No Agenda Episode 1258: “Dummy Placebo”

what a Sunday Adam Curry is no agenda

and from northern Silicon Valley where
everybody’s wearing a mask and

everybody’s going to work it looks like
it to me I’m Jesse – Bryce well you guys
are lucky the traffic jams are what

they’ve been historically oh yeah no
it’s I think everything’s just kind of
open but you guys don’t have what’s
going on here oh yeah we do we got a

governor thinks we do is he’s trying to
keep up with the Joneses oh man well we
have a we have a mayor and city council
you remember I told you on Sunday that

they were you know it was Sunday of the
day before they were considering either
everybody mandatory masks which happened
on show day or a 35 day lockdown and

then a lessons-learned
program if they remember lessons learned
this is lessons learned well today since

of course our cases case cases have gone
up so significantly to be discussed in a
moment today city councilors meeting and
all is on the table

I think we’re going for another lockdown
35 days here’s the latest from this
morning okay the Austin City Council
will consider some bold action to slow
the spread of co19 it’s going to be a
tough sell Fred can do is live at City

Hall now Fred Austin’s business
community will have to be on board to
make this happen yeah and before
coronavirus came along a lot of people
by the way this guy
yes mascot the end of the report clearly

someone went dude take off the mask your
knee will have to be on board to make
this happen yeah and before coronavirus
came along a lot of people just said

more crazy stuff from the Austin City
Council and I have to point out he’s
standing at night in the middle of an

empty square right in front of City Hall
which is a big you know a big square and
there’s no one there and he’s standing
there by himself with his mask on
sounding like a thing down this or on

the virus on the city’s color-coded
overdressed chart we are now in the red
area which would trigger new
restrictions to slow the spread of the

today council members will hear from
experts to help them decide what to do
and they’re gonna tell us whether we’re
screaming into it or not and what the
indicated action is but it is a concern

now that we’re above 70 now at 75 we
need to figure out what those
trajectories are and the same experts
will also explain a proposal to shut

down the city voluntarily for 35 days
mayor Adler is among those who believes
that it’ll allow the corona virus to
subside enough that we will be able to

reopen our schools for fall also on the
agenda an ordinance that would declare
businesses a nuisance if they don’t take
more action to prevent the corona 19

spread the business requirements would
go beyond enforcing masks use they would
have to disinfect twice a day post
information signs and limit groups to 10
or less among other things the violators

declared would be declared a nuisance
and if they did not fulfill these
requirements that they would face a suit
filed by the city attorney business
owners may not like these added

regulations on their business but
apparently it has support at the top do
support at the top if we’re going are
going into shutdown I can see what is

this what what’s the top does this got
to be the mayor what else are they
talking about I mean what do there’s a
top business proposal so it had to

support it to talk oh no no yes not the
mayor’s proposal it’s that one guy some
medical guy who comes on the city
council meeting for ten minutes the last

time he said here’s your options
everybody masks or 35 lock day lockdown
followed by lessons learned I think
they’re too happy about giving us the
lessons learned we’re gonna get these

fuckers hey one of our friends
Dale he had the closest but he’s closed
his bar for good now because the bars
had to close again
in Texas he’s done he’s out of business
half the restaurants famous and

otherwise in San Francisco are gonna be
going there’s no way they can be so
imagine if you got that double tap like
we’re about to witness when they close
you down against the bars are very
screwed but restaurants if they close

down which is what will happen and that
will also mean retail closes are we
gonna get unemployment again is that an
example what kind of you was give me one

example of retail closing know if the
35-day lost our an example just give me
one days have a what a witness retail
store how would you define just tell me
a retail store that would be closing the

entire mall what kind of store and I
need a store not I’m not an area just
give me one example one store clothing
stores wait wait stop that makes no

Walmart’s open isn’t it I know I go buy
clothes at Walmart no no no no so why
are they closing the other stores that

sell the same thing walmart sells well I
love that you play this game with me but
obviously because they’re assholes and
the full of crap and this is and this
can only may be this is just pure

politics again I think there’s some
else going on though because Texas is
being targeted and I I think we’re about
to enter phase three Republican governor

yes oh yeah no but you’re also targeting
Florida hold on which is what’s the
commonality oh yeah no not just that
Arizona no they’re targeting states that

quote unquote open too soon we didn’t do
it right of course we did do it right
unfortunately with the increased testing

and what we’ve gone through this many
times why people are being tested
retails open young people are getting

tested people young people were even
faking the numbers for faking their
symptoms just to get tests because they
want to get tested we’re also I learned
doing pool testing here specifically in
Austin and this is how that works let’s

say we had a meet up than the meet up
there were ten people and someone says
oh man I don’t feel so good I’m sick the
pool testing and it’s easier to do this

at retail obviously but a meet up would
work they test one person I mean I’m
sorry they yes they test one person and
if that comes out positive that all of

those people have to be tested but
essentially at that moment you got it
they’re counted as a positive case so
these numbers are I mean let’s get Chi

it’s beyond sketchy but what it does
when you have this many tests and by the

way case is not sick and of course I’ve
heard of many young people who have who
were positive and they were back on
their feet in two days kind of like yeah
I know it’s unpopular to say it but kind

of like the flu so what does this do is
this shows us that the infection rate is
much higher I don’t think it’s a
question of age spreading right now the
infection rate was already quite high

we’re testing we’re finding it out which
blower’s the death rate
but this is an unacceptable happiness we
cannot be happy that the death rate has
declined no we cannot let me ask you to

look at these two images because we’re
about to talk about the worldview
question to the front clip governor’s
across the country

Supercuts it’s good news that it’s just
younger people because they have a
better survival rate that is the fallacy
the president also points out the
coronavirus death rate is down that’s

true for now but the death toll you
can’t celebrate it right now when you’re
seeing people heading into the hospital
because we’ve seen this story before in
some ways it never really ended in a lot
of ways it is worse than ever and of

course as we see other people infected
and going onto the ice used it spreads
to older populations that death rate
will change these people go home these
people infect their parents and their
grandparents those people get sick they

end up in the ICU and they either die or
they take it from somebody else that
could have used it has become more
dangerous it can infect more people it’s
more easily they’re able to take root

into communities so it’s changing in a
worse way this is going to be
catastrophe about catastrophe just to
say hey look at the death rate now is
extremely superficial does the US need
another stay at home order if the virus

continues to rage like this we have no
choice the White House and their
calculation this is about trying to
instill a sense of normalcy then and we
all know that life can’t really feel

like it’s back to normal I mean it can’t
feel Americans can’t feel that they have
the virus under control we absolutely
zero chance and by zero chance I mean
zero zer a movie with Donald Trump in
that job

all these Flores infractions and dr.
Falchi again is doing what he’s been
doing from the beginning he’s been
telling you the truth and you haven’t
want to hear it so whatever is going on

the the fact that less people that the
mortality rate is so low is not being
celebrated on the mainstream let me just
give you some statistics in 1918 we had

the Spanish flu the world population
then was a little under I think it was
lunch under million people that we
counted at the time so the Spanish flu

took out 15 it was a billion was no no
I’m sorry the no the world population
was a billion I’m sorry a billion a
hundred and ten year I think that’s

about right but a billion the Spanish
flu killed 50 million people which of
course was a tragic event according to
the experts
that is a 5.26 percent of the world’s

population died during the Spanish flu
five percent more than five percent in
2018 the world population was then 7.5
billion the seasonal flu killed 650,000

people flu killed 650 thousand people
worldwide that is 0.009 percent of the
world population and the experts of

course say that’s a typical year kovat
nineteen world population up little
seven point seven billion counting to
date five hundred thousand dead that is
0.06 percent of the world population the

experts tell us this is no good
especially not with Donald Trump in the
Oval Office this is this insane but okay
part of the clip okay by the way I think

might be true thank you
and this at this point is purely

political so you already you already
noticed that what states have the surge
it’s the not just Republican governors
but it’s all
those that opened up early and screwed
it up clearly although there’s no

mortality rate evidence for that and if
you look at the hospitalization rate we
are at 40 percent I’m sorry we are at 80
percent of the 40 percent beds that have

made have been made available and if you
do the math and and you needed to
actually bring in a whole bunch of kovat
19 sufferers we’re pretty much right now

at 30 percent of our available ICU beds
but because they say we are they cordon
off and say well of the 4500 we only
have 1500 available oh my god world 80%

90% we’re all gonna die they can just
easily shift those beds around so this
is clearly political and the reason for
it is the vaccine we’re getting ready
for the vaccine and it’s going to be

deployed in Texas of course Austin is
not really the hotbed it’s Houston and
this is a public service announcement
running on KHOU 11 Houston now played a

major role in the effort to come up with
a vaccine for the corona virus at
Houston a research firm has been
selected to conduct vaccine trials
here’s Ron Trevino the researchers at

the Texas center for drug development
and diem clinical research have not
received any potential corona virus
vaccines just yet but they will be
arriving soon then they can start

clinical trials in the big push to get a
vaccine to help end the pandemic but
they need volunteers you have to be at
least 18 years old and they want a
diverse pool of people in this trial in

order for trials to be shown to be
effective and safe in all populations
all different types of people all
genders and races need to participate
Houston’s diversity is one of the

reasons the clinical trials are being
held here researchers say the potential
vaccines have already passed phase one
and testing and they say they are safe
if you want to volunteer go to Houston

fights Kovac com2 apply back to you Bucs
you thank you very much this mansion
Hall did they go through the whole
checklist notice there’s you have to be

18 or older it could be any gender any
race in you have to have it and the last
one is you have to very low IQ this tack
list this package I went to that website

of course Houston fights kovat the
packaged use the entire b-roll was video
from what’s on that website so this is
this is not like a news story this is

pushed in there hey we need people the
test please do a piece and point them to
our website they have a video there what
explains which will happen I just cut it
down to a minute so you can kind of get

the idea
part of sorry I’m just saying did they
did they mention how much money they’re
gonna pay all this information for you
yes you’re part of the Houston five scho
bid movement by volunteering to

participate in the kovat vaccine trials
those who qualify will schedule an
appointment to come to one of our two
clinic facilities in the Greater Houston
area Center for drug development we are
here to make your experience as safe and

efficient as possible the experience is
much like a visit to your general
practitioner we ask you wear a mask upon
arrival and as you enter our lobby the
receptionist will greet you as you check

in your temperature and prepare for your
our clinic follows a strict
sterilization process before the vaccine
that’s part of the program while

investigational the vaccines have been
approved by the FDA for Phase two or
three trials which means that they have
gone through earlier rounds of human
trials where the safety data is

after the vaccine is administered
participants will be carefully monitored
by our doctors and staff for at least 30
minutes to ensure their safe departure
by participating in this study you could

help end this current pandemic and
prevent future occurrences this is your
opportunity to contribute to the process
of helping us sea life in Houston return

to normal again
join the fight at Houston fights Koba
comm girl puts a smile on you oh yeah
very very happy so the way it well let’s

let’s just step back for one second you
identified that the targeting all the
messaging about the testing about the
death about the destruction about the
second wave third wave opening up too

soon dumb Republicans was targeted at
young people and this is not a
coincidence of course they’re targeting
young people and this is meant to bring

out young people listen to this you’ll
get a minimum depending on the length of
the trial a minimum of $1,000 and you
get to go anywhere you want
you have the cloak so because they need

you to be exposed exposed to see if it
works and I think we’re moving into act
three of this way that is a very

tempting offer even the $1,000 but
forget that I can go any I don’t you may
not even have to wear a mask well you

could also become a member of the media
and then go anywhere you want to but
that’s another so act 3 is upon us we’re
about to go into into the testing into

the in the wild we’re talking 30,000
people a month and it’s no coincidence
that there’s a new actor on the scene
and I’m and I identified this act while
he’s bursting on the sting and seeing

he’s being introduced a big PR blitz it
started this weekend when I saw New York
Magazine in the headline anthony foul
his boss

why things could be much better soon and
this is a new guy dr. Francis Collins
sounds kind of almost like a Anthony
Fauci Francis Collins they go together

like peanut butter and jelly I have
highlighted a few parts from this
interview this piece about him one of
the few Obama appointees still serving

in a major role in the Trump
administration Collins who rose to
prominence in the 1990s as leader of the
human genome project this is no slouch
this is the guy who led the human genome

project and the decoding of the our DNA
he is the head of the National
Institutes of Health the federal
government’s gargantuan hub for medical
research with an annual budget of 42

billion dollars the NIH is essentially
unrivaled in the world as a research
center among its 20,000 employees is dr.
Anthony Fauci who runs the division
focused on infectious diseases thought

she was a mentor to Collins when the
latter joined the NIH decades ago and
they remain close talking at length on
the phone most evenings now they
highlight here that dr. Collins just

recently won the $1,000,000 Templeton
prize from the John Templeton Foundation
which by the way give this very good
doctor approximately two hundred to

three hundred thousand dollars per year
to his foundation already they’ve been
doing that since 2007 so they’ve been
feeding this guy money he has a little

foundation on the side called biological
so the guy that has been receiving grant
money from this foundation now also was
elevated to the Templeton Prize the

Templeton Prize I might add he’s not for
douchebags sister Teresa was the first
recipient other recipients include
Desmond Bishop Desmond Tutu so now this
guy is in here he’s obviously important

here’s a one code from him and this is
how I come up with Phase three
he says until we have a vaccine that can
be widely applied and provide immunity

most of our country is still at risk
this is not a time to relax there are at
least four vaccines that we’ll be
getting into such large trials this
summer beginning as early as July each

one of those trials will involve roughly
30,000 volunteers who get paid half of
whom will get the vaccine half of whom
will get a dummy placebo now I have a

problem with that sentence isn’t it just
a placebo what is a dummy placebo does
that mean it’s a placebo that’s not
really a placebo your your observation

is absolutely correct the placebos of
placebo there’s no such thing as a dummy
placebo that’s messaging and I don’t
know what it’s about but I think there’s
something there’s just calling somebody

a dummy now check this out
those trials will have to be conducted
in areas where the virus is actively

spreading because that’s the only way
you’re going to know whether it was
protective hello red states that have
been over tested opened up too soon and

you are that’s what’s going on here and
this guy is out to get PR he’s out to to
show himself to the world he showed up

on NPR he need a little bit of exposure
well what’s the best way to do that talk
about some some social justice issues
NPR is always gonna highlight you for

that it is time to end the tradition in
science of all male speaking panels
that’s the word from Francis Collins and
he should know Collins is the head of
the National Institutes of Health people

at the human genome project and he has
been to a lot of all-male panels or
pointed aside in previous shows NPR’s

turned out to be the worst of the group
they’re worse than CNN at this point
honestly I didn’t even hear that
this first time I played it the second

time I clipped I didn’t hear them that’s
a great one ball mail panels or Mantle’s
seriously it’s so common there are
multiple nicknames for the practice
including man Frances and compose eum’s

man Frances and what was the other one
impose eum’s impose iums as imposing
imposed hymns and what was the other one

