No Agenda Episode 1259: “Do The Work”

we need Adam Curry this is no agenda
curry from northern Silicon Valley we

just missed an eight-car zephyr right on
time and we’re still trying to figure
out what Joe Biden actually says I’m
Josie Guevara hold in the morning to you

Jung in the morning to you and all I’m
in the morning I’ll strip see boots on

the ground feet in the air subs at the
water all the days and nights out there
I’m happy to hear that we’re still
stable at an 8 cars f4 this is good news
we do like hearing this that’s excellent
and I am in Florida what I’m in Florida

by the way that was spelled w UT was
very good what yes I’m in Florida good I
know why is Tina’s birthday yesterday

was Tina’s birthday you’re absolutely
right dear friends and family everybody
well know she well friends and family
were supposed to come to us but no one
came so I decided I would surprise her

and we hopped on the flight Friday
morning and flew down here and so she is
able to see at least one of her friends
for her birthday but ya know no one no

one wanted to fly also some some of her
family work in the medical field so they
have an actual legitimate reason to not
necessarily want to come to Texas um so

we decided the way scaring people off
flying and and traveling the best deals
ever right now yeah there’s some $39

deals I get $39 do equals the
the airport is fantastic it’s like
flying private almost it is yeah we took

of course Southwest is pretty much the
only airline that you can kind of rely
on right now I guess and they would you
know they have no direct flights to

Florida now so we had to go to Dallas
and then from Dallas to Florida but
there was a max 40 people on each flight
so it was fantastic yeah of course and
this is a consistent theme no service

there’s no service anywhere so we’re in
a hotel no peanuts
no peanuts we’re in a hotel and this is
the worst it’s really so bad there’s not

a single glass the room has you know
it’s just plastic cups there’s nothing
in the minibar you go down you have
breakfast they bring it out in in
styrofoam trays you’ve got disposable

cutlery you’ll be living in Russia
room service comes in a brown paper bag
it’s really really disappointing how how

the service sector has to conduct itself
just to have some people at all
everywhere masks are compared 100%
mandatory including and this this is

crazy the gym Tina when you want to be
wearing a mask at the gym
she went down to the gym yesterday

morning wish she had to reserve there
was only one other person there before
this question Bruce fades the daily
rates at the hotel I assume are lower oh

my goodness it’s like yes considerably
lower and of course you get what you pay
for at this point but yeah this is it’s
it’s time to travel now is the time to

travel also not only is the rate lower
not only do they give us $50 extra to
spend on anything we want every day
there’s the resort fee is waived

and it wasn’t like some other benefit
that we got oh yeah force night free and
I’m really happy I’m happy that they’re

doing it but this morning I wake up to
the following news 333 Florida testing
labs you can’t make the number up of
course today reported 100% positive

tests in the state so 333 of the testing
labs in Florida which did 3528 tests by
this so that was I guess yesterday 100%

oh is that even a probability logistics
leaking No
so that would be 34 percent of today’s

reported ten thousand three hundred and
sixty new cases how can it be 100
percent it just seems so unlike yes

that’s how it gated or napping or
bullcrap or or bullcrap
what if we actually have that kind of
spread what if it’s finally there where

we have oh goodness herd immunity or
something like that
no is it crazy to think this well if it
doesn’t want if it’s it is crazy to

think that it unless it somehow hurts
Trump benefits but yeah Trump is here or
at least he was I think Friday I didn’t
even know that we flew in mar-a-lago no

no worden in a Fort Lauderdale area and
I think he he didn’t he do a lose morale
ago anyway said if Palm Beach
that’s Palm Beach yeah so it’s it’s I
mean that’s mind-boggling to me so I’m

just gonna say sure they’re all accurate
I guess then we’re in a whole different
realm of nonsense you know okay 333 is
it water

% but where we mine where we left we
left Texas we left Texas in shambles
Texas get out of that hellhole left
Texas in shambles listen to what Austin

was being subjected to on Friday we
still need people to wear the mask in
public we still need people to keep
social distance in isolation
Ryan the one thing I want to try to get
across today is we need to do that when

we’re in our homes also as you know I’m
a lifelong San Antonio and grew up there
worked there for many years and I know
how many multi-generational families
that we have and while we believe the

community is doing it who’s that talking
oh this is the this is the guy this is
the DHS official who keeps coming in I
should have set that up

who keeps appearing in the Austin City
Council meetings and saying well we’ve
either got to do 100% mass or 35 days in
city council meetings I’m sorry does he
live in Austin did he I don’t know if he

lives in Austin but he it’s all zoom
video so I don’t know where he comes in
from this interesting Toni his life long
he said this yeah this interview I think
no I think the background is Austin so

he may have been an awesome but
typically he’s in San Antonio but this
is the guy this is the guy who’s in
charge of it but listen to what he has
to say because it’s it’s nuts worked
there for many years and I know how many

multi-generational families that we have
and while we believe the community is
doing a great job of following the rules
when they’re outside of the home we
really need to be thinking about doing

the same thing when we’re inside the
home capable of catching this disease
none of us are immune from this listen
to the ration though it’s it’s mind
boggling and the fact that we need to

get across this in order to protect
ourselves we need to protect our
families and our loved ones we really
need to be thinking about the care that
we’re providing inside the home right
now to make sure that we’re not
spreading this disease inside the home

and then making it come outside the
house so let me get this straight what
you’re effectively saying is that people
should be wearing masks inside their own
homes now Ryan I’m saying if you can’t
socially distance and can’t socially

isolate her
you’ve been out in public and exposing
yourself and you haven’t decontaminated
yourself get enough when you get home if
you have someone that has underlying
medical conditions at home we really

need to be thinking about that now if
you’re the same two or three people that
are living in the same house and you’re
really taking care of yourself and
you’re following all the rules then you
probably don’t ask here’s the thing that
gets me

now that the w-h-o has come out and
themselves have said well you know it
looks kind of like we have spread
through the air aerosol spread which we
here at the No Agenda show have known

for but when did we talk to the dogs
six weeks ago five weeks ago a month so
it was too long to remember so this was
exactly what we heard and the end the

best place to be is outside not not at
home and certainly not you know we had
we have a hundred next we have a hundred
degree plus in in Texas where people
immediately go inside you got the air

conditioner there’s all kinds of ways
for us to get spread that in that manner
but if you only open a window or door
turn on the ceiling fan you’ll be much
better and here’s the thing that pisses

me off the most mass mass mass mass mass
everywhere a mask
n95 masks are dangerous to my health and
I want to I want everyone to understand

that we’ve been told but first you
needed to have the n95 mask we were
going to die and this is four months ago
everybody needed an end for n95 mask
which is a mask that filters in but has

a valve and you blow out unfiltered air
you’re not filtering anyone you’re not
protecting anybody if you wear that but
that’s not being said would you be told

to wear a mask where I’m asking inside
wear a mask when you’re having sex
report right here couples should wear
face masks during sex new study insists
I mean what what is going on this has

nothing to do with medical science at
this point no they’re just
there they’re screwing with us and so
not else we can get them to do well we

so we got the reports of the well
actually let’s listen to the text
actually read that sex study that says
you should yes mass no yes I do
I read the studies absolutely it’s no no
no is there a study I thought you just

put me on you’re just you were just
pulling a Matt Taibbi on me no I’m not
like you
there actually actually was a study
where couples were encouraged to wear

face masks during sex we’re being led
down a very dangerous path I would like
to now turn to the the turncoat governor

of Texas Greg Abbott
they have no idea either he’s being
threatened or he is on a massive power
grab and I have misjudged this man from

the beginning let’s listen to his story
about the rise in the testing and the
death and I would like to remind
ourselves in July hospitalization deaths
deaths always increase and the reason

why they increase crazy enough is
because this is when the new doctors
come into the medical field they leave
school they come into the hospitals

they’re doing their first their first
service as as as doctors and not only
had a clip about it we also had a
cartoon about it we had a card oh oh
that’s right we had two animated no

agenda about it yes exactly so this is a
fact and that is if you look at the
numbers it’s a slight increase it could
be exactly this but let’s listen to the
the governor of the great state of Texas

governor we have seen the deadliest week
in Texas since this all started and we
just hit a new high for hospitalizations
do you feel that we okay I need to stop
when they talk about hospitalizations

what is neat not being told is we now
have let all of the elective surgeries
come in elective means people who have
cancer other issues elective means not
emergency so there are no motive elect

they’re number of beds and they’re
number of ICU units that have been
reserved for kovat 19 approximately 30
percent of the total that is not being

discussed so when you hear the ICU Zoar
beds are maxing out that is for only the
kovat Parshin which is as I said about

30 percent of Austin hospitals by their
own numbers you have to read all the way
down the bottom of the news story in
order to get that small detail more
sarcastic but the more interesting thing

is she said this is the deadliest how
many people died I don’t understand this
looking at every chart I don’t see how
it’s the deadliest but I mean I don’t

know what she’s basing it
I know who the deadliest I know and I
can’t I can’t find that in the numbers
of earner we have seen the deadliest
week in Texas since this all started and
we just hit a new high for

hospitalizations do you feel that we’ve
seen the worst already or do you believe
that things are gonna get worse before
they get better things will get worse
than let me explain why and that is such
an uplifting guy isn’t he that the

deaths that we are seeing announced
today and yesterday which are now over a
hundred those are people who likely
contracted Cova 19 in late May remember
this there’s no data to back up what

he’s saying by the way there’s no data
that says here’s the number of days
people typically are in the hospital or
the ICU until they die I think he’s just
pulling this out of his ass oh these are

the people who had it in May okay
massive spike occurred in the made
soon and now halfway through July is

taking 45 days give me a break
those are people’s two weeks max this is
why I can’t believe it is the 12 day

quarantine you don’t have a 45-day
incubation period where’s that come from
his but that’s just a blatant lie I’m
pretty sure it is too but that’s what

I’m saying there’s there’s something
else going on I think we can figure it
out you quite easily which are now over
a hundred those are people who likely
contracted Cova 19 in late may remember

this massive spike occurred in the
second or third week of June and so and
that’s what led to this massive increase
in hospitalizations as well as there’s

no massive increase people going to ICU
units and so actually the worst is yet
to come as we work our way through that
massive increase in people testing

positive that set is also essential to
make sure that people in the greater
Lubbock area understand this and that is
this isn’t something that’s relegated
only to the big cities of Dallas and

