr. Peter
Alexander is though that’s kind of that

no wonder people are showing up to our
show in droves there’s nothing there’s
nothing out there for anybody and it
just all hate and divisiveness and it’s

all of them and you know it is all of
them I am so sick and tired and I’m that
specifically uh Tucker Carlson it’s what
what is happening now Fox News is upping

the videos of black people
assaulting white people and there was
this one video and that you might have
seen it

apparently some some dude who was let
out of jail you know during the corona
virus he’d been arrested a hundred times
or something and he’s walking down the
street Manhattan as the old lady with a
walker they just closed lines her and

and she falls against the fire hydrants
like ninety years old it’s really
disturbing to see and of course these
things happen of course the people are
a-holes are all over the world but

Carlson was talking to someone and for
seven minutes in the Box the upper box
this video was looped and it’s only
maybe nine ten seconds

it was looping over and over again this
is propaganda
this is fear-mongering this is fear porn
this is terror you need to sit that shit

man it is really unacceptable and you’re
making people afraid because in just and
I’m sure tick tock is not helping – Oh
more of these videos now people are

worried about their fellow Americans
because you’re doing this stop it oh
yeah this is all stop it i disgusting a
really hated
I’ll keep it short for today but we

gotta go this was really the I have a
couple articles you can find him in the

show notes and a show notes com the IRS
and I’ve warned about this the IRS now
admits oh yeah no we just went out and
bought some phone location data it’s not

a problem they did they get it
commercially from the same people who
sell it to marketers and advertisers
then we thought that was kind of handy

to have to see if you know the people
who said they were at a certain
restaurant a certain time with somebody
else let’s make sure the phone records
but not even the phone records well
let’s make sure the the records match up
if you were really there or not this is

this is exactly exactly what we’ve been
talking about for years here you go you
are now California’s been doing this for

decades yeah but it’s this is the duo’s
regular phone just like we’re doing with
the old-fashioned landline IRS doing
this now well the state of California

was doing it and it was their tax
collection to party I don’t care about I
don’t have nothing to do with the state
of California the IRS is the whole
country okay California I mean I think

it’s I I mean I don’t really have a
problem with this I my phone is in the
drawer yeah we know you don’t have a
problem with it but this is not for you

this is for other people who continue to
reject the idea that a phone is not
healthy for you in many ways and I have
a problem with the IRS with just going
ahead and looking at if you’re lying

without probable cause I think this is a
Fourth Amendment issue
they can’t just live my life I’m totally
agree with that I think it is with
California too and they get it from vent
el ven te l so it’s not it’s not

cellphone it’s not trans
triangulation it’s the shit that’s on
your apps in your phone and and that you
register for and then these apps track
you all over the place

and now the IRS is buying it to see the
government could never do this without
that help this is exactly what you said
they don’t need to spy on you they’ll
just buy it from Silicon Valley right
Silicon Valley will spy on you for them

yes Glasgow for them to do it but
Silicon Valley can do it and they’re
doing it and you’re the one with the
phone that you work walking around with
this thing you know you’re right it
should have something you can’t track

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five point five five six millimeters
this is uses standard infantry for all

all right NATO rocks alright five sixty
is the noodle gun donation we can take
it well we’ll put that on the lists or
Chris rap caplets of the rolling bones
in Ancaster Ontario 5510 happy Father’s

Day to my father Fritz let me get a
birthday call out – surly mofo and
Tucson Arizona 5510 Stewart Walton and
Stafford sure

UK 55 Ken and then said here’s a
dedication for his late father Ken who
died from a heart attack 19 years ago on
Father’s Day at the 11th hole of his
local club whilst putting for par during

the Presidents Cup clearly he died with
his spikes on doing what he loves still
miss him every day
love and light from both Stuart from
Stafford my brother Simon and all dad’s
grandchildren if you gotta go quite

honestly cool yeah with your spikes on
snob it’s a shower in Winthrop Minnesota

55 Ken a happy Father’s Day to my dad
Dave shower Renae Gulen Pacheco Pacheco
ghrelin Pacheco is my guess I think I’m

Moreno Valley California 55 happy
Father’s Day to my boyfriend Mark uh
from Renee Emily and Neil he’s an
awesome dad and I’m grateful he hit me

in the mouth
cool a Chris groom groom all Grimm all
in Kingston New York 54 happy Father’s
Day gentlemen thanks for the best

podcast Valerie T and fifty three
dollars in Indiana her smoking-hot
husband Neil wishing him a very Happy
Father’s Day

