No Agenda Episode 1255: “Mask = Love”

oh you know we’re so sorry here in Texas
Adam Curry is no agenda curry and from
northern Silicon Valley where we say

search merge I’m Jessie Dvorak I thought
you were indeed the Celine Dion of of

podcasting you blew out the microphone
settings their honor on that one do you
do it do you do it in the morning to you
I’m glad you’re here in the morning to

you and in the morning all ships to sea
I’m glad you’re here I had boots on the
ground I was worried I was a little why
all cuz of the search well yes exactly
we have the surge and then your clips

didn’t show up this morning and I put
two you know two and two together and I
just see you slumped over your keyboard
at night you know it’s like he flies
buzzing around my head oh my god they
got him the Rona finally it hasn’t

happened in years that I haven’t
received your clips well I sent him yeah
I know I know can you turn down your
speaker’s just a tad yeah this new setup
is so sensitive that how’s that yeah I’m

sure it’s much better
what would you say before we start I do
this every it seems 2 to 4 years way

stop what you’re talking about one thing
to stop what happened how can we didn’t
get the clips that you’re using I sent
it to your jima your secret Gmail

account and Gmail as always is the most
reliable mail system in the world I’ve
never said that and they oh I’ve never
said they’re no maybe it’s not that

you’re making an accusation it’s
no it never arrived and then every once
in a while something like that happens
with Gmail there’s just you look it
never arrives it never gets there mm-hmm

you’re looking to spam it’s not there’s
nowhere right and this happens on the
newsletter a lot yeah yeah it’s just
well maybe it’s your name I don’t know I

think Google Google definitely is
deploying all kinds of filters and I
can’t blame them the most recent one it
was kind of interesting one of our
producer says oh I can’t believe it I

put a copy of the John Bolton book PDF
on my shared Google Google Drive and
they deleted it it’s like you really
don’t underst
yes I archived this myself is it on your

shared Google Drive he doesn’t get it he
doesn’t get it it doesn’t get it and
like please understand it’s copyrighted
you know you can’t be doing that

it’s bad enough I even told the audience
that I sent you that PDF that was sent
to me but you had already received it
because it was buzzing around it’s like
one of those things but don’t be
surprised if someone if if a Silicon

Valley company is scanning for stuff
yeah they don’t get busted and Twitter’s
doing the same with DMS if there’s
certain words that you use it’ll say
we’re having trouble processing this DM

request or they said to me yeah yeah of
course it’s happened yeah I’ve seen that
missus horse of course it’s happening
and we’ll get into some of that later
because there’s some some exciting
developments but the first development I

need to speak about is performing writes
every couple of years I don’t know why
you you old as I’ll stop to show for a
second and mentioned everybody you have
explained this at least five times over

the 10 years you do it at least once
every two years and it’s pathetic that
people don’t know this and it’s even
more pathetic that the bands who moan
and groan about the system that they

signed up to be in make it seem as
though that they have more control than
they do so they can just do virtue
signaling because they don’t like Trump

you may continue there is however
something different this year they’re
actually trying to pull a fast one and
I’m on to him and
the Trump campaign could possibly be in

in trouble depending on what they blow
you better explain the whole thing from
scratch is exactly what I intend in this
case we’re only talking about performing
rights performing rights is important
part of the music business the music

industry and it is to ensure that when a
copyrighted work whether it’s a song
that someone is performing live just
singing out loud whether it’s a before

is all based on the term performance
whether you’re playing a record or
playing the song through speakers to an
audience it’s all venue based if you
have a radio station and you’re playing

rate as songs on the radio that is a
performance right and now there’s many
other ways that money is made in the
music business but just keeping it to
this for this moment the the payments
for that performance right is split

50-50 between two parties that own the
copyrighted work 50% goes to the
composer so if we say the Beatles that
could be Lennon McCartney because it’s

you know it’s part song it’s part lyrics
so both of them will get credit and the
way depending on how they set it up back
in the day that each get 25% so half of
the 50 but 50% goes to the writer and

the composer the other 50% goes to the
publisher and the publisher this is what
all musicians always get screwed on
taking my Paul McCartney example he

didn’t owned the publishing rights to
his catalogue in fact Michael Jackson
owned them and it’s incredibly valuable
because this enables you to license the
song for any type of use commercials you

name it
by law do you have a anyone has the
right to perform any copyrighted work
that is the law certainly in the United

States and because it would be a free
speech issue if you just want to get up
and sing a song now if you do that in
front of a large enough audience which
is specified in the law as over 2,000

square feet there’s a couple of other
parameters and how many people would fit
into that space you have to pay a
royalty to the composer and right
50% and the publisher 50% by law there

are only a couple of organizations that
are allowed to be intermediaries between
two venues
so that’s concert halls radio stations
etc bars you name it and the publishers

and and the rights holders the
publishers and the writers and composers
in the United States we have ASCAP BMI
and SESAC and as a owner of a song you

register with one of those organizations
and and how that works and why there’s
three of them and but you can’t just

start a new Performing Rights
organization they’re all nonprofits and
they collect money from radio stations
could be about 2% of their revenue
they’ll collect either a per case or a
revenue basis of large arenas and they

get what is called a blanket license you
can play any song from their catalogue
so in the case of Tom Petty
that would be ASCAP in the case of the
Rolling Stones that would be BMI they

both function more or less the same it’s
political there’s reasons why people are
with one or the other the venue needs to
have deals with both of them and again
that’s how you get a blanket license you

can play anything you want it’s
important because the blanket license
means that you literally can play
anything you want
there’s no no take-backsies it’s like I
can play it and and we already know what

I’m paying for it to the part of my
revenue or ticket sales etc and and you
can play whatever you want they can’t go
back say no no you can’t have that the
only way that can happen is this as if

is is when the rights holders the
composer and the songwriter and the
publisher say stop we’re pulling it from
the catalogue now that will never happen

in a million years that pop the composer
as let’s say Tom Petty or hit his estate
can say shit we want it taken away
they’re not going to because the

publisher will never do that publishers
not stupid he said he all he sees is
controversy and this is great the songs
getting airplay people are talking about
more money’s being made it is their

statutory due
you have to explain why you’re using Tom
Petty is the example because Tom Petty’s
family also just recently threatened

Trump with a lawsuit over using I won’t
back down there’s two cases now and is
that that’s why I mentioned specifically
Tom Petty Tom Petty estate has licensed
through ASCAP for performance and the

Rolling Stones through BMI so it’s two
different organizations but they’re both
trying to do the same thing or they both
would like to do the same thing which is
make as much money as possible with that
little hassle as possible but they’re

really in the middle they have no say if
you give the rights to the song or you
don’t give the right to the song there’s
no in-between okay so a venue of
remember this is always for the oh sure

let me jump in to where you’re on your
hmm this there’s logical reasons for
this and the one main one is you don’t
it that way you don’t have to clear
every damn thing that happens oh it’s
impossible it would it would never would

be it would not be possible nobody make
any money
and there’s reporting requirements you
have to you have to report which songs
were played and that information is then
and this is always controversial within

the music business ASCAP BMI or SESAC
they have some magical formula and so
they take in 2% of the biggest radio
stations of their revenue in the United
States and they say well and this goes

to this person that person and a lot of
people feels like no one really knows
how it works but successful people seem
to get more successful through their

system this is always throughout history
been based on the venue the venue is the
conduit it is the arena it is the bar
the club it is the radio station it has

not been the person that’s why as a band
you can go perform at a club and ask how
BMI is not standing there saying hey you

play you sang these songs man you gotta
pay us money
no the club takes care of that that’s
how it’s always been it’s always been
venue based to my knowledge there’s
never been an a single person or entity

who has received a performance right
license so I it would it would be
interesting but I would love to be able
to go to ask how BMI and say hi

could you please license me so I can
play whatever I want wherever I want it
and and I’ll pay you directly they’ll be
very interesting but it doesn’t exist
cuz it’s never been that way until now

there’s two changes which if slips in or
they’re trying to slip in for the first
time and coordinated ASCAP and BMI are
both creating campaign and a political

entity licenses so they horses they are
trying to change the burden of the
performance from the venue which would

be what’s the big arena that Trump was
in in Tulsa I can’t remember if some all
right so whenever there’s a concert
there you know a band shows up they play
there’s twenty thousand people or

whatever fits in the arena eight hundred
thousand a million who are going to come
they fit in that arena the venue pays
the band doesn’t but now ASCAP and
beyond BMI both have said no we think

that this is different and I’ll tell you
why in a moment
and so the venue might have to pay but
really you the political entity has to
pay even though you’re performing it

just like a band who could be political
you choose a political band they play
political songs lots lots of political
did Dixie Chicks I’m sorry the chicks if
they don’t have to pay for but now ASCAP

and BMI have come out with these
licenses and I’m going to read you the
pertinent language from the ASCAP
license this license is issued to an

individual’s candidate specific campaign
and extends only until the candidate is
sworn into office not for the candidates
for a full term in office I have no idea
where they could have had in there

having such licenses in place would
guarantee that no matter where you have
a campaign stop the performances of
music at the events would be in
compliance with copyright law so what

they’re I think what they’re trying to
say and this will go
to court is that if you have a campaign
stop like a stump speech that would be
and then all of a sudden you are the

venue you’re the performer and the venue
which has never been done before I don’t
think it’s even legal but that’s what
they’re trying to say even if they say
here under can political campaigns rely

on venue licenses because licenses for
venues such as convention centers and
hotels generally exclude rights to
perform music at events organized by a

third party political campaigns need
their own ASCAP license to use the works
in its repertory this is very tricky
language but it they’re they’re trying

to hoodwink you convention centers no
tells generally will not license music
because they don’t want to pay for it so
they say hey are you gonna play music at

your event no okay
then we’ll just call ASCAP and say
there’s no license for this period
that’s not because they don’t they pay
licenses differently when they’re in a
hotel they don’t it’s they just say we

don’t want any music so don we won’t pay
for a license that’s very typical
because it can get very expensive if you
have hundreds of thousands of people
attending an event and if it’s hard to
count etc now it’s set now this is great

because licenses for venues such as
convention centers and hotels generally
exclude rights to perform music at
events organized by third party

political campaigns need their own ASCAP
licenses to use the works in its
repertory this makes sense it says
because the third party organizer is the
main beneficiary of the performances not

the venue and is in the best position to
control the performances for this reason
event organizers in this case political
campaigns have traditionally assumed

responsibility for obtaining the
permission from rights holders I know
it’s kind of smoky legalese but that’s
the point it’s not true it is not true

who is the beneficiary of the Trump
rally in Tulsa I ask you John well I’m I
kind of fell for their language I think

Trump should have been so the Trump
campaign does not pay the venue any
money bullshit they may pay top dollar
for the venue it’s no different than
arrow Snider right the venue’s night

okay you got me you got me that’s what
they’re trying to you I’m I’m explained
mm-hmm the venue is not giving the space
away for free no of course not and they

never have and they never will
furthermore just was the same as a rock
it’s exist any different it’s not
different different all nuts a scam
moreover in seventeen us code 110

Section four limitation on exclusive
rights exemption of certain performances
and displays so we’re it true that the
venue did not get any money did not

benefit at all and only the Trump
campaign benefited because he’s trying
to become president I guess that’s a
benefit I’m not sure before you know it
every every Republican will be taxed

because they got a benefit for you know
of some something but specifically if
you have a performance in a venue of
non-dramatic literary or musical work

otherwise than in transmission to the
public without any purpose of direct or
indirect commercial advantage and
without payment of any fee or other
compensation for the performance to any

of its performers promoters or
organizers then No Fee would have to be
paid so their argument doesn’t stand up
they’re saying or the venue doesn’t

benefit okay
but then someone has to benefit if no
one benefits monetarily commercially
commercially then no performance fee has
to be paid so they’re doubly full of

shit here’s the here’s the rub and this
could have happened
BMI who have a very similar license and
these are all new I’ve never seen these
before these are coming out of nowhere
The Rolling Stones our legal team is

working with BMI BMI has notified the
Trump campaign on behalf of the stones
that the unauthorized use of their songs
will constitute a breach of its
licensing agreement if Donald Trump
disregards the exclusion in persist he

would face a lawsuit for breaking the
embargo and playing music that had not
been licensed what BMI says in this
article is that the Trump campaign has a
political entity license from BMI if

that’s true and it’s very possible that
some bonehead some douche knuckle
dickhead went all Russia buff

then I think they’re in trouble because
if you sign its it will supersede the
blanket license if you sign an exclusive

license agreement with BMI which states
that you have a blanket license however
however any of their members of the
performing rights organization ie

publishers songwriters composers can
refuse their track their works to be
performed and that would have to be with
a written you know a seven day advance

written whatever but then they could
pull that so if the Trump campaign sign
of deal with BMI as they state in this
in this interview then they’re screwed
with BMI if they didn’t I think they can

keep going or as long as they want but
right but I think these two new licenses
are do not hold up to the codes because
this is all written in the law it’s all

copyright law they’re just creating new
shit out of thin air and everybody’s on
board with it so there you go so in this
case if something may actually happen

but I’d have to see that the the
campaign actually had I don’t think they
have one with ASCAP cuz ask how didn’t
say that but ASCAP kind of you know
lifted their skirt thereby saying well
you’re the venue does it it’s really the

campaign that benefits so they should be
paying which would be the same as Taylor
Swift’s and well Taylor Swift is really
quite rich and she Oaks
is really benefiting from this concert
she should pay instead of the other

arena let you okay well I think it you
got it right that’s done yeah everyone’s
got it fortunate brings a couple of
questions nobody hate to belabor no no

no go ahead
questions are good is this is
complicated people that don’t seem to
understand that a band for example I
must you’re a singer or a band and you
play somebody else’s written material
and then when it goes on the radio the

publisher and the right or get money but
the band gets nothing in the United
States the band gets nothing people
don’t seem to understand that well and

