No Agenda Episode 1256: “White Tears”

the Texas surge Adam Curry
John C. Dvorak is no agenda in the
morning everybody

I’m Adam curry from Northern Silicon
Valley where we’re all talking about the
guy who went to the party
and drop dead the next day from
coronavirus I’m John C Dvorak no that is
not the talk du jour anymore mon that we

have a to show de spectacular news could
they arrested Gil a Maxwell yes that was
all over the news this morning
spectacular news this is the first of

174 thousand sealed indictments I have
all of them listed by state yes what’s
number two no no no they’re still sealed
they’re sealed so we don’t know but we

had we know how many there are per state
and in what districts California has
about 50,000 yeah we’ll see well third
governor’s office yeah who knows

wouldn’t be that surprising now would it
so I’m reading this story I want to read
this story man attends a party this
according to each CNN so we know it’s

true the next day he died of corona
virus so he goes to a party like and
like he goes to a party and I should

they don’t say this but it should say he
goes to a party like a fool yeah and
sort of said that yes and then he turns
out somebody there had corona and then
this guy was according to the headline

the next day he died a corona virus yes
okay so I’m just gonna read don’t know
why I’m laughing is not funny of course
but there’s a punch line coming I feel

okay this guy a Southern California man
who tested positive for corona virus
after attending a party expressed his
fear and regret a day before he died

wait a minute
how could he dies their set time between
now and then was wait wait for one thing
you can’t test positive in the drop dead

the next day and know that you tested
positive because you know it takes three
days for the test right at least he says
he went to a barbecue last month near
his community of the Lake Elsinore about
70 miles from Los Angeles shortly after

the party started feeling sick On June
he posted a poignant message on Facebook
to warn his beloved ones about the risk
of the virus mm-hmm this virus is risky

I went out a couple of weeks ago because
of my stupidity I put wait a minute he
went out a couple of weeks ago and then
he’s writing about how does this match
the headlines with quote unquote

the next day she died of coronavirus g.g
bad bad journalism or just all right now
you brought brought bringing this up for

a long time people only read the
headlines yeah I got it I got a better
headline for you or as we would call it
the lead of the show and this I think
I’d like to start off today with the

Texas surge since we are the epicenter
of all things death currently in the
United States death Texas surged we’re
all going to die Texas surged chris

hayes started his show last night with
the following 29 seconds which I just
needed to share from New York I’m Chris

Hayes right now right this moment there
are Americans who are alive and or
healthy who will be dead by the fall and
there are Americans who already died you
did not have to all because of the

failures of our government and more
specifically the president United States
there is no other conclusion you can
reach at this point
at this point there’s nothing what to
say but that Donald Trump has gotten

Americans killed and is going to get
even more Americans killed in
unfathomable numbers I mean that’s
really pretty out there for MSNBC I
personally I think the opening is just

so good there are people alive right now
who will be dead this fall
thanks to you Donald Trump I have to
stop the show
uh-oh what does effort just went by I’m

holding on nine eight million dot mil
Ian Jobs number it’s over folks nine
cars tomorrow is the normal length of

this effort checkmark is go baby

you know the guys that on Wall Street
like but it’s not just MSNBC Fox
Business News Neil Cavuto he seems to

like the death thing himself listen
closely it’s the first listen closely
extensively the spike in cases it’s not
coming with a spike in death sadly

enough that’s one thing that was
extensively the spike in cases is not
coming with a spike in death sadly

enough that’s one thing to look at
because that’s a big worry yes yes sad
sad I wish I could report more death and

destruction I just like his numbers I
just that’s pathetic just don’t have it
I’m so sorry that’s by the way I’m
giving you a clip of the day for that
cuz I’m so hurt


new gear people what the heck just
happened oh my goodness

that was that was a Tourette’s no that
was a MIDI control freak out hold on a
second all I wanted was my clip of the
day and now that won’t even play don’t

worry you’re listening to this on a live
stream it’ll never make it to the show
I’ll clip it all out no you won’t right
but I don’t know if anything else works

either no it doesn’t the whole thing is
dead well maybe this will help fight
just jiggle the handle maybe maybe it’ll
come back to life but alright so I’ll
have to earn my clip of the day again it

can and later in this program possible
so Austin Texas is the heart of the
surge and the surge is is a amalgamation

of the terms positive cases or just
cases and that’s pretty much it that’s
the only numbers we’re looking at how
many thousands of people have cases are

testing positive for the corona virus
and when this kind of stuff happens
especially in in my backyard I get
pretty insane about watching everything
I can and I sat through hours of Austin

City Council meetings on zoom’ which is
unfortunately just not clippable because
everybody is well ok Councilwoman well

what about the area code what about zip
code 4 4 4 5 you know we were bleep I
promised we’d have transportation for
people who don’t have cars to get

testing at the Wagah it just it goes on
forever ok like that voice it’s 12
people all the same voice and the mayor
just sits there in the top left-hand

almost you know you know he’s looking at
his phone he’s looking at his that is me
mailing angry birds I’m sorry
boom you nailed that he’s playing Angry

Birds and then they bring it and this
was the whole point of me hours hours of
this stuff and just bull crap back and
forth and oh please think of our
communities of color we’re not paying

enough attention to this uh even though
we’re testing like crazy so there’s one
doctor who pops on he come he only has
15 minutes he pops on and he offers two

solutions one is in order to stop this
because we’re out of control you see
this is this is very dire and again I
wish I could clip it but it’s just

impossible sound is – shit okay you
don’t have to apologize you’re doing a
great job of summarizing two options one
everybody face masks all the time
everywhere starting or now outside you

in your car in your bedroom
everywhere or or or if we are not
capable of that as the mayor said if we
are not capable of that option – which

is a direct and immediate 35 day
lockdown complete
only the only thing will be open is the
big-box grocery store and then after

that well let me give you the report
from CBS Austin no choice has been made
I don’t even know if the mayor can make

this choice for the city maybe under the
new rules that Governor Abbott he seems
to have gone a little easier on stuff
but it was one thing to be requiring
face mat masks and muzzles in businesses

it’s another thing to require it fold
full time everywhere and yet another to
say we’re gonna do a 35 day lockdown and
so I’m like okay this will be

well what is the news reports well this
is going to sound counterintuitive to
those who are trying to avoid another
shutdown because the plan that the mayor
is floating he mentioned that last night

on his Facebook live actually involves a
five days shutdown followed by an
extended period of lessons learned you
remember the shutdown I love this

followed by an extended period of
lessons learned you did you learn I hope
you learned from your 35 days in the
corner lessons learned an extended

period of lessons learned you remember
the shutdown the schools parks and
businesses fully closed and churches
were reluctant to meet for fear of

spreading the kovat 19 virus we all stay
at home and only travel to essential
businesses for food and supplies well if
I understand the mayor under this
proposal we can expect more of the same
but coming out of the shutdown will be

different he hopes now that we’ve seen
what happens when people let their
facemasks down and gather shoulder to
shoulder in large numbers we’re gonna
come out after 35 days everybody’s gotta

wear their face masks whether around
other people everybody’s gonna social
distance nobody’s gonna go out when
they’re sick everybody’s gonna get
tested we could do that we can come out

be in orange and just stay in orange and
if you look at this chart that also
enables us to open up schools in the
fall yeah he’s talking about our current
stage for orange on the city’s kovat

chart everyone is struggling to find a
way to get our school kids back in the
classroom and the mayor sees this plan
as one possibility but it would have to
start pretty soon and just how long

would we be in this extended period of
our best behavior well according to the
mayor until a vaccine is available for
everyone it’ll be that long a holy crap

so it’s present now I’m sure that he I
didn’t see his Facebook live I can’t
access Facebook anywhere from my

networks but I’m sure that the mayor
offered the two solutions but no the
reporter standing on sixth Street with
nothing going on but he has a mask on
that’s why the throttle drove off he

said oh no no it’s just gonna be the 35
days that’s what we’re looking at and
then the lessons learned period oh yeah

learned so I’m gonna give you the
conclusion and then I want to go back as
to why this is all bogus because what is
communist patek I understand I think
this is we’re not the only place this is
happening all over the country now this

mandatory mask is coming back and foul
she did an interview think it was if it
was CBS or not and I’m just going to

pull this one clip out of order it’s
only a minute so they’re talking about
the vaccine and the entire scam of that
we’ll get to later but listen to what
he’s talking about when it comes to herd

immunity and bear in mind the whole
concept of masks right now we’re being
taught this is an obedience class that’s
the wordage they’re using total 35-day
shot down and then a lessons learned

period lessons learned and that does not
end until the vaccine comes so listen to
what fout she says about what we need
for the facts for the vaccine to be

effective I doubt seriously that any
vaccine will ever be 100% protected the
best we’ve ever done is measles which is
97 to 98% effective if only say 70 75

percent of Americans are willing to get
the vaccine and it’s only say I think
you just said 70 75 percent effective is
that gonna get us to hurt immunity you

know unlikely and that’s one of the
reasons why we have to make sure we
engage the community as we’re doing now
so you have community people to help us
to help us lock people in scare them

teach them a lesson so that once we’ve
taught them how to obey and listen to us
they will be willing to take the vaccine
people to understand that we are doing

everything we can to show that it’s safe
and that it’s effective and it’s for the
good of them as individuals and in
society to take the vaccine so we have a
lot of work to do because as you all

know we’ve spoken about this intensively
in the past there is a general anti
science ant the authority ant
some feeling among some people in this
country an alarmingly large percentage

of people relatively speaking to me it’s
completely clear we need a couple things
first of all please realize that in
Austin Texas orange is a dangerous color

orange man bad orange is bad here in
Austin that’s just the coincidence I
don’t know if that adds anything behind
it but it’s clear this is to shut up the

anti authoritative anti-authority
anti-government anti vaccine people ie
me not anti vaccine but I won’t take

this one huh nor will the Africans
anymore apparently being any more trials
Africans and so this is just leading up

to a shaming forceful legal ultimately
precedent which will flow right through
to vaccinations and it’s you know the

I’m sure they can’t really force it you
know it’s just you can’t we’ve gone
through the Nikki legal case etc but
they could make you’re like yeah but
don’t you remember we looked at the law

and how they interpreted the law I could
change the law they could change the law
and that’s what’s happening that is
exactly what’s happening so okay I got
two I have two long clips that apply to

this okay because I want or some more
stuff here let me do a filler this guy
is Scott atlas he’s a he’s at the Hoover
Institution and he is a public policy

expert in health matters in specifically
he discusses in the long interview
discusses how public policy and and
listening to experts are two different

the experts give you some input and then
you do public policy based on what’s
important for the public at large not
just because some expert told you to do
it and he goes on and on about it but

but indeed have two clips from him and
one of them is the kind of interesting
because it as you heard in the last clip
all the science the science so he got a
like down the science it’s all about the

science and let’s just listen to the
on the science for example on spacing
the science behind six-foot spacing is
embarrassingly weak and a1 underscore 2

that is that the w-h-o itself recommends
three feet
mostly many countries in the world use
three feet some countries use 1.5 meters

these are obviously arbitrary
pseudo-science kind of concepts and okay
one of the studies that was done to

necessitate masques them certain
distances is they put two hamsters and
cages what both of them one of them had
a mask on one didn’t and they blew with
the fan micro droplets at them from

certain distances this is not the same
thing as an infectious agent causing an
infection point number two though we
know that 98 99 percent of people that
get the virus have no serious problem

with the infection half-hour Aysen
repeat that percentage I thought it was
at least half half are asymptomatic half
are asymptomatic and 98 or 99 percent
have no serious illness fun so you might

feel as they have a cold smile or you
have the flu or it’s a bad flu and you
stay hot right in that you’re you’re not
gonna go to the hospital you’re not
going to die and frankly if you feel

that it’s risky to go into a restaurant
then don’t go if you’re 75 and a
diabetic with you know heart disease and
obese and you’re a high risk person and

you don’t feel safe going into a
restaurant then don’t go no one’s
mandating anyone goes but the Center for
Law or restriction that is based on very
very weak science at best and to say

okay you must operate that or you can’t
open your restaurant
Peter 70 or 80% occupancy is meeting
costs in Manhattan and in most places

for restaurants you can’t have a
functional business like that and no one
wants to even go in under those
circumstances the science is is really
not science it’s it’s a fear-based and

sort of cherry-picking of certain
studies it’s very poor analysis
as I say many times a lot of smart
people are doing a lot of sloppy

thinking I’ll add to that because I
learned it from the dog that the
Netherlands who have the one and a half
metre Society
that’s their slogan now which is has

been put into actual law was based on an
airplane where one person had the virus
and they looked how far out people

around that person got the virus and
that was about a meter and a half and
they said okay that’s it
that was their scientific method yeah
this scientist idea of science science

science science science which is what
these guys keep promoting Oh science
science science it’s like bull crap this
is no science if I okay if I may then
add to this this is a you may have seen

this this is a Stanford professor
professional Leavitt Nobel Prize winner
for science for science actual science
he’s on a video call with the Nobel you

know group at least that’s the logo on
this on this call and listen to what he
has to say about scientists and how
science is handled
itself and how it has been handled

people are insisting on refereed reports
no one wants to share anything the
scientists are more panicked and scared
of reality than anybody else the August
organization was like Linda the Royal