Houston now Lubbock is interesting and
Lubbock is apparently there’s something
going on in lubbock lubbock is a big
college town they’re known for spreading
all kinds of disease around didn’t they

have the the blue what’s that thing in
Lubbock the blue fever or the no idea
what you’re talking yeah yeah there was
some venereal disease that the college

kids there were passing around yes we
look up the blue waffle I’ll play the

rest of the clip you’re seeing
hospitalizations in Lubbock double
you’re seeing a massive increase in
people testing positive the reason is
because we now have what’s called
widespread community spread of cover 19

in the Lubbock area when someone so I’m
one in love it goes out and to any place
they go to and engage with somebody else
neither of them know whether or not the

other has koba 19
massive it is that is exactly why we
made this request that people begin
wearing face masks the only way that we
can keep our business is open the only

way that we can have people continue to
have a job they need to pay their bills
is for everybody to adopt this practice
of wearing a face mask doctors have
proven that this is a safe way to engage

in commerce while also slowing the
spread of the coronavirus bless bless
Melissa I hope you’re okay there so his
numbers come from strange places I’m not

quite sure I can’t find any of this in
the literature but we’ll just have to
take his word for it
and he goes a little bit further here in
his double down of the situation and
where it’s going to take us if the mask

order is not enough to make a difference
soon what is the next step
great question it’s important for people
to us is that a great question order is
not enough to make a difference soon

what is the next step
great question it’s important let’s not
she’s really asking for
that’s a procedural you were asked what
is the next step asking what is the next

step is not a great question by any
means just a double yes I know what you
just said actually just a a regular
question for procedure that’s how it

should be could you turn your speaker’s
down just a tad John I’m coming through
kind of hard there if the mask order is
not enough to make a difference soon
what is the next step
great question it’s important for people

to understand this though the way you
ask it is mask order is not enough I
will tell you this the if people use
face coverings it will be enough so the
only way that it would not be enough is

if the public does not adopt this
practice and the public needs to
understand that it was a very tough
decision for me to make to make this
level of requirement that your mayor
strongly supports this that’s the arm

Austin mayor Adler but we need the
community to strongly support it and the
reason is this I made clear that I made
this tough decision for one reason it
was our last best effort to slow the

spread of cover 19 if we do not slow the
spread of cover 19
with that rise of hospitalizations that
you’re seeing in Lubbock with the
increased death rate we’re seeing in the
state of Texas the next step would have

to be a lockdown the last thing I want
to do the last thing anybody in Texas
wants to do is to see another lockdown
hence the best thing everybody can do is
do this thing that is inconvenient of

wearing a face covering knowing that it
will keep your jobs open your economy
open and your business is open okay let
me just give you some boots on the

ground and bearing in mind the 333 floor
and we just might we’ll just stay with
the bullcrap we’ll stay with everyone’s
so by Abbott’s bullcrap that we have to
do this we have to stop immediately and

you can see Florida which does not have
a lockdown situation has many more cases
than Texas it’s number one
they now have 100% positive rate at many
test centers isn’t the entire idea to

build up immunity and if we have that at
this point and we don’t have massive
amounts of people dying then what is
this really about the vaccine is

intended to also create a version of
herd immunity enough people have to take
it enough people have to have antibodies
so what is stopping us at this point
well I think Ted Ross the president CEO

and chief douche bag of the World Health
Organization can tell us exactly what
this is about
make no mistake the greatest threat we
face now is not the virus itself okay

can I just replay that the greatest
threat we face right now is not the
virus itself this must be good news the
greatest threat we face now is not the

virus itself that is rather it’s the
lack of leadership in solidarity and
solidarity at the global international

levels we need global cooperation and
that’s why I say that live each and
every individual should reflect and we

cannot defeat this pandemic as a divided
world we cannot defeat the pandemic as a
divided world the kovat 19 pandemic is a
test of global solidarity a leadership

the virus and the virus will win we both
are star trek episode we have to take

all the fear out of your brains it eats
all your fear and grows the virus
thrives on division but is thwarted when
when we when we unite ok now how can how

can we have one hand people telling us
you need masks you got it you having sex
have a mask wear condom in a mask and a

mask over the condom in my condom over
your head wherever you are make sure
you’re wearing the mask in 95 doesn’t
matter if you’re exhaling direct virus
is fine just where i’ma just put a sock

on your face that’s fine
come on man we’re being a hoodwinked
here that’s the guy that’s the number
one guy that everyone points to when
he’s saying it’s the virus is not

dangerous it’s our divisiveness
that’s what he said that is because
we’re not one world government that is
just completely nuts but what one world

government is would not have happened
and it looks like present Trump is kind
of coming along a bit good evening John
a lot of news from here tonight and we

want to start with what you were just
showing the president over at Walter
Reed having a chance to meet with some
of these wounded service members the
president also allowing cameras into the
hospital for this shot that you’re
seeing right here the president along

with members of the armed services and
his Secret Service detail wearing a mask
the president wearing a blue mask with
the presidential seal on the side of it
this is the first time that the pool are
really the main press pools had a chance

to see the president walk around with
this the president had been asked about
whether or not he was going to wear a
mask and now the president doing just
that there’s certainly a shot that the
president wanted to see captured on
camera and will be interesting to watch

the fallout from all of this okay so
looks like he’s all in on the unity and
quite a program they probably they had
to have had a meeting can we get a mask
that’s red and says make America great

again that’s coming there’s no doubt
that’s cuz they’re already out there
they must be they must be out there but
the president’s or seals pretty cool
fine oh it’s totally cool

he looks like a bandit Bandito well so
so we’re coming down all these things
that kind of I feel like coming together
right now and this is the last push as

we get ready for the vaccines and and
where we’re at right now is hurting a
lot of people and we’ll get to that I
know you have a couple of a couple of
clips I just want to remind us about

this concept of a symptomatic spread we
also need to think of something called
pre-symptomatic spread asymptomatic
pre-symptomatic not the same thing let’s

just remind you what the World Health
Organization the only statement they’ve
ever made it’s not current it wasn’t
today but the only state that they’ve
ever made about asymptomatic spread is

the following from the data we have it
still seems to be rare that an
asymptomatic person actually transmits
onward to a secondary individual it
doesn’t matter because we just need to

call them
silent spreaders and new research
indicates asymptomatic or
pre-symptomatic Ovid 19 cases are a
primary driver of the virus spreading
scientists have found that silent

transmission could be responsible for
half of Kovach 19 cases remember we got
one woman from the WH know saying this
nobody spreading this way and that we

have somebody saying half of them where
this study come from so it’s all at the
studies there’s a million studies and
you don’t even have to look at them but
but the key here is this global warming

studies the money’s flowing apparently
for these studies the key is silent
spreaders this is intended to make you
fearful and and demand that everybody

wear a mask because they’re going to
kill you remember as we’ve learned from
black lives matter silence is violence
the study found more than one-third of

these infections would need to be
identified and isolated to suppress a
future outbreak the model assumed Cova
19 may be most contagious during the
pre-symptomatic stay so you know it’s

got even worse
apparently the spread is worse during
presum yeah oh yeah so that’s why I
can’t take it seriously if everyone says

wear masks wear masks but it’s really
you can make one of a face cloth you can
put your old underwear over your face
n95 mask is great you’re exhaling
directly through a valve unfiltered

don’t worry about it you’re saving life
come on that’s insulting to anybody
it’s just crazy and this is what it’s

replace the word mask with vaccine then
you know why we’re going through this
that’s the only conclusion that makes
sense it’s a it’s controlling you

forcing you to to go along with the
program to not kill other people even
though on the face of it it’s bullshit
makes no sense don’t wear active huh

so you’re right I’m not gonna argue any
of this yeah but I’m not now kind of
curious about Abbott flip-flopping and
then Trump wearing the mask and then the

constant references to lubbock college
town here you get the sense that they’re
just say okay you’re gonna play this

game your colleges aren’t opening up and
let’s see how long you can live on that
endowment yeah you can do up my my wire
oh yeah I like that
well Lubbock is because I hadn’t heard

of Lubbock until this particular report
it was the blue waffle center no I
hadn’t I hadn’t heard of them in the
context of coronavirus or kovin 19’s the
first I’m hearing of so yes this is do

yeah so I’m thinking what about let’s
these universities are this are a
scourge in terms of they’ve they don’t
teach American civics history anything
that’s positive about this all switched

over to his socialist Howard Zinn sort
of curriculum hate America yes which we
don’t need I mean it seems like the last
thing you want is just brainwashing kids

to hate America’s when they come out
they can’t they can’t work they can’t
get jobs it goes on and on and so let’s
see what happens and put the squeeze on
them that’s a very odd strategy it costs
a lot of money to run one of those up

those things you can’t just shut down
and how many students are going to to
pay full tuition in fact Kaley made
mention of this in her last press
conference I did not get this clip oh

because I ran out of room but Kaley said
well you know maybe you should talk to
you these would talk to her my alma
mater she I guess graduated from Harvard
someplace she’s the hotshot oh really

she says once you talk to these people
about why are students paying full
tuition and they don’t even get to go to
a class they have to take all right but
zooom so why are they painful to me

tuition won’t you ask that question
which is you know the way she does
things and I’m asking it now well there
again it’s all politics and none of it
benefits us okay great so now we’ve got

the president playing the same shitty
politics and meanwhile we are we are the
victims of it just more more so because
of this and what if Abbott says 35 day
lockdown he’s not gonna do that let’s

just assume he’s not gonna okay because
at least let me assume they’re gonna do
it and this whole thing is targeting the
universities that this book is they

can’t they can’t hold it off anymore
said okay we’ll play your game and let’s
see what happens to these differences
when they talk about reopening the
schools they’re talking about reopening
the schools that kids go to kids who

really don’t get kovat right did not
talk about reopening the universities
where that’s gonna mean yeah you’re 1819
when you go to a university but you’re

old compared to like a 7 year old or 8
year old so it’s possible so I’d like I
like the theory that they’re that
they’re well really I think across the
country we’re seeing these these big