it’s so when you listen to Spotify
well well here’s okay here’s well first
of all let me give you one other piece
of information the the the campaign the
political entity license would cost

about 60 cents per person and just let
you know what what’s what’s on the table
here so you know is that a big data set
normally there’s no normal that’s the

thing it’s all this is one of the big
problems people have that they’re 60
cents per person is too high that’s but
that’s what they calculate this to be
for the political entity it’s very high
expert person yes it’s really out there

listening has cost them 60 cents to
listen if you’re at the rallies just nip
it of a stone son well it would cost the
campaign 60 cents yeah was for the whole
events not not per song but the whole

event for the whole event and just for
being there anything that was played for
the whole event yes 60 cents per person
yep a quarter constitutes a whole event
just from beginning to end you know what

music what about the beginning of the
campaign to the end of the campaign in
November well I think so that no it’s
there you’re right that this is a good

cash all everyone ever says is Trump all
Trump campaign so he’s campaigning
that’s a very good point but I think
they still do that venue based how many
people were in each venue or each stop

at each time when the meter starts
running who the hell but the people who
go to venue after venue this a bunch of
grupe yeah they gotta pay again now this
is where it got complicated because

artists were getting screwed in this
deal yeah and this is historical that’s
why you you know you got the the famous
old blues singers hey I’ll give you a
Cadillac shut up and I got all your

rights and they got screwed out of out
of everything but they got a Cadillac so
that is just the way the music business
was set up when they set up streaming
this is where everyone tried to weasel
in and change it and this is where a

carve-out was made for artists so
artists who were to perform on the song
and this is why it’s a carve-out because
it’s not just for the singer no we’re
gonna go all the way down to the guy who

cleaned the keyboard so that gets split
up at whatever piece it is and it’s
different for each different venue and
that whole thing is a complete quagmire
I don’t think anyone is really happy
with with how that’s done and the

numbers are so low that no one seems to
make any money certain the artists don’t
seem to make any money even though
publishers still do okay but those are
direct deals with Spotify etc it’s an

it’s you don’t have to go through the
the existing performing rights
organizations anyway that’s a story for
another time the bottom line is never

before has it been possible to to lot to
license the person performing for the
performance right apparently that is now
taking place and if Trump signed it

they’re boneheads then I think they’ll
he’ll have to still have to pay it which
won’t be possible because the stones
would say and I think they own their own
publishing they say hey you know pay us

a million dollars or whatever so that
was little stones yeah they’re pretty
picky about who gets to use their stuff
I mean Bill Gates and it up in Microsoft

years ago with Windows 95 tried to
license the stones thing as part of
their advertising campaign start me up
for a while
I thought I thought he did that it
wasn’t too full and they wanted it for

our whole advertising campaign and they
couldn’t get it or maybe they did get it
for something I think they got it for
some venues and for savings
well that’s a performance right that’s

why they go that’s how they got but they
never got it for there you can purchase
display the advertising case that’s all
that’s a whole different venue that is
by the way the publisher the publisher

does have control over that but then you
have mechanical rights sink rides a
whole bunch of shit that run that you
wrote into it it’s a mess so whole thing
is a giant mess is a good way somebody
wants to sing a song for God’s sake it’s

exactly exactly
well welcome to Texas where we’re dying
get your mask on they’ll say if every

one of us hold on before you go to the
master you just play this little duel ad
that’s going around this is not a mask
so you get in the mood get in the mood
this is not a mask this is confidence

it’s for getting out and working
anywhere other than home this is not a
mess this is solidarity it’s for opening
the door to a friend and keeping the

doors open to your favorite places this
is not a mask this is a sign of love

please are you kidding me it’s love baby
mask is love mask is love

get enough of those all right here’s
what’s going on this is all political
it’s 100 percent bull crab ink we’re not
dying we’re okay here in Texas stop
either emailing me we are going to live

and thankfully one articles is gaining
some traction I tweeted it a couple it’s
from when is this from this is from June
25th so this is already three days old

this is from the CEO of which hospital
services I see and this is a thesis from
Reuters Texas hospital CEO Coe vyd

impatient count misinterpreted level of
alarm unwarranted and a lot is in this
article but the main point of the

article is that people who before the
lockdown could not have elective surgery
and this is not facelifts it’s you know

stuff like there’s artery surgery these
are these are called elective surgeries
and people are going back in and they

are getting tested and if they’re there
for a heart valve and of course they
need to be tested because in a hospital
the most dangerous place to be if it’s

positive then they’re listed as a kovat
case even though they are completely
asymptomatic completely asymptomatic and
so we have people in the let’s see the
chief executives of Houston Methodist

Memorial Hermann Health System st.
Luke’s health Texas children hospitals
they all said hey the number of
hospitalizations are being
misinterpreted and quite frankly we’re

concerned that there’s a level of alarm
in the community that is unwarranted
right now now why are hospital rooms and
emergency room stacking up because
people are going in now now they have

other illnesses and they look at the
lines for testing that’s drive-through
testing it is young people who are going
to get tested because
they’re afraid they’re all protesting or

they’re working in retail and they want
to be safe even the CDC the CDC itself
is saying this is not a big deal but you
haven’t heard this report except if you

were watching CNBC which as you know
you’re podcasters do hey Kelly well
let’s start with that CDC briefing the
remarks just coming just now from the
call that just ended the CDC director

really taking a different tone than
we’ve perhaps heard from dr. pouchy in
the hearing earlier this week saying
we’re in a very different position now
in the pandemic than we were in March

and April now he said he is not under
playing the significance of these new
cases but he did point out that many of
the new cases are in younger people who
he said quote in the past I don’t think

we diagnosed these infections he said
that from the CDC’s perspective only 110
to 120 counties in the US are considered
hotspots are having significant
transmission pointing out that’s just

about three percent of the counties in
the United States and we also noted that
the CDC has been doing ongoing
surveillance of antibodies using blood
samples to try to tell who’s been

exposed to the virus and he said the
estimate now that five to eight percent
of the American public has experienced
infection whether they recognized it or
not they may have been aged asymptomatic

he said that some states that were less
hard-hit could have prevalence of under
two percent whereas areas like the New
York area that was harder hit would have
fewer susceptibles so perhaps higher

number of those with antibodies he said
that the CDC currently estimates 10
people have antibodies for every one
case now he did reiterate he’s not
downplaying the risk and that we could

see a follow-on increase in
hospitalizations and deaths within three
to four weeks and part of the risk of
younger people getting infected and
those who don’t know that they’re sick
is that they could pass it on to more
susceptible people but Kelly this

happening as of course we’re seeing
these headlines from Texas about the
state pausing its reopening where it is
and in four counties that are extremely
hard hit
telling hospitals that they can’t do

elective surgeries to make sure that
they have capacity for kovat 19 patients
this is we’re seeing headlines for
Houston that they are exceeding their
ICU capacity so quite concerning but the

CDC director saying a very different
situation now from back in March and
that’s the point it’s a very different
situation now but we’re doing the worst
thing possible we’re choking people with

muzzles and sending them back indoors is
well a couple of things here first of
all see CNBC tests do this report
because they are the rest of NBC I’m

gonna play NBC stuff I got NBC reports
just the opposite of this it’s the same
org is it organization for fiscal
reasons or sec because they’re trying to

tell people about how to invest in the
stock market and they have to give them
closer to the truth the truth you can’t
start bullshitting them and it’s also a

violation of sec and all the rest of it
yeah you can’t you know if you’re gonna
be doing stuff about the stock market is
very richly controlled and you can’t be
bullshitting the people without getting

into trouble yeah NBC of course which is
not talking to those same people they
can say whatever they want let me play a
couple these clips here’s a good Horror
Show clip this is the one in Arizona

this is the cove SS Kovac AZ rap night
Arizona hitting a record number of new

cases the state is one of the worst
coronavirus hotspots in the country
Jasmine’s mother Lorena is one of over
20,000 new cases this week despite the

staggering numbers the governor
resisting adding new restrictions but
urging people to stay home but we talked
about the idea that we want to save
lives and save livelihoods all this will

demand for testing that was Adler wasn’t
it wasn’t our stupid mayor Adler no that
was no that was she all sound the same
death day we talked about the idea that
we want to save lives and save

livelihoods all this will demand
protesting surgeons long lines of cars
it’s people wait for hours the governor
acknowledging the shortcomings we want

to make it as easy and convenient as as
possible it’s not gonna resolve itself
overnight in Darrell Brandt unable to
secure a time slot at any of his nearby

testing locations sometimes people have
to wait multiple days to even find a
testing slot and that of course it’s not

ideal because we need to start contact
tracing immediately hospitals are now on
the brink ICU beds fill to 87 percent
capacity dr. Natasha boo-yan giving this
dire warning I’m really worried about

where this is going in Arizona I think
people are starting to take it seriously
but we are seeing this surge in cases
we’re not seeing it slow down Orange man
bad just provide a report bring up which

is one they show waiting lines that are
have to be five miles long for testing
for testing because everyone’s been

jacked up is the same here that’s
sneaking around parking lots and
everything yeah why are you getting
tested if you have no symptoms I’m gonna
ask you this is just a rhetorical
question what I’m gonna tell you go
ahead ask the question I’ll tell you

okay a couple you you have zero symptoms
you don’t know you’ve even been exposed
you have nothing going on and you and
you feel the urge because of that

you feel the urge to wait in line
literally for hours and hours to get
tested John tell me give me the
explanation for that kind of stupid

behavior well starts with an M ends with
an L Millenial there are there are young
people I have to call them just for ease

Millennials because Gen Xers hate the
Millennials and the genders hate
everyone hates the Millennials right now
are quitting their jobs because they
don’t feel safe okay

just let that sink in not even take it
not even waiting for a furlough er and D
quitting their jobs and this is
happening in retail because they don’t
feel safe oh my god so-and-so was at the

protest and they have they have it now
they they’re sick so I’m gonna go get
tested was that person tested I don’t
know but I’m gonna get tested and yeah

and they’ll sit in line for five hours
with avocado toast and their and their
yeti coolers and whatever it takes to
get tested yes that is what’s going on
this is nothing else to do half of them

are still unemployed yeah the right the
spin studio closed down again because of
this and I was there on Wednesday and
was filled this to urge the surge and

remember we they’re only allowed to have
11 people in these classes 11 riders and
one instructor only five showed up of
which one was me come on people you
distanced by 12 feet in the studio and

so a second point is when they and
people should listen to this when you
listen to these reports when they in

other words don’t listen to percentage
talk it doesn’t mean anything if there
was one case and then there was five
cases oh it’s gone up 500% so they say
in that report and I got to two more of

these to play which are all from NBC the
same people who I think it’s

it’s the mic all right so the point is
to get back to my point which was fight

you know you don’t go by percentages so
when they say to you in this last report
and I still think is absolute gem that
you had to see and be supported works
works beautifully I love others I see

yous are 87% full well you want high
percentage rate fold to make money don’t
well that but how many are there yeah
that’s our they are there ten million I

see a I see you units that are 87% full
or they’re ten of them yeah it kind of
gives you the impression like shit this
only let me see like 13 left 13 percent

left with anything but in your head
you’re going that could be 13 beds who
knows we don’t the point is they don’t

if you tell somebody you have 87 percent
full yeah full from what base is it a
base of there’s 10 total a hundred total
a thousand total it doesn’t mean
anything does not so this is a kind of

crap that NBC does it let’s listen to
another before this is NBC this is the
surge kids getting scared Arizona and
Texas where Kovac cases are on the rise

primarily among young people in
miami-dade County the number of known
coronavirus cases among 18 to 34 year
olds increased fivefold in just one
month communities are now tracing these

out one to five restaurants 21 year-old
Adrianna Carter in San Marcos Texas went
out for a few drinks with friends that
report didn’t go well let me let me let

me explain how this is going to work
this is this is how they should have
done the report durant’s 21 year old
Adrianna Carter in San Marcos Texas went
out for a few drinks with friends

now she’s dead what harm could that do
you know um just one night and came home

with Kovac passing it on to her roommate
the rise in cases is coinciding with the
rise in spending data from Chase Bank
shows that Millennials spent more money

last month than any other age group
health experts say places like bars are
a perfect storm for transmission people
in close proximity poor air circulation
people not wearing masks or having to

take their masks off to drink or eat
this video shows what happens when two
people are talking as one person speaks
particles enter the air and if they
carry the virus it could spread uptick

in Kovach cases since bars reopened
without crowd restrictions I definitely
wasn’t taking as serious as Jacob hansel

a student at the University of Iowa says
he was exposed when he shared a jewel
with others at a friend’s house if we
just wore masks spaced out a little bit

farther and not shared a jewel your flow
but I just had a brainstorm I just had

an idea how we can fix everything in one
go so the Millennials you’re a
millennial if you’re using a jewel for
those you don’t know that’s a the VAP

the jewel VAP and they’re sharing the
jewels which is such a thing with the
Millennials we can turn this whole thing
around the Millennials what we want is
herd immunity we want people with

antibodies we want young healthy people
who can withstand the coronavirus Cova
disease and a fan by the way I should
mention that it would throughout this
report none of the people were sick they

just had tested positive and they’re all
freaked out and and the report along
with the other one report and other
reports like Goodell will play from NBC
to are targeting the Millennials too we

have to note that to me
is targeting the Millennials they
specifically mentioned them in this
report is a very good point but they’re
doing exactly the wrong thing think
about this we want her to immunity we

want that with the ten to one antibodies
which we heard in the previous report
from CNBC it’s important that we have a
lot of people who cannot spread it

now would be the perfect time and we
could turn the Millennials from the
despised group of shits to heroes I
would personally decorate them with
metals be an American go out there go to

bars we’re opening up share your jewel
swap some spit do all your stuff get
that get the virus and we’ll reward you
know what we’re gonna give you money we

