No Agenda Episode 1254: “Vaxeline”

it was terrible there I am again Madame
Jhansi Devore this is no agenda

in the morning everybody
Adam Curry and from northern Silicon
Valley where they’re digging up my

Street the New World Order I’m Chauncey
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what’s going on to put hand warmers in
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after that and then they’re gonna put in
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this is something wrong uh I don’t think
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details always slide here is gonna
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so anyway
yeah we’ll get through right dive as I
said I’ve created a very tight talk hole
for you with my with more thank you with

my with my gate expertise alright we’ll
see how we do well I mean you think
you’ve got it bad there I mean I’m in

the in a surge state I’m in the state of
Texas where by the way are you okay no
you okay we’re all gonna die okay
I’m not okay we’re all gonna die whew
okay but we’re gonna die California

reporting more than 7000 new confirmed
cases in one day governor Gavin Newsom
asking residents to be cautious as they
were at the start of the pandemic we
cannot continue to do what we have done

the last number of weeks many of us
understandably developed a little cabin
fever others have just frankly taken
down their guard California is one of

the nation’s most populous so why do
these reporters on the networks and
democracy not all the rest them moan and
groan because Trump or Abbott or whoever

Republican it is is not wearing a mask
I’ve never seen newsom wearing a mask
and no one’s ever said jack about it do
you really want me to answer the

question no I was just rhetoric now it
might continue the clip please states
experiencing record highs in new
coronavirus cases and Newsom says it’s
hospitals are ready for an influx of
patients if needed California did to

lead on a statewide state Homer save
lives and bought us time to build out
our infrastructure and we have done just
that so brilliant brilliant strategist
that’s why today we’re at roughly eight

percent capacity in her hospitals in
Florida governor Rhonda Santos once
again said no to issue a statewide
mandatory mask order despite the State
Health Department recommending them

ultimately we’ve got to trust people to
make good decisions this as one updated
model suggests that universal
mask-wearing could help save more than
33,000 lives by October 1st

I want this model this is a great model
you’re telling me 33 it’s magic yes 33
but wait we’re still number three on the

list ladies and gentlemen the great
state of Texas
and in Texas more than 4300 people are
hospitalized with the disease one health
expert warns Houston could end up the

hardest hit city in the country and
other big Texas cities like Dallas and
Austin could be deeply impacted too so
our big metro areas seem to be rising
very quickly and and some of the models

are you know on the verge of being
apocalyptic the models are on the verge
of apocalyptic well we know not to

believe your models anymore here’s what
I know
boots on the ground lots of people here
we are now at 25 new admissions per 25
oh my god the hospitals are at the

emergency rooms now they’re filling up
hospitals still are at 10%
I see use it’s all fine but there’s a
couple of things going on that is you

know it’s what you’re not being told is
what is the problem because life is back
to normal here people are walking around
although oh my god we get invited to a
cocktail party on I think July 3rd

backyard party please pretty please
bring your own glass I’m gonna bring a
tin cup with string around my neck like

a butt so life is kind of good now we do
have a mandatory masks order in place

now inside any business you cannot get
fine but the business can okay we can
get to that later but fine well that
that’s a restaurant what’s the

restaurant you have to keep it on until
you’re seated at your table and if you
get up to go to the restroom then you
put your mask on
which people really aren’t doing but
okay we understand it depends on the
restaurant where you’re at and if you’re

in carry tech care in town or not but
it’s it’s just yes people are testing
positive again the majority asymptomatic
that’s what the the media calls cases to

sound severe cases hospitalizations are
up but please also realize that the
hospitals have started to open up again
for other types of procedures there’s no

around way yes and if you come in and
you’ve got you know something that you
have going on and they’re gonna test you
because we have to I guess and we’re
doing a lot of it

oh you’re positive then you’re you know
a case and if you die then you’re a
copic Ovid 19 case it’s the way if you
die on the operating table for a bladder
operation a gallbladder operation York

Ovid death
yeah and you know this because that’s
what that’s what’s been going on
constantly retail is returning retail is
returning and there’s a lot of very
nervous people they’re all getting

tested yeah oh I might have been around
somewhat everyone get tested so you’re
gonna find cases but I’m just not seeing
the same death-defying surge that we
never saw in the first place in Texas so

it’s you know it’s really odd because I
do get emails from from health
professionals and from their spouses

they say well you know yes emergency
rooms are filling up but it’s not clear
what’s worth they’re filling up with
people wheezing and coughing and mucus
no it’s also 93 degrees here so we’ll

see but we’re in stage 4 and everyone’s
being told once again to go home and
stay home and and I think that’s bad

advice you’re at home with the air
conditioner on the windows closed even
people should be out anyway just to back
up this testing I think we played the

clip on the last show of of trumps
stand-up in Tulsa and oh no I told my
people would slow down the testing the

testing well had the media made a big
fuss about this oh and it was taken so
seriously that we had a question in the
House of Representatives as dr. foutch
she was testifying about god knows what

this is the representative from New
Jersey all right now I’m gonna have to
ask about the president because you
talked about testing and how important

it is and I you know everyone you are
and I know how important it is that is
rally over the weekend the president
said and I quote when you do testing to
that extent you’re going to find more

people you’re going to find more cases
so I said to my people slow the testing
down please unquote and this morning he
said he meant this I’ve yet to find the
clip where he said he meant this I have

the clip okay I finished this one first
we want to listen to the clinic finisher
cuz I got two clips on saxing good
you’re good and this morning he said he
meant this so doctor pouch would you

agree with that how sad is my life that
I’m excited to say that that’s what my

mother used to say ouchy and testing and
this morning he said he meant this so
doctor foul sure do you agree with that

does it make sense that to safely open
our economy we should be limiting the
number of tests rather than ensuring
that anyone who needs a test can get one
and you don’t have to mention the
president I did is a member of the task

force and my colleagues on the task
force to my knowledge I know for sure
but to my knowledge none of us have ever
been told to slow down on testing that

just is a fact in fact we will be doing
more testing as you’ve heard from
Admiral geraw not only testing to
specifically identify people in the

identify isolating contact Trace but
also much more
surveillance if you want to get your
arms around and understand exactly
what’s going on in community spread so
it’s the opposite we’re gonna be doing

more testing not less I just think the
whole I mean clearly the representative
from New Jersey knew was bullcrap and he
says it well I guess I have to us you

don’t have to mention the president I
did waste of time vote these people out
and get foul Chi out of there too and

his wife collusion many well this whole
testing joke even though part of his
thing he goes on should have that clip
but start you know so that you actually

that’s a clip we play but let’s but I
got two clips on this this is this is
from NPR and this is the more testing
clip and this is probably what we’re
looking for

dr. factory said the US will conduct
more testing despite President Trump
saying at that campaign rally in Tulsa
over the weekend that he told his staff
to slow the testing down today the

president continues his reelection
campaign with a visit to Arizona
a place where cases are continuing to
surge the state has been reopening since
mid-may when stay at home orders expired

Trump is also going to be meeting with
local officials and community leaders to
discuss border security and survey parts
of the us-mexico border fence in Yuma
let’s bring in KJZZ reporter Kathy

Richey who’s in Phoenix I Cathy hi
Jeremy and let’s start with the
president’s visit there today how people
feeling about it you know I’d say the
reaction is probably mixed he’s coming

to Arizona as infections are spiking and
it wasn’t to talk about border issues
when he’ll see in Phoenix at a rally at
a church called the dream city Church
which can hold about 3,000 people the

church has also tweeted about some newly
installed technology that kills 99% of
kovat within 10 minutes
and that people can go in knowing that
when you’re there you’ll be safe and

protected you’re saying that they have
technology that kills 90s there were
they’re saying they have digna it’d be
nice if they shared that with the rest
of us absolutely yeah apparently one of
the church members develop this

technology and so we’ll see if it works
cool okay
whole bunch in this one little clip
first I do not believe it can be both
spiking and surging at the same time

it’s two different waveforms so make up
your mind
spiking or sir this is true they don’t
notice you know the thing is that all
these reporters current generation of
reporters especially the ones with the

vocal fry’ and this whole group of them
very few who’ve ever taken a course in
science now although they promote the
idea of everyone should know science and
stem and science and did Trump doesn’t

know science we need science because
science and learning and science and
science but they don’t know anything and
if they don’t know science they don’t
even know they can’t even do physics
when they drive they can’t figure out

their speed limits so what do you mean
you have to be from the car ahead of you
at this speed limit you’re at to be a
car length yeah to even visualize that

is almost impossible if you didn’t have
no concept of science they just tailgate
the point spike from a surge is the

other clip that’s got the quote from
Trump that proves the Trump that the
quote you’re looking for the asked by
the Chinese reporter that they brought

in from China why and this is the clip
foul cheese surged testing from
Democracy Now right now the next couple
of weeks are gonna be critical in our

ability to address those surgeons that
we’re seeing in Florida in Texas in
Arizona and in other states they’re not
the only ones that are having a
difficulty bottom line mr. chairman it’s

a mixed bag and some good and some now
have a problem with doctor foul cheese
remarks came as the confirm us death
toll from kovat 19 top more than 100
21,000 though he acknowledged the

official figure is likely a significant
his testimony came as Trump contradicted
claims by his press secretary that he
was kidding when he said he’d urged

White House officials to slow down
coronavirus testing this is trumping
question by CBS’s wager Chang
in fact the White House is set to end

federal support for coronavirus testing
at the end of the month
oh wow you know this is very interesting
and that and she has a piece of
information there that I hadn’t heard

but he says I don’t kid that’s not
answering her question if he was kidding
at the time or not he I guess he doesn’t
like the idea yes like that woman for
sure she sounds like a caricature that’s

the best part of her but no and so they
play the piece where he says I don’t kid

which has nothing which he would or
could not be relevant to what the
question was and says let me tell you
what I what I meant or what I said and
then they cut it off at that point that
tells you everything you need to know

that the actual facts were coming out of
his mouth what he actually thinks feels
and whatever he’s doing and they cut
that part off and they leave the
bullcrap question in if this is not news

in fact the White House is set to end

federal support for coronavirus testing
at the end of the month in Texas
lawmakers are warning of catastrophic
cascading consequences on his plans

which would end diagnostic testing at
seven sites that screen hundreds of
people a day are you kidding me now
catastrophic cascading consequences oh

did that one that man deserves a medal
that was genius
no that was probably a me no no no it

was it came from it came from some
Smarties in Texas who sure I thought
that she just added it to herself
no hold on a second I thought this that

I’m sorry I just might play that in
Texas lawmakers are warning of
catastrophic cascading consequences
lawmakers okay so it’s probably it is
probably a Texan

I’m guessing it’s a Democrat it doesn’t
matter it’s good I like it I mean that’s
all the C’s I can put your middle name
in if you know what I mean
yeah I know I get the joke ok so where

are we now then well it turns out that
everybody’s all you know Trump says he’s
gonna be doing this to take so seriously
and then someone asks him he says I’m
not kidding of course the follow-up

question would be but are if you say
you’re not kidding but what if you’re
kidding now yeah
were you just kidding now are you
kidding about kidding come on man were
you kidding well all of this is a part

of Trump going crazy again though
Trump’s got off the deep end no no not
just off the deep end he’s out he’s
worse no he’s out of control not just

out of control
out of control according to his friends
and people familiar with the friends
manners and thinking sources his sources
close to the friends maids and leading

the charge of of the of the deep
analysis of what is going on with the
45th president who deserves the 25th
amendment is of course Brian seltzer

water with the apex of journalism Carl
Bernstein of the Woodward and Bernstein
Fame of the all the President’s Men what

was it what was the of course Bernstein
has only recently shown up after one of
his friends must have said to him you

know if you had gone the way of Woodward
you would be rich because they’ve been
writing all these books for him yeah and
you’re an idiot you could’ve been doing
that he’s you’re an idiot here we go

listen to this you’ll like it I want to
bring it now the legendary Carl
Bernstein Carl I remember a time never
got long ago when the president’s moods
were not newsworthy but now they are you
know your reaction to this reporting

that he’s he’s watching he’s erupting
the cycle repeats
oh stop stop stop stop the clip stop in
you can have that you’re gonna have to
back it start it over why did he say I

remember a time when the presidents was
it moves the president’s something when
the president’s something was not every
single thing this president has done

even if he says I’m not kidding
his newsworthy has been newsworthy
that’s all they talk about his and he’s
saying that Moses in his moods his boots
have always been new newsworthy yeah

it’s on the Trump list that’s what I’m
saying but that’s what that’s what he
said his moods so he’s also he’s doing a
hard reset is what he’s doing to bond
the discussion yes going back to go to

line one that’s right go to pack up to
the top and start with moods yes maybe
it’s my listen again maybe it was moves