institutions are going down I mean
there’s it’ll never come back the whole
concept this too many strikes against
Harvard and Yale I mean sure the elites
will still get their papers from them

they want they won’t even attend it’s
all gonna be as cheap as possible no one
wants to pay this full tuition anymore
if that’s to bring that down as part of
the plan ok you know it’s it’s very

annoying to me and and to be threatened
with 35 day lockdown is stressful gives
me agita I don’t like it at all well

yeah but you’d your media exact not the
as you know I mean even Robert De Niro
he is coronavirus has ruined his

finances what yeah Robert De Niro is is
ruined because of the corona virus
that’s all working out for the best no
he put all his money in Tribeca grill in

the the
Hotel he’s got money and Nobu all of
that shut down and his ex-wife she
demands $100,000 a month Amex limit he’s
out there with his accountant saying I’m

ruined man I don’t know if I can get
through this I only make seven and a
half million dollars a year now I can’t
afford to live this way that’s Robert De
Niro literally complaining in the press

about that I want to hear you what
you’ve got from four COBIT and then I
want to get ways to go I mean I got the
well I’m just too to covet but bringing

up this something that the San Antonio
who had mentioned and we talked about
the little kids going to school they’re

not gonna get anything although they can
bring it all right which has to be
considered but there’s this thing going
on this pre-k they always try to do this
with pre-k they’re trying to brainwash
the kids and so you can’t brainwash them

in college just because these guys are
all gonna go under hmm and that’s where
the big brain washes I don’t know how
much brainwashing you can do to a kid
but somebody must have some evidence of
something because they keep pushing for

pre-k pre-k pre-k let’s listen to this
clips pre-k for San Antonio one first of
all I just wanted to ask you to tell us
why pre-k matters your former teacher
you’re an administrator you must have

taught education courses at the
university level so you kind of have
that bird’s-eye view of the whole system
why does pre-k matter well pre-k is
really about brain development we know
that young children’s brains develop

about 90% of their architecture in the
first five years and so we’ve really
need to focus on those first years to
make sure that children have the
underlying academic and brain structures

to learn levels later on so it’s a
really good investment a good way to get
children off to a great start
I don’t know what is kindergarten

kindergarten is five yeah these are four
year four-year-olds we’ve got it we got

to get their brain structure just right
well this packet if you’d lay that clip
against uses academic brain at four
years old we’ve met a four year old so

we really need to focus on those first
years to make sure that children have
the underlying academic concepts and
brain structures to learn high levels

later on years old are you kidding me
who was this woman who was saying this
she’s the head of this operation called
pre-k for SA and Wow on NPR course

mining and beauty beauty beauty all
right and so she’s got this thing going
on with him there’s a lot of money

involved and they are all concerned is
not everyone can get in on this and
pre-k always seemed to me to be like you
know it’s a babysitting service
totally and if anybody thinks forgetting
academic anything there wait wait a

minute so this is a great but this is
the biggest problem parents have their
people need their kids to go back to
school I know people who are spending a

hundred ninety two two hundred dollars a
week in child care so that they can work
if the government now will step in and
say give him even earlier don’t worry
we’re gonna give him the right brain
structure for higher learning later on

hmm yeah which is a crock but okay she’s
got a good pitch let’s listen to part
two it’s longer it’s my understanding
that your program spends an average of

more than $11,000 per child compared
with about $9,000 per child for public
school what accounts for that difference
and I understand that that is the source
of some criticism so how do you answer

isn’t that the big it doesn’t everybody
know what that extra two grand is no
position cost hello right so what I say
is we spend what it takes to get quality

because we know that only if you have
high quality are you going to get those
long-term outcomes that are associated
with early learning but we also invest
in our people so we pay a livable wage

to our assistant teachers and our
teachers but also we offer a program
that goes from 7:15 in the morning til
six o’clock at night because we know
that families when they’re working they

can’t leave at the end of you know the
school day at three o’clock to come pick
up their children and so ours is a ten
hour program for families that are
working full-time or going to school

and so those are that’s where some of
the additional dollars go as well the
criticism as I understand it there are
kids in San Antonio who don’t qualify
for pre-k for SI as you as we mentioned
at the outset it’s for families of

limited income is for military families
and for English language learners but
then the kind of high quality pre-k that
you’re talking about is very expensive
there have to be families that are stuck
in the middle they don’t qualify for

pre-k for SI but they can’t afford these
private programs so what’s the vision
for them well that’s exactly right
so we go up for reauthorization in
November and in our next your

authorization that’s where we’re going
to focus we are going to make pre-k for
sa free of charge to families who are in
that middle class that making up to

sixty-five thousand dollars a year they
make too much to qualify for the free
pre-k in the public sector but not
enough to afford it in the private
sector so that’s really where we’re
going to focus and we’re gonna work with

our partners and other programs to make
those high quality seats available to
all families across San Antonio because
that’s really our goal is to make sure
that every family in San Antonio with a
four-year-old who wants their child to

go to a high quality program has access
to that okay um I just want to talk
briefly about this high quality this
high quality education they’re getting

at four years is it possible that they
they whoever pre-k for si is
I’m sure this is elsewhere I want to get
this you know the the the message in

white privilege white fragility I want
to get black lives matter incorporated
into the child’s mind very early on with

a result which is the lieutenant
governor of Texas was talking about
unfortunately on the Laura Ingraham show

I dislike her even more these days but
Frau ingre ham it’s a great statement by
the lieutenant governor look at this and

I think most Americans look at this the
same way we know that each black life
matters but black lives matter as a
group their communist organization and
what you played earlier they’re trying

to take over the school board to take
over the education of the system and not
will it just indoctrinate these students
to embrace communism it will turn them
against their own parents because this

is the not not the way we grew up so
people in America need to understand
black lives matters is a communist
organization but each white life matters
is important to every one of us what

better then to get them even earlier to
turn them against their parents well
that’s the theory I mean that is an old
communist precept that you get the kids
you know this goes way back to the Greek

and Roman times you had whole you know
where the kids are just removed from
their parents and brainwashed from day
one to get them to a point where they
have some of these you know these ideas
kind of pushed into that early era it’s

possible that it would I don’t know if
it works or not I mean there’s some
evidence that it doesn’t I’m sure
there’s plenty of evidence that it
doesn’t well if we look well if we look

at who is hang out by the way this is
ten hours a day of propaganda if we look
at who was going to be teaching these
pre Ches it’s going to be the the new
graduates from the schools who have come

out with a lot of this thinking and the
thinking is inspired and not just
inspired but is
a reinforced by Robyn D’Angelo

absolutely and and brené Brown does
anyone remember that name no to review

please okay Brene brown highly respect
she’s like up one of Oprah’s mentors she
started this this this corporate

understanding of privilege and shaming a
lot about shaving and in fact when I was
in therapy years and years ago she was

brought up with a in the context of
shaming and I actually listened to some
of her stuff but I had never put
together all the the different pieces

the things that she has been doing is
predates Robyn D’Angelo by gosh maybe
even a decade here actually she did a
little a little conference not too long

ago and I have a few short clips here’s
so this is Bernie brow and again she is
Oprah’s guru when it comes to these
types of issues and I collect a story in
the United States is a story of white

supremacy that is the story that’s our
and we have not owned it so now
it owns us it still owns our and it
defines us because we have not had the

courage to step in and own the story and
say this is the truth about where we
come from and what we’ve done and this
is part of the 16:19 project which we

we’ve only talked about a little bit
since big New York Times project which
is now also being introduced into school
which says no no America the United

States is not 1776 it goes back to 1619
when the first people were in slay and
slaved your favorite word enslaved and
it really reads the history as as as I

learned it as you learned it and it’s
now being taught in schools and you know
this is the kind of results in every
class I’ve ever taught we do a privilege

exercise where I say stop you got her I
remember with this this is what we did a
whole show on these privilege exercises
where you do they ask you a question do

tell this was this was them yet you get
worse than this but it’s been with us
all along we you know and we’ve kind of
laughed at it I guess and like I

whatever but it really got integrated
that it’s just I got these two short
clips you’re gonna publish in your life
and you remember I’m looking at on a
class it’s 25% african-american 25%
Latino latina Latino X 25% Anglo and

about 25% asian-american
some people transfer international
and in the last several years I’ve had a

signer and sign language translator in
my classes so we’re talking about the
real thing we’re talking about what
America looks like okay no we don’t have
25 25 25 well at 25 it seemed to hear

the numbers to be wrong yeah but by the
way I will say this though when she says
that this is what America Lucy this is
actually a belief mostly held by the

Democrats hardcourt yes and this is
Democrats actually think by berating the
white voter and you have to remember him
back to demographics 75 percent of

Americans and many of our morelets Latin
X self-identify as white and you start
telling whitey that he’s an idiot

you’re gonna die could pick up a lot of
votes with that strategy and that’s what
the Democrats are doing it hit me this
morning as I’m prepping in the in the
darkness it hit me if someone would call

me a racist
or someone with white privilege go ahead
John just just throw it on me just do
one of those and I’ll give my because

you have wrought white privilege dude
excuse me how dare you use your
privilege to assume I am white come on
now come on now that will shut people up

excuse me did you just use your
privilege to assume that I am white is
that what you think I’m white John you
can say it you can say you don’t have to

say I’m not you say you you use your
privilege to assume that I’m white says
enough they will never say I can tell
you what oh really oh really you could
tell that I’m white you just say that

yeah you could pull that fact
nutjob stuff that they believe in
themselves and they will and they will
believe it I mean it’s not helping
Society we’re all gonna die in the end
anyway but at least I’ll feel good in

the in the interim oh you have a kick
kick out of it but I think the kovat and
the black lives matter and the lock
downs and where and where but and this

type of the Robyn D’Angelo the what is
it equality diversity inclusivity
training all of this is it’s coming
together and it’s it’s there’s some real

destruction and I think it’s targeting
women primarily this is why we have the
Karen’s and there’s I mean it’s sick
what is happening and it’s focused

against white people white people and
men I’m gonna read you an email that
came in this morning and I know two
other cases that are similar it of
people I know it’s one of our producers

it’s really it’s horrible what I’m
reading here in the morning I’m not able
to give a donation as to this right now
but I wanted to write you before my
phone is cut off tomorrow and I no

longer have access to the Internet as
from Brian I wanted to give you an John
and eyes on the ground report from
Eastern Kentucky about what this virus
has done to the poor now he doesn’t know
exactly everything that’s been done but

he says since the virus began my life
has been turned upside down
my wife filed for divorce and became a
lesbian I got the virus and missed work
and lost my job and now as they say I am

suffering from homelessness this is
happening to many I know especially the
divorce rate surging I feel somehow the
powers-that-be has found a way to create
a record-setting single-parent homes and

get rid of all dads you and John have
kept me sane as last few months I want
to say thank you I don’t know when I
will finally find a job and get internet
again to be able to to listen anyway so