will reward you for doing this another
trillion dollars of modern monetary
theory money for the Millennials to
create herd immunity amongst the entire
country that would be the heroes they

would the whole thing would they would
go down in the history books as having
saved the world even was bullshit but it
would have it would be fantastic
everybody wins are you nuts
except the globalists now of course

it’ll never happen I’m just saying good
point how does it help get rid of Trump
of the country stupid I’m an idiot there
you go all right let’s let’s play some

more of this idiocy I’m liking it what
you got okay
I had one more yeah definitely what
kovat Florida newest this thing the
Floridians are a little different
because even the Millennials down there

are kind of arrogant about their health
it just kind of actually falls right
into play with you what you just said
which would be good and they said they
don’t have a good they don’t have

because Florida is not like California
or Texas where you have a bunch of
people that are hand to ringers you know
and worried about everything so display
this is a night breaking for Florida

nearly 10,000 cases in a single day on
the heels of 9,000 the day before
the surging numbers in positivity rates
prompting the mayor of miami-dade to

close the beaches from July 3rd to 7th
if you didn’t close down the beaches for
the July 4th holiday
what would the potential outcomes be
well look what we’ve seen we’ll be seen
in other holidays like Memorial Day two

weeks later we see a spike and so this
is something to stop that not everyone
on board with that decision
thanks for me like now pretty athletic
eat healthy work out you know I’m not

worried about it
honestly I just think it’s all politics
and as the number of cases spikes
testing in some areas blocks long in the
last two weeks more than 10% of all

tests in Florida coming back positives
with young people in particular driving
those higher rates Governor Ron de
santis ordered bars across the state
shut down bar owners breaking the news

to patrons yeah what this will result in
is more bankruptcies the bar but one of
our restaurants here mongers now they

were planning to move just before the
they stayed open for curbside now
they’ve carefully opened up we’re
supposed to move to their new location
this weekend and they got locked down

again I’m think they may not make it
it’s it’s it’s stupid and I didn’t have
one tensional John seemed so intense

yeah it does that’s exactly what end
Andrew horowitz’s sister thinks just
play this little drama this is like this
is not an ISO clip but it’s a dramatized

blurb from NBC a virus invading all
areas of society forcing new and
immediate action with human life hanging
in the balance human life all human life

hangs in the balance
compare that clip of the CNBC clip it’s
the same organization this is fantastic

now do you remember that Australia and
New Zealand they were the smartest mofos
on the planet like they’re not gonna get
it they locked everything down they knew

what they would do
and surely you’ve heard this how come
her come to you
and what Weaver’s I know I should crush
it mark that time cooked that what we

have learned from many different
conversations one of them with the dog
Maurice the dog is that this is much
more dependent upon the climate and

where you are in which hemisphere etc
because it’s just rolling like influenza
and when I saw the following headline
Australia caps toilet roll sales after

panic buying I knew that the it’s game
on it’s game on Down Under and yeah
they’re spiking there people dying it’s
happening but even worse it was sold

with plenty of promise that is
Australia’s ticket ticket to freedom so
we can get back to the things we love
but so far the 1.5 million dollar app
has hardly helped there haven’t been new

contacts identified through the use of
the cove adapt Victorian New South Wales
South Australia and Tasmania yet to pick
up a single close contact from the app
who hasn’t already been identified by

contact tracers and in Queensland and
Western Australia not one confirmed case
had downloaded the app recovered 19 app
is not working as we hoped it would

because too few people have downloaded
it other states say tracing has been
easier because cases have been in hotel
quarantine bars in Victoria the virus is
spreading in the community and of the

568 cases confirmed cases was launched
just over 30 had downloaded it it will
help protect you it will help protect
your family the UK government’s not

convinced that apps are the right tools
and no country that currently has a
functioning trap-and-trace I can’t speak
to those comments Australia’s app

doesn’t notify users only state
governments when someone has been in
contact with a patient and nine news has
been told in some cases the app didn’t
gather any data at all

the federal government is adamant the
now we really know it’s broken insisting
the country’s law case numbers is
limiting how effective the app could be
and says it will be more useful as more
restrictions are lifted and more people

stand around each other so guess what
we’re moving into Australia’s you know
moving past the I guess it’s fall now
and we’re moving into the into the

warmer weather in Australia colder
weather I’m sorry and so now they’re
gonna get the New Zealand test case it’s
not a lot then there’s no no number on
sheep but the yeah people have died in

New Zealand that was never gonna happen
couldn’t go no they were so smart they
locked everything they did it alright
alright then I’ll sit down on it will do
ya know because it’s like the cold man
this is such bullcrap to tear me up from

what’s happening it really really pisses
me off
it really does and you know my you know
that our dinner on Friday or the the
cocktail all right is that we need we

need to stop here it’s this Friday this
Friday but you know it’s gonna get
canceled I already have world’s best dad
mug with my string I’m ready to do it

I’m tight cuz I don’t care I’ll say
exactly see this is exactly what
wouldn’t my tribe told me to do I forget
about the string strings I have to bring

my own glass so I don’t want to lose
track of my cup so I need to drag the
world’s best dad cup that’s for sure the

world’s best dad cup because the world’s
but as world’s best dad you have to keep
that cup around ss word starts but I
don’t know I’m very very surprised that

that our governor fell for this hard
this hard yes your governor I almost had
the clip I didn’t get it mmm cuz I
didn’t I don’t know why I didn’t take

that clip cuz it was kind of dull I
don’t have a good clip is the reason but
he said yo you know we’re so sorry here
in Texas yeah we probably did things too
soon or too you know

he gets suckered these other people
they’re listening to the New York Times
and that was the The Washington Post in
CNN and that’s you get to your news from

those guys you you might as well just
shoot yourself a CNN which I now call
news media let’s see in noose everywhere
news media they got a lot of news to

tell a quick a quick little super cut
just so we can all remember that this
really is some bullcrap
we have 33 confirmed positive tests
today we have 33 cases as of today we

have 33 confirmed cases we have 33
Pennsylvania’s who have tested positive
there were 33 confirmed cases in North
Carolina there are now 33 confirmed

cases of the corona virus in Michigan
more cases of the corona virus were
confirmed today in San Luis Obispo
County bringing the total number now to
33 right now Georgia is reporting a

total of 99 cases in 19 counties that is
33 new cases from just yesterday there
are now 33 cases in Louisiana the number
of cases of koba 19 jumps a total of 33

people in our state have been tested and
are confirmed to have the corona virus
bringing the total number to 33 these
latest steps is the number of confirmed

kovat 19 cases in Rhode Island jumps by
33 overnight
now I played that clip for a reason

we didn’t get to it on the last show if
you go to any search engine but Google
will work just fine and type in any

random three-digit number plus the words
new cases you will see thousands if not
tens of thousands of results regardless
of what number did you see this going

around it was pretty viral John no oh so
if you just open up a browser page just
any it doesn’t matter you can use Bing I
know your preferential to it and just

any random three-digit number I’ll do
561 and then you type new cases and you
hit return and you’ll just see one after
the other of that exact new stories new

stories of 561 new cases so you can try
any number you want have you tried it no
I was just listening to you I thought
you were gonna try it yeah just because

it’s amazing when you see it and I want
you to see the results all right and six
six six oh yeah classic go ahead man
it’s there they’re all in cases right
now yes new case it’s all there so you

see it right um you already see the
results now here’s it took me a little
bit to figure out what was going on and
people are blaming Google and saying
it’s fake news well that’s not exactly

what it is what we’re seeing here is how
propaganda works in the modern age and
I’m going to explain it if you look at
these results almost every single one of

them is a mainstream and m5m outfit that
is essentially taking a press release
from a government office and repurposing
it I believe this to be in many cases

completely automated
this is not like groundbreaking shit
that’s been going on newsrooms are empty
there’s no there’s no human being doing
this there’s just a template it rolls in

and it’s as well according to Dallas
County a new Daily Record was set with
561 new cases it is my belief
but the way this works and it’s flooded
our entire news ecosystem is the

government our agencies do continuous
updates and there it’s just pumping out
its that is really it’s almost automatic
at this point one case two case three

case four case five case four 666 cases
667 and all the news outlets pick the
feet up and republish it on their
website and that’s how propaganda works

and that is unfortunately our news it
comes from central sources in this case
it’s coming from maybe the CDC could be
the county whose the county special

agencies government agencies and many of
them get their information from think
tanks etc and this is how it works so
you can type in any number you want and
it will pop up it’s kind of messed up

what’s happening here now when do you
get blanketed with this stuff well the
yes I agree that this it’s a serious

problem but this is a little different
to me then targeted blanketing which is
what they’re doing with the Millennials
right now totally not I’m just bringing
this up as as something that needs to be

looked as background it’s background
noise that makes things worse but your
your point about them targeting the
Millennials it’s working it’s really
working and it’s sad I love his story it

could be heroes they could your ideas
absolutely top-drawer but it would take

it a concerted effort by the propaganda
machines all of them all the m5m s would
have to be in on it someone would have
to come up with oh i have a bright idea
because it wouldn’t be you maybe

somebody thought you brought somebody oh
god it has to be somebody and then they
would make it become a thing and the
Millennials would all get on board cuz

they’re kind of bandwagon so we can
think of a way to do that but at the
same time make Trump look bad then we
have a winner
doing both those things

to go make the Millennials heroes by by
creating herd immunity for everybody
saving the world
okay okay I know that one way it would
work but it is pretty hard to implement

Trump himself would have to suggest the
opposite nailed it
now can we get Trump to do that unlikely

likely unlikely okay I did have some
more I thought I had some more

ovince I have a series of three clips if
you want to do them now boom do break
Corona Corona :
no no not code these are apologies
apologize Oh a noodle gun stuff yeah
might as well get it ready gentlemen

we’ve got the noodle gun out and there
is a lot happening you wrote about it in
the newsletter and I I am very happy
about some things that are happening

with a new you have some I hope because
you might have a lot of news I have
three noodle gun things but it’s mostly
not it’s much new a gun as it is
apologies people know what’s going on

and apologizing for so that’s also
noodle gun Oh totally because you take
yourself out of the picture and the one
that’s the most important I think in
terms of culture is the is the
appearance of jenna Marbles yeah explain

Janet now because I saw this and I’ve
heard I think you talked about jenna
Marbles she tell me about jenna Marbles
I don’t know the back jenna Marbles this
summer with like a subscriber base on

you to us on like 20 million people
she’s one of the most famous YouTube
personalities and she always she’s a
character and she plays this um woman
who plays her and she’s an actress but
she doesn’t get any work so she makes

Millie literally literally limit rooms
of dollars Oh doing doing this okay
hands so
she now came out without her makeup or
anything anything looked like her and

came out to apologize now I’m thinking I
had two thoughts on this first one was
is this just the same girl playing a
different character what is she
apologizing for she’s apologizing for
some for being mean she’s like a actor

her character is a mean girl by the way
iliza shlesinger yes has got to come out

and apologize because she is the same
character that this jenna Marbles has
been right which is slamming
relationships talking smack about your

dumb girlfriends and and bad boys and
all the rest of it now that she’s
married married to the chef to the cook
he’s like some chef isn’t he some

celebrity chef yeah he’s a big shot yeah
there’s a couple of these where these
are the smart actresses smartly shifts
because they know for one thing they
have a dinner party and we have a dinner

party if you’re on the upswing of the
downswing this makes burritos apparently
according to the troll room but okay so
she comes on apologizing for a number of

things and she says she doesn’t want to
hurt people’s feelings and she’s not I
know a lot of my date and I thinking
this could be bullcrap but then again it
might not be I don’t know and the
apology is not enough of a non-apology

to convince me but did you play this out
where people will watch something and be
offended now I don’t want it to exist so
I primed it a lot of my old content

because I just don’t want anyone to feel
upset about anything I don’t want to
contribute to that I don’t want I don’t
care I don’t care I just don’t care I

don’t want someone to watch something
and feel hurt or offended now for any
reason at all the first two things that
I would like to address is the fact that
there are people that were

then I did blackface as Nicki Minaj in
2011 and I’ll show you this is private
has been private for quite some time but

it looks like this and I do just want to
tell you that it was not my intention to

do blackface this is the end of the
Wow does she blackface the blackface she
put but she but showed the blackface
video she held up a computer you

couldn’t see it where I took my wig off
I don’t know how else to say this but it
doesn’t matter because all that matters

is that people weren’t offended and it
hurt them and for that I am so
unbelievably sorry that this isn’t okay
and it hasn’t existed on the internet

for a long time because it’s not okay
noodle gunned well she’s gonna quit
altogether I guess she’s important did

she quit altogether is that what she I
don’t know it it’s nothing well when you
went to the bank here’s the but here’s a
funny one though this is from page six
is podcast I want to pay some I want to
do some just read some and then do a

clip oh you got stuff to read yeah
there’s I got a whole list here of stuff
to read go watch you go over the reading
stuff sure my next one has got a zinger
in it okay cuz I want I want to

intersperse it okay we have the Dixie
Chicks of course officially changing
their name to the chicks Oh what wait a

minute I understood they’re gonna change
their name to the dicks Dixie Chicks
that’s not true no that’s not true but I
appreciate the sentiment Mount Rushmore

needs to be removed this is and now the
Oglala Sioux leader is calling for its
removal certainly as the president is
going to be there I think next week

employees at condado tacos walk off the
job after refusing to fill orders for
Ohio police there you go
condado tacos retiring the star-spangled
banner is all over the news obviously

and then we have Mike Henry it’s been an
honor to play Cleveland on Family Guy
for 20 years I love this character but
persons of color should play characters

of color therefore I’ll be stepping down
from the role a guy who does a voice for
a cartoon good one white actors in fact
no law will no longer be characters of

color aren’t they all of color on The
Simpsons there’s no actual white people
in the Simpsons they’re yellow they’re
all yell news reporting white actors
will no longer voice characters of color

on The Simpsons so I guess there goes a
poo he just got fired
nice knowing you bro I thought it was
very fun to see Princeton removing