Society the National Academy of Science
have been totally signs I am really
disappointed this has got nothing to do
with the politics as a group scientists
have failed the younger generation they

should have been a committee forms
either by the Nobel Foundation bilinga
by the Royal Society the National
Academy at the in the middle of February
when this was coming down the road and

we should have discussed this instead we
live economics and politics dedicate the
science and for me the worst opposition
I got was from very very prominent

scientists who were so scared that the
none scientists would break quarantine
and infect them they was
total panic and effect is net almost all

the signs we were hearing for example
from organizations like the World Health
Organization was wrong
we had Facebook censoring the World
Health Organization country views this

has been a disgraceful situation for
science and I have nothing to do we
should have been talking with each other
reports were released openly shared by
email and all I got back was abuse and

you got to see that everything I said in
that first six weeks was actually true
and for political reasons we as
scientists let our views be corrupted
the data had very clear things to say

nobody said to me let me check your
numbers they all just said stop talking
like that stop talking like that
exactly exactly yeah
there’s no science here this is bullcrap

and this of course this is the way it’s
been going since the global warming
scare and fear mongering I do have one
more clip from Atlas which is also
applies to this because it was also

mentioned by your Adler about the
schools and maybe there’s reopen mmm-hmm
this guy has a some commentary in the
school shutdowns and so far as public
policy is concerned and this is quite
good these serious child abuse emergency

room visits are up 35 percent during the
lockdown now let me tell you what that
means this is very important somebody
who brings in their child to the

emergency room that’s not because they
smack them around and gave him a black
eye these are and I’m saying this with
with with sadness these emergency room
visits are for children who the parents

think they might have killed them
they’re unresponsive they have multiple
broken bones these are the most serious
35% increase in child abuse and that’s
directly due to the lockdown and I’ll

explain why because when you lose your
job the correlation of amount of child
abuse found in a home is directly
correlated for lower socioeconomic roof
unemployment alcohol abuse this is

markedly increasing during the lockdown
when we know that almost half of people
making $40,000 a year or less lost their
jobs by far more than
like you and I and so when these people

have children and the schools are closed
and there’s a tremendous amount of
stress in the household we know the
emergency room visits are going way up

and that’s only per day art be is that
do you know we’re the number one place
the child who’s is noticed by an outside
person the school yeah school you close
the schools you have no visibility on

the overwhelming majority of child abuse
so this is a creating a really a
catastrophic sad and simply unspoken
harm to the children you realize by the

way I didn’t mention than that and on
the mark this is in the article that
when children go to school that’s the
number one place where people with
children with vision with need glasses
are detected children and need hearing

aids I mean the school is a kid at the
school lunch program it’s for some kids
it’s a nursery sleeping all day yes
exactly so you know when you shut
schools you’re really and there’s no

risk to the children again there’s zero
risk to the children you are directly
harming children I don’t understand how
people who claim to be so so focused on

children teachers teachers unions I
think it’s it’s it’s really outrageous
this will go down as the most heinous
misapplication of public policy in in

modern America and I predict that it
will never truly be reported properly
but that this heinous policy etc that

will go down in history is based on
fraud and I have I remember I really
could not clip the Austin City Council
meeting however big props to Sir do

suffer who he’s also he’s the news
director at Infowars I think he broke
this story this is a recording of the
Collin County Texas May 18th City

Council meeting in which very clearly
and succinctly is discussed how testing
numbers are counted what

qualifies as a case in the state of
Texas so this is May 18th surge time
surge time when this came out the state
of Texas DSHS has informed public health

departments that they are they have
adopted a revised definition for code 19
probable cases

so for confirmed case it stays the same
you still just need PCR but now they’ve
added a probable case definition so that
still gets counted towards the case

count it’s different it’s not confirmed
its probable but it’s still a case so at
the end of this definition there are 15
different options on how you could be
classified based on this diagram and

what they report there’s a total of 17
cases now one is still only confirmed
because that was that original index
case who then had all these contacts

underneath in orange and all the rest of
them became probable but they are still
considered a case it has the potential
to be a very significant event for us

here in Texas and here in Collin County
as the state now has has elected to
adopt this new probable definition
so there’s your reason for the surge

numbers all they report is cases one
person’s confirmed the 15 other people
they were in contact with are on the
case list even though they are not have

not even been tested that’s what’s going
on here
that’s fraud at best how this has
happened in Texas which is supposedly a

largely a red city this is the medical
system John this is the medical system
which is complete and controlled here a
email from one of our producers my

brother’s friend was supposed to take a
co vid test overslept and missed it few
days later he got a test result in the
mail saying he was positive okay so
that’s always fun to know right oh yeah
oh yeah this stuff is happening this is

one of another one of our producers all
the monomers I find this article in I
work for a national print mail company
I’m the supervisor of the distribution
center and like until you wear for the

past month we’ve been shipping kovat
tests to individuals for a large
diagnostic company these are at home
tests that are being shipped out for the
last month
this week we’re expecting to send a
total of 50,000 tests directly to the

patient we are one of three facilities
within my company that are doing this
exact job so why are we even doing
drive-through testing now it’s and the
who knows if these are any good are

these even sanctioned no one says we can
have them yet they’re being sent out by
someone sir Daniel who’s a Spanish
medical interpreter says I make friends
at work because it’s easy to get good

info I’m very smart sir Daniel one of
the ladies doing callbacks for positive
kovat tests told me today it’s mostly 30
something year olds who were
asymptomatic and got tested because it
was free

I asked if it’s like more than half or
what kind of numbers she would say said
well more than half are asymptomatic
also the people who do have the the Rona
have been the elderly population
complaining of not much worse than a

runny nose
then we have coming out of the Woodworks
senior executive of a Texas emergency
room chain when he posted this publicly
on Twitter and this has been picked up

by what with the Gateway pundit woohoo
let me just tell you what he says where
are we crap I’ve lost my spot here oh

this is mainly about the hospital I see
use and there’s a and I have actually
eclipta to go with this what we’re
hearing now is we have an increase so

yes deaths are not following the cases
even though these cases are super
inflated because we now know that it
could be a factor of 15 of contact
traces that are added to this cases list

and even this I mean I don’t know is it
is that really true is that what they’re
doing it’s I saw the document they
showed it on the in the City Council
meeting I presume that’s what’s
happening but then we have the deaths

well there are more people dying I mean
it’s not like last month and it’s it’s
increasing it’s not exactly like the
beginning where the where the deaths

were following the cases but there are
people dying and it’s more than last
month well there’s an explanation for
hospitals on health care workers
paramedics and doctors or nurses it’s
really taking a toll on the nation in

the healthcare system in general
especially you know with the increased
number of hospitalizations and cases it
puts a strain during July which is a
very important time because we tend to

see more deaths in the month of July
because of the new health care
professionals that are entering the
residency program so we’ve got a lot to
do comes down to simply a minute wait

wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait
you’re about to make something really an
important point about masks but what did
you tell me you just said that in the
month of July you see death rates

increase because you’ve got new students
or medical you know professionals coming
online sure it’s not so much that that’s
the fact but you know this is a medical

professional going sure it’s not like
she’s horrified
sure students are medical professionals
coming online
sure so yes your lies when yes July is

you typically the month where we have
people who pay doctors they graduate
medical school in the intra residency so
sometimes we tend to see increase in the

rates of medical errors and deaths
that’s just something that you know is
well known in the medical field so that
just goes to show you how this isn’t
that incredible to hear that you get

clip of the day but even NPR is
reporting scientists warn CDC testing

data could create misleading picture of
pandemic and that is no but that’s kind
of I guess everybody else saying all the

numbers are the latest big this happened
is the second round of this by the way
the surge this is not a surge in deaths
or surge in cases it’s a surge in in
telling people that everything’s

underreported exactly what it is now
this is a report from South Carolina
but it’s this and it’s and I have it
because this reporter it was a very
weird report he’s on the street he’s

doing this report he’s kind of reading
off the numbers and and that’s you know
just kind of leaves you thinking like
wow that’s high numbers whatever it’s
very confusing and then for some reason
the report continues and it kind of

unfolds with I could on the spot
debunking but I don’t even know if he
realizes it so South Carolina but this
is the same happening here in Texas we
have now medical doctors CEOs of medical

systems saying that this is what’s
happening but first listen to how it’s
reported and what people in South
Carolina saw on their local television
news these numbers may not mean or look

like what they seem that data show if
you know what I this has already thrown
me off by the way who’s that as of today
ninety four point seven percent of
hospital beds in Anderson County are

currently in use Anderson is followed by
Lexington County and second place at
eighty eight point two percent in
Sumpter County and third at 87.6% it is
important to note that according to Anne

hospital these numbers are based on
staffed bed counts not total capacity
and Matt is currently only in phase one
of covert response meaning that if an
met needed to increase available beds
and move to Phase two it easily could so

you know unless you’ve been with your
head inside this shit like I’ve been you
have no idea what he’s saying but I
heard some high numbers now the report
continues with a quote from the guy the

doctor from hospital hospital Kovac 19
patients only make up about 6 percent of

all current patients and Middle East
this statement at WYFF news 4 regarding
the numbers saying in part when our
census drops significantly the beginning
of the kovat 19 outbreak we

appropriately reduce the number of staff
beds we report the fact that our
occupancy is high means we are doing a
good job of matching our resources to
the level of demand during this crisis
of course you just heard McMaster

mention how we need and want more people
to start wearing masks and social
distancing here in South Carolina
the people of Anderson County
reiterating that same idea so what has
happened now is they’ve allocated X

amount of their beds and resources all
the way up and down the line to Co vyd
it’s not the full you know it’s not the
full hospital like it was before or only
kovat so now they have a between 80 and

certainly ninety and a hundred percent
occupancy that’s how you run the
business you’ve got to be at least 85 –
well yeah of course of course why do you
think that they’re doing away on the

airlines with the middle seat Passa
spacing by knowing no they’re do I throw
the key number there is that six percent
of the total was is clovis six percent
that’s a small number allocate X number

best for the kovat people a it’s 100
percent of design capacity and of the
six and these numbers are being used
abused the business shut us down in

Austin and I’m sorry I’m not having it
this time I’m not having it this is
really messed up and I and it seems like
pretty much everyone now I look at the

City Council they’re idiots they’re not
reading anything that’s god knows what
they’re into but they they’re not they
can’t be serious really
but Adler he just sits there just
whatever this guy was I got to find out

who that was who showed up for ten
minutes and gave the options now he’s
clearly the he’s the heat-seeking
missile and and now we’re being
threatened with 35-day complete lockdown

which will I mean that’s terrorists man
you know what terrorists do they blow
something up and then when the ambulance
comes they blow they blow up some more
bombs so we get rid of yes he loved the

ambulance yeah that’s it these are
terrorist tactics we’re in tatters here
in our finding this quite amusing from
coming from you what do you mean what

Texas was so ahead of everybody else and
you were kind of except for your locals
there and in Austin everything was going
swimmingly and then somehow it all turns
turns south well and now you’re being

threatened with 35-day actual lockdown
we don’t even have that thread here in
California I know it’s to teach us a
lesson lessons learned is what we need
here know who’s teaching you the lesson

they know maybe we can maybe we can boil
it down to a couple of different things

because and I’m just gonna go back to
file chief for a sec the vaccine
business is a little different this time

and that will be evidenced by some news
that came out today that is about a
therapeutic not a vaccine but listen to
what he says how this is arranged with
the vaccine companies this time around

so if this would normal business as
usual no emergency companies would not
make investments
the next step until they were sure of
the previous step they wouldn’t be

manufacturing doses unless they knew the
vaccine would work what’s happened now
with major investments on the part of
the federal government that when these

products reach a certain point phase to
early phase three you’re going to push
the button and already start
manufacturing which I just want to try
to just distill that for a second before

he continues so unlike any other time
this vaccine has been pre funded for
distribution levels by the federal
government the money is already in
they’ve got the majority of what they

needed the numbers are astronomical and
we paid for it
we Phase three you’re gonna push the
button and already start manufacturing
which means that if you prove that it’s
effective or not but let’s assume it is

and it’s December of January by that
time you will already have a lot of
doses to distribute in fact several of
the companies and I can’t vouch for them
but they’re saying it with confidence

several of the companies are saying that
by the beginning of 2020 into 2020 2021
and into 2021 they will have hundreds of
millions of doses and after a year or so

even as many as a billion doses so if
that’s true and will take them on their
then you and I and others could have a
vaccine that we might be able to take in