Brian first of all thank you for your
courage I have heard it not the not
necessarily lesbian but I’ve heard women
hating men and hating their husbands and

having visceral reaction to it during
this lockdown has men and women together
part of it is coming from

an oversaturation of understanding you
know get rid of the heteronormative

it’s being said you rid of the
heteronormative patriarchy has been a
goal for years and this thing and a blot
of it is the romanticization and you see
you in Hollywood the romant I could do
pronunciations romanticization I got you

I got you of single moms yes oh she’s a
single mom single mom everything’s go
okay everything’s great you don’t need a
dad single mom single mom single mom and

it’s you and mo fax even discuss I mean
that the idea is to really have a
old-fashioned nuclear family is always a
better thing to do in so far as raising

kids are concerned but they romanticized
the single mom and this has been going
on for years and part of this pre-k for
essay is really targeting single moms

because they have to work
and you got two four year old and you
know if you gotta do something with the
brat whereas we all know you really want

children to work in the enterprise
around the house you know you want to
either working on the farm that would be
ideal you want them doing stuff for the
newsletter I mean you want them you know

doing artwork for the show or whatever
your business is and that’s why we
originally had kids is to be part of the
surprise to some chores I feel I can
feel it there is this is so big what is

taking place and I have heard consistent
stories of women becoming in there
whatever they call feminists and really
just seeing all the issues with men and

how can you not we have joked about it
for several years how the worst people
in the planet has got to be got to be
straight old white men eventually that

stuff leaks in and someone’s gonna start
believing it and Enif it’s if it’s
institutionalized the way I’m hearing it

concerning and this is not a unique
story this is not a you know it’s I
don’t know I am I don’t I don’t
I’m on the loss for words is what I am

but it but it comes from way way back
and now I think that well let’s let’s go
back to if maybe go back to and tie this
back into Corona cuz I know you have
some other reports well let me get some

of these Corona report let’s just bear
that in mind bear in mind we’re looking
at a total political issue we heard it
from the World Health Organization from
the President himself Ted Ross we’re not

this is not about the about the the
virus this is about leadership doing
everything together masks is the first
thing the whole world will have to wear
masks now in the Netherlands are

starting to pop it’s starting to crop up
more mandatory masking same in the
Belgium which is where the European
Union government is so it’s gonna spread
from there that is and it’s not about
the medical part you can put a sock in

your face and it’s okay
they say that you can make it out of
cloth cut here’s my soccer tied around
my face great so it’s not about a
medical issue it is about compliance I

never thought it would be I even laughed
as people who said that and now and now
I can’t it’s well you know you’re you
have your have mixed responses you

didn’t necessarily laugh at people who
say that you’re the first one that says
it was a muzzle yeah the free-speech
muzzle but now I’m seeing that everyone
just does it to not either well now in

Austin to get ticketed to not have other
people point at you and yell so you’re
just kind of complying with the crowd
hello does that sound familiar to the

entire past years that we’ve had with
with privilege and and and whiteness
it’s all part of the same thing I had
clip of somebody yelling at somebody on

your face what happened I can’t believe
you found a let’s go to the the let’s go
to let’s go to the bridges NPR have

going with them yeah this is the update
in Brazil we know that bolson are was a
horrible right wing or a populist he’s
got to go we need a guy that wants to

you know become a globalist so you got
to get rid of him but condemning him but
let’s play the Brazil report so
meanwhile in Brazil president Antonio
Cesaro has been downplaying the threat

from cover 19 from the beginning
and yet the virus has hit the country
very hard and this week post an hour
himself tested positive so Philip what’s
been the reaction to that development
well it wasn’t really a surprise as you

mentioned I mean he’s made a point of
flamboyantly ignoring social distancing
and not only that actually of some 13
yet even when he went live on TV this
week to confirm that he had tested

positive he took his mask off his now
infected as proof that he’s reckless
they’re responsible a danger to people’s
lives and entirely incapable of handling

this crisis but there’s also some
speculation that Boston error might try
to turn this to his advantage if it
turns out that he only has light
symptoms and the emerges of relatively

unscathed he he could use himself as an
example that you know what he’s been
saying all along is true that regardless
of the fact that covered 19 has killed
more than 70,000 Brazilians so far that
this virus really isn’t all that serious

and that most people be fine especially
if they’re like him fit and healthy and
especially if they take
hydroxychloroquine the drug that he
ardently believes in even though most

medical experts not to mention the World
Health Organization do not well watch
he’ll he’ll walk through a hospital like

our president and he’ll wear a cool ass
mask in the hospital which is eventually
you know I get it in a medical space
whatever he catches it
drexy clerk could dig the image it’s

unlawful but ok bad PR and listen to
their suite and run down which has got a
little gotcha in here
statistically which interests me early

on Sweden took an approach to this
pandemic that was just different from
that of most similarly situated
countries so social distancing yes but
no shutdown of the economy hoping that

as part of the process the country would
achieve some sort of herd immunity how
did that turn out yeah there’s no
getting away from the fact that Sweden
ended up with a death rate several times

higher than its Nordic neighbors looking
at the latest figures from John Hopkins
University of 54 deaths per 100,000
people that’s ahead of the US where it’s

40 deaths per 100,000 people but if you
compare it to other European countries
like the UK Italy Spain of Belgium who
all had strict lock downs their figures
are worse I think where Sweden

really failed was in its strategy to
protect the elderly the most vulnerable
50% of deaths have taken place in care
homes and in terms of the wait wait a
minute I just want we’re still talking

about 0.005 percent or 0-5 is it half a
percent or zero zero five well if you’re
gonna go with 64 over a hundred thousand
you can make that it that would be what

point six I think no I hate calculator
the trolls are gonna give it to us a
hundred thousand and sixty four sixty

four four hundred thousand I want to get
it right wouldn’t stop me my sister stop
the clip let’s just do a couple of
things we should note one first of all
they downplay the fact that Sweden is

slower than the rest of the Europeans
that had the extreme lock downs and that
would include Italy with those
ridiculously high numbers but we can
also assume that the Italians had the

first gret because they were connected
to one directly because of the garment
industry in northern Italy and so they
were just having the Chinese come
straight over and infecting everybody
with the first iteration

the of the virus which is the strongest
version and that was that was the one
that was that ended up maybe in New York
that was so stupid killing people left
and right it has deteriorated over time

which people don’t want to discuss
because nobody wants to admit that this
is a lab created animals here it is and
so but but so you have to say they
downplay the fact that Sweden actually

did better than everybody else and then
secondly if you take that 50% by not you
know they said half of these deaths
these 64 half of them are from the old
folks homes which means they could be

misdiagnosed as a million things that
can go wrong there so their real number
is 32 yes is half of this wait for it
wait for it so that is 0.03 two percent
so that is a there’s a three three one

hundredths of a percent yeah that would
be that would be like the regular flu

maybe even a little lower lower than the
h1n1 which is another topic of
conversation because apparently during

the bite in the Obama administration
they actually ordered them to stop
testing this is a huge scandal that’s
not coming out in the media you have a

clip no you don’t have a clip of course
no because nobody nobody’s talking about
it’s just the rain fighting can find a
lot of documentation you can find there
was a report that was done on CBS by

cheryl atkinson in 2009 if anyone can
find this clip and some would be a
miracle i have not been able to find it
Cheryl Atkins is talking about it now

but she’s not talking about it on the
air in 2009 they were asking the
questions she was asking the hard
question and we’re stopping reporting on
h1n1 when the death rates were going up

the same way they were here no Tina was
stopped literally stop testing Tina was
telling me so you don t know is that we

got some kind of weird lag on the line
Tina was showing me some article that
said even though Sweden has not had a
single death in the past two days
they’re still the worst people on earth

I’m paraphrasing the headline but
there’s there’s a concerted effort
against Sweden to make sure everyone
thinks that they did it wrong despite it

looking to me like they did okay I think
they did better than okay yeah I mean it
was all voluntary the masks were there
they weren’t there Japan so there was

some social distance this week’s can do
this stuff but they didn’t shut down the
whole economy like maniacs well they did
shut down well not like me oh they were
all volunteers yeah there was a lot of

volunteer stuff and the mobility a lot
of people worked from home and they’re
set up for that and we are too now and
if that was part of the the objective do

we play this flip this the Sweden
rundown continue on that yeah play the
rest of fucker thousand people if you
compare it to other European countries
like the UK Italy Spain of Belgium who

all had strict lock downs their figures
are worth I think where Sweden really
failed was in its strategy how do you
say the what what she just said

is unbelievably ludicrous
yeah they failed how did they fail when
their numbers are lower than the numbers
she just cited before he just cited the

numbers and what they did but somehow
that was a failure on Sweden’s part well
you explain the logic to me yes I can

they are getting ready for the new pre-k
for essay children who will ingest this
information and believe sadly exactly
what Orwell said

a chai tea yes is no good is bad black
is white the world is upside down I
would like you to back it up and play

that segment one more time yeah I think
that that is necessary here we do
getting away from the fact that Sweden
ended up with a death rate several times
higher than its Nordic neighbors looking

at several times higher is a
mathematical descriptor that means a
multiplication several times so two

times three times several what is
several is several three or a couple
will be two so can we say three what do
you think what do you feel for can we
just call it four that’s not thousand

but it’s not true neighbours what
Finland I’m gonna play the whole thing

again let’s listen to this this is this
is some this is some crazy mind control
early on Sweden took an approach to this
pandemic that was just different from
that of most similarly situated
countries so social distancing yes but

