No Agenda Episode 1257: “Doggy DNA”

I think is an insult to my manhood from
the Silicon Valley where I saw the best

fireworks display in my life and it was
done by the public I’m John Cena more
typically fourth of July if I recall

correctly in San Francisco is a big dud
it’s a big loser because of the low
hanging cloud and you can’t see it and
it’s just no good and that was a limit

yeah I go yep yep yep except for one
thing every 20 years or so the fog never
shows up and this was the year huh this
was the year you look at it was clear it

would have been a great fireworks
display but the idiots canceled it on
the one day where you could actually see
it’s the one the one time in 20 years
yeah and so there was no fireworks

display because they’re all cowering in
place yeah and meanwhile the town of
Richmond who are guests they’ve kind of
had a wink-wink nudge-nudge going on
there must have been 1,000 people

shooting off fireworks and it would and
it was sounded like just a war zone it
was constable bum bum it looked like a
finale it looked like a finale of a
regular fireworks show only it was for

three and a half hours yeah it’s just
nothing but nice non-stop bombs and I
guess la had the same phenomenon because
there’s a music there’s a video going
around or some helicopter flying over la

that looks like a war zone
and we had a lot of a lot of personal
fireworks a lot of booms going off for
most to me this is very reminiscent of
Amsterdam around New Year’s in the

Netherlands where you can’t do anything
you can’t have gone
nothing it’s everything is for boating
in the Netherlands anything fun you
can’t have but New Year’s then
everyone’s allowed to go crazy and so

they they buy up just so much in a week
before up until sometimes two days after
New Year’s it’s just all day long as if
you live and it’s traumatizing for some

people and now you know this dogs oh
yeah some guy I was outside on the deck
this morning pitchblack Boston I hear
right whoa hello and his dog had run I

jumped his car and crossed the the
Greenbelt and felt kind of bad it was
only a 8 month old German Shepherd so
it’s like uh don’t know if that one’s

gonna be okay but otherwise completely
uneventful here in Austin if anything
bit just demure and sad why well it
wasn’t the road any more sad than normal

it wasn’t a great 4th of July you know
it was just it wasn’t it wasn’t a lot of
fun I mean certainly not compared to the
evening before when we went to our

cocktail party here in Austin yes this
is a photo I put your photo in the
newsletter yes there you were did you
not like my photo well I’d like to have

been it was it was it looked like kind
of a if there was any such thing as a
full body mug shot that’s kind of what
it looked like okay you wanted an all
that was missing was like to scale

behind you how hot and tall you were you
didn’t want an accent you wanted an
action shot or something I wasn’t an
action shot I wasn’t gonna put my I’m
not gonna okay let me tell you what’s
going on because this was quite an

interesting experience so to to review
we had received an invitation a very
nice couple we’re good friends with them

now they happen to live in Tarrytown
here in Austin that now they they have
about 100 employees they’ve got I think
six different locations for their
business throughout Austin and I believe
maybe Houston so it’s always interesting

to find out how they’ve been doing
especially with a lot of employees and
you know limitations etc so we’re
looking forward to seeing them but we
were told hey you know if you come on

Friday then please when you pull up to
the house park down by the garage and
then walk on the path that is their kind
of month built on a hill it’s a it’s
multi-million dollar home built on a bit

of a hill so you’re kind of down below
and please walk on the path to the left
all the way around to the backyard
and as I think I’d reported previously
the the male of the two and I had
conversed privately and he said man were

full-on hazmat suit here so we were
ready we had our masks on I had my
world’s best dad cup on a string around
my neck as promised and so we we walk up
and there and they’re out there in the

back and it’s just it’s just the four of
us and there and they have one side of a
picnic table and there’s plastic glasses
and we’re on the other side we didn’t
you know hug or shake hands or anything

but they said oh you don’t need the mask
and take the mask off now
and they weren’t met wearing masks now
July 3rd in Austin Texas at 8 p.m. it’s
about 93 degrees and as the Sun starts

to go down the mosquitoes come out who
love my the keeper she is so sweet
so I’m a and I have my no agenda neck
gaiter I have that around my neck still

and so this just this just sweat
dripping down my face I’d look at him
and he’s his sweats dripping dripping
down and you know finally and and Tina’s
getting bitten by mosquitoes it’s like

it’s what it’s it’s not a great vibe and
and then she’s complaining like how it
was his nose oh good and he says I vote
we go inside I’m like oh okay can I vote

to understand what was happening long
story short this whole charade was
because of the neighborhood the

neighborhood which it’s called Terry
town I affectionately call it Karen town
the neighbors are consistently
monitoring everybody to make sure that
you don’t have people in your house to

make sure that everyone who arrives at
your house is socially distance that
they have Matt this was because of the
neighborhood not them the neighborhood
we went indoors like it was nice and

cool you know we drank out of real
glasses we were chatting we had a great
evening until we had to leave and then
I’ve been there many times I’ve always
come and gone through the front door but

no we were taken downstairs through the
basement area the mudroom to leave via
the garage so no one would see us
walking out of the front of the house
that’s what this was all about that’s

pathetic ah but that neighborhood man
there’s stuff going on there apparently
there were a couple of like
fourteen-year-old girls or something

they’ve done some video and they were
singing rap songs and you know for
fourteen year old white girls they they
know all the lyrics and they got all the
they know exactly what they’re doing

they can mimic it complain this is what
tick tock is all about
but of course every you know every other
of five songs in hip-hop has the n-word
in there and so you know kids are now
supposed to sing along when the n-word

comes then they stop they just don’t
they don’t say anything then they
continue with the lyrics right after
that except one of them did the full
n-word in the background and this went

viral and one of these girls dad is a
neurosurgeon at UT fired fire the girl
who said that boarding school this is

boarding school obviously she made a

mistake and but you understand kind of
how these things happen and I’m not
trying to make it right but he is

Annerose was a neurosurgeon at UT fired
holy crap yeah I you know it sounds like
wrongful termination if you ask me well

I’m not I don’t know the the explicit
details what what they did say to me our
friends is that they had gotten a lot of
pressure from their employees to say

something to post something black lives
matter and and they didn’t do it they
stood up to the employee said no no no
here’s all the things we do because a

very social oriented company in general
but said now we’re just not gonna
participate in that we’re trying to keep
our heads above water here that’ll lock
down for three months yes I thought that

was pretty brave and and they weathered
through the storm they did not have
anyone quit in a huff or anything
somehow they managed to manage to
communicate what they were and weren’t

gonna do and that you need more of that
but holy crap in your own home that you
have to be afraid of what you’re doing
because the neighbors will think on you
man yes that’s tough Wow did not

disappoint in my opinion I thought it
was pretty good
I thought it was worthwhile but a creepy
area yeah but this may be the same in

many areas John I mean you and I sure it
is we don’t get out yeah we don’t get
out you know so what do we know we don’t
know what’s really going on the real
world except the supermarket well it’s
not going on in my neighborhood I can

assure you yeah well hopefully not here
either as far as I can tell but it was
it was a real that was a surprising
moment I thought it was I thought they

were the ones that were freaked out that
wasn’t it at all so bizarre um I thought
we go inside
mosquitoes everywhere it was a great

event once we were inside it was a great
evening was we had a really good time it
was fantastic and of course when we got
home then spent spent a little bit
watching the president’s performance at

Mount Rushmore which thought was quite
interesting in fact the jingle
everybody the most wonderful speech of

the year
completely divisive and putting people
on notice but I don’t know if you saw it
but before everything started there was
a flyby video of Air Force One did you

see this no I didn’t see the thing at
ah so I was watching the PBS livestream
on YouTube and no one was really

carrying anything but there the
streaming and the events started quite
early and they had a now it had to have
been prepackaged but it was Air Force
One doing a fly over Mount Rushmore

but John this was a five minute Top Gun
danger zone type video I mean the 15
year old boy in me went holy crap
Air Force One looms up out of the

distance it does it does like a bank and
then thunderstruck ac/dc starts playing
goes into Guns and Roses welcome to the
jungle I’m like I just couldn’t help

myself that was for every boy in the
world is like and hopefully some girls
like that was just a bad ass badass
display of to go see a american huge

penis I just didn’t I have a they did
networks refused to play any of it would
have been a good show for anyone
consider what else their offerings were

which was nil I mean the only thing I
think it ever got played by one of the
next was John Legend you know exactly
but that that just I just really loved

it and I simultaneously I understood how
many people outside of the United States
and certainly inside the United States
would look at that and would choke on

their own vomit which is the part that
saddened me immediately after realizing
that this bravado is what some people
have been trained to hate and I know the
training to hate is out of control

that’s the thing I have clips about it
to good
I do have what I thought was the most
important thing the president said from
that speech if yo interested sure what

wait first of all I have some meat no I
says plate Trump yes here we go
I think this is what hit home I think
this is what his base liked and I was

total totally based and and I think it
puts some people on notice just it was
the only thing I thought that really was

the Nugget of what he was besides all
the patriotic stuff schools our
newsrooms even our corporate boardrooms
there is a new far-left fascism that
demands absolute allegiance if you do

not speak its language performance
rituals recited mantras and follow its
commandments then you will be censored

banished blacklisted persecuted and
punished it’s not going to happen to us

make no mistake this left-wing cultural
revolution is designed to overthrow the
American Revolution in so doing they

would destroy the very civilization that
rescued billions from poverty disease
violence and hunger and that lifted

humanity to new heights of achievement
discovery and progress to make this
possible they are determined to tear
down every statue

symbol and memory of our national
heritage it’s too bad I’ve listened to
this several times maybe the troll room

can decipher it I have no idea what the
person yells but the president really
liked it
symbol and memory of our national

oh not on my watch
okay thank you trolls
that’s very true actually

the only ad-lib I could catch that is
why I am deploying federal law
enforcement to protect our monuments
arrest the rioters and prosecute

offenders to the fullest extent of the
law uh okay I thought that was pretty
clear what he was saying there well if
you looked at Google News just was all

negative well only thing was about that
speech was negative had a thought about
this I read the New York Times and I

read the AP and both of them here’s they
read there was a lot of words and you
know words like fiery rally bass the
bass part absolutely fiery no a rally no

in fact I think there was a ban on on
Magga hats and magog ear I didn’t see
any of it it’s my thinking and we’ve

discussed this before I’m sure that at
the Times and AP it’s a fourth of July
weekend they write up the template or
they just take one off the shelf which

or at shit yeah no one wants to work and
then you have an intern who plugs in
almost no one had masks that kind of
stuff so it was all pre-programmed there

was no reporting of what he says far as
I know what did I get here I guess I
didn’t watch this Trump likes a big
crowd it’s going to be I think a more
divisive speech than that where he’s

going to attack the left-wing mobs
trying to divide the country Donald
Trump clearly thinks this will work to
his advantage there are many who would
beg to differ
I think it does work image let me let me
read from Google News that the breakdown

here please
headlines we’ve got to do something
Republican rebels come together to take
on Trump this is a top top listing boom
right the top and where’s it from it’s

from The Guardian horse oh geez and the
fourth of July remarks Trump goes after
radical left and
Media Washington Post how trump not
biting has helped oh this was a mug this
is New York Post they got a good

headline here
let’s see rat Richard man a former GW
Bush appointee supporting Biden have
embraced socialist policies why the

observer view on Joe Biden’s lackluster
presidential campaign okay well Biden
vows to uproot systemic racism in the
July 4th remarks you know and by the way

his remarks I do wanted to play this
clip out of order then alright this is
from the PBS Newshour mm-hmm and they’re
they’re kind of recently applying it it

kind of fighting white and fourth of
July message yeah yeah okay display
presumptive Democratic presidential
nominee Joe Biden tweeted his fourth of

July message today using images from
recent and historic protests the former
vice president said the country has not
yet lived up to its founding ideal

it’s been a constant pushing toll
between two parts of our character the
idea that all men and women all people
are created equal and the racism is torn
apart wait wait a minute wait a minute

the Pb Pb s just presented that as
something Joe Biden said and then they
play a part of an ad too bad you can’t
be watching this for one thing I and

this is the truth
I had to boost this little segment 5 DB
5 5 that’s a lot of dog biscuits man
it’s a lot of dog biscuits and so I

boosted at 5 DB and it still sounds like
crap and if you if you play and they
played this like I guess somebody put
this package together for me this is

this is what you think and so they got
music and and the first thing Biden says
in that clip if you go back to tell me
what it is you tell me what it is I have
no idea what he’s saying he mumbles

something I have no idea I don’t think
the chat room can get this one well only
the trolls could let’s play a little bit
of the outro intent by former vice
president said the country has not yet
lived up to its founding ideal American

American history is not fact we said not
fact that fair American history
it’s been a constant push and pull

between two parts of our character I
think it’s I think he’s saying not fair
American history’s no fair it’s better
confidence his I think his dentures are
wobbled after he said fair and it sounds

like fish here trying up America’s
cheese new friend it’s been a constant
pushing tour between fairy tale how
about that could be fairy tale John
that’s the latest from the troll room

yeah listen listen listen American
history’s newfound America see Esther is
not a fair tap that could be could be
could be anyway
it’s horrible it’s not good for Joe