December January February so that’s your
market right there and it’s pre funded
it’s good to go
the stock will be ready and there’s an
entire system for getting this into

people’s bodies and there’s a lot of
money and they’re all raring to go and
we learned today this was from the
Guardian a kind of a pissed-off article

it’s the Guardian us secures world stock
of kekova 19 drug Ram disappear from dis
severe is you know what has replaced
hydroxychloroquine as well as the

introvert in the public eye in the and
only for the end of life and yes with it
and it only cost three thousand one
hundred and twenty dollars for the

typical patient and here we are the
United States has bought up virtually
all the stocks for the next three months
of REM disappear we’re talking half a
million doses so you know money is

flowing people there’s a lot at stake
here no one gives a crap about your
health otherwise they might tell you hey
you know here’s what you could order the

keyboard rump economy which unbelievably
seems to be coming back with a nine cars
zephyr so which feels like yeah
contradicts everything you know but so

take all of this data together this is a
scam this is an absolute scam and it’s
working so well that my you know we have
the backyard cocktail a Friday evening

I’m getting ready for it I have my mug
it actually says it’s not world’s best
dad its best dad ever
it’s it’ll do it’s a white mug no I

email my buddy
with some bull crap excuse about
something melts and he replies back oh
by the way you know I heard you know you
were asked to bring her own glass you

know I’m a hugger man so what’s the
protocol you know he replies we are full
hazmat suit here in the backyard with
masks on with our own with my mug and

six feet apart from each other I guess I
appreciate the invite man who knows I
may learn something maybe it’ll be

delightful you never know
but yeah it’s this there’s something
really weird going on and it has to be
the power of the pharmaceutical industry
we know that television news cannot

cover what we just did and we know why
you know in fact last night I hope
people appreciate that by the way it dr.
mark Segal who is not my favorite doctor

he always appears on Tucker Carlson now
dr. Carson has no advertisers
he’s got my pillow calm he’s got my
pillow calm the local car ads and that’s

it and and and Mark CEO comes on the
doctrine he says this is this is
bullcrap he says this testing this
there’s such a small percentage of

anything that’s you know that’s really
concerning the actual death rate and we
are at zero across the country 0.0001
percent death rate and this is this is

not the scary thing that it’s made out
to be and the science is there the
science is everywhere except in the

mainstream there’s some other kind of
science that is being presented to us
but there’s lots I mean everyone’s seen
it everyone’s seen the YouTube videos
you’ve heard it it’s all over the place

and the only thing I can hope is is that
enough people are just gonna say no I
know I know in general it’s going to be

after 35 days people are gonna come out
they’re all hunkered over
they’re weak they’re white and is doctor
bill they’ll be so ready for it they’ll

be spanked spanked down into submission
anyway all of this is in these show
notes at NA show notes calm and I would
also like to welcome who is doing a

concert on Friday evening here a small
place two and a half thousand tickets
will be able to be sold he’s found a
loophole and vanilla ice will be

performing in Austin Texas at the
throwback beach party
and I could not be happier I think it’s
badass you go ice you go man just stick

it to the man and and otherwise you know
it’s the people don’t care yet John they
haven’t figured it out of course they’re

people you know like our friends we’re
gonna sit in the backyard in the corner
but the young people there so over they
don’t care they do not care they just
don’t well but they will if they get

locked down for 35 days again only gonna
get luck
well that’s I don’t believe that the of
all places Texas locking people down for

35 days just doesn’t make any sense I
will not I mean here you know we gotta
gotta wear a mask and it was were mask
wear a mask is making everyone’s baby
the mask of it it’s a big symbolic deal

yeah well no it’s not just a symbolic
deal anymore in fact do I have a mask
and muzzles yes it’s it’s become the
issue and this I might point out it’s

not an issue in most other countries
they’re not arguing about this in the
Netherlands that arguing about this in
in France arguing about masks it’s only
here because everything everything right

now is politicized and that’s because
that’s where the money is that’s the
money right now is an election year it’s

masks on
you must leave
you must leave your mask on sir Chris
Wilson is back of course here is part of

how we’re selling it to you I believe
this is Pennsylvania and this is your
favorite health professional breaking
news right now at 6:00 face coverings
are now mandatory at all public spaces
in Pennsylvania state health secretary

dr. Rachel Levine signed that order just
this afternoon the wolf administration
says it takes the mask requirement quote
a step further this includes all
businesses health care settings and

outdoor public spaces where you can’t
stay six feet away from strangers dr.
Levine said quote while cases increase
in some areas we cannot become
complacent my mask protects you and your

mask protects me wearing a mask shows
you care about others and that you are
committed to protecting the lives of
those around you this is what’s this is
Cuomo language this is every mayor is

now using this it shows you respect me
this is I mean it’s it’s really it’s
really gone pretty nutty it’s really

here’s oh this is cool one of our
producers works at the Oregon hour n
Oregon Public Health hotline where
people can call in if there’s an issue

with heads kind I guess kind of like a
911 s this is what our producer said he
or she receives about fifteen of a day

Josh I’m sure you would like to talk to
this lady because she’s very pleasant I
think this was the forward from one from
one professional to the next this one’s
been going around apparently well trying

to get ahold of anyone in this office is
just ridiculous yes I have some
questions about town our people and
businesses and grants has supposed to

wear masks because they’re not wearing
masks oh got the little subway place up
north of town you’ve got a kid drawing

your drink and he’s giving it because
you can’t worry about
I bet our restaurant workers supposed to
wear masks and why isn’t the guy up
there and the little pantry up north of

town right before she’s get on the
freeway why isn’t he wearing a mask when
he’s working while he’s coughing our
bath required of people who work because

maybe you better get out and do your
goddamn job gets passed around no one
going out to do anything it’s all of the

it’s a farce we we need to stop this
insanity it’s crazy it’s I can’t get
over how nuts it is it truly is and

we’ve got the Ted Ross the World Health
Organization his quote of the week the
worst is yet to come oh yeah the worse

is yet to come let me see I got some
what ever happened to that big surge
that was supposed to take place in the
middle of April yeah yeah where they had

the ship they moved two giant ships army
your hospital ships one of them was
moved to New York Harbor got 15 people
stay through this giant surge that never

happened here’s what I don’t know the
worst is yet to come
it’s just this is like waiting for a
good dough why when you had thousands of
people in nursing homes dying why were

those people not put on the empty kovat
appropriate ships hard as that call you
know why weren’t they take people were

murdered bye-bye como oh now you’re
doing like a Trump bit that’s pretty
good I like that I’m not the only one
who said this no I know I’m in total
agreement we’ve looked at all the

documents and I am sure I am sure that
there will not be any type of Hollywood
celebrity funeral for Carl Reiner I mean
I’m very sorry loved by many he produced

a total tard as a son but we’re not
going to break our vows and go have a
laws and go have a funeral star-studded

are we we better not they got to be this
has got to be the biggest moment of
mixed feelings because everybody was yes
everyone wants to show up for this and

then you can’t show up for it mm-hmm
they’re gonna have to do some virtual
thing that which we can all capture
that’d be great yeah no it did suck on

those things always suck it’s no good
but this is happening around the world
this politicization this and it’s laws
so in the Netherlands nothing’s about

mass no laws about mass no but they’ve
codified into law not not just law for a
little bit no no permanent we are a
meter-and-a-half society the only the

whole from a Tohmatsu pay that’s a
permanent law now what does that even
mean it’s control man just whatever
can’t kiss each other anymore you can’t
have a hug no I guess not

I don’t know it’s crazy and people are
protesting and what happens they protest
they get their heads beaten in I mean
the whole thing is it’s just for
different reasons but it’s still the

same thing is taking place the same
thing is taking place well my favorites
have you had these stories like this one
it comes up on this decide that I got

this this morning us Cova 19 deaths
likely higher than reported
us study number of Americans are died
from Covey’s in March to me is likely

significantly higher in the official
count now every report we’ve ever
isolated is that they’re over counting
because they get more money from the
government and every bin surance
companies but why if that’s and that’s

all you get you never get any contrary
reports so how do you get this how does
this happen
it’s what why do you get this miss
reporting under reporting it makes no

sense but that this is the thing that’s
going on in fact you just said it again
himself then it’s apparently something
coming out of Yale had some ball oh it’s
probably a much worse than then it seems
yeah I mean I’m flabbergasted we’ve

isolated what it is we can isolate have
to get rid of Trump yes that’s the only
thing that matters right now that is

what matters the only money in the game
is pharmaceutical and political there’s
got to be a lot of money flowing still
for politics I mean there’s oh man I
really love that

oh that that Trump hate ad let me see oh
yes from the Republican Lincoln Lincoln
project because he has Rick and the rick

wilson and the boys but that’s also bill
kristol correct yeah bill kristol all
the neocons
what’s his name the presidential

candidate from a utah romney isn’t that
yes I think so these are so-called
Republicans the Lincoln project and they
are doing everything to get rid of Trump

but really all I hear in this message is
that they want to continue you have to
understand this came out and we’re in
the middle of negotiations with the

Taliban to leave Afghanistan and all of
a sudden we get this story from the New
York Times that is now put into scary
music and visuals by this Lincoln

project group
in the last year flag-draped coffins
have returned from Afghanistan now we
know Vladimir Putin pays a bounty for

the murder of American soldiers Donald
Trump knows too and does nothing
Putin pays the Taliban cash to slaughter

our men and women in uniform and Trump
is silent weak control instead of
condemnation he insists Russia be

treated as our equal
instead of retaliation he invites Putin
to America when Trump tells you he
stands by the troops he’s right just not

our troops for the content of this
advertising what a piece of shit that is
I only hear war talk it’s like we got it

like we got a good cuz they want to have
Wars oh my goodness that’s really crazy
yeah their people should be there sick

sick individuals meanwhile Scott Adams
has a kind of a counter to all this with
this I’m glad you I’m glad you followed
this the keeper was telling me about it

and then I saw your clips and I never
listened to him but I’m like oh good I’m
gonna learn he’s I got it I got this as
short as I could because he’s a

long-winded guy yeah but he starts off
at the beginning of this a couple days
ago he starts off with this this is the
Scott Adams hunted one all right so that
sort of tells you where we are I tweeted

this morning provocatively and I know
that’s why some of you are here that if
Joe Biden gets elected that there’s a
good chance you’ll be dead within a year
how do you recognize that technique what

does that sound like who are you
reminded of Chris Hayes persuasion does
it remind you of when I say that if
Biden is elected

there’s a good chance you’ll be dead
within a year does this sound familiar
this should sound familiar
it’s a o C’s play about climate change
some of you got it in the in the

comments okay now so he starts with that
but he’s not really done with this idea
and he’s actually taking a little more
serious and you’d think because it’s got
traction there’s something’s going on

with it a lot of Chloe yeah well this is
where it now this is where it goes now I
just says you’re gonna be Dan here but
now here’s here’s words actually I think
he’s serious too this is hunted too and
so under a Biden presidency some things

that you could be sure would happen
would be that the protests would get out
of control and the police would be taken
off the field now if you take the police
off the field what stops the protests

nothing nothing it just gives worse but
more importantly I think that the
Republicans and the people who had ever
supported Trump and I would be on that

list I believe that we will be hunted I
think that will be hunted now if you
don’t think that remember the story I
just told
so Carson Griffith lost her job as she
tells the story entirely because

somebody imagined that she was a trump
supporter when in fact she had one tweet
long before he ran for president that’s

long before he ran for president and
some other social media thing that was
sort of ambiguous I forget and that was
enough for her to lose her job she lost
her job over the suggestion that she

might possibly be a little bit friendly
to Trump so he’s already this is
somebody halfway through his his bit but

he makes a good point I like it finishes
off you’re in the fonta but let me just
set that update by saying first he says
you’ll be dead and then he net when he
says hunted he never Scioscia stat again

but it’s in the back of your mind that
you’re not only gonna be hunted but
you’re gonna be hunted and killed well
there’s also there was wasn’t it the
controversial Netflix movie where people
were hunting conservative

and it got you know got cancelled and
then they brought it back and I think it
got released sometime during the
lockdown I think it was called the
hunted there’s that element someone in
the side here we go with the his final

salute as finals nice lose of his final
la comment so here are some things that
signal what would happen under a Biden
presidency today you can’t go in public
wearing a trump hat without getting your

ass kicked
what are you agree if you can’t even
wear a hat or or announce that you’re a
Republican in a lot of places because it
won’t be safe you’ll lose your job you

could be the threat of physical violence
you know there’s already no no freedom
for a part of the people in this country
so I do think there’s a not a risk it’s
almost a guarantee that if Biden gets

elected Republicans will be haunted
now when I say hunted I mean identities
will be surfaced so that people lose
their jobs and stuff like that not
necessarily just physically with guns

but I think that’s I think the odds of a
shooting civil war if Biden gets elected
are 20% maybe 20% the odds of you being
hunted one way or another as a

Republican if you are a Republican I
would say are closer to 80% 80% chance
that you would be you would be
victimized under the new under the new
regime Wow now he makes a darn good

point there doesn’t he I really yeah I
mean you know it’s like we’re just smart
old guys you know so I’m not gonna walk

outside with a mag a hat cuz I know he’d
get your ass kicked but you kind of
don’t think about how absurd that is how
absurd it really is yeah but I disagree
well I’d like to add to that that this

is part of something bigger and his
example was the woman who got fired and
and so he feels that’s an extreme
example what’s happening now and I got a

very thoughtful mail from Thomas
whether our producer none in Manhattan
in New York City and yeah man in
Manhattan our man in our man in