I don’t know I want to bring it now the
legendary Carl Bernstein Carl I remember
a time not long ago when the president’s
moods we’re not newsworthy
we’re not newsworthy he said it is

number one on the Trump rotation list
anyway so yeah get ready for the 25th
amendment and and Stelter watered

remember it I want to bring it now the
legendary Carl Bernstein Carl I remember
a time never got long ago when they
presidents moods we’re not newsworthy
but now they are you know your reaction

to this reporting that he’s he’s
watching he’s erupting the cycle repeats
and repeats I think the big underlying
story about Donald Trump in many regards

are his moods and what his closest
advisors his former Chiefs of Staff his
former national security advisors
McMaster general Kelly secretary mattis

all concluded that he’s on
stable that he acts in an authoritarian
way his authoritarian impulses come into
play particularly as a result of his

moods and it’s all one for me to know
about either because of his the Walter
Reed Hospital earlier in the year that

has been covered up and why he went
there looking at the president’s mental
state especially what his friends are
seeing now it’s his friends I know who
from friends are but now it’s his

friends were saying oh no out of control
Bob I mean Carl Carl Carl Bernstein
listen I got news he’s out of control
what his friends are seeing now and are
very concerned are just about his

conduct they say he’s out of control
some of those I’ve talked to that’s
their words out of control this is a
danger to our security in this country
if indeed the president is unstable

the man who uncovered Watergate ladies
and gentlemen look at what he look at
the the depth he’s willing to stoop to
pathetic but it wasn’t over there

stealth sir water had to be even dumber
and this was just an eye roller from
beginning to end and there are different
examples on different fronts let me ask

the control him to pull up a list that
we’ve made this week it’s about a minute
long but the point is the length this
takes a while just to go through all the
examples of unhinged or inaccurate
comments from the president this week

among many he threatened protests okay
so you understand what this is this is
kind of one of those how many lies the
president has told except now the list
is just listen to this list which is a

minute it’s so long it’ll take me a
minute to read this list of all the
proof the president is unhinged unhinged
or inaccurate comments from the

president this week among many he
testers ahead of the Tulsa rally he
offered helped taking back Seattle which
doesn’t need the help he said he made
Juneteenth very famous because nobody

ever heard of it before he scheduled his
rally on that day that’s insulting of
course to tens of millions of people who
knew all about the holiday he evidently
didn’t know that the White House had put
out an annual statement about the
holiday he said nobody ever put tariffs

on China there’s been tariffs for
centuries centuries 500 years of tariff
john bolton who we hired as a wacko and
as a lawyer done’ stick puppy he said
Bolton disagreed with the China travel

restrictions but Bolton wasn’t in the
White House anymore
he said coronavirus is dying out when
it’s not he claimed that Kobe testing is
overrated and a double edged sword
because it makes us look bad
he said polls that show Biden winning or

suppression polls he tweeted out a photo
of a Biden rally which was not a rally
at all
he was so troubled by critics who made
fun of his walking that he defended his
walking at length and you can see the

rest of the list there Carl my point is
how is the press supposed to convey all
of this when you know you can barely
read the size of the font and it takes
time to get through just all of the
falsehoods that came up in a single week

mr. Bernstein Wow what is wrong I mean

this must tell you that it’s not healthy
to watch this stuff because the people

who are making it are not healthy
sources familiar with their friends say
I spoke to some of them myself under
what circumstance now that’s not I just

love it though I love it I love it
this is the now it’s it’s entertainment
and I’m very pleased as is the one of
the most recent council meetings in Palm

County Florida where you know if you
ever want to say hey you know you should
check out this podcast no agenda here’s
a good way to promote it

what what’s it about well I don’t know
but here here’s one of their listeners
you literally cannot
and date somebody to wear a mask knowing
that that mask is killing people

it literally is killing people and my
the people we the people are waking up
and we know what citizens arrest is
because citizens are us are already
happening okay and every single one of
you that are obeying the devil’s laws

are going to be arrested and you doctor
are going to be arrested for crimes
against humanity every single one of you
have a smirk behind that little mass but

every single one of you are going to get
punished by God you cannot you cannot
escape God you cannot escape God I’m
gonna say that again you cannot escape

God not even with the mask or six feet
six feet like I said before it’s
military protocol you’re trying to get
the people to train them so when the
cameras the five G comes out what

they’re gonna scan everybody we gotta
get scanned we got to get temperature
the kids have to go to school with mats
are you insane are you crazy I think all
of you should be in a psych ward right

the heck now none of you none of you
know what the hell you are all talking
about this is insane and then you want
to open this meeting with a prayer to

God are you praying to the double
because God is not listening to that
player because all of you are practicing
the devil’s laws what happened to Bill
Gates why is he not in jail why is

Hillary Clinton not in jail
although that are demanding you all to
listen to their rules why are they not
in jail
oh it’s because you’re part of them

state you’re going down with me the one
thing it’s hard not to hear which is a

o’seas voice yes and literally there’s a
milieu it but what does that voice come
from then I don’t know she sounded when

she started off as her he’s gotta be
something she’s angry it’s just the
angry voice that car now apparently
there were a lot of people like this at

this meetings I didn’t have time to go
in Florida to find it yes I mean even if
you did sometimes you just feel like you
just want to talk that way to people of

authority and I understand that to you
would your smut you smug behind your
mask you’re going to hell absolutely you
go lady yes go Florida I’m all for it

what do we got then this is the best
part the first vaccine trials for kovat
19 are now underway human trial and
ladies and gentlemen I can be I’m very

proud as a white man from the western
part of the world to let you know that
we here are testing this first vaccine
on humans in Africa risk factor 0 baby

go for it mm-hmm does anyone see how
sick this is I do

thank you that’s right South Africa
beautiful 106
let me see how many thing gonna do and

do a shitload of them alright how many
they gonna kill dude they have never yet
how many were gonna hear about yeah
I know there’s a lot of Africans looking

really scared oh he comes dr. bill with
his syringe again we know what happened
last time when when he was here with
with his other friend bill remember that
that he wasn’t the the Indian vaccines

that killed a whole bunch of kids there
was a both in India in Africa there’s
apparently a lot of problems yeah but I
think it was actually was it
manufactured in India oh yes yes I saw
it yeah so why is I think most of the

heavy lifting that was Maxine you know
Biden’s on top of it I do have a clip of
Biden ruminating on the vaccine Oh top

of it I can’t wait to hear it when God
willing we get to specially I knew I
shouldn’t have had those edibles before

the show
Vaseline are you kidding me wait a
minute stop stop this show let’s see how
would you spell that zach saline like

Vaseline with a Z so how about how about
VX VAX what advanced that with it with
an x vo x oh vac saline vac saline okay

vac saline calm registered once I’m
gonna hide my contact information for an

additional three dollars okay back to
the vac saline when God willing we get
this factually vaccine how will it be
distributed where will it go how will it
get their Halloween gallon

that it will be able to be distributed
in a way that all Americans all
Americans have equal access to it
because the same thing is gonna happen
let’s God willing we get a vaccine maybe
one God praying to God not to have a

Baxley one point he says we’re the only

thing that can save us is is getting a
vaccine of a vaccine will be distributed
where will it go how will it get their

Halloween guarantee that it will be able
to all Americans all Americans gonna
happen does anyone else see that we are

a big joke

oh my crass that’s for sure
oh man there’s a lot of Republicans I’ll
put them at the same time well it’s it’s
all of them what is going on it just

seems like everybody is afraid to well
of course it’s an election year so there
are a lot of people were really afraid
and they have good right to be afraid
because you know about the the big Trump

October Surprise secret weapon uh-huh
did you hear about the secret weapon I’m
I’m all here yep he’s got a secret
weapon and I found this information out
of course not on the news channels but

on a podcast and in this case former
Mayor Rudolph Giuliani’s podcast which
is just they it’s a cornucopia of

information there’s so much you can get
from these boobs and boneheads who just
will bat this they forget that it’s you
know people listen anyway Brad parse Cal
who is the the president’s campaign

manager for for this election and of
course thought you know his story this
is it this guy is an interesting story
he was just he was doing stuff for like

clothing brand just web stuff I think he
lives in Pennsylvania and I just had a
little one man to man shop he’d farm out
some graphics work and he build a

website and then he would do something
for some you know Trump steaks or
whatever and then the president said hey
I want you to make something for my for
my election campaign so this is back in

out of 2014-2015 so he made something
and that’s how he came in and then all
of a sudden he was doing the whole
digital campaign and now he’s running
the whole election campaign that’s an
interesting story because he’s at zero

political background anyway yes secret
weapon you know me I’m not gonna sit
around and just accept that the media is
no victory so we’ve spent a lot we’ve
spent the last three years building some

new technology we have not revealed yet
I’m not gonna reveal here because the
secret but it’s next time I see you
alone I’ll tell you about it but we have
in a way we’re going to converse with
hundreds a million a hundred million
Americans that we need to get out to

vote directly without the media in the
middle without social media in the
middle we have a way to do that that’s
been a precedent in American history and
when we turn that engine on we’re gonna
be able to deliver votes and bring a geo

TV you know get out to vote effort
that’s never been seen in American
history because I understand the media’s
gonna do everything that they can from
suppression polls to everything else
they can to try to convince our people
not to get out a vote and there’s 100

over a hundred million Americans that
love this president they get out to vote
and we don’t need all on the show but if
all of them do where I see one of the
biggest landslide victories in American
what could this secret technology be
robots come on let’s see I net

let’s see seriously about that what what
now parse kal is not a typical
bullshitter and I use that term

specifically least I’ve never really
caught him on it and he and he’s very
I’ve been very open and honest about the
things they’ve done and it seems pretty
simple to what what if they come up with
his description you know me I’m not

gonna sit around here the media is no
victory so we’ve spent the week spent
the last three years building some new
technology we have not revealed yet we
spent the last three years building some
new technology we have not revealed yet

I’m not gonna be here because the secret
but it’s not gonna go here cuz it’s
secret okay bull crap that’s bull crap
alright fine time I see you alone I’ll
tell you about it but we have it away

we’re gonna converse with hundreds a
million a hundred million American we
have a way to converse with a hundred
million Americans so we need to go out
to vote directly mobile media in the
middle without without the media social
media in the middle the social way to do

that that’s been a precedent in American
history and precedent what is so this is
the part that bothers me unprecedented
in American history and when we turn
that engine on we’re gonna be able to

deliver votes and bring a geo TV you
know get out to vote effort that’s never
been seen in American history hmm
mastodons server what could it be I’m so
curious now we didn’t hear this so I

don’t fly footed here I don’t know that
you can’t really the funny thing is if
when you work in technology in any way
where they’re writing about are you in
the business

yeah do what there’s one thing that’s
kind of a given nobody does anything
secretly without somebody else knowing
about it there’s nothing you can’t sure
there’s it’s like a farming community

I’ve always described it as a farming
community that people always talk
Ossipon over the fence or somebody
putting two and two together I used to
be ill for example you could always tell
what Apple or any computer companies

with their sales were if they were
trying to keep them from you by just
finding out looking at the components
that were in their product and going to
the component maker
in them and they’ll tell you hard disk

guys are notorious for telling you
everything they knew because they like
to depend nothing else to do they nobody
to talk to so there’s there’s no secret
thing you can be doing that is not

somebody else knowing about or doing
themselves or copying it just doesn’t
it’s just not possible that’s that’s an
interesting way to lead into a
completely different topic which will be
the CCP and I’m I’m just honing my

skills here trying to figure out just
Segway skills those are always suck you
know what do I know about China you know

in fact what I do remember is when
Christina was growing up a lot of other
parents would tell me yeah you know they
got to get these kids like the best
thing is for them to learn how to speak

Mandarin speak Mandarin that’s the
future and I’m sure that at all these
institutions this is before she decided
to lead a life of debauchery like her
dad I’m sure that these institutions
were you know there were spies in there

already pushing it you know what I mean
it’s like this the educational system
yes it was something I ran to the other
day that goes back but one of our one of
our producers sent me some note about

something that was going on in one of
the schools in the computer science
department I wish had the note in front
of me as saying that they had moved all
these Chinese Mandarin speaking Chinese
in the team into computer science in

this school in and in Colorado mm-hmm
and they were they cheated there were
cheaters they would talk to each other
in Mandarin during the class nobody
seemed to care and then they all became

kind of associate professors and
computer science even though they were
no good this was in 1995 yeah yeah oh it
started in the 90s and so I found that

interview at Clinton yes it started with
Clinton and I found someone from that
era who I did really ignored ignore most
politicians but Marsha Blackburn is the

senator from Tennessee she’s a
Republican but she has a long history
with the Chinese and fighting the
Chinese and she has some interesting
things to say

and I pulled a few clips from from this
interview but this goes right to what
you’re saying about you know copying and
and all of the getting all of the pieces
and figuring out you know what what
companies are putting together there’s

no real secrets and a lot of what she
says is so like oh shit yeah that was in
our face for decades and we all laughed
about it but you know well here’s the

as she strings it all together
connecting the dots in Tennessee we have
the entertainment industry and going
back into the mid 90s when we were
moving from analog to digital
transmission and production in the

entertainment space we began having
problems here with China infringing on
entertainment content we saw the same
thing happening in the fashion industry

people began to see these little kiosks
pop up on city streets and they were
selling knockoffs of designer bags and
scarves and hats and belts and if people
would patronize those while all of that

is trademark infringement and that was
kind of how China got going on much of
this intellectual property theft then as
I went to Congress in 2003 I started the