I’ve missed at first the second one man
you might mom hold on I think was man
Frances hold on man for instance now and
then attempt to break down that

tradition he is vowing not to speak on
panels that do not fairly consider
scientists of all backgrounds nice to be
with you audience so you’ve been in this

business a long time what do you think
has prevented women or diversity in
general from these panels I’d like to
think that there’s not an intentional
bias going on but there certainly seems

to be an implicit bias when people are
setting up workshops or panels or
symposia they kind of pick out oh I know
this person and I know that person and
all too often the people they’re

thinking of are the men and then you end
up coming to one of these events and
being embarrassed to be part of
something when we have a wonderfully
diverse scientific workforce and it
doesn’t seem to be getting represented

and I just decided that’s already not
good I’m sorry guys making me sick
Oh like the racist thing you know you go
to these things I’ve been on many of
these and he’s in tech and there’s women

sometimes there’s not and there’s
nothing you know this is the last thing
you’re aware of your you’re going to
these things you’re not thinking about
this you’re thinking about what you’re
gonna be saying and what kind of person

is gonna be leading the thing is they
gonna ask good questions are you gonna
be annoyed I mean this this guy’s full
of crap this is nonsense oh you have no
you have no idea how dangerous this guy
is you have no idea but I’m going to try

and show it to you back to this article
in New York magazine he’s laying out
he’s justifying how the testing is going
to work so we have four trials starting

thirty thirty thousand people per trial
half of which are dummies as he says
himself and he goes on to explain that
this is a huge investment and it’s
prepaid this is prepaid through Gavi

prepaid through active which is this
cartel of the National Institute the NIH
and the eighteen pharmaceuticals he says
this is an investment in manufacturing

tens of millions of doses of these
vaccines even before we know if they’re
going to work to prevent long delay at
the end because it would be really sad
if we were celebrating in December
saying hey we’ve got a vaccine that

works and then there were no doses left
to offer to people who need it so that
has to wait what here comes so that has
to be planned for even if it means
throwing out the doses of the vaccines

that failed we’re prepared to do that I
want you to remember that he said this
and then he goes into just some basics
about the vaccine but this guy is very

very interesting he wrote a book in 2007
called the language of God
a scientist presents evidence for belief
before he went to the NIH he started the

foundation by a logos which makes the
case for a harmony between science and
Christianity this guy is he went into
med school by his own admission went

into med school a complete atheist came
out an evangelical Christian and so take
into account the Human Genome Project he

led that he is the guy that is
attempting to meld science and religion
and I have a very short clip of one of
his speeches just to give you an idea
what you’re going to see is a slide with

two pictures on it and they both look
like they’re a stained glass window in a
church round you know kind of with the
spikes you know what it’s like a round a
round stained glass Church window and

this is just the beginning let me ask
you to look at these two images because
we’re about to talk about the worldview
I think this is a provocative way to
begin to think about that because what

you see are two images that look
somewhat similar to each other but they
stand in for somewhat different
worldview perspectives this being of
course a beautiful stained-glass window
the Rose window in Westminster Cathedral

and this is an unusual view of DNA not
looking at it from the side but looking
down the long axis of DNA so you see
that radial pattern and the question

that many people pose and which I pose
to you tonight is okay those are two
worldviews the scientific and the
spiritual do you have to choose do you

have to basically throw in your lot with
one or the other and neglect the other
one or is there a possibility here of
being someone who could merge these two
not necessarily building a firewall

between them but actually having both of
those perspectives within your own
experience I think many people today are
arguing that these worldviews are at war

and that there is no way to reconcile
them that has not been my experience now
mind you this guy is the DNA expert he’s
clearly trying to bring along Catholics

and Christians evangelicals into the
scientific realm so I guess he’s still
very he’s a believer but we’ll find out
but what is the main vaccine that is

being attempted is the mRNA which is a
DNA altering vaccine it’s not really a
vaccine in the traditional sense so this
is the guy who clearly has been driving

this if only for the fact that he was
behind the Human Genome Project and I’m
reading this article I finish it up I
might I go to to search for him and what
pops up top link is at that very moment

zoom between this guy francis collins
and anthony Fouts she completely
unsupervised just the two of them
and you know they’ve been friends for 27

years so there he’s yucking it up
they’re getting boners over saying
things I had to clip this it is unreal
how these guys just layout the entire
strategy for act 3 and we’ll start with

obviously letting everybody know red
states suck we were averaging about
20,000 new cases a day and then a series
of circumstances associated with various

states and cities trying to open up in
the sense of getting back to some form
of normality has led to a situation
where we now have record-breaking cases
two days ago it was at fifty seven

thousand five hundred so within a period
of a week and a half
remember people cases just tested just
tested positive more testing he’s making
it sound like the world is coming to an

end we’ve almost doubled the number of
cases so in answer to your first
question we are still knee-deep in the
first wave of this and I would say this
would not be considered a wave it was a

surge or a resurgence of infections
superimposed upon a baseline Francis
that really never got Francis’s wanted
ago if you look at them at the graphs

from Europe Europe the European Union as
an entity it went up and then came down
to baseline now they’re having little
blips as you might expect as they try to

we went up never came down to baseline
and now is surging back up so it’s a
serious situation that we have to
address immediately okay
bullcrap even Burks showed yesterday in

the briefing the testing it’s almost
like looking at co2 and global warming
let’s stop for one second and kind of
remember those Bakersfield doctors that

were yes banned from YouTube
they had predicted all this and they
said there’s a detect the testing goes
flying up the cases go flying up and the
deaths start going down and that’s

because this is the ending and I put
three charts in the last newsletter yep
same thing showing that the cases were
going up but but
testing was skyrocketing and but the

deaths were going down is that and this
if you just looked at the deaths and
just look at that chart alone I don’t
know if the cases you don’t look at the
testing you’d say this thing is good is
going away and you didn’t hear foul to

your Carlin’s even mention the death
rate nothing at all no because they
they’re unveiling a strategy for phase 3
this is act 3 this is the vaccine stage
and let’s make sure that we know that we

are communicating to the right group
remember we have to get the young people
it is the case now that a lot of those
new cases are younger people yeah you
can you can hear the script I mean the

guy knows this and he’s pretending to
ask his underling foul Chi they’re
rolling out a script and they are so bad
at it let’s I want to go busy so you

stumped this was a zoom thing that was
open so people could watch it was live
on YouTube it was located screams he’s

alive on YouTube that was have been
you’re supposed to be a big dummy not
realizing that this is scripted you
laugh your ass off how scripted this is

so it’s scripted for it they’re putting
on a play for their anyone who wants to
listen in and so you feel like oh I’m in
on this I got no I understand that cuz I

I listen to these two people talk to
each other when in fact this is a scam
scam in the sense that they’re making
money on the spot but it’s but but this
is a scripted yes presentation to sucker

you and to think in a certain way
exactly yeah and and it was it was an
NIH USA Today livestream
I said zoom just to make it clear you

had two boxes USA Today is a problem
yeah very popular people look at USA
Today and so I’m sure they tuned into

so again of the USA Today stuff later
let’s roll out the script of hey Anthony
isn’t it young people it is the case
isn’t it now that a lot of those new
our younger people yeah been willing to

go to places like bars which are not a
good place to be if you don’t want to
catch this some people are saying well
we’d have to worry so much cuz young
people don’t usually get that sick by

the way saying catch this is I think
this is racist you’re only supposed to
talk about you spreading it but the
society problem well there’s a big
problem with that Francis first Brandi
right the average age of people getting

infected now is a decade and a half
younger than what it was a few months
ago particularly when New York and New
Orleans because they were out protesting
or because there’s more testing I don’t

know this is the best of Hope scheme
about these always younger now that’s
why it’s different it would change what
exactly changed and by the way Adam how
often do I call you Adam when I’m

talking to you well John that in fact is
one of the things John that you hate the
most you don’t even like it when I say
hey John you are correct thank you very
much John ago we’re getting hit very

badly that’s the first thing the second
thing that we’re trying to get the
messaging across the young people should
not feel that they’re invulnerable
excuse me when someone says we’re trying
to get the messaging across was a bad

scriptwriter there that’s not just just
the beginning there listen there

unsupervised there ad libbing
freewheeling their own deal hey Tony
we’ve done this for 27 years we can do
it again yeah we could pull off hey
let’s do it on that newfangled thing
yeah let’s do a stream okay

if you see the video kee Collins is in a
very impressive office with lots of
books messy pouchy he’s sitting in this
pristine kind of space and there’s a

there’s some kind of artwork that is
behind him and it’s sticking out of his
head but it it’s almost exactly as wide
as it head it looks like he has a pope
hat on it’s very Illuminati as kind of

symbolism I don’t know if that was
intentional but it’s odd to look at that
we continue oh we’re getting hit very
badly that’s the first thing
and think that we’re trying to get the

messaging across young people should not
feel that they’re invulnerable to
serious consequences the more we learned
about this disease Frances the Franzese
lies that many young people may not

necessarily get sick enough to go to the
hospital but they can get very sick put
them out of action for weeks at a time
this is the messaging the other thing is
they should not think that even if they

get infected and they have no symptoms
at all that they are in a vacuum they’re
not because by getting infected they are
propagating the outbreak because

inadvertently or innocently they could
infect someone who’d infect someone and
then all of a sudden someone’s
grandmother grandfather or aunt who’s
getting chemotherapy for breast cancer

gets infected I could infect someone who
affects someone else who goes home
infects someone of then infects the
grandmother who is under chemotherapy
for breast cancer and she dies Thank You

so although you think you’re isolated in
a vacuum you’re not you’re part of the
propagation of the pandemic so it’s your

responsibility to yourself as well as to
society to avoid infection shame that’s
the message I know it’s difficult to get
out to young people but they really need

to understand that yeah I saw the
Surgeon General’s public service
announcement which is a good way to say
this which is put on your mask and then
kovin stops with you and if we all can
think about that it’s up to us each of

us to stop this pandemic it’s not some
decisions going to be made the
governance pension it’s about us
deciding that this is our responsibility
okay so your acting classes are do not

really hurt it’s fantastic okay now
you’re right you thought that was bad
acting wait for this one well let’s talk
about vaccines the world is abuzz Tony

let’s talk about vaccines
the world is abuzz about the vaccines
girlfriend this is just a Raja Oz well
let’s talk about vaccines the world is

abuzz Maxie this guy runs a 42 billion
dollar health budget everybody’s abuzz
about vaccines Tony well let’s talk
about vaccines the world is abuzz about

vaccines does the way in which we might
ultimately get past this and have a
chance to go back to something
approaching normal life where we can all
be back together again because this risk

won’t be so high where are we
Tony with the vaccine efforts that have
been moving forward at unprecedented
speed hey Tony where are we with the
vaccine efforts that have been moving

forward at unprecedented speed but of
course they were full of Scientologists
yeah I think the first thing Wow did you
hear that that was Tony foutch he’s

throat wheezing it was some that
challenges inhaling sound very healthy
himself yeah the first thing people need

to understand but although time tables
are given well are you dealing with
there the vaccine the area there’s never
a guarantee that your candidate will be

both safe and effective so there’s
always the big question mark however
assuming that there will be one and may
be more safe and effective vaccines
here’s where we are with the time line

okay there are multiple candidates using
different platforms several of which the
United States government and the NIH
itself we are involved in helping to
facilitate the development either

directly or indirectly with our sites if
things go the way isn’t he
the head of the NIH what the head of the
NIH should well no I mean be very

familiar with
yes but they divvied up the script in
fact do you recall
well I reminded you or I asked you to
keep something in mind when I was

reading from the article I’ll just give
to the next clip we are now working with
the companies Bauder by their investment
to start making dosas before we even
know whether it works or not get ready

so that when we get to the winter in the
early part of 2021 we will start to have
a large number of doses that people will
be able to use if it turns out to be

safe and effective the big if so does
that mean if one of those vaccines
doesn’t turn out to be safe and
effective you just have to throw out all
of those doses that were made because

they’ve wanted to be ready but it isn’t
always going to work he’s asking this
question Toni does that mean that we
have to throw out the vaccine that

doesn’t work doesn’t this guy shouldn’t
this guy know the answer to this
question well he knew it in his events
the play he knew it and his interview
over the weekend he said literally we

have Paul right that’s what I asked you
to remember I know I got me on that one
yes he already said that but now he’s
playing dumb let’s listen to that dumb
part again the big if so does that mean

if one of those vaccines doesn’t turn
out to be safe and effective you just
have to throw out all those doses that
were made how can this be I wish I knew
I don’t run or forty six billion dollar

budgets if wanted to be ready but it
isn’t always gonna work oh well stop for
one second this is one of the little
things that probably hurt me the most

and I you see with broadcasters too
somebody knows something knows the
answer they know the answer and instead
of posing the question as if they know

the answer which you can do and get away
with you can say well as we know or so
you know if you input you can couch
see it’s the Late Show pre-interview
question so I heard that you had a

really interesting experience
last week at Disneyland which of course
is a known story that’s the worst case
yes exactly but I have run into people
that are that do tech for example and

they’re very knowledgeable about
something but they feel obliged to act
completely stupid about something so to
ask because they can’t ask the question

any other way they don’t know how to do
it I guess but to hear somebody that at
this level running the NIH acting stupid
with questions that he knows the answer

to it’s a humiliation this guy should go
they should get rid of him this guy is
only just breaking on to the scene we’re
gonna see a lot of him foul she can’t do
the vaccines foul she is too tainted

he’s the wrong guy for the vaccine this
is the guy that’s bringing in the
vaccine that’s why he’s in the magazine
that’s wise on NPR that’s why they did
this little script and I will say as a
little aside if you look at revelations

and you look at the Antichrist where
revelation says the Antichrist will come
he will look just like you there’s a
significant portion of our Christian
religious believer and believing

producers who think this guy will be an
excellent candidate for the Antichrist
because you agree with them he’s good
for example just what you played there
this is for a very evangelical Christian

this is basically blatant lying
oh yeah he’s handling this he is a he is
a liar this guy oh yeah oh yeah well

he’s lying here pretending he’s
certainly being not being sincere
pretending he doesn’t know about how
anyway so I’ll skip paths rest that clip
we we got out of what we needed the end

of it they just say hey this will be
just as safe as any other vaccine which
I thought was kind of funny but now now
now now now we need to go after the
people here to sign people up we need we

need to get people we need to get people
to take this test we are determined that
these have to be young people young
people got a message to the young people
here’s the messaging I want to get out
now let’s get this going we
to get people to sign up for the trials
and it will be important to encourage

people to enroll so people are watching
this right now my intention in two or
three weeks to announcements that there
might be a vaccine trial enrollment

somewhere in your neighborhood like we
just heard in Houston because we will
depend on the public to sign up and help
us figure this out let’s be clear these
vaccines have already gone through phase

one and Phase two trials so we know that
they’ve been safe significant number of
individuals and we know that they seem
to be capable of raising antibodies but
we haven’t actually done the real

testing in the field that it’s going to
be in the so-called Phase three trials
but particularly Toni it seems to me
because this disease cope at 19
best hit particular group I mean even

that you know John it seems kind of to
me like hey John in particular it’s so
contrived to so contrived gonna be in
this so-called Phase three trials but

particularly Toni it seems to me because
this disease Kovac 19 has hit particular
groups really hard I’m talking about
older people people with chronic disease

african-americans Latinos we want to be
sure old old man it’s not Latinos bro
but we’ll let you slide before people
with chronic disease african-americans