Biden it looks really bad for PBS
announcing like he made oh he made some
great statement and then you roll out an
ad because the guy clearly is not
capable of making any great statement

I don’t know if these are good or not I

kind of like him not could you
understand that jingle it’s no no really
it was getting this it seems it was a
joke Joe Biden’s health but play it

no all right I’d already taken it away
as a fail I’m sorry has Australia more

or you can late joe biden’s hell or you
could choose this one I think it’s hard
if you don’t know exactly what they’re

singing I don’t think it I don’t think
it picks up real quick I maybe just be
me no no it’s not just well they play so
they play this stupid thing and it’s

like I just was a head shaker no yes
they’ve lost it they’ve lost the plot I
was reading Matt Taibbi and he had a

fantastic quote he has this he has a
hole that really a good article just
condemning everybody in anything kind of
like his fourth of July happy message to

the world and he said we are witnessing
an obscene malfunction of the elite
messaging system and I think that a spy
I think that’s really spot-on because

we’re always talking about how the
certainly the older politicians they’re
used to doing an interview with The
Times it’s all everyone’s all
buddy-buddy do a post you know do
something for CBS maybe do 60 minutes

you know okay will do Meet the Press if
we have to and then we’re done then the
slaves understand and the message has
been conveyed but that is broke this is
a good example I think this was Nancy

Pelosi and it’s completely unrelated to
the fourth of July of course oh it’s
about the the Taliban being paid by

Russia to kill American soldiers and iam
that was their trying to ride this day
so lame what they’re trying to do here
intelligence has come out and said no

it’s unverified that doesn’t go up to
the level of president so the the the
mainstream media and his political
opponents are making it look like he
doesn’t care doesn’t read his
presidential daily briefings is

uninterested people don’t even come to
and anymore with important information
he wouldn’t care it just went on and on
and Pelosi really took the cake with
this one what are you expecting in your

meeting later this morning but hopefully
we will get the truth the fact is is
that force protection protecting our
troops is the first responsibility of
intelligence and that there would be

this idea that there would be a bounty
on our troops paid by the Russians to
the Taliban is something that was so
necessary to be pursued why would they

have not told the president because he
doesn’t like to get bad news on Russia
and again yeah that’s exactly why mr.
Pelosi that’s exactly yeah he doesn’t

like bad news so people don’t give him
the bad news on Russia that’s not
working why would they have not told the
president because he doesn’t like to get
bad news on Russia and again why hasn’t
they taken action these months later so

when we hear from them today hopefully
they will there’ll be a level of
participation that knows the facts and
that we will have a gang of eight that

is open to the truth
the President himself keeps calling all
of this a hoax and has said nothing
about Vladimir Putin or Russia or

possible sanctions if the president even
learns more about it just hopes town
well his hoax uses a hoax because he’ll
say this is a hoax and it’s a hoax that
they are 24/7 trying to disrupt our

election as they did in 2016 he says a
corn of virus is a hoax the fact is the
President himself is a horse play play
this play this clip this is the clip

Afghanistan makes sense report PBS
Washington’s envoy to Afghanistan
continues to push for the u.s. Taliban
peace deal despite recent reports that
Russia may have paid bounties to Afghan

militants for killing American and NATO
soldiers US Special Representative zelma
Khalil Asaad focused on the economic
benefits of the deal today he was
wrapping up a week-long trip that

included a stop in Qatar where Taliban
representatives are based in late
February the US
signed a peace deal with the Taliban
that ended nearly 20 years of war
Afghanistan the deal has encountered new

political opposition and doubts about
whether the Taliban can be trusted since
news of the intelligence about the
Russian bounties became public well that
comes no that completely confirms that

we were talking about this whole thing
is just it’s queer the deal yet to ruin
the deal and have more war that’s that’s
accessible crystals involved with a
Lincoln project those are war mongers

and they launched it at the same time as
their ad and every way I mean this is
coordinated it’s so obvious think and it
shows up in this PBS cheaper when PBS is

all in because they’d be and the way he
says it as matter of fact he says at the
very end no he says intelligence reports
what intelligence reports this is a
rumor that was printed in the New York

Times it has nothing to do with anything
it’s all too queer the deal because this
Taliban thing was gonna end we’re gonna
get out of Afghanistan there goes the
poppy money all these things happen that

is ridiculous and you’re right about the
this idiotic Lincoln project huh yeah I
was just looking at thing called

Republican voters against Trump it’s a
it’s a feed you can see it on Twitter
right then there’s a bunch of these
hacks on there I’m Joe Schmo and I hate
Donald Trump I used to be a Republican
but I don’t like him anymore

especially what he did to John McCain
and they’re all such guys wearing a
McCain shirt with McCain’s been dead I
mean it’s old this old wing of the
Republican Party it was a John McCain

wing which was the war monger party yes
total war monger and the one so if you
want more war vote out Trump yeah yeah
they just that’s exactly what we thought

it was and now they’re just confirming
it that’s even better it’s so insane
these people I really want to hear you
you had said you had some clips about
schooling and all and and all that but

maybe we just touch on Elaine Maxwell
for a moment
yeah I didn’t get any clips about this
but I’d feel you might yeah I have well

of course I have a couple things that
are relevant but just some thoughts in
general there’s a lot there’s a lot of
things going on and yeah this is like
cue level stuff

of course it’s so easy to see all these
dots that you can pull together I’ll
just give you a couple of headlines that
I’ve that I’ve seen today so on the day
that they quote unquote arrest
Guylaine maxwell was casually sitting in

a place up in Vermont or New Hampshire
sandy woods thank you when you are on
Ashley there she’s at home when you are
on a 150 acre property with a beautiful
home you are not hiding out it’s called

a safe house that’s obvious to me that’s
a safe house now why else would she be
there and she bought it through some
anonymous foundation or something so we

don’t even know if it’s really hers safe
house I’m just gonna call it a safe
house now do I know I like that I like
that I I’m in I mean it’s not like they
didn’t know where she was give me a

break and then she’s in New Hampshire
like that that was her brilliant plan to
hide out is New Hampshire no so that
happens on the same day she’s arrested
one of the judges orders the eps one of

Epstein’s accusers through the lawyer to
destroy all files they have because they
were acquired improperly so now this
judges orders to destroy I don’t know if

it’s evidence but files it’s just
irritating things then we get all these
little little like nudges in the media
and I’m just looking at purely from a

very conspiratorial viewpoint Germany is
investigating now suddenly thirty
thousand potential suspects in this huge
pedophile probe as they put it I think

that’s a very funny headline Deutsche
by the way 30,000 people not just in
Germany then you have a brother
well then you have this this which just

came out in the British papers pictures
of key Layne Maxwell with Kevin Spacey
sitting on the Royal Thrones and that in
a pub this is you that is a huge that’s

like taking a dump on the President’s
desk in the Oval Office you do not sit
as a commoner you do not certainly not a
Yankee you don’t sit on the throne of

the British Royal so that comes out now
all of a sudden but wasn’t that really
just a movie set
I don’t know that isn’t that I didn’t
read that is that is that was this been

debunked as well I assume because I saw
Kevin I’ve saw a Kevin Spacey pictures
before and there’s a number of movie
sets that have the sure royal throne
I’m glad that you are defending Kevin
Spacey it’s now someone needs to

yeah thousands thousands of sealed
indictments are coming in Dershowitz

Alan Dershowitz he pops out of nowhere
with this article to defend Gil a
Maxwell saying that you know anyway and
of course he’s a constitutional yeah we

respect him everyone is innocent until
the until proven guilty although you
know Dershowitz that’s not exactly how
it works I should have had this one
ready before we know exactly that as

John Brennan says the former chief of
the CIA people are innocent until well
alleged to be involved in some type of
activity I don’t know maybe so he’s out
there defending himself really because

of this Jennifer Griff ray then he has I
think solid documentation that shows
that what she claimed is impossible
because he was not it was he was in a

different part of the world on that day
which doesn’t mean she didn’t maybe have
her timeline wrong but I know it’s just
its perks him to hear Dershowitz talking

no one asked him for his opinion why is
he inserting himself in this and he was
on the BBC and here is the first of of
these two clips and you can kind of hear

I don’t think I’ve heard Dershowitz
sound like this was just a little bit of
just a tinge of I think fear I think and
he pronounces but you have Lord the Ross

child you know his wife is Evelyn de
Rothschild right no no no that’s his
name Lord Evelyn de Rothschild oh okay
right listen to how he pronounces it I

was introduced to her by the Lord evil
in and the lady Rothchild evil evil in
am I missing something Belinda lady
Rothschilds is Lord it’s I think it’s

Lord Evelyn and the lady Rothschild his
the guy’s first name is Evelyn but he
says evil in
I don’t know if that if that’s his real
name or just you know that’s just how

they call him behind the dark curtain I
don’t know I was introduced to her by
the Lord evylyn and the lady Rothchild
I met her several times not dozen
several times in the presence of very

prominent people Hillary Clinton and
Bill Clinton’s prize-winning scientists
the presidents of major universities I
never I like how this somehow means that

these are all good people Marvin Minsky
somehow did clearly we had all these
fabulous people here that she couldn’t

be it could be wrong we have the
Rothschilds we have Nobel laureates we
have the Clintons how could there be
anything suspicious happening here I met
her several times not dozen several
times in the presence of very prominent

people Hillary Clinton in Bill Clinton
Nobel Prize winning scientists the
presidents of major universities I never
ever saw her engaging in any kind of

inappropriate behavior my wife and I met
her my daughter met her we never saw any
inappropriate behavior in fact I went
and volunteered to the US Attorney’s

Office I went in on my home and to the
DA’s office more than a couple of years
ago and said I want to tell you
everything I know about everybody
involved in this and I did and I will
continue to do so but I saw nothing

inappropriate on her behalf at all
sounds just like a regular old party
with a bunch of elites and yeah no big
deal nothing at all um now this is where

I thought it was interesting is he is
very quick to offer his opinion his
legal opinion which I feel is still by
me as respected by me as is it just as a

constitutional colleague but why does he
have to go and you know really say that
she’s safe this may be the beginning
this may be one indictment it may be
followed by subsequent indictments

because this indictment ends in 1997 and
I think the government will have some
problems with statute of limitations and
so with the plea bargain that gives her
immunity if they accuse her of any

actions that took place after the plea
bargain that would give them a strong
okay so I suspect that we will be
hearing from some of these witnesses who
lack credibility and I’ll have long
resupplying feel really bad for him Wow

cuz look I don’t know if this thing

works even anymore yeah but he probably
is he’s got a tit in the wringer that’s
exactly what it is in the wringer if

there ever was a good a good analogy for
it this is it my goodness I think I want
to go through some of the stuff you were

talking about I have some alternative
look at what’s happening with
coronavirus but I will do that in a
little bit I think what I am seeing
everywhere Korona virus step out of the
way cuz that’s really front and center

really because just I got the idea that
people a little tired of hearing it
front and center okay then we’ll move it
dip back just a little bit make it
second row yeah yeah look here’s what
I’ll say about coronavirus before we get

to the real segment even during the
Blitz of World War 2 when the Germans
were bombing the Brits bombing London
vomit and they were for three weeks
three weeks only not three months three

weeks there were in the subways in the
Underground’s in the tunnels and even
though the bombing continued they came
out and start to win just went back to
life and that is what will happen with
us – people are not having it even

California John from what I understand
people are just ignoring the rules now
it’s gotten to the point of scofflaw is
king yeah okay so we had the fireworks
things we talked about that and they

were all over the place and it was just
because they cease when doing when they
had their opportunity right new new new
you don’t want to do that then when
people coming out and now people they’re
showing a whole specials in San Jose

especially where they’re opening
reopening of these little restaurants in
they’re ignoring everything and the
reporters go down there
they get their cameras and like let the
Karen’s yeah reportage Karen go in there
look you guys aren’t separated oh yes

well and they so the guys scrambling
around get back back back they’re trying
to fix things whether reporters are
filming and then they apparently go back
back to partying exactly they go back to
partying okay we’ll go through some of

the some of the current thinking and
stuff we should be looking at in a
minute but yeah I’m interested you said
you had something about the school I do
it’s a little I think it might be too

little tedious but it does get to a
point don’t mind tedious it’s a Sunday
okay well this is gonna be the
educational this was a democracy now on
Friday I had a special a 4th of July
show and it was it consisted of a first

two started off with a speech from 1852
done done a copy of it you know they
just did a Jeff a Frederick Douglass
speech from 1852 about how rotten this

country oh this was the 4th of July
celebration democracy now style yes
everybody yes okay got it
so they start with that and then they go

to a long like it was long interview
with Angela Davis that’s the right one
to have yes was they bring her on to
tell us tell us how miserable this

country is so I picked up
unfortunately I picked up where I got
five clips and couple of were short but
did the last couple of them are long ish

but very well worth it and then they
have now now you understand why I wanted
to move my corona clips later because I
have five clips one of the longest I
just wanted to have you go through that

pain first I’m ready here we go with the
pain let’s start with the introduction
in the discussion with Angela Davis one
okie-dokie defund the police becomes a
rallying cry of the movement well for

more on this historic moment we turn to
the legendary activists and scholar and
the University of California Santa Cruz
for half a century