Songwriters caucus and it was there to
teach about the importance of
intellectual property protections for
American inner innovators and
entertainers in the global marketplace

and we started to see these copycat
items whether it was in Auto Parts or
aftermarket auto parts are guitars from

Gibson guitar or any host of other
things then it became computers and
chips and then what would you get into
next pharmaceuticals so this is a long

term China problem what we have learned
through the past several decades is
China will lie to you they will steal

from you and if you catch them they’re
going to try
cheat you they’re gonna try to cheat you
now this came out that before you

mention one thing along these same lines
this came up the dinner table
conversation because Eric has dealings
with China and he got screwed by one
vendor once and he’s got another vendor

which is the one that does the Rings for
the no agenda show mm-hmm
and he you can get rings done here but
most of them I don’t who ever you go to

here it goes to the same guys in China
so it’s the real problem again rings is
a problem yeah but the one thing I knew
for years both the Chinese and to a
lesser extent the Japanese to do

business with them you have to make
long-term friendships hmm and you know
you’d have to like do business for years
and years and years before you get the

best deals before anything cuz nobody
and and the reason for this is because
in China itself you have to do that
because in China itself they don’t trust
each other because what she said is true

they’re a bunch of cheaters not all of
them that’s the point it’s not every
Chinese in China every business in China
is a bunch of criminals or they’re
trying to rip you off it’s it’s that the

country’s so big and there are so many
companies over there and that a lot of
them will be trying to rip you off so
you have to so you have to make a

long-term relationship with your vendor
and that’s the way the Chinese do
business the way we have to do business
but just going at it willy-nilly you’re
gonna get screwed because there’s no way
you’re not gonna you’re gonna look just

this is what’s gonna happen cuz it’s the
culture my comment is I feel complicit
especially living in New York City in
Hell’s Kitchen in the mid late 80s early

90s and that we had Canal Street and it
was fantastic and you know people would
come in from Europe and I said let me
blow your mind
you got a Canal Street by some Rolexes

out and then you know back then a lot of
those knockoffs were a little better
some of them were actually quite good
but they always had some telltale stuff

but it was great
and I actually I had a collection of
these and I got into it to the extreme
that I could tell people if they had a
counterfeit and no but I had this one do

my thing was the problem with these
counterfeits is that we talked about
Rolexes mostly but they had everything
there was all kinds of quality products

they had one guy was selling Movado
copies mm-hmm and some Chinese vendor
had made a move Auto that was as these
were talked about the museum watch they

had made one that was silver with a navy
blue back and this and a silver ball in
the middle and silver 20 thingies

wherever you go yeah point hand you know
the things that go around the clock yeah
hands to the story yeah so I bought this
thing was nineteen dollars and it had a

nice it had no secondhand Kuzma vatos
don’t have that so we don’t have the
jerky looking secondhand that makes it
gives these watches away and Movado
never made this watch they never made I
know they had a Cartier tank watch which

had like a blue stone that never existed
that was the best part
that was the newest this is what you’d
go for collector exactly you got
something collect these these washes

that never existed in reality but the
they did make some watches they made a
they did have a second hand sweep
movement that was a self-winding Rolex
it cost a lot more than the 15 bucks

you’d normally pay you had to pay like
45 50 bucks for one of these but what I
got for myself during this era where
everyone’s weren’t wearing a Rolex is I
got myself a silver one with a blue

background and it was a silver wash not
a gold one cuz I’m a writer
do I look like I’m walking around a gold
Rolex I’d beat
you have to be a pod father you can do

it now and so but but Pete but with this
with the sweep second hand a nice second
hand and a silver Rolex which would
normally cost about 1,400 bucks effort
in this case fifty bucks with the good

movement it’s believable I could own
that watch
and so I’m complicit too because I
bought one of those and I wore it around
as though I owned it as as well as I

owned a Rolex it you my friend are a
baller that’s what you are a baller but
yes everyone who bought the fake bags

the fake here’s the complicit phone cans
yeah I feel kind of bad about that and
of course at a certain point I know I
had a truck and someone said well I have

this part but I got these parts that say
that part but it’s a little cheaper
because it’s from China Lee put it on
and so really they’ve been complicit out
of greed well I know now that agreed I

don’t think it was greed I’m not gonna
buy a Rolex anyway so they didn’t lose
any money on me that’s the argument but
it’s more about what no it’s also an
argument I’m not gonna pay that kind of

money for stuff that I can get for I
mean if China can undercut you by
thousand percent it’s just why shouldn’t
that doesn’t make any sense to me well
the market after all yes and ultimately

the market should have been protected by
our law makers but I suspect I suspect
that starting in the 90s with the
Clintons I suspect that the corruption

set in and all these people who were oh
so quiet about everything right now is
because they’re all part of the game
they’re in on it
sports entertainment finance retail

shit man to everywhere now let me
continue with Blackburn so here’s the

problem when and this is prob part of
the obvious which is with kovat 90 with
coronavirus novel coronavirus and where
stuff is made personal protection

equipment where pharmaceuticals come
from where the base materials are
residuals from come from Blackburn is
also on this they had this pandemic on
their hands for 51 days before they told

the rest of the world during that 51
days what were they busy doing they were
busy stockpiling PPE so that they could
up the price and sell it to other

nations then how did they leverage
having that PPE it’s like what they did
to France they said okay by the way you
need PPE we’ve got it and if you will
take Huawei as your telecommunication

system we will sell you PPE of course we
don’t want our allies to use Huawei
because Huawei is the underpinning for

what China is using to build a spy
network sometimes I look at this
relationship with China and I say how
did we get here and who could ever make

this kind of story
up because of all of the tangled web
that they have woven and interestingly
enough they’ve done it now not only with

us but with the rest of the with a
hundred and eighty nations around the
globe did we know about this extortion
with France I don’t believe we reported

on it no well of course it’s hard to
words our news media cuz they don’t
cover anything is he remotely nationally
or anti-ccp for that matter would never
be that sure but she’s she’s she’s a

serious lawmaker and she does have a
book an act on the books the stop covert
act and it’s a familiar theme one that
we know does work and could have some
very interesting implications the sky

coded act as legislation that would give
us citizens that have been adversely
impacted by kovat 19 the ability to have
their day in court to sue the Chinese

Communist Party and to seek a form of
restitution from them what we are doing
the way we’re doing this is through the
foreign Sovereign Immunities Act and

identifying kovat 19 as a biological
agent and this is the same type and
structure of legislation in the same

u.s. code that was used for the 9/11
families and the Beirut bombing families
and they were able to seek that
restitution so what we’re doing is

modeling our work on that work so that
there is precedent for this but this it
does allow US citizens to take the
Chinese Communist Party to court so I

think what that means is similar to the
court case again Saudi Arabia now or
what if this if this passes if it’s even

voted on it’s not it’s not it’s in the
process somewhere but in committee then
families could sue the CCP or whoever
that I guess the CCP and any and with

the benefit of any assets in the United
States or within our grasp with our
mighty financial Asha it’s a lot of shit

we can put our fingers on then we can
grab that and take it and give it to
people who win lawsuits against this is
a story that is somewhat I would call

suppress jump you think because the
Chinese don’t want anyone knowing about
that this is going on because they’re
gonna try to quash this bill this has
been going there’s a this is not the

only one here’s two of these floating
around would make sense I sometimes
wonder if it makes sense and so do you
don’t want to talk about this and it
hasn’t been talked about in the media
they talk about you know Trump in his
you know his

handed remarked that he’s going to tell
these people to stop testing right and
that’s his mood his movie
Carl Bernstein the big investigative

reporter coming out bitching about Trump
instead of talking about this situation
there’s a lot more important by it for
everybody yeah no yes it’s it’s got a
shot they’ve done it dating or the this

is probably part of the reason I have to
finish his essay I was starting on on
the origins of the virus this is
probably part of the reasons that they
don’t want anyone even thinking that
this virus came out of the lab in China

because that would make them even more
complicit well then then pretty much
everybody could sue you know it’s like
I’ve been affected why I’m sure I can

find some way I’ve been affected a most
emotional distress yeah there’s lots of
there’s lots of ways but most people

financially directly financially yes Oh
financially this could be a bonanza yeah
and there’s lots of stuff we can grab
from the price Trump hasn’t HAARP done

half the buildings in America of any
merit are owned by Chinese companies or
front companies for the CCP that’s the
easiest to repossess make everybody

owners of their shit alright but now we
just we just a nationalized it well it’s
not not technically nationalized no but
you know what I’m saying

yeah just grabbed grabbed yeah land grab
grab so I’m I’m on the lookout for more
stories about that obviously who knows I
don’t know what you should be into what

everyone should be on the lookout for
his stories about people pushing back on
it those are your those are your or the
Asha is a bad new the baddies yes so I

found a different interview by this
Italian guy francesco galley Eddie
and he’s written a book which I think is

being translated into English so I of
course haven’t read the book but it’s
read contagion and it’s about the
Chinese using Italy basically as the
landing spot for the ccp’s Trojan horse

in the West which is interesting to me
because where do we see a lot of a lot
of people dying and the end the biggest
you know epicenter of of coronavirus was

in northern Italy and we know that we
know some things about the belt and road
strategy being on there but he’s written
a book about I thought just be

interesting to give a little more
insight because yeah one of our favorite
people is involved in this according to
him but here’s a here he is talking

about what the CCT is doing it Lisa
cross lies across fault lines
north-south east-west at but
nevertheless it’s always been a part of
the West was even being the cradle of

the West so seeing it drift towards Asia
and especially towards authoritarian
China is a nightmare and Italy has a
very fragile and corrupt political

system which is heavily exposed to
China’s charm offensive and what Italy
has that no one else has is the presence
of the Vatican on Italian soil and so

these days the Vatican which is hugely
influential in the Italian political
system is tilted toward China wants a
deal with China and it is offering Italy

to entice China so what we have at the
pinnacle of the Italian political system
is Catholics our head of state is left
is Catholic our prime minister is a

leftist Catholic these people use the
Vatican is a compact as a geopolitical
compost bin these days
that compass tells you see Jinping and
CCP there’s a consequence and the client

of China in Italy is gigantic what we
see in popularity ratings in surveys is
that a vast majority of Italians want

neutrality and then many of them if a
war between China and the West begins
would side with China

this is extremely worrying and I blame
it partly or largely on okay this is a
great clip this is where this guy got my

interest I’m like wait a minute if war
broke out between America and China a
lot of Italians would be like Crockett
we’re for China because the best the
pulp because of the Pope just Pope this

Pope is a problem well so this warranted
a little further and there is just a
little bit more from him on the Pope
that the political corruption because of

course this is all happening in the
north where they have the North at I
think it’s the Northern League or
whatever their party is up there but
also the five star movement is all it’s
all sympathetic to China it’s a it’s a

mess and this starts to lead back to my
beginnings of the understanding of the
rift that has occurred in the church
itself and we’re seeing that in America

about producers are telling us about it
you know that’s an it is kind of a it
seems to be also along political lines
leftist rightist socialist conservative

and this Pope seems to be on the Chinese
side here this is again a socialist he
said he’s a communist here you go of

course there is garage involved we we
had already
of all civil servants reaching out for
money we had a gigantic scandal at the

Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with
senior Italian diplomat put under
criminal investigation for trading
secrets with China so that’s why

probably that’s the tip of the iceberg
we’ll just we’ll just have to wait and
see how many other cases exist but yes
money is a big part of that as you as

you put it brutally the Italians are
driven by that and haven’t seen much of
it coming from the other side of the
Atlantic for a while and China has been

throwing money at whatever moves so yes
money is a main driver and the Vatican
is another big driver but this Pope is
anti-american and I also think that he

is penetrating the Chinese religious
market even if it comes at a huge cost
is a move to have a first mover
advantage in these immediate Angelico’s

he clearly hates Protestants and
evangelicals which he considers proxies
of the u.s. let’s not forget this Pope
is not a friend of the u.s. Pope hates

us this is great this would make sense
he came from was it Argentina South

America yeah and of course and this is
how I got into the whole conversation
with a couple of our producers is that
he’s Jesuit which not always but he’s
considered to be the New World Order

bunch then the war told our bunch
they’ll order much well his formative
years would have been during in South
America would have been during the

probably the Nixon administration with
American go home they the penetration of
the socialist down there was pretty
complete and they were throwing throwing
you know throwing tomatoes at anybody
who tried to get to go down there and

visit I mean I think now I believe Nixon
was actually rousted and had to leave
rousted nixed the president was rousted
I think he went down to visit
there were so many protests and people

so angry to get rid of us
you know I forgot what the slogans were
but there were a bunch of these slogans
I good today it’s not that much
different but this logo there’s a lot of

sloganeering is about Yankee go home
that was a main one yes yeah Yankee go
home I’m trying to get him if we never
meet American businesses have never like
they have in Europe and even in in Asia

made as much as much penetration I into
like for example you go to a mall in
Brazil there’s probably not one you
won’t see a Pizza Hut or anything like

that there’s no McDonald’s down there
I’ve ever seen one oh they don’t know
what they’re missing it’s just not the
same as when even when you go to to a
Korea or Asia or all right maybe the age

by Asian I mean China you when you go to
China you see a lot of American
franchises there yeah see Frank you see
American franchises in the Middle East
you see him in France sure South America

you don’t seems hardly anywhere huh so a
lot of sure they’re there by the way I
don’t want even notes yes there’s a
there’s a McDonald’s in Salt Paul well
don’t worry they’ll send them to me

anyway it doesn’t matter where they go
Adam at Korea John wrappers on covers my
ass John Dvorak’s too hard to spell so a
lot of this I know that’s the sad part

people always lie it was impossible to
find John’s email address did you know
how to spell Dvorak just has made it you
gave up this all a lot of the problems

started according to people I’ve been in
contact with with the resignation of
Pope Benedict
you know in 2013 this has never happened
and the Pope doesn’t resign through his

arms up it gave up yeah and then then it
just became totally weird so there’s

something going on and a lot of people
looking at this is you know the ultimate
struggle between good and evil with the
the real devil stuff well we knew that

this Pope didn’t like us me but it
really got exacerbated by Trump because
he just attests Trump is a trumpeter

yeah he’s a never Trumper it’s G is is
um yeah there’s a lot of stuff good I
wanted that yeah there’s a bunch of

crazy other things going on that along
these same lines it’s something we have
to discuss the religious stuff the
religious life yeah yeah well the big
reason that the big eye-opener from what

I understand the big eye-opener was
during the lockdown no church and but
also not even going to a gathering you
stay in the coming there’s all kinds of

alternately yeah they had to drive in
church they got busted – yeah and this
was yeah like why you’re in a drive-in
Church so this is fundamental stuff to
people really fundamental and when

people sit and throw up the hands say oh
well I’ll do it maybe next week you know
that was seen as a drive it or it is a
driving wedge yeah same with them
pro-choice pro-life yes a lot of those

lines divides people but more I think
much more than you and I realize cuz
we’re just not yeah
we’re not activists we’re not we’re not

activists but now speaking of the
activists I have a question because I
don’t understand something so right now
playing out black lives matter and

although black trans lives seem to
matter a little bit more okay black
lives matter and I’m reading this
in the City Journal Sam about San

Francisco and to help with the homeless
problem San Francisco has designated
frontline worker housing hotels and

these are medium to quite upscale hotels
that the city actually pays an average
about $200 a night to rent from the

owners which I guess the owners are
happy that they’ve got something going
on not all of them well no because I’m
seeing that for somehow some trick some

language trick the FL WH frontline
worker housing means homeless people and
so there’s now homeless people or people

who are experiencing homelessness the
people who are grifters drug addicts all
kinds of issues roaming these hotels and

it’s a mess and they’re getting $200 a
night hotel rooms how does black lives
matter if this is the prioritization
I you know that city is such a such a

joke that I don’t know why anybody ever
booked a convention there that me it’s
just I don’t know what’s going on I know
a lot of the major hotels the big chains

refused to take part in this program and
even though the bylaw supposed to get
crazy yeah right but they said no you
can sue us we got plenty of money you
can sue us and you want to waste your

money you can do it and so they just
quote they just shuddered because they
know what they know what a mess it’s
gonna make and it’s gonna give their
hotels a bad reputation because of you
know what who was in this room before I

was kind of thing so it’s just the
journalist was at the nod this is what
is it Nob Hill Nob Hill Hotel ya know
this I might they’d there’s they’re not

part of a major chain they can’t afford
to do anything but say yes right uh
what’s the name of this the Mark Hopkins

Hopkins you know the Mark Hopkins is a
famous hotel across the street from the
Fairmont I’m glad I don’t think
Fairmont’s taking place but I think the
mark I’m glad I’m glad I picked this one

from the story here’s the journalist who
I guess is in the lobby trying to figure
out what’s going on do I look scared to
you I’m doing the acting hope you notice

do I look scary to you the man demanded
they’re trying to evict me because I
wanted more towels but I’m homeless they
called the cops on me he dashed out the
door around the grand circular entrances

where two police sent me this this story
where two police officers attempted to
resolve the situation soon a cab pulled
up and in an inebriated couple emerged
holding full plastic trash bags

they fought screaming at each other
until the woman entered the lobby and
her partner lit a meth pipe in the
garage area more front line workers as a
good article where did this run this is
the City Journal I’ve no idea what your

course is not any of the normal papers
no no no it says titles here from the
from the the section in the paper known
as I on the news

so sad I’m living in the in the Robocop
future I on the news accommodating
dysfunction san francisco’s planned to

put homeless people in hotels and motels
is not going well all very subtle rooms
are rented it’s close to hundred dollars

per night by the way
listen go ahead I was going to say that
we have three or four major news
operations on the we have TV TV news

operation you’ve got channel 4 channel 5
channel 7 channel 11 channel 2 it’s
fight and these are all have their own
set of reports nobody is doing anything
on this oh no of course not of course

the hotels I’ll just read a little more
because it’s a good story the hotels
were pressured into accepting the
homeless guests though they were also
eager for the chance to recoup some
revenue loss to the Cova 19 lockdowns

rooms are rented at close to $200 per
night totaling six thousand dollars a
month it’s like the in the occupancy is
full is full-time is full full blast
it’s not like you got people checking

out that is nearly double the cost of a
private one-bedroom apartment in San
Francisco the city sponsored guests also
received personal grooming sanitary and
cleaning supplies three delivered meals

and long fuck fuck podcasting I’m moving
to San Francisco Tina get your backpack

we ninety days and two years by that
point the guests may be able to claim de
facto permanent residence
wow wow wow

that’s pretty amazing
yes I’d say that’s what they do in this
a I mean this is the same city that have

you know they have the limit on you
can’t even arrest or stop anyone for
stealing anything under a thousand
dollars right so shoplifting has just
got to control nobody oh so part what to

do about it then you have their own
little guards there and maybe they put a
little bit of lease browse people mm-hmm
but the you know it’s also the city with
the poop map it’s also the city with the
broken windows you have a car and you’re

parking the wrong part I need people
they’ve got these little hammers they
break your window and grab whatever they
can find inside the car and so the city
district attorney who’s a leftist hmm
says well we’re not good we don’t really

want this is not priority you know it’s
not murder
so will would the city will reimburse
you for your window breakage yeah it’s
this a crazy crazy so I was trying to

get to black lives matter from homeless
lives matter more I mean it’s it’s
obvious isn’t it
I mean I mean you have very very poor
people many of them black of skin color

put them up in the in the apartments
especially where they got lice in there
yeah yeah okay yeah yeah that’s another

depressing topic yeah well all right
well let’s let’s lighten it up let’s

lighten the mood a little bit as we
found out after sending 15 FBI agents to
investigate as to investigate the NASCAR
new scandal noose gate it’s always good

to reflect back on how this began which
is very unclear to me it started not by
Bubba Wallace the driver himself

finding the noose but apparently some
official who then I think so millennial
somewhat Karen do you think I mean I
don’t know I don’t I’d like to know who

started this and and unfortunately I
feel that it led to Bubba Wallace
getting swallowed up by black lives
matter and and really getting a little
bit of small that juice on him because

when you go on the view to talk about
this stuff no no no no no then I don’t
know it’s like do yourself a favor and
don’t go on two views but here’s the
media who of course embedded the the

terror or REE they just regurgitate but
they bring back the imagery they try to
make you feel bad and oh my god can you
believe it and of course we all know

NASCAR bunch of redneck races brakes
disturbing discovery a noose found in
the garage stall of Bubba Wallace
the disturbing backlash to Bubba Wallace
his effort to show fans that black lives
matter he’s dealing with a symbol of

hatred off the truck then sadly a noose
was found after someone put a noose in
Wallace’s garage these are over an
egregious acts of extreme racism is very
stunning shocking appalling disgusting

reminder of who again this sport is for
that this happens the year 2020 is just
two beyond belief
more on this horrific incident very dark
moment of Horan racist react that sick

of the sports world have you look
forward to having you back when they
find out who the coward is who committed
that heinous back at Talladega banning
from the sport maybe as are more

impactful than a criminal prosecution
that’s the least of what’s gonna happen
to them I imagine a dreadful dreadful
turns some people are suggesting that
this is a hope to find the reaction

incredibly infuriating yeah okay so
that’s what you will you get pummeled
with when this takes place and you know
the fact that fifteen FBI agents had to

come down this this can only be a
strategy of tension this is some
ratcheting up for some reason
and it’s it’s really disgusting and

somehow the government is complicit why
why 50 is it really true did 15 FBI
agents really come down I mean I don’t
know if it’s true did we have someone

write that up why is it being reported
like this is the most important thing in
the world what’s going on this this is
to mess everybody up don’t you think
well though this is reminiscent of would

almost day almost tried to pull this
done in Oakland mm-hmm when they found
some nooses in the in the Lake Merritt
area and exercise it was an exercise

thing and it was set up by a black guy
damn it and so the news thing which
apparently a bunch of these garages had

it wasn’t a noose at all it was a it was
a rope pool for the garage door and and
apparently this is not a new the way it
was it it wasn’t even a noose and nooses

have a certain quality about them they
have a certain look it’s not this is
like it was new a new spur say isn’t is
something that has a certain look to it

right and it’s not anything with a loop
like in the Lake Merritt thing it would
there were these loops there were there
were nurses and they were made out of
bungee cords the new supposed to have a

certain number of twists in the knot dad
I don’t know the details you might know
I’m not sure I always heard like it’s
supposed to be 13 that knot has because
it from the old days of noose and noose

that not was supposed to help break the
neck I’m talking to French days I’m not
talking you know they had invented
guillotine yeah it’s no good news noose

was outdated technology anyway the point
is that if you are looking to if you if
you’re a hammer everything’s gonna look

like a nail I know it’s a cliche but
it’s there for a reason so if you are
thinking racist thoughts all day long
you’re going to see everything is racism
and if the news media is and this is not

the first time it’s the Jessi summit
Jessi Smollett they were crying crying
over this horrific molarity was the
worst-case scenario but we’ve had but

we’ve had many other examples of this
and then the the covington high school
kids the if you’re a racist if you have
racist thoughts if you think racially
then you will see the world you can

easily see the world a little bit
differently and that is at the core at
the core and and i don’t know what to do
about it people are just gonna see
things differently but when you’re wrong

you’re wrong
and stop and then fifteen FBI agents
come on what kind of operation is going
on here to make us all feel like idiots
and frustrated because it’s it’s gonna

work well i think that’s already worked
yeah i mean
just like gear it’s like my neighbors
you know the ones that are holed up you

know next to doctors is almost dead the
the – and they almost yeah that they
could they could both be dead as we
speak the robbing in the housing starts
to smell I would not even know no well