Latinos we want to be sure that the
vaccine enrollment includes those folks
as well are there ways based on past
experience where we are sure that

outreach will work and we will get
people to sign up for those groups do we
have the messaging right Tony
well done Thank You Francis what was dr.
Collins was referring back to you

Francis leading me into the end for what
thank you even thank you very much never
even says you’re leading me here
oops well done Thank You Francis what
what dr. Collins was referring to

leading me into the answer to the
question was that
but why are they laughing it’s not

because of the question its he’s
I believe this guy is secretly loving
the answer this is something that we’ve
done with all our HIV trials there is an

analogy here when you’re dealing with
HIV there’s a disparity of why the hell
is he laughing about this so they’re
talking about are we reaching the right

he says you’re leading me right into the
answer they crack up laughing because
thank you Francis with what dr. Collins

was referring to leading me into the
answer to the question this is something
that we’ve done with all our HIV trials

there is an analogy here when you’re
dealing with HIV there’s a disparity of
susceptibility of involvement 13% of the
American population is African American

and 45 to 50 percent of the new
infections so whenever we do treatment
and prevention trials through our
networks we outreach through community
representatives and community outreach

we’re going to use that same model to do
the same thing for the african-american
latina and Native American populations
in fact Francis and I right now are very
heavily involved in making sure that the

trials are quite well representative by
the individuals who are most susceptible
not only to infection because of certain
circumstances in their life but also

because of the fact that they are more
prone to complications because of
underlying comorbidities it’s a major
goal of the trial to be properly
represented and that’s what we’re gonna

make certainly high priority so here’s
what I heard yes just like remember how
much fun we had trying to find the gays
to take them to take the tough now we

gotta get black people
can’t wait to try that’s what I’m
hearing and I’m not kidding you man I’m

not gonna argue the point they are evil
and will this thing even work coming
back to the vaccines I keep yes Tony ok
so suppose this all looks really good

and you have a vaccine that’s safe and
effective and we start immunizing people
how long will that protection last when
you glass are you gonna need to take it
again uh-huh you’re like I mean like the

flu where you have to have a shot every
year or where you get a booster now what
do you think Wow we hadn’t discussed
this at all in many meetings before we
went out and spent hundreds of millions

or maybe billions of dollars pre funding
vaccines we might have to throw away
water you think about well this is
Francis a great question and it’s the
reason why we have to be it’s not a

great question it’s not a great question
by any means this is Francis a great
question and it’s the reason why we have

to be humble about what we do we do not
know the answer to that we do not know I
mean you can assume that you’re gonna
get protection at least to take us
through this cycle when you look at

natural infection it’s anyway between
six months to a year however with this
spike protein that’s being presented in
the way that we do it with primes and in
some cases boosts we’re going to assume

that there’s a degree of protection but
we have to assume that it’s gonna be
finite it’s not gonna be like a measles
vaccine how does an mRNA vaccine which
is intended not to have your body

produce immunity against future
infection from this dead end host you’re
dead and the virus you receive but it is
intended to change your actual DNA why
in god’s name would you need a boost or

a booster for that it just doesn’t make
it well even if it was let’s just assume
yeah let’s
that’s a mm-hmm B if it’s a normal
disease I mean the reason you’re gonna

have to have a flu shot every year cuz
the flu change
every year right so is this thing gonna
change every year oh wait it already
changed once from the phony-baloney
czars which disappeared magically what

where did that ever go no one ever talks
about the disappearance of cold one
SARS no that came and went and it which
was deadlier diverse now we have this

this is a this is a blab created product
that will just naturally go away and
they’re just trying to get these
vaccines out it manufacture tons of the

vaccines as fast as they can and they
already made their money it’s pre-cancer
they want to get their money out of this
thing and they got to do it before this
thing completely disappears as is shown
by the death chart which is falling off

the cliff final two clips they’re short
so we’re signing off now and then
Collins pulls up a ball a model of the

corona virus so he has like the size of
a softball with all these spikes
sticking out of it it’s green it’s green

it’s not purple red it’s green and model
of the corona virus Tsarskoe b2 with all
those spiky proteins and that just is

the way that it likes to get inside of
your cells we are going to vanquish this
guy for a whole lot longer okay we’re
gonna vanquish this guy and now to

answer your question about this guy’s
religiosity listen to how he says
goodbye and you tell me if this is a man
of faith a man who fears God then hang

on because science the best science you
can imagine led by amazing people like
Tony Fauci and many others is gonna come
forward here with what we believe will

be ultimately a chance for us all to get
back to the kind of lives that we were
Lily leaving leading in 2019 and you
know what all of us in a few years will

have parties where we talk about what
did you do in 2010 agent
our grandchildren
well tell their grandchildren what they

did in 2020 we were counting the money
this is unlike anything we’ve faced
before but we’re up to it we have
encouraged to strength of vision and the
energy to make it happen and I’m sorry

if you’re a man of faith if you’re a man
who went in an atheist in the mid school
came out and the evangelical Christian
and you believe in God and you’ve

professed this and you believe that
science has a role under God why is the
last thing you say an afterthought oh oh
yeah some hope listen again this is

unlike anything we’ve faced before but
we’re up to it we have the courage to
strength divisions and the energy to
make it happen and the hope come on man
he would have said with God’s help yes

or how about even hope he said hope you
forgot to say hope thanks Tony and the
energy to make it happen is upon us this

is the important phase I you know they
can play it any way they want shooting

everybody up with water for all we know
dummy placebo we don’t know we have no
idea but by the way show title I think
you’re right but how the way the way I

the way I interpret these guys and what
is happening is let’s target those those
idiots the rednecks the dummies and and

of course they’re not wearing masks so
we can blame them for it they didn’t
open up right anyway you’re not wearing
my haha they’re the target you could do
this any any city in America except for

New York possible but any city in
America you could do this now you can
test more find this big group of people
and then you can set up your vaccine
trial and of course Houston is one of

the first of course it is I haven’t
heard about any vaccine trials in
California which has more case
than we do we have it we have it we have
a Democrat governor leaves from such

you’re so lucky with that I guess so
he’s a good man he wears a mask in his

he’s now on Twitter he’s got his picture
with a mask on ah that’s because when
you’re on Twitter if you don’t have a
picture of the mask on you had some
covert updates around the world I want

to get them out of the way we get the
show hood report done
yeah for sure uh let’s start with
there’s only four of them here they’re
kind of combined it with a bunch of
yours we got to remember the blast

Brazil cuz Brazil is the worst case
scenario because you got a dis ball
sanera guy taking his mask off even
though he’s he’s positive with the guys
he said he’s a plague on socialism so

let’s play covet Brazil in Brazil bars
and restaurants also reopened in parts
of the country this week despite the
second-largest corona virus outbreak in
the world behind the United States on

Friday Brazilian President John Bolton
ro vetoed parts of a law that would have
required face masks indoors when large
groups gathered Bolton ro has downplayed
the severity of the pandemic despite

increasing numbers of infections and
deaths in Latin America’s largest
country yeah yeah sure to get that in
there okay let’s go to uh Cove oh here’s

a good one this is the kovat cases
versus deaths comparison which is I like
to wear the underplay the deaths and
here we go
nation why there were more than 57,000
new confirmed cases reported yesterday

according to Johns Hopkins University
researchers new daily cases are
increasing in 39 states with sharp
upticks in California Arizona Texas and
Mississippi according to the New York

Times data Florida reported eleven
thousand four hundred and fifty eight
new cases today a new record for daily
cases while the number of new cases is
increasing new deaths per day are

experts say the numbers reflect better
treatments and the fact that younger
people who are less likely to become
severely ill account for more of the new
cases oh really
there’s the memes yeah it’s all in there

young people and this other thing this
little mystery I am that keeps throwing
in there and I’ve heard it a lot I’ve
seen it a lot the new improved
treatments oh yeah which means any one

of these new and improved treatments
anything except the hydroxychloroquine I
do have a new treatment hold on a second
and I have the guy here yes this is of

course a doctor from Texas he’s from
West Texas finally what do we have or
five six seven eight eight eight cars

stable we’re stable stable everybody’s
okay safe we’re stable no up no down on
this efforts extremely late well I don’t
know what that means so there’s a new

treatment a new cheap treatment which
means this will be the first and last
time you ever hear of this guy his name
is dr. Richard Bartlett he treats his
patients in West Texas he’s been doing

that for quite a number of years and he
has a very very simple protocol which he
says is the exact same one that Taiwan
Japan and Singapore have used with
incredibly low mortality rate in all of

those countries I’m pointing them out
because the people in Texas in Texas
need to hear good news in Dallas they
need to hear good news and I have good
news I’m sure you do before I am blown

away by those numbers I gave up trying
to write them down pop but you’re gonna
tell us somehow eventually where we get
to this point that in these other
countries they’re doing what I’m doing
Debbie okay they’re doing what I’m doing

which is not hydroxychloroquine although
that works and so what they’re doing is
an inhaled steroid and so my Silver
Bullet is inhaled budesonide the brand

name originally was pulmicort now it’s
generic it’s super cheap it’s about $200
for the total treatment if you pay cash
with insurance many of my patients are
not even having to pay for it and you

use a nebulizer machine
it’s an asthma medicine that’s it’s a
respiratory anti-inflammatory fork ovid
which is a respiratory inflammatory

and it works a hundred percent of my
patients are alive I’ve been treating
this since March and and you you use it
for five minutes it takes five minutes
to do a breathing treatment you plug it
in the machine and the machine in the

wall you put the medicine this premix
pre-measured from the pharmacy into the
little reservoir you push the on button
and you breathe it during five minutes
we don’t even have to have a mask you
can use a little mouthpiece that you

hold in front of you and you breathe it
for five minutes and and I have let me
tell you what I’ve heard from patients
when I started using this they tell me I
feel better during the first treatment

and so their chest pain goes away their
shortness of breath goes away their
fever breaks so the only way that this
of course could work is if the president
comes out today and says don’t listen to

that guy Trump came out and said that
you’re right this would be the rage but
no it would be you know it’s it’s cheap

which is not a good thing they don’t
want that no of course not
all right back to your world overview
nice nice pick up on that yeah we are
together we are really way too tight for

this market you realize that don’t you
for the podcasting market they were too
tight let’s go to kovat report UK this
pub in Cumbria in the north of England

has probably never been as clean but it
needs to be businesses in England will
be open for the first time in months
from Saturday but that doesn’t mean the
pandemic is over yet we aimed for July

the fourth we wanted to set ourselves a
target we think we’re in good shape but
my message is let’s not blow it now
folks we’ve done a fantastic job so far
in bearing down on this disease

collectively let’s not blow it now
dozens of patients are still dying every
day in British hospitals and many
facilities such as gyms and swimming

pools will remain shut Britain’s have
also been warned that they should
continue to social distance while out
and about the British government has
also become embroiled in a round with

their counterparts in Cardiff in
Edinburgh currently travellers entering
the united kingdom must quarantine for a
fortnight but London’s decision to soon
exempt people arriving from 59 countries

from quarantine was met with fury from
the Welsh and Scottish Government’s both
of whom have decided to opt out of the
plan but dealing with the UK government
over the last few days has been an

utterly shambolic experience shambolic
if ever there was an example of making
an announcement first and then trying to
work out what you meant by it that is

what we have seen since this
announcement was first trailed in the
press Boris Johnson has also warned that
further localised lockdowns may be
needed one has already been imposed on

the city of Leicester in the East
Midlands all in all it adds up to the
strangest British summer in living
memory 40.00 Shambala like about ten

years ago if you remember we did a whole
show on it yeah shambolic you remember
this I thought it was bullcrap word and

then we went looked into it it’s a very
useful word shambolic look it up while
you’re looking it up you know play the
lesson this was the Russia – played

first but I’m not playing it lastest at
the code report UK PBS one in England
pubs and restaurants open today for the
first time since March it’s the biggest
step yet in the country’s gradual easing

of coronavirus restrictions patrons need
to stay one metre about three feet from
each other and no one is allowed to
stand at the bar but mask-wearing is
optional barber shops museums and

libraries also reopen today we
social distancing restrictions but not
all of the United Kingdom is opening
each of the UK’s four nation’s England
Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland are
lifting restrictions independently the

Netherlands also has they don’t even
call that a mask I was talking to a
buddy of mine I said do you have masks
their masks wouldn’t be masks which is

mooches Musker in dutch they don’t have
they have mouth caps that’s where
they’re called multi copia mouth caps
now only on public transport
no world’s different virus there’s

there’s definitely a there’s got to be
some the left who’s trying to get rid of
Trump would love to you know let this
thing linger on forever but they’re

they’ve got to have some mixed feelings
about this whole event and public
transportation which is a big carrier of
this thing because they’re always old

we’ll get rid of cars we should write
bikes and take buses and we should never
have our cars are bad that use petroleum
and they’re bad things we should not
have which have less and less cars and

more and more buses and more and more
public transportation like they do in
Europe yeah and this has got to be
driving him nuts because nobody wants to
get on a Muni bus anymore in San
Francisco if in fact they’ve canceled 40

lines forty lines have been taken out of
Wow there’s also no one needs to go
anywhere it’s nothing going man but if
you need to go you you know who wants to
take a bus and bit BART is like deserted

and it’s still running I mean you know
they closed they closed so much in in
Los Angeles – it’s like I mean there are
like I heard that The Comedy Store
probably will not come back they’re just

gonna be broke done yeah not gonna come
backs crazy I have a few uh like three
lingering clips that just pertain to the
cove unless you have something else and

we can wrap it up now those are my
that’s all I got so with all of this
taking place which is ultimately the
goal of a vaccine is to create herd

herd immunity means that enough people
are have the antibodies or cannot catch
it and therefore transfer it that it
just really dies out because there’s no
one to pass it on to and whether you do

that because everyone got it was some in
fact the UK wanted to do that initially
probably would have been a better
strategy it’s what we do with influenza
we just wait until this herd immunity we

try to do herd immunity with the vaccine
that often doesn’t even work at all
who knows dr. Ron Paul who I followed
since 2007 says that we’re pretty much

there hundreds of pumps immunity is
something that we’ve been supporting
yeah nature support set herd immunity to
covet nineteen it’s just around the

corner new studies say suggesting humans
are rapidly building natural protections
against the virus that’s according to at
least two new studies by the Karolinska
Institute in Sweden and the University

Hospital Tuebingen in Germany the
studies finds at least 30 percent of
humans now have kovetz specific
antibodies which means they’ve been
exposed to weak samples of the virus and

effectively equals a natural vaccine
essentially here it’s coming like
yesterday when you put up the charges
show where the DES levels were from the
crown of iris which is standard zero I

said well maybe the epidemic is over
Church shows what I was talking about
exactly not just an old kook yeah you
and you and Ron Paul same old cooks and

curries that he’s training to be one
however there’s more cool data points
that we talked about here such as the
spread through the air we had the top
dog Modi’s to halt the dog he says this

thing is being spread through the air
you need to stay out of conditions air
have air but you have to have good
ventilation because it still needs a

viral load so if you’re talking to
someone face to face it would likely
take about 10 minutes before you had
enough viral load until you know a copy