no shutdown of the economy hoping that
as part of the process the country would
achieve some sort of herd immunity how
did that turn out yeah there’s no
getting away from the fact that Sweden

ended up with a death rate several times
higher than its Nordic neighbours death
rate John not number of deaths death
rate looking at the latest figures from
John Hopkins University fifty-four

deaths per 100,000 people that’s ahead
of the US where it’s 40 deaths per
100,000 people but if you compare it to
other European countries like the UK
Italy Spain of Belgium who all had

strict lock downs their figures are
worth I think where Sweden really failed
was in its strategy to protect the
elderly the most vulnerable fifty
percent of deaths have taken place in

care homes and in terms of the every
country had that happen
we had that happen oh my beauty it
wasn’t the overall goal but it was
something that scientists predicted

would happen and we aren’t seeing very
high levels of antibodies in the
population here we’re also seeing all
science and research suggesting that
it’s unclear what will happen in the
future people those who do have

antibodies science and we’re seeing more
science and research that says it’s
unclear what we’ll see in the future
what kind of science and research
results is that reporting this is NPR is
gee I’m so glad you’re doing it what

will happen in the future those who do
have antibodies
our Swedish leaders acknowledging that
they didn’t get their strategy quite
right Swedish leaders have admitted that

things went wrong in terms of the death
toll specifically in elderly care homes
but I think what’s important to point
out here is that it’s the public

authorities the scientists employed by
the state they’ve really been the front
at the forefront of this crisis and
there wasn’t a huge amount of political
debate at the beginning but as the death

toll has has turned out to be a lot
higher than predicted as debates have
continued globally about why Sweden’s
been doing things differently there
started to be a lot more concern and
criticism and the Swedish government has

launched a coronavirus Commission to
look into how things were dealt with it
at a local regional and national level
oh man there’s just too much money for
this stuff too much coming and going by

pushing for Commission’s Commission’s
Commission’s let’s do that one more this
is a two-parter this is a covert rundown
and this I kept I wrote down switcheroo

so there’s some some switcheroo going on
here with the CBS report the coronavirus
is taking a heavy toll on the United
States many areas are seeing a dramatic

new spike in cases and the officials are
taking steps to help curb the spread in
Louisiana Governor John bel Edwards
ordered a statewide mask mandate on
Saturday it’s set to go into effect on

Monday bars will also now be restricted
to take
orders only and in Atlanta mayor Keisha
Lance bottoms order the city to rollback
its reopening plan to phase one after
Georgia reported a single day record for

new infections on Friday under that
phase Atlanta residents will be required
to stay home makes up for essential
trips and wear face masks in public
across the country more than 3.1 million

cases have been recorded and there have
been more than 134 thousand deaths
Michael George has the latest details
okay now this you have to listen to the

way this was presented this was
presented as though they hooked up the
new count the 3 million group cases yeah
and then dropped in because they’re

talking about the surge and that next
batch and all the rest and then they
drop in the overall the 134 thousand
dead number yeah at the end continuous
or somehow connected like co2 and

climate change baby so I’m listening
this going and they just join these
numbers out you and they started all of
us are doing is I noticed nari

Srinivasan was doing this and all these
guys on PBS are doing this they’re doing
now there instead of doing the daily
death they’re doing the 7-day average
move forward with all these mathematical

models to make the numbers sound worse
than they are
yeah yeah and it’s like a concerted
effort it’s like how much they can’t be

this is not a good thing for the country
to think they’re helping their cause but
this is the road I don’t get it let’s
listen to part two of that clip bars
restaurants and the young made their way
into the crosshairs of governors of

southern states where the virus is
surging this executive order will
prohibit the sale of alcohol alcoholic
beverages in all South Carolina
restaurants and bars after 11 p.m.

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster
threatened to strip liquor licenses from
violating proprietors at a Kentucky Test
Site bartender Michael whittler knows

what can happen after 11 p.m.
once it gets too late at night it’s just
unbelievable it’s been pretty nuts
enough to make you want to get you
tested in Tennessee Shelby County
restaurants require customers to fork

over their contact information before
they’ll be seated infectious disease dr.
Manoj Jain is on the local task force
that mandated the rule I think it’s
really important to have people’s names

and phone numbers because if there was
someone who was positive in that
restaurant at the same time then the
owners can tell everyone else chef and
owner Michael Patrick will hang on to

the information and seating charts for
the better part of a month to help trace
patrons who test positive and I would
hate for God forbid someone to get sick
here but I would feel like it was a

public obligation to let people know
right here for some crowded restaurants
and bars are seen as a toxic cocktail
okay because I’m sitting here listening
to this and and please tell me about the

switcheroo and then I just want to give
you my feeling of what’s what what we’re
seeing here no switcheroo was in the air
previous clip that was oh this is okay
this is you’re sweating these numbers as
though it was part of the dessert so and

I realized this this morning I got an
email from a guy who I used to indicate
my radio show with and he’s no big in
radio syndication Westwood won all this

stuff and he’s doing podcasts he already
sold a podcast advertising company
doesn’t matter so we’re going back and
forth and I’m telling I’m not interested
I said you should know we’re not doing
patron she’d look into what I’ve been

doing for the past 15 years whatever
fine and I said I’ll see you next time
in New York he’s replies to me yes next
time in New York or if I’m in Austin of
course once we have the vaccine and you

and I and everybody the No Agenda nation
we know that we’re not that concerned
this is a reality check

I believe people outside of our little
bubble have this firmly in their heads
it’s not over until we have a vaccine
it’s not over until we have a vaccine

everything will be abnormal until we
have a vaccine you can ask people they
say it I think the programming is very
close to complete and who know I guess

phase through act three starts but this
is this is what this is all about we
have to take it through November we have

to get rid of Trump but everyone’s using
it the whole world is coming to this oh
yeah I don’t have danny doubt about it
uh oh you talk to this guy but he wanted
us to fucking get patreon what is he

talking about no he was just trying to
he wants to hey Adam how you doing uh
podcast I should do sell ads for it
that’s not the point
yes the old-time radio guy he’s a legend

in advertising knows all the NPR scams I
learned a lot from him but no but you
did but yeah well let’s get back to this
okay so the VAX yes that’s exactly what

everyone’s thinking when the vaccine
comes right here’s what I always like to
say what do you what’s the name of this
is Tsarskoe vid – yeah is the actual
name of this virus the virus yep there

used to be another one right it was
about ten little more than ten years ago
it was before we started doing our show
SARS Cove one yes also a man-made

thing that came out and then disappeared
after a while mm-hmm what why it wasn’t
there ever a vaccine for that and why is

it still around if you want to go down
the vaccines I’m ready for it
oh no I don’t want to go down to that
question no we have to because this this
is exactly this is this is where we’re

headed with all this well because that’s
just a rhetorical question let me get
the I think I have one more this is a
this is a funny clip this is Kovas it
says the two dubious cases in China what

is the point of this story I wanted to
ask you this a local story has been
played all over the country meanwhile in
China officials reported two new covered
19 cases yesterday both were imported

from foreign countries the National
Health Commission says that brings the
total existing cases in
330 now this is the switcheroo in the
background of all of this obviously we

have the first country that that took
this unprecedented move of a shutdown of
a city of 11 million they set the tone
they set the template their media
partners set the entire strategy so this

part of it is oh by the way you’re
giving it to us oh you’re bad see
they’re flipping it around there’s
flipping this around yes this is also

about Trump okay I want to talk about
the vaccine because the team that is in
place is fascinating and I and I’ve been
talking to a number of producers who

have a lot of insight into the Catholic
Church into the Vatican into what the
Pope is doing or not doing and is it
really the Pope if Pope Benedict’s only
resigned his ministry and not his office

that’s just a cool conspiracy theory I’m
launching right here you have to speak
Latin in order to understand that one
but redfield the CDC director another
Jesuit interestingly enough appointed by

Alexander a czar the Health and Human
Services Secretary who also has some I
think Orthodox as I have it in the show
notes is some kind of Orthodox a

Christian version of Catholicism so
they’re all kind of involved and they’ve
all known each other for a long time and
Alexandra a czar is a guide I mean
that’s a huge pharma guy he has he was

running pharma in 2009 I mean the guy is
revolving-door shill so let’s listen to
red field now this is him on pooper with
Sanjay Gupta and pooper is trying to

trick him and you nail him down like why
are you caving in to President Trump to
help him open up the schools early why
are you changing your guidance but what

Cooper like all other completely under
informed and over socialized people has
been told or not been told or has been
told is that the CDC never recommended

shutting down schools at
there’s no recommendation for shutting
down schools never has been so the only
thing that is coming out now is well
since you shut down here’s some

strategies which are called guidance
that you can use to get back to some
normalcy but pooper is trying to nail
the CDC director on some you know
horrible fallacy that he’s committed by

the kowtow into president Trump
yesterday the president tweeted saying I
disagree with CDC gov on their very
tough and expensive guidelines for
opening schools while they want them

open they’re asking schools to do very
impractical things I’ll be meeting with
them then shortly after the vice
president announced with you standing by
his side he said this the president said
today we just don’t want the guidance to

be too tough and that’s the reason why
next week CDC is going to be issuing a
new set of tools and there are Kalyan
Collins then asked you at that same
press conference if you’re changing the

guidance because the president said he
doesn’t like it you didn’t answer the
question so I just want to give you
another opportunity because it does
sound like CDC is caving to the
president’s demand to essentially weaken
guidelines to make them less tough I

know a lot of thought was put into those
guidelines now all of a sudden you’re
issuing new ones Thank You Anderson
first I want to really stress that the
the purpose of the CDC guidelines are to
provide a variety of different

strategies for schools to use to help
facilitate the reopening of schools
you’re saying you’re not putting out new
guidelines but the vice president just
said it all right there he said we don’t
want them to be too tough so there

you’re gonna be releasing new tools I
know you said you had already planned
this it sure seems like a coincidence
now that these are going to show up next
week especially because usually these
things take so much time to go through I

don’t understand either recommendations
are based on science or they’re not why
science these guidelines were worked
over for a long time yeah they’re not

new guidelines that we’re coming up with
Anderson we’ve started the guidance for
K through 12 back in February and higher
learning back in March we continue to
update them the guidance that we put out

recently for K through 12 and and higher
learning is our guidance we continue to
expand that with different tools like I
was trying to complete we have a tool to

help schools understand how to test for
symptoms we have a tool coming out on
how to use face masks in the school
setting we have a tool coming out for
parents to understand a checklist of

understanding whether their child should
come out to school so the vice president
was referring to the additional tools
that we have that we’re planning out but
we’re not when there’s not a change in
our guidance so here’s the background on

this Redfield guy who was pretty good
there he and you remember Burks of
course dr. deborah birx who I used to I
used to seem so hard for her she was the

colonel in the Army
the Redfield was also a ranking officer
they ate together ran the aides trials
the hiv/aids trials which in the armed

services it was I mean it was horrific
they had PCR tests the same we have now
that had a high rate of false positive
and about half as high rate of false

negatives and then people were
quarantined on base in what people
called the HIV hotel and the vaccine was
tested on them which I think was GP 160

that long story short all of it’s in the
show notes
they were both brought before a
commission who found that they had
fudged the numbers in order to

accelerate the development of this GP
160 hiv/aids vaccine but nothing was
done with that information it’s called
was at Lurie versus Department of Army