Manhattan and he’s been there with his
with his lovely girlfriend Alexandra and
it hasn’t been easy for them they’re in
the apartment and you know just imagine
what that’s like in New York but he’s a

photographer he’s a he’s a he’s a he’s a
licensed journalist I tell you he has
credentials absolute a photojournalist
anybody has no geek for this thank you
so whenever there’s a protest and

there’s you know now there’s some kind
of autonomous zone they’re trying to set
up in New York and so they went down to
photograph and harassed no photos no
pictures go away so well I’m just trying

to you know I’m just trying to document
this you need to ask permission
well no but you’re you’re out here and
you know in the open public space and

that’s totally appropriate no you have
to get more creative as a journalist you
can’t just do that and so he got into a
conversation with someone who was there

I think he knows I’m not quite sure it
was on Twitter and it was a long thread
and and the guy was you know kind of
saying this like he’s not appropriate
you can’t do that there’s all kinds of

AI and we can get recognized you know
it’s basically saying we’re deathly
afraid we have these masks but we know
that they don’t really protect us from
being recognized and being hauled you
know in by the law because you broke the

law and there’s photographic evidence
and now they’re shaming and and
forcefully telling people that you know
you can’t hot you cannot have any
journalism Nick the rat jumped in on

this thread that was the best part I
think the rats post
okay so corporations who have cameras
all over on every corner looking at you
is okay but you don’t want some

individual doing it it’s completely nuts
they are afraid and this is evidence
that it cuts both ways yes people who
are Magid Trump supporters will be

hunted and whether medical where they’re
real or a
metaphor but the danger of losing your
job a good job because of any

involvement in any type of politics is
also bad for the other side you probably
saw this tick tock or maybe it went
viral during black lives mattered this

is a Harvard grad and she’s a deloitte
and touche and this is what she posted
on tick tock during the black lives
matter protests the next person who has

the sheer nerve to say all lives matter
on a stab you i’ma show you my paper cut
and say my cut matters – okay so I’m
gonna stab you and she had a number of

these things and here’s the follow-up I
know this is what Trump supporters
wanted because standing up for black
lives matter in a place online have you
seen by millions of people the job that

I had worked really hard to get me hold
me and fired me because of everything
I’m circulating a lot my black lives

matter tech talks were picked up by
conservatives and spread and shared and
people were demanding that I be fired
which of course Froy de is beautiful but
children stop it on all sides children

stop it tears can only come for
everybody no no by the way those tears
were violence I have the know this no

help so I went to the blocked and
reported the site web podcasts and there

was a woman on there who had an early
experience with the white fragility
chick hold on what is the blocked and
reported we’ve talked about this is that

Katie Hodgkins wherever a name is and
this is a black report these are the
guys that are tracking the
just you know the social cancellation
you know being okay this is we’ve talked

about this podcast I’ve had exception
yes I recall now okay I gotcha gotcha
block so she’s got this woman on who ran
who who was an early Marty giddy I can’t
help it the woman comes I don’t believe

me I did this could have I could have
play our but I just got the one cut by
this one because I can now summarize
most of it she was part of a theater
group that was doing a black play and

apparently the n-word was in the play
but it was because it was a sensitive
understood somebody dropped it out into
some stage guy stage manager in the

background of mics is all we’re supposed
to say then they used the word right
there in the spot and it brought the
place into a tizzy because because
somebody sent the word and so they had

to bring this woman in who is doing this
you know just get these gigs where she
comes in and lectures you about how
you’re insensitive and that’s where that
little bombshell happens at the end of
this report you can play it what

happened to lead to your introduction to
Robyn D’Angelo Robyn D’Angelo was
brought on board at the company as a
racial sensitivity consultant after we

had an incident regarding the n-word and
it got really really heated there was
some publicity about it even in like the
local press and one of my organizations

like immediate responses about the whole
thing was that we were gonna start in on
this like EDI journey and EDI that
stands for equity diversity and

inclusion and so can you give me a
little bit more detail about the
so was this did someone call someone
else the n-word was it like that or was
it more like a sort of micro aggression

been really awful right if someone calls
someone the n-word it was not that it
was a stagehand
was on was like Mike tinted like the
back stage mic system and the stagehand

asked a question
this is reportedly what happened like I
wasn’t there this is this is the story
that the stagehand asked a question

about what they had just heard in the
script being spoken online the play at
the time that was being performed was
like a mostly black cast it was a play

about like the african-american
experience in this neighborhood in New
York City and I guess there’s like a
pause in the script where the character

sort of implies a word that’s not said
and the stagehand
basically asked into the mic did she
just say the N word but the stagehand

said the n-word and it got out that that
was said because there was like an
intercom system and so the cast heard
the n-word being said and then all hell

broke loose
there was accusations that the company
like didn’t initially handle it
correctly that there was some apology
from the stagehand to the cast for

saying the word out loud but the apology
like wasn’t enough were they had issues
with sort of how that was handled and
then there was a big all staff meeting
held about it so that it could all be

aired out in the open and that was that
was that staff meeting was like unlike
anything I had seen it was a fucking
shit show Katie yeah some of us lots of

crying though what cheers definitely a
lot of white tears but you’re on defense
we didn’t have Robin yet telling us that
white tears were Milan so we just didn’t
know it

and the second edible had just kind of
hit white tears or violence I’m writing

it down I mean just for myself yeah oh
my goodness this is and it’s that is the

D’Angelo that is the white fragility
lady she’s up in her game impressive and
what do you think
EDI sesh goes for that’s gotta be a 25k

gig right there absolutely everybody
let’s sit here now you have the Talking
Stick how do you feel when you heard
that word oh my god it’s probably a

really cool outfit everybody’s probably
pretty respectful they’re all creative
you know the the nature of the play then
someone just makes a mistake

and then have to bring in the the the
equivalent of the feds almost Robyn
D’Angelo is he’s like top-notch EDI what
was that equity diversity inclusion
inclusion inclusion yes Wow I’m I don’t

even know what to say where to go from

that I’m still kind of reeling from it
that is white tears are violence so if
that’s I mean how can anything be
straightened down on that organization
if people are so upset they’re crying

and then they’re accused of being
insincere I presume because they’re
white because of the color of their skin
this is the most racist crazy crap I’ve
heard in a while

it’s unbelievable I mean it’s it’s it’s
unbelievable it’s I don’t know how
people can put up with it have you ever
ever can you recall the time was crazy

crap like this I guess it’s not fair to
ask we have so we have so actually I was
thinking about this the other night and
I’m working on showing that this is not

unusual si I feel like this I don’t know
I don’t know if it’s gonna be a maybe
but this is just sort of thing does
happen uh and it’s happened before and
there’s some examples I have that I have

to discuss or have to think about more
so I can be more concise but it’s not
the craziest thing I think there’s nuts
but it’s not completely nuts well it
feels pretty nuts to me I mean just look

but all I do and then and I get so many
calls from people and they’re you know
my buddy up in Dallas Vic hey he didn’t
know I had a hearing aids he saw Rogan
he’s like oh man I think I need hearing

aids um I said we were chatting I said
hey man before we go can I just ask you
just this is all bull crap right what do
you mean sit well I’m just and he’s
still back at the he just discovered

that influenza numbers kill a lot of
people every year at that point at that
point but yeah which for us is three and
a half months ago a quarter ago but
people are catching on I mean we see

increased numbers of people tuning in
and listening and participating and they
have family or they work in the in these
industries and they and they see it they

identify it I don’t know how big it is
but certainly there’s enough people to I
don’t know probably not we’re fucked all
right my optimism was trying to come

it keeps creeping in take this morning I
told you the second edible just hit with
but that was with the white tears as
violence is just wow I’m thrown for a

loop and with that I’d like to thank you
for your courage to say in the morning
to you the man who put the the C in my
coffee this morning John

Dvorak in the morning to you mr. Adam
curry also in the morning to all ships
to see boots on the ground feet in the
air substantive water and all the games
and all the nights out there and in the
morning to our trolls in the troll room
yes well I think we have a pretty good

group today let me do a little troll
count 1516 that’s about this about right
that’s an average Rona lockdown tally
for trolls a troll tally I tell you no
agenda stream comm is we can hang out

and they’re all safe at all they’re all
saying hi and some of them are yeah but
this is where you can listen to the show
live not just our show 24/7 the stream

runs and people are in the troll room
basically trolling the host or each
other but sometimes sharing some fun
information and while you’re in there
you could always ask Doug he’s known as
at signed Doug you can address him in

many different ways you can ask him for
an invite to no agenda social and it
will pop right up and he can go over
there which is our federated social
media instance but what are you good

laughing no I was just clearing my
oh yeah that’s no agenda social calm
that’s where everybody hangs out I just

realized I never got a meetup schedule
from the back office did you receive a
copy no huh that’s not Robbie dropped
the ball no I know I’m more concerned

here late last night okay forgot to do
oh you were distracting her with your
your you were sexting okay I got you and

I’d like to say in the morning to the
artist who brought us outstanding
artwork for episode 1255 title that was
mask is love and this was cesium-137 who

we know is a pro and it seemed like
there was some kind of heavy on
competition between law he did he was on
his way he wasn’t gonna let that we had

three three pieces yeah three pieces
that could have all been picked yeah now
this was the the Coors Light sign
although it was kovat light and a tena
was a bikini and the knee on his

very if I have any criticism I thought
that no agenda letters could have popped
a little bit more fonts
but it was so good I think he I think
that was just the artistic decision to

drop him into the background because it
was like the light was so bright that it
was using them into the Oblivion oh
that’s a good analysis yeah probably so
I think I can think of just a decision

he it probably wouldn’t have worked as
well with the bright no agenda and our
names well fantastic piece and I know
there was competition I think Darren

O’Neill had a number of pieces in there
just unbelievably good and if you’d like
you can take a look at all of them I
mean we have tens of thousands of

submissions in there because there’s so
many artists who are doing this part of
our value for value network the stuff
that you could who that um wasn’t
talking with there the other day you
know it’s like oh man wouldn’t you love

to have a Rogen deal oh I was talking
with the Todd that’s right
it’s HOD from blueberry and Rob Greenlee
yeah you know these Todd’s I think
Todd’s at night I think it is sorted and

these are these guys go back way back in
time with podcasting and you know
they’ve been around forever and they
have the show and they and they’re doing
the podcast Academy and the awards and
you know they asked me to come on and

talk about I’m like why don’t we do a
good award show all awards shows
everything’s political we’ve got the
best comedians on podcasts we’ve got
real talent that can we can put together

a kick-ass show and do something good
for once then I think I would support
that and of course you have to call the
awards the curries then then I think
it’s fabulous I’m all-in
now why was I saying this I don’t know

you were on your site ruckus you’re
actually seriously thinking about the
curries it was not my idea it was
offered to me I went oh hell yeah
forget the plaque forget the statue I’m

going for this no there was some there
was some point to it you were talking
about now what I would say so they were
talking about a

rogon and who oh man that kind of deal I
said you know the the the show we put
together is done by thousands of
producers and there is no budget big
enough that could get us I mean we have

five end of show mixes that are that are
killer killer high-end entertainment
knockoffs of real songs done extremely
well we have this artwork multiple to

choose from and when we don’t pick one
of the artists they’re not all huffy and
pissed off
do you imagine right which it would be
if we were paying people it’s okay now
we’re gonna pay you follow that bus but

it’s like um it’s not completely true
what you said there’s one who gets huffy
and pissed off all the time but that’s
that’s our boy you know comics your
blogger is our boy that’s part of the

deal another thing you can’t get you’re
not gonna get the shield artist who’s
gonna actually help create content by
being pissed off about stuff you got to

pay that guy so this is all unbelievably
beautiful what we have in this in this
system I was trying to explain that to
them I don’t know if they I thought they

were like 100 million dollars nobody
understands the me the mechanisms at
this point to complex except for old
timers I think some people like Brian II

who does a similar she does a value for
value and she follows the show enough to
know that what we’ve done is unique but
it take it would developed it wasn’t

something that happened overnight that’s
the other thing you can’t do don’t get
no you don’t just start and it happens I
mean podcasting is basically blogging
that’s much harder gear you need time
yes exactly

yeah blogging it remember when
everyone’s gonna get rich off of
blogging I get very familiar with the
way the numbers worked on blogging and I

watched I watched a number of people
start blogging and there was a time
where you could trace people’s numbers
with some accuracy
and so you’d watch their numbers start
to go up and go gray and you just see ah

there’s a in the next month it’s gonna
skyrocket and then they’d quit but at
least back then you owned your blog kind

of you know now people get popular if
they don’t quit then they get cancelled
or demonetised or taken down so that’s
that’s ruined it’s a beautiful bridge

thank a few people for helping us not
just a few these are executive and our
associate executive producers for
episode 1 2 5 6 and we have Baron JD Mac
Oracle of the digital Prairie from