I think like I don’t bury March at least
we had a clip of a guy who would your
doctor who said the only way gonna get
this is from hand contacted with the

actual viruses that you bring to your
face or you have to be in the proximity
of somebody with it
for a long time like 10 minutes so we’re
not as this continues we’re hearing

nothing new that we haven’t already on
this show discussed in great detail back
in February March that’s exactly that’s
exactly what I was going to point out

that’s kind of the point is like we have
been related if Austin if they say shut
down for 35 days I am defying and I’m

gonna make a big fucking deal about it
because you want your media services I
got you can go look at you look at the
order and you’re gonna find out you’re
exempt so you’re dead you’re defying it

is is is is a Pyrrhic victory I’m going
to stand outside my hairdressers salon
while she remains open and I will be
armed with my ar-15 or do you believe me

I have we’ve done the work we’ve done
the research we we’re not just we just
not gonna buy into the reporting of it
and to the scam that is being pulled I

mean the wool being pulled over eyes no
no and just to prove it exactly what we
said through research with other types
of researchers who were deep platformed

and thrown off mainstream because they
didn’t have the right message but it
turns out yes indeed it spreads through
their hundreds of the world’s top
doctors Elizabeth are now warning 239 of

them signing this letter saying they
want more public acknowledgement that
the corona virus can float and be
transmitted through air droplets but I
have to say when I read this I thought
to myself we already know this isn’t

hold on wait for it why masks are so
important what this gets very confusing
and sort of the distinction that
scientists understand but sometimes it’s
hard to really get it so let’s talk

about this yeah you know that
you’re stupid whatever you’re thinking
now you’re stupid
mostly what authorities have talked
about you can see it on the CDC’s web
page is that it’s friends through
sneezes and coughs in other words there
has to be something propelling it

however there’s been a lot of talk that
even just breathing can spread it then
you don’t really need that kind of
propelling to get it to get that just to
spread the virus and this is not a big

secret the National Academy of Sciences
told the White House this more than
three months ago that they think just
breathing can spread this virus and so
now these scientists more than 200 of
them are telling the World Health

Organization let’s talk about this
openly the word airborne is scary but
let’s talk about this only that this
does spread more easily it seems that’s
what studies are showing than people had

first thought okay so no it’s not scary
you only need to be exactly where the
government tells you not to be you need
to be outside if you’re inside

especially if the conditions are of
humidity are there then it’s going to
hang in the air and then you walk around
for 10 minutes if someone has it you are
probably going to get it if that if you

have if you have a sick person put them
in their bedroom crack a window make
sure there’s enough ventilation it’s
going to be okay
mass do not work against this you are
breathing air it’s not like your little

cloth mass that you’ve been told is okay
is going to protect you though you’re
all going to get it because it’s meant
to be gotten that way

it’s it’s there in fact I believe that
having a cloth homemade mask is probably
worse but it’s not super scary that’s
definitely not true it’s just not super

scary I think the mess is good because
it gives people a mild case of carbon
dioxide poisoning does quite quickly
actually a zoo does it quite quickly it
buzzed me what the mask is only about

it’s all about one thing politics
controlling the politics being able to
identify the assholes showing it
according to whomever showing that that

that Republicans are idiots
because they had didn’t have the masks
and with increased testing it’s a
sleight of hand it’s a trick
hey you you opened up the suit you did
it wrong Austin by the way did not open

up too soon we’ve really waited longer
than most but okay and then you increase
the testing you only talk about testing
huh now we’ve got to shut down but now
don’t worry help us on the way the

vaccine is coming and they’re destroying
people they’re destroying people the
European Union it’s trying to pass a law
that says that in addition to an

pandemic the world and the European
Union specifically has suffered from an
info Demick of misinformation about
kovat and they’re writing up laws

against anyone saying something that
doesn’t agree with the established
scientists and they call it the info
Demick Wow now I want agreed be on that

list I’m sorry
would we be put on the list of the
verboten podcast the verboten podcast I
think they’re gonna make it a little

easier it’s just going to be you can’t
say certain things and otherwise you’ll
be de platformed removed and mean they
have all that control over the social
media companies they already tell them
to delete all kinds of stuff in the UK

you can’t say anything about a
politician on social media you could get
I’m so happy to live here however am I
really do you remember the state senator
Scott Jenson from Minnesota yeah you

will when I tell you who said hey man
this coating of people is he’s a bonanza
it’s $39,000 to coat him as a CO vid
positive he was the first one we played

we played all right that was her old a
clip a very old way back when he’s back
Justin I represent this is one of the
most important videos I’ve made and one

of the hardest frankly it’s been a very
difficult decision to make
whether I even wanted to do it listen a
week ago I was notified by the board of
medical practice in Minnesota that I was
being investigated because of public

statements I’d made they listed two
allegations they said I’ve been
spreading misinformation in regards to
the completion of death certificates on
a news program which happened to take

place on April 7 and you could find that
if you want to do the other allegation
was that I provide advice in my
willingness to compare my family I mean

I’m in hospital yeah so he’s maybe upset

about the the process occurrence maybes

upset about the process but the point is
the medical community and the industry
which includes pharmaceuticals and
education they won’t allow this guy to
speak they eventually his video be off

YouTube they’re investigating and me
it’s making lots of trouble making his
life difficult like we heard the
professor from from the Nobel a society
saying no one wanted look I’m at data

that just said stop talking like that
and of course this never gets to the
mainstream media because when it’s not
an election year what are the ads
running on the mainstream media if I may

be a pharmaceutical ads they completely
control the messaging and who are the
pharmaceutical companies I’ll spoil it

China they have
complete control not is getting less now
they have incredible control over our
medication they have control over the
actual base materials you need even if

you want to assemble or produce in India
it was also China who showed the world
the shutdown which had never been done
before on that scale we in my mind are

under psychological attack with
complicit complicit behavior from
several large organizations Disney
Comcast and it has to stop we we should

learn as Americans to channel the
bigotry and the hate and the vile
feelings we have for each other at black

lives matter to the CCP well that’s
gonna be my whole lust after the break
presentation and with that I’d like to
thank you for your courage I can’t wait

for you it’s in the morning to you the
man who puts the C in the block about
the CCP John C Dvorak oh well in the
morning to you mr. Adam Curry also in
the morning do all the boots on the

ground feet in the air stops in the
water and all the Dames tonight set in
the morning to art our roles
let me count them they seem a little
quiet today no that’s about right 14 70s
about 1500 what we we expect on a

Thursday the second Sunday of the week
in the morning to you it’s a no agenda
stream calm that’s where you can hang
out alive in our troll room while you’re
listening to the stream and it just

keeps on going from there after the show
there’s another show
sometimes a podcast no commercials it’s
all fun and you get to hang out with
cool people and troll the host stroll

the show yell about this is really a
free-for-all and it seems to work and
while you’re there ask for an invite for
No Agenda social calm this is our a
social network which runs on the

Federated mastodons network underground
from all other social networks very high
signal-to-noise ratio that is no agenda
social calm and then finally I would

like to thank our artists for episode
1257 we tied
that one doggy DNA I feel which was
probably an uninspired title which it

was but a lot of that was because of the
artwork which was we found in the
evergreens it was an incredible piece of

work from the j-man 33 orange man bad
Trump’s profile with the orange man bad
words showing his that that’s his face

and his neck I mean it’s it’s the
background his Cheetos we got a lot of
compliments about this one it was a nice
throwback piece dating is like a film or

poster they can feel more east or west
still more film or film or a film or
yeah first there was the film or then
there was the Fillmore East and there

was the Fillmore West and Winterland
and the original film war was the place
I’m referring to it was a video was a
nice piece said don’t know I would I
don’t know we don’t know this guy and it

probably worked a few of our regular
artists I know they were talking about
it on the Twitter well let’s discuss
this because no one hit the mark the way
you know and just no one hit the mark so

he went to the evergreens found this I
can’t believe we missed it or there must
have been something much better at the
time that happens we normally don’t look
at ever grace unless we’re stymied right
but that just just it’s everyone’s stuff

is really busy sticking stuff all over
it you know now with 33 I mean you gotta
be careful you know it’s these concept
pieces are really really good and just

by looking at the the the response on
Twitter I think it does that it does to
show a huge benefit when you have so I
wouldn’t think by the way I also picked

another mountain JP’s for the newsletter
two in a row no no but this was this was
not Mountain Jay this was no there’s the
other Jay yeah yeah just we don’t know
this person so I don’t want anyone to

think this is a failure you know it’s
that’s how it goes sometimes we also
have a whiff we with the ball
shows that sometimes are hard to do art
for this is also true and sometimes

we’re just tired there was an element of
that involved so that’s no agenda art
generator calm please go have a look you
can participate you can upload and

there’s many ways that this art is
utilized show album art newsletter art
people print it out put it up in their
homes it’s so good and also no agenda
shop calm where you can always find some

cool pieces and now let us thank our
executive producers and associate
executive producers for episode what do
we add one thousand two hundred fifty

eight one two five eight well we start
with Julianne Lee and Boonesboro
Maryland $400 and she sent a check in
wrote a note thank you for all you do

the No Agenda community needs you more
than ever and we love you dearly the
rest of this note is for all the
producers and douchebags out there old
and new one if you think you need to

agree with Jon and Adam 100 percent of
the time you’re missing the point the
show exists to teach you how to think
independently hello yes to don’t think
shrinking our amygdala is enough you

need to increase your frontal cortex as
well keep thinking rationally all the
time 3 if you haven’t yet please go back
and listen to episode 850 208 3 redux

that’s 200 point 8 I will give you group
you know Gregory great insight into No

Agenda show and it explains a lot of the
inside jokes that’s a show to hook 100.8
yes it was actually show 850 oh ok 200
point 8 all right good
yeah it’s to show 200 we’ve done eight

times yeah I think we retired it didn’t
we I think we’re kind of done well we
kind of did but we’ve been talking about
doing a new 200 and rebooting it yeah we
have thought about it anyway she says

helps you explain a lot of the inside
jokes if you’re white you’re racist by
secret-agent Paul is an order
and an end of show is find if the
segment’s already too long love and

light Julianne Lee I was dancer jingle
requested yes racist yeah I have that
and did she want a karma or it’s just I
would get I would request karma for her


sure Miguel Espanola from New York New
York New York a what’s poppin Alejandro
and Jose he says this is Senor Miguel

from Washington Heights I’d like to
first and foremost thank you for just
being some cool-ass dudes y’all ninjas
Rock I’m glad I’m reading this word yes
y’all ninjas Rock broseph this donation

amount has an extra fifty cents because
my birthday is three three eighty three
in his amount is 333 and 83 cents as the
covert scare continues to grip the

country I’d liked I’d like you to see
things from the hood here in Washington
Heights this is very helpful let’s call
it a boots on the ground donation
Dominicans are back to partying outside
and making all kinds of noise the only

thing that’s changed is the fact that
some people wear a face mask now with
the cops not really doing anything about
crime it is inching way up and I must
say good I don’t like the gentrification
that was occurring maybe this will scare

them into going away for a while doubt
it though the amount of luxury
high-rises and office space is being
built is evident that all this
rambunctious acts are just until

November and after elections it’s going
back the way shit was and the cops being
the dicks that they are and I’d like to
give a shout-out to Alex and Athena for
inviting my fan
and I entered their home last Thursday

we smoked weed ate pizza and just vibed
out this is your No Agenda profile crazy
shit is that Alex and Athena are the
only white people I know my whole life

I’ve only known white people in
positions of authority teachers
principals cops thank you for giving my
father Karma’s he’s out of the hospital
had tracheotomy surgery and lost 85

pounds but as having the tube removed
next week he’s a lot stronger he and I
rarely spoke and Rona has helped us
become closer in life I’d asked her some
jobs karma I lost mine with COBIT and

was replaced by someone who made a lot
less and the company is suffering for
doing that which makes me smile I live
on an extremely tight budget and get by
by hustling weed products throughout the
city follow me on the instagrams for

those who need medicinal needs NY state
of AI NY sta te o f ey e please give me
a my best friend brother Glenn D out

there in Austin some Karma for the
family with the passing of us
grandmother I hope to meet you Jen soon
blessings blessings to you saying you
owe me well and thank you for that boots
on the ground report that is actually

quite good so jobs karma jobs jobs jobs
and jobs karma Michael Conti follows up
from Mansfield Texas with 300 $33.33

here’s my long overdue contribution he
writes ice kept spending the
contribution before I reached the PayPal
app I finally got in the app with a

little cash so here it is thanks for the
great work I’ll try it to be more
responsible a more responsible listener
but now I’m having to buy masks for work
exercise shopping travel driving social

you should have a mass for driving
social events and now the beach so I
don’t know when I can afford my next
visit to the PayPal dealer’s choice on
the jingles Michael ice will do exactly

you’ve got Mariella null fo in Pineville

Oregon 3 3 3
a lot of Oregonians that listen to this

show there’s more meetups well they’re
under in trouble I would happen but what
happened to our Grand Duke melon son he
seems to be you know you don’t say that
because every single time you say that

he starts posting pictures of himself
looking just fine okay good he’s fine
ITM Jon and Adam well I didn’t know this
the executive producer donation takes me
half way to Dame hood where’s he post

them on tweeter
I said I’d used to we know I know oh you
really you’re done huh not good well I’m
not completely done but I would like
people who are on Twitter to put good to

follow me so I can get my numbers back
Oh real Dvorak hmm oh man what happens
is whenever you post people unfollow you

because you post off them no no they’re
not have following me there dad I just
post me about the show they’ve if
they’re gonna follow me for that they
should have done it a little time we go
okay at the real differ coming Jay ad me
getting somebody at there’s a hacker out

there they can jack me no bet my numbers
up 2,000 extra my hacker you are getting
deep play you’re getting deep lots come
on hacker you’re getting D platform
Twitter Oh

Dvorak at the real Dvorak was saying he
wants hackers turns up his numbers who
said odd though something about that
you’re canceled I did you’re canceled
Prineville Oregon again we’re going back
to Mariela null fo yes she just takes

her halfway to Dame hood I make it today
in celebration of what my husband
calling the deaf dumb blind night how we
know him my rebirth day to the day I’d
survived the death sentence of a brain

aneurysm on July 8 2017 oh yes we know
Mariela yes well it turns out I actually
have something in common with Bo Jaden
when I donate on this day in 2018 I

wrote that no agenda was a crucial part
of my recovery through a two-month
hospitals stand to brain surgery just
like Joe yep
listening to it with my husband kept me

connected and engaged with him while all
of the other memory and body functions
were failing me but the brain health
benefits didn’t stop there as I reflect
on my third rebirth day I can honestly
say that recovery has not been easy I

still suffer from chronic migraines as
my skull knits back together some
short-term memory loss and anxiety
exists but thanks to this show one thing
I definitely do not suffer from is this

terrible sickness the m5n M is
inflicting on society overcoming the
ability of everyone I know and love to
think and feel rationally so people
while you may struggle to get access to

hydroxychloroquine for that pesky covin
19 remember that the prescription for
m5m disease is simple listen to no

thank you both sincerely for continually
being my bastions of sanity as I
navigate through the rest of my life’s
difficult he’s given me one thing less
to worry about special thanks also to
Adam for sharing my exposition on my

auditory processing research with the
show earlier this year just one way this
amazing community has shown that it will
uplift you and give you true a true

platform for great thoughts and ideas no
special access required no special
access required jingle request Tom saw a
rush version of the OTG kind of guy okay
turning the frogs gay Alex Jones

followed by Jordan Peterson that’s wrong
respectfully Mariela
don’t see the Florrick bakelite steady
he’s an OTG kind of guy