I’m sorry go ahead they’re afraid of
their own shadows people are out there
and you see it like they were destroy I
didn’t get to tell I don’t remember
telling it but this is one of those

stories where I had a delivery from K&L
wines because I had a bunch of one it’s
backed up and the gate and I didn’t have
to go pick him up apparently because I
had enough that they could ship them for

free so I had him shipped him overhead
Erica’s down here working on the house
and the guys I know you guys are boozing
it up nobody’s boozing it up and they
come up he comes up to drive away with

this boxes of he’s got a mask on he’s
got the blue gloves he’s wearing hazmat
suit this is this is like last week I
mean this thing is blowing over as far
as I’m concerned but no no so he comes

in and in he says any an an ID for some
of someone Eric pulls his ID out in his
hands it to the guys just put put it
down put it down put it down on the Box

got gloves on what the hell you wearing
gloves for is you can’t even touch the
damn thing okay
puts it down and then he says step away
step away step away and he has Eric back

up a few feet and he takes a couple
pictures it’s okay and then he jumps
this car takes off and I think this
isn’t like the beginning of this thing
when everyone was freaked out in the

roads were dead empty three four months
into this and you’re walking around with
gloves and a hazmat suit scared to death
somebody’s gonna hand you a driver’s

oh my next time next time that happens
when the guys like step away step away
step away you just do this
boogity boogity boogity Adam that should

it was it was it was jaw-dropping to
work to witness yeah but did that’s
people a lot of people have been

brainwashed so much by this this this
whole event
yeah and they take in and they believe
everything they from one who stream all
from one stream this is a problem with
one stream belief systems where you just

believe that all New York Times
Washington Post CNN good together leave
it I mean and it all comes streaming in
and you’re now you’re afraid of your own
shadow and you’re wondering why the my
spin class which already had been

reduced legally to a quarter so there
was you think they could legally gonna
have 11 people in choose me I’ve been
going every every week for the past you

know six since they opened six weeks I
and last week and yesterday five
including me and that’s because people
are canceling because they’re worried

about catching the the virus it’s five
five people there’s one you come in
there’s one person behind the desk to
register you you know then it’s the five
of you and then you’re in this big gym

which can house 35 and you’re all spread
out but no no people are canceling it’s
is so sad and I have to bring my own

glass to the to the to the to the
cookout once you bring a mug that says
world’s greatest dad I’d like to thank

you for your courage and say in the
morning to you the man who put the C in
the Chinatown hustle John seed for a

well in the morning to you mr. Adam
Carlson in the morning L Stimson see
boots on the ground feeding their subs
on the water and all the Dames are
nights out there yeah and the big in the

morning to the troll room let’s see how
we’re doing troll count troll count so
beautiful fifteen hundred that’s about
right for a Thursday just under that
1496 hello trolls bag check the trolls
are there to enjoy listening together

it’s a sacred ceremony it happens twice
a week on Thursdays sometimes Sunday’s
depends if I can remember what day it is
yeah but it’s no agenda stream comm is

where you can listen to the show is live
but also where you can listen to podcast
but it’s in a group I have your talk
hole so tight that if you’re doing sound

effects you’ve really got to get it
close to the mic I had that once never
close you never hear it anyway no that
was your chimes wasn’t nothing you hear
this yeah I could hear that okay yeah
yeah don’t believe me this is somebody’s

backing up backing up the whole street
then they go it’s weird they stay back
and then they’ve run all the way back
down and do it again I don’t know what
the point of it is so thank you very

much trolls
oh yes and of course that’s that’s part
of the beauty is you get to throw out
one-liners trolls out I will troll back

if I can if I catch you but catch you
buy a little green troll toe and while
you’re there
hit exclamation mark na social and
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social calm which is our Mastodon
federated social network soon to be a
part of the Trump secret secret 100
million person network
yes hey I what do I do to give people in

vices know Jenna’s social oh if you go
into your your preferences on no agenda
social it’ll it’ll stay right there

I invite I think it is invites it can
create one that you can that you can use
forever and just have that code handy
you can just paste that yeah you can put

it in your signature your dot signature
file all right and then I’d like to say
in the morning to to to to Darren

O’Neill not only providing us with the
pre stream rock and roll show rock and
roll pre stream show for at least an
hour before we do our live shows but

also the artistes who brought us the
artwork for episode 1253 we titled that
trained Marxist which is exactly what
the co-founder black lives matter said

she was and they are and this was the I
think it hit the mark people loved it I
think even people who didn’t hear that
that episode or even know what the show

is about when you see a black board says
1 plus 2 equals racist I think I think
everyone had different takeaways but
everyone enjoyed it equally then it said
so much and really it was a great piece

it really enjoyed it and incorporated
you know the same kind of chalk like
font for no agenda and how did you have
any other comments John you want to I
mean I was just a great it was such

standalone piece the stand-up piece for
their homes for the whole segment that
that day and people are doing a lot of
art so the competition is definitely
stiffening yeah but and there were some
things there that were absolutely no-go

areas I think there was always some
no-go stuff let me see what do we have
what was the bad what ematic rejects
that we’re looking for there was some

kind of lame ones
remember well I’m gonna take a quick
look yeah
I thought there was some stuff that we
were like no he can’t do this it wasn’t

a lot of fists a lot of the fists yeah I
don’t think there’s anything here that
was particularly uh verboten see behalf

of the picture yeah there’s one that’s
an automatic kill which is you yeah
that’s a that’s a kill I don’t want to

do that
you got to be really good we do not do
our either either of our individual
years of the art it was just us us us
constantly was horrible it was terrible
there I am again so that was out new

guns don’t work no one’s done one more
thing no don’t try you know I know no
one’s male not interested in foul chew

Pinocchio noses come on it was okay but
yeah you agreed it was thing huh anyway
we’re just being critical what do we do
know our critics that’s what we do so we
can criticize the art to someone already

got a vac saline we did the debt that do
I did the mob rule now I like this
Seattle super large who did have a fist
in it and I use it for a newsletter

right so I use a lot of them go through
that stuff gets used everywhere and of
course no agenda shop calm who we have
no official relationship with they
figured out a way to use the art pay the

artists pay themselves get you great
product and then donate to the show so
that everything works out fans its how
the value for value network functions
and I got a lot of gotta love it certain
a show notes calm is backed by the way I

think I mentioned that we still like
being at dot IO no agenda calm no agenda
query calm and no agenda quest calm any
one of those will work because you can

find links to the other ones they’re all
interlinking and if you can’t find what
you’re looking for then it doesn’t exist
I’m amazed at how fast we can get stuff
going is fantastic and that’s so we have

no agenda our generator calm thank you
for the artists who participated
and do that on the fly it makes a big
difference we feel with people being
delighted to know there’s something new

from the No Agenda show and the way it
pops up in most respected podcast
players we do have a few people to thank
for show 1254 I think is that the number
that is our number yeah but we have some

big big donors today fact an inordinate
number what is going on I don’t know but
I’m not bitching about it john patrick

being at the top of the list from
Decatur IL Illinois came in with three
thousand dollars and three thousand and
one 3001 three thousand so I don’t know
what that means but he writes us a note

much respect from the pride of the
Prairie to Kate Decatur Illinois
immeasurable thanks to you both for you
unique your unique technique of media

deconstruction I discover no agenda in
2010 after searching for jcd following
the end of cranky geeks I need to hear
more of his way sage wisdom or wage
system and I have been rewarded Adam you

are truly a shining light of knowledge
and sanity in an unseen world
intentional word uses an unsane world
interesting yeah you are the pod father

within capital AR eat now I am known by
some in my social circles as the Oracle
so I request the title of surge ADM Mac
JDM Mac JJ d JD Mac JD Mac JD Mac Oracle

of the digital Prairie also I have
additional donations from August 2019 to
2020 totaling one thousand eighty to

ninety one where do I send the
accounting why so he has he’s an insta
baron holy moley now is beyond all lists
as such no he is on the list as a knight

cuz his name and he needs to be put on
this the secondary list which has to be
read afterwards cuz he has to be a
knight before it becomes a baron mm-hmm
so he becomes a knight than a baron

Seychelle sir JD Mac you got it yes I
got it
either insta Barrett Wow and that’s this
whole note mm-hmm I got one for not one

for that’s okay don’t worry about it
because Anonymous in North Carolina
makes up it with sir JD Mac thank you
very much I look forward to to knighting

you and to getting you into the Berenice
this is very cool thank you for your
courage sir now now the anonymous in
North Carolina gave us two thousand

dollars in this game it is a check yes a
check in the mail with a unique note and
it turns out that the note the note
makes more sense when you’re here as
background he has two notes separated

with these this is a I have two I should
photocopy this thing jae-hee it’s if I
don’t I can’t even explain it the
detailing that he’s gone to he’s got his

new logo for his he’s gonna be knighted
sir boiled peanut he’s already got a
logo designed for himself he was that
one of the meetups before and he gave
away buttons he’s the one who gave away
no agenda buttons okay yeah I know who

it is okay great yeah there’s no agenda
buttons comso sent me a bunch of buttons
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air and he does have us all segmented so
I can pick and choose but you can know
you can nice that’s crazy no jingles
only family health karma fee please
we’ll make that a note don’t deduced me
I don’t deserve it I’m sorry I I need to

stop stop you right here right now we
did not give John Patrick his goat karma
I’m sorry no that’s my fault it’s my

fault because I just went right into
writing stuff down for let’s go back to
John Patrick 3000 $1 a Decatur Illinois
there you go man your goat karma thank
you so much

you’ve got now back to anonymous in
North Carolina blinded by the donation
sorry clearly were getting back to this
and not anonymous he doesn’t want any D

douching and he wants there’s some
health Carm at the end okay so make a
note I don’t think he’s got anything

else in here n apologize for being the
show’s biggest boner I have been
listening since the beginning but never
contributed so here’s a lot of pressure
on this there’s a lot of pressure on
this note I’m not nearly as clever as

other producers that write notes filled
with humor insider knowledge and
excellent ideas I realized however I’m
giving you money so it doesn’t matter
what I write just take my cash I humbly

request my Televisa boiled peanut after
my long missed home state of Alabama by
the way this guy I’m gonna get a hold of
him because he is got the design chops

that are just women they’re Madison
Avenue wait you see this in this note oh
yeah yes the way that laid out Dewey’s
got his logo I mean everything about it

just spells designing he’s in North
Carolina I need to get off to topic with
it because we got a lot of notes to read
but that was in Asheville once it also
referred to as evil and there was a

designer there and I lost this card it
really irks me because it’s one of the
finest guy just run into this guy and
this little mini mall and he’s got his
shop there and he’s I just I think

there’s a lot of designers on in the
south oh yeah not being named Jennifer’s
in North Carolina sue she’s a South
Carolina I thought she was North
Carolina well I thought she was South
Carolina I could if I could be wrong but

that’s for sure
there’s a but there seems to be some
attraction there’s something about North
Carolina and these designers and I don’t
think they probably make much money

maybe I’m wrong but anyway a lot of
pressure he goes on he says the show is
currently the best it’s ever been
throughout the years the show has been a
constant companion of information humor
and sanity through long commutes

longer travel and even longer working
nights the outlook gained has helped me
amazed about personally and
and this goes on a box can skip this
there are already so many other

producers with fantastic efforts there’s
no agenda shop and animated no agenda
what else could I do to chip your nut
I’m too slow for album artwork he could
probably do a good job too yeah but I

you know you can do a couple of
evergreens you might catch him later
but I have a button maker sitting around
for a brand presentation clients are
suckers for buttons
really I made some quick versions of
yeah I guess so him a few buttons it’s a

good trick hey remember we had the one
of the best button someone made for us
was asked me about my podcast I’m a I’m
a podcaster ask me about my podcast

hello hello I’m a podcaster ask me about
my podcast he’s a great button he goes
on about the buttons he says the sites

he says I slept to slap the website
together design some more buttons and no
agenda buttons calm was born the site is
meant to have a slight 70s feel in my my
I haven’t looked at the site right now

it’s well designed is my guess in my
mind is the heyday of rock and roll
buttons I’m just guessing though I
wasn’t alive so he’s young
the deal is I make goodness the deal is

this I’ve made free buttons for fellow
producers all someone has to do is go to
no agenda buttons comm and pick out five
buttons the site generates a PDF of your

selections that can be printed and sent
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card and have at least six buttons I
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get them to you in anywhere in the
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another ones who wants to you gonna
you’re gonna be paying for postage the
show is great

I suck here’s money free buttons for the
listeners producers no agenda buttons
calm then he repeats it over and over
again like a market
if you need to see some of these buttons
he has a club 33 that is dynamite a

collector’s item fo sho yeah I think he
sent me that one
thank you for encouraged futures for
boiled penis and Eagle Scout

another one it’s like it’s like your no
agenda Eagle badges here’s got one to
back up her to back up to that backup to

the backup
it’s got adios mofos important with the
T fallen off oh my goodness this is this
is pretty damn good Wow another Eagle
Scout you know it’s a time on his hands

alright onward yeah thank you
wait wait wait I need to give him the
health card always beat ya the course

when it rains it pours
or is it liquid sunshine code 1201 Coco
1201 okay and hopefully there is a note

to accompany code 1201 from cerana miss
of Dogpatch and Laura Slovakia thank you
to the producers for their fine works on

the search engines yes for other
producers and even Fairweather listeners
the cumulative and documented collection
from multiple news sources accumulated
from six hours of weekly programming and

dating dating back almost a decade is
the Library of Congress worthy and
certainly more valuable than joe rogan
show library aw he doesn’t have one yet

those two broad podcasters yet these two
podcasters provide free access all
without Google or YouTube advertisements
he’s saying something different than I

want to interpret what Dogpatch is
saying he’s saying Rogen licensed his
library for whatever amount it was we
don’t know which he feels should be the
equal amount to the library we have

enough content and make available for
so yeah these people I’m not sure what
he’s saying but he says yet these two

podcasters provide free access all
without Google or YouTube advertisements
exit strategy the database okay let me
just write that down the database is now

of course we have to get it from four
different dudes named Ben so he
continues in his note Eid celebrations
in lower slobozia following an entire