Angela Davis has been one of the most
influential activists and intellectuals
in the United States and an icon of the
black liberation movement I interviewed
her in early June and asked her if she
thought this moment it’s truly a turning

point anything like the conditions we
are currently experiencing the
conjuncture created by the colored

nineteen pandemic and the recognition of
the systemic racism that has been
rendered visible under these conditions

because of the disproportion of deaths
and black connects communities Wow she
goes she just a point of observation she

pulls in the Latin ex communities oh yes
is trying to get that’s not really
accepted with the a dose group it’s like
that little tired if the age group is

not gonna buy to any of this crap Angela
Davis is a Marxist from the get-go she
was original one of the members of the
Black Panther Party and the early days

and she became a professor and she’s
picked up a over the years because I
heard her speech speak in the in the 70s
she’s picked up at Maya Angelou yeah
yeah no talk with the course this is

Sunday ending teas and a little bit of a
it’s a little also a little black
preacher in there but she’s got this
very haughty style of speaking now and

she’s a professor or was four years at
Santa Cruz where she would basically
blow out anti-american Marxist rhetoric
to the students there and it was allowed

and it was it was ago this is great
easily harassed was in current we have
yes it was encouraged and this schools
are just pathetic
anti-american institutions at this point

they don’t do anything positive I’ll say
nothing positive about the country’s all
type of snow oh yeah we’re terrible it
was a lot of bullcrap thrown in that’s

just it’s just lies but let’s go to the
second clip long been a leader of the
critical resistance movement the
abolition movement and I’m wondering if

you can explain the demand as you see it
what you feel needs to be done around
defunding the police and then around
prison abolition about withdrawing

funding for law enforcement and doing

nothing else and it appears as if this
is the the rather superficial
understanding that has caused by them to
move in the direction he’s moving it

shifting public funds to new services
and new institutions middle health
counselors who can respond to people who

are in crisis with arms it’s about
shifting funding to education to housing
to recreation to create security safety

wait a minute did she say arms as in
weapons yeah respond to people who are

in crisis a arm she said arms arms
that’s kind of interesting seeing is

that she threw the Black Panthers was
directly responsible for the Mulford Act
which banned the guns in California
which Ronald Reagan signed

that’s kind of an interesting that she’s
now calling for guns which I’m not
against of course no no no no you’d me
misunderstood her arm she says she wants
a service without arms uh but she was

her hope her whole history was supposed
to be for arming poor people black
people and now she’s against it yeah

she’s a traitor to her own her own arms
arms arms uh I think that’s a RM – a RM

za I think is um so let’s go now the
third clip is actually Angela Davis

feminist and this one I thought was the
most fascinating of the clips except for
the last one which is the best but this
is another this is by the way and people
want to do some research on this you

look up revolutionary abolitionist
movement right that’s the ones that’s
the one and you try to find out what
these guys are about they’re a bunch of
they’ve they’ve taken Marxist ideology
and by the way Marxist ideology goes

back to the 1860s that’s how old this
stuff it this is old old and failed
ideas but we’re gonna go back to them
anyway but this is not your daddy’s

boomer socialism you got it all wrong
it’s a different kind it’s just like gay
means something different now well
here’s a little interesting little twist

she wants to put on things
she’s even doing feminists this is a
very interesting accent this is this is

like a lot of control really speaking
disorder feminist demands are emerging
the pivotal influence of feminists of

series and practices
feminism not only as addressing issues
of gender but rather as a methodological

approach of understanding the
intersectionality counters Semitism
which has unfortunately assumed that

issues such as violence against women
can be effectively addressed by using
police force by by by using imprisonment

as a solution and of course we know that
Joseph Brighton in 1994 wow this is also
I’m sorry to interrupt but I find this

offense is not tedious this is great
you’ve got it you’ve got to say Joseph
Biden this is a decision this is a trend
things are happening unfolding before
very eyes using police force by using
imprisonment as a solution and of course

we know that Joseph Biden in 1994 who
claims that the violence against women
after was such an important moment was

couched within the 1994 crying the
Clinton crime actor actor what we’re

calling for is a process of
decriminalization not Rick recognizing
that the threats to safety

threats to security come not primarily
from what is defined as crime but rather
from the failure of institutions in our

country to address issues of health
issues of violence education etc
rethinking the kind of future we want a

social future the economic future the
political future I would argue oh okay
and the revolution is brought to you by

Nike and a couple others and a couple
others I do like what she said if I
understand her properly she’s kind of

steering it away from a color issue to
an economic issue which is what the
problem is she’s not wrong there but
then carrying it away from well there
yeah economic issue and the economic

issue as you will hear in the last class
people got a listen yeah of course it’s
gotta go I understand to read wealth
that’s the way to do it we just do what
we should be like Venezuela we should be

like all the other socialist pure
socialist societies know that have all
failed but that’s they have failed
because there’s something wrong there’s
something they haven’t fail for any it
doesn’t mean anything that they fail we

can do it I lived in socialist countries
socialist systems and the problem is the
I tore the idea is everyone shares we
get along and we understand that you

know there’s some shared burden and
shared upside the problem is human
nature’s human are dicks
they’re bags of dicks and they don’t
play along by the rules so you have to
have a different system that lets people

who play along win and people who don’t
crush how’s that for an explanation of
capitalism versus socialism
well it’s cruel people are horrible they
they don’t play along they scam

everything and so it never works and
that’s because of the education system
Adam if it was if we were they were
better educated and a better train and
they didn’t have the this need this
constant need to go out and do some true

yeah if they were counseled if there
were counselors they helped those that
you’re complaining about and get them on
the right track and reeducate them as it
were in reeducation camps we wouldn’t
have these issues as things would be

fine they’d be done be good little
Johnny your Mandarin teacher is here
let’s go to clip 4 okay this is Dean
doesn’t need to setup order straight

into it died ever remember this setup we
have to recognize the devastatingly
negative rolls at that history has
played in charting the the subjective of

the United States of America I think
that these assaults on statues represent
an attempt to begin to think through

what we have to do to bring down
institutions and re-envision them
reorganize them create new institutions
that can attend to the needs of all

people and what do you think should be
done with statues for example 200
slaveholding founding fathers like
George Washington and Thomas Jefferson

we need to figure out which people can

understand the nature of US history and
the role that racism and capitalism can
you talk about racism and capitalism you

often write and speak about how they are
intimately connected and talk about a
world that you envision hetero
patriarchy what is what do you think

that is about white heterosexual Missis
males let me just say well here we go
hetero patriarchy it has a has a wiki

page in feminist theory hetero
patriarchy is a socio-political system
where primarily cisgendered males and
heterosexuals have Authority authority

over 600
but please if I have it I give it back
immediately I have no desire to have
this burden miss authority okay no I got
you all right I have lots to say

what’s our what’s our fine line waiting
there’s a long thing I’m taking chunks
here and there that are I relevant I
like that so I’m waiting and I’m waiting
waiting for the shoe to drop when it
which is what I’m looking for then I’m

waiting for Amy to push back a little
bit I have that so I do have a clip
I think it’s on there called a response
or something like that you see that on
their response yes I do
yeah okay what that’s that’ll be the at

the very end not gonna do the next she
asked her a question and that’s where I
cut it because now she’s finally gonna
she’s got her own she’s right feeling
her oats and she’s gonna like tell what

we need to do to fix the world I’m
waiting for it in two minutes and 15
seconds I’m very excited in 2 minutes
and 15 seconds you’re gonna get it this
is and to me this is the entire
situation that we’re dealing with thank

you colleges and universities for making
this possible
let’s hear her say again what were your
protests all she’s she’s got this thing

about you know she’s trying to make a
point that’s not not makeable it because
if you look at the history of slavery
which goes back in Western societies to
1400s is actually probably before that

another like the Romans had slaves and
but the point is is that slavery was it
was in full force until the Industrial
Revolution once the Industrial

Revolution exactly yeah it had they
didn’t need slaves anymore
except in the fur in the United States
and the South Dunedin because they had
to pick cotton because there was a
confluence of a couple of coincidences

one was the cotton gin which allowed us
to produce a lot more cotton and usually
needed more people picking the cotton
the cotton is harness so and and the
British had a textile revolution thanks

to the Industrial Revolution where they
were making textiles by the tons they
needed as much cut as they could get so
we were kind of you know forced to kind
of up the slave ante so the slavery the

input of slavers went up until the Civil
War how did the but how did the Brits
get away with I mean that the slave
trade at the height of the the British
Empire it was a commodity if you could

buy stocks yes anyway slaves once the
Industrial Revolution took hold and
Britain in the 1820s or even before
somewhat but when it really took hold

that’s when they decided the slaves he’s
got to go and so they had the others the
slave abolition Act of 1833 there was
slavery slavery was abolished in England

and they kind of washed their hands of
the whole thing meanwhile demanding
cotton from us but it was it was a
disaster for us and so far as we having
to maintain the slave holders down in

the south but for her to say that the
Industrial Revolution was that was built
on the backs of slaves as nuts she’s
full of shit this woman and she is
giving a course on whatever she her

courses are at Santa Cruz our word they
you know she’s now retired and she’s
going on with this nonsense and let’s
get to the point by finishing this clip
to see what she’s really after around

the production of capital was enabled by
slave labor in the u.s. so I I’m
convinced that’s the ultimate
eradication of racism is going to

require us to move toward a more
Shoeless organization of our economies
of other institutions I think we have a
long way to go before we can begin to

talk about an economic system that is
not based on exploitation and on the
super exploitation of black people Latin
next people and other racialized

populations I do think that we now have
the conceptual means to engage in
discussions popular discussions about
capitalism occupy gave us new language

the notion of the Maestri industrial
complex requires us to understand the
globalization of capitalism capitalist
consciousness helps us to understand the

predicament immigrants who are barred
from the you ask by the that has been
created by the during which we need to
begin that process of popular education

which will allow people to understand
the internet interconnections patriarchy
this is the New York Times 1619 project

this is what this is all about rewriting
historic literally rewriting whistling
do you think amy pushback listens into
her response drinking water

so I guess Amy was lapping it up we have

the same sharp comedic stylings what can

I say you know there’s something about
you editing clips – for the funny that
is just so endear you really love it

yeah this is this is very very
she should probably crack open YouTube
once in a while and see what what other
black Americans are saying you know and

what what they’re feeling about the
defund movement and you pretty much
can’t get I mean of course we have m5m
clips today but if you really want some
information you got to go to podcasts

you got to go to YouTube
then in the 4th of July weekend the
media is not working at all it’s just
running on autopilot is one big algo and
the algo you start the algo and it
basically goes I’ll go just runs

throughout the weekend but if you look
at what people for instance in New York
City are saying about DD Fund and what’s
happening particularly New York City

where the crime investigation unit has
been it was it dissolved they’ll walk
off or is it both do you remember
they won’t the media will not play these
stories exactly so we don’t even know

really what’s going I don’t even know
what’s going on with the New York police
here’s the center of the media you know
New York well you don’t think there’s
any obfuscation going on do you

I think there is yes here’s a New York
City youtuber and he’s and he is
identifying some very big issues
yo they get rid of anti-crime in New

York City that’s my crime was basically
a plainclothes unit that went around and
dealt with you know felonies and
robberies whatever shit like that you
know heavy shit by the way probably not

safe for work to play out loud you know
dealing with the real fucked up people
this society you know not even got rid
of that shit you know I mean now we’re
dealing with everything you got a bunch

of you got a bunch of cops they don’t
want to do nothing you know I’m saying
nobody don’t want to do nothing
naturally because you know why nobody
don’t want to lose their job they got a
family to support then you got the

community like fuck that this or that
you know so it’s like a whole back and
forth battle but at the end of the day
you know what
lose you know I’m saying because now you
got a bunch of fucking people that think

they calvo’s running around carrying
fucking guns all over the city and ain’t
nobody to check them you know I mean you
got fucking criminals running around now
your host shit is like fucked up so now

you looking for Batman the promising
Batman and the Avengers aren’t the
lights on vacation you don’t even

realize that with the New York City in
the past couple of weeks so many people
have been murdered and killed violently
but you know what this is just the tip
of the iceberg you ain’t seen nothing

now as the table goes on its gonna get
you know right now they complain it over
the fireworks and the fireworks sound
like gunshots you know so now you mix an
oil at in you know now you got blocks

full of fucking people partying at
these are people that don’t go to work
don’t do anything don’t give a fuck
about the quality of life don’t give a
fuck about themselves so you know what

man now you can’t see now you wanna
really really see what it is you know
I’m saying I think that’s a pretty
accurate report of what’s really
happening in some New York neighborhoods
and it’s it’s probably is probably it’s

raised now there’s a real classy owes
oblivious doll this guy’s crazy there’s
a there’s a huge contradiction or weapon
before you go on blood the blaster would

buy into the Angela Davis ideas let’s
just reeducate and he’s the popular he’s
drinking he’s drinking tea and smoking
hash with her right now what are you
talking about would buy into it
he was probably directing the shoot

here’s the cannoli sorry you know here’s
the conundrum and we saw this happen
with the chopped Chad’s what was the one
thing that no democrat could ever

endorse ever anywhere for any reason
whatsoever on you know american streets
yes guns so what did we see we saw lots
of ar-15s yeah i mean if you go through

the show notes you just want to hear a
couple of different clips from the past
about the you know how this is the
horrible weapon in the world has no
business being an American streets is

it’s just it’s unthinkable but it’s okay
it’s jazz and they can add those go
ahead so there’s very confusing messages
that are being sent and I’m not quite

sure what the leadership is thinking but
I do know what black America is thinking
because they’re saying it out loud and
this was in the New York Times I did not
expect it that a huge article titled