I don’t like putting chemicals in the
water to turn the friggin frogs wrong I

wasn’t Peterson that was just a wrong
that wasn’t Peterson what’s wrong I

don’t know what happened to him
Peterson that’s wrong that’s wrong no we
don’t have that anymore for some reason
who knows Oh in fact here it is of

course you knew it was coming
that’s wrong boom wow did you just as an
aside did you see the latest podcast
from his daughter and Peterson together
no yes so she did a family update but

it’s her and her dad and he looks pretty
pretty good and they’re in Bulgaria and
they tell the story of what happened
and oh my god I mean it’s it’s it’s it’s

crazy what they went through and he’s
still not out of the woods but the just
the spoiler what happened you know I
don’t know any of this what happened I

know I guess yeah so his wife got you
know basically cancer that was incurable
and apparently he had already been on
SSRIs for about ten years but then you
know he said all this grief and a lot of

things were happening and so he was
prescribed benzos which is you know the
benzo I don’t know the full proper name
but it’s basically it helps you get to

sleep and lowers an anxiety a lot of
people are on this here’s the thing that
we now learn from the Petersons about
benzos that diazepam is an example so
anything that ends in Pam is probably

going to be a benzo there yes there’s a
mental addiction that is possible but
the actual physical dependency is insane
and if you try to stop and you don’t

taper off I wasn’t prepared for this but
there’s something called a kenosis or
something and it feels like like you
don’t know if you want to stand up sit
down you rock

and forth which reminded me of Bill
Gates and and you can feel like your
skin is burning and it’s this horrible
horrible state and and und and you can’t
stop it unless you continue to take the

the benzos and it’s just a never ending
story and then on top of that they leave
us with the fact that Heath Ledger
Whitney Houston Michael Jackson men Anna

Nicole Smith
they all died with benzos in their
system so it’s something that needs to
be looked at it could actually be worse

than opioids it could be it could be
anyway it’s something to be seen it’s in
the show notes I just saw any clips or
anything that’s terrible it’s really
really but man that daughter what an

angel she took him around the world
Moscow in the middle of a pandemic she
was not gonna let her dad die I’m very
impressed and I hope I get the same
treatment from my kid

why what do you got going on no I’d
worry if I ever needed it ever needed it
snow of course I got nothing going off
well Alex Brewers next on the list

associate executive producer from Kill
Devil Hills in North Carolina 234
dollars and 58 cents in the morning
you’re both tis I Alex the Ignite films

a Hollywood Southern Hollywood outfit
you know anything maybe I can come down
I can you know just play a barkeep I
could pay I’m a cashier at a store
John’s like they shoot him have you

never had a bit part in anything how
I’ve been in a couple of TV’s Louis’s
yeah but you want to be in a motion
picture you want to be in a property I
sent this on the big screen on the big

screen the silver screen your name in
as my father mentioned we will be
hosting the first-ever Outer Banks of
North Carolina meetup and we couldn’t be
more excited a quick note for attendees
don’t bring blankets or water just bring

your cash this is a cash-only bar we
look forward to a totally hinge to
evening of beers conversation and
general debauchery John and Adams thank
you for keeping our amygdala small and

our third eyes unsheathed amen fist bump
that sweet sweet Karma Alex Brewer Oak
Hill Devil Hills North Carolina
you’ve got karma now what is this we go

from Alex Brewer
Arthur Brewer Arthur Brewer is envel

it must be boy look at the numbers so
they did two three four five seven hello
I think they wanted to have his dad
first he should have had the five eight
instead of the five seven well here we
go I TMZ has fourth time produced a long

time listener loved to show no agendas
indeed the best podcast in the universe
I would like to shamelessly plug our
upcoming meetup on July 11th 7:00 p.m.
at the blue crab javanese are competing
meetups this is the same one the same

one shirt blue clear Christmas okay okay
Kill Devil Hills right my lovely and
gracious wife Debra and I are driving
over from Tennessee to join fellow
producers and our son Alex Brewer and in

hosting the Meetup hope to meet some
other free thinkers drink some beers and
have a great time anyways anyways take
care and keep on truckin ah man keep on

truckin no jingles no karma r3 you are
once and fugitive king from bro not
fugitive Oh What’s in fugitive King no

future King oh I see Brewer medicines in
that fugitive future Nikolas Fargo two
hundred and ten dollars

place unknown United States Oh Medina
Ohio goat Karma first of all please do
you’ve been deduced it’s all he wants
I’ll be attending the no agenda meetup

in Northeast Ohio on Friday and I can’t
bear to face it without supporting the
best podcast on earth according to some
undisclosed sources familiar with their
thinking I would like to thank you for

the twice weekly amygdala shrinkage that
you provide me and sometimes might
begrudging fiance hmm I would also like
to thank Sir Joby Wong for introducing
me to the No Agenda show after a rant I

gave him about the lies of the m5 n cube
the hard work and please give me a
helping of goat karma got it you’ve got
look at this barren mark 10 or 201

dollars from Whittier California
it comes in every two weeks with a a
smaller donation but he comes in two
just to say this this is a return for
Adam’s anniversary call-out thank you

Baron mark is no nice yeah what was nice
of you Sarah
safar ik in Grand Rapids Michigan
longtime listener first-time donor D

douching is an order my smoking hot
husband hit me in the mouth a few years
ago I only was listening when he would

play it now I download the episodes
myself and try to listen to the show
even before he does so I can beat him to
the punch lines of the jokes the show
has given us quality conversations

together you have been the breath of
fresh air that we need in our current
society I didn’t realize how much I
genuinely enjoy my time listening to you
with my husband until there was a week I
was too busy and missed a few episodes

thank you for the shrinking of the
amygdalae find myself saying that’s true
at work we could use a little jobs
conversing how my smoking-hot husband
starts a new job in August now I need to

find myself a new adventure in the job
world myself Thank You Sara
jobs jobs jobs and jobs

now Kelly from Minnesota sends a 200 our
chicken and a note and I will say this
she does mention it in here she sent
some pottery Oh three pieces and you

were dated differently and you can tell
that she’s become a really outstanding
professional Potter and she’s gonna send
you some pieces and she mentions that in

the note her large bowl I will mention
for her benefit is outstanding please
accept my first donation I’ve been
listening for five years now and ever
since a dear friend introduced me to you

this is a long hand that is it’s kind of
it’s it’s pretty but it’s hard it’s not
necessarily hard easy to read we were
together for five years old oh the first

year wasn’t exclusive for him and the
last couple have had some rough patches
Mother’s Day he is a special man who has

a privileged place in my heart so please
send him some relationship karma this
fall I am entering a new a new look says
new district full-time teaching

language-arts new school district I
guess I know she needs some job become
her for that Johnny sent you some
pottery I started to sell this year at
the farmers market every Saturday if I

could also send some pottery making ants
and selling karma so she needs pottery
making and selling Karma that would be
great next time I’ll send some – Adam no
jingles but John if you could say oh

brother followed by Adam saying
fantastic that would be perfect both of
you feel like family like every other
listener I’m so bigoted so grateful for

the work you guys do keep it up big hugs
and Kelly so we have to sad to say old
brother and then you say fantastic okay
oh brother

fantastic all right one take one take
everybody but she did this for some car
then she said she didn’t I want to make
sure she gets in just in case you’ve got

karma that is our last donor
secular associate executive producer for
show 1258 we want to thank all the
executive producers and associate

executive producers for helping make
this show possible because you did make
it possible yes and I have two mentions
here first is I got from the back office
although I don’t see it reflected from a

lady when Miller according to my records
my thirty three dollars and 33 cents a
month started about three years ago with
other monetary computers the

contributions over the past ten plus
years qualifies me as a dame so that so
we wouldn’t read this during the segment
I want to make sure we do if possible
could this be done around July 8th my
birthday well isn’t that a coincidence

how cool is that yes what a wonderful
present this will be words cannot
express my deep humility and how and the
great honor that I feel to finally wear
this lofty title I offer my solemn vow
to always live up to the many high

expectations that come with it
daunting as they may be the game name
that I chose is Lady whent of the lakes
if you wouldn’t mind I’d like to have
spicy Mapo 2 to Mapo tofu if you do if
you wouldn’t mind I do you guys have

that what is it I don’t know Mapo tofu
and mojitos at the round table it’s
ordered please send an F cancer and Jobs
Karma for us with gratitude when Miller
of course we can do that for you jobs

jobs jobs and jobs let’s vote for jobs
you’ve got karma and yeah this is kind
of interesting tear call a couple shows

ago I had someone had sent a bunch of
Herrick Vicki had sent me a whole bunch
of haircare products that make your hair
grow with a two hundred dollar check now
she sent the check to me so that’s been

mailed off to the PIO box so she’ll get
her official associate executive
producer ship and I and I mentioned this
to you
I must have received 10 emails of people
saying doo doo doo dude

what was it tell me what we’re foots who
reps I want stuff that makes my hair
grow so I feel obliged to say that the
happy hair is Vicki’s
personal website and let us know how

that works out for you that could be
kind of interesting we could we could
eventually have the official hair care
product of the No Agenda show if it’s
any good no agenda hair care hair care
product it’s nap for Humanity this

there’s some other guys who were talking
about some coffee I just want to make it
clear now hey man we’d like to put that
no agenda logo on the coffee and we’ll

give you a third no no no no no no if we
like a product we may endorse it I don’t
know about having our logo on it I don’t
think that’s the right way to go what do

you think well a couple things we had we
had a no agenda beer out of Australia as
you recall yes that’s true yeah and he

had our logo with kind of a logo on it
and we’ve had other products that all
the t-shirts are number this shop it got
the logo all over I don’t see why it’s a
probably all of a sudden we hate coffee

I don’t I would like to test the taste
the coffee before it becomes official no
agenda coffee is that close now that’s
different yeah that’s I will I will say

this I will agree with that so we need a
couple pounds of coffee and then we you
can put yeah I mean a little micro brew
from Australia I mean oh by the way it
wasn’t even that Mike Road made it all

the way to the US it was selling
it was a monster kiss a biggie sexy big
microbrewery a big microbrewery
fantastic it makes no sense but there it

alright everybody thank you so much
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but I caught at just this last week

Christopher Rae gave a lecture at the
Hudson Hudson Institute
now wait Christopher Rae is he the FBI

boss now yeah he’s the FBI box now what
was this guy apart I’m always confused
was he a part of the scam with Comey was
he in that group was he one of the
cronies running around I mean not that

anyone can tell he came in late in the
game Trump brought it banned put him in
there he hasn’t you know it has it
busted you know gone through and audited
the FBI or anything but he’s definitely

on board with this anti with this not
anti but this China stuff ah good and so
he gives a lecture here and this is a
little long it’s got there’s six parts
to it but it’s a couple of more short –

a couple more long unfortunately but
it’s so good okay because he names names
he names cases and a lot of this stuff
we’ve never heard about that he the m5m
doesn’t discuss it to any extreme like

they remember every time there was a
terrorist some dumb you know some blow i
cubed guys in florid after you recall it
will blow up the White House and they’ve

you know they bust these guys big cycle
all over of course is not over any of
this what you’re gonna hear here is all
set for a couple items is fairly new to

me and the media doesn’t cover it
because the media as we visit you
mentioned earlier is controlled by the
Chinese the CCP for sure

and so we’re gonna hear a little bit
about how how controlling they are with
it with that this went on for about a
good maybe an hour I don’t I don’t have
like you know maybe ten minutes of it

but I tried to pull out the best stuff
this is rayon China Hudson Institute one
the greatest long-term threat to our
nation’s information and intellectual

property and to our economic vitality is
the counterintelligence an economic
espionage threat from China
it’s a threat to our economic security
and by extension to our national

security as national security adviser
O’Brien said in his recent remarks we
cannot close our eyes and ears to what
China’s doing and today in light of the

importance of this threat I will provide
more detail on the Chinese threat than
the FBI has ever presented no nice in an
open forum this threat is so significant

that the Attorney General and Secretary
of State will also be addressing a lot
of these issues in the next few weeks
which is true
Pompeyo just did this huge thing on the

ingre ham show all about China I didn’t
clip it for today because we were
already full but yeah there’s a definite
push from the administration doing this
but if you think these issues are just

an intelligence issue or a government
problem or a nuisance largely just for
big corporations who can largely take
care of themselves you could not be more

wrong it’s the people of the United
States who are the victims of what
amounts to Chinese theft on a scale so
massive that it represents one of the
largest transfers of wealth in human

if you’re an American adult it is more
likely than not that China has stolen
your personal data in 2017 the Chinese
military conspired to hack Equifax and

made off with the sensitive personal
information of 150 million Americans
we’re talking nearly half of the
American population and most American

adults and as I’ll discuss in a few
moments this was hardly a standalone
incident our data isn’t the only thing
at stake here so our health our

livelihoods and our security we’ve now
reached the point where the FBI is
opening a new China related counter
telogen skate about every 10 hours this

is interesting we probably didn’t hear
about this because the news broke on
February 10th 2020 which and it’s all
over when you see it

facts breach how Chinese armored army
hackers allegedly stole it’s all about
the China stole America’s personal data
I don’t recall this at all of course we
were probably looking at Corona at that

point is this a recent heck as the
Equifax hack is as I recall it was two
years ago yes but this is this is the
they filed an indictment against China

oh no we know about the hack from two
years ago cuz we discussed it on the
show yes but we didn’t know but we did
know we did well it’s in the news but it
was never reported you’re right it was

never clear it was China and by the way
that’s interesting that that well
reminder that we signed a deal with
China in January which of course they
were full of crap when signing it so who

knows it was not intended to be brought
out to the front whatever it is no major
headlines I don’t see a New York Times
article about it that’s for sure
no this stuff is – everything you’re
gonna hear in these five clips

explicitly is suppressed and this is the
head of the FBI who I don’t know that he
goes out and on the speaking tour ever I
mean he comes to the Hudson Institute

and he does this long talk or he’s and
I’m only like I said slept in parts if
there’s a lot of stuff in here yeah I
would recommend up and go listen for
themselves it’s quite interesting is it
but it’s definitely interesting so the

next clip would be mmm is there a tool
in here no you have a – optional yeah –
the attitude this is an optional clip do
you want to hear it