Neil you are our anchor and foundation
together we can get through anything
thank you John and Adam for everything
you do Valerie thank you in Indiana you
bet you m of the Mid Valley 50-49 he’s
got a D douching a request I believe was

the other one no my dad Kent’s
knighthood I cannot tolerate having a
douchebag dad any longer also can get a
karma as I’m transitioning to a career

as a dude named Ben coming up at the end
for you absolutely
Jermaine Nichols in Viet the Netherlands
hello John and Adam would you please

deduce this Quran through a Dutch man
Dutch men as I can say I love you babe
to my smoke and old wife Nicole yes he
wants a deduced his wolf 50-33 in the
army post office box are one of those

government things happy Father’s Day to
Richard Frank’s Shonda from across the
Bradley Barry and blissfield michigan
just deduced me already
fifty dollar donors starting with

Bradley and I’m just gonna read names
and locations and Adam will read the
name of the father if there’s one
mentioned in this group
starting with Andrew gussick in gusik in
Greensboro North Carolina at least Skaar

back in Springfield Pennsylvania for
Jimmy the man who taught me skepticism
Paul Dubois in Kirk honks in New York uh
we’ve got an address there for some

unknown reason Thomas College in Shawnee
Oklahoma Daniel Laboy in Bath Michigan
Troy funk in Leander Texas Adrienne
Muller in Atascadero California
Robert case in Mill Spring North

Carolina Timothy pasquariello in Hamburg
New Jersey and last but not least our
pal and producer Dame Jennifer in
Charleston South Carolina she has a note

you might want to read yes in the
morning here’s your latest share from
donations I’ve had towards animated no
agenda another fantastic episode just
came out yesterday also one last

birthday shout out for Katie who was
part of our local Charleston South
Carolina tribe and celebrated a big
birthday on Friday the 19th she was
missing a meet-up Saturday I have a

meet-up report coming up I am also
reclaiming my time
and love to my daddy who passed away
five years ago and whom I miss so much
it was a wonderful father and was always
a media skeptic he was never a regular

Lucian of no agenda as much as he liked
clips I played for him but I hope
wherever he is he knows I appreciate all
he taught me happy Father’s Day to all
of the OMG amazing dads out there and
that concludes our Father’s Day data

dedication donation segment obviously
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yes we have a number of birthdays people

to catch up with the 21st of June 2020
belated birthday sir Chris has happy
birthday to his nephew Eli who turned 3
On June 11th sir Jake Milligan happy
birthday to his father father Bob

Milligan of Elko Nevada 63 just a few
days ago on the 19th Dame Jennifer as
you heard also says happy birthday to
Katy who celebrated on the 19th we have
birthdays today dab-dab Co bash to his

smokin hot cougar brandy Eric Barrett 33
today sir Chris 47 on June 22nd of
Schweitzer Chris Lisa Stelter says happy
birthday to her husband Paul he turned

42 yesterday sir D H slammer says happy
birthday to Baroness Dame bang-bang who
turns 35 and Sir Andrew turning 12 and
finally sir crashed EMT says happy

birthday to Princess sprinkles born June
18th welcome human resource welcome to
Gitmo nation on behalf of everybody here
at the best podcast in the
okay we have one or two or three we’ve

got one Dame now what do we have with
Daniel Lang we don’t have his note right
so we’re just gonna call him sir Langman
for now until we hear from him he

married be a knight for all we know oh
that’s I hadn’t even thought about that
one you talk about Nicolas sell know we
had Daniel Langland of what we’re

looking for a note from him uh there was
a note from here I thought yeah we do
have two missing notes yeah okay well
you know do it later you know did let’s

do it now let’s do it live okay my
Nicholas cell the poor guy he hit is he
on the list and he threw the penny in I
don’t know any sign the list because

there’s no note from him whatsoever
all right here let’s let’s do this
here’s a where’s my dear Wow okay there
you go Steven Arthur Cunha and
you’ll lineman up onstage gentlemen and