I’m a black American I need a gun to
feel safe in this country and that and I
just took a little piece of video of
course they’re producing some fun video

to go along with their writing I grew up
really high gun I grew up in a pretty
liberal California family I wasn’t into
firearms I was kind of opposed to them

my parents were never really into
firearms I actually really don’t like
but I’m 100% for certain we’ll be buying
a gun or two or three owning a firearm
is important to me when you look outside

you can kind of see that there’s a need
for people protecting themselves buying
firearms being conscious black people we
live in a very violent country and this
country doesn’t give us good options

parked my bike over here to take a break
real quick got a white guy out here
pointing a gun at for black man look at
this are we doing standing here this
lady Lily just pulled a gun because we

out here have reservation
guns are dangerous I never wanted one in

my home but a month ago I bought a
handgun and I learned how to shoot it
right now I need a gun to be safe in
this country by so while I understand
and support everyone purchasing a gun

what the New York Times is doing here is
a super asshole move because they’re
taking the pain of the so called
white cops killing the black criminal
and they’re now transferring it to your

white fellow American who’s just fucked
up himself so it’s not the police no no
now it’s the white I did that the whole

piece went from police to white people
and of course we had the Ken and Karen
in Louisiana which if I may say I
thought it was very funny that our heads

were photoshopped on on Ken and Karen I
feel like I feel I did it I feel I did
get the raw into the stick this time I
mean the way she held the the weapon is
really RINO it may be bad not that not

that you were photoshopped onto a woman
problem now I have no problem with that
the prom was the way she holds yes you
got a favorable again like that you got

a booger finger on the trigger which is
very I mean especially I think I look
like a Walther PPK I couldn’t tell that
can go off gotta be careful with your
finger on the trigger lady make sure you

know what you’re doing and and he also
he was lefty which it’s kind of weird to
look at anyway it’s very interesting
that this is happening in lieu of the
Angela Davis clip that you play because

that was the Black Panthers came out
specifically to protect their
neighborhoods and of course the white
response to it in this case not the
Democrats but the Republicans Ronald

Reagan was to shut that shit down and
now it’s being promoted it’s a very
different tactic and it’s working
because and there’s a maybe a number of

reasons why this is happening I’ll just
say one is it possible that they want a
repeat of the Black Panthers
so we have the

more Mulford acts for all 50 states to
really get rid of guns that’s possible I
don’t I could that’s very very sinister
but it could be happening it may also be
to capture some of the NRA money that is

loot that is on the downside NRA is
definitely not loved by everybody in the
United States and now we have something
new a new entity the NAAG a redstone
firearms is registered with the NRA the

organization has a tight grip on the gun
industry offering benefits to business
owners like Geneva get to neva turn to
another gun club for a sense of
belonging it’s named the National

african-american gun Association or
Nagas some call it the NRA for black
people to buy what’s in the Solomons
estate direct district wow that could be

an end of show why so do you hear that
two to the body one to the head
play it again okay home I think yeah
check it out here we go two to the body
what’s in here yeah okay California dr.

Rashid IV is one of magaz newest members
I love what Naga is doing and he loves

our positive they were how much they
were really devoted to teaching people
how to be positive non-owners and
changing the skin and our communities
have gun ownership are you also a member
of the NRA no why not stigma associated

with them is that their race gets a
racist organization mm-hmm so we’re
shifting some these are big moves that
are coming and of course what is a gun
club really for it’s not just to help

you learn how to shoot your gun nada is
looking at possibly forming a PAC why I
think it is selfish at a minimum not to
look at other avenues to help our people

are you going to be looking to endorse
candidates or focus on issues we’re
gonna focus on issues well there’s some
african-american minutes but
specifically in certain parts of the
country they have a very difficult time

getting a gun license for whatever
reason they don’t have any background
issues Racing has clean credit they have
a good job but for some reason they get
we would like to be an advocate for
those type of individuals are you

that if Navajos political some white
people are going to be afraid that it’s
the new Black Panther Party I don’t care
what they think why have a National
African American gun Association why not

just join the NRA well this is America
right we can create any organization
that we want and why shouldn’t we create
an organization that we’re prideful of
an organization that is focused on our

community and organization is focused on
education why not right so I really
don’t care what anyone thinks
it’s not about them it’s about us if we
focus on them that’s what they want the
way this is being played I also and I’m

just putting out there what I’m hearing
could I also be seeing here two gun
clubs being created as rivals it
certainly is playing that way in the

media will the NAD aga be the new Black
Panthers no I don’t think so we already
have the new Black Panthers they’re
called NFSA and they were out on Stone
Mountain doing some drill practice fully

decked out full-on military-grade type
at least look in here now all ar-15s the
NF r NF AC which stands for not effing
around coalition look it what the fuck

you need to meet blacks come out I don’t

see you know white militia so to the
boogie boys the three four centers and
all the rest of the scan as rednecks we
streets are lighting up man

streets are lighting up there’s all
kinds of stuff happening but I’m a
little worried about what in particular
the House of Representatives the
Democrats and their cronies in in in
many states I’m just worried what

they’re thinking about doing I to me
it’s like now you’re really getting two
different groups set up with guns on
each side but you’re doing under the
guise of the cops were killing us and

now it’s shifting shifting uh yeah but
if you can let you guys are the guns
well there’s there’s also there’s also
that here’s um of course now we can just

go to some more normal sounding people
the officer Tatum who is a
african-american police officer and he’s
very tired of all of this crap and this

is very reminiscent of what my one black
friend tells me as well I have had
enough I’ve had enough I made a video
earlier about my son getting a
notification on his EA sports madden

game talking about black lives matter
and oppression of black people which is
an opinion by some it’s not verifiable
unequivocal facts but yet they push it
on young people and then one of my good

friends who happened to be white and the
funny thing is we have the same last
name we go on rides together and he
showed me on the App the Stryver app
then you just upload your eyes to
everybody have a good time you like

people stuff if you see their eyes their
impressive pro riders are on there
everybody’s having a good time
why on God’s green earth do they feel
they need to give an advisory about how
they’ve been erased this organization

all this time and that black people need
to be special treatment and you need to
give us handouts and worried about black
athletes listen man as a black man in
America and I’ve been black for 33 years
I am sick of the pandering I’m sick of

the false equivalence I’m sick of people
painting the picture like I am less than
in my own country this country belongs
to me just like anybody else

I have never experienced racism in
America I haven’t that doesn’t mean that
other people haven’t but I don’t have to
walk around with my head down walking
around acting like a victim when I
haven’t had nothing to do with that and

none of the people that I know are
racist I don’t know a racist I’ve never
been around racist why do I have to be
subject to idea that people are forcing
on me just because the color of my skin

it makes no sense to me and that’s a
very common comment as well it’s
insulting at this point stop it with
your venmo payments people send them
black people five dollars sorry for

racism like I told Moe about that you
know what he said he said what if you’re
gonna give black people guns is what he
said just give him that that’s that’s
that’s what we really need so don’t give
me five dollars it’s insulting laughs

everywhere sending me five bucks I’d be
taking it now I have one more clip okay
this is something a guy said I’ve got
lost it already never going okay well
I’m staying in the and he was talking

about sports about EA Sports oh yeah
that’s what I’ll just say what did he
say that there’s somebody boot it up
Madden there’s something and there was a
black lives matter message oh yeah oh
yeah what is that all about well okay

check this out Call of Duty has now
removed the okay gesture so you can’t
just you’re okay to your to your
teammates because racist that’s that

gestures just gone gestures never meant
to anything but okay but it’s gone more
recently met three points if you’re an

NBA player exact same gestures yeah
that’s true
let me see I had something else here it
was that there was something else that

had changed it was really odd what
about the we know about the Washington
Redskins of course no I don’t know I
mean there’s huge pressure for them to

change the name again yes a new no but
it’s it’s it’s no it’s not new but I
know it’s at a crescendo they’re gonna
have to change the name and I ever I
already got an insight what its gonna be

their Washington it’s gonna be changed
to Washington from the Washington
Redskins to the Washington rednecks just
as an entre Mont here’s a man on the

street interview in DC about the term
Redskin and they interviewed two black
Americans and here’s their response to
the word Redskin today on the streets of

DC is that true is is Redskin equivalent
to the n-word more recently I thought I

guess I guess and this this to me was
the clip of the week
just to see someone with some sense it’s
Marcus Wylie of course I was watching

Fox Sports 1 as I do my afternoons and
evenings you know catch up on what’s
going on with the new the non game
sports is very interesting now because
there’s none so I can enjoy the talk and
I’m very happy Marcus went oh you know

of all the things people still do like
to go out and party when they’re given
the opportunity I’m guys sick of sports
it’s just like now I think about it why

don’t we give care about these games
they’re dumb and there he is
you’ve crossed you’ve crossed the
Rubicon you were on the other side my
friend now you don’t care about sports
now you know I know hearing about sports

at one point you never cared I care
about football football football exactly
so Marcus Wiley of course I do know him

he played with the Buffalo Bills it’s
just a great guy like to talk about in
my house I’ve no idea but he he decides
of course to be

political and talk about black lives
matter and he did and I did this would
have been great if anyone did it but the
way he did it he’s took the mission
statement of black lives matter Inc so

the people who are making tens if not
hundreds of millions of dollars and
really only putting a six to eight
percent towards whatever the cause is
and it was very poignant what he said

and it comes right back down to the real
issue which is uh-huh families without
dads it’s an interesting play right here
I don’t know how many people really look

into the mission statement of black
lives matter but I did and when you look
into it there’s a couple things that
jump out to me and I’m a black man who’s
been black and my life has mattered
since 1974 and this organization was

found in 2013 I’m proud of you but I’ve
been fighting this fight for me and for
others a lot longer to things my family
structure is so vital important to me

not only the one I grew up in but the
one I’m trying to create right now being
a father and a husband that’s my mission
in life right now how do i reconcile
that what I just told you with this

mission statement that says quote we
dismantle the patriarchal practice we
disrupt the Western prescribe nuclear
family structure requirement we’re not
no statistics when I know my reality

forget statistics I knew this before I
even went to Colombia and saw these same
statistics that I’m gonna read to you
right now
that children from single-parent homes
versus two-parent homes the children

from the single-parent homes this is in
1995 out of reading this five times more
likely to commit suicide six times more
likely to be in poverty nine times more
likely jump out of high school ten times
more likely to abuse chemical substances

fourteen times more likely to commit
rape 20 times more likely end up in
prison and 32 times more likely to run
away from home I knew that you know why
I knew it because a lot of my friends
didn’t have family structures that were

nuclear like mine and they found
themselves outside of their dreams and
goals and aspirations so when I see that
as a mission statement for black lives

it makes me scratch my head when I also
see there
chin is to eradicate white supremacy and
2020 white supremacy is the mission whoa
that’s a lot of digging through minutiae

right there I’m hosting along with
another black guy who is hosting Whitney
who replaced another black guy and
that’s just one example of it so I
understand I respect your space I
respect what you’re protesting for but

will you respect others who don’t
support that same protest I think that’s
really spot-on with that spot-on and and
all this hetero patriarchy dismantling

the patriarchy is in fact if they’re
really doing it and I think they’re
trying it’s very destructive you take
away the patriarchy I mean you can’t

take away the matriarch either both are
kind of needed no now if you read the
Revolution abolitionist movement
commentary where they say gender roles
have got to go now it’s just not that’s

not normal
before we take a break I took the test
this it’s not normal it’s not normal and
I wanted to do it your heteronormative