970 so it’s in the show notes if you
want to look at it so these people have
been doing this with the AIDS vaccine
they’re using the same platform in fact
here’s our new friend dr. Francis

Collins updating the Senate on the
vaccine development just a couple of
interesting background points we’re
seeing development of corona virus

vaccines assured lawmakers help is on
the way we are
all optimistic that the goal that we
have set to have a vaccine that works
and is safe by the end of 2020 will be
met dr. Francis Collins director of the

National Institutes of Health
operation warp-speed is testing and
manufacturing promising vaccines all
being conducted side by side missouri
republican senator roy blunt raised

concerns about speed versus safety do
you have any concerns that on the
vaccine side that fda is not going
through every safety step no compromise

at all on the safety and the efficacy
standards Illinois Democratic senator
dick durbin
pointed to a defective 1955 polio
vaccine that sickened tens of thousands

of children with the disease and killed
ten but can you reflect on that for a
moment that was a terrible tragedy I
think I could reassure you and the
American people that that strategy of
trying to administer a killed vaccine is

not currently being pursued billions in
federal dollars his team is making great
progress but Washington Democratic
senator patty Murray worries drug

companies might get greedy at the
expense of the public I’m very concerned
the pharmaceutical companies not
dictated the terms the goal is to ensure
the vaccine access for all Americans

who’s a DC director dr. Robert Redfield
says he’s cautiously optimistic the
vaccine will be ready by April of next
year so that report that editing was in
the actual TV report it would that

they’re taking two-word sentences from
people to try and stitch together
whatever story they want to portray but
something is up with the HIV the team
it’s the same team and Bill Gates is

giving away something in they just had
an HIV seven oops an HIV summit 2020
which no and I didn’t know about and
he’s now also mixing in HIV and kovat

the pandemic is disrupting the supply
chains and therefore slowing our
progress on the fight against all other
diseases including AIDS both the UN and
the Global Fund of released projection

showing that these disruptions could
prevent hundreds of thousands of people
from getting the treatments they need
and that’s just in sub-saharan Africa so
we have our work cut out for us but I

remain optimistic I rain optimistic that
we will defeat covin 19 and we will
continue to make strides against AIDS
and other health crises I believe that

for several reasons first is science in
the global race detect treat and
vaccinate against Cova 19 researchers
are making great advances faster better

diagnostic tools are being developed to
help identify those infected also we’re
making great progress on vaccines these
platforms won’t just be useful against

this particular virus they will also
help us specifically for HIV okay I
think that they’re setting up a whole

nother round of HIV vaccine and they
look at this a whole new money push
which of course we have you know this
has been 30 years there’s been no HIV

AIDS vaccine no there’s not easy to do
there’s a number of reasons this goes
takes us right back to the very
beginning of this whole ridiculous
Fiasco where the were the Nobel Prize
winning the physician in France looked

at the coding and says this is was an
attempt to make an HIV vaccine yes there
you go via the kovat structure
yeah platform the kovat platform it was

a kind of holy crap this is it they’re
going to say we just we have the vaccine
it doesn’t fix kovat but we’ve cured
AIDS well very good moment oh gosh Wow

you’re right I’m so happy you remember

that whatever that good memory that’s
exactly it no we get punished with all
this data glutes that you have to really
concentrate and go back so that’s right

this had all the HIV penetration bits or
the spiky proteins or whatever
was yeah the idea was to put in a stripe
goes to take a co vid structure which is
the spice I can penetrate and then put

at HIV some HIV dead HIV in there and
get it into the system and make it a
kind of a vehicle for as a kind of a
roundabout vaccine these are all
experimental ID no it’s not being

experiment that they’re gonna try to
pull off against a bunch of dummies like
your friend who’s gonna be you’re more
than willing to stand in line and get a
shot enough of this covert vaccine even

though again I asked the question what
will is covert carve you know SARS cough
to even be in existence as such unless

they reintroduce it which I don’t think
they will because I think that was I’m
still sticking to this story that the
Chinese destroyed all the original
versions so they can’t reintroduce them

early to move the deadly version that
got loose right that was the LDL strain
or whatever it was we did her strain it
was the original let’s just say og og
corona og the og corona kills everybody

starts to deteriorate back into a cold
virus which is pretty much what it is
now if you look at these death charts
there’s nobody you notice like people
who have it in there but they’re not

dying you’re like they used to
okay so let me tie it all together now
so we have the whole aids team makes
sense because they’re justifying all the
money and future funds because we have

this platform and by the way the
platform is great I mean we know how to
do this with I won’t even play the rest
of the clip but gates continues to say
we gotta make sure we roll it out across
the platform to Africa and South America

so if they’re setting all of that up
test bed in the meantime we need to get
really get everybody on board because we
have the strong anti VAX issue and let’s
just start with the Catholic Church I

just learned that our friend NIH
director dr. Collins is on the on the
permanent member lifetime board there’s

only 80 people Pontifical Academy of
which is pretty much the Vatican
think-tank I thought yeah I thought he
was an evangelical Christian yeah he is

or that’s what he claims he is so
today’s a Catholic well he’s on the
Pontifical Academy yeah that’s what he
claims the Catholic yes that’s what he

claims that would be that would be
technically a charismatic uh as opposed
to evangelical but if he pulls himself
in events there’s something up with this

guy well there’s a lot of stuff that
doesn’t make any sense which I send last
time and you’ve pointed out we’re
needing to say you know God Bless
America what no I think this is part of
this is about destroying the Catholic
Church church is going on everywhere

these guys are in in cahoots with the
Vatican to that and and it’s not the the
Pope that is running the show it’s it’s
the Secretary of or the the head of
Secretary of State for the for the

Vatican’s this other guy yeah so many of
these guys so he’s kind of running the
show and then we’ve got you know China
China paying two billion dollars a year

to the Vatican for you know something
and then this current Pope essentially
blesses the some of these phony
Cardinals in China who have this kind of
catholic catholicism but everything else

is underground
we’ve got churches burning everywhere I
mean yes I’m going on here something’s
something’s weird
and yeah Collins I think is a big part
of it this Dan

a big player in the pro-choice pro-life
battle so they got it yeah there’s a
whole bunch around you have to go and so

you emphasize all the negative things
about that about the electrician to this
trade destroy it in this Associated
Press this is you know the one of those
shaming articles about who got who got

government money for the PPP oh yes
exactly me was ranting about this this
one there’s a number of articles this
one is and I think this is a misnomer

the US Roman Catholic Church which I
don’t think exists there’s a Roman
Catholic Church with know us Roman
Catholic Church used a special and
unprecedented exemption from federal

rules to amass at least one point four
billion in taxpayer backed coronavirus
aid with many millions going to diocese
that have paid huge settlements or
sought bankruptcy protection because of

clergy sexual abuse cover-ups that’s the
opening of the article
boom-shaka-laka yeah it’s a hit piece
it’s a great piece fantastic Wow yeah

sums up I think you spotted something
there I didn’t notice it myself because
wouldn’t Mimi’s ranting about this I
said well that’s a really got it’s not a

deconstruction thing I don’t know it’s
really show but now sure mention is for
fits right into the show and what was
burned in Washington DC during the black
live matters black lives matter
Church right little Church California

mission founded by your boy who in Paros
era what’s his name
well I don’t know if this was a unipro
to Sarah
Church but yes a recent mission down in

Southern California
burnt yeah who’s out under renovation
just like the no TRADOC another example
uh-huh probably a better example
mysteriously catches on fire and is

taken out of service and meanwhile the
guys running the show with the vaccines
ready to stick the needle in your arm
we’re all in on it
but the Chinese it’s a good time for a
podcast like this one boy out

have you to talk to I’d be going nuts
right now with this with his thinking
pill or something this is not good I

need some Vaseline oh my goodness
that’s good stuff how about this we’ll
take a breather right here I’ll thank
you for your courage and say in the

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unicorns football helmet which I think
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this is the last piece that came in yeah
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did caught on the idea of a of a team
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team yeah yeah every time I look at it
say maybe there is a game that a lot of

a lot of people responded a team I mean
I’m always convinced
could be so that was good it was good
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well done and he had that little
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china is asshole that’s true I think we
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first off Adi douching is an order
Boeing didn’t buy a douchebag call out
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mouth at the beginning of all this Wuhan
flu shenanigans some jingles please for
Adam to cue I’d like to huntsman don’t
trust china coincidence I think not load

this is not humanly possible okay the
it’s too much alright the asshole full

after so okay Huntsman asshole after
that what coincidence I think not
geez there’s too many to keep down to
four minutes maximum plan they do this

just just just to horrify me and yet
coincidence questions I think not whole
load you might die oh come on come on
this is not okay this is taking away

from valuable show time and a Pelosi
jobs car made with a goat twist should
kind could kind of be ashamed of
yourself for doing that but ah yeah I

alright now 23 and sucking on the teat
of the unemployment system the general
theme of the tri-state area seems to be
swollen amygdalas and no-holds-barred
virtue signaling in these 1984’s times I
passed these days by pushing back on the

m5m narratives and hitting mofos in the
mouth any chance I can get is to be read
to build these days as a blessing thank
you both again and thank you all all the

producers out there PS professor Ted
coats are working wonders on the gens
ease drop acid nut bombs and an order
your six-pack of bowel Fang radios off