Dame you’re all about to become a knight
and a dame of the Nord in a round table
very proud to have you here and to
pronounce the kV as sir Knights game
Ellen of the dream realm Sir Steve helm

the woods Squire Sir Arthur and slang
but all of you now Knights and date with
an Origin around table for you we’ve got
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shrimp scampi and such party ax whatever

that is cookies and vodka horse head
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Mead and we’d love for you to go to no

one to the nation our comp slash rings
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the official certification thank you so

much for supporting the No Agenda show
the best podcast in the universe

so we have a couple of meetup reports
and some some actual recorded ones sir
let’s start here Sir Michael of Calgary

in Vegas says hey Adam and John Midlands
first no agenda meetup was small but
very successful remember we had I think
eight or nine different meetups
yesterday as people are coming back out
of lockup and or lockdown and and very

happy just to be out and about so that’s
why we have a number of these reports
mr. Kyle
Jason Tommy and myself enjoyed the

Meetup and intend to meet to make a
regular event the next one is scheduled
already in a couple of weeks sir Kyle as
co-organizer enjoy your beer John this
year you’re you’re taking your break

early then we have flight of the no
agenda double of four steel crafts and
this is from leo Bravo in Los Angeles
hey guys just wanna let you know we had

a great time at the meetup yesterday
including me it was a party of 15 this
is good they had bill Ryan Crystal Brad
Matt Adam Blake Eric’s do Angelica
Becky Rick Victoria Isabella Leo add
they’re already planning the next Meetup

everybody is welcome Leo Bravo Los
Angeles thank you so much
we had a meet-up in charlotte bill
Cameron here in Charlotte North Carolina
great gathering sir suspected spook of

the Sycamore set passing it on this has
been no longer cowering in place very
happy about that
sorry euchre thank you very courage this

is Bill thank you for your courage in
the morning this is a recycle path
Brian’s eyes shout out to Mark Brinson

thanks for the birthday wishes in the
morning mercer enjoying the charlotte
meetup in the morning but in the morning
everybody this is luke thank you for

your courage future sir boiled peanuts
checks in the mail in the morning this
is sir Kevin dill is the Earl of North
Carolina hanging out in Charlotte thank
you for your courage
stay woke

and we also had James n AFER’s meet up
in the morning y’all
James Jennifer here we had a wonderful
meet up with lots of locals also had

david and charles who drove in from
north carolina and Stefan and Felicia
who were coincidentally visiting from
Felicia is in the process of writing a
fascinating book that I can’t wait to

no pressure Felicia okay here’s the
update from the rest of the heads on
sticks everywhere and lots of fun I

thought named Jennifer looked like she
was having a very very good time
Oregon locals 33 she’s already ready to
go rolling coming live to you from SEMA
district 10 and the ATF doesn’t look

like they’ve shown up yet but we’re
still waiting local agenda 33 and almost
Portland Oregon in the morning John Adam
in the morning back in the day we only

had one phone we plugged it into the
wall and it was made out of bakelite Wow
Wow I haven’t heard the tech hippie and

that’s a good one it’s been a while
since we heard that final meter purport
Truckee the motorcycle No Agenda Mido
hey everybody this is Sir Basil night of

the warm accords with canary cry news
talk and we are here at the Truckee
motorcycle ride up No Agenda Meetup and
here is Sir Baron lily of the valley and
we’d like to thank Sir Chris Aaron of

Carson Valley and here we go all
together now in the morning
nice no agenda bikers we got it all and
there’s more meetups this today actually

now probably just about getting underway
333 mountain time the Bisbee Arizona
Joe’s consignments Shawn and Joe hosting
that so in the morning if you’re

listening right now this Thursday the
25th the porcupine Freedom Festival
Lancaster New Hampshire it’s the liberal
Burling man go to site 14 will will be
your host and Saturday Central Texas

second meet shoot 10:00 a.m.
and that’ll be at the black oh that’ll
be C what do we have here
details on the no agenda meetups website

but of course it is local 512 black bear
to the no agenda armory and his route
and shooting gun smoke and hot wife have
amazing the extensive details on the no
agenda meetups

website and then finally June 27th also
Saturday Tampa Bay’s day drinking meet
up at two o’clock green bench Brewing
Company in Saint Pete sir-sir low siphon
night of the Psychonauts will be your