I’m sis heteronormative heteronormative
I would like to take a little test with
you I did it this morning and I have my
results so I will share those but I
think would be fun if you and I can take

the test how to tell if you have white
fragility this is of course based on the
Robyn D’Angelo book and I think you’ll
get a kick out of the questions as much

as you will out of the analysis for you
would you like to play it’s only for
questioners no I wouldn’t I think this
is an insult to my manhood but go ahead
I will sit I will I will I will put up I

will tolerate this um thank you I I
understand it is it is not easy to do
here we go question number one which of
these feelings have you had when someone

has suggested that something you’ve said
or done might be racist and you can
check all that apply so I’ll mention
them if

want it I will I will click the box so
again which of these feelings have you
when someone has suggested that
something you said or done might be
racist singled out guilty mm-hmm no you
want to do one by one singled out no no

guilty yeah judged no scared
no attacked no shamed no accused no
outraged yeah

silenced no insulted no angry no or I’ve
never had any of these feelings no John

if you’re not gonna play then don’t know
I played I’ve never had any of those
feelings that’s that I can’t say no to

that because I’ve had those feelings but
not in that context okay we’ll go to
next we’ll just stop you must answer the
question I did no you have to have I you
have to select one at least now is this

break well in other words every time you
select one then you’re already given a
point against oh wait I I can’t select
him I’d would be dishonest with myself
okay well I’ve never had any of these

feelings as it pertains to this is
probably what they mean so I will select
that for you next
oh I see now you’re a mind reader
I grow go on this use this used to be

fun when we did this and for some reason
you’ve become a grouch about it used to
be we could laugh I’m giving you my
honest answers geez how have you

responded when someone has suggested
that sometimes you said or that
something you said or done might be
racist again the same is the first
question no no no no this is different I

I don’t see it well there’s different
answers so how have you responded how do
you feel how did you respond when
someone has suggested

that’s something you’ve said or done
might be racist did you respond by
crying yes I’m just kidding there you
can say no to that okay responded by

crying but I can imagine somebody doing
that which makes it funny did you focus
on your intentions I’m sorry what does
that even mean so if someone has

suggested you’ve said or done something
that might be racist do then focus on
the intent you have I guess is what they
mean by captive leave that blank yet did
you argue would you’ve argued it yeah we

have one would you have denied it no
would you have emotionally withdrawn

yeah would you just have avoided it
altogether what the person said no I
you can’t histor but the premise doesn’t
allow it did you physically leave the

room eventually okay did you seek
absolution blue from the person who
accused you I guess no it doesn’t make

that these questions and answers don’t
make sense wait until you get to the end
okay so no to that and we’ll go to the
next question because we’re almost there

which of these statements have you made
when someone has suggested that
something you’ve said or done might be
racist so when someone says this to you
this this quote this questionnaire seems
very topic specific let’s just run

through it yes or no have you said I
know people of color I’ve never said
that did you say I marched in the 60s

did you say that I marched in the 60s
I’m not racist that’s the idea John yeah
I’ll say that yeah I marched in the 60s
that’s just your opinion I’d say that

you’re playing the race card okay yes to
that I’m not I’m on this you’re on a
roll now you hurt my feelings

yeah you misunderstood me
no the problem is your tone yes that was
not my intention but yes yes okay

the real oppression is class or gender
or anything other than race let’s say
you would say that I say it you probably

say that your true true true that’s true
how about you don’t know me
that’s good I don’t believe it you said
that you don’t know me marking it off I

disagree you probably say that one nano
that one note you are making me feel
guilty no I just said one little

innocent thing no some people find
offensive some people find a fence where
there is none yes it should be the
question this should have been different

some people find a fence when there is
none , lesbian oh my god you’re so

this is a response I can’t say anything
right no I would never sit and then
finally I have suffered too that’s a
good line alright last question I’m so

okay what beliefs do you hold about your
relationship to racism good question
well tell me about your relationship to

racism here we go what is this this is
psycho stuff wait for it I am free of
racism so yes or no no racism is
intentional I only have good intentions

no I am a good person
so I can’t be racist I wouldn’t say that
racism is conscious bias I am NOT biased
so I am not racist I’m going to say that

I have friends of color so I can’t be
that’s a dumb answer racism is a simple
problem people just need to open their
minds I don’t know what that means I

don’t even know what that means anyone
who thinks I’m a racist has
misunderstood me and I wouldn’t say that
I am the best judge of whether racism

has occurred no I have suffered and
faced barriers so I do not have racial
privilege who says that it’s unkind says
that it’s unkind to point out racism who

says that I was liking that one no yeah
but you’ve never said it no of course
it’s a good answer almost there I was
taught to treat everyone the same

uh I would say I can give that a yes
there is no problem society is fine the
way it is a Hitler tell obviously

yesterday my worldview is objective yeah
yet sure yeah okay

alright we’re done I probably should
have told you up front that this is a
poll which is done by beacon press
beacon press is the publisher of the

book the publisher of the book has done
this poll and I shall read to you your
analysis and recommendation here we go
don’t worry you scored between 11 and 19

you have white fragility but we all have
to some degree this quiz has helped you
identify underlying assumptions that you
hold about race that engendered these
feelings behaviors and claims you make

when confronted what can you do now well
you should read Robin D’Angelo’s white
fragility why is this so hard for white
people to talk about racism to learn
what you can do to engage more

it’s a fucking ad for a piece of crap
book by a dumb lady can you believe this
yeah I can believe it’s marketing oh but

that but that isn’t that you don’t do
that with a book that is like supposed
to be revolutionary these questions it’s
a setup it’s just like the whole woman

herself she’s setting everybody up well
if people are stupid enough to give her
money what are you gonna do by the way I
got a good thing going I got the exact
same advice I think I think that

everyone gets to say I doubt it actually
goes oh hold on we’ve got a racist we
have track your IP address we are coming

to see you now
it’s yes it’s so demeaning of the topic
that she is already demeaning with her
idiocy that’s just crazy and it’s all
over this this thing is everywhere

everyone’s taking it back why because
they needs because they want the same
standard response of course we’re in a
nutty world or whatever I said the other

the other day what I say whatever it is
but with that I’d like to thank you for
your courage and say in the morning to
you the man who put the C insists hetero

patriarchy the one and only the white
John C Dvorak any morning new UI mr.
Adam curry in the dress in the morning
all ships of Busan graphing the air subs

in the water all the names and is out
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is no agenda social calm and in the
morning to our artists for episode and

see was that
12:56 1256 we titled it white tears
can’t see a sense the theme these days

and this artwork was immediately claimed
as a possible name for a new Texas
sports team as Darren O’Neill came

around again
with another winning piece of art for
the Texas surge which seriously a lot of
people thought there would be a great
sports team name

yeah with specially is already got the
logo yeah it’s got a logo it all with a
cowboy hat on them on a map of Texas
it’s what this is well you said it you
said it this time you said it really

pops and it does now there was that
voice exact voice that’s right there
were some troubles with the artwork and
I wanted to know if comic strip blogger

is okay he was doing porn stuff
basically sending us a message I don’t
know what it is oh and by the way

swastikas on art yeah we’re probably not
gonna post that just happen just so you
know it’s not really considered a great
idea yeah we won’t even get published in

Germany we’ll get you know in Germany
that’s right that’s illegal in German
completely for voting we do love you
have a lot of German listeners we love

the art that our artists do it is part
of our value for value Network people
can contribute in so many different ways
and this type of work and now I’m it’s
like it’s Darrin O’Neal does the wins

the competition quite often but he’s
just that good he’s what is he doing
that other people aren’t quite figuring
out or that they’re not what what
exactly is that thing that he hates

relaxing his creative energy so he can
just saw this that stuff comes to my
notes I know exactly what he’s doing I
can’t quite do it myself for art but but
natural artists can do it he’s kind of a

natural artist who doesn’t think so he
doesn’t know he’s an artist maybe does I
don’t know hmm I want to see also credit
Mountain Jay for doing the newsletter
art because I have to say I I have to I

have to mention something here which is
that he did a really funny piece signing
of the Declaration of into a chasing a
woman yes oh yeah who you just missed

gender and thank you I miss gendered I
miss a dead named so mountain Jay
not quite this thing she should have

produced that piece without the show
number yes that was the issue you can do
one with show and one we don’t want
everyone doing one with and one without

but it we know but I had to go in
Photoshop and put the proper show no oh
how do I didn’t I didn’t notice anything

off how did it look the result flawless
well there’s a couple things there’s no
shading I didn’t have to I don’t have I
have minimum amount of time I put into
stuff on Photoshop and I didn’t give it

a shadow then then 70 the show numbers
she had a shadow and I could have put
one on everybody would have taken
creating another layer and I don’t want
a few that didn’t need it but I had to

erase her number and then put another
one in it’s it took me ten to 15 minutes
of I didn’t want a time I didn’t want to
spend so I’m just gonna mention if you

have a really cool piece like that and
it was a cool piece I liked it please do
you want to do one without do you think

of consider those without it was
limiting it to that show and making it
been maybe throwing it over in the
evergreen pile right is that’s an
evergreen piece was very good so they
don’t the only funny that may be just to

clarify the only time we use show number
art is during the pre stream when we’re
getting ready because it’s nice to show
people there’s an episode and that’s

what’s you know as we’re doing the the
ride of the valkyries and Cinco DeMayo
that’s that’s when I send that out the
bat-signal so they’re so they’re it’s
good to have a number but not for not

for the shows not for the show’s itself
it’s really too bad because we can never
use it again right but unless I’m gonna
go open up Photoshop and then take the
number out which is something at it I

really not inclined to in this case I
was inclined to do it because the piece
was so funny yeah so thank that’s rare
Thank You Darren O’Neill and mountain JJ

but really Mountain J but really all of
our artists who submitted and do not be
self gets used for all kinds of things
including on hats mugs t-shirts etc at
No Agenda shop comm where they will cut

the artist in on their sales and it’s
beautiful and it’s no agenda our
generator cotton we love seeing all the
art we love using it it makes a big
difference people I can get excited by

it they click they listen it helps the
product and now let’s thank the people
who’ve supported us with the financial
donations our executive and associate
executive producers for episode 1257

well that begins with servants the Baron
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she has a great passion to protect
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crazy year servants Baron of flora flora
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shenanigans continue please see the
attached article the US Senate recently
led by flamingo Graham is working on the
ernit Act eliminating abuse and rampant
neglect of interactive technology do you

know about this yeah they’re trying to
remove encryption everyone’s all Gd
about four
but it’s not uh it’s not hey I’m sorry
is berrin name again
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that zacchaeus za c CH AE us Zeca bhabhi
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aka the taxman okay so there’s some joke
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as a bipartisan effort to give the DOJ
Moe more power to monitor private
content it would seem this has been
going on you know I’ve witnessed this
for 30 years the government has been

trying to eliminate encryption this act
would be more equity titled your eft
your own unconditional rice evaporate
from existence daily that which is his

version of the it’s funny as always the
truth wants to come out Graham’s office
did not return requests for comment but
it previously said his goal here is not
to outlaw encryption that would be a

debate for another day no ever bar yeah
however bar who would be given a large
amount of power under the new Act has
been outspoken about his desire to force

technology companies to a law allow law
enforcement to bypass encryption of
course it does that’s what you do but I
just when you’re in that business follow
this I just need to say something to

insert something you don’t need to be
going crazy what they’re talking about
is encryption when it’s end to end with
some provider so that’s your Apple your
iOS backup that’s your what’s app
messages that you probably your Google

Gmail you can encrypt stuff yourself and
send messages to people this is about
the Silicon Valley portion of it
ot G go away from it I encrypt email all
the time no one’s gonna stop me

can they crack it yeah maybe I mean
there’s all who the hell knows it’s
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courage Marc someone’s getting cornhole
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up next 333 74 from Denver
hey Denver yo Denver I need some you may
die karma or you may die Boogedy Boogedy

i TM from the hybrid hominid of denver
where a new girl has gone vigilante and
a small business for cultural
appropriation as the business owner is a
white woman in the shop sells Mexican

blanket no I want to thank you gentlemen
for what felt like a personal favor when
Adam announced that boogity boogity
boogity had been made available as a
jingle as it had not been available upon

my first request I was so excited when I
heard this news I pumped my fist in the
air like a protester okay I’m also very

pleased with the no agenda tribe it will
give no no I’m sorry I’m also very
pleased with the love shown for Jim

Meade or as he was one of the first
voices I heard exposing a stream
hypocrisy of the Democratic Party
I hope members of the No Agenda tribe
will give his shows a listen if for
nothing out more than the hilarious

impressions of celebrities and
politicians done by Austinite Mike
McCrae I really liked his last
Thursday’s what is this a promotion yes
last Thursday’s episode because because
JC d seemed that he was in his best mood

since I first started listening after
Adams appearance on JRE you’ve also
recently clipped one of my favorite
podcast is Bret Weinstein who gives
excellent analysis of SARS cough to

through his perspective as an
evolutionary biologist will understand
why JC d doesn’t love him I would love
to hear a take on Dark Horse duo plant
from you all thanks again for everything

I’ll tell you what the Dark Horse duo
plan is it’s everything so I like bread
Weinstein’s take on everything up until
this point so in order to save the
Republic his idea is we have a unity

ticket of and he mentions specifically
an admiral and some other guy and and
one would be
right-of-center won’t be left to center
that flip a coin one does presidency for

four years the other vice president and
they switch that one’s vice president
it’s a stupid idiotic plan completely
you cannot I mean we have a constitution
these things are arranged and he wants

it’s so weird you’ve got to see you’ve
got to see him talking about it
everything is so smart and then it gets
this idea and he’s really pushing it he
pushed on Rogan and pushed it on Tucker