Amazon why the game’s good
who knows what’s the story leading to
November Collins a new free to November
yeah okay sorry professor Ted is

trending hard and trendy he’s friending
hard and of course how I’ve been talking
about professor Ted for 10 years longer

and so be particularly the over
socialized which I’ve been mentioning
quite a bit the social justice warriors
it’s all in there he wrote it but now

4045 years ago and people are now
discovering this like oh my goodness
yeah that’s right they had a whole
series on Netflix not too long ago which
didn’t discuss any of this but now

people are figuring it out so this is
good news
I’m gonna give you the whole loan didn’t

you might die jobs jobs jobs and jobs
almost perfect you did make one foul up

now but it was a good sequence but I had
the wrong coincidence he had the wrong
incidence yeah it the wrong coincidence
I think not

no you know you know that was fine I
didn’t that de butter you didn’t have
the Trump Pelosi oh oh I have to do that
over then because the jobs jobs that’s
not the right one

Kharma producers please PLEASE producers

remember your privilege when requesting
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into 24 24 had a great time in the
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be here bro a nice job you idiot
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nice job idiot I don’t I don’t know
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is the other one that’s both both yeah
broth which is foul she brought yes and

then and then what didn’t a nice job you
idiot I don’t have though oh wait maybe
that wasn’t I so idiots uh-huh
sorry for some for some reason that part

of show prep didn’t work out today here
we go good to be here bro thanks to the
lecturer idiot you’ve got a nice clip
you’re in the show well I actually have

to end it shows I want to should I test
about now it is it doesn’t what it might
as well we’re so off the rails you –
will do okay let’s go I got two of them
they’re from a I’m taking clips off the
internet and there’s that they’re

playing these commercials on me one they
played a spam commercial okay so I have
to spam I so that wingspan was in the
product spam yeah really
actual commercial why and where did you

get those on YouTube yeah Wow okay
you sure you’re not being paid by the
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people in the mouth
in the last show on the last show I

teased the school board dust-up yeah
yeah this was the in speaking of white
privilege and fragility and all of that
this was a this was it so I have a kind

of snippets of the kind of things that
we’re going on at this meeting mmm
including I’m gonna start with sorry I
mean I could go with that got four clips

in anyone every will work I do have one
that has to be the last which is the
short little Biddy it went at the end
but you’ll get it you get the point
you start hearing a code I’m getting
code words out of this this is all about

this book that apparently everyone has
to now read or you’re not doing you
you’re not doing what you’re supposed to
do this is the agility but set this up
who are these witness who are these

these people are on a school is that
this is not the school board is an
advisory council that that puts together
the some curriculum and dissipates or
they just volunteers basically or is a

volunteer organization I found out later
okay but it’s a it just has elected head
person and they’re all bickering with
each other constantly apparently you can
see really see the lines between social

justice warriors and normal people let’s
play start with EDS you doing the work
on my own work and some of you have done
I’d like to speak I have a lot to say

but I’ll keep it short this just
illustrates to me that clip let’s first
put neck slip in later I want to get

some people yelling let’s do the IDI edu
council bickering apology
okay let’s start with this one okay they
start yelling at each other there’s a

Latino the vice-president comes in and
he’s really irked this guy by the way
walked out on the meeting even though
it’s a zoo meeting
this guy’s a Latin X VP yeah and he goes
after and he’s really mad cuz they’re

been yelling at each other let’s go with
this edu meeting Latino VP goes after
social justice lawyer okay
nonsense that doesn’t make a child learn
that doesn’t teach a poor kid anything

before you start making accusations
about me about my vote you want to get
to know me perhaps you don’t know very
many poor blacks to understand so before

you make these conclusions and draw what
assumptions had she made about him this
part of it was not on the original clips

the monkeys she demeaned him in an in an
act in an accidental way and she was
just going off on everybody that we’re
talking about this one woman who’s gonna
come in after he berates her and have to

imagine her she’s kind of a sizeable
young woman with the big breasts and
she’s good and she’s one of these types
that she has a lavell ear that she’s

holding in front of her mouth my famous
so wrong it’s with lavell ears they
think it’s a stand mic or something I
think it’s actually I think it’s
actually one of those phone like for a

for a mobile phone an older version of a
mobile phone we have kind of a control
unit and the microphone that’s part of
the wire and she’s plugged that into her
computer apparently so she’s yelling in

she’s holding that thing over to her
mouth like it like an idiot yeah finish
you ought to get to know me and you know
I’d like to get to know you I’d like to

get to know she no but for some reason I
don’t deserve the same and that’s all I
have to say and I agree and I support
mod maroon and I support what she

doing it with the nice of grant and the
integration effort and I’m sure that we
can get there if you just let her work
and if you reach out to her and others

with your Hollow 40-plus years supremacy
that was unfair of me to make that point

and I don’t want to silence your voice
and your voice has merit Edward and I
did sit with you before we before this
council started and I would talk to you

again and I’m sorry that and I
acknowledge that my words hurt you so
this is I think around page 26 of the
industrial society and its future also

known as the unabomber z’ manifesto or
he speaks of this over socialization
where everybody is is going to offend
everybody in some way all the time and
this is the result

add to that the technological component
of a zoom call which just screws up
life’s all together let’s play Council
bickering apologize more before this is

so much better than the clips I would
have made so I’m glad you did that
because I didn’t see any of this part of
it this is dynamite one of the things we
should all learn to do and I’m learning

to do this when somebody tells you that
you did something wrong the first thing
to do is reflect on that even if you
don’t agree you apologize that’s what

robbing did oh that is what you do when
somebody says you did something wrong
and you hurt them you’re supposed to say
I’m sorry and that’s how that works Tom

some people said you hurt them you may
not agree but the least you can do is
I’m sorry I hurt you that is what

grown-ups do
oh so call Tom not grown-up now you can
be the judge of it what do grown-ups do

when somebody said you hurt me and you
don’t apologize
Wow and these people are indirectly
involved with the education of your
children the joke at this by the way
this guy Tom who she’s targeting yeah

who I don’t have any clips from him
because he’s too reasonable okay well
then I felt hurt that you condemn me

there I want your apology no one would
apologize to him if I’ll just only go
one way oh I see
so no one oh my no oh wait apologize
takes time because Tom’s a dick

apparently so they didn’t like that so
that’s the bickering apologies and then
we had this kind of shaved head Asian
woman and this is the doing the work
which is the which is the key word I

want people to realize that the code
word is doing the work good means
reading that stupid book by the way I
can incorporate this into my sentence

excuse me are you have you not done the
work or after the two clips we are we
are learning good stuff here people my

own work and some of you have done I’d
like to speak have to say but I’ll keep
it short this just illustrates to me the

need for anti-racism training because
some of you definitely including myself
actually I would say all of us don’t

have the language to really talk about
this in the way that is constructive and
productive and growth oriented and I
have done my own work and some of you

have done work with a CCC marisol hosted
courageous conversations and some of you
attended clearly we need more of it and
that was really the intent of my letter

to you Maude I don’t see you doing the
oh my goodness well just homeless second
I don’t care what just you can’t say

anything that was without a doubt
I cannot believe like and sadly I can
believe this but this has to stop the
tears will come people this will not end

well and and it’s it’s this this is
destructive this is destroying people
and what’s it what good is it doing
anybody well it’s making some time it’s

making money there’s a four second clip
which I just wanted to show he get this
is another person these are all

different people and this is the last
one that I recorded which that just of
summarized she’s got it nailed bridge
divides to learn what I need to learn to
do the work it hit me where have I heard
this phrase before you’ve got to do the

work doing the work it’s about the work
are you ready are you ready for it I’m
ready I live with an actress for several
years the entire acting community is

about doing the work you’ve got to do
the work to be able to get to that place
to do this role doing the work it’s
taken directly from Strasbourg

Strasbourg who’s the lead Lee Lee
Strasberg is not the the training coach
yeah the method actress this is method
acting they are teaching the method

acting well doing the work is really
actually referring to what they really
mean when they read stupid book don’t
read the book you’re not doing the work

doing the work this is the closest thing
I’ve seen and and I would I would
attribute it to this book and this woman
who is going around giving her seminars
this is very reminiscent of the seminars

you would get in 70s and it was that
sprang out of Earhart
oh yes give ‘ti
all three right of how s twerked on his

new more targeted but it’s the same kind
of thing that they sitting in the room
they brainwash it’s a brainwashing
sessions very well done I’ve gone
through a couple of them when I was at

the air pollution district they made us
go through one it was some variation but
I it was very it was a they’re great and
I can see how people get caught up in
the next thing you know you’re going
broke you have no more money it’s all

going to ask and that’s there’s good
they haven’t got that angle down yet but
they’re getting there because you can
never finish that’s the problem when you
get stuck in this and this one of these
you got to keep going to seminars you

can take more courses and the key word
back then I used to use it all the time
because I we had that when I was at info
or we had an ST nutball working there is
one of the writers and I kind of you

know he talked about he’s kind of like
well why are you getting out of this and
we ought did two other most of us
thought there was nuts
and I thought it was nuts yeah but the
key word that you could use on people to

make them think that you were part of
the cult is have you had the training
you could say oh man that is yes I’ve
done the work I’ve have you done the

training and was it not in the series
the Americans that that guy got wrapped
up and in s Tazewell on the show oh I
never you know people keep telling I’ve

never watched the series but that’s
quite possible you know it’s about
Russian spies in the United States and
the 70s wrapped up in it wow this is so
good so it’s really a kind of a cycle

it’s a fractal and it’s holdovers most
and many of these people must be the
same people who were I bet you there’s
plenty of coming into these oh the old
tricks the old techniques the training
method yeah only now it’s the work it’s

not the training right this training
training have you had the training now
it’s the work I’ve done the work have
you done the work you’ve done the work
it’s just a different code word but
that’s the code and you all you have to

say yes I’ve done the work and okay
you’re he’s one
of us he’s one of the pod people okay
let me try let me try
um excuse me I’ve done the work are you
using your privilege to assume that I’m

white yeah goes all the way through so
I’m not even claiming I’m not white oh
that’s a dead is dynamite