guest for that there’s many more all the
way through July that are up on no
agenda meetups calm please go take a
look because you can find a place to
hang out with people who are very cool

particularly if you haven’t had a lot of
human contact during the Ronal lockdown
you’ll enjoy it and remember it’s no
agenda meetups no agenda meetups calm
it’s not just a meet-up it’s like a

sometimes you wanna go hang out with all
the nights and days
everybody kills

well there’s some bad news
oh that we should have probably ran at
the beginning of the show or closer to

the front because it’s important okay
and it disappoints me this I’m committed
and should disappoint you
and this is the there goes a me a Fox
clip Amy Klobuchar is not does not want

to be vice president she’s dropping out
June teeth rallies happening across the
country as racial turmoil appears to be
influencing Joe Biden’s search for a

running mate Amy Klobuchar says she’s
bowing out take a look
I truly believe as I actually told the
vice president last night when I called
him that I think this is a moment to put

a woman of color on that ticket if you
want to heal this nation right now my
party yes but our nation this is sure a
hell of a way to do it and with

Klobuchar out Pamela Harris’s odds are
rising a new poll shows Democrats favor
Harris by a wide margin but will the
radical left accept her past as a

prosecutor Harris trying to spin her
resume as a positive watch this I know
the system from the inside out I
strongly believe if we are going to
change these systems there has to be the

kind of brilliant activism that we’ve
seen from the outside like black lives
matter and their leadership they’re
combined with what we need to do on the
inside to actually upend these systems
in a way that we make change to get

closer to that ideal we have of equal
justice under the law please don’t tell
me it’s gonna be is it gonna be camera
and they seriously going to go for her
is that why they’re pulling her into the
amy leaves clip

I have no idea I mean there’s only is
either her I mean if they’re gonna get a
me said she will thinks there should be
a woman if she’s on board with the
balancing that taking with a woman of

color and that means you’re gonna deal
with anybody but an a daus woman the
only other real that that woman down in
Florida the congresswoman who is a chief
of police I was at Bell Bell Demings

with him you know and she is she’s not
gonna guess she’s a bad choice then you
have Stacey Abrams which she was just
trying to bulldoze her way into the job

she’s never see they wait in line it
doesn’t kind and they’ve they’ve screwed
this up royally cuz Amy’s decided that
she’s not gonna put up with the grief
that she’s gonna have to put up with

because that’s one same one cop that had
the knee on the neck is the same one cop
that she failed to prosecute some time
earlier in her career when she was a
prosecutor and so the coincidence is

he’s got her pretty much spooked and she
was nervous as a wreck when she’s saying
this by the way very shaken below what
else is always she’s always shakin and

bakin shaking she I don’t know what
they’re gonna do they’re so screwed is
this beyond its I don’t know what

they’re gonna do they even though they
have all the confidence in the world and
Biden’s up by 13 points
yeah sure poles whatever just just a few
things just want to run through you

don’t have any clips or anything but
daca the deferred take children out of
the country Act which is some reason
seen as a win that the president cannot

end it immediately but I think it’s just
to Percy a procedural thing doesn’t seem
like and he also he’s not going to kick
any dreamers out of the country no Trump
went into a long discussion of this on

his speech Oh what was the same thing it
was a procedural issue they said bring
to him the court said no
no this paperwork is no good the

paperwork is no good but yeah what does
he actually wants who just wants to stop
it from continuing its not to kick
people out yeah he wants to just yes
something along those lines then we do

have a stop the presses moment off CBI
ABC this is a stop this is we you know
where they actually break into regular
programming they break in to tell you
something that’s so important that they

have to interrupt a show oh my gosh does
have a sound effect and everything or
what well I think if I don’t know if I
cut the sound if it but of course that’s
okay I’ll add one let me see if I can
come with you from the Washington bureau

of ABC News and we’re coming on the air
because of a major civil rights decision
out of the United States Supreme Court
the Supreme Court has ruled that LGBT
Americans are protected by the

anti-discrimination laws of this country
at their workplaces they cannot be fired
or otherwise discriminated against at
work simply because they are lesbian gay
bisexual or transgender this is a major

civil rights opinion yeah I think I’m
glad you got this clip how is this
stopping the presses it’s just a bit the

one thing has been the case in
California and half the states of the
country already but why would you it
well how is this stop depresses I’m not
seeing it

it was I think this was done because a
its Pride Month so this was all
scheduled and we had this probably came
right on the heels or right during or
around the same day as the big LD black

trans lives matter in Brooklyn so the
whole thing was meant to celebrate the
the children of the rainbow that we have

to of course you have to stop this but
this is what we’ve been waiting for for
decades we don’t want to be
discriminated against I think it’s going
to actually work it’s going to backfire
it’s not going to be very good

you know what corporation who can be
sued is going to take a risk now it’s my
well these things always backfire no but