Ramadan lockdown looked more like a New
Year’s celebration resulting in a second
lockdown no no a few friends were
stricken and relied on OTC drugs and
home remedies and staying away from

hospitals but it did kick their butts
for a while I should note that OTC in
lower slobozia covers almost all
prescription drugs and opioids
alcohol is not OTC but like prohibition

in the u.s. is available to calm one’s
nerves during a pandemic
Dogpatch Ian’s noted how many political
leaders use of social distancing from

their voters has been successful they’re
completely out of touch with their
voters of course these politicians close
ties to the deep pocketed donors outside

their voting district has become more
evident mail-in write-in candidates my
why is a distinct opportunity if
campaigns start this summer was an

interesting idea and that was his his
tip for the day now say again what you
thought was an interesting idea write-in
candidates for the many votes oh oh that

is very interesting isn’t it
hard to remember yeah go ahead Lisa
Murkowski they won the the Republican
from Alaska who was pushed out during

the era of the Tea Party they had a she
lost in a primary and the Republicans
backed this other person hmm Lisa said

this is bullcrap nobody’s gonna vote for
her in you’re gonna get the Democrat in
write me in and I’ll continue to be your
senator and so Lisa Murkowski one were

the right of US Senate as a write-in
candidate in Alaska hmm a lot of
billboards and then the Republicans
backed off on trying to oust her and she

has been kind of a thorn in the side of
Trump she’s not never Trump or
technically when she’s didn’t like him
and but she’s she’s in there she’s in
there for good so right and idea of

doing a write-in program in locally
might might work if you get a mailing
list or two could I become mayor of
Austin you could well wait no it’s
that’s in two years from now it’s not

this time maybe that’s an idea that is
an interesting idea animus on or we’ll
be here all day

Tony Cabrera wait well thank you very
much your honor most of Dogpatch and
Louis Laveau via 1201 is the code all
right go yeah no jingles no comer
karma is this way you go Tony Cabrera a
1000 63 dollars and 35 cents it’s that

time again just wanted to deposit our
latest round of No Agenda shop
prophecies no agenda shop calm talking
about and thank you for all the
listeners who may the donations possible
the shop turns four years old today if

we can survive the greatest pandemic
since 1970 we should be able to survive
anything keep preaching that formula and
we’ll keep propagating it will take a
trump that’s true and some karma

you’ve got karma I forgot about the
trunk yeah I saw the spreadsheet come in
I’m like I should probably get all this

set up
it’s got work to do curry Anonymous in
Michigan follows with $1,000 no name or
location or thing our one thing only
Fox Sports shit of everything sports I

don’t even care about not watching
anymore of it done
hope this these Kooks and commies are
happy over with fantasy to my mind won’t

change when I’m not drunk all right not
I’ve said just hope I’m one of the many
loving liars
respect the Atlas Shrugged followed by
see the juice thank you for your courage

and a karma as well or well might have
might as well throw one in
by Iran you’ve got karma Kyle Allen $333

a 33 cents from Bandera Texas and you

might want to read well I I would but
I’m getting the entire list of jingle
setups okay hi TM gentlemen thank you
for your courage thank you for putting

the cien comprehensive media analysis
Daron and Graham from Graham Erica show
upfront podcast hit us in the mouth last
year and we have been listening at every
show since later they publicly and
properly called

us out as douchebags on your show oh so
this donation is to rectify that
situation please give us a D douching
aside from the amygdala shrinking

content you provide on every episode you
also said index is an example for other
podcasters in the form of the value for
value system and the way you interact
with your audience
shameless plug alert we follow your

model with our own podcast which is
called the Brothers of the serpent we
explore ancient mysteries human origins
legends and mythology on our show in an

effort to understand who we are and what
the hell is really going on like you we
have no ads no agenda and are 100%
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our listeners so our donation to you is
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supportive community thank you so much
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goat Karma for continuing podcasting
success Russ and Kyle Allen brothers of

the serpent podcast PS do executive
producers automatically receive a
boarding pass for the mothership oh yeah
you’re on the list pal don’t worry
orange man bad

you’ve got karma Kathleen Stokes in
Woburn Massachusetts 33333 just 333 well

not my first donation is my first
producer level donation in honor of my
husband’s 38th birthday I’ve been

listening and no agenda for at least six
years now then I’ve recently been
reminded how much I need you guys I’m
dismayed by the current atmosphere the
move away from critical thinking and
educated this score from critical

thinking and educated discourse really
I’m appalled by the willingness of my
millennial peers to shut up and not
question anything I feel like this is
the time I can request a fun iced over

to but I will leave it up to Adam pick
something fun or not thank you for both
and John great job with the newsletter
well why don’t I take this opportunity
to give you my – end of show I so

candidates I don’t know if you have any
I do have a bunch okay you want to hear
them yeah I want to hear real quick duty
to listen is that the me do we need to

listen to what the ISOs no duty to
listen I so duty to listen I’m sorry mmm
okay it’s not bad not happening okay

that’s not happening now oh I do like it
I do like it
this one was sent to me you can just
lick it I thought that was pretty good
that’s apparently that’s you can’t use

me at the end of show I so you can just
lick it that’s a great I so and then
this one love joining you love joining
you let me give you the context this is

the this the CNBC hosts listen this is
how they ended the show and that’s the
bear came from Josh Brown thanks for
joining us today

oh it’s good to have you our eyes in
love joining you
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so one of the big news stories this week
was John Bolton came out with this book
yes yes Anna and I’ve been following it

because of a number of things one I
figured out who wrote the book and can I
can I preface that I received a link to
a copy which was a PDF which I

immediately sent to you because I’m not
gonna read it and that’s only because I
have no time to read the stupid shit but
you immediately had all kinds of

questions about it yes the thing is very
screwy and a couple of things I first I
noted before reading the book I noted
that the left cuz I left listen to I was

driving around with Jay and I’m I I
listened to both the right wing talk
shows and the left wing talk shows in
the radio and so I’m flipping back and
forth and I’ve got I caught the

Stephanie Miller show alright and
there’s a couple other shows too but
she’s the one this is the most she’s
like kind of an old right-wing talk-show
type from the from the 70s
not a sound bites a lot of sound effects

on her show
sound effect she’s very much like an old
timey talk-show person but she’s she’s
kind of like the douche from Parks and
Rec yeah a little bit but she’s a laugh

but she’s but her season less she’s a
left-winger she mocks trompe she she’s
just right in there which is the
mainstream of this type of of thinking
and so I’m listening to the show and

they’re talking about this book and
everybody’s people come on and they say
oh whatever you do that bolton’s an
asshole for not testifying and the
impeachment the guys impeached F&E
Miller was saying us on her show she had

guests saying it and she was saying it
huh and in this and the talk went like
this I’ll just summarize Bolton’s the
douche a creepy shouldn’t make a nickel

from this book because he didn’t testify
on impeachment here of course of course
because he’s got you know she she says
neat by the way from after reading the

book and listening to them they never
read the book but I can see where they
read parts of the book and this did the
left has decided you don’t want to read
this book
now I took an excerpt from the book and
put it in the newsletter yeah and in

that excerpt you can see why they don’t
want the left reading the book cuz
bolton spends as much time slamming
Obama and the Iran deal especially in
that excerpt does he does anything that

can’t that won’t stand in fact the one
like the one thing we see while you’re
looking that up when went because of
course I did look at the book when I

when I got that copy the the opening
paragraph of the introduction by itself
was so narcissistically like oh you
wanna do you want to know what a busy
day looks like here’s my day this is my

job this is all the stuff I have to deal
with a paragraph terrible disgusting he
spends most of his time talking about
himself yeah he would do great on a
podcast it is a member yes he should

have but he has stuff like this talking
about the I Ronde I’m gonna read from
the from the excerpt that put into the
newsletter yeah but a combination of
Tillerson Madison McMaster frustrated

Trump’s efforts to break free from this
wretched deal the Iran deal earning them
the plaudits of the adoring media as an
excess of adults restraining Trump from
indulging in wild fantasies

so he’s slamming these guys he’s
slamming a lot of you it’s not a book
that the left wants to read so the left
has been telling everyone not to read
the book and just listen to his

interviews because in his interviews
he’s you know just says strum sucks and
so that’s great that’s all we want to
hear good job so don’t read the book
just listen the interviews where he says

trust us
a good good point now I was reading this
and ice cut I kept hearing a voice in my
head that was not Bolton’s and it was
the writer and I figured out who finally

were I figured out who wrote the book
and then I have some I have one piece of
the book now we should we should say
that you have a lot of experience in the

in the in the print world and publishing
you’ve put together books you’ve
published many books before our
this you immediately knew that he had

not written the book or it’s just
completely unlikely any of these jamokes
ever writes their books anyway it
actually came from a bunch of clips I
have some clips now alright I’m not the
only one who thinks he didn’t write the

book in fact I don’t care about everyone
I care about you
the the only guy who was really on it
cuz everybody that interviewed and we’re
all the left-wing media they’re just
hounding what else is bad about Trump

and the AI Trump’s sex
well can you say that again that was
basically the interview so it’s oh you
Bret bar actually interviewed him right
and now I want to play I got too many

clips but a couple more very short in
fact the shortest one I’ll play right
away was Bolton this is yummy SH on KQED
and here’s how she see she summarizes
the book a 500 page bombshell denouncing

a president who is now playing defense
the 500 I could even repeat it the 500
page bombshell dammit denouncing hey I’m
president who’s now playing defense

yeah so let’s go to now here we have
Bolton but bear Brett Baier on Fox who
did a very good interview and this is

there’s a couple of ones to say clip 1
but this is Bolton bear 1 intro 500
pages of your time inside the room as
you say in the room where it happened

how did you write this book I saw in an
interview that you said that the notes
you took lots of notes the notes as I
said in my exit interview from the White

House were destroyed during the course
of my tenure there so how do you go back
and fill in all of these blanks with
that detail these quotes 500 pages well
this is the best recollection I can put

together and blessed with a pretty good
memory and I thought about how to do
this I wrote a book when I left the
George W Bush administration called
surrenders not an option
went through much the same process when

were the notes destroyed during the
course of the usually the weekend
following when they were taken
throughout the thing put in burn bags
that sort of thing but no notes were
taken with me after I left the White

House the White House says they didn’t
destroy us a huge destroyed that’s
correct sure if you destroyed them it
would be a violation of the presidential
Records Act no no during during the
course of the work this was this was

something we were we had burn bags in
our offices and put I don’t know how
many documents into the burn bags once
you destroy them is that a problem
legally for you because you destroy the
records that are supposed to be kept no

I don’t think these are records that are
supposed to be kept and and they were
not and many other people followed the
same pattern you know I saw this and I
thought Bret Baier to be incredibly dumb

did he not I mean am I the only one that
knows what a burn bag is and who uses it
and why they use it and why is he
thinking that that somehow was
destroying records that was dumb to me
did I’m did I miss miss something I

don’t know if is dumb or not but he was
definitely he was trying to break down
the following meme that’s been going
around about Bolton which was Bolton is
a supposedly a outrageous note-taker

yeah he takes notes on his craps he goes
to the bathroom he writes down how many
turns came out everything so he’s like a
ridiculous note-taker and meanwhile he

cranks out this 15 this 500 page book in
pretty much well you’ll hear in the next
clip did the time frame was September 2
the same year fall I to get the

manuscript in it’s like a three months
he writes a 500 page book and without
notes because he ever was always a
note-taker that’s why he could do these
things so fast he’s a note-taking

note-taker but he’s got no no it’s a
book or neo himself so that’s what I
think it was important about that not
only does he get even okay I got you so
he’s breeze breeze trying to say did he
won’t bring himself to say did you have

and I should have he should have did you
have a ghostwriter help you with this
book as I let’s go back into the
ghostwriter thing I’m gonna explain it
one more time please there’s three ways

about going about having a ghostwriter
you can put your name on the book with
and a guy another guy’s name and the
other guys the ghostwriter right you can

also pay less money you have to pay
money for that and then you can pay less
money and give the guy a little more
credit and so it would be your name and
the name is and so-and-so and he’s the

ghost writer but he didn’t get paid as
much so he gets an and instead of a
whiff and when would you do an and is
that because the ghostwriter is a name
like he’s done like the ghostwriter he

or she has done something with someone
else that would be one reason the other
one is you can’t afford to pay the big
dough that’s what I’m and the big dough
is no ghost writer on the cover right

that’s where you pay the maximum amount
of money somebody else writes the book
his name’s nowhere to be found and then
it’s just your name on the cover now I

think that this book was written by
someone else and I think he paid the big
money cuz he got a two million dollar
advance and could easily throw a million
of it away on a ghostwriter who would

probably most nameís that’s not there’s
not much money in ghost writing in
anonymous million bucks yeah well in the
case of getting a book out this fast
let’s listen to the clip Bolton buyer –

oh hold on okay I wasn’t expecting that
here we go some of those pictures of you
in the back of meetings adjusting your

glasses holding notes look like in your
mind you’re arranging chapters of the
book at what time in the 17 months did
you say I got a start

thinking about this and and without
detailed notes were you gonna be able to
do it
I mean you left in September and your
deadline was what the fall well you know
I did something very similar as they say

when I left the Bush administration and
that’s the same pattern I followed here
really so he’s now he got this book
cranked out faster than it’s not a

policy adviser he’s a he’s he’s author
he’s in there dividing it into chapters
along the way he’s not doing anything
now I have a couple more stories I could

play before then just important for you
before you reveal who wrote the book
yeah before I reveal who wrote the book
and then we’ll see who who plagiarizes
my thoughts on this oh hey cuz some

happens somebody will some podcast or
somebody will do it but let’s go on over
who cuz I heard his voice the whole time
he’s actually he’s actually mentioned a
lot in the book which is like why is

this guy getting so much play he’s
mentioned a lot but the and I heard his
voice and I know who it was and then the
kicker was that it was a lion in this
excerpt don’t tell me that why do I get

to guess do you give me a clue so I can
do a guess I can read you this this line
from the from the excerpt that comes
that is the as far as I’m concerned is

the convince er okay Trump and the other
2016 GOP candidates campaigned against
the joint comprehensive plan of action
as the Iran deal the the lumbering

formal title of the Iran deal and it was
widely believed to be ready for extreme
unction following his inauguration
function the lumbering ahh