Decatur Ellen Illinois with one two
three four five six and I know yes I
think that would put I think he should
be should that show number Oh got it in

there totally he’s totally a the show
Hill Club yeah yeah the one – yes we’re
gonna make it so the one two five six
one two three four five six we haven’t

had one of those and so long and it just
feels good what does he say hi TM he
writes I much respect to both of you
from Barren JD mark Mac Oracle the

digital Prairie the value for value
donation is intended to do two things an
ongoing atonement for my many years of
passive listening and to raise my
donation level to that of a vikon nice
like many tribe members my mental

outlook has been positively affected by
your unique technique of media
deconstruction the m5m barely gets my
notice and I am the better for it thanks
to you I humbly ask for a reverend al

your choice and an LG y thank you for
your courage and no other Karma’s yes
not okay but he will have a title change
later on

I chose this one since you said it ma’am
ESP ICT Dan thank you for your courage
very much info Stefan tuck knee in
Littleton Colorado eight hundred and

twenty seven dollars no Indies Donald
Trump don’t trust China resist free
months and jobs cover for all that
needed long time listener but only my
third donation but this finally pays off

my tab please d douche me you got my
wife and I spent the last few used
digging ourselves out of a massive debt
hole and your weekly doses of

infotainment helped us survive and
thanks to my prior company for getting
acquired and handing me a generous
buyout this donation pays off our last
debt a warning for producers out there
still considering a DNA test don’t do it

my wife was adopted at birth and finally
succumb to the curiosity she was happily
a nurit single child none the wiser
and decided to give up our family

biometrics where’s this going
she received the hit on her biological
father communications were established
and it turned out she has 14 brothers
and sisters through him and I shit you

not as of this date the father now has
33 grandchildren when you include our
two men to human resources my wife
decided to purchase a camping trailer

and now we are driving around the
country to meet all her siblings and
their families oh man that’s right there
goes the savage package I joke a story
is quite amazing I’m having her write

the entire story down in detail and
we’ll publish it if anyone’s interested
hey man that’s a documentary that’s what
that is yeah you should film it I’m sure
it’d be a great little film yeah great

little film little dot you know Netflix
you can probably give them you go do it
you can get the gear or so cheap now you
can anyone can do it I like it I’m
currently writing to you from Las Cruces

New Mexico where we’re visiting her bio
mom who became an Instagram through our
boys shoutout today me Jennifer in South
Carolina where we happen to end up over
lo we could go visiting some of

new and exciting family and through
cosmic happenstance found out Amitabh
was a gun
thanks John and Adam sure all the
producers happy to be part of the tribe
that is a great story thanks for sharing

and thank you for your support and
courage we much we must and we will much
about jobs jobs jobs and jobs let me try

this one in Den Helder Netherlands ok

Den Helder is good it’s this is not a
typical Dutch name but I think you would
pronounce it Rene

Kaneesha Nica Nisha
in Den Helder nailed it a birthday

donation in his name Peter Struck’s
from Maastricht the Netherlands will
have a bday on the 3rd of July 50 years

his donation will make this donation
will make him a knight circus of
Maastricht he has mentioned once he’s he
has mentioned this once for a title

greetings ready ok well so that’s he’s
giving this oh he’s giving it to to
Peter yes a Peters very nice but Rene
does Rene keep the credit or does Peter

get I don’t the way I read it Peter gets
the whole thing ok alright well Rene
kanafeh and that’s very kind of you
yeah for six hundred eighty one dollars
my goodness yeah good friends I guess

who knows Rene could be it could be his
girlfriend everything’s Rene a bisexual
name yeah it’s like Pat exactly by
sexual I think

ambiguous is the terms Oh that’s the
rhyme shot use the wrong word you did
Doug Proctor and Duncan Oklahoma 500
short comment for show if it was
intended that way it’s hilarious

possible sir Kevin McHale look in the
email Savannah finds them sir Kevin
McLaughlin the duke of luna and locus
north carolina 369 dollars and 12 cents
j and k jobs karma goat luge what yeah I

got it I got it I got a number three
multiplication table my fellow Americans
this July 4th is our greatest nation of

our great initial B to 44 years old if
we could take a moment to reflect back
to July 1776 at Independence Hall there
were 56 men came forward and signed a
parchment it was noted at the time that

they had pledged their lives their
fortunes and their sacred honor this was
more than just rhetoric
each of these men’s knew the penalty for
high treason against the crown

these men were brave and they stayed
right through the bloodshed of the
coming years take a moment reflect on
these words we hold these truths to be
self-evident that all men are created
equal and that they are endowed by their

creator with certain inalienable rights
that among those are life liberty and
the pursuit of happiness in closing I
asked each of you believe in yourselves
believe in your family or friends in
your neighbors please take a moment to

honor these great Americans who have
gone on before us take a step forward to
show the world that we are still
confident and fun by celebrating this
independence weekend even as our country

is struggling with the current crisis
our great American nation is still the
guiding light an inspiration for other
nations Adam Jon I request jobs karma
and general health care for the entire

no agenda tribe the huge lose jingle aka
goat cream jingle please my lad do
that was a nice little note that he gave

us there yes it is inspirational yeah
and it was kind of nice and I have if he
wants the to be specific the stereo goat
cream jingle so I have that for him

you’ve got and nailed it and comfort
comes up next with from Indianapolis

$334 she I sent in please accept this
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without contributing he needs to be
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celebration I would request the king
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Karma – all thanks for keeping us sane
during these insane times – now Dame
swanee other contributions show and she
goes on with some there’s some some
accounting that’s interesting um I was

like that’s true obviously I have and
I’m looking for
you’ve got karma you know it’s amazing

that you got that one guy Burton and
Brackley noose Northamptonshire in UK
33333 he says thank you for your courage

jobs karma no beautiful thank you for
your courage with the magical jobs jobs
jobs and jobs the next one which is
overflowing in the morning gents happy

treason day on the 4th as we are all
colonial traitors
today’s donation brings me to knighthood
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Alabama 333 this also scratches off two
more items off my phase one No Agenda
bucket list a knighthood done today
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donation check associate executive
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from either one of us see that’s that’s
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in them and you’re on no agenda social
all the time it’s kind of fun yeah have

you there it’s far as good isn’t it you
can actually it’s kind of better I feel
you can oh yeah it was the same you know
I tried by the way I tried parlay no
parlor yeah parlor yeah parlor I tried

parlor did you give your phone number
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them a Google phone number yeah but it’s
it’s uncomfortable

I can’t explain why but it’s not a
comfortable system huh and so you just
don’t feel it’s just it sucks so I just
say Becky I didn’t even go any further

but know what your social feels fine
it’s got a nice feel to it you feel like
you know you the other one stinks hey is
the eighth is the is the money truck
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is a truck of pipes oh okay backing up
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right so back to the note here from a

Jason Denny so yes a favorite on Twitter
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taxi driver still in wrapper check mark
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his bucket list I didn’t know that this
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remained small and all of us have
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mental hygiene your show provides it’s a
therapy actually but you can call the
show whether it’s my young daughter

echoing that’s true in the house or my
teenage son and I interacting with the
show while following the unofficial
participation guide hmm wonder what that
is all about these memories oh this is

these memories bonding and laughter are
items that simply can’t be quantified
regardless of the amounts for this I
humbly thank you both

I’d like to give a shout out to my
perfect paratrooper wife nice one Kelly
to my friend and mentor Serge a boy and
to my toughest nails mother Louise
please Knight me sir desert fin of the

rocket city we’re looking forward to
that special request can Jon toss the
sword in the air and catch it before the
knighting and can perform the knighting
in his crazy ditch accent wow he’s

really going out but I
feel I feel kind of compelled to do this
I can I do have a sword that’s balanced
in such a way that is flippable are you

sure I don’t want to hurt yourself we
haven’t really done anything like that
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champagne and Chippendales at the round
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geishas etc it’s time for some eye candy
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ladies end of show request as possible

Zika Zika Zika were pretty full up for
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jobs jobs and jobs they do I know
Anonymous in Austin Texas $333 listening

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yes of course anonymous I hope this
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you’ve got karma sir Kevin of the
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in with two to 15 he’s the first
associate executive producer of for the
EU is stolen Beethoven’s ninth and
castrated it by removing Schiller’s poem
and the reference to God take back the

ninth yes we didn’t we knew this we know
we knew that they had done this they’ve
hijacked it
the end then they took yeah of course
it’s a bunch of atheists oh yeah hey

can’t someone you know get a license
dispute going with that song you can’t
public heal me can’t perform it public

domain II oh that’s a nice angle term I
got a public domain II Ilene sour the
Dame Zelda of the turtle realm we’ve

heard from her $250 woo she happy
Anniversary of my awesome partner hubby
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donation should make you an Associate
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tonight who love you pal named Zelda the
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elder no no I guess it’s Jo I see Bobby
and best friend drew so I said it drew
is his name

yeah I’m marketing appropriately and
we’re got quite the system going here
Stefan its coalition it’s the best
system is called pen and paper
Stefan tuck knee in Littleton Colorado

at 2:11 could be too sunny but I think
it stuck me yeah ah other one for you
here’s another one for you this is
another example of random numbers listen

to this Stefan back again sorry I forgot
my drop-dead gorgeous and talented wife
Felicia who also listens to the show we
need to bring her current on her
producer dues
please credit Felicia for the show okay

so this will be Felicia and they get to
separate lines she requests ad douching
and it’s lovely sorry
oh no give her the D douching and the

following jingles spaceforce
pew pew and LG y and LG y thanks
spaceforce i love the people get a kick

out of that
it sounds so stupid anonymous in El
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with two hundred four dollars and 20
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beaches are open oh I didn’t see those
okay jingles are open the inmates are
running the asylum mayor Garcetti a
douche bag okay I’d like to propose a

new definition for a racist people who
remove the foundational ideas of their

country from their own country but also
people who cancel their own Independence
Day information is disorder especially
when it shrinks your amygdala thank you
not jingle trumpets true happy

Independence Day
you’re doing the great work chops calmer
for the american apparel industry
dr. disorder PS get it but get it get it
24 20 give america high okay drop i’m

all on board with that
you’ve got karma if I look at mark OC
from Quebec Canada believe it or not

this is a dollar Etsy donation and it
qualifies as an associative producer hi

John Adam I got your candidate mail and
I felt horrible about not donating in
way way too long
thank you for keeping me saying through
the madness of 2020 here is a 200

Canadian dollar Etsy donation can I get
some Huntsman karma please okay Huntsman
he moves up right wow 142 that’s what
the that’s what the this Australia is

even worse I thought is pretty bad too
okay yes Huntsman Canadians yesterday
was Canada today’s Independence Day

that’s right and did they I guess there
was no celebrate do they do fireworks on
that I can every day
like like we do think they shoot moose
no then yeah everything’s gonna be close

to you for fourth of July parks are
closed celebration at the Mount Rushmore
before they blow it out let’s wrap this
up by thanking our executive producers

and associate executive producers
profuse Lee for supporting the show and
thanks for the the notes you turn this
type of segment into content and it is
incredibly enjoyable and I think for

everybody else you get out of it what
you put into it people that’s our value
for value works please consider us in
your prayers and in your will
but most importantly for the next show

which is coming up on Sunday go to
tavol’rang org slash
for hence if colvin Intel right here
nowhere else our formula is this
we go out we hit people in the mouth


actually I heard for one of the
Millennials that there’s a rumor going
around that the the corona virus
pandemic is a curse because of the cats
movie trailer and that’s what brought it

on didn’t I want to take a quick little
side track here and do a Kaylie whoa how
long do we waited for a week a week a

week because we had that we had that
blowout weekend ahead hold on us

Kaleigh that’s right everybody it is

another Kaylie special okay Lee casts a
casts over the cast got a couple of
press conferences and there’s one no
that got my attention there’s something
she said that you’re gonna get a kick

out of the old time list was gonna get a
kick out of everyone’s gonna get a kick
out of this is Kaylee making a gaffe and
it’s an it’s a kind of a callback gaffe
let’s listen to it

huit you had on one hand the obama-biden
presidency the weakest economic recovery
since World War two with President Trump
we got to the hottest economy in modern
history with President Trump you have
saw Isis defeated with Vice President

Joe Biden but so many people used to say
that remember how all nobody caught this

but me this is an exclusive is the no
agenda job oh my good once again proving
proving how good we really are nobody’s
listening to anything

let me seize on one of the press
conferences she does say she doesn’t
walk off Oh Biden
Oh Michael Biden she said Oh bite it
okay what do we have okay I got two left

there’s only two more but one of them is
gonna make a suggestion
yeah these clips you know you can play
three or four of these you know like
make him a little longer Caylee is his
fabulous entertainment when curated yes

but I’m gonna I’m gonna relish these
okay so this is this is a long way this
is two minutes Oh with this long came
this is where she where she doesn’t walk
off and and it’s again the three step

process somebody asks a question and she
answers it and then she they ask the
same question again so she snarky and
she answers it again they asked it a
third time and then she slams them and
walks off and this is the what this is

it starts with the second question
because the other the first questions
been asked asked an aston s and she’s
fed up and it’s just getting near the
end she’s gonna she’s gonna do a walk
off on the New York Times guy