this is a short one minute this is a lot
this was like not as good a clip as the
rest of the nearly 5,000 active FBI
counterintelligence cases oh yeah a
horrible clip I don’t want to listen to

it currently underway across the country
almost half are all related to China
yeah and at this very moment China is
working to compromise American

healthcare organizations pharmaceutical
and academic institutions conducting
essential kovat 19 research we need to
be clear-eyed about the scope of the
Chinese government’s ambition in China

the Chinese Communist Party believes
it’s in a generational fight to surpass
our country in economic and
technological leadership now that’s
sobering enough but it’s waging that

fight not through legitimate innovation
not through fair and lawful competition
and not by giving their citizens the
freedom of thought and speech and

creativity that we treasure here in the
United States instead China is engaged
in a hold of state effort to become the
world’s only superpower by any means

necessary wow this is a great talk and
it’s good because the only people I hear
bitching about it is podcasters and
youtubers if not even the youtubers
honestly but is nice nice to hear it

from some Authority for once
yeah the youtubers that would bitch
about this or getting beaten teeth or
taken off exactly okay let’s go to this
is the the he read discusses the

thousand talents program this is we do
know a little bit about this and here we
go through it’s talent recruitment
programs like the so called thousand
talents program the Chinese government
tries to entice scientists to secretly

bring our knowledge and innovation back
to China even if that means stealing
proprietary information or violating our
export controls and conflict of interest

rules take the case of scientists hong
jin tan for example a Chinese national
an american lawful permanent resident he
applied to china’s thousand talents

program and stole more than 1 billion
that’s with a be worth of trade secrets
from his former employer an
oklahoma-based petroleum company and got
caught a few months ago he was convicted

and sent to prison Wars there’s the case
of Shaanxi a texas-based scientists also
sentenced to prison earlier this year
she stole trade secret

regarding syntactic foam an important
naval technology used in submarines she
too had applied to China’s thousand
talents program and specifically pledged

to digest and absorb the relevant
technology in the United States he did
this on behalf of Chinese state-owned
enterprises which ultimately planned to

put the American company out of business
and take over the market in one of the
more galling and egregious aspects of
the scheme the conspirators actually
patented in China the very manufacturing

process they’d stolen and then offered
their victim American company a joint
venture using its own stolen technology
we’re talking about an American company

that spent years and millions of dollars
dollars developing that technology and
China couldn’t replicate it so instead
it paid to have it stolen and just two
weeks ago how John was convicted of

economic espionage theft of trade
secrets and conspiracy for stealing
proprietary information about wireless
devices from two US companies one of
those companies had spent over 20 years

developing the technology at John Stoll
these cases were among more than a
thousand investigations the FBI has into
China’s actual and attempted theft of

American technology and that’s not even
talking about the more than a thousand
other ongoing counterintelligence
investigations of other kinds related in
China kind of makes makes you happy that

we blocked the Huawei 5g systems in the
United States when you hear all this I
have always believed when I first ran
into a wall way which is probably his

early days they had a did when Comdex
was still a viable when it was at an
actual conference which ended they there
was a huawei boost I believe in early

one and I went in there curious about
these this operation and they that was
pretty much
I wasn’t kind kind of thrown out but as
soon as I walked when I walked in there

was a hole there was a scattering they
scattered around the next thing you know
some boss came out to ask me what I was
what I wanted to know and it was very

creepy I found the company to be
off-putting to say the least and I’ve
always been convinced that they just
ripped off Cisco or juniper these
companies are companies it never made

any sense to me otherwise but now it was
onward with this with this and by the
way again a lot is being skipped and

we’re gonna go on to clip 4 where he
talks about academia which seems to be a
real target it’s a troublingly similar
story in academia through talent
recruitment programs like the thousand

talents program I mentioned just a few
moments ago China pays scientists at
American universities to secretly bring
our knowledge and innovation back to
China including valuable federally

funded research to put it bluntly this
means American taxpayers are effectively
footing the bill for China’s own
technological development China then

leverages its ill-gotten gains to
undercut us research institutions and
companies blunting our nation’s
advancement and costing American jobs

and we’re seeing more and more of these
cases in May alone we arrested both
Ching Wong a former researcher with the

Cleveland Clinic who worked on molecular
medicine and the genetics of
cardiovascular disease and Simon saw
Tian long the University of Arkansas
scientists doing research for NASA both

of these guys were allegedly committing
fraud by concealing their participation
in Chinese talent recruitment programs
while accepting millions of dollars in
American federal grant funding

that same month former Emory University
professor xiaochi yang Lee pled guilty
to filing a false tax return for failing
to report the income he’d received

through China’s thousand talents program
our investigation found that while he
was researching Huntington’s disease at
he was also pocketing a half a million
unreported dollars nice in China

in a similar vein Charles Lieber chair
of Harvard’s Department of Chemistry and
chemical biology was indicted just last
month for making false statements to
federal authorities about his thousand

talents participation the United States
has alleged that Lieber concealed from
both Harvard and the NIH his position as
a strategic scientist at a Chinese

university and the fact that the Chinese
government was paying him through the
Wuhan Institute of Technology a $50,000
monthly stipend more than a hundred and

fifty thousand dollars in living
expenses and more than 1.5 million
dollars to establish a laboratory back
in China it’s amazing how she kind of
skirts all of this yeah he paid he made

sure that they got paid that the lab got
set up we got the gain-of-function down
there I mean how when does that guy get
in trouble oh I’m sorry never well you
don’t know that true um but he’s not

he’s got such a high profile to be
hardened to bust them but they dick goes
on and on but the number that keeps
cropping up and it’s not in all the
clips but I’ve put throughout the

speeches is the Chinese are dropping a
half a million dollars a year for these
people to these peoples they’re very
people are corruptible at that amount of
money yes it’s gonna take an awful lot

of work by our by the FBI and the CIA
which and the CIA we have to remember to
remind people they lost all most of
their agents in China yeah but I can’t

remember the number but it was a girl 12
or something at 12 that was more than at
but major ages in China and also that
busted and killed certainly about these

cases there has been reporting in The
Washington Post
New York Times about the actual arrests
but nothing big I mean no obviously no
big television expose s that I’m
familiar with you know it’s all online

if you want to learn about it but it’s
now of course it’s you’re not gonna get
anything through the certainly not the
US media maybe not others as well and
we’ve already discussed the the probable
reasons why they own it they indeed own

it let’s go to the malign influence is
an interesting term I like which is also
in show title malign influences of

malign influence five China is engaged
in a highly sophisticated maligned
foreign influence campaign and its
methods include bribery blackmail and
covert deals Chinese diplomats also use

both open naked economic pressure and
seemingly independent middlemen to push
China’s preferences on American
officials just take one all too common

illustration let’s say China gets wind
that some American official was planning
to travel to Taiwan thanked a governor a
state senator a member of Congress China

does not want that to happen because
that travel might appear to legitimize
Taiwanese independence from China and
legitimizing Taiwan would of course be
contrary to China’s one China policy so

what it’s trying to do while China has
leverage over the American officials
constituents American companies
academics members of the media all have

legitimate and understandable reasons to
one access the Chinese partners and
markets but because of the authoritarian
nature of the Chinese Communist Party

China has immense power over those same
partners and markets so China will
sometimes start by trying to influence
the American official overtly and
directly China might openly warn that if

the American official goes ahead and
takes that trip to Taiwan China will
take it out on a company from that
officials home state by withholding the
company’s license to manufacture in

China that could be economically ruinous
for the company would directly pressure
the American official to alter his
travel plans
and the official would know that China
was trying to influence him yeah I’ll do

the translation and he keeps saying
China which is interesting because of
course it’s really the Chinese Communist
Party but yeah I want to stop because
there’s something I did leave out and I

noticed this and this is done on he
already covered this and this was done
by other speeches I’ve seen they it’s
almost like a little rote thing and they
say I am NOT talking about China I’m not

talking about the Chinese people I’m not
talking about Chinese Americans I’m only
talking about this the Chinese Communist
Party and then he but he uses the word
China but we already know I’m listening

earlier that he’s really talking about
the CCP so he can’t call him on that
what I was going to say is a better
example would have been hey you remember
when China made LeBron James their bitch

that’s the only example you need to hear
yeah that that was it he actually goes
on this is a clip I cut it Louis sure

cuz a guy he goes on forever taking it
to the next extreme he says the next
thing you know if that doesn’t work then
he they bring in their influencers
apparently like maybe the guy’s uncle
EIU maybe at this Chinese thing and that

he’s really stressing in in the overall
speech the middle men these are them
Inbetweeners the guys that are just hey
Bill how you do oh yeah I think we

should do with China’s Ron all you
shouldn’t go there did these people that
are your friends and it’s like a it’s
almost very similar to what they was
going on in the 50s with the fellow

you know these yes that were
representing the Russian communists but
they didn’t seem that they were and they
would deny it if he asked I’m insulted
I’m a little pissed off about all this
Here I am the pod father re-accredited

on the Joe Rogan show where is what
where’s at least attempt to bribe me
nothing of Chinese hate podcasts like

not even an offer not even a hooker
to taste no hookers no blow where are

you China I’m waiting I’m ready I’m the
pod father I have influence fine word
with this would be part six is talking

about fox hunt which is something we
have talked about on the show and rate
it talks about it’ll yuri introduces it
and then he has a question and answer
where he talks about some more that’ll

be our last clip since 2014 chinese
general secretary Xi Jinping has
spearheaded a program known as fox hunt
china describes fox hunt as some kind of
international anti-corruption campaign

it is not instead fox hunt is a sweeping
bid by general secretary Xi to target
Chinese nationals whom he sees as
threats and who live outside of China

across the world we’re talking about
political rivals dissidents and critics
seeking to expose China’s extensive
human rights violations hundreds of

these fox hunt victims that they target
live right here in the United States and
many are American citizens for green
card holders the Chinese government
wants to force them to return to China

and China’s tactics to accomplish that
are shocking for example when it
couldn’t locate one fox hunt target the
Chinese government sent an emissary to
visit the targets family here in the

United States it’s a message they said
to pass on the target had two options
returned to China promptly or commit
suicide what happens when fox hunt

targets refused to return to China in
the past their family members both here
in the United States and in China have
been threatened and coerced and those
back in China have even been arrested

for leverage I will take this
opportunity to note that if you believe
the Chinese government is targeting you
the juror a potential foxhunt victim
please reach out to your local FBI field

office and if you want to be a fox on
victim can we also reach out Wow now
this is interesting because this
reflects what the m5m has done when they

give us a picture of the
cccp which is that she is supposedly
cracking down on corruption and the
bureaucratic corruption all the rest of

it and foxhunt is is a screw as a
smokescreen and it’s never really
discussed in the fact that it’s trying
to just you know shut people up and you
know get them back to China if they can

so they can arrest them or whatever and
this explained a little more in this
next clip which is the would he sat down
with the Hudson Institute guy and they

had a little chat
after the speech and a question came up
about Fox and I thought it was a good
way to finish this well it turns of the
prevalence of the Fox on efforts I think

we’ve seen hundreds just here in the
United States hundreds of you could call
them targets you could call them victims
frankly hundreds of individuals that the
Chinese government is trying to to reach

and coerce it also is happening as I
said in my speech in other countries to
them in terms of the tactics it’s a
variety of means of coercion we’ve had

situations where you know they show up
and make comments about you know their
family members back home in China in a
way that it’s pretty unmistakably

threatening yeah but it’s you know if
you use your imagination you’re not
going to be far off and have we been
working with other governments to try to
counter this again from the readers and

the Watchers well we certainly have
worked with with a lot of our good
foreign partners to compare notes best
practices and so forth to try to combat

the foxhunt threat but there’s another
part of coordination that’s important
here I mean at one level there is a
established means there are established

processes for foreign law enforcement to
cooperate with each other right
legitimate foreign cooperation happens
all the time all over the world and

there’s a way you do that and you
coordinate with law enforcement in the
country that the person is in that’s not
what fox hunt is these people are
essentially engaged in rogue law

enforcement unsanctioned uncoordinated
with us law enforcement here in the
United States and that really exposes
what this is really about which is
suppressing dissent and trying to

pressure dissidents and critics yeah and
CCP or Chinese police coming over here
sure sure this is so wrong in so many

ways I’m glad we have an enemy though
it’s good to have one it’s I like this

enemy better than you know um Taliban or
al-qaeda or Isis oh yeah those guys are
these what’s happened here over these

guys make these guys are rough
make them look like little training
wheels rays of cookies a couple of other
CCP items Pope Francis on Sunday I guess
was Sunday had a gave an Angelus which

is you know it’s a little thing you say
like this is coming from from from God’s
mouth to to my mouth to your ears

interestingly someone who had a an
embargoed version of it noticed that the
Pope did not were actually removed the

entire 150 word paragraph about Hong
Kong what’s going on right now remember
that explain this okay so you have to

remember in in a context of a couple
shows ago that there is that we had the
China expert who said that the the CCP
has been giving the Vatican two billion

dollars a year and the two billion is
mainly do not make any waves about
to let them create some fake Catholicism
in China that is not Catholicism

meanwhile driving everybody underground
basically shut up and play along which
is why this guy is Pope in the first
place because we know he’s a damn shill
and I said damn on purpose so the Pope

had written this whole Angelus to
deliver then when he delivered it he
left out the 150 words about hong kong

and how that’s all messed up there
because he’s convenient that’s one way
to look at it or holy crap corrupt

well I’ve also hopes gotta go here’s
here’s a serious question why is it this

is not about the CCP why is it the
Chinese always seem to be obsessed with
consuming weird animals that make their

penis bringer bigger what is what is
this obsession
the Japanese have this – oh the I guess
they do what they do rhino horn or

well there’s if you go to the thing you
learned a little bit about this when
you’re in Taiwan and go to snake alley
hmm and you get a lecture about some of
the people that are partaking in the

imbibing of crazy crazy it was crazy I
want to play a little aside here just to
mention it because we don’t talk about
him on the show we don’t clip him so I

thought we’d clip him this for just once
okay Stephen Mullin you ah mister mister
I’ve been D platform from everything now
yeah I want to play this and I have a

comment the business to fan Molyneux as
you may have heard 14 years of my life
thousands of videos billions of comments
hundreds of millions of views and nearly

a million subscribers has been destroyed
has been erased from YouTube the
accusation is the usual one that I’m
four months and hatred and so on which
is not true at all I have consistently

promulgated the non-aggression principle
and called the reason and evidence as
the methodology by which we can resolve
social disputes and differences okay so
he’s went on and on a plug for some

patreon page of something yes now he I
don’t know about you now he’s he’s a
thousand videos have been lost forever
yeah I guess he didn’t save him but I

think maybe more important is the
comments on the YouTube you know I
understand that’s not what he said he
said a thousand videos and has been lost
forever and I’m thinking you don’t you

have to have the video on your person at
one point because you have to upload
so is he uploading his videos and then
erasing them from his own machines you

should ask leaving it up to YouTube to
one archivist as you send him a tweet
and ask him oh I’m sorry you can’t you
know just a question that came to mind

cuz it doesn’t make sense to me but no I
think he’s making a very sad appeal when
he was demonetized or whatever
initially he’s like oh it’s okay I don’t