I mean seriously it’s like so now you
hire someone and if you fire them and
they say well because I was gay oh yeah
yeah yeah that’s right

the other reason not to hives inevitable
that these things will happen inevitable
yeah that was my other one and I don’t
think there was anything else of huge

importance I did someone sent me a DM
through the chatroom
I did find our missing donation no but

I’ll have to wait for her next show
because he has a couple things he has
the special night name and everything
but you know he sent in it didn’t say

donation note on his email said
California Prop 209 and so sometimes
these things don’t get through you got
to be real specific Wow

we’re not opening that actually I did I
replied to it but and yeah and I did
save I don’t think I forwarded the show
or no but I think I did for a donation

no went out looking for that prop 209
motion it wasn’t his it wasn’t the email
you’d expect it to be so it doesn’t
matter we’re all happy it’s working out
yeah make goods are fine we do all the

time gonna be good you got something
happy in there and we have another one
of these little things in that with a
little propagandistic that you might
want to play was part of that CBS you
know they’re they talk about the Trump

rally scared everybody off as best they
could and then they they never mentioned
the fact that the rally was actually
giving away masks no no no but no
mainstream reporter ever said that they

just kept saying there’s no masks and
you’re all gonna die see if you can find
the this is the CBS on the rally report
and there’s a BS premise there’s a

premise within the report that is
bullcrap good evening to our viewers in
the West and thank you for joining us we
are going to begin tonight in Tulsa
Oklahoma where that state Supreme Court
has just ruled President

can go ahead with an indoor rally
tomorrow without requiring face masks as
many as nineteen thousand people are
expected to attend what will be the
largest gathering in the US since the

corona virus pandemic began is that the
largest gathering in the US since the
years since the corona virus began so

the 200,000 people marching down mid
Manhattan don’t count and the thousands
and thousands of people in Seattle don’t
count the hundred thousand here and a
half a million there the 50,000 years or

50,000 there I’m taking you off the air
we’re stopping you’re so right
this is why you need to participate as a
producer in the No Agenda show the
experiment the value for value Network

send it all to us we mix it up and spit
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we do have grumpy old Ben’s coming up
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of show mixes we’ve got Fletcher
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yes and the noodle gun some noodle guns
noodle gun fun
and we will do it again on Thursday
please support the work remember us at
Dvorak dot org slash na check out a new
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functional no agenda show calm and
coming to you from opportunity zone 33
here in the frontier of Austin Texas
capital of the drone star state FEMA
region number six on the governmental

maps in the morning everybody a Madame
Curie and from northern Silicon Valley
and John C Devorah we return on Sunday
right here no agenda no agenda show calm
until then

adios mofos and such
so you take your hose and you roll that

sucker up far as you can get it and then
some guy some dude behind you is
blasting you with his




you wanted to make pancakes great can’t
we just stop with all of this is making
me cry she should get help from that

Quaker there’s only one thing worse in
this universe that’s no engine

he gave us rice never stick to the trick
it was tasty rice or anytime on Coburn’s

converted brand rice it really does make

a difference
and don’t think they come for you don’t
discuss your not coming for you just
because you’re green don’t think they’re
not coming for you because you’re green

I was no longer throw away the
african-american part of the oil cookie
just to get to the creamy white middle
there’s an entire military branch under

the Chinese regime dedicated to
political warfare integrated fully into
the military and done outside of the
spectrum of normal warfare why is it
tolerated for the foreseeable future
until we get it under control media

warfare psychological warfare
what is culture how do you impact the
culture of a country who controls Holi

behind the Chinese regime is defying off
uh professors the Chinese regime has
actual programs and so on







mofo borin org slash n $1 a rock

overrated way over their heads whacko
and incompetence