I just wanna be clear there
congressional leaders for a situation
has been asked and answered the

president is briefed on verified
intelligence the president has briefed
on verified intelligence and again I

would just point you back to the
absolutely irresponsible decision of the
New York Times to falsely report that he
was briefed on something that he in fact
was not briefed on and I really think
that it’s time for the New York Times to

step back and ask themselves why they’ve
been wrong so wrong so often New York
Times falsely claimed Paul Manafort
asked for polling data to be passed
along to Oleg Oleg Deripaska before

having to issue a correction in June of
2017 the New York Times falsely wrote
all 17 Intel agencies had agreed on
Russian interference Borak before having
to issue a correction that it was only

four agencies in 2017 February of that
year New York Times published a story
claiming Trump campaign aides had
repeated contacts with Russian
intelligence which even James Comey has
said was almost entirely wrong New York

Times New York Times published a column
in March of 2019 by a former times
executive editor that asserted the Trump
campaign in Russia had an overarching
deal that the quit of helped in the

campaign against Hillary for the quo of
a new pro-russian foreign policy that’s
what we call the Russia hoax which was
investigated for three years with
taxpayer dollars before ultimately

getting an exoneration and the Moller
reported is inexcusable the failed
Russia reporting of the New York Times
and I think it’s time that the New York
Times and also the Washington Post hand

back their Pulitzers
white power

why why why hasn’t he condemned that
tweet whoa blame more to the segment
what was she wearing I’ve seen her with

like a neon pink kind of Sun her last
this is not conventional for any

impressive no now she lasts there’s less
press come see what kind of a sundress
it was very pretty a sundress it was
dynamite a lofty little thing no he had
all kinds of flour it was really just a

pretty a very unusual office attire
husband that way I was like usual is the
show title right there unusual office
attire yeah it was it was just look good

on her yeah and this is what she was
wearing I believe when she does this
last clip which is horseshit Jon Karl
comes out and bees just an idiot and so
he’s runs the press corps so he

everybody does theirs at his bidding
right so he just gets fed up with him
and she does a walk off but it’s not a
it’s not it’s not the typical one it

this is more this is a very different
actually just doesn’t walk off after
this she continues the press conference
but she pretty much shuts him up is the
president calling black lives matter as

well the president was noting is that
that symbol when you look at some of the
things that have been chanted by black
lives matter like pigs in a blanket fry

them like bacon that’s not an acceptable
phrase to paint on our streets look he
agrees that all black lives matter
including that of officer David Dorn
Patrick Underwood two officers whose

lives were tragically taken amid these
riots all black lives do matter he
agrees with that sentiment but what he
doesn’t agree with is an organization
the chance pigs in a blanket fry them
like bacon about our police officers our

valiant heroes who are out on the street
protecting us each and every day
which is a valiant is that what she said
came out come yeah
valiant valiant valiant hero Street we
can see each and every day there is of

all races have protested in all 50
states around that phrase black lives
matter and the president is here calling
it a symbol of hate he’s talking about
the organization

I would note to you that’s the Greater
New York feel and president has said if
this country doesn’t give us what we
want that we will burn down the system
and I could be speaking literally I call
that a pretty hateful statements this is

the words what’s the name of the
organization again black lives matter my
question she’s good now she’s good she’s
she is very it’s uh we just glad you’re

doing this we can’t overlook this she’s
she’s a very interesting character and
like none before you know and we’ve seen
a lot lot of jamokes come through the

the White House press room
ya know she’s definitely in a league by
herself I was watching a couple of they
did listen to some of these Pike guys

from very radical people and they call
her a beast a beast yeah yeah beast mode
Kaylee nice so of course all lives are
political that’s what all of this is

about and nothing is better shown or
does a better job of connecting all of
this the lockdown the coronavirus the
models the data the bullcrap the masks

with black lives matter as this clip
about a canceled culture noodle gun
that’s all in here Cambridge Whole Foods

workers being sent home some employees
at a Whole Foods in Cambridge wearing
with a message but the Stewart sent them
home saying wearing those masks violates

the company’s policy we are simply
asking to support what they say they
support I gotta stop this this girl who
was speaking he’s so cute I mean you
look at her and she’s got the mask under

her chin and she has it’s almost it’s
like a Greta only then a little bit just
cute and then you know 20 years old
do you like oh my god I wish that was my

daughter except whatever she said but
even what she’s saying she is a perfect
spokesperson they should pick her up and
and really support each other like
that’s really all it is it’s basic it’s

simple matter black lives matter
this Cambridge Whole Foods employee puts
on a black lives matter mask while
making a delivery outside the River
Street store employees say they’ve

chosen to walk out for not being allowed
to wear them they told us that we are
violating dress code and we stated to
them that were allowed to wear brands
that are industry affiliated Wednesday

Savannah Kinser says seven employees
were sent home another 13 Thursday Whole
Foods Market responding saying in part
all team members must comply with our
long-standing company dress code which

prohibits clothing with visible slogans
messages logos or advertising that are
not company related the company says
employees are offered compliant masks
and if they don’t want to wear one they

can’t work Kinser says she’s run out of
the 85 mass they’ve given out so far she
says the face covering is not a
political statement
we’re gonna continue this and we hope to
just normalize it and we hope that it

empowers other people out other stores
to do it too because again it’s not
about politics
confusion and equity and making sure
that everything feels welcome it’s not

about politics it’s inclusion and equity
these are these are egi it’s not hey you
know what
calling Robyn D’Angelo there’s a gig for

you at Whole Foods corporate gig that
fool you imagine how much millions oh
yeah oh yeah so I’m good I go to went to

the Whole Foods once over here and it’s
like it does a person that’s waiting
he’s got facial tattoos ears are gauged
there by the size of a 50-cent piece the

bone in her nose no no a bone bone
unbelievable yeah so what’s your point

you’re making a point that you stick it
there there today just a little
selective it seems with their
enforcement I do here’s an interesting
clip oh by the way let’s get this out of
the way a little news story jazz has

been cleared I have the King 5 report oh
the first of July met with quite the
activity in the downtown Seattle Capitol
Hill core as we look live here you’re

joining us on both King five and King
five on Kong as we get you going on a
Wednesday an emergency order from the
mayor of Seattle was issued overnight

demanding that everyone and anyone in
the Capitol Hill organized protest zone
or chop be dispersed be removed from
that particular street corner including

Cal Anderson Park that was at 4:58 this
morning that that order was made public
it was right at about that time that we
saw Seattle police clearly in a

fortified position a very well
thought-out response moved in in those
early morning hours when most people
were asleep and reclaim the streets as
our Michael crow put it they outnumbered

protesters ten to one and they made
quick work 20 to 25 minutes or so of
brief confrontation but otherwise
peaceful clearing of the
as Michelle just mentioned 23 arrests

made multiple weapons seized and the
work now continues still it’s not over
yet police were investigating some
suspicious vehicles that were driving
around there was concern about the West

Precinct which is a mile mile and a half
or so from the east
the police chief putting those fears to
rest she’s saying everything appears
safe right now
police have moved back into the East
precinct to clear the building it has

been deemed safe and now we watch live
over Sky King as the cleanup begins our
country is whole again America the rogue
state of jazz chopped has been

good work citizens yeah didn’t this all
come down after they started camping out
outside the mayor’s house that’s a good
coincidence yes that’s when the order

came down they were hanging out at her
place I’d like to go through a little
list of black lives matter initiatives
and interesting little tidbits I’ve been
saving throughout the week which could

flawlessly fold into a few noodle gun
hits this is something that you called a
long long time ago this was back when
cap was taken the knee for the first
time the national anthem change and it

seems that John Lennon’s Imagine is
cropping up again somehow as as a which
is the most socialist song in the world

oh yeah imagine there’s no no heaven no
god no hell just us we’re all loved
everybody gets along alright
here’s something that I find very sick

so an Tifa has been I thinking on the
fourth of July they plan to protest the
Gettysburg battle by vandalizing
soldiers graves and antennae see just in

a related story has approved a plan to
dig up and remove the remains for this
reason of Confederate General Nathan
Bedford Forrest and and take it

somewhere safe so what what kind of
movement he’s so sick
that they’re not satisfied into the

actual dust of the dead people has been
eliminated from the earth isn’t that
just really sick
I think it’s perverted that’s for sure
hurted maybe that’s a bit yeah that’s

better perverted
just like wow I it’s like what is your
the NBA will be painting black lives
matter on both sides of the court for
upcoming games the Premier League in the

UK has already started playing with the
fake cutouts of you can actually pay for
your own cutout but I think that 500
cutouts in the stand such as the picture

of you sitting on a stool people also
have the option of the sweeten sound
with the with the crowd or just the
field a lot of people like listening to

the field because they can hear the
players yelling at each other but the
majority of people have decided that
they like it with the phony
crowd noise that’s too bad cuz we get to

hear these guys cussing at each other
and in watching trash it’s a dual
language is a much more prevalent usage
in in Europe in the UK so this it’s just

a button on everybody’s remote control
and you get a different language okay so
you so you could just choose that
technically we could do that here as

well I guess but besides that all
players now have black lives matter on
their shirts on the back of their shirts
all players no names just number and
black lives matter

isn’t this pandering to an extreme I
don’t know I guess and this is the UK
this is Europe it’s not not America this
is not Detroit wait a minute I thought

you’re talking about here no this is the
Premier League in the UK Premier League
I’m sly what do they got to do with it
because this is this is a worldwide
power takeover this is power man this is
when you can change do you know how much

it costs to put your logo on the shirt
of a football player soccer player in
the Premier League do you know what that
would you have to pay
Canada I would guess a half a million

bucks oh it goes by team so you get the
whole team oh no this is millions and
millions millions millions I say
gazillions so a huge space black lives

matter taken up now of course not not
where any logo would have been is just
the guy’s name so really you are now

nameless player you’re a peon in the
what’s your name black lives matter Adam
Silver says he hopes the NBA can find
some kind of mutual respect with China

I’m not sure why I had that here but I
guess for the sports thing I don’t know
I know what’s going on there
then what yes that’s actually the most
extremely subversive thing in the list
well let me bring it up here that’s

probably why I put it in there
NBA Commissioner Adam Silver wants to
have a quote mutual respect with the
Chinese government the NBA in China had
a gigantic falling-out okay good that’s

because I guess they haven’t patched it
up yet hmm China China still think you
asshole yeah and of course now I’ll get
it good I got a China report later yeah

yeah stick a pin in that
my favorite phrase here’s the noodle gun
stuff related to black lives matter

Cambridge University won’t have a big
problem now Cambridge’s is on the
chopping block itself because they are
backing one of their professors who
tweeted white lives don’t matter and

that person does not get fired cage is
protecting let’s see this doctor preemie

Gopal 51 who teaches in the Faculty of
English at Churchill College
and tweeted white lies don’t matter and
his is I think it’s now tenured my
Cambridge good work it worked

adidas executive had to resign as
turmoil at the company continues now
this is very interesting because this is
definitely involves the CCP and China
and manufacturing and sports and this

could be all-out warfare from one of the
competitors for all I know this could be
Nike sending spies in to find out that
Karen Parkin who oversaw human resources

at adidas acknowledged while she had
acknowledged to her employee she had
lost their trust and was resigning weeks
after a number of black employees pushed

for her out stir amid a wider outcry
that what she had said there were over
what they said were past acts of racism
and discrimination at the company and
the only allegation I can really find is

that she said oh this black lives matter
stuff it’s just noise and so that’s you
know there may be a history there but
for the human resource director the cat

noodle gun is that is the great irony it
is a really good one out of all times
yes human resource director getting the

noodle gun why now regarding the stop
the hate campaign which many
corporations are big corporations are
pulling out of advertising on Facebook

for at least the month of July some
until the end of the month you are
absolutely right this makes no
difference to the face bag in fact Mark
Zuckerberg and this is I think this is a

Bloomberg article
he’s pretty arrogant about the whole
thing even though big brands have have
stopped advertising Facebook see I’m dad
is from Bloomberg Zuckerberg or sucka