Papa and you just said he was pitching a
patreon so I think he’s laying it on
thick if he doesn’t have copies of what
he posted on YouTube then mr.
intellectual is an idiot come on cuz
ridiculous I mean even I have copies but

also the nature of our value for value
system makes it so beautiful is we don’t
give a crap how many copies are out

then there’s oh we have low vert low res
versions for people in countries with no
with very poor bandwidth that started
with Australia actually 10 to 12 years

we’ve got torrent versions as versions
on YouTube they’re versions on YouTube
with with the with transcripts it’s all
over the place I wonder if that low
frequent at low bandwidth still around
still I think it is I think it is and by

its very nature podcasting creates
millions of copies of each show there
are millions of people who have show

1257 on a device somewhere yeah that’s
the view that’s the hidden gem of it so
I feel bad for him but I got very bored

of watching him probably eight years ago
I just didn’t appeal to me when he was
the one of the originals at sticking his
head in front of a camera and then

blasting you about what you know then he
was good it was very good he would he
had talent yes but I don’t know I don’t
know I grabbed and really been watching
him of late and he’s brought it off his
materials dropped off I’m not sure

there’s that there is another podcast I
want to discuss and I feel bad about
even doing this segment if you don’t
okay all right this is the useful idiots
podcast with one of our heroes in terms

of his ability to put things together in
a progressive put things together and in
a very concise and meaningful way yes I
mean oh yes Matt Taibbi who brought us a

nice article about the white fragility
book which I’m glad we slammed before he
came out with that yeah and so he’s

about that but he’s also in this so he’s
got this guy Adolph read a retired
professor from Princeton right they were
one of the big schools and he’s on and
he’s a couple of crazy things and he’s

and his partner on this is Katie helper
and so I’m gonna play the two clips that
I think they some one of these two
should have said something to Adolf read
about his about his nuttiness and then

after those two clips are done I want to
play what I think I unfortunately I’m
gonna have to say that Matt Taibbi is a
bully I’m gonna prove it oh he does

something that I’ve tried to do with you
a couple of times and I feel bad
listening to him actually accomplish it
but I wouldn’t have I would not have let
it I would have not hung you out to dry

like he does with his partner here oh my
goodness that’s the third clip wow
you’re gonna have I’ll explain it to me
first we got to start with these this is
Adolph read part 1 this is the setup you

have to know listen carefully I think
we’re kind of screwed either way frankly
right if if Trump wins or stays in
office you might come and kill us I’m

just hoping that those kids who post
post all their wild stuff on Instagram
or tweeted all the time we’ll go in the
first wave so that some of the rest of
us will have time to grab a toothbrush

we head to Canada right okay this is an
anti-trump er who was gonna move to
Canada when Trombley he’s a curious guy
cause he’s the anti BLM he’s very he has

a lot of
Adolphe what adolf is the issue he’s a
black guy you can’t tell it from his
voice mm-hmm but he he’s got a lot of
good analysis but then he throws this

out of the blue this we got a head to
get you they’re gonna kill me which is
kind of like the joke clip I had from my
Scott Adams right said by oculus right
right so somebody’s gonna kill somebody

well this is Trump and Trump people
because he’s black and they’re gonna
kill him that that’s now what I
understand yes you got that right so
this was but ten minutes later in the
same interview he doubles down yeah it

is sorry
yeah short I’m not totally joking when I
say that I think Trump Trump will kill
us right I mean you would like to and

from that perspective I think that most
we can hope for from a Democratic
administration is sometime right right I
mean buying buying buying some time a
Supreme Court appointment or two it’s

not terrible some better appointments on
the National Labor Relations Board right
some is something right right right but
the problem is you know we didn’t elect

our way into this situation and we’re
not gonna like the way out of it and we
have to finally act like a left that
understands organizing as being

something different from event planning
that’s a good luck is a good line but
he’s rational rational resource and
neither Taibbi or helper say anything

about this this insanity it’s insane to
think that but okay we’ll let that slide
so meanwhile they finish up with the guy

and they wrap it Nate and Taibbi
reflects on the fact that at the
beginning of the interviews I don’t have
on here
they had Taibbi and Reid had a talked
about sports and North Carolina

basketball and it Manti he’s obviously a
guy who likes sports he talks about
sports he knows a lot about suppose he’s
one of those guys I could talk to him
I’m sure about a lot of stuff like this
helper is kind of like you doesn’t know

anything about sports whatsoever but in
this case Taibbi starts to feet are some
bogus information and instead of telling
her recognizing it like you would by the

way some of the stupidity of it she buys
into it and far as I’m concerned ruins
her reputation as a podcast analyst
somebody does analyze this news from it

she’s a lefty and she she is takes it in
hook line and sinker and believes it she
shows that she’s gullible as hell and

stretches this out this is actually a
pretty long painful clip and then at the
very end he never says I was just
kidding you know no they just end the
show and I don’t know what happens after
that when she finally finds out that

he’s full of crap it will let’s listen
how this unfolds duke-carolina games but
by the way since we have you on camera I

got to ask you what’s your what’s your
take on the camp Newton situation Cam
Newton Cam Newton good old Cam Newton is
a very good football player I’ve known

my bones football player Cam Newton’s a
football player and the big news of

course is that he just replaced Tom
Brady Matt really wants to humiliate me
as if anyone thinks I’m really good

sports okay person so so cam knew and of
course of course as everyone knows that
wait a minute so she just said I don’t
know about it whatever and now she’s
gonna tell us about it because she can

read it from Wikipedia or something
well she sees a little bit on the screen
and now she’s now she is basically
winging it she’s
she’s she’s acting like a 12 year old
who’s answering you could instead of

saying I don’t know anything at you what
she should have done I don’t know
anything about this I don’t like
football I don’t follow it she can say I
don’t like it a lot of people don’t like
football and I don’t care I don’t care
about Cam Newton weathers here they’re

next she calls Cam Newton the new coach
doesn’t know what a quarterback is then
now then it goes off the rails with
insanity and this woman should check

herself so so can you and of course of
course as everyone knows the great
football player has just replaced has
just replaced Tom Brady as the coach of
the football team my memory the

Cleveland unicorns there’s actually a
team called unicorns unicorns yeah

really cool like it’s not very I feel
like it’s very feminized for better or
for worse and I feel like that it’s kind

of it’s a very aggressive uniform like a
ram kind of one exactly kind of runs

down the top of the helmet yeah it’s not
like that’s what I was thinking a cutesy
rainbowy I thought it was very like no

you know like so over it’s basically
it’s a menacing yeah I mean Cleveland
the Cleveland unicorns they they’re

known for being really
they’ve sharpened over the years their
technique well they’re known for their
their powerful ground ground assault

yeah as opposed to the aerial
bombardments that’s right yeah the New
York Giants are known for right
yes exactly did he ever let her off the
hook from this did he ever tell her and

that you heard on the show no guys I was
very disappointed I love Matt Taibbi I
love his writing I clipped him today
about the white fragility book when she
took down this is very mean and it’s

very misogynistic and it’s on it’s not a
sub I don’t know if they’re really
colleagues or if this if he hates her
secretly I don’t know if they’re in
business together or she paid by rolling
stock now there’s just separate reactors

working for rolling stone okay so he’s
been he’s been okay and then I might
have to take it back but still he’s
passive-aggressive because he’s being
forced to do this he does not want to
use those he’s being forced to do I’ll

take it back but he should be a man and
step away from rolling stone well it was
very disappointing I don’t go as far as
you do but I was very disappointed that
he did this it was it was the it was the

little boy in the sixth grade dipping
the girls inkwell yeah yeah which is you
know which is which is okay boomer

something we never should mention yeah
it’s an image that’s out there and

little boys teasing little girls it’s
not an unusual thing and this and he’s I
would say he’s teasing her to say the
least but this is not the kind of thing
that works no in the sure why you why

you brought this here other than to I
don’t know it’s because I’m perplexed
that’s why it is perplexing I love what

he writes I love his attitude but that
but he should just if he doesn’t want to
do the show then don’t do the show this
is the properties compromise comfortable

as a podcaster let’s start with that
then he shouldn’t do podcasts right just
go right but now no no I’m telling you
there’s something going on with him he
certainly didn’t get any money from that

the intercept thing he bailed out of
that I think he left with nothing
I wouldn’t surprise me maybe he’s got a
crush on this girl I don’t know well it
has to be steamed up because as far as

I’m concerned I think it hurt his
reputation as a objective performer
instead of a bullshit artist now I think
it really hurt her because it was like
made her look like okay she doesn’t know

what she’s just gonna make it up if she
doesn’t know okay you’ve made your point
I let’s get back to some news and since
you steered us in the in this direction
I will discuss some sports news Oh is

the black national anthem coming up
being played before the before the NFL
football games although apparently only

the first week why do all of them
because I guess they’re insincere about
black lies but okay and thank goodness
Jason Whitlock who I have brought to the

show many times has something smart to
say about how dumb this is I think it’s
really about a lack of leadership and
just a failure of men to stand up and
stand on the principles that they say

they believe them and so when I look at
what the NFL is doing this goes against
every value that the NFL has built
itself on professional sports have built

themselves on a celebration of Americana
and the ideals and values that best
exemplify America they built themselves
on unity and unifying the country if the
NFL starts out its season with everyone

standing for lift every voice and sing
the black national anthem and then
virtually everyone on the field taking a
knee when that starts the NFL will run
off a nice fat chunk of its audience and

we’ll never be seen the same again
because of the failure of leadership
throughout the NFL there’s no way you
can do any homework on black lives

matters and not see that it’s a Marxist
or a political organization it’s not
about black death it’s not about black
men it is a political move it’s a
communist political move if for those

people that stand on religious values
and this is where I say just the failure
men I’ve seen many of these guys they
claimed their Christianity and their
religious beliefs do they understand

black lives matter communist Marxism is
anti religious this is a historic
failure of men and leadership
this is cowardice at its highest level

this is the NFL jumping the shark and
saying we’ve quit being who we said we
are we’re now something else because our
money’s on the line and we don’t stand

for the values we said we stood for
there you go that is going to backfire
on the NFL so bad he’s dead right I
think he’s right that’s what happens

that’s what the plan is I don’t know
what they will have to change something
the have to do something about that this
is the what I think he was on Don Lemon

on Don Lemon shut him down when he said
there was a communist operation no I
think that wasn’t that Terry uh I could
have been a different guy that non lemon
shut down yeah well you know what that

stuff is like that’s what right
Twitter’s is tweeting so I don’t think
it’s important to bring to our show it’s
like yeah we’ve seen Don Lemon I mean
once something goes viral like that I’m

not even interested anymore what I am
interested a lemon man who might
understand Don Lemon oh well the West
wait wait oh yeah we’re sports I hope no
I was just gonna mention you said Don

Lemon Shep Smith is returning to
remember Shepard Smith he was the as we
predicted he had a deal yeah and do you
know where he’s coming back light was
guessing NBC yeah except he’ll start

with a primetime show on CNBC which is
her to do is see where’s he fit in to
CNBC as a financial network yeah at
night after Kramer

it’s either shark tank see there’s no
programming so it’s going they are going
to try and blanket this as another show
they’ve got joy Reid now she’s been

given a 7 PS n MSNBC right but she’s yes
but just think of the other yeah you
said see Andy’s
but they have both then it’s all NBC
properties he will not be doing a fine

so that’s what I’m saying is they had
they’re trying to blanket it more
towards all the time
MTA T MTA those are gonna run oh they
don’t have any you right there’s no

perfect those are that what is that’s it
that’s the old Miss Matthews slot yes
yes yes yes yes so they gave that to joy
read which and she would she’ll drop the

ball and nobody likes joy read so she’s
not gonna pick up any and so they put
him in at CNBC to try to pick up I don’t
know who they’re whatever I don’t watch
CNBC after them well after the last

closing bell boom if they give shark
tank is the lead-in they’ll probably get
something shark tank is pretty well over
there doesn’t matter he’s probably on
deck for Brian and Williams Brian

Williams is out
I’m telling you that guy’s guy he should
have been out this is the farm team
they’re replacing him and I think Shep
Smith will be really good you know he’ll
be very credible for MSNBC because he

has that right-wing stingy Fox so I
think that’s pretty good
let’s just look at some quick noodle gun
examples so we understand what is
happening with this politically correct

culture the revolution which is being
funded by corporate America and let’s
see who’s in trouble oh yes
Ford employees are very angry and they

look like they might take some action do
you know why black lives matter I don’t
know who Lowe’s they do not agree with

Ford producing cop cars so they’re not
really good one isn’t it how do you I

need my noodle gun effect
now one other interesting with a look

can i before you go on with this I have
another comment when evergreen had a
strike against the one of the you know
there’s professors there’s some other

guys that got kicked out of the school
evergreen at that but when the kids said
no we have to have this special day and
we’re protesting and evergreen which is
a cheap place to go and gives it with

the quality education they should have
expelled those kids immediately yes of
Ford should fire these employees
immediately you’ve got to get these

people out of your company as fast as
you can and people just well I don’t
know let’s just do what they say I mean
the noodle gun got the noodle boy is
that the managers yeah yes of course in

Amsterdam in in the yard on a very
famous neighborhood I’d I’d live very

closely he lived in it for a number of
years there’s a very famous head
sculpted head that is outside what used
to be in a patek hurry because I was I’m
saying it right like a drugstore you go

get your pharmacy a patek hurry apakah
theri thank you yes I can’t say not to
carry apothecary I can’t say it because

I grew up saying up or take which is the
Dutch version is the big deal yes thank
you try to store drugstore it’s called
the gaper of Hiram’s throught number

seven and it’s been there for hundreds
of hundreds of years and it represents
an Arabian medicine man who had you know
the from the old scripture this is the

Arabian medicine man and and so it was
used as a marketing tool for the a
pocket f but that the theory that used
to be there of course it’s it’s called
the gaper because the copper because its

mouth is the gate like ba you can even
look it up
eg AP er de newer g AP er of course it
looks like a blackface african-american

with red lips and earrings and so it has
to go even though it has never
represented that it has nothing to do
with you should look at it the gape at

the cape it’s not by the way do not
mistake that with goatse it’s okay P
they selling again a de space GA p er is
that should hit just by that the fapri

and then look at the look at the
pictures oh yeah it pops up right away
from me so you should see it oh yeah oh
yeah so that’s good that’s racist Tracy

I see two of them I see actually three
of them I see one within there although
head well they’re all over the place
they’re all over the countries like a
major thing but this is the first one to

go so of course they’re all gonna go
even a black person does it matter well
I guess not when they take down the elk
hey they also burned Melania statue in