Woodrow Wilson’s name from the ballot he
skipped that one okay we’ll skip that
one from now did I have yes this this
just started this morning the Houston

Association of Realtors is now making
changes to its room descriptions on its
online database replacing the term
master with primary master bedroom and
master bath will now say primary bedroom
and primary bath particularly in the

South we we’ve had master slave cultures
so in a plantation you would have a
master of that domain who would then
exercise control and dominance over
enslaved or an injured servants and so

to say that the master lives in a
certain place then sort of creates a
tone that minorities are excluded
test for racial equality yeah this is

complete horseshit
the term master-bedroom didn’t start
until well until the 1900s when there
were actually were big master bedrooms
there’s a whole etymology of the whole

thing is that’s a book I want to point
something out that was in that clip
mm-hmm the use of the word enslaved oh
yes they’re starting to you starting to

see this crop up and do I remember when
I first got worked by it was Thomas
Jefferson had enslaved three or four our
we had many how many people had you

determine technically speaking at the
time was Shadle which was not a pleasant
to him either but the idea of enslaving
isn’t it doesn’t make any sense
you these were commodities the slaves

were commodities and they were bought
and sold and bought so you you weren’t
enslaving them you were simply
purchasing an enslaved product it to be
ought to be yeah to be blunt about it

yes okay you weren’t in so the idea that
you were actively this the idea is to
use the language to make it seem is that

you were you were taking part in a
market not buying and selling who cares
you were you personally Jefferson
Washington all of founding fathers

except you know most of them but the
ones that did have slaves they were they
were enslaving them as if there was a
choice the person was technically a

slave durs indentured services a lot of
white and they were traded like like
they think businesses do today I would
recommend people going out and reading
that web page I cited in the last

newsletter the Unilever or Lou Unilever
well let’s go back I want to get to that
in a moment I want to get to the
Unilever stuff but go ahead I just say
read that page and you can see how these

giant corporations buy and sell and buy
and sell and Ben you’ve seen it at your
local areas where there were the hotels
a Hilton one-year as a holiday
in the next Dennis if something else and

something else and this was what the
slavery system was very similar that you
were buying and selling Unitas you know
the some slaves for some moment you
could get rid of them sell them back in

them to the market it was terrible but
you were not technically enslaving you
weren’t actively oh there’s somebody let
me grab them and now I’m going to
enslave you as there was some sort of

bondage scene as some hokey porn movie
this is not what was going on it but the
use of the word enslaved is a key word
you’re listening to propagandists when

they say that that’s an excellent
excellent point that you’re making there
that is so true it may I point out one
other term we need to be on the lookout
for problematic everybody is using this

now and I use it too much – we need to
rock against it it’s either a problem or
it’s not a problem when someone says

well the No Agenda show is problematic
you say why well so please say the No
Agenda show is a problem because they
are this or that or say this or that but

just saying problematic is actually a
problem people’s problematic so but this
this this change of or this
interpretation of words out of any

context you know that will not end if we
let this go then of course the multi
listening services have all changed at
yeah master bedroom was now primary

bedroom okay fine not and not everything
is it has to be seen as slavery not
every single thing or racism etc no it
doesn’t ill I’ll tell you what does I I

know exactly when this will get resolved
after the election rushmore after the
election now here’s something that’s

working and then i’m i’m a little torn
about a but not really facebook is in
ruble and and this is not just a minor
thing that can just be set aside

people are very dismissive of this story
but I come from this world and what is
happening is problematic Verizon is the
biggest name yet

pause advertising on Facebook for the
way the social network handles hate
speech Thursday the US carrier joined
dozens of companies boycotting
Facebook’s lacks approach when it comes
to harassment misinformation and

incitement to violence ice cream brand
Ben & Jerry’s and the outdoor gear
companies Patagonia and North Face were
among those who also backed the stop
heap for-profit campaign Verizon’s

announcement had joined the boycott was
a bigger blow to Facebook’s efforts to
contain the growing revolt u.s. civil
rights groups are urging brands to join
the boycott the anti-defamation league
said in a letter to advertisers

it found a Verizon ad on Facebook next
to a video laced with anti-semitic
rhetoric from the conspiracy group
queuing on Facebook said it’s working
with civil rights organizations

Carolyn Everson the company’s vice
president of global business said quote
we respect any brands decision and
remain focused on the important work of
removing hate speech and providing
critical voting information this week

advertiser said outreach to them has
intensified as Facebook work to contain
damage without pledging specific changes
earlier this week Procter & Gamble
another top Facebook spender said it

would carry out a review of where its
ads were showing up and stop buying ads
where it found hateful content so that
is an overview what is taking place here
is it may not be reversible for Facebook

because well eventually it will but it
will not be reversible until after the
election because this has an anti-trump
element to it and it starts as you can’t

allow Trump to put lies in his ads on
Facebook and we know that Twitter said
political ads okay so now I’m gonna make

any money this time around idiots
Facebook said no we’re not going to do
that’s when the woke woke up and they
said oh really well yes you are because

we’re going to go we’re going to shame
brands that are fun that are funding
through their advertising dollars hate
cuz orange man hate and you are letting
hate propagate and we’re going after the

brands and the problem Facebook has
specifically on Instagram time and again
they have said we’ve got the staffing
we’ve got the algorithms we’ve got the

technology with scanning we remove
millions of hate shit per per mega week
per user hour we got this covered yo no
they don’t and this is again the reason

why we have canceled culture D
monetization is not necessarily the
political thinking of the organization
it is the advertisers who want no
controversy now some people are saying

well this is really convenient they need
to cut back on spending anyways they’re
just covering it up like this that
person is real they have talked to me

many times no let’s go to advertising ad
week actually this isn’t one of the
Bible’s of the advertising industry I’m
gonna read this so in general just some

numbers so we understand the global
pandemic is expected to shave 11 billion
dollars in US aid revenue from linear
and digital properties this year from
224 billion to unexpected 213 billion o

year over a year the media is he
meanwhile advertising on social media is
expected to grow by 7% this year
according to the forecast but to win

over media buyers publishers must assure
advertisers that brand messaging likely
crafted with special attention to appear
genuine at times will be in a brand safe
environment now we have some quotes here

from some industry people if you want
your brand to be loved by people you
have to stand for something more than
making money or making a product yes we
know this Facebook brought in seventy

billion dollars in ad revenue yet last
year when in doubt most clients are
going to
spend their money in safer less
controversial places because there are
so many choices today advertisers

typically look to attract and use the
brand equity of tested properties that
audiences have already chosen do you
think that audience levels will erode
then your value is diminished brand

shaming is what is taking place and
these insiders are saying the
conversation has to be loud enough has
to be meaningful enough to the
advertisers and Facebook is trying with

a counter-offensive yes we’re gonna
label Trump’s post we’ll do all that but
the list of companies that have already
said they are pausing stopping for hit

level just go down and hear coca-cola no
social media advertising for 30 days
Honda stops all spending as of July what
else do they have we have a Unilever you

had in the newsletter I believe but the
list but the list here that has been
targeted by sleeping giants who will not
you see they will not relent until

facebook says we’re not putting we’re
kicking Trump off basically only then
will they relent they will keep going
after any advertiser and they’ll do
screenshots oh look man your age has

showed up next to hate they don’t even
care if what it shows up next to they
don’t want to be in a press release they
don’t want to be in a viral campaign run
by anybody listen to this list I’m just
trying to pick out the big names

actually the Atlas pet company is pretty
big Blue Shield of California
let’s see coca-cola we have Kraft we
have Unilever we have Dockers Eddie

Bauer these are all pretty big ad this
is real money we heard we heard about
Verizon I got Honda in there they have a
Google Doc which is updated continuously

yeah yeah they’re all the big dummies
are doing it because it I agree there’s
phrase they’re afraid of their own

shadow and heaven forbid but it’s gonna
give an opera
I know what you’re thinking about
Facebook but Facebook’s mechanism is
that one of the most powerful ever
presented to advertisers and it’s been

the whole it’s kind of this borderline
on the holy grail of advertising where
your ads go out to specifically the same
exact people that you wanted to see the

ad based on their interests or whatever
and these guys are hurting themselves as
far as I’m concerned these advertisers
who knuckle under to this this character

at sleeping giants with a clenched fist
the Socialists clenched fist isn’t this
behind the whole thing
your capitalistic kind of companies get
a clue figure out how to deal with this

apparently they can’t and of course
their millennial employees who are
willing willing to quit walk off the job
oh yeah they’re willing to walk off the
job because they don’t really know how
to what money is and they what is this

they are there to encourage these
companies to knuckle under then
fortunately there are good Millennials
and bad millenials sensible Millennials

Millennials who have some common sense
and of course some goods have to
actually had good schooling maybe which
is rare so disability or no schooling
seems they seem to do better it’s a
minority but they’re there and they are

the smart ones you have to figure out
who they are and hire them but these
other ones are pretty dangerous and once
they’re in your company when they have
to because it’s a whole age group that
needs to be hired well hold on and they
want to walk off at the drop of a hat

they’ll tell you no no no we’re gonna
walk off if you don’t stop advertising
into Facebook because sleeping giants is
that they’re they’re they’re pro Trump
or something oh I’m going to say to you
right now

that the yes they are afraid of their
own shadow CEOs of these advertisers of
these brands are very afraid of their
position they’ve seen what’s happened
they’re not going to take the risk at
all I don’t think that they may be

hurting themselves in fact they probably
are but so is Joe Biden who is on board
move fast fix it tell Facebook promote
real news not fake news quickly remove
viral misinformation and the

pre-election lie period enforced voter
suppression rules against everyone even
the president
and move fast fix it Joe Biden he’s on
board with this so this is now this is

part of the political process Facebook I
hope and that’s why I’m saying this
I hope dies I hope they are shrapnel to
death yeah this would be great this

would be such an improvement for life it
is a danger to everyone’s health I’m
thinking it could happen it could only
happen unfortunately if you look at the

history of Facebook in terms of the
cultural impact its stems from
LiveJournal and other forms that were
first being as forums and they became

commercializes LiveJournal and then they
went to MySpace and then they went to
Facebook and unless there’s another step
on the ladder which I don’t see that’s

not gonna happen people need this sort
of out they need this sort of thing they
need a system it there’s also replaces
just a Facebook had the it apparently

had the ability to also kind of suck
away the whole AOL experience and moving
into into its domain so AOL died because
the Facebook sucked it sucked it out

it’s like it’s just like the salt
sucking monster in the old Star Trek
show well so you’re saying that no
alternative is out there for people to
move to the next phase even though

there’s alternatives but no no heir
apparent yes that’s what I’m saying okay
if I see one yeah
oh man so if you’re actually you will
see before I do because you’re an

optimist more than I and you because you
think mastodons gonna kill twitter you
know no I said Federation Federation
Federation federated well Federation of
the social networks could would do it

too but then again that doesn’t open to
the to the what’s what’s missing from
that is that Facebook really is it’s
they get seventy billion dollars in
revenue they have a mechanism that the

newspapers don’t have they’re jealous
don’t be glad to see Facebook go away
the newspaper
yeah screw Facebook they’re not writing
anything positive about any of this all
Facebook horrible yes exactly we love it

it’s funny and the same with the TV
stations all at Facebook I don’t know
Facebook has sucked 70 billion dollars
away from these other greedy pricks with

that I’d like to thank you for your
courage and say in the morning to you
the man who put the sea and cultural
impact John C Jack well into Ukraine

yoshipro Feeny ourselves no water in the
morning to our trolls who have already

spanked during the show today at the
troll room let me do a quick troll
control control count Wow
18:54 not bad not bad for a semi
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agenda stream calm once you’re in there
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network of our own no ads no bullcrap
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they’ve blocked us but who cares it’s
what happens democracy democracy I love

yes it’s yes we’re we don’t have
advertisers that that can be pushed
around and that wouldn’t in turn have to
tell us what to report on what to

discuss what to analyze and and people
who realize that this is in very
important because there’s not that many
sources left that it can be actually
honest and the stuff that we had in the

first half of this particular show you
wouldn’t hear any of it especially
contrasting CNBC’s reporting of colder
weather and we didn’t plan that that’s
just how it goes sometimes not just a

coincidence everything’s a coincidence
then I want to say yes Easterling is not
a coincidence hold on you’re forgetting
the art I love how you art yeah we had
some really good artists last your segue

good but it just you popped the cherry
sorry I loved it I loved it but
unfortunately it’s no good let’s do one

more precise do one more for safety yes
I’d like to thank the artist for the
artwork on episode 12 54 of course that

was titled vaseline vaseline now also
memorialized for all eternity in a
fabulous animated no agenda episode
thank you very much name Jennifer

laughed my ass off the cover art was
done by Darren O’Neill I believe that’s
two in a row for Darren this time around
and I mean how first of all the art is
great his artists just oh there’s

something about it it pops I hate to say
it but it pops it was the stare I’ve
moralist the Darren under on his podcast
and then look at his art and everything