Vassar as I like to call a Mark
Zuckerberg told employees he was
reluctant to bow to the threats of a
growing ad boycott saying in private

remarks that quote my guess is that all
these advertisers way back on the
platform soon enough
his thoughts on the boycott which now
includes large brands like Starbucks and
coca-cola during a video town hall

meeting last Friday according to
employees who attended in the previously
unreported marks the Zhukova sir said
the boycott is more of a reputational
and a partner issue than an economic one

according to a transcript obtained by
this reporter he noted that larger
advertisers participating in the boycott
make up a small portion of face bags
overall revenue we’re not gonna change

our policies on approach or anything
because of this and it is indeed a very
small percent and I’ve gotten a couple
of notes you know our head mofos in
charge who has the awesome ship my drill
sergeant said store oh yeah he said I

just wanna weigh in for a second I have
a bit of standing I buy a ton of face
bag ads each year shirt version these
companies are slitting their own throats
in the name of woken us and it will not

hurt face bags bottom line one bit he
says John is 100% correct about the day
that the face bag is the king for
targeted advertisements we gathered the

we get the best ROI by a factor of 10
with face bag ads compared to other
platforms and mediums the ability to
target to super specific demographics
and build look-alike audiences based on

the characteristics of people that have
already converted purchased author adds
is unmatched anywhere and he goes on
whether actually put it in the in the
show notes you can read through it
he says it’s it’s a bonanza for smaller

business which makes sense got and just
in this here’s one of our producers who
works at a consumer products goods

company which I won’t mention blower
some notes from a meeting I just left in
which the face book boycott was
discussed at being in a large
international company the decision was
made yesterday for us to also join

top-line notes
nothing dramatically differently you
probably have heard few activist reports
a few activist groups came together the
form stop the hate for profit in order
to make demands on brands asking all

advertisers to boycott Facebook and
Instagram for the month of July because
Facebook isn’t doing enough to stop hate
speech across the platform and ads for
businesses are landing next to places on

that’s the one that face bag has got to
look out for maybe in the future that is
that means the only question I have is
why do people still use face bag for

communication seems like such a toxic
place you’re asking the wrong guy and
you quit years ago I want to use I

probably I was before the keep done a
very good job of quitting and staying
off the platform but a lot of people
state using this I don’t know what to
tell you for its effectiveness

yeah four or five years so that’s a
little overview I am kind of waiting on
the name change of MasterCard I was
hoping that would come up pretty soon

and masterpiece theater and you know I’m
waiting for the end of the masters
degree in business administration and
that guy has my MBA you haven’t what
what does that stand for MBA how can you

have a black golfer playing in the
Masters Tournament it’s just so wrong
people yeah how’s the gala thing a
chaste desert good when a masters

tournament that’s a Masters Tournament
which presides over one of the best
golfers in the hell in history and Tiger
Woods Tech Tiger which give his green
jackets back and a das golfer but he’s
playing at the Masters if that shit

doesn’t change then I don’t want to hear
nothing no more I cut you and I show you
my paper cut so here’s a story that is
related to the Chinese commentary which

I thought it was interesting to me good
this is a story that’s not being played
in this country and this is something we
talk about on this show we don’t talk
about it enough which is the Chinese
influence of our not our corporate media

but Chinese influence within probably
within the government and definitely
within like the NBA and places like that
well entertainment and sports

entertainment yeah all right in the
entertainment Jose so there’s a guy this
is a shacket Mosel main
who is an MP in Australia no this is
partly they sent me I think yes there’s

an article that’s linked in the show
notes yeah yeah
this guy is been busted by the
government or he’s been a he hasn’t been
arrested yet but they’ve big raided this

office and they’re fearful because
apparently a lot of Labour Party members
in Australia are Stooges for the Chinese
for the Chinese it looks like this guy

is one of them and they haven’t done
anything yet except but this report has
it reveals quite a bit and I think this
is going on around the world this is a
clip one shaked muscle mind is a

little-known Labour MP who entered the

New South Wales Upper House in 2009 he’s
paid to represent the people of New
South Wales but for years he spent much
of his time defending the Chinese

government to change the rules and
create a new world order with pro-china
views like that mr. muscle main was

bound to attract great scrutiny but he
never expected the AFP to come knocking
at 6:00 a.m. Friday morning a dozen
officers raided his suburban Sydney home
they searched his house and then his

cars because his power will the world be
watching this Asia investigation this is

an allegation of grave international
significance if the allegations are
proven this will resonate globally the
reaction to the raid was Swift

within hours the ALP had moved to
suspended he will no longer sit in the
caucus he will no longer be a Labour
Party member a clearly shot state leader
Jody McKay needed to limit the political

damage it’s dreadfully concerning it’s
it’s terrible there is an expectation on
MPs that whatever they do it is in the
best interest of the people of this

state oh wow okay we’re gonna find out
how this how this corruption took well
we’re not gonna get this still being
investigated as we speak this is a
pretty new report the thing is though

they talk about this international
implications this may be going on
elsewhere this is not a story that that
I know of that is being covered by any
mainstream media in this country nobody

wants to because in the muzzle the
mainstream media and the politicians are
also all in with China with the CCP one
way and I would say that Lincoln project

is part of the depriving financed by the
Chinese our mayor Adler vacationed in
China after the Chinese delegation came
here he was there in January as
coronavirus was popping off he’s
vacationing in China that’s a part part

to the question about shaked muscleman
is why he says what he says about China
and more portly

if Beijing is telling him to say it it’s
a question our domestic spy agency azio
once answered we’ve confirmed that the
office of shaked muscle main is at the
Center of agios most serious foreign

interference Pro since the Cold War how
unprecedented isn’t that azo is
targeting the office of a serving
sitting Labour MP quite extraordinary

wood as you take this step lightly no
Neil Fergus is a veteran intelligence
what would a CEO be looking for what
evidence trousers were daily following

to confirm one way or another if you get
muscle man’s office has been the target
of an infiltration plot what they would
be looking for is whether the person is
taking instructions so the

communications between a person who is a
suspect in this situation and people who
would be providing instructions that
becomes key because it means they’re not

using their own independent thought
processes or working within their own
political structure they are a tasked
individual it’s not just the speeches
muscle main has given praising baiji in

the last decade he’s visited China more
than 10 times and some of his expenses
there have been picked up by officials
it must be stressed though that no
allegations have been proven they are

simply being investigated
it’s also possible mr. muscle main may
only be an unwitting victim of a Chinese
government influence operation you know
who they need over there you know who

they need to call if they want to get to
the bottom of this
Robert Muller Muller
he could do a report for him some

hookers peeing on the bed so this wraps
with a mention that there was another

Labour MP work that Kim was being
financed by the Chinese but he wasn’t
quite the tasked individual that this
person seems to be and again reiterate
the fact that this is not being

discussed in this country at all and
this is a major scandal well may I may I
am offer one of the obvious reasons why
this cannot be raised right now by the
mainstream m5m media is putting the CCP

or China in context of political
corruption kind of turns the focus back
to Joe Biden and hunter Biden and you

know what I’m saying oh yeah
can’t have that here I have that it’s
the wrong time to get Biden in first and
then we can go after him I have some

thoughts about that all right so what’s
this final bit this is the just kind of
a semi conclusion the IOP has an ugly
track record of some in the party
pushing the agenda of Beijing whose side

is he on in 2018 federal labor senator
Sam – tre was forced to stand down after
a scandal over his dealings with the

Chinese political donor
theories downfall has clearly had
little impact on mr. muscle man’s cozy

friendship with China don’t just tell us
has your office been targeted by the
Chinese government hours after the AFP
came knocking on Friday so you’ve been
rated by the federal police that I have

allegations that Beijing has implemented
offices or any occasion mr. Mossler main
and his lawyer left home while agents
continued searching his property we also
tried to speak to Jon Jung he could not

be reached should a zero not be expected
to put some evidence into the public
domain if it’s taken this significant
step of surveilling tracking watching a

serving politician
it’s absolutely incumbent upon the
federal government to do that even if
there are matters that are dealt with
behind closed doors we can’t have

somebody’s name produced on the basis of
an unproven allegation as serious as
this that’s not acceptable in a
democracy does he ever place in our

Parliament’s well there is no place for
someone in our Parliament if they are
taking instructions from a foreign power
but we knew shit was going down with

them would they remember that that
report that came on a couple months ago
no yeah yeah yeah it was also almost not
only to me I’m gonna go to being it

being at dot IO it’s my favorite No
Agenda shownotes search engine yeah was
it just Bing it just Bing it’d be Bing
it you’re doing it live is better than

the than the jingle itself yeah yeah
just Bing

let’s see well first oh by the way
Austria should mention this Australia
has been under cyber attacks that that
did pop in the news for a day well then

it kind of went away and they suspect
China has been cyber cyber them what was
that other report Chinese out of control
well yeah I think they are and they took

like sixty sixty miles of land from from
India oh yeah this cousin nothing but
wheat do we have not discussed this on
the show in any detail we need some

cheats on the ground and we can also do
some research but yes this is good this
is a problem for both these countries
well this is the Bhutan region isn’t it
isn’t this whole fight about water
mainly about the hydraulic nut sure I
don’t know yes well here’s what I’ve got

on the CCP and I’m careful to say CCP
because I’m sure Chinese people are nice
you know the the awkward culture things
okay and we’ll figure that out one day

when we really integrate you so this
security law passed in Hong Kong and
from what I understand they the CCP
China risked at Hong Kong risks being

cut off from the world financial system
kind of like in Iran you know like no no
no longer you have access to the two
divorces to the trading floors we cut
you off from Swift I mean that’s all

that’s all just you know a pen stroke
away basically and they don’t care yeah
well then fucking is kind of the Chinese
that’s where they’re but they’re trying

to move it all the Shanghai’s right okay
so we got it got it all right yeah got
just got it Tencent just to to follow on
we’re talking about has taken a an

additional three point three billion
dollar stake in universal music and why
not you know this is how they have the
entire print catalog and you can now

do karaoke and sing along and put little
clips on your tick-tock videos Prince
Prince who who wrote slave on his face

because he was a slave to the music
companies and he and he was fighting for
control of his music that guy has now

been whored out posthumously to the CCP
so they can put put his music on
tick-tock of people dancing wow the only
artist I’ve ever collected and kept the

vinyl albums of his prints is very
yeah meanwhile India of course in this
war they’ve banned tick-tock and 58

other apps as as this tick-tock oh man
it’s I mean I I could do an OTG segment
every single hour of the day there’s so

much going on with spying on apps and
certainly this tick-tock it’s crazy
do not use these things people they do
not have your best interests at form

just like YouTube it’s a messaging
platform they take away or they’ll go
out what they don’t want you to sees
that you see one particular message and
that’s you know and maybe you see a lot

of videos with people wearing a mask
and pretty soon people happy people
putting a syringe in their arm at the
doctor’s office for a shot well let me
play a clip which is talking about this
somebody sent me this one of our

producer sent me this clip it’s jimmy
dore you know the comic yeah sure well
but apparently harmik he’s a lefty comic
he’s a progressive and he hates the
Democrats you run into these guys yeah

but he’s talking about he apparently his
DS got his podcast on some sort of
youtube whitelist and he’s discussing it
on this isn’t that for a fuse isn’t that

racist can you even say whitelist yeah
why’s this it what not yet but it’s true
shortly after they did liberate the
Masters golf tournament it’s true white
privilege here to be on the would you
white list but he’s kind of ruminating

on this for this is a kind of a long
clip you can cut it off after you get
the idea but he’s ruminating on the fact
that there’s this crazy white list for
for discussions certain kinds of

discussions and this is worth listening
to it’s a big deal to be able to report
on Co vid on YouTube right because we
have to spend pass the special tests and
things like that and so we we’re at a

special list of news shows who are
allowed to report uncoated on YouTube
that’s correct right Steph I’m not
exaggerating this this is true right
Ruby this is recording to our teams

according to my team that we’re on some
kind of a list a white list or whatever
and so we’ve been approved to be able to
be monetized when we talk about kovat
even though that’s not always the case

that’s not so anyway the end and and
you’re not allowed to say anything that
doesn’t go you know if you if I link to
a study or something that’s not like
verified or said that day that’s not

okay as far as YouTube goes so it’s only
like CDC guidance and it’s got to come
from the government and all that stuff
well what happens when the government’s
lying because as I have said here before
the government is the biggest purveyor

of fake news next to the mainstream news
media those are the two biggest
purveyors of fake news I should
uncritically take what the CDC says I
should uncritically take what foul Chee

says that’s what I’ve been told and if
you don’t do that if you don’t
uncritically take what they say you’re
some kind of a crazy and you’re reckless
and you’re not and you’re as some kind

of and so that’s what right and you’re a
conspirator uh they’ll call you every
bad name in the book like what they used
to call us when we were getting Russia
Gate right

those names they’ll make you they’ll
call you a kook I think the people
pushing a conspiracy called the people
debunking the Russia gate conspiracy
they called them conspiracy theorists I
saw it with my own eyes
heard it with my own ears god bless

Jimmy Dore I’m very happy he’s in the
universe we need people like that but
yeah he’s he’s on his way towards a
hard-ass cancel

that’s just gonna walk in a tightrope
he’s doing a good job of it few people

thank for show

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hey you know what I heard Dana Perino
say yesterday what did Dana Perino say
not like Dana Perino I think she’s smart

she said she believes you ready for it
Biden VP VP pick what he thought a what
do you think she said what what Dana