Carlson and it he can’t explain it in
less than 10 minutes the unity what does
it call the darkest duo like there’s two
brothers here which one are we talking

about this is the Bret is the the one
from Evergreen so the the the high-end
biology where she feed her teal in this
Wesley I think this is this is the

Evergreen guy who got kicked out of
Evergreen all right yes dumb Thanks and
that’s our summarize that’s hard take

everybody you might die
do you mind diet thank you very much

John caverns up next from Bellevue
Nebraska 33333
he wants jobs karma China is a asshole
Kim Jung yum-yum diss donations for my

son I wanted to wish booboo Eliot Miller
Cavor ik a happy 16th birthday I’m sure
he loves being called booboo by the

podcasters to my surprise the only thing
he wanted for his birthday was a
producer credit ha your show has been an
amazing source of discussion between us
and I believe it’s strengthened our

relationship tremendously uh-huh shout
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cool yes yes yes yes do you remember
John who he worked for Airbus he was up
in Kansas and he lives a visit him on

one of the Hot Pockets tours I think
they laid the beach but at the the golf
cart dune buggy orange one if you know
yes remember the buggy guy so he has he

has that picture of the he probably
still sells those beach dune buggy beach
dune buggy golf carts so I should ask
him what the URL is so he still has that

picture and he was I think it was on oh
and I don’t it was Facebook and he sent
me a screen capture Facebook tried to do
a recognition a facial recognition on me

and guess what picture it chose to match
me with Bible okay I let another picture
okay tell me Siegfried of Siegfried and

Roy oh that’s the guy is even alive
who’s the one that got eaten or they

this day Roy guy I think Roy died but
they but what Siegfried got got eaten
didn’t he woo no is Roy wasn’t it the
dark haired guy I don’t know any of the

tiger he was the real tiger guy
well anyway man man for AI that’s not to
worry about getting called out that’s

pretty far off so I have a copy of the
one of the Trump ads that floats around
the social networks hey compared to the
bite in AD where he’s mumbling

you’re worried saying yeah this is more
of a kind of ad that I expect this a
30-second ad I don’t know if anyone’s
gonna think it’s gonna place it anywhere
but it’s already floating around and I

think it’s kind of funny
you have reached the 911 police
emergency line due to defunding of the
police department we’re sorry but no one
is here to take your call if you’re

calling to report a rape please press 1
press 2 to report a home invasion press
3 for all other crimes leave your name
and number and someone will get back to

you our estimated wait time is currently
5 days goodbye I’m Donald J Trump and I
approve this message
a sad thing is this is kind of actually
happening it’s not it’s not even that

far off the mark yeah I find it amusing
do these do these really I have
sometimes to get the idea that a lot of
or many of the commercials are made just

for social media and hopefully to have
someone play it on on television they’re
not all necessarily for television I
agree there’s got to be a horse they do
a lot of spitballing on the social

medias pit balling before we forget I
did want to make mention of the climate
activists who posted this of course this
got lost in the shuffle of everything

that’s happening and all the distraction
you may have read this on behalf of
environmentalists I apologize for the
climate scare did you hear about this no
oh this is so good so this is a guy who

has been a climate what is he invited
was an environmentalist but he’s an
energy he’s an expert he’s been in

Congress he me see yeah energy expert
asked by Congress to provide objective
expert testimony invited by the
International the Intergovernmental

Panel on Climate Change the IPCC to
service expert reviewer of its next
assessment report because of all this I
feel an obligation to apologize for how
badly we environmentalists have misled

the public and then he lists this and
it’s a great article there’s a like 10
points here that he’s going to say these
are the actual facts and of course is
this was published it and on Forbes and

they took it down and then he put it on
I think they took it down from medium
this guy is getting the ultimate deep
platforming oh yeah I’m surprised me

yeah he says it may seem strange it
means I may seem like a strange person
to be saying all of this I’ve been a
climate actors for twenty years an
environmentalist for thirty so put it up
on cosmic wienie yeah a day for
longevity sake exactly so read his whole

post it’ll be on the cosmic wienie also
in the show notes but here’s what I want
to pull out of it I feel an obligation
to applies apologize for how badly we
environmentalists have misled the public

here are some facts few people know one
humans are not causing a sixth mass
extinction the Amazon is not the lungs
of the world this is almost like no

agenda show rundown
all no agenda stuff climate change is
not making natural deserts disasters
worse by the way the guy’s not denying
climate change he is saying this is the

fear-mongering that he’s participated in
he wants to set the record straight
straight fires have declined 25% around
the world since 2003 ha the amount of

land we use for meat humankind’s biggest
use of land has declined by an area
nearly as large as Alaska huh the

buildup of wood fuel and more houses
near forests not climate change explain
why there are more and more dangerous

fires in Australia and California heresy
I say carbon emission calm down this guy
real quick this is fantastic

carbon emissions are declining in most
rich nations and have been declining in
Britain Germany and France since the mid
1970s now here’s one when I read this I
was angry at myself for a full day that

I have never brought this up on this
very show here comes the Netherlands
became rich not poor while adapting to
life below sea level what up what a

I the Netherlands is 80% of the
Netherlands is under sea levels under
sea literally under is is protected by

dikes so Miami what you bitching about I
think that’s the point of what he’s
saying here it’s kind of the point yeah
or at Maldives you know figure it out

yeah build a wall fill the dike we
produce 25% more food than we need and
food surpluses will continue to rise as
the world gets hotter habitat loss and

the direct killing of wild animals are
bigger threats to species than climate
change would fuel is far worse for
people and wildlife than fossil fuels
yeah wood for fuel is now considered a

renewable nutjobs preventing future
pandemics requires more not less
industrial architecture I know that the
above facts will sound like clay denied

climate denialism but many too many
people but that just shows the power of
climate alarmism
in reality the above listen to this in
reality the above facts came from the
best available scientific studies

including those conducted by or accepted
by the IPCC the Food and Agriculture
Organization of the United Nations the
International Union for conserve
conservation of nature and other leading
scientific bodies you can go ahead and

you can go read it and this is beautiful
now of course zero traction the guy he
may even be dead for all we know I mean
this one will never get any further than
this but I thought it was nice to

mention I thank him for his courage very
courageous no kidding very crazy let’s
play my one and only clip for about
climate science here it is 100 degrees
in Siberia Oh a hundred number 100 got

it let me just ask you about one other
thing we mentioned the Arctic Circle
recording its highest temperature on

record in a Siberian town what a hundred
degrees yeah this was something that was
so bizarre it took me a while to
actually process it was in the town of
Verkhoyansk which is about 3,000 miles

east of Moscow up in Siberia which just
to give you some bearing is roughly 1300
miles farther north
then Fairbanks Alaska they hit 100
degrees on Saturday which is the

northernmost hundred degree reading on
record and also the warmest temperature
ever recorded in the Arctic so I have to
ask myself was this legit
well Sunday also hit ninety five point
three degrees lending credence to the

hundred degree reading and a nearby
weather balloon measured seventy degrees
a mile up in the atmosphere so when you
extrapolate that down to the surface
it makes sense the World Meteorological
Organization preliminary accepted it and

so I was shocked to see but yes it is
indeed a legitimate reading and we have
dated there going back to 1885 that’s a
hundred thirty plus years of data we’ve
never seen anything like this before and

we can’t just say hey this is climate
change what we can say events like this
made much more likely thanks to climate
change in one of the fastest warming
regions of the entire world huh there

you have it I have to think about his
calculation he said seventy degrees at
seventy-five seventy-five one mile I had

one mile up because we learned as an
aviator for every 1,000 feet you dropped
one degree in temperature then you by
your calculation for every thousand vmi

lup’s only 5000 feet so it should be
that minus five it should have been
ninety five up there okay so close
enough all right that makes sense close
enough close
75 95 I a same thing no it’s it’s 75 up

at a mile up so at the surface it could
be 95 that makes sense well you said it
drops one degree every thousand feet did

you every feet you go up yeah well
you’re at the surface and you go up a
mile the surface is 95 and then you go
up 5,000 feet and so you’re losing one

degree Oh times 5 no it must be degree
Celsius so you have to do know that’s
okay well there’s just some hey miss
don’t fly with me that’s the basic rule

pay no attention to the pilot who hasn’t
flown in a while I got a clip here that
I think you played on the last show okay
or I heard it someplace else and I think

you played it on the last show okay
and it’s bugging me so I said I’m gonna
play this clip and see if he remembers a
plane cos I’ve heard the clip before
he’s a cute middle around Oh Belson what

no I was just guessing which one it was
no I’m sorry
mr. Nobel scientists bitching and
moaning about being yes
you played unless you played it on the
last show I don’t mind playing again

it’s very good for people to hear this
and that’ll be good because we can go
straight into my little Rona virus
analysis of the corona from a different
perspective so this is a noble scientist

he’s on a video call like a zoom call
with with no other noble people we never
see them but it has the badge you know
the Nobel Society badge video is on

there and he’s pretty pretty he’s also
he’s a professor at Harvard and he’s
very pissed off no one was to share
anything the scientists are more
panicked and scared of reality than

anybody else or ghost organization was
like Linda Royal Society the National
Academy of Science have been totally
signs I am really disappointed this has

got nothing to do with the politics as a
group scientists have failed the younger
generation they should have been a
committee formed either by the Nobel
foundation by Linda by the Royal Society

the National Academy at the begin the
middle of February when this was coming
down the road and we should have
discussed this instead we live economics
and politics dedicate the science and

for me the worst opposition I got was
from very very prominent scientists who
was so scared that the none and
scientists would break quarantine and

infect them there was total panic and
effect is Nets almost all the signs we
were hearing for example from
organizations like the World Health
Organization was wrong we had Facebook
censoring the World Health Organization

country views
this has been a disgraceful situation
for science and I have nothing to do we
should have been talking with each other
reports were released openly shared by

email and all I got back was abuse and
you got to see that everything I said in
that first six weeks was actually true
and for political reasons we as

scientists let have used he corrupted
the data had very clear things the same
nobody said to me let me check your
numbers they all just said stop talking
like that that’s a great punchline frame

I want to mention by the way that that’s
a generality that he has there but the
scientists being cowed is the same thing
with the with global warming of course

it’s the same problem science it’s
exactly the same thing scientists have
turned into a bunch of weenies well they
may also just be out of options because
a lot of science may have taken a wrong

turn somewhere
and so one of our producers sent me an
epidural a two-hour episode of a podcast
which is long for me but I was so

enthralled by it in particularly because
I think that you’re the right guy to
talk to about this this is Zach Busch
and he’s he’s a doctor’s an MD who was

doing cancer research and then he had an
oh crap moment and he said we’re doing
it all wrong every all the medication
we’re giving to people is actually he

talks about two things the soil of the
earth ruined by Roundup Ready and the
soil of your gut of your body which is
where all your viruses and all the stuff

that he says we’re treating incorrectly
because that is actually where health
comes from is from your own process with
with viruses it’s in your gut you know

it’s where flora
thank you your flora what is interesting
is he says
that the varying results of coronavirus
of kovat 19 I should say the illness

that some people get very sick some
people have nothing some people just get
a drippy know some people immediately
die I mean there’s all these different
variations and he says it is in large
part just due to the health of the human

being and where we’ve put everybody and
I’m not in luck I didn’t I just pulled
some pertinent clips but he goes very
deep and to look at you know our kids

are all messed up we I mean we’re filled
with pills and that you can’t lie about
that and it doesn’t look like the next
generation is getting any healthier with
the process that we’re taking but he

also attributes a lot of the deaths to
air pollution and you were an air
pollution inspector were you not yes I
was so how dangerous is air pollution in

general to your human health well it’s
not as dangerous as it was in the 1950s

there’s a lot there’s some things you
breathe that are certain kinds of
nitrous compounds some acids in the air
I think it’s pretty clean of late I
don’t know what he’s talking about I’m

good that’s I’m happy that you said that
because you know I really don’t know so
we’ll start with him and first his
premise that well the medical community
has gone down the wrong path but they

are complicit in all the fear-mongering
the mentality of the science community
including myself at that time was that
we are here to stamp out disease but the
idea of health and healing is remote and

feels new agey or somehow like you know
fake science and so that’s an
extraordinary mistake we made in medical
education over the last 100 years was to

to forget the opportunity to create such
resilient health that we would be
resistant to disease instead we focused
all of our trillions of dollars of
research and development trillions of
hours of manpower research and ingenuity

and intuition on disease management
instead of Health and so the results is
what you see around you so the reason
looks like it is in the government and
the wao and the CDC and you know the the
UK system there you guys are

part of this big machine of here that we
created as physicians as well and so as
physicians of scientists we have created
the the fight against cancer and you

know fear of bacterial infections for
fear of viral infections when in fact
none of that’s really underpinned by the
current science science has radically
changed in the last 20 years and it

hasn’t trickled down into the mindset of
the physicians the scientists and
especially the clinicians yet so that’s
just kind of his what I told you a
minute ago his reasoning behind