I’m convinced that that what Darren
should do is he should give him cut his
hair bald give himself a very thin
goatee and become an interior decorator
with a lisp that because he’s got taste

yeah he has tastiest style and he could
be very high-end yes very very high-end
so he picked up on the stereo goat cream

that was my brain fart and it just
turned into a thing and we liked it it
was funny and it looks like a package
for something you can buy and to be fair
about it we had already and typically

you know sometimes the the title
apparent and the artwork clash and as
you know we try never to have we have
three elements that are post produced of

the show one is the artwork one is the
title and one is the opening clip that
we play and we’ve tried to have them all
be different not relate to the same
thing so even though there was
interesting vac saline art we really

want the title to be vaccine I think
yes we did we already so devack Celine
arts pretty much got negated immediately
and because it was a couple good pieces

so like sorry it sucks
there’s a nice club 33 piece of art
though that I like there were some
outstanding piece by comic strip

bloggers that I’ll probably use
somewhere hmm
anyway that was the art yep yes so that
is that no agenda our generator dark um
that’s where you can always find the

latest pieces of art all the things we
just talked about they get used in
newsletters no agenda shop comm those
guys and they put it on mugs t-shirts
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the proceeds with everybody it’s a

fabulous part of our value for value
network love it mean it and we like to
thank the people who support us
financially the ones who come in as
executive producers associate executive

producers are titled as such and
mentioned in this segment right at the
top of the show kind of yes and I do
want to there goes the segue I was

looking at the art sorry but anyway Ross
mr. Lee is our first stop of the guy top
of the order guy was 600 $66.66 and he
comes in from New Braunfels listening

since Adams appearance on JRE I’m
sending six 66.6 sixes signal dismay an
outrage of HR six six six six Cove in
nineteen testing reaching testing

reaching and contacting everyone trace
oh yeah I request the ISO enough is
and please de Deus me I can deduce right
away but do we have this I so enough is

enough is that something I should know
you’ve been deduced yes why yes it is
yes nothing’s enough there you go I

think people know no better than we do
Chris Blanco in Mayfield Heights Ohio
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will put me over the top for knighthood
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I would like grass-fed liver cup by the
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roundtable John’s not having any give
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June 28th we have been married for six
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no agenda just like that

does she like guns this is like guns
though then then you know you’re
shooting you know how we are trying to
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the Rhino Emperor governor Mike DeWine
we are waiting on him to issue the order
that makes masks mandatory all over we
got that in California we have a

Governator that does that we haven’t he
tried once and then retracted the next
day but I think he’s going to try again
it’s so stupid here that’s in Cedar
Point a large amusement park near it’s

just made mass mandatory everywhere in
the park even on coasters and rides we
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for that reason I cannot think of
anything less appealing than spent

spending a 90 degree day outside with a
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people stop with the masks anyway said
it right this time Adam I will conclude
by giving a shout-out to the Northeast
Ohio na Meetup we are having at this at

the winking lizard in Peninsula Ohio
Ohio on July 10th Earl walkman of
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Ashley at Dame Ashley and I Chris Blanco
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Cory get E&L Bini albany indiana 3 24 25
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jobs jobs jobs and jobs let’s vote for

Carmen Elon is in the news here is
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growth oh I’m so sorry I did but missed
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Durham broth hisses Falchi thanks your
old here’s broth good to be here growth

ie lawns in the news here you know he’s
bought some land and wants to put is it
a Tesla factory here and wants 60 I
think sixty eight million in tax breaks

yeah of course I’m not so for it
I’m not old you should make a fuss yeah
whoa yeah if I can get through the face
mask thing first

notice how we suck notice how we have no
numbers on ventilators either like no
one seems to be on a bender yeah that’s
over isn’t that crazy
I mean you think that would be next or
where’s the ventilator number no no I

don’t hear that been on the ventilator
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China that’s true and go karma over the
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the critical thinking muscles against
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for the community that has sprung up

around you and the ability to meet up
with such similar individuals it pains
me to say this since you’re a recent JRE
crossover but you gave me the green
light Melinda Melinda oh yeah it’s just

hard to phrase this the way he’s got a
written it pains me to say this is your
recent JRE crossover but you gave me the

green light Melinda you are a douchebag
oh holy moly dude these guys are looking
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so chip in citizens love and light and
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Thursday was one of the best I’ve ever
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may have been those edibles though have
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sure it was the only place I heard the
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I’m course yeah it’s not gonna play

those things worse can’t do that you can
make bitin won’t win I’m currently
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the art we’ve got the product sheet sell
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Abu a car a car Abu Abu a car

United States searching for many years
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that’s a great track and that is the end

of our list of associate executive
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want to thank each and every one of them
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by going to this website to Dvorak org
slash and I can’t get over how much
we’ve learned already in just a short

hour and a half but it’s our formula is
this we go out for your people in the

it was kind of interesting yeah what is
that when I started doing my apology
clips and then you started reading some
apologies if somehow I never got to do

my other two apology clips even though I
called for him yeah we fell away and
they will he start talking about
something else no I hate it when that
happens let’s know what was it they were
talking about that was so important that

we interrupted the the apology noodle
tour I don’t know let’s go into Facebook
somehow well oh yeah yeah that’s yeah we
both and I jumped into I know it’s my

yeah so let’s take a listen to the last
two clips I have alright not this one
here is an actress named Lea Michelle
okay do we know her who came out with a

whole bunch of tweets about black lives
matter and then some black actress who
worked with her on the Glee show slept
but slammed her for being a douche

actually was even worse than that when
you listen to the very beginning of this
clip and then you hear the apologized
apologies here and then this is from the
page six I love I love how you have the

lingo of the kids so down John but
slammed her for being a douche about how
Lea Michele behaved on the set of Glee
okay I’m already I’m already done oh but

you gotta listen don’t you can’t step
over there because there’s a little

point of information that you will like
give me a piece of wood to bite on all
right about how Lea Michele behaved on
the set of Glee after one of her
co-stars that she threatened to shit in
her wigs and made her life a living hell

right Lea Michele had posted something
about George Floyd’s death and then this
co-star from back in the day came back
to remind her hey you made my life a

living hell
on the set yeah oh nice Samantha where
is that actresses name and she said
Leah’s behavior made her want to leave
Hollywood so onwe she apologized and she

said one of the most important lessons
of the last
few weeks is that we need to take the
time to listen and learn about other
people’s perspectives and any role we
have played or anything we can do to

help address the injustice –is that
they face then she goes on to talk about
when she tweeted the other day in
support of the black lives matter
protests she hoped that she could show
her support for her friends and

neighbors and quote communities of
colors during this difficult time
but you know this response from Samantha
ware was not what she was expecting so
she continued with her explanation

saying well I don’t remember ever making
this specific statement and I have never
judged others by their background or
color of their skin that’s not really
the point what matters is that I clearly

acted in ways which hurt other people
whether it was my privileged position
and perspective that caused me to be
perceived as insensitive or
inappropriate at times or whether it was
just my immaturity and me being

unnecessarily difficult I apologize for
my behavior and for any pain which I
have caused it’s a lengthy apology it’s
a lengthy non-apology this is a
fantastic case of the shit in my wig and

I didn’t know this was an insult I am
not aware of this insult to shit in
someone’s wig did you look at us she was

being literal I think so too I’m reading
the tweet now of the accusation I
believe you told everyone is all caps

that if you had the opportunity you
would shit in my wig hmm this must be an
actress thing if you’re honest because
it’s all around the show right so

they’re there on the show they put on
wigs and makeup and maybe all I know is
this this is the classic example of some
dumb actress deciding this show it was

the bike oh I should do that and maybe
I’ll get more rolls of ice if I if I’m
in line with black lives matter so I’m
gonna tweet something stupid out and
then me raw an actual black actress says

how you were as a dork jerk-off
and yes she stepped in the shit to put a
wig now that I consider it that’s

probably really a racial thing is
considered a racist remark if he if she
said it to a black woman they would
think so yeah because black women often

wear wigs yes they do now the last clip
I have is the Woodrow Wilson cancel
thing which is yet to me is beyond
hilarious since Woodrow Wilson was

actually the President of Princeton yeah
before he became President of the United
States yeah he was a racist in 1912 and
this is going back and now they did go

oh well you know he was a racist I guess
and Democrat Democrat don’t forget he
isn’t he pretty much the founder of the
Democrat Party no this goes back my life
today Clemson University and reject I

think Jackson was Jackson was you’re
right what am I saying Jackson what yeah
Jackson wrote about Woodrow Wilson in a
book no no Jackson was dead by the time
I’m pretty sure but wait a minute wait a

no we played this clip it’s very short I
see today Princeton University announced
it will remove the name of former
President Woodrow Wilson from its School
of Public and International Affairs and
from Wilson College in a statement

Princeton’s president said quote
Wilson’s racism was significant and
consequential even by the standards of
his own time that’s bullcrap by the way
but this beside the point

this tells me that Yale has got to go
well yeah something something has to
happen now I’ve come up with a solution
for Yale does it involve Millennials

spreading kovat because then we can do a
twofer no it doesn’t what it entails is
that to have a ceremony to rename Yale
to a different Yale guy another was

another guy named Yale the guy from who
isn’t a slave guy the lock guy don’t but
maybe maybe the lock guy now you can’t
do that because lock wellmaybe is now

on chains Olatunji slavery slavery the
color of law by Richard Rothstein is the
book you want to read if you want to
read about how racist Woodrow Wilson was

he segregated government I mean that
that that’s what he was known for and he
did that 1912
well if it was beyond the pale like it

was like not Navaratri whatever is
they’ve gone and PBS said he said it was
even beyond the pale and beyond further

than anybody’s Acura yeah if that was
true then as soon as he got out of
office that did that everything would
have been reversed almost instantly no
of course not it was because it wasn’t
true what he said this was the way

everyone’s a racist like that in 1912
well yeah that’s the Democrats yes make
that clear
yes yes but he did as president
segregate government the government

offices the water he segregated all of
that and he kept saying I just don’t
want any friction according to according
to this book I just don’t want any

friction you know but by the same token
John Wayne Airport now has to be renamed
because in 1971 John Wayne 1971 which
was just a few years after the Civil

Rights Act was signed into law he said
something incredibly racist in the
either playboy or an Esquire magazine
that he felt that the blacks at the time

doublet didn’t know I think he may have
said Negroes that they were they had a
lot of growing up to do when he didn’t
feel that they could be in government

until that had happened and so 1971 when
he said that which granted fucked up
certainly with the lens of 20/20 ooh but
now we have to change it that’s our only

lens the only lens we got and now I have
to change the airport my goodness anyway
there’s a big

statue of John Wayne at the airport
right in the middle of yeah just like
you just a drive around kind of airport
yeah small it’s a very small it’s a cozy
Airport yeah and the statues right

there’s a giant statue so they’re gonna
have to tear that down and put red paint
all over it yes immediately
yeah I don’t understand house lasted

that long we we got an email on say was
a week ago but I think since then I’ve
certainly heard more about it and it was
one of our producers and she although

interesting we she she sent us this
thread of some message conversations she
had had on I think it was Facebook or
Instagram with a well maybe she even
said this is a real Karen to me and this

woman was who would know know she grew
up with her went to school with her and
this one was all about your your white
you’re a racist you’re white you’re a
racist and she’d gotten into a dialogue

with her you recall this thing that she
sent us no no well you will because you
asked her to actually send a list of all
the great material that that this
remember this completely of course I do

she’s been giving us a lot of material
right thanks links and and yeah it was
it was someone who’s just saying you’re
white you’re racist get over it that’s
the fact just shut up already and you I

think you brought it back to the
resistance movement which the wrote arm
a frock show whatever it was the the
workers rights he was it some
organization that is that is really the

world Workers Party out of know you had
something else that you’ve been thought
there’s one in Europe double yeah I came
from a European that wasn’t me that was
her she came up with okay well one of
the things that this ex friend of hers

had said was you need to read this book
do you recall that yep and the book is
white fragility written by dr. Robyn
D’Angelo and dr. Robyn D’Angelo let’s

just give little context who is a white
she has a let’s see from the Wikipedia
an American academic lecturer and author

working the field of critical discourse
analysis and whiteness studies
yeah she’s formerly served as a tenured
professor of multicultural education at

Westfield State University and as an
affiliate associate professor of
education at the University of
Washington in Seattle well that makes
sense she’s known for her work

pertaining to white fragility at term
she coined in 2012 okay I think we know
enough about that side I’m not sure what
whiteness studies are but she is a she

she’s a tenured professor in it and she
was on the I guess The Tonight Show or
Jimmy Fallon and guest on zoom’ and that
must have been thrilling well I’d like

to play a few short clips from that and
I’d like to discuss what she’s doing
here and and and what this is all about
so again the book is white fragility and
we’ll start with here’s kind of her

setup as to what what is going on in the
world your book white fragility why it’s
so hard for white people to talk about

racism this was this came out in 2018
yes and it’s been on the bestseller list
ever since then it has yes and right now
it is number one on all the lists I

looked at and it’s also what I’m from
what I read is sold out everywhere as
well time for it to be sold out but yes
this is important this segment because I

believe a lot of people have been told
to read this book and the numbers or
whatever they’re saying here about the
New York Times bestseller list and it
sold out I mean and he’s promoting it oh
don’t worry it’s on kindle tells me this

book is being passed around yeah well
yeah I’m sure I want to mention
something I believe this was originally
gonna be a book about her sex life
called white frigidity and she
come in but you looked at their picture

didn’t you stop that time for it to be
sold out but yes yeah well he’s right
that I got it on Kindle ah okay done if
you saw this it went viral online a the

flight attendant was greeting people on
her plane and some gentleman came on and
he was reading your book they opened up

a whole conversation yeah I mean exact
you brought that up because it’s
actually illustrates several really
important points about this I mean on
the one hand the story was special
because a black woman and a white man

had engaged conversation he he talked to
her with humility and openness and that
was exceptional okay seriously you’re
telling me that that situation that

happened specifically on an airplane
that was exceptional that these
conversations never happen okay
when I’m sitting next to a black person
I usually punch him obviously

exception give me a break
now but she’s going to explain why this

happens why this is an exception but
just let’s just notice that but that
would be exceptional you know there’s a
question I it doesn’t work if we don’t
let her speak but this let’s just notice

that but that would be exceptional you
know there’s a question I often ask when
I’m in front of a mixed-race group and I
ask the black people in the room a kind

of rhetorical question how often have
you attempted to give a white person
feedback on their inevitable and often
unaware racist assumptions or behaviors
and have that go well for you never

number two response rarely and I’ll
never forget asking a group okay so what
if you could just give us feedback on

our inevitable
often unaware racist assumptions and
behaviors and I’ll never forget this
black man raising his hand and saying it
would be revolutionary like people that

just take that in revolutionary I just
wanted to have the full effect and you

know just like just take that and I just
want all the white people that just take
that in revolutionary that we would
receive the feedback with grace reflect
and seek to change our behavior that’s
how difficult we are Wow that’s how big

a a-holes
we are yeah yeah says Jimmy Fallon
that’s that’s the how big a holes we are
that that that could never happen

kinetics yes please she’s she hates
Trump she’s a classic liberal and this
is the way liberals think this is why

the Liberals are the big promoters of
all this kumbaya stuff and they’ll never
live it in a neighborhood has got one
black person in it their response
already rousting them oh it’s a black
person I don’t know I mean they’re the

ones or who are the they’re the
hypocrite so that you know you are what
I I am what I say you are guys and this
is this is the way they think and this
is what you’re witnessing is an example

of probably right on the money with her
group it gets a little yes it gets a
little worse and I do have a couple more
clips and some deconstruction now what

she does she’s I don’t think she is a
professor anymore but she has on her
website services services by Professor
I’m just reading from her website