Perino’s I have no idea really
she said she believes Michelle Obama is
on deck no I know no but it came from
Dana Perino I would never bring it up in

fact the fact that I brought it up to
the keeper I would got me the scolding
so the so I do have some clips I have

one more presentation as to by Tim
presser I’m excited
so Biden gave a press conference he
actually went up there and there’s a
bunch of people miles away from him and

he pulled his mast down and started you
know the same thing he’s pretty lively
for the first 10 minutes and then he
started slowing down but he didn’t catch
anything the first time it I wonder the
better part but let’s I have a

three-part three-parter here this is
about Biden being tested you have to be
careful cos there’s pressure Biden not
being tested not being tested full and
then tested 3 so we want to just play
not been tested the short clip have been

doing these this for the past month
which has put you in contact with more
people have you been tested for
coronavirus and if so how frequently are
you doing that no I have not been

oh it’s juicy it’s juicy well of course
I don’t want to be a chicken shit yeah

and you know make it appear yeah because
there was more to it right he said yeah
so let’s play this is not being tested
full okay who have been doing these this
for the past month which has put you in

contact with more people have you been
tested for coronavirus and if so how
frequently are you doing that no I have
not been protected I’m have not been
tested for the chrono virus for two

reasons one I have had no symptoms as my
mother would say knock on wood and
number two I haven’t wanted to take
anybody else’s place in the process

what what bullcrap you didn’t want to
take anyone else’s place I’ll sacrifice
myself for a test every millennial
dipshit is getting a test it’s lying out

lying on the forum oh I have oh that’s
over you know the the the Travis County
judge said no more random testing you
have to be a hospital case watch the
cases dropped to zero this week watch

zero this is fucking stupid I’m sorry
look well he continues on and this is
the test at 3:00 there’s something in
here too
my daughter has been tested she was in

Florida she’s a social worker working
with the Boys & Girls Clubs she came
home and before she could come home
she’s been tested twice so to make sure
she’s clear and porn TV season Blizzard

Philadelphia but so make sure she’s
clear and quarantined but the guys wait
you have to take this in KY got to

explain this in context he goes on about
a Secret Service people being tested
anyone around it being tested and then
he says my daughter’s been tested and to
make sure she’s clear and then he
realizes that he says it at the

variances but she lives in Philadelphia
said even dare but she lives in
Philadelphia so he’s like it’s like a
sidetrack he went on and he tries to
recover with some little mumble there at

the end here’s that here’s one where
he’s got his that I didn’t take lapses
out this you know normally we try to
tighten these clips up but they’re no

good with Biden cuz you have to leave
the lapses in so you get the context
yeah and here’s I got two more of these
I got this was a just buy this is on the
bounties he’s on the bounties of deer

that he thought he’s all in on the idea
that Trump Trump is responsive Trump’s
up Putin killing American soldiers with
Italian by paying him off yes here we go
makes nothing but since you called his

in action on this issue a betrayal
so broadly what consequences do you
think the president should
for that betrayal and specifically what
do you think Congress should do and look
first of all Congress in the

intelligence committees from the
Congress both parties should demand and
the facts this seems to be a moving
story as I was leaving I had the

television on as I put on my shirt
there’s even some more information
that’s come out today about what was
known one of two things this president

he talks about cognitive capability he
doesn’t seem to be cognitively aware of
what’s going on he either reads and or

gets briefed on important issues and he
forgets it or he doesn’t think it’s
necessary that he need to know it but
the fact is that at a minimum at a

minimum the discrepancy allegedly
between within the intelligence
community has reported some thought it
was more certain and others thought it

was less certain that should be resolved
the president should have on day one
said I want you to come before me in the
Situation Room and lay out the

differences and discretion what who who
is who who is saying what let’s get to
the bottom of this that’s a very good
question what are you saying Joe who is

saying what oh my goodness here’s here’s
another short way this is this story’s
gets lost in his notes this is biting
pressure lost in notes this is lost in

space and I think the president is well
secondly I think there are there’s a
distinction between the as the former
mayor of New Orleans said the difference

between golly gosh well the game the
game is up and and and I think that this

clip that I have here kind of shows that
the idea of dana perino is a VP pick is
perhaps more closer to the truth than we

think it is almost all of the women I’m
considering have had some exposure
two foreign policy and national defense

and national defense issues the security
issues but that is not a minimum
requirement the requirement is that they
have the intellectual capacity as well

as the temperament as well as the
leadership qualities that blend them so
you everyone to believe that they would
be ready on day one to be President of

the United States of America that’s
quite a thing to say if you’re running
for president to say they would have the
capacity to render people to believe

they I think listen this leadership
qualities listen to this as well as the
leadership qualities that blend so you
believe but they would be ready

basically fool people into believing
they be ready to be President when Joe
dies on Inauguration Day day one it’s
got to be a powerhouse man this is what

they’re going for we’re not looking for
a VP we’re looking for a P boy ya know
that’s definitely the case we’re looking
for a P so this is gonna make it tougher

I do have one end of show possibility
this is these up from the presser I
don’t say it’s not isolated cuz they
didn’t really think of it as an iso cuz
it’s two seconds long but this is by Tim
presser and this is actual clip this has

not been been fixed by me sounds like a
barking dog

let me see well that’s interesting you
say that because I have this so I live
with your cat peeing outside the litter
box all right well that already beats
this no wait I am completely unqualified

that’s got to be the winner and this
came I wish I had the report from this
someone’s trying to say n-double-a-cp
NWA CP NWA PC I personally think the

I think that I am completely unqualified
I think that’s a good one for the end of
show don’t you think okay mom now I have

one little side thing there’s a
podcaster video podcast right and I
sorry I don’t remember his name cuz I do
enjoy him he’s very funny and he takes
apart stuff and pretty much the same way

we do only he’s like jimmy dory he
ridicules you know and laughs you know
on the screen maniacally and it just
makes fun of things but he did have a
they did play a clip of Jill Biden and

he’s ridiculing her here for writing a
children’s book and and he plays a clip
from The Today Show where they’re
fawning all over her and then the are
Geyer and post the mentions that this

this children’s book that is so hard to
do was nineteen hundred words but let’s
just play this and finally we pivot to
VP Biden’s wife dr. Jill Biden who just

published a new book it has been a busy
few months for former second lady dr.
Jill Biden aside from campaigning with
her husband she’s also found some time
to write a children’s book about the

presumptive Democratic nominees life
it’s called Joey
yes dr. Jill Biden wrote a children’s
book about her husband I’m not exactly
sure how you found time to write a

children’s book about your husband
extraordinary times doesn’t take much to
impress Craig Melvin does it G dr. Jill
how did you ever find the time to write
a 48-page 1900 word children’s book

while also being VP Biden’s carer while
I see you sure that Joe is a lifeguard
there is no mention of his confrontation

with Corn Pops seems like a missed
gonna find out what the name of that
show is uh yeah I can find it this guy’s
you’ve seen him he’s a kind of a maybe

I’m not a big unit I’m sure you probably
start somebody in the chat room should
know who it is by his voice if he starts
with hey guys then no I have not seen
him hey guys I’m Audi meanwhile while

you were looking at youtubers I received
a text from president Ron
oh asking for money had to chip in would

you like to hear at the game is on we
are full on now this is a a record for
the president I shall read with all the
emphasis which includes exclamation

marks and all caps Congrats
the first Trump supporter to receive a
6x much oh yeah I got this too but I was

the first ever oh you’re the first ever
that I was for your name in two hours
you’ve got two hours he’s gonna look for

your name so offensive yes yes that sort
of thing is really a man well 6x is the
one this that T really takes the cake I

mean come on who’s who’s donating the
other money I want you to give them more
credit I don’t know Trump’s gonna do it
himself I guess if I give him a fight
give him a dollar somebody else gives

them 6 bucks
apparently 6x match maybe just get 6 X’s
next to your name knows doesn’t mean 6x
match doesn’t mean that it’s actually

gonna be 6 times the money he’s just
like you know one hour cleaner the name
of the place so the two things I thought

were interesting one is the the Hawks
where the Hawks Atlanta Atlanta Hawks
they have offered I think is a novel
idea instead of mail-in voting why not
turn State Farm arena into a huge voting

station for the upcoming elections I
thought what it what a fantastic idea
that’s parking you know you can social
distance your ass off

you can have a flow of people going in
one direction in and going out the other
yep I mean what a great idea this could
be done everywhere and honestly I don’t
see why we haven’t come up with this

before I like it that’s good a lot of
people’s I’m sorry you know I was just
gonna say Georgia we had such a problem
before this actually is a good idea it’s
if this is a fantastic idea you had

mentioned that you had tried out parlez
which I’m sure no one in the world says
it except he’s certainly not no one in
America says that parlor hey I’m on

parlor parlor even parlor a try I got
someone said man you better get Adam
curry at parlor before it’s gone I’m

like no no not gonna go on parlor don’t
need another social network in my life
and you know I’m sure everyone’s core
whatever but there is some some word
that this could be Trump’s secret weapon

apparently as some prominent media
figures have invested in a private round
of financing with parlor including dan
bond Gino fluent as money are soon

departed and then would also have his
last thing here I have yeah this you

know this is just I have two possible
last E’s okay this is this is not a clip
is just a story

so this Obama gate you know the the FBI
notes that are really showing that
President Obama was definitely in the
loop on on this Flynn stuff yeah I mean

you’ve got to think that at a certain
point the one rat’s gonna leave the ship

you know so to me this is they needed
Hillary Clinton to if we just go all in
on the story as the alternative version
of the story they needed Clinton to win
so none of the crimes would come out how

they got her in in the first place and
all the other crap
which is quite a bit and so now they
really needs that win to get Trump out

which because this way if they don’t
have someone come in who can save the
I really think someone someone at least
one person is going to jail and it’s got

to be a prominent figure Brennan Renan
yes that’s what I’m thinking
so yeah Brennan he still has connections
now yeah so yes well they you know they

connections have disappear when the
focus is apparent and you know there’s
white take a chance oh right yeah
Goodfellas yeah good point so someone’s

gonna die okay eyes open Clinton body
count up and soon I wanted to thank and
that’ll be my last I wanted to thank
Vicki Vicki who was very very kind note
she sent me a gift of the PIO box I have

to tell you my fiance mark wants to
thank you for inventing podcast yes so
she’s a permanent rver
she and her her fiance and she wrote
this is just a beautiful long letter in

handwritten and she says now that I’ve
you know of course now that I know how
to reach you and on the podcast I

remember you for MTV she says you know I
have a little a little shampoo line and
canned conditioner line and she sent me
some of this line but I’m thinking this
might be for you because she’s a beauty
brand ambassador yes for the

fastest-growing luxury hair and skin
care company in the world but what’s
about what’s cool about this is these
plant-based ingredients and proprietary
hair growth ingredients for all ages men

and women these makes your hair grow and
she gave me the black two and one
shampoo conditioner contains twice the
hair growth ingredient see I can’t have

this my hair grows very fast and then
this restore leaving conditioner which
will keep your hair soft and shiny and
then the intense repair treatment spray
which also promotes maximum hair growth

I think that more than you do that’s for
sure everybody knows that she also sent
us a check for $200 which is much
appreciated and she will be on the list
for a socially executive producers but

I’d like that to go through the to the
system so we can have it all written
down so you’ll get named I’ll send it
off to the PIO box and we’ll get it
through the system you’ll get your
associate executive producer ship please

don’t send checks to me I send them only
to the no agenda
box it messes up our system it’s very
I’ve and really goes to one there’s one
bank and the bank happens to be down the
street from me that’s pretty much it all

right let’s close it out what you got
well I got one I only have that got the
funny clip of it you know this clip two
people in passing around tough sheriff
in Polk County no telling people to get

you know it’s just yes I’ve seen this is
a Polk County sheriff in Florida telling
people that you know don’t come in our
neighborhood or you’re gonna get shot
but we have received information in
social media that some of the criminals

we’re going to take your criminal
conduct into the neighborhoods I would
tell them if you value your life you
probably shouldn’t do that in Polk
County because the people of Polk County

like guns they have guns I encourage
them to own guns and they’re going to be
in their homes tonight with a guns

loaded and if you try to break into
their homes to steal to set fires
I’m highly recommending they blow you
back out of the house with their gun

murder yes America he had one more no
I’ll do that’ll do it okay well we do
have some great mixes coming up so I

will say in advance we need to thank oh
yes the deaf dumb and blind nights we’ve
got Kyle Davis

we’ve got Sir Chris Wilson and Jesse
Coyne Nelson that’s all I could jam in I
got a couple left over and I’ll do on
Sunday of course Nick the rat coming up
on no agenda stream comm special guest

Darren O’Neill that should be a an
interesting experience oh yeah that’s a
good one remember us at Dvorak org /na
keep your eyes open they’re scamming you

gosh darn it and coming to you from
opportunity zone 33 here in the
Capital the drone star state Austin

Texas FEMA region number six on the
governmental maps in the morning
I’m Adam curry and from northern Silicon
Valley where I look out and see traffic
looks pretty close to normal I’m John C

Dvorak we return on Sunday right here on
no agenda and please remember us at
Dvorak org slash na until then adios
mofos and such




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yes yes yes but you must leave
masks on

you must leave
masks on
you’re insane again if not only


Crazy Eddie who’s facemasks star insane

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completely unqualified