Lithuania or wherever she’s from why
because she’s hateful no the why is why
does she have a statue because that’s

where she’s from was it no wait it’s the
only see if I can find it Slovenia what
am I saying Slovenia US First Lady
Melania Trump statue a wooden statue of
her looking out over the fields where

she’s from they burned her
they burned her just a bit offbeat
question hmm what does this guy have
this crazy look on his face I don’t know

the answer to that you should probably
look into the history of the caper maybe
there’s something coming at him he’s
like wow by a rhino it’s about right
it’s about right

kudos to Lou Dobbs who I think had the
best 16 second comment of the week when
it comes to canceled culture black lives

matter and
our noodle gun breaking news now the
folks at the Washington Post running an
op-ed it’s titled quote both namesakes
of Washington and Lee University

perpetrated racial terror the school
should be renamed again this from the
Washington Post it’s so hilarious
you can’t that was a good that

definitely Scott my make guys gonna give
you a clip of the day for digging that
up well I got I got very lucky on that
one but I appreciate everything we have
the best producers and stop giving me

stuff a couple years ago now yours
exclusive I’ve been his stack II guess
why should get a room I’ve been his boy
for several years ever since I think it
was I’m not gonna you know if that’s

between you and stick I have nothing to
do with your personal issues stack and I
have a wonderful producer producer
relationship yeah whatever you say one
more before we take a break so we had

the big meeting the big meeting stop
hate for profit
dad boycott they all went to the face
bag headquarters to sit down with Mark
and what’s-her-name leaning forward to
name Sheryl Sheryl Sandberg Errol and

leading this charge cuz you know at the
bottom of the end it’s the Jolly Green
giant’s what is their name sleeping
giants there they were there and all
these different people but it appears

leading the charge and again it doesn’t
really hurt Facebook that much we’ve
learned these big brands don’t want to
advertise but this does show you kind of
the state of affairs as it is the

anti-defamation league who was truly
leading this stop hate for trough
for-profit ad boycott against the face
bags and it’s worth listening to the

spokes hall talk about the meeting I
think the meeting was disappointing to
say the least
you know we had laid out an agenda weeks

our recommendations are simple and
straightforward and transparent they’ve
been published on our website since
mid-june Facebook asked us for this
meeting and we expected them to share
details and timeframes to execute on

those recommendations instead of we
didn’t get any details me to get any
timeframes no commitments no outcomes
like instituting real civil rights
leadership in the c-suite of the company

so these issues are strategically
integrated across we need a chief civil
rights officer at Facebook this is
fantastic what they’re asking for the
company so these issues are
strategically integrated across the

organization we want transparent regular
independent audits of hate content on
the platform and this is really critical
they will report on how much hate
content and taken off but all it is is a

numerator with no denominator with no
independent verification so we have
little evidence of what progress they’re
really making and I will say that they
shared with us today something we’ve

heard before that there are AI you know
eliminates 89% of the hate content on
their platform but to be really honest
with you Ford Motor Company one of the
participants in stopping for-profit they

can’t say 89% of our seat belts works
this is where Facebook is screwed itself
they had all they tested suck of asar
was testifying before Congress you can’t

find hate you little dweeb defining and
finding hate with artificial

intelligence is too subjective
everything is hate these days there’s no
way you can do it and now the
anti-defamation league is waiting for
you to fill in the other 13% that you

can’t change which you can never change
it’s impossible but look this is a red
herring at best and really misleading at
worst for starters 89% of what they
define is problematic

that’s how big
but I don’t want Mark Zuckerberg tell me
what’s in balance or out of bounds we
want the anti-defamation league to tell
us apparently the fact of the matter is
Facebook should do better than

eighty-nine percent in the same way all
of their businesses all their
advertisers know that when it comes to
fighting hey you gotta be a hundred
percent they’re toast there’s no way
that can ever be most you can’t you

can’t do you can’t you can even
determine what hate is if it would there
be an actual law against it if you could
you can’t determine fate well whose
toast again let’s hear this again I want

to hear this again whose toast
Zuckerberg sucka Wasser his toast
someone’s gonna have to step down when
they can’t do it they want they want the
civil rights person in the c-suite so

you have CEO chief executive officer
chief technology officer chief
operations officer chief civil rights
officer maybe just CRO chief rights
officer but that would conflict with

chief revenue often their officer no no
this is not gonna this won’t work out
well I mean sure the company’s gonna be
great we’ll go on forever but do you
really want the anti-defamation league

yapping at your heels for the rest of
your life no he’s gonna have to worm his
way out of this somehow yeah yeah by the
way he speaks fluent Mandarin well you

know there is that element is I didn’t
want to say I did not I was not going to
pull the old his wife is probably a spy

for the CCP but now that you mention it
I didn’t say anything I just said his
wife uh okay I said it

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the keeper of Peninsula Ohio I presume
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were so of my family hails from Lady
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arranging that and also on Sunday mosta
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I would like to ask you a question

as you know I never listened to your
clips when you send them not now that
keeps it all spontaneous I could not

however resist noticing that you may
have clipped the white fragility
sequence of the week from the New York
Board of Education is that what I’m

seeing yeah well yeah there’s a lot in
there there’s a lot of clips I would
actually rather put them off till Sunday
okay let’s do that in hey the Tucker
Carlson jizz Lane Maxwell stuff oh you

want to do that now well I would rather
do that than didn’t okay because it’s
very good and I’m glad because I saw him
like okay because I was gonna clip it
and I saw them hard to clip very hard to

see people yelling at each other but
it’s gee I dunno K because it brings out
yes and there’s also some new

terminology coming out and we’re hearing
it a lot and it’s all gonna be in there
and it’s better on Sunday let’s do it on
Sunday that is a great tease and that
way I can also move Kaylee to Sunday Wow
maybe like what a what a Sunday show

what a Sunday flip in that one I do have
a Kelly and Conway though with a nice so

that I thought my ball with and we need
yeah we need a nice so let’s hear it
whoa ka Stacey I got it you played it
played it whoa I played it

KC yay what this is this is that wasn’t
it here’s ka cya why is Oh
Moli I use that very rarely part of what

went wrong you threw away the actual
rights of Clips I must have clipped a
wrong waveform because what it is we’re
saying yeah and some very kind of a

Wimpy voice not dad I don’t even know
where that came from but it must have
been well that’s her that sounds like
her going whoa
were you were you drinking the Costco

warning again when during your clip in
I’m sorry that’s what we’ve got but yeah
that is it well let me try and save you
I have one clip left that I wanted to
play which was I’d only found today but

it was the Flynn family on July 4th 2020
and the Flynn family some would say a
great Patriot general Flynn and his

family took the oath and recited it all
on camera I shortened it up a little bit
but what’s most important is what he
says at the end the Constitution of the

United States the Constitution all these
foreign and domestic against all enemies

foreign and I will bear true faith and
allegiance to the same that I will well
and faithfully and that will well and
faithfully discharge the duties of the

office on which I am about to enter how
about to enter so help me God oh my god
where we go one we go all
where we go one where we go all that’s

cute that’s cute on slogan well I wonder
why threw it in there well that’s a
almost a great question almost not quite

not quite but holy crap I thought that
was pretty interesting that’s it’s
either the troll of the decade or well
it’s the troll eyes the troll that’s

what he’s doing he’s the guy isn’t
having fun at least well thank goodness
oh so just laying Maxwell he knows the
rest it is it was a surprise that was
apparently in that by the same district
where they fired their previous yeah

they got that guy out first so that he
couldn’t kill her when they put her in
whatever they were gonna do yeah because
she was in a safe house and she was
surprised that if she was arrested in

the first place but but but I have a
setup because the the setup is that
apparently there’s a nut there’s a
really good report on 60 minutes and 60
minutes doesn’t have a lot to go to

reports unless you watch 60 million
minutes Australia ah yes
60 minutes Australia is dynamite and
here’s a little report which includes an
interview with Maria farmer who was the

first person that in 1996 reported
everything to the FBI to no avail today
we announced charges against Colleen
Maxwell for helping I’m sorry wrong one

got it Maria went to the FBI it was 1996
and she was the very first victim to
officially report Jeffrey Epstein

Engelen Maxwell to the authorities but
in a pattern that would be set in the
decades ahead her complaint was ignored
they just kept it all quiet put in the

bottom drawer and they’re so dismissive
that I just felt daunted and I stopped
but by going to police Maria felt the
full force of Maxwell’s fury terrified
Maria went into hiding and gave up her

art career what sort of threat so she
made against you originally it started
with things like I’m gonna burn your
arms and then I’m gonna burn your career

and then I’m gonna burn you and the
house you live in and then it was Oh be
careful crossing a street you know you
can get shot in the back of the head
they were threats against my life and I
told the FBI this do you reflect on how

different life would be for so many
women today if the FBI had investigated
your complaints in 1996 yeah

yeah I think about it all the time
I do and it hurts a lot and I never had
children because of it as an aside

Maxwell is not charged with sexual abuse
she’s charged with trafficking which
makes it even more suspicious who was

this whole thing is suspicious but let’s
listen to Tarka Tucker Carlson which I
don’t like clipping and you know we
don’t necessarily clip him but I have to
say Tucker Carlson decided to take us

because he doesn’t have any sponsors and
he doesn’t care hey hey don’t talk like
that about my pillow comm so yeah so he
has a scorched-earth policy and see if

you can find one of his targets here as
he goes on this is the first clip and
this is him going on about just just
Layne Maxwell and what’s happening and

then he just goes after people today we
announced charges against ghilane
Maxwell for helping Jeffrey Epstein
sexually exploit and abuse multiple
minor girls from the period of 1994

through 1997 in some cases Maxwell
participated in the abuse herself
Maxwell enticed minor girls got them to

trust her
and delivered them into the truck that
she and Epstein had sick Maxwell has
been all over the world recently

according to news reports but
authorities arrested her and an isolated
home in central New Hampshire why what
was she doing there what we know tonight
is that Maxwell bought the house in the

156 acres it sits on last December she
bought it anonymously for a million
dollars in cash maybe now that she’s
under arrest
maybe she’s on suicide watch tonight
we’ll learn more about what she did for

Jeffrey Epstein and what Jeffrey Epstein
did what are all the money come from and
why were so many famous people always in
the room for example the founder of
LinkedIn Reid Hoffman was a close friend

of generations now he’s a top donor to
Joe Biden quite a moralizer – how much
did Reid Hoffman know about what Jeffrey
Epstein was doing will the FBI be

questioning him if not why not
now what about the founder of Microsoft
Bill Gates Gates made at least three
visits to Jeffrey Epstein’s townhouse he
called Epstein and his life quote

intriguing in an email that’s intriguing
on its own we learn more and what about
former Harvard president and Obama
administration official Larry Summers
former secretary of the Treasury under

Bill Clinton summers flew on Epstein’s
plane and they got him to donate tens of
millions of dollars to Harvard
University where Epstein did not go I
need let’s just say there is Bill
Clinton himself who often flew on

Epstein’s plane and then lied about it
we deserve in fact we have a right to
know what all of these people really
knew about Jeffrey Epstein many
mysteries yet to solve Wow what is going

is he in the basement with his air
conditioner on or what’s going on that’s
really annoying but it’s not profession
was he’s going on it so now he brained
that that fortunately he he does a lot

of scorched earth there say the Lisa
very that’s that’s podcast level
scorched earth a very podcast the I
agree and reason he brings an author on
who’s wrote a book or something about

the death of Epstein and she’s just
blows it he asked her a lot of leading
questions where she could just open up
with speculation which is what you want
to do
if anyone wants to do that gets to do
these shows your your opportunity for

speculation is off the charts you can
say whatever you want because you’re
kind of an expert and you could go nuts
you can have a lot of fun but she backs
off and she says nothing never answers

his first question about why was she in
New Hampshire which would have led me to
all these ten possibilities she says

and unfortunately that it kills the
segment but we should listen to it so
you can see what not to do
Lana Goodman has come closer than most
to getting to the core of it she’s
co-author of the book a phony and death
the mysterious demise of Jeffrey Epstein

and she joins the site thanks so much
for coming on so first things first why
do you think Maxwell was in New
Hampshire this morning well I won sa
attacker I think that prison is gonna be

a pretty big adjustment for Glenn
Maxwell Glenn was born into French high
society she was the daughter of a
billionaire she’s lived this just very
extravagant lifestyle throughout her

life and as you mentioned I mean even
when she was in hiding at this hideout
she’s living in a 1 million dollar
custom Tudor mansion estate like I have

hundred and fifty acres in New Hampshire
so you know not a bad way to be hiding
out I guess or to be social distancing
right now so I think that this is going

to be a pretty big adjustment when when
she’s pretty weird though I mean so the
Daily Mail just had her in Israel not
that long ago we know that she’s I think
she has a French passport she certainly

spent a lot of time in the UK her father
was English Robert Maxwell she had to
have known that American authorities
were after her do you have any sense of
why she would be in this country right

now it’s very it’s very bizarre I mean
people were shocked to hear that there
were rumors of all different places that
she was supposedly at I mean some people
that it was claims maybe Paris I mean
people had spotted her parents there

were claims about London there were
claims I even about like the Israeli
embassy and things like that so you
there’s been some pretty wild
speculation but I think generally the
idea was people assumed she was out of

the country I mean she was born she was
born in France so she was able to you
know France would not have necessarily
extradited her she would not have been
able to be extradited necessarily from

France so it was very surprising I have
a speculation about what is going to
happen and I’m worried your speculation
I do want to say that I still think the

reason she was in New Hampshire and that
I would have said this she felt safe
because she was told that did nothing to
happen to her but he’ll say now go
alright although I thought it was a safe
house which is kind of the same thing

Megan and Harry ejected from the royal
family Prince Andrew’s head is on the
chopping block this is I believe the

President or someone in the
administration is behind this the result
and this is going to be sound weird the

result of what will happen of
investigation and Prince Andrew and all
kinds of weird noise and swirling will
be the truth about the death of Diana
and that may be to cover up that may be

to I’m not sure exactly or maybe to
throw Andrew under the bus for some
reason I’m not sure why but there’s
something about it is is bubbling under
there’s something is button it’s the

royal family and that’s what it’s going
to come down to and then we can connect
all the other I mean if if people really
knew the truth about Lady Diana’s death
man there would be no credibility for

any news anywhere ever again or the
royal family or the elites in general
I do a theremin but maybe you should

just leave it for what it is now I don’t
think it’s theremin worthy but I would
say this interesting that to comment
about the news media and Dianna’s yes
yeah because MSNBC rose from that oh

you’re right I used to work at him soon
as Diana died they killed all two
castles every show and they just had

coverage 24/7 right and that’s when they
switched over to the to the model that
they currently use all because of
Diana’s death well for sure we’ll have
our eye on that ball and we will have

somebody oh that was a great clip to
lead into one of our end of show mixes
which will be featuring Prince Andrew
the producer Dennis did that one also

have sir Spencer the wolf of Kansas City
with an end of show mix and Nick the rat
coming up next on no agenda stream calm
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Sunday adios mofos
so you’re absolutely sure that you’re at

home on the 10th of March she was very
specific about that night she described
dancing with you and you profusely
sweating and that she went on to have
possibly a slight problem was was was

distressing because I have a peculiar
position which is that I don’t sweat
like sweat at the time and that is

because I’ve had suffered what I would
describe as an overdose of a very

important rule for home shopper and Isis
almost impossible to insist just well
it’s only because I have done a number
of things both in the recent past and

I’m starting to be able to
that’s wrong





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