I provide keynote presentations on
whiteness white fragility race relations
and racial justice many key points can
also be made more conversationally
through a fireside chat style dialogue
with another person a partial a partial

list of clients includes many colleges
and universities as well as Amazon WL
Gore and Associates to Bill Miller
Melinda Gates Foundation the Hollywood
Writers Guild the YMCA the Innocence

Project Seattle Public School City of
Oakland Metropolitan Council Minneapolis
University of Sydney University of
Washington Medical School and you
lever so you can choose to cut your list
off that’s why I was rushing through it

I got to get to Unilever so you can
choose for a keynote or a fireside chat
these typically run about $12,000 for
her or she has a non-profit education

for racial equity which says they are
not-for-profit organization they are not
listed they have not filed any IRS form
990-ez or otherwise so it may be it’s

brand new she’s been around since 2018
should have filed something by now but
there we have what you can actually get
under their offerings then here she is
you can get the virtual three-day

intensive seeing the racial water an
anti-racist three-day intensive for
white people with dr. Robyn D’Angelo or
you could get a virtual half-day

workshop seeing the racial water
half-day anti-racist workshop mm-hmm so
and she does these all over the country
all over the world and makes a lot of

money doing this and of course she has
the book she also yes I was gonna say
you may be going there already but this
is a version of the al Sharpton scam yes

I’m glad you went there I might not have
brought that up as the conclusion but
the scam is actually quite interesting I

just want to play one quick clip it’s
pretty short of her defining racism
because it’s important to understand her
definition of it since that has changed

and quite recently even by the Webster
dictionary definition white people often
say I’m not racist I know you have I
have done things in my life I recognize
as racist today I would not do them

again they were neither intentional or
even conscious and yet they wounded
other people nonetheless I think white
people should remove that phrase from

their vocabulary I’m not racist it’s not
trust me it’s not complete trust the
white lady to tell you what you are it’s
not trust me

it’s not convincing to black people as
long as we define racism as individual
intentional acts of meanness and I would
agree with you that most white people
are not racist but when I’m talking

about the racism that I have the racism
that you have it’s it’s the result of
living in a society in which racism is
the foundation we all absorb it we all

absorb it there’s no way we could exempt
ourselves from it
and so we need to change our question
from if I’m racist to which most white
people will say no to how have I been

shaped by the forces of racism I was
born into and how is it manifesting in
my life it’s a really different question
but if I ask if and the answer is no

what further action is required of me to
challenge racism I’m sorry that was done
it was over no balance should have given
her the hook hold that interview what

was the point of it to sell her book
obviously it’s not funny
her book no but you do understand that
he is the host of The Tonight Show and

they need to virtue signal just as much
as the rest you know what I see out on
this one I what he was caught in
blackface yeah I know that’s the latest
scandal oh oh well I’m sorry there you

go I didn’t know this so there you go
that’s of course he needs to he is going
through a custom program from the good
doctor and he is being washed of his
bias and is being sprinkled with

goodness because this book in particular
this lady it’s the cure
it’s the cure if you if you have the
book if you read the book if you talk
about the book you have to understand

this is considered a cure and I have the
paper’ll I have proof what why do you
say that
I don’t know I felt like I supposed to
be saying yeah here’s another doctor

this is Paul
Maxwell PhD I learned from you when a
guy just has PhD behind his name he’s
the real deal
so dr. Paul Maxwell is going to break
down what this lady is saying so we will

begin by talking about a particular book
but this is a book by sociologist Robin
JD Angelou and she writes in her book
called white fragility why it’s so hard
for white people to talk about racism

and she’s a white female and and
DeAngelo writes that white people are so
dazzled by their whiteness that their
own regular normative explicit and
implicit reasons for violence against

racial minorities are actually
camouflaged to them so they almost can’t
even conceive of themselves as racist
but not only are these racist practices
camouflaged to whites

but when these practices are brought
under the stage lights through
conversation or reading or cultural
messaging and when they are diagnosed or
highlighted and challenged by a minority

culture such that white cultures
enchantment with its own whiteness is
threatened that they resort to denial
tactics which refortified their
enchantment with whiteness and center

their own whiteness and recenter their
own whiteness as the cultural center and
the cultural norm and recast minority
ethnicity and culture as marginal and
exotic with this analysis I think he

completely nails it um but he again
there’s you know this is the cure this

book and there’s there’s kind of a test
for it too I think this is the clip
where he talks about it programs such as
racial bias training right that’s it so
racial bias training is what this woman
does and she spun that into quite the

career right now and basically when your
consultant or anything of any kind of
job like that the best way to get work
is by writing a book it’s a well-known
formula and if if we could write books

we’d probably do it too but it requires
traveling around and she’s making good
money doing this particularly it
companies like Unilever so here we go

trains people and she blesses people
like Jimmy Fallon programs such as
racial bias training and implicit bias
training have been suggested as cures to
perceived racism among whites and this

is how scientists have begun to quantify
racial prejudice among whites to give
them a test that shows them several
dozen black-and-white images of faces of
various races on the screen right and

classified an ability to distinguish
between the faces of participants own
race versus faces of races – to which
the participant didn’t belong okay so

any extended delay in the participants
ability to distinguish between other
race faces was classified as social
stereotyping and therefore a low score
on what they called the effective

lexical priming score so in other words
if you’re a few milliseconds slow on
distinguishing black faces from one
another you’re racist this is what she
does this is the kind of stuff that she

does different versions of it but it’s
like okay look at these pictures and you
see good bad black white and and if you
say the wrong thing because you thought

the black or black person in the picture
was the bad thing then you’re racist
this is like parlor trickery to me Wow
yes good series NBC and this is a while

back did a piece about this very test
and the results are quite interesting
Dateline put this experiment to a

difficult challenge testing a
cross-section of men and women including
some who have impeccable credentials in
race relations people like Rhonda a
civil rights attorney okay I’m right

okay here it is during the first half of
the test black is linked to bad and
white is linked to good right
Rhonda this half of the test is a breeze
she never makes a mistake

ok very good now we’ll give you the
other one remember she’s an expert in
racial issues but let’s see how she does
when the information is reversed when
the left box marked bad has a white face

and the right box labeled good has a
black face West West suddenly the test
becomes much more difficult for Rhonda

about 1/3 of the way through she makes a
mistake linking the white face to the
right box even though that shows a black
face I lost

Rhonda’s score indicates a strong
preference for white is this because she
unconsciously associates white with good
oh my the expert appears to be racist oh

my goodness
let’s try some black people and as
revealing as those results are the
biggest surprise is yet to come
left-left Joan is a sales and marketing

consultant even for many black test
takers the more challenging part of the
test seems to be when black is
associated with good and white would bad
ok ready after two attempts she still

can’t make it to the end I’ve done it
again even so Joan’s still thought she’d
show a preference for her loan race

would you be surprised then Joan if I
said that your tests showed a slight
preference for white
yes I would be flabbergasted

flabbergasted and Joan isn’t alone
dennis is the leader of a civil rights
organization according to his tests in

the studio Dennis is neutral but it’s
individual computer test showed a
preference for white his response all we
had and images were white oh the type of

media outlets that we were you see where
this is going I mean there’s two more
clips on if you want to hear them but
obviously the test is bullshit yes
obviously the test is bullshit this is

the test thank you there are tons of
bullshit tests out there and when you
get a hold of one and you use it as
gospel you especially you want to prove
a point

apparently this test keeps proving the
same point which you’re a racist is the
point no and no matter with your black
or white or anything so yeah and that’s
what this woman is exploiting good for

well duh well I think what what is
phenomenal what she’s achieved is that
the by virtue signaling this book by
saying you’ve read it is almost on par

with a cure you’re pretty much you’ve
had it you’ve had the what the the
racist virus it’s the vaccine made the
vet it is the vaccine for your racist

virus and oh that’s all you have to do I
mean you’ll still remain a racist in a
racist society and please pay no

attention to 75% of young black men not
growing up with a father
it’s just please it’s just it’s all
systemic racism has nothing to do with

poverty dream on Karen don’t need a
father they’re all the Hollywood people
have proven that it’s really not there
the models yeah yeah the did well

they’re doing a great job they’re doing
a very good job
anyway because of all these studies
these whiteness studies etc we’ve seen
stem come under attack and now there’s a

letter to them today I don’t think I
read this did I to the mathematics
community do not work with predictive
policing do not work on mathematical

models with police departments we need
to stop that we need to boycott that
because they’re trying to whitewash
racism with math unfortunately the math
doesn’t work in their favor you know the

math show statistically something else
is going on than what in particular
black lives matter Inc is saying it’s
it’s just that it’s hard evidence yep

there’s this other thing that I was
reading about the safe cities did you
ever hear about this the safe city

strong cities not safe strong strong
cities the strong cities network this
okay I’m listening
the strong cities network which I think
was funded there was some stuff in

Congress that funded it about 26 cities
and municipalities from different
regions across the globe cities and
municipalities selected for the steering
committee were chosen based on their

leadership for the strong cities Network
and this was 46 of them in the United
States it was a United Nations backed

project or initiated project that would
change policing in the strong cities
network okay I’m still listening so we
can you name any of these cities yes

Minneapolis New York Boston all the
places where it shit
literally the places where it shit

Atlanta Austin Brownsville Texas Camden
New Jersey a Chester PA Cleveland
Cincinnati Dallas Denver Detroit Flint
Michigan Fresno California Carrie Indy
Gary Indiana Hampton Houston

I mean it’s Los Angeles Los Angeles
County Las Vegas with Memphis meaning
everywhere it’s shit Wow Thank You
United Nations for once again helping us

out hats forever yeah this was that this
was their globalist the globalist
solution to making it better and
arguably in a lot of these cities they
made it worse huh well this is a good

scandal it’s nobody cares about okay let
me try this scandal for you one of the
board members of black lives matters Inc

well not really you know black lives
matters Inc there’s no there is no
nonprofit so it’s all run through
thousand currents one of the one of the

board members
let me find what her name is Susan wrote
Rosenberg was the vice chair of thousand
currents Board of Directors they’re the

people that that apparently run the
whole the whole black lives matters Inc
turns out that she was part of the may

communist organized organization which
carried out its bombing campaign to
create a contrast to former President
Ronald Reagan’s morning in America
campaign that got her a spot on FBI’s
most wanted list

she was arrested in New Jersey in 84
unloading seven hundred and forty pounds
of stolen explosives and a submachine
gun from a truck she was however
released from prison in 2001 after
having sentenced after having her

sentence commuted by Bill Clinton after
serving 16 years of her 58 year prison
sentence and so she was on the board and
now she’s been washed off of the board
and off of half of the website and is

all gone I think that’s just too
delicious to believe
Wow okay what other news of stupidity so
if you heard this that amazon bought the

key arena up and stood out although the
naming rights or whatever they bought
the naming rights they bought the naming
rights and they’ve named it climate
pledge allegiance

climate pledge arena yeah so everybody
in the family’s yucking it up wait a
minute Dean why isn’t also going to be
completely energy neutral or something

like yeah in Seattle where there’s no
Sun but okay and there’s no wind
necessarily in Seattle but let’s look
just just forget all that but it was
last show where I had this clip I didn’t

play and this explains their naming of
the arena as climate pledge arena if you
just listen to this clip amazon is
reporting a 15% increase in its carbon

footprint despite efforts to reduce its
environmental impact the online retailer
says it emitted more than 51 million
metric tons of co2 last year the
equivalent of running 13 coal power

plants for a year okay so that’s a bit
much for a company it’s gonna be carbon
neutral how many car how many
coal-burning plants for a whole year

were they expending a car so oh god
let’s just justice yeah I tell you what
this will make up for it we’ll call this
this arena climate play I’m thinking how

much did they pay for it because it
sounds to me like that’s a carbon credit
deal they probably get some carbon
credits to offset that and they take a
tax deduction you know be Zoe’s is

coming out ahead on the deal we haven’t
figured that always out ahead we haven’t
figured it out yet but you know that
that’s just clear as day just but anyway
so now you got climate pledge pledge

climate pledge arena yeah apparently the
NBA has received approval from the CCP
to on the back of their jerseys instead

of their name to have their favorite
social justice slogan
No according to sources yep
what so there’s gonna be some stupid

slogan on the back of the players
jerseys China is so kind of smart China
is so smooth the CCP has us just where
they want us confused the little divided

stupid if I’d sick at home sick a kid
home sick at home and then worried sick
and then just gonna they’re just they’re

doing the Great Leap Forward the
Cultural Revolution shit trying
attempting to change the culture of the
United States the CD I didn’t have the
clip unfortunately the CDC director and

they had a phone call with the press
said that they were considering to use
tick tock for messaging to the young
people about social distancing

mask-wearing etc hello
China CCP we know that these video apps
are only for messaging YouTube is for
messaging tick tock is for messaging and

we’re walking right into it letting them
drive it ahead shaker and it’s not the
so I was watching uh we have a couple of

things that we can touch upon I have
quite a bit of clips go for it I’m let’s
go with I’m listening the bogus story of
the week which was played up by the New