everything being wrong that this science
has actually changed we’re learning that
your body is in fact trying to heal
itself and we’re often giving people
things that destroy that entire process

and Heath when I first started listening
Johnny started talking about population
extinction that’s like oh not one of
these dickheads but he sees it

differently he thinks that we are
actually physically dying out due to
such poor health and that this is part
of the evolutionary process that we’re
almost halfway through extinction and

people have to die because they will not
grow strong through this next upgrade of
DNA which he claims the coronavirus cove
ignite the the novel coronavirus is a

part of there’s kind of mind-blowing I
think the power has definitely been
taken away from the individual fall to
pursue health and so with the marble
halls and the white coats and the scopes

and all the intrepid young these fancy
trappings of MRI machines and CT scans
and billions of dollars of laboratories
we give the impression that we know what

the hell is going on and the reality is
we have no clue because we have been
going down this long Avenue of Education
hams and believing that the human system
is this isolated you know system of

that has to fight off disease and most
importantly needs an immune system to
kill all microorganisms around it so
that it doesn’t die so we don’t get
infection that is the mentality that is

out there both in the physician the
scientist and you know the public still
and yet we know as of thirty years ago
though that oh my gosh human can’t
survive unless the the microorganisms

within it are fried may be massive
biodiversity and in the last 15 years
it’s been mind-blowing to realize that’s
not isolated to our guys in fact we have
bacteria fungi viruses teeming in every

single organ of our body to reduce
health in fact when we start to slip
into disease the microbiome goes into an
adaptation stress response system to try

to recover our house now as someone who
doesn’t go to a regular doctor I’m way
into this I don’t know if this is
hitting any any buttons for you probably
not I feel no okay not here’s here’s

where you I think you’ll pick it up
here’s where it’s not that I haven’t
heard this pitch before right that’s
just it’s just an alternative pitch I
mean we’re out of my dream I take the

probiotic stuff because it’s tasty tasty
I love those the gummies my favorite so
now he’s going to get into how roundup

is a part of this problem and he he
describes something very interesting
which I don’t know if this is true but
what happens how roundup is helpful and
not helpful as it turns out you know we

are so slow to change our behavior
because we keep seeing in the hospital
for example examples of here’s an
infection if I don’t treat that

infection as patient is going to die and
so we forget them to back up and say the
reason that patient has an infection is
because we so damaged the soil system
that there’s now wheat like growth of a
couple of organisms and we’re gonna go

in and try to wipe out the weeks and the
response is going to be more and more
aggressive weeds and more and more drug
resistant weeds and that’s of course
exactly what I see now and I’m working
with farmers all the time now in their

soil systems when I go out into a farm
on a conventional landscape it’s not
unusual for us to see these you know
resistant weeds that are taking over
farms that can be the size of Christmas

trees these weeds with like trunk lights
size things they’ve been so forced into
this extreme effort to recover the
biology of this dying soil system as
soon as you stop trying to kill them one

year later that soil no longer has that
weed present the need for that weed went
away because the soil began to recover
its ecosystem and so if in our damage
control we need a moment of antibiotics

we need to instead of saying now you’re
you’re better from your pneumonia we
need to say we just made things worse
and you’re gonna come back next year or
in a few months with something much
worse and unfortunately that may be

cancer because we just wait it out your
microbiome again I didn’t know and I
don’t know that it is true that and
later on this show in the podcast he
talks about these these weeds that have

been treated with Roundup Ready and some
of them grow as big as Christmas trees
but then when they stop using the
roundup within one year they were all
gone because they they had no reason to

try and fight anything so they didn’t
become super weeds and they just
dissolved into the the new soil of the
it sounds like bullshit okay we’re
almost there what do you what this is

any of course he makes the comparison
between roundup in the soil and the
flora and the soil and your gut your
your your your the stuff that supposedly
heals you and what we’re going through

right now in this period is a DNA
upgrade but it’s not it is actually say
that people are dying and people are
dying related to an exposure to a

respiratory virus there’s huge problems
with our diagnostic tool your PCR is the
tool that’s been useful globally to
determine if somebody has to Cove it or
not and then PCR stands for polymerase

chain reaction
it’s an amplification technique for
finding small amounts of DNA and it’s a
very big dilemma because the presence of
that DNA doesn’t mean you’re ever gonna

get sick from that virus most of us will
have that DNA in our bloodstream for a
period of time as we go into our genetic
update as we’re taking this virus in we
proliferate the virus to get it into an

cells in the body and then we reach
homeostasis where we’ve taken enough
that genetic information that we stopped
making yes and so or we make tiny
amounts of it and so that that imbalance
with that DNA has nothing to do with

whether we’re involved is these are not
some again most people are supposed to
come in were asymptomatic or mildly
symptomatic and so the presence of the
DNA has nothing to do with whether that

person is going to die in the coming
months yeah I mean it kind of fits in
somehow because we’re not doing a
traditional vaccine we’re doing an RNA
vaccine which is in fact supposed to do

something with your DNA is it possible
that these fuckers are really just
really keeping us inside because they
know that we’re about to reach a DNA
upgrade part of evolution and they don’t

want us to be resilient I’m just
guessing yeah that’s kind of what those
guys in Bakersfield said but since
you’re gonna be playing this you should

have started this with scishow no I have
the last one which is the killer oh my
god that was the rap no no here comes
here comes the air pollution part that’s
why I set you up for it we connect

everybody back to nature as fast as
to stop this pandemic from killing
people and in fact we did that by
mistake and we locked everybody down and

the result was we stopped planes we
stopped all the the carbon particulate
matter in the air farming we stopped
spraying in fact there was you know a
cessation of the pipeline of roundup

from China being produced in China to
the United States and so the farmers
couldn’t get their cheap glyphosate
roundup and they had to stop spraying
and I was just like dancing streets is
like finally like it wasn’t the science
there wasn’t anything that made this

rational the students stopped spraying
chemicals into our soil it was actually
a false belief in a virus or a false
understanding of that virus that led to
the right response which was stop

freakin killing the planet for a moment
and in whom a province we have the most
beautiful demonstration of su Bay
typically will have 150 to 200 microns
of this carbon particulate air pollution

per cubic meter and by the time they
been in lockdown for six weeks that had
gone below 35 microns we haven’t seen
that in decades in China that low of air
pollution counts and as soon as it went

below 40 the mortality from coal had
suddenly stopped in a flatline and
everybody in the world was started was
just screaming well China’s law and
checkers line they just start telling us

the truth anymore maybe but I can tell
you there’s a very good physiologic
explanation why suddenly the mortality
rate went so low because they cleaned up
the atmosphere then directly and so with

this next fall coming on we’re gonna see
another surge of all the the respiratory
conditions out there from pneumococcal
bacterial pneumonia to kovat or whatever

you want to blame it on but we’re gonna
see an abnormal relationship with
airborne pathogens again because of the
amount of carbon particulate that starts
in the second week of November and that

accumulation of carbon which pretty good
in the air throughout the world is the
result of the the silencing of the soil
in fall and winter when the northern
hemisphere goes into its fall and winter

state stops pulling carbon out of the
atmosphere we get a rapid accumulation
of carbon and every year and the third
week of November we say flu season
starts flu season is carbon toxicity
season that’s it really it’s so

believable I so want to buy into what

making these like these errors he’s
conflating but he says microns that that
is that refers to size of a particle not
the concentration was the computer

company I even know what the hell he’s
talking about
and there’s things like that this guy’s
full of shit but yes yes but but since
you played this guy whoever he is Zach

boy dart MD Zach Busch I am the master
of deception let’s play something I’ve
been collecting oh there’s a podcaster

named Veronica BAE
okay she’s like a she’s like a Latin
exerci don’t even know what what she is
but she’s got a slick operation as a

podcast and she’s kind of like one of
these female video podcasters on YouTube
she has a very slick show and she kind
of fell in love with this is black guy

who’s named the young Pharaoh and he
seems like a what we used to call in the
70s a shuck and jive artist but he

sounds really good and she just thinks
he’s the greatest thing ever and so if
you want to hear some wacky ideas we
should listen to young pharaoh on the
Veronica bass show you made a statement

that’s very important you said it felt
like it’s the end of the world and
that’s because it is and the reason I’m
saying that is because people need to
understand language language is very
important language changes according to

the agenda of these people and so the
word world used to be age it was
replaced the word the word age was
replaced with the word world so if you

read any religious book or if you read
any updated literary piece of literature
it now says world but if you look at
that the same piece of literature
whether it be a religious book a history
book or whatever before they changed it

it said age and that is very important
because ages our stages that we exist in
underneath a certain light frequency so
for example right everything used

learned in school was alive in order for
me to tell you this you have to
said that now one of the greatest lie
that we’ve been told is the format of
our solar system it’s not a heliocentric

you know in a solar system where Sun is
here and we’re revolving around that’s a
horrible life the truth is the Sun is
traveling around the galaxy at about

70,000 kilometers per hour and it’s
cooling the planets behind it so we’re
vortex on behind the Sun so the best
analogy I can give you it’s like when
somebody is married and they have the

cans on the back of the car and a car is
pulling the can the Sun is pulling the
planets now it takes approximately 24
$25,000 to travel around our galaxy and

so as we travel around our galaxy we
come into different zodiacs so for those
who don’t know the only difference
between the zodiac and the constellation
is a constellation is a group of stars

that form a particular pattern a zodiac
is a group of stars that form a
particular pattern that effect you come
on and this you believe in oh yeah

absolutely this guy’s on the money you
want to play part two of this yes that
guy because it sounds very important so
I think we by the way she’s kind of

odd-looking she looks like a multi-culti
younger version of judge Jeanine with a
bigger she’s let next or I don’t know

what yeah can’t figure it out yeah the
overbite is kind of odd she’s super
multi-culti yeah so now what’s happening
is we’re coming into Aquarius are you
just doing this to mock me now is we’re

listening to this this is educational
it’s gonna be different physical reality
is subjected to sunlight so we’re coming
into a different reality people are

becoming lighter we’re becoming less
dense the molecules can be more
spiritual now why it is important the
government is trying to hijack that and

they’re trying to hijack spirituality
with artificial intelligence and
they’re making you lazy they’re making
just you know technology true that you
don’t use your mind because your mind is

more available to you now for the next
2,000 years then it hasn’t been for the
previous 2,000 you know some people say
that feels like the end of the world it
is it’s the end of the age and the way
that we track that is we track what has

happened on is planning for the last six
thousand years six thousand is important
because we’ve been to 2,000 years in
three different sessions so we had the
agricultural age and then that ended and

then no excuse me we have the Stone Age
that ended then we have the agricultural
age that ended then we had the
Industrial Age that ended now we’re

coming into what they call the
technological Zenith age and I’m warning
you now you don’t want that the
all-seeing eye is a eye the only thing

that can watch everybody on a planet
Earth at one time is a robot so this is
the facial recognition and all that is
and Bill Gates want to give people
certified shit because they are trying

to digitize slavery so I just wanted to
warn y’all though now all that
cryptocurrency Bitcoin you don’t want
the next smart house smart phone smart
city you don’t want the net because what

happens when they tell your house not to
let you out what happens when they tell
your car not to let you drive what
happens when you want to make a purchase
and they tell your bank account to shut
off after six o’clock

don’t see the bakelite steady he’s an
OTG kind of got the ultimate og OTG clip
very nice I thought you’d like it yeah

and well it makes total sense I mean we
had the previous guy say that we are
going through a essentially an operating
system upgrade of our DNA which

coincides with this guy’s dawning of the
Age of Aquarius the Age of Aquarius and
they don’t add to that that I am in
regular contact with several of our

producers who believe in end of times
yeah most of them Catholic believe in
end of times and there is significant
discussion going on in in church circles

about the end of times that we’re
actually nearing that and the mark of
the beast as we’ve talked about on our

show John for this since the beginning
as always has always been this the the
vaccine or the chip or now now there is
an actual rfid microdot I mean it’s it’s
not just making up that part anymore

that is in actual existence and many
many producers who listen to every
convinced out she could be the actual
Antichrist sure looks the part it would
make sense he’s short enough no but

what’s interesting is how no one it
doesn’t matter what side of the argument
you’re on there’s people just go nuts
one way the other and I’m referring to

the troll room honestly so respect
everybody’s ideas please we’ve got the I
think the first guy he maybe he’s it
he’s an invite a climate change guy in

disguise or something
Oh as I was thinking about it but I’ve
read quite a bit about about the
pollution being what what is really

killing a lot of people the Chinese
certainly have a lot of killing
everybody well in China when you have
this old factories into places to social
smoggy you can’t see across the street
that’s a problem and that can’t be

healthy that was the
London Fog of the death frog of 1955 set
off the environmental movement this
country that’s right that’s right and
they didn’t tell anybody and that’s why
they died they didn’t tell people hey

you gotta get out of your house the
London Fog did you know that it was
Church I think oh I think it was
Churchill that this sounds like how do
you lock the doors and windows London