I’m onto the clues lumbering unction MIT

okay so here we have it so we have I’m
gonna give you a good this will get get
you closer extreme unction is a Catholic
sacrament that very few people outside
of the religion even pay any attention

to the words it means last rites and the
Catholic would be the kind of person who
writes something like that in a symbolic
kind of a metaphorical way this is way

this was not as a pure metaphor not a
like Bolton Bolton would never write
never function you’re right you’re right
your rights very very ultra Catholic so
we’re talking about a Catholic probably

went to Catholic school very new all
these details cuz he was in the
administration got pissed off at Trump a
bit much and again he decided to write
this book for Bolton Bolton probably

edit it a little bit I don’t think he
did that much but this book was probably
written by the time Bolton’s got got
kicked out all right detective Dookie
Steve Bannon Irish you know and Bolton

used to be up bannon’s but all the time

every single day he was on the Breitbart
radio at the time whatever and by the
way where are your manners
it’s Mr Banyon to you so Banyon so he

wrote this book and he’s an actual
writer yes uses those annoying words he
used and by the way the book is filled

with them
gated these annoyances these annoying
words and to use extreme unction instead
of last rites or deathbed which is the
way a normal white or whatever
another said they the thing was really

on this deathbed following his
inauguration the Senate extreme unction
only some you know some Hispanic is no
doubt about it and so then so this is

filled with with Banyan’s view on
everything everything yeah so when did
bang you start hating Trump I know if he

does not right after he got kicked off
the I don’t even knows that does know
bang well no he came don’t you remember
when he came out with a bunch of Trump
Slams for a very short period then he

pulled back he pulled it all back yeah
he pulled it all back he’s still a Trump
Trump er but he pull it all back and I
think a lot of it had to do with this
cut and in this just one excerpt that’s
in the newsletter you can read it he is

Janet this is all bad Banyon he hates
McMaster he hated McMaster he hated
he just calls them out and by the way

met he could also mattis’s called out
and I think this was during the when
when Steve was in there he kept trying
to bring endemic mattes kept trying
mattis was obviously a Democrat kept

trying to bring in Democrat operatives
into the White House and it’s all listed
in this book that this book is not a
book at the left wants to read that’s
why they’re telling him not to read it

let the guy not make any money by not by
the way this idea of him not making any
money is again funny anyone’s been
involved with the books The Miz he
already made them my money’s upfront

exactly he’s got them yeah he’s got his
million two million dollar advance done
he’s not gonna make any money after this
whether the book sells one or a hundred
no so that so this is nonsense this is a
scam to the this is a scam this book is

written by Steve Bennett and what is the
what is the benefit to Banyan well is
just yeah yeah yeah and I’m sure Trump
knows and by the way I will reiterate I

heard Bandhan voice in my head cuz I’ve
heard him give enough speeches yeah and

enough talks and enough lectures and
I’ve read enough from him that this is
this is just got him he’s they couldn’t
get it out of it I mean if I was the
editor I in fact by the way there’s
something screwy about the PDF file it’s

and our serve boiled peanuts will get a
kick out of this the whole thing is set
in Ariel yes a book like this in area I
of course never thought about this but

that is a huge faux pas apparently well
unless you’re doing a textbook or a book
math book or a how-to book and how to do
you know arts with make artificial

flowers that might be set in the Arial
procedural books might be set in Ariel
but you don’t set a book like this in
area you never do you have to set in a
serif rage another reason I don’t think

there was banning that made that
decision I think it was made at the Edit
at the editorial level where they
couldn’t get a lot of this stuff like

extreme unction edited out says they
would allow it so we’re gonna put the
fun in the areolas live with that jerk
the print boys and girls can be so

wickedly mean well that is fantastic I
would like you to do a little endzone
dance play just another gratuitous
Bolton clip just to just because it was

so good well I got a bunch I got to I
got a few clips to play I want to play
where they start slamming him oh I have
two clips ok this is where Bay Bear Bret
Baier he gets a little annoyed with with

bolt and he starts to slam him and
there’s two good clips here this doesn’t
get anxious no it doesn’t get anxious
slam one can you cite secretary Pompeo

in the book is somebody that you talk to
a lot has seemed to see your point of
view on things
secretary Pompeo has called you a
traitor he openly Sarah was celebrated

when you left the White House
yet you say that he shared North Korea
views Ron China so how do you think
Pompeo is so trusted in this white house
for so long well I think he took the

view that that I think led to
disagreements between us that even in
issues where he thought the president
was moving in the wrong direction and he
would just stop trying to persuade and

stop trying to fix what was clearly a
problem and I think his political future
is very much tied to the Trump
administration and I can understand what
he’s doing kind of reaction to the

trader talk he compared you to the
Edward Snowden that’s complete nonsense
but on the other hand the president was
quoted months ago as calling me a
traitor so the fact that Mike Pompeo
does is par for his course the South

Koreans have weighed in saying this book
does not reflect accurate facts and
substantially distorts facts
unilaterally Publishing consultations
made on a mutual trust violates the

basic principles of diplomacy and
conclude severely damaged future
negotiations there’s not a lot of people
happy about this book look if you don’t
write the truth about these things at a
point where the voters in South Korea

for the voters in the United States and
act on it I think you’re doing a
disservice to the people this guy no one
really does anyone really care about him

in his book no the left you’re missing
out here no I’m not missing out on that
but what does that they’re not gonna
read it because they’re not allowed to
and I don’t think they will I think

they’ll be they’ll be very good
rule-followers agree their rulers told
not to read the book so they won’t read
the book no I don’t even do a good
interview here’s a good one this is

another slam Baird gives him I’m
speaking not credible that is what
george w bush said about you did not
believe that you were credible the :

obviously had a lot of things to say
you other administration’s and other
people you’ve worked with have painted a
negative picture is there somebody that
you’ve worked with that has a positive
perspective on your time well I hope

there are a lot of people who have a
positive perspective I’ve been
criticized for a lot of things there’s a
long list of that I’m sure
but I’ve always tried to say what I
thought through that point you say that

the president was really the
transactional he didn’t have an ideology
a driving principle you said that that
was a real problem that there was no
principle in his foreign policy the

supporters would say America first is a
principle and not going into endless
wars and his words is a principle he
said at the Heritage Foundation in

December of 2018 I think the president’s
transactional history of making the old
holy crap was that your editor there
edit that was horror is there a tittle
today is a visual so yeah I think the

president’s transactional history of
making deals that are mutually
beneficial because you don’t make many
successful investments unless the people

on the other side of the transaction get
something out of it true is is something
that should encourage African
governments that’s not what you write in
this book

oh that’s cuz he didn’t write the book
so good he didn’t even read it himself

probably he’s like alright Banyan thanks
here’s your cool mil so uh there’s a
couple of things I mean there was the
the Weig er story came out in this other

thing he said supposedly there’s a China
deal it play this clip this is bolt and
bear the China deal which is bullcrap an
ADEA purchased more agricultural

products to help him in states that were
important for his election and you write
in the book that that’s exactly what
happened however ambassador Dwight
Hauser on Capitol Hill under oath was

asked about this very thing this very
meeting he’s reset absolutely ountry
never happened I was there I’ve no
recollection of that ever happened what
meeting I was at and this never happened

he’s under oath on Capitol Hill saying
that all right well look we could we
could line all of us who were at that
meeting up under oath I’d be happy to do
that too that is my recollection but I

think more importantly I think that’s
what the Chinese side recollects as well
did you tell anybody about that after
that meeting or your concerns about that
I had a number of conversations about it

within the NSC like White House chief of
staff make Mulvaney or White House
Counsel or someone went done I don’t
know about Mulaney but I think there

were a lot of conversations about it as
there were about other issues that I did
brief the White House Counsel and the
attorney general on there’s a certain
point I think when
everybody hears these things in the

White House they’ve become inured to
them and I think that’s a real part of
the problem in the Trump administration
now the thing that’s interesting is that
in this net I’m going to f—– there

one more clip and then I have a play
account or clip this by some list from
this is Bolton and this is now if you’re
gonna talk about bear being kind of a

he doesn’t really go after what Bolton
says in this in this little segment
Bolton says it twice and I’m gonna tell
you what it is in advance so you can
hear it then you’ll hear bear just step

on it okay both times and what he says
is bull turns out that he never heard it
any this conversation between Trump and
and she because it was a private meeting

and what he heard was second or third
hand sources from what the translators
were discussing rushed and sliced right
right right so this is what’s apparently
that and this could have been for all we

know since the translators could be shot
by the CCP for revealing anything yeah
it could have been bullcrap I could have
been setting him up yeah and so he kind
of tries to say this and bear should

jump on that and go right into a wait
wait you all you heard what from who you
for the translators or what anyone you
hear this is the bolt and bear Weger
story the other one that you point out

from that g20 meeting in Osaka the side
of byline was this talk about the Weger
concentration camps the retraining camps
you say that the president essentially

said go ahead and build them right this
is what was reported both at Osaka and
at a previous conversation between Xi
Jinping and the president by the

interpreters who herded the beings
that’s what I mean you were sure that
that’s what was said that’s what was
because that I openin is true and its
consultants consistent with his approach

to human rights in China generally even
though for example he recently signed
congressional legislation which which
really simply consolidated sanctions
authority he already had not not just a

few days ago he said that the Weger
issue had interrupted his trade
negotiations with China the point is not
what he believes when he signs the

particular legislation or what he says
when he’s dealing to the Chinese it’s
that he doesn’t particularly believe any
of it longer than it takes to get past
the day he’s dealing with what you’ve

discovered here is very important and
I’m all on board with the with Steve ban
I follow Steve ban and I like seeing
what he’s doing and as far as I’m
concerned his war room pandemic war room

pandemic with your host Stephen K Benin
war room as far as I’m concerned he’s
doing that as a paid performer for
whoever hates the CCP the China Global

News there’s something he has some deal
and they’re paying him he is all about
all about anti China and I’m sure that

he he put this right into that book to
also make the CCP look bad which his pay
masters are telling him to do

who the hell is like some billionaire
some billionaire who is funding yeah I
think yes I got is lives in the United
States got kicked out it before you go
into that analysis I want to get this

you weaker thing sure mainly because
he’s talking about what these
translators said back and forth and then
he’s you know she’s reporting it from a
report from a report from a report and
that becomes fact it’s a Beckham and I

want to play this is the bolt on the
side PBS negroponte he’s on PBS newshour
and he’s analyzing again what we’re told
is in the book nobody reads the book

nobody thinks twice about it and and so
it’s now in the public domain is a
Meem that trump told she ad do whatever
you want the we Gers and then but

there’s a point where it doesn’t make
any sense it’s kind of explained in this
clip when they try to analyze that the
de foreign affairs correspondent from
Newshour and negroponte
go on with this little back-and-forth

and leaving out the one third
possibility which they never address and
it’s left the left news will never
address this what if the whole thing
about the we Gers and the discussion

between Trump and she is just made up
it’s bullshit Trump never said anything
about the we Gers why should he and he
did clamp down on on the companies that

built the camps and but they figure well
Trump’s just a liar he says one thing
and does another so listen to this but
when I talked to the president’s allies
they point out the policy so for example

President Trump apparently told Xi
Jinping the president of China that
Muslim we could be interned in these
camps during a private meeting but the

policy is that the Trump administration
has sanctioned and put export controls
on 33 companies for building those very
camps and that dichotomy holds true
especially when it comes to China policy

so there’s the president’s closed-door
flattery matter when the
administration’s policy is
confrontational the president says that
privately it encourages the President Xi

to take even sterner measures against
the weaker population so there’s that
point and secondly perhaps he could have

helped avoid some pain being inflicted
on the leaders if he’d taken more of an
advocate position on behalf of human

rights in China rather than flattering
the court for accommodating that
President Xi Jingping as he the reason
why I brought up