York Times with no attributions really
just like somebody said to my brother
who is a source that who said a source
of blah blah blah and then played by our
buddies at NBC with a in the middle of

the report saying this entire report is
unverified but we’re gonna report on it
anyway the Russian bounty report oh yes
tonight the stunning claim that Putin’s

done a bounty on American soldiers is
ratcheting a pressure on President Trump
his relationship with the Russian leader
Oh buy this story from the New York
Times that a Russian military

intelligence unit offered bounties on
the lives of American soldiers in
Afghanistan two Taliban linked militants
The Times writes that US officials
concluded the rewards were offered last

year but it’s unknown if 20 American
deaths there were connected NBC News has
not confirmed this reporting tonight the
White House offered its first response

stating neither the president nor the
vice president were briefed on the
alleged Russian bounty intelligence Joe
Biden made it an issue today his entire
presence has been a gift to Putin

former US ambassador to Russia Michael
McFaul calls this a dire turning point
escalation I think if it’s true demands

a very firm response and the top House
Republican on the Foreign Relations
Committee has a stern message for

President Trump that if the bounty
report is accurate the administration
must take swift and serious action to
hold the Putin regime accountable
President Trump has long urged a

drawdown of US forces in Afghanistan we
want to bring our soldiers back home we
want to bring them back home denials
coming from the Taliban and the Russian
Foreign Ministry which called the bounty

reporting nonsense Kelly O’Donnell NBC
News the White House Wow yeah as long I
mean what they’ve really moved to and

everything is political right now
everything is political is they’ve moved
to the killing part he Trump is
responsible for tens of thousands of
Americans being dead

Trump is responsible for 2000 Americans
being dead it’s like we forget about hey
who sent people to Afghanistan like our
kids over there to die he’s trying to

get we keep saying he wants to bring him
I think he’s sincere about that but the
point is is when they ended within this
report they said they were the 20 dead
from you know three months ago yes over
over a period of months with a 20 dead

part of the system of bounties if there
was a bounty it would have been to
Russia said little more than 20 there
would be shooting people left and right
just not doing one or two really good

snipers you know that learn their trade
from the Russians could go up into the
mountains and just keep picking people
off left and right 20 that doesn’t sound
like I’ve liked something going on that

wool report is bogus do we have a source
has somebody know your source on your
side New York Times just to give away
and like Eric talk pointed out he’s

bitching about this he says he says look
at this he says why is it it’s gotta buy
a line with three people on it
Maggie Haberman no doubt well no
probably not she cuts to keep her name

off of these things but but the fact
when you you don’t need three people to
write a short story that’s got no
sources what do you need three people
for the three source each other they

can’t fire all three of us they’re
sourcing each other hey what did you
hear I heard this what are you I heard
this from that guy oh we all heard it
I would tell people to be very skeptical

of any byline was more than two people

on it and then even then but three
people on a byline is fishy
overkill seem and then you run into a
lot of these stories with three people

on the byline you go to the bottom of
the story and it will say in boldface
additional reporting by and they have
another three or four people listed you
know what I’d like to know and you maybe

you can tell any clearly all these
people aren’t working on the story but
is it possible they do this so they all
get a taste of the of the Pulitzer
because they all hey man I let me in on

that great story you’re sorry so I can
get there’s something there that is a
good observation I think there’s some
truth to it except for the fact that
when you’re on a Pulitzer story yeah you
know you are this is not a Pulitzer

story this is just a Trump hate story
it’s not gonna win a Pulitzer that’s
also import a man can i voice your
signal with you come on come on well
there goes that could be an element once
the goodies I want some butter biscuits
yeah let me know payment I let you in on

my story showed you mine that’s right
man alright so we have to tolerate this
and again most of the public laps it up

I gotta get a recording of my basset
hound lapping up water it’s the funniest
sounded I think it regular on the show
you have the basset hound at the house

or is he up in Washington is the best at
home in this house there is a basset I’m
not the one that we used to remember
that one that you always bitched about
the howler oh that doesn’t sound right
that dog sounds sick you should get her

to the vet I never said that I said you
did you were like really sympathetic to
this dogs whining and by the way talking
about whining and basset hounds it’s

like redundant
I barely remember this this is a long
time ago it was a lot that dogs been
dead for five years Italy we never you
never had a proper goodbye okay imagine

all the people who could use us oh yeah

we have a few people to thank for show
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1256 now we have a donor from rotterdam

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monthly donor but I’d like to put in an
extra fifty and fifty for my three three

and four-year-olds cuz the wisdom gains
from your deconstructions make me a
better father
they what’d you say today a BLM’s
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rules for the radicals verse looking
into this adam you talked with mo about
a twenty dollar bill being calling a
called a dip in the netherlands we had a
dip each year a double shit it might

have to do with doubling the highest
value that was available before
introducing a new Vaughn okay thanks for
being the anchor of the otherwise
drifting sanity good monster from

earlier Purdham thank you cool stop by
some more I was very nice and I love the
the 33s in your donation thank you sir
didn’t know that yet yen Singh was

plugging us on his show of course he
does good for him well I I gave him our
oh good I said then he always shows you
oh sure least in Connecticut has a

birthday and he’s in for $100
Matthew nose nose the nose nose I know
$1 we know – no sir Brian Kaufman in

Scottsdale Arizona 75 75 kara Rogers in
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twin brother oh they’re both having the
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no nice as she’s influenced going $72
Paul no no II in Knoxville Tennessee I
have a note that I wanted to read okay
as he wrote it by hand and it’s on a

card and you’d want her to send us a
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nice this is my second donation no
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douching oh this enclosed donations for
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because of something adam said on the
show 1251 last week Oh
after playing at Tim Cook clip he said
that quote Tim Cook needs to watch his
six for a number of reasons that was the

end of the court I laughed so hard I
nearly lost my mind anyway keep up the
great work and stay safe out there in
wacky for Nia yes the comedic stylings

of the pod father never cease to amaze
uh onward with and it was Gary Blatz
Nexus 6 6.60 and he’s in Wayne

Pennsylvania a dame Ashley Lady of the
lake or I think we had an earlier
donation related to her 62 84 Mayfield
Heights Ohio miss an anniversary present

for her amazing husband now as you come
over 628
his knighthood soon and as so he can
join her at the round table love you

Chris I love you Chris she’s been having
at ball and she’s the dude she’s a party
girl – Ron – Christopher vite count of
the troll room in Green Bay Wisconsin
five six seven eight

troll room itself in Green Bay Wisconsin
5678 and how that works
Peter Chong in Lakewood Washington 5510
Michael golian in Rockford Illinois with

a birthday 54 88 to his brother Eric oz
oz ness in Lawndale California let’s get
so he’s got a domain name is having

redirected to to here yes it’s the whole
load comm will be able to sell that to
someone later and it goes to our new

website as well so very have the whole
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that’s just probably a group of going
Ennis that would love that site I Adam

ruzek in Rapid City South Dakota 50/50
Kevin Myers burg a 500 eighth person
owned has got a birthday coming up

birthday listen to Matthew nephew Luke
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Malcolm Allen 50 the following people
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Baron Richard Gardner and Chicago page
cap Nick parts unknown Jeffries Ellen in
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Tigger door Tiger door Tigger Oregon up
there with the Duane Mellon son who

haven’t heard from for a while I might
note that probably Man Overboard er no
joke overboard I don’t go overboard I
doubt it ah and that’s concludes our
list was kind of a short list today but

we want to thank you should every one of
him for helping get the show on done by
being producers have one and done yes by
being the producers of this program the
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producer of the No Agenda show out of
all now before we continue I
do have a make good which I screwed up
twice and working on the back office

finally got it figured out this is for
Austin Ramsdale I think he was the one
thousand dollar and one cent donation
and because it was a different this is

just a lot of the problems different
names on the paypal emails not matching
up it sometimes stuff slips so anyway
here’s his note from two shows ago I
believe now thanks for doing to make

good on my 33rd in on my 33 in binary
which was 100 ooo one donation I
couldn’t miss the opportunity to have my
boss and friend of ten years called a

douchebag David Karl a huge I hit him in
the mouth several months back and after
a few listeners his amygdala seems to
have returned to normal size he may

require a second d-bag to get through
his thick skull also I’d like to call
out Bryan Hagan mayor as head douchebag
two quick questions I know it’s been

talked about before but has anyone put
together a short five minute primer or
intro for no agenda onboarding I feel
like the nuances and inside references
creates a lengthy two to five episode
onboarding period that could be

dramatically shortened with a concise
intro start here episode we’ve tried
this we’ve done this it was called
episode one hundred two hundred two
hundred and a half two hundred and seven
eighths I personally I think animated no

agenda is a great way to introduce
people to the show it’s short it’s
visual like okay I get it
and it’s usually humor so I think that’s
the best way

animated no agenda look for it on
youtubes everywhere near you secondly
I’ve tried to find the Noah jingle
jingle repository in the past I think
there’s an opportunity for a jingle
generated now I’m gonna stop you right
there really appreciate it a we don’t

put the jingles online because other not
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misuse uncredited and there’s too much
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however you can always try to contact
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and that’s kind of your gypsy ring if
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specifically I’m also happy to send it
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me all at the same time jingle generator
know we’ve tried this we’ve tried the
the only thing that really works for us
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steel is hard this deal exactly this has
no agenda across every artwork yeah but
once you once you getting down the
jingles it’s just gonna get stolen and

also it’ll be another place I have to go
look for shit there’s already too many
places I’m trying to pare them down and
streamline it this is just too much
information so anyway thank you very
much appreciate he says he winds up no

jingles but need lots of jars jobs karma
which I will redistribute equally to all
in the Gitmo nation love and light PS
the end of show tune for 1251 with

Anderson Cooper giggling maybe the best
post-show song I’ve heard
kudos to whomever crafted that amazing
piece of work I don’t recall but yes
again our producers our end of show
mixes all fantastic and thank you for

your support here is your karma jobs
jobs jobs and jobs let’s vote for job
you’ve got karma I’m sorry I’m sorry
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birthday just back to that note where
was he from oh um you have any idea yes
I’m wondering if it’s the same David
Carlock I know that dozens today I don’t

know where he’s from doesn’t say but
Carlock is a douche bag is that was that
your point no no will he do sh bag him

is he a douche bag
well I feel yeah it could be first-hand
knowledge I haven’t seen him for a

the band was getting tired of starting
over every single time he was her
birthday list for today Kevin Knutson

says happy birthday to his smokin hot
trophy wife Jill she turns 64 tomorrow
send pictures John Vincent celebrates
today Cara Rogerses happy birthday to
her twin brother Kirk 36 tomorrow

Michael :
happy birthday to his brother Matthew
Kevin my zimberg happy birthday to his
Matthew Luke my zimberg in Lincoln
Nebraska he’ll be eight on Wednesday
July 1st and finally Kat Emery

celebrated on June 19th we’re sorry
we’re a little bit late but happy
birthday from everybody here at the best
podcast in the universe okay we have we
have one knighting one daming always

exciting one daming one knighting it’s
always exciting and Chris Blanco sir
please both of you join us here at the

round table for the knights and dames of
the No Agenda nations both of you who
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gutter day but the no agenda round table
I am very pleased to touch the Cape you

Dame rule of the quality metrics and
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for you we’ve got the person blow rent
boys and Chardonnay we have grass-fed

Lieber and pork belly but not for John
early times in bf4 cold brew coffee in
cannabis we got bong hits and bourbon
vodka and vanilla geishas and Saki
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ginger ale Interpol’s breast milk and

pablum and mutton and Mead go pick yours
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information for your ring your sealing
wax and your official certificate at No
Agenda slash rings and thank

you so much for supporting the show you
are the producers and make it all happen
and it is really appreciated reports and
it was from one of our donors today from

Florida that was sir lo Sidon and he
said despite having to make last-minute
changes due to a surge in Florida the
Tampa Bay day-drinking meetup was a

success I tried updating everyone as
much as I could to the venue change due
to Florida closing all bars and the day
prior and was grateful for the turnout I
kept hearing if there isn’t one in your

area start one and that’s exactly what
led me to meeting this awesome group of
individuals the camaraderie is what
you’d expect but it was also still

surprised to see human resources with
amygdalas so small lessons were learned
from Murphy’s Law but I know we will all
meet up again and more to join sir sir
Lowe’s sir Sir lo Simon of the

Psychonauts and they had the biggest
heads on sticks I’ve ever seen it
immediately you see these photos yeah I
saw the one there one is the sizes I
said was of a picture window

it’s huge it was photoshopped in at
first actual our heads I mean that’s
crazy funny I have a meet up report from
the local 512 512 local meat soup up at

the lone range the Lone Star gun range
and Lockhart Texas once again we had
good turnout this is not your typical

meet up so that it’s really just we all
stand behind the firing line and we’re
all geeking out on each other’s guns hey
might want to shoot my yeah I’m gonna

shoot yours okay
and you learn a lot and this training
and we have sir Scott of the the bear
and you know the Baron of the armory is
so incredibly gracious and he brings all

of his guns and he supplies all of his
ammo to almost everybody how would we
else offensive we also buy ammo to
support the range obviously but I ask a
question yeah sure as well as it fun

shooting well I had a lot of fun because
of some of the guns I tried now can you
can’t the real question is that anybody
bring or shoot black-powder almost no

and and I think you have if you want to
shoot black powder I think you have to
talk to him beforehand yeah I think he’s

show up with it but they allow a lot for
instance now we had people from San
Antonio come up and we had a couple of
guys from Dallas who came down the night
before and stayed at the Edda Motel in