Fog I thought it was Churchill maybe
wrong oh I got a short clip reveal oh
just a little change of pace for just a
little trim on before I like to do some

kovetz reporting but I got a kick out of
this story I notice this is very topical
and we’re not gonna get back to it okay
this is the I want you to hear they
here’s something in this 15 second clip

that is kind of a head scratcher this is
Oakland fireworks remedy they’re trying
to crack down on these illegal shows
Oakland Fire has these buckets

throughout the city to collect fireworks
Oakland police have also been busy a
hundred and ten pound haul of high-grade
illegal fireworks confiscated near
International Boulevard today wait a

minute I didn’t quite understand what
was said here that was very strange I
mean here together they’re trying to
crack down on these illegal shows
Oakland Fire has these buckets

throughout the city to collect fireworks
Oakland Police have also been busy a
hundred and ten pound haul of high-grade
illegal fireworks confiscated near
International Boulevard today I don’t

understand they have buckets we can put
your illegal fireworks in on the street
well they told everyone they’ve know
come on we’re gonna we’re gonna bust you
yeah they don’t no more fireworks oh

we’re gonna put a huge it was actually
more of a 55-gallon drum put your
illegal fireworks in here mm-hmm well if
there’s people are putting their illegal
fireworks in these big giant buckets

don’t you think every teenage kid who
knows where the bucket is he’s just
gonna go over there and grab as much
free fireworks as he can get
this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever
heard in my life this is brought to you

by one of these what
brought to you by the same people who
are defunding the police so they show
one of these buckets got a few different
things in it but you can just tell that

if somebody puts a bunch of stuff in
there it’s just gonna be taken out and
used I mean it’s just made notes this is
the dumbest story I’ve heard for weeks
on end and they were playing it straight
on the news a couple of news report all

yeah well those were great cuz now
there’s a place for people to put their
fireworks when they don’t want to use
them people don’t even throw their trash
in the bin reporter this got any common
sense out there and didn’t understand no

no and it’s a pile of free fireworks
means a pile of free fireworks that’s
gone out in 15 minutes by people who
want to take them no and I think I feel
this to be a real problem this is this

belief in unicorns and everything’s
gonna be great has got to stop and I
guess people there’s got to be some
delusion happening here I think there’s

a massive mass delusion this delusion
going on delusion lurks and it seems to
be everybody who is between well it’s
just the most recent graduate class

everyone I talked to I think is saying
I’ll say did you go to school
that’s a nod yeah they might be classed
as a community college but anyone who
actually went to college college there

they got problems man and high level of
universities and colleges of this
country in general not all of all of

them in general I don’t think all of
them but in general dirt doing a
piss-poor job of educating anybody
yeah it’s true luckily we have a lot of
young producers Millennials who are not

on board with that tray
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kwikki report from the Midland Texas

meetup from Sir Michael hello the
Midland meetup happened again in spite
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that’s governor Abbott restrictions Kyle
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will not end well if I’m able to return
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you for your courage through Michael
nice knowing you sir Michael I don’t
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papers here’s the list for meetups which
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oh I did want to mention I think it’s
genius that Kanye has announced he’s
running for president I think it’s very
smart he he is helping his friend Donald

Trump cuz you know he’s gonna spend
oh he’s gonna split some of the the
black Democrat vote oh as long as they
don’t go to Joe Biden and all you need

is five or six percent I think Kanye
might be able to pull that off I think
it’s much big people laugh at this but I
think it’s much much more devious than
anyone realizes he’s not the dumbest guy
in the world that’s for sure uh-huh and

this way he gets to take a stand
cuz he says no one’s good which of
course is true from his perspective I
don’t know I just had is this another

weird rumor that Tucker Carlson is being
groomed for a 2024 run oh brother you
imagine that that would be pretty

horrible I don’t see I’d say see if I
had anything else well I got a few
things left if you want to hear him sure

I was always I was listed again
democracy now one of the shows they had
this guy representative lillico Licata
at Lakota Sioux

which apparently got some of their land
back thanks to a Supreme Court decision
and so the guy shows up of course he’s
gonna be on Democracy Now do I have that
here well I do have this clip this is it

says PBS burn I’m thinking I might be
this is Lakota Sioux on Mount Rushmore
here we go Mount Rushmore would be
demolished or destroyed in some way yes
sir that’s a very important question

that cooler heads need to think about
because some people want to boost
so I like to do reason because it’s so
stupid that someone would bring this up

I thought it was a me but no this was
actually PBS and the question came up
serious question to destroy Mount
Rushmore yes yeah Kyle started from the
beginning Mount Rushmore wait wait wait

we have to think about this for a minute
destroy Mount Rushmore how this is
unbelievable that anyone would consider
this is one of the really if anyone’s
not seen Mount Rushmore I’d read fires

you go look at it’s quite quite the
artwork anyway okay now stuck well it
was started in 1927 and wasn’t finished
until 40 1941 yeah it took twenty years
is this one of the seven wonders of the

world is that one of the is it
considered one I guess not it would be
if there is rejiggering Mount Rushmore
would be demolished or destroyed in some
way yes sir that’s a very important

question that cooler heads need to think
about because some people want to blow
it up and some people want to worship it
like their gods and so somewhere in the
middle of that we need to have a frank

truth-telling and a conciliation so we
can go forward in this country together
we need to decide should we add another
face should we leave it alone

because if we destroy that is also an
act of desecration even the Crazy Horse
monument though that is one of our guys
it’s still an act of desecration too to
do something to the natural universe

that wasn’t designed to be that way but
right now we need to be deciding who can
we celebrate and in what manner can we
celebrate them because all of the the

prior statues are usually monuments to
slavery genocide and racism and if I’m
an American European I can’t get away

from that thank the Lord that all of
this will end in November yeah it all
ends in November it really does

just in time for the second wave of the
Rona which as we know is really air
pollution no that would be the third way
oh it would also be just in time for the
second impeachment just to show you how

crazy the political thinking is in these
united states of our country that i love
so much the mayor of Miami just listened

to the words that are being said here
and how it’s being reported because this
is that this is the the crazy messed

fifteen seconds the crazy messed up
world we’re living in for all of you
watching on PBS and around the globe
welcome to world news America let’s
celebrate Independence Day by respecting
one another’s right to life liberty and

happiness those were the words of
Miami’s mayor as he imposed a nightly
curfew you know it’s funny though Chris
it wasn’t life liberty and the pursuit

of happiness which is what it says it
was life liberty and happiness yes which
is different is not good you’re not
getting it happy just pursuing all you

want hey who changed that then that’s
that’s not in the preamble or whatever
that’s that is life liberty and the
pursuit of happiness you’re allowed to
pursue happiness yeah you don’t you know

guaranteed happiness that’s not even
possible you can be guaranteed life
you’re alive you can be guaranteed
Liberty wouldn’t go do what you want but
you can’t be guaranteed happiness that’s

not even possible
but all these Democrats think it is I
hate to break it to you I’m a very happy
man I’m really good for you really Sudan

you pursued it though you didn’t just
get it no I was just handed to me on a
silver platter I’m grooving
yes four years and the proof is in the

advertising Who am I and where did I
come from why do I try to herd
everything why our frisbee so beautiful
to me

how am I so darn intelligent discover
your dog story with an embark dog DNA
test you can see your dog’s breed mix
check out his family tree screen for
over 170 health conditions and even find

his relatives now you can make them
closer and take better care of them than
ever before embark bet calm so I’m
trying to think what is what are the

action what is the point of this I don’t
give money yeah but by the dog owners
yeah no I I don’t know if anyone any
producers have done this dog DNA test
but they’ve got to be selling more than

just I think it’s this it’s somewhere
here in this commercial here discover
your dog’s story with an embark dog DNA
test you can see your dog’s breed mix
check out his family tree screen for

over 100 that’s what I’m thinking to
screen for over 170 health conditions
you’re gonna get a memo back oh yeah you
may want to get your dog this because

your dog is precancerous your dog is
actually deceased and so when it is
pretty dead so when they say a hundred
and seventy people you got you’re about

to be hoodwinked do as you wish but
you’re about to know not to be
hoodwinked ah I think that’s a clip here
I want to play I don’t know what it is

because I think I’ve spelled something
wrong okay this is guns and rugs in
Chicago and I don’t think that’s what
it’s about
let me guess maybe drugs but we’ll

listen Oh drugs that’s what it is duh is
this a clip we want to play as the last
clip of the show oh no I don’t want to
play it for the last clip of the show
alright cuz we’re kind of done okay you

can play one more if you got a funny one
if you got something nice I get Taylor
Swift you wanted her yes human being
worked about this you

worked about the census you you have
been holding on the Taylor Swift for
three shows now so it’s time to unleash
the swifty yeah this will be my last
clip hey Taylor

I wanted to say happy Pride Month how
the Stonewall Inn has been such a symbol
of rebellion in the face of oppression
and such a safe place for people I want
to say thank you to everybody who works

there everyone who has worked there
everyone who’s made it the place that it
is I was lucky enough to get to go and
perform at the Stonewall Inn last summer
with my friend Jesse Tyler Ferguson
invited me to come and crash his set and

everybody that was so lovely and
wonderful we had a really good step
forward recently with the Supreme Court
ruling based on discrimination based on
sex but we still have so far to go in

terms of equality and protections for
LGBTQ people and people in the trans
community the Equality Act has still not
been passed and that needs to happen I

got my census the other day and there
were two choices for gender there was
male and female and that erasure was so
upsetting to me the erasure of

transgender and non-binary people and
when you don’t collect information on a
group of people that means that you have
every excuse in the world not to support
them oh I am so sad about that yeah

she’s gone off the rails but how does
this sentence work I’m gonna play that
you read this sense to you she was

invited she was invited to crash his set
who’s they either crash is set you know
walk out on stage now that that’s or not
no no this he get invited to crash this

may explain to you you this is new kid
talk it’s just like my albums dropping
then it’s not actually dropping on the
floor see crash not yeah a crashing the
set is not you know it’s not what you

think is it’s basically to come on to be
to go there this is this is hip-hop talk
done by a white girl John that’s why
it’s are not understandable
Oh My Goddess you guys let me write this
down so I don’t make this much again and

put dropping your record in there as
well make sure we do that right
coming up we have end of show mixes from
while I Gus Augustine will kick off Gus

Augustine which is more than just a mix
also Jesse Coyne Nelson Jerrod Mata and
the grumpy old bins coming up on no
agenda stream calm right after this very
program known as that stupid radio

program for some just for some coming to
you from opportunity zone 33 in the
capital the drone star state Austin
Texas FEMA region number six in the

governmental maps if you’re looking for
us until well actually I should say
please remember us at Dvorak dot org
slash na until Thursday in the morning
everybody I’m Adam curry Dan from

northern Silicon Valley where there’s
some sort of protest taking place on the
freeway I’m John C Dvorak we return here
on Sunday
hope to see you there Dvorak org /na

until then adios mofos and such
out of my rectal vault I just picked me

a stand you slaves are having too much
fun and that is that you think the

lockdowns were bad the worst is yet to
worst is yet to come so slaves put on

your masks
we’ll jack up all the stats with our
creative man

oh wait until the fall when the cold
wind blows you’ll hide behind your
drapes and wait till we cook up that

vaccine there will be no escape the
worst is yet to come some slaves get

back inside
worst is yet to come your freedoms

I’m gonna make you obey it’s social

keep your f six feet away
it was so easy to if you to fall in line

one little word from us and now we’re
seen as divine
wait till we get you to hate your
friends wait till you forget their

babies and wait until you realize this
never ends the life’s gone without the
trade the worst is yet to come and

slaves won’t it be fine the worst is yet
to come your ass is gonna be mine your

ass is gonna be mine
slaves you’re already mine well bathe in
the American public this could be Christ

deceptively nasty disease it’s about
keeping other people safe take your
distance move wear a mask to the
ventilator challenge putting on the

brakes we must use this moment not the
vertiginous drop in GDP were waiting as
if between the flash of lightning and
the Thunder Clap listen to the experts

test register
Steve live at the site ground tested how
are we doing the testing
what are we destined about keeping other
people safe
I mean all of the problem crunching fury

wear a mask
tell us the earth Barney’s truth Dex
message the world’s first demonstrable
budget saving treatment

19:19 this is the extra where mass be

radical where they – be rabbits top a
big long-term test state deceptiveness

covin right here
deceptively nostril I doubt seriously
that any vaccine will ever be 100%

protected the best we’ve ever done is
measles which is 97 to 98% effective
unlikely and that’s one of the reasons
why we have to make sure we engage the

community as we’re doing now community
people to help us to show that it’s safe
and that it’s effective and it’s for the
good of them as individuals and society

to take the vaccine so we have a lot of
work to do because as you all know there
is a general anti science and the
authority and that among some people in
this country an alarmingly large

percentage of people relatively speaking
you got more questions like to it if you
have a problem figuring out whether

you’re from beer Trump then you ain’t
why I have a record that is second month
on a West says he’s running for
the music mogul made the announcement in
a tweet

if West is serious it will be tough for
him to get on the ballot even as an
independent this late in the race
decided in 2020 to run for president

Oh fo for an org slash and a stop the