Bannen and his shows because he’s always
talking about the Uighur always it’s
always about the ccp is killing the we
Gers the weekers you’re so right I’m
just backing up your your assessment

here I think you’ve nailed it
well the thing that bothers me the most
is that the policy they say well you
know the public at the policy we don’t
have any proof that he said anything to

she about the Rieger x’ and we don’t
know what he said we have Bolton’s
made-up fantasy which the media is
picking up oh yeah well I know that he
gave him the go-ahead but I don’t know

why he’s doing this policy the policy
doesn’t make any sense if you think that
way I mean it did just look at the
policy and stop believing the lies
they’ll talk about lies he’s just a lies

lies lies so you believe the lies and
then you try to make sense of the
reality which is that he’s shut down you

know these companies that had anything
to do with building all the camps but
well but he’s a bad person he’s a
valorous man bad I mean this this is
something else is going she like she
needs to be flattered give me a break

well what it no well we’ll have to see
if banner if Bannon actually wrote the
book which i think is very possible then

we have a player on the scene we got to
keep an eye on unless he did was
straight up for the money and his out
and he just got some shit off his chest
that everyone knows and that’s why don’t
read it it’s no good it’s Bannon though

that’s not what they’re saying they’re
saying so I know I know it’s bad and
they definitely wouldn’t want anyone to
read it yeah huh they really hate Bannon
no I got to read this thing

damn it 500 pages of what was it Ariel
that’s okay it’s big giant letters all
right good one job it was actually
written for the Democrats yeah no

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there’s some crazy air B&B where I think
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invitation there the whole family we can
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place is so big yeah it’s really nice
really nice I’m in then one more report
dance said the man who will never get on

an airplane and Irian you know we’re not
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Washington is one of them but California
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York everybody meet up report the hi
John and Adam this is Nate coming at you

from the western New York meetup in
not gonna lie we kind of miss you guys
because it’s been just gonna pass you
around here ITM John and Adam this is

Anthony we set the no agenda meet up
today here in Dansville battle Street
Brewery it’s turned out to be a pretty
good time there’s a couple they had to
cancel on us but we’re still having a

party hi Jon and Adam this is Brett I’m
here with my smoking-hot wife Sarah just
eatin some mac and cheese outside having
a good time in the morning this is Sir

Jason from the southern tier of New York
I’m here with my bride and there’s 33 of
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it’s been a grand time and we’re gonna
do it again you know what I’d like about
these reports is when you listen to it

there’s always someone you hear who
sounds like you and there’s always a
whole bunch of people you go like wow
they’re there people like that it’s so I
love it I really love it it’s such an

elastic lip yeah in that last clip there
was a guy who sounded exactly like the
KTVU sports guy thing as if market – oh

I mean identical I would give track him
down and have him do some prank calls
there’s always my idea by the way you
hear somebody you sound just like some
like you do a prank call say something

horrible yeah yeah your exit strategies
are very very dark mr. dvorak prank
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meetups calm it’s like a party
sometimes you wanna go hang out with all

the nights and days gonna be where
everybody feels the same

so we had developments in the Michael
Flynn case where it now appears that he
will indeed walk away from this although

funny thing I didn’t get a clip of it
because it was too much fawning and I
wasn’t sure it was legit but he
immediately called in the Rush Limbaugh
Show just out of the blue and they put

him on just a little bit no really it’s
kind of interesting he was very he was
just thanking him for the support well
Tina the keeper she’s she’s a Sidney
Powell disciple Sidney Powell has quite

a following of fangirls yes
like the Rihanna stock that was
discussed by the two of them real dead
oh really
well it’s dedicated and she’s it’s here

oh man it’ll and for a whole bunch of
things just but also just her books and
meatiness reading these law books if my
Sidney Powell but I think she did I

think she nailed that I think she she
nailed everybody to the wall and it’s
very apparent now that there’s trouble
ahead this was kind of the last line of

defense we even had former President
Obama coming out and saying oh it’s
crazy can’t have this guy being let off
there’s no good and now we have
implications that both Joe and the

president were in the meetings knew was
being talked about and it’s in Peter
Struck’s handwriting that Joe Biden
asked about the which stupid Act is it
the Logan Act and so for Joe to say oh I

didn’t know I would I had no idea what’s
going on and this goes all the way up to
Obama it’s coming out it’s coming out
and with this we’re very excited because
now we have Flynn free you know what’s

thousands of funds
indictments yes and who is always at the
tip of the spear no another than the

money honey
Maria Bartiromo speaking with attorney
general bill Barr
we’re waiting on John Durham’s
investigation a criminal investigation
what bearing does the election have on

that I haven’t heard any Democrats
raised any upset over the fact that
wiretapping of an American citizen was
illegal an FBI agent

changed evidence changed a document a
whole host of issues so am I to believe
that if we don’t get the results of the
John Durham investigation before the

election and Donald Trump loses we won’t
hear another word about this well first
I agree with you that’s been stunning
that what we’ve gotten from the
mainstream media sort of bovine silence
in the face of the make a lot of noise

when they’re in the field munch in the
cud it’s just an odd one to throw a bow
I’ve never heard the term bovine silence

it takes you you’ve liked it apparently
there was good first I agree with you
that’s been stunning that well we’ve
gotten from the mainstream media is sort
of bovine silence in the face of the

collapse of the so-called Russia gate
scandal which they did all they could to
sensationalize and drive and it’s like
not even the whoops they just on to the

next full scandal so that that has been
surprising to me that people aren’t
concerned about civil liberties and in
the integrity of our governmental

process in terms of the future of
Durham’s investigation
you know he’s pressing ahead as hard as
he can and I expect that you know we
will have some developments hopefully

before the end of the summer but as I
said his isn’t based the investigation
will will continue it’s not gonna stop
because of the election what happens

after the election may depend on who
wins the election yeah well first I I
agree with him this election is gonna be
very meaningful for a lot of people who

are very worried and we’ll see if if
let’s say this isn’t resolved which I
assume it won’t be that’s all they do is
talk about it and I haven’t seen

anything come of it considering how
quickly they did the impeachment how
fast they wrapped up Flynn and threw him
in jail and put him into putting me into
a silent mode mm-hmm so this is taking

an ordinate long period of time but if
the election goes Trump’s way they’ll
put this thing in high gear and they
start throwing people in jail so they
have to date is they got to get it rid
of Trump that’s what they’re they just

got to get biting and they looking at a
flawed candidate and they’re covering up
all this yeah I think we’re the only
show that plays these clips I mean you
see them on Twitter you see but they’re
even suppressed on Twitter oh yeah

absolutely because you know they don’t
let you pass that stuff around so it’s
not the number of people that would hear
the vaseline vaseline clip which is nil
and only our audience they are doing a
great job of hiding what they can it’s

just astonishing to me they really are
turning their health that’s why we’re
here that’s why I have a little cute
little clip here okay one of our

producers sent me we like uh and it’s
from this really popular show it’s on
HBO Netflix called 13 reasons why I’m
not familiar and 13 reasons wise taken

from a novel so it’s a young adult novel
and as a and it’s very populist in his
fourth season and it’s about a bunch of
kids in school lamenting the death of a
suicidal girl killed herself and then

she left a bunch of tapes behind and
she’s got her 13 reasons which were 13
people why she killed herself and his
true crime drama kind of in a way yeah
kind of a little more drama than the

true crime and you know I noticed a
couple of things that the producers what
they did I tried to find some China
connections I couldn’t do that but
that’s what we want to always be looking
for I’m looking I’m looking
they always just use for pipeline now

it’s China yeah so I couldn’t find
anybody did find if you know they’re
very socially SJW they for example they
changed names of the characters in the
book one of the characters names was a

coolie you know which is not an uncommon
name see oo lui but it sounds like
coolie and now it sounds like a Chinese
man name so if they changed the
something else case or something like

that they gratuitously turned a couple
of their people not in the book they
turned him into gay they’re gay and the
main character of the book has to be an
affair which was not not in the book we

got to appeal to the to the audience
their lesbian affair we had two girls
kissing so let’s do that but the clip
that he wanted me to play which was kind

of a students revolt you know kind of a
black lives matter theme it was this one
kid I’ll give you the set up the clip is
called well you find the Clem you see

where it is the it is set up like this
that there’s a riot going on the cops
are clubbing people because you know
somebody doesn’t spits in the cops face
a cop club when they go oh my god and so
they’re back and forth the cops and the

students and then they some matter they
throw gas bombers and the kids all start
there are running running away from the
cops one of the kids looks knowingly at
another kid and he’s got a bullhorn in

his hand he says and he knows his kids
is a good public speaker so he get they
look at each other knowing he throws the
the bullhorn to the kid and the kids
chases after the crowd that’s running

away and jumps on a car kind of wrecks
the roof of it and so saying stop stop
stop you’ve got to go back and he riles
them up and they all turn like they’re
like any idiot would do they turn and

they charge the cops and then a melee
ensues and it’s a it’s it’s riotous but
here’s here’s the kind of thing the
Hollywood wants us to think about
they’re gonna try to make us think that

were the problem but we are not the
problem we go to the school that they
built for us we live in the society that
they made for us and shit is broken yes
it is wrong

and they can’t fix it they won’t so it’s
our turn now we’re gonna make it right
if we have to burn it down and start
over so I say fuck it all fuck yeah
fighting look with me

this is like the equivalent of Ferris

Bueller’s Day Off it’s the worst oh my
goodness so I went online people this is
a 50-year cycle and this the movie you

want to track down and watch which is
obtained version of this movie but it’s
better it’s better written is a movie
called over the edge and the over the
edge was in about 1977 I believe 73 it

was a movie about the the enemy of a
suburban living and how it boring it
wasn’t how drove kids crazy and it’s

pretty much the same kind of movie but
because I heard this blame speech I
wanted to hear what a what’s a real
rabble rouser sound like when when she
so it was gonna be a she’s up there and

so I found went to chop or chop or
whatever skull now jazz jazz cha-cha-cha
Kshama Sawant Kshama Sawant is the

communist who was in the Seattle City
Council it calls herself a socialist but
she’s a communist and what do we want to
burn it down yes we want to burn it out

but what is what are we really after
what are we trying to accomplish uh and
she’s got a big crowd around her in one
of these outdoor speeches she was there
along with a bunch of other people

shaking their fists at the cops and
saying what cop unions have got to go
and they shouldn’t be in the afl-cio and
all the stuff here is what a real speech
sounds like it doesn’t have quite the
turn on the cops at the moment kind of

quality but it’s it tells you all you
need to know about what you’re really up
against for a different kind of society
that is free of police racism and
oppression entirely

by continuing to win reform and even
more radical reforms at the same time
understanding we are going to fight like

hell to end well she’s a very
interesting type of person I would say

she’s a classist probably just based on
her her upbringing oh yeah she’s
probably uh that upper ring of the from
the caste society yes yeah

classes typical classes systemic
classism so she is getting people riled
I’ve wanted to bring that and she’s got
the right mood you beaut the two shows

ago you
you mentioned Vogue magazine pushing
Marx’s let me know if all things Conde
Nast pushing Marxism something that we
got to look at more and all the schools

currently they’re pushing Marxism and
they’re getting everybody ready for a
revolt that’s not gonna go anywhere cuz
it’s only idiots that buy into this
people would know very naive people with
no education but she’s there AOC says

that would say the same thing I don’t
see any difference well we’ll leave you
with that happy-ass thought
but that means it’s only two years
everybody can be voted out then again

your mileage may differ depending on the
country you little bit same issues
coming up on no agenda stream comm we’ve
got a the Nick the rat show with Andrew

Horowitz a must listen podcast episode
cannot miss that ever and to show mixes
we got Jesse Coyne Nelson Danny Luce
thank you both and know we look forward

to seeing you on Sunday remember us at
Dvorak org slash na then coming to you
from opportunities own 33 here the
frontier of Austin Texas capital the

drone star state if you’re looking for
it on the governmental maps its FEMA
region number six until Sunday in the
morning everybody I’m out of curry and
from northern Silicon Valley where the

new world order is still outside digging
up the streets for reasons unknown I’m
John C Devorah we return on Sunday right
here on no agenda until then as always
and such

Boogedy boo



this woman has tried her accounting to
like a call-out account where people are

sending her like incriminating PM’s or
social media post or whatever and she’s
publicizing them she threatens targeted
like a gale freshman who when she was 15
use the n-word and like a in some sort

of meme our social media saying this is
really spreading I can meet you from
microaggressions is a great way to put
it and we’re seeing the same sort of
apologies self-flagellation promises to
do better based on you right-wing racist

has your prop

he’s got the sniffles to recovered about
15 minutes



you know long history of his ability for

Nia Oregon or canary making some
clarifications completely and
you’re going to barge into people’s

houses knock on the door three
Mississippi you attic person woman
wearing and I can’t breathe t-shirt this
at the request of Trump campaigns from
the century about America into lawns go

way back in American history

mofo Borat dot org slash and a love
joining him