Lockhart just to be at the meet up and
one of these dudes
he had a 1930s Russian rifle with the
bayonet on it of course it is rusted on

when it comes off the factory the
bayonet well apparently is it’s very
important for the balance and the barrel
reverberations and it’s a beauty of

course a shard of it yeah and I both
action and I shot in the middle of the
bullseye with this thing of course the
barrel actually almost reached to the
target it was so long and and just
things are accurate oh yeah and an

observation your typical gun owner does
not look the way you think they look hey
we might as well have just called this
nerds with guns I mean weird weird

shitty t-shirts with weird messages
blots of beards but skini strongly
describe the what people’s stereotype is

because I’m not sure what you what it is
red white white Texan with a ar-15
strapped to his backs in it Alex Jones I
guess that kind of idea but we’re yeah

we’re nerdy were geeky were not all
we’re not all-male of a very interest
and just the array of guns as space guns

without hollow sights and oh my goodness
it was a lot of fun and that means it’s
time to just give you a quick overview
of what is coming up on the CD today
which is already oh it’s about to start

the Kansas City meetup Sunday Funday
edition with Dame DeLorean the Lorien
and sir Spencer wolf of Kansas City also
today probably underway in Plymouth

Michigan no agenda local one afternoon
hang out a let’s see we have Tuesday
Montreal up north still needs a plant
hand planning if anyone can help mark C

has got something on the apparently on
the calendar no agenda meetups calm
Thursday July the second central North
Carolina meet up at seven o’clock at the
red oak brewery in Whitsett North

Carolina with rich aka a dude named
Vinci bastard and other assorted
expletives next Saturday the Mid Island
Canada Navia BC meet up at 3 p.m. and
that is on the candy Navion fourth of

July they have one it’s on the 4th of
meet mid Vancouver Island at the in
Nanaimo at the old city station pub Tom
organising a pretty good yeah and most

people can’t pronounce in an IE mo oh I
do thank you animo Elsa on Saturday the
Midland Texas meetup two o’clock at
little wood Rose Sir Michael of Calgary

in Vegas answer Kyle of West Texas are
organizing in Midland Texas and if you
need to see more just go to no agenda
meetups calm if you can’t find something
near you go ahead and make your own

because no agenda meetups there like a

like a party with this ghost continue I

have a yes taken from that one clip that
I thought was so funny your this one

human life I so we go with human life
hanging in the balance I may have some
competition I have this one if you know
which you haven’t heard the clip for yet

and I have this one I’m a lone wolf
alright that one I would vote fast kind
of cutest we’re done with that part of

it then I would like to play the clip
where that one I so came from it is a
prognostication from the oh so
intelligent smart James Carville who has

been a Democrat strategist consultant a
winner a winner for decades and decades
and he has a prediction about Trump yes
I think there is a better chance the

Donald Trump does not run for
re-election than he’s realized there’s
no chance he’s gonna be really and if
you just take the events of the last 10
days obviously has no control over virus

there’s no control over the tensions in
the streets he doesn’t even have control
over a North Carolina Republican
congressional district
it’s just nothing he’s it’s lost control
over everything and of course I see

people call me with 15 different private
polls today state by oppose
congressional polls you name it it all
confirms everything that we’re seeing
now and you can see us the fear in the

voice of these Republican politicians I
mean zero chances are we’re elected look
at Peggy Noonan’s column and in a Wall

Street job coming out tomorrow Wall
Street Journal editorial page bright
you’ve been covered American politics
almost as long as I’ve been involved the
Wall Street Journal editorial page is

the go-to place for right-wing economic
conservatives it’s gone it’s gone and
gonna have to go tell this guy look you
just can’t rest of the humiliating

defeat that’s gonna come your way now of
course if we remember the 2016 election
that almost this is almost identical is
that all the Republicans are freaked out
because they’re gonna lose the

Republican Party is gonna get swept we
can find those clips yep they’re gonna
get swept out of office is gonna be a
landslide and it’s not gonna be
Republican in anywhere they’re gonna be
gone and they’re just a freaky bunch so

I think he’s probably right about them
being kind of freaky still there always
freaky but I want to remind the
president that will be electing them as
this guy this is the hundred and twenty

million dead clip unnecessarily now we
have over 120 million dead from kovat I
got feedback about this from one of our
ado show it’s a sub clip this is one

a-hole who emails me and usually me but
sometimes put some other podcast his

name is ed Z and you just want to hear
how he’s thinking it’s his job you see
to set us straight and to make sure we
understand what the world is really
happening in the world he’s one of many

but sure yes I one of many people that
have nothing to do with this show
probably never listen to and definitely
don’t donate and do not support us but
his feedback can be done on the voice

you might appreciate I love this voice
you’re against the people voting by mail
because Trump and his staff do it but if
lots of it do it then it will turn into
a democracy that’s a fear for you you

Republicans you don’t want freedom of
the press if it’s by the way calling me
a Republican is a huge insult I do that
does piss me off you don’t want free to

the press if it’s critical of the stable
genius what the cats to kill people
because cops are mostly good blokes
seriously you think ABC wind I don’t

know I don’t know I had that word just
popped up there I don’t know do you
think ABC NBC CBS CNN MSNBC in the New
York Times Washington Post Wall Street

Journal PBS NPR in the AP you
are never fair just fake news you’re
wrong there artists journalists if you
listen to the genius Howard bloom once a
week but you always throw them under the

bus with but we should go to work panda
much I don’t know what the fuck that
you you got hold on
I like the voice I’m sorry I interrupted
but what’s he talking about with this

Howard bloomin this is a this is a form
letter that he apparently ascends to a
whole bunch of people that that must be
it yeah we don’t tell you about Howard
bloom ever no I will listen to this all

the news you use comes from Drudge
Report or bannon’s bright parts slums
not a Republican or conservative reads
George F Willis new book on what a

conservative is book him on the show
promote it
of course we don’t not another blunder
uh-huh we don’t book people for this
show so why would we book him on the
show so you don’t listen to the show you

don’t know that this is a show with no
guests and come it’s a conversation and
the deconstruction of news stories so
his guy so this is a form letter that
this idiot sent to you well wait wait
here comes the kicker study Biden and

when he said 120 million dead Americans
in the next sentence he corrected
himself said 100 220 deaden America a
million Americans he’s just said 120

million dead from Kovac okay got details
wrong it’s a cheap dirty trick well you
just did John see Dvorak and he warned
me that that would happen you Republican

I’m not registered Republican and the
curious thing is these roles are all
public they’re public domain you can
look me up in Alameda County and you

will find that I am registered as
unaffiliated and I’ve been so for
probably over ten I’m affiliated is the
only way to go it is truly the only way
to go I you can think what you want in

these guys and that is a very bad note
because he’s got two or three things in
there they’re just bullshit does he’s
accusing Drudge Report what’s the last
time we ever I haven’t even looked at

the Drudge Report for five years I don’t
even know what more what I get from it’s
just a bunch of links we can do that
it’s not of course not
yeah do all that some TV viewing tips or
some streaming tips I want to mention a

couple of things that I’ve been watching
yeah top of the list
I I’m not quite sure if it’s going to
work as well for everybody as it works
for me but the Will Ferrell Eurovision

movie I found beautiful
have you watched this I haven’t even
heard of it well he basically Will
Ferrell plays some you know idiot in

Iceland who was always dreamt of winning
the Eurovision Song Contest and you know
it chronicles his his journey to the
Eurovision Song Contest union it’s a

funny movie especially if you understand
the camp eNOS of the Eurovision Song

Contest this must I think in Europe
it’ll be a smash I know if everyone here
gets it but the coolest you don’t even
know what your vision is it’s a cute
movie it’s it’s very it’s problematic I
would say furthermore I’ve been watching

what I’ve almost finished World War two
in color oh yes a great series well I
pissed me off that I’m on an episode ten

and there it was well this literally was
Hitler saying let’s make Germany great
oh yeah I saw that that was annoying

they slipped daddy in for someone very
it’s an anti-trump action if you watch
the first world war which is on amazon
you’ll actually learn something without

any propaganda yeah and the takeaway
from it is we shouldn’t do that again
that World War two was shit but that’s
not like you have that you know the

thing about that that’s the one that’s
emphasized the most yeah when you watch
the First World War series yeah ten
episode it’s not only worse but I’ve
been completely misled all my life and

in fact it was a world war with action
all over the place yeah for years it was
that it was the worst thing and
everywhere what didn’t it’s just this

thing it’s a frightening it came out I
think in 2006 I could be wrong it could
be but it was done by the BBC or channel
4 I one of them over there and it gave

floated around it it won a number of
awards and then it disappeared and
though they repurposed it and put it on
Amazon it’s very educational much more
so than the other one they world war two

in colors not as educational as this
this is you learn a lot also educational
but disappointing was disclosure this is
the documentary about trans gendered

people not really a documentary it is a
Hollywood production with Hollywood
celebrities talking about how Hollywood
has portrayed them like shit all

throughout the years and it’s every
single person you hear talking about
transgender and trans trans lives matter
and it was so disappointing all you have

is beautiful people talking about how
screw they’ve gotten which is completely
true and their experience is horrific
and Hollywood has been Inc the portrayal
of trans people in Hollywood has been

shocking when you when you look at it
through their lens unfortunately
it’s all about Hollywood they don’t
there’s not a single part in this whole

special about you know normal pity thing
else who are ugly and and transgendered
and if you’re not miss glamorous and you
can’t make yourself glutton as it’s

mainly a male to female transgender or
transition that’s discussed another
thing it just irks of them you know they
should have done at least fifty fifty
because it is 50/50 but the whole thing

was they’re fucking angry at Hollywood
Laverne College for not giving them
money fame angry at Hollywood worse
maybe I can get a bit part it’s not
that’s not the takeaway but I was very

disappointed I don’t think it furthered
anything for people who have questions
or sound effects for this oh it was a
pan yeah it was a pan I was very but

interesting for perspective and I
recommend everyone everybody watch it
it’s the Hollywood is very as bit this
trans thing has been going on in
Hollywood for a hundred years it’s

really fascinating you have no idea well
I would recommend put it on the lights
they re watching it which is available
on me-tv over most broadcast networks
uses a subchannel the entire series of

Hogan’s Heroes that’s got to come down
you know that has to come down

eventually that’s over for those guys
that’s just it’s gonna get cancelled
wherever it is and that will do it I
think we’ve brought you up to speed but
we look forward to seeing you all again

on Thursday coming up on no agenda
stream comm grumpy old Benz
episode number 71 end of show mixes we
got a couple I don’t want to chip

anybody to use a racist term so I’m
gonna play them all we’ve got two
cyborgs Dave Tom Starkweather Mary
Bret’s and a with her debut Rolando
Gonzales and of course the ever

effervescent Jesse coy Nelson coming to
you from Austin Texas capital the drone
star states
opportunity zone 33 FEMA region number 6
if you’re looking for it on the

governmental maps until Thursday in the
morning everybody
I’m Adam curry and from northern Silicon
Valley I’m John C Dvorak we return on
Thursday please remember us at Dvorak

org slash n/a until then



the father we thank you tonight for all
your blessings you said it all
you cannot you cannot escape God every

single one of you Thomas smirk behind
that little math but every single one of
you are going to get punished by God
because none of you

what the hell you are all talking about
that massive change people living
literally accountable
not escape guys let me say that again
you cannot escape God not even working

math or 16
are waking up okay and every single one
of you that are obeying the

laws are going to be arrested every
single one of you so when does the
camera defies Equinox what
can everybody we gotta get the cans we

gotta get temperature
in sync
y-you see that in jail why you Hillary
Clinton are in jail why are all zombies

it’s amazing
why are they not in jail and they want
to open this
Freyr to God

God is not listening to that player

because all of you are optically the
devil market secret ceremony happens
you’re going down wicked by the way

donates my patreon at slash

Karen we’re here today to do a fun
experiment where we show how easy it is
to spread germs can you take it up
because I cannot be all God you speak
louder sir okay because you want to be
politically correct go ahead no sir just

one over though and then the other thing
we can talk about is masks masks wars is
heating up when you wear a mask you say
I respect you
let’s with the mass success do everyone

you walk past and please don’t fuck with
the mask all the time when you play with
your fingers you risk your timing of
your eyes and you know is why you’re
objecting your map as we cover our faces
and practice social distancing our face

masks making us socially distant you
know I’ve made it clear I can’t stand
seeing people walking around without a
mask the newspaper articles are then
then as late as March 31st there was no

consensus on wearing masks
what about a month or so and two or
three ago
when people were saying you don’t really
need to wear a mask hell I would rather

from coronavirus then to live the rest
of my life in here and we’re too damn
the debate over wearing face masks is
creating a sharp divide among some

Americans masks are now mandatory in all
public places throughout Palm Beach
County mass will be required
indefinitely in most places masks are
not mandatory everywhere of course

including some of the states where
they’re seeing that rapid increase in
cases tonight it’s our bodies it’s our
choice whether we’re gonna wear them not
wear them you guys are overstepping your
boundaries 100%

a new model from the University of
Washington suggests that some 33,000
lives could be saved by October 1st
if nearly everyone wears a mask like a

mad dog looks where those face coverings
let’s work together on this
this week suggested to wear masks that

you have freedom of choice 12:01 he

always says while she’s wearing either

odd beat Kelly it’s inappropriate it’s
not nice
we the people are waking up and we know

it’s citizens arrested because citizens
are ups are already happening every
single one of you that are obeying the
devil’s laws are going to be arrested
you cannot escape God not even with the

math or six feet they’re gonna scan
everybody we got to get hands and daddy

Santa Church the kids to go to school
Popo Borat dot org slash and a I’m a

lone wolf