I can’t wait to try it yeah this is a
violence man oh man um while we’re
watching a re-run of this bullcrap from
the seventies with these people yeah and

they just eat they’re just rolling in
money like they just as the tricks
always worked it was all the little
spin-offs of s and there were a ton of
them but think about it so you have

asked all these little tricks and we
should probably consider highlighting
them because these are amplified through
the mechanisms of social media –
amplified so when you do the work you

get lots of likes you know then the
melena the all the Neuros this triggers
go and so this is highly highly
addictive of course it never ends well

as you can tell in what’s happening here
is a complete meltdown and and then what
then what happens then you have to get
on antidepressants or some other thing

it’s very discreet rude up if you’re
easily suckered okay but we look we’re
old white dudes you know the most hated
people in America because maybe some in

the world maybe some sense is coming out
this is a generation that grew up with
the likes and the follows and the in the
notifications and the bells and whistles
you just tie it into something very

easily this is a major this is some
heavy-duty thinking that went into this
and this doesn’t surprise me that the
woman who wrote white fragility yeah is

a psychologist or so she knows about
these tricks
this is applied psychologists used to be
just people didn’t like to talk about it
but the CIA knows about it the idea was

a plot is not psychology it’s applied
in other words you use psychology to to
manipulate people and that’s what’s

going on here they’re big people are
being manipulated by this and then you
see the results of these meetings and
they’re disruptive and the people that
are being disrupted to normal people

like that latina the only guy that met
that guy there plus the Tom who is
berated and there’s there’s one other
guy who was a defender there was two
sides of this thing you could see

clearly there was four people that were
social justice types and four people
that weren’t and they people that
weren’t and I have to say this just
across the board don’t know what’s going
on now don’t know what’s hitting them

don’t know how it works and really the
only way you can protect yourself is by
sticking close to us the bit you just
did yeah that is your armor you could

you can do that and that that guy kind
of did that and that one clip which is
wait are you accusing Tom being immature
right well and that was using that your
own the language against it but you

can’t do it in this the problem is the
way I see it doing that kind of thing
and that’s the way I would do it that my
snide sarcastic manner Road I get right
right is not the way to do it I’m just

do it that way because I don’t care
right so it the way you describe going
okay that’s the way to do it I’m gonna
refine it yet again I’ve done the work
and I am surprised that you use your

privilege to assume that I am white yes
that’s even better
that’s a dying

thing to say to somebody I think you
have to step it only works if the
somebody’s calling you what resistor
yeah there’s got to be some other white
supremacist just a baseline I think for

a lot of mechanisms that can be
developed that would all put people push
people back there was some guy I think
it was the I of Ohio State or some
college this is a clip from like years

ago when these kids came in demanding
this and demanding that and he used the
idea of yours you’re in my space I feel
I feel unsafe just told these kids and

they all got out and left they didn’t
follow up on it at all they just
fantastic fantastic and I think I think
we have an example of one of these in

this ongoing Massachusetts boycott of
starve Whole Foods
remember i remark that they had this
really cute girl young woman who was

doing all the talking about the black
lives matter face mask which were not
allowed yeah so she’s back in the
picture now this is two three two weeks
later or maybe a week or ten days later
and she is I’m thinking she is trained

and it’s too bad we don’t have video
because when a few times you’d really
name is Savannah something or other
training this going on listen to this

report cuz she’s good she’s really good
customers and employees boycotting side
by side outside of the Whole Foods in
Cambridge and we’ve been told to take
our masks off or leave it up page it’s

going on day 18 some employees walking
off the job daily after being
reprimanded by management for wearing
black lives matter facemask
work I think they should let us support

any kind of movement that is human
rights not this one that’s equal rights
until their bottom line is hurt and they
see that people care

I don’t think they’re gonna change even
the most merciless shoppers are
searching their minds about the company
standing in solidarity with employees I
feel completely uncomfortable giving

them three of my dollars oh so we’ve
stopped shopping here the whole food
spokesperson told CBS News their dress
code policy prohibits visible slogans
messages or logos unrelated to the

company but their employees disagree
where gay pride pens we wear shoes we
wear Red Sox masks we were Bruins
why they’re not changing this Posse

visits so small even though some of
these employees are on the verge of
losing their jobs they vow to continue
to walk out and to speak out until

changes are made think what I think and
it’s called a false equivalency to use
what are those great new words to to say
that representing sports pride for your

town or your state is equal to black
lives matter political statement in fact
it’s actually kind of demeaning it’s

kind of demeaning so just like sports to
you mom this is one of those situations
unfortunately I said this before it
shouldn’t happen at Evergreen where the
kids have been expelled because the kid

going getting into college and then
getting expelled from college has to go
home to their parents and say I got
expelled mm-hmm why did you get expelled
there’s no good reason they should just

shut that whole foods down and leave
town 18 days almost three weeks now I
shut it down a bezos’s got the money
doesn’t care shut the whole foods down

and leave these people let them screw
them in and make sure that’s on their
record they’ve managed to story no but
Bezos is in the same spot man he’s
running commercials showing how good

they are for the green earth and how
good they are for black lives matters a
million dollars realizes that Bezos even
all his Whole Foods did that call him
this is happening

Bezos is in trouble too he’s in trouble
he’s gotta close that store all right
luckily we have a complete disruption
coming on the scene and this is real I

have a lot of respect for what he’s
doing and I think there’s a method to
the madness
this is Reuters Lee Sang that no one man
should have all that power but it seems

like rapper Kanye West wants some of it
announcing on Saturday that he would run
for president in 2020 although it was
not immediately clear a quest was
serious about vying for the presidency

just four months out from the election
or if he had filed any official
paperwork to appear on state election
ballots he posted on Twitter we must now
realize the promise of America by

trusting God unifying our vision and
building our future I am running for
president of the United States the
deadline to add independent candidates
to the ballot has not yet passed in many

states West and his wife Kim
kardashian-west have visited Donald
Trump in the White House and he already
has at least one high profile supporter
Tesla CEO Elon Musk replying to the

tweet you have my full support okay I
want to tell you I’ve analyzed this guy
I’d liked him a lot
I’ve Latin I liked what he did when he

went into the Oval Office and he was
talking about the 14th amendment and of
course people call him nuts and already
TMZ has launched the headline Kanye West
and midst of bipolar episode family
concerned according to sources who are

familiar with their thinking you know
that kind of stuff this is a very
interesting move he’s a billionaire by
the way he is he is a very wealthy very
successful guy he comes across as nuts

and the media will portray him as
however they want to portray him the
same they did for Donald Trump he has it
maybe not a real certainly no shot of
becoming president for 2020 this is the
windup this is a warm-up for Kanye for

2024 and he’s a great choice because and
I vote for vermin supreme I like his
platform everybody gets a free pony I
love the outfit and it keeps me

unaffiliated so we can do this show
with clear conscience and heart but
Kanye Wow
so you don’t have to vote for Trump for
all the things you don’t really like

about Trump of being just do sometimes
and being cringy but you know you know
Kanye is not gonna beat Trump but it’ll
certainly take away a vote from Biden
that is a very powerful position and

Kanye will have some power maybe it’s 1%
of the black vote a boss in this case
who knows he’ll have some peace because
a lot of people take him seriously as do

i and this this is a this is a Ross
Perot game changer for this election and
hello he’s a black man he gets no it
replied been running for president he
doesn’t get any serious interviews

really in Forbes you know like a kind of
literal reprint of him saying wacky
stuff the same way they do about Trump
that’s because they take him seriously
to they know he’s a detriment to the

whole idea of hiding Joe in the in the
basement and having a unity consensus
technocrat government surrounding him
because that’s what they’re setting up

it’s gonna suck if Joe Biden wins with
whatever this whole unity that is have

you seen I have a clip here hold on a
second this is the Biden Sanders unity
task force and they rolled out the
platform a task force set up by Joe
Biden the presumptive Democratic nominee

for president
and former presidential contender
senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and
independent released a sweeping set of
platform recommendations on Wednesday
that lays out a progressive roadmap for

Democrats the one that falls short of
Sanders push for radical change the task
force which was launched in May laid out
its platform recommendations on a number
of key issues including climate change

criminal justice reform immigration
policies health care education and the
economy in a 110 page document if you’re
wondering where all the

paper went apparently the hill used it
to have their voiceover people talk
through when they’re recording their
articles not as bad as Biden bring it
bring it bring me some Biden

alright so Biden gave this speech to
some little town in this is a big deal
he came out of it out of the basement he
was nobody’s miked him right and they
played that they played live streams on

CNBC or one of them CNBC I think CNN I
know the Washington Post they won’t play
a live Trump thing but Washington Post
even streamed it on YouTube and all and

this is the best I could get and this is
not only that but it started raining
during the thing oh gosh that mention
that there you know they got these big

circles you’re supposed to stand in a
circle cuz every circle six feet apart
right and so they’d looked idiotic and
then of course when the thing was over
they all mingled I mean come on make up
your mind so so it started raining and

then Biden was freaked out by this and
so he thought it was rainin think was
raining he kind of lost his sense of
things cuz the whole speech was read
from a prompter and he walked off
immediately took no question though he

couldn’t have of doing this he still
screwed up of course so this is this is
the part where this raining and Biden
kind of freaks Anya ad-libs
to have that capacity that’s great come

on guys
you guys right

my gosh

the strength to get up no matter how
many times we get knock
respectful hard work

people do it these are the values
all of you
Wow Mike it was the rain was better
miked yeah and it kind of reminded me

let me see if I can do this I’m asleep
the sword
oh my gosh Joe

little walking in the rain’ Ronettes I

mean this is beautiful it’s so it gives
you such a vision of a powerful new
leader yeah the guy and they just is
unbelievable date I got the one gaff
this is his Great Depression you can’t

listen to this oh my gosh I can’t wait
not seen since the Great Depression of

World War two what does depression was
that make sure he was saying that this
is a fact check me to fact-check
he said up wanted to say or I know this

is on the prompter yeah he misread it
this is so this is he can’t debate Trump
which is why they’re not gonna get out

of the debate you watch it’s not gonna
be this gonna be voting by mail there’s
gonna be this shoot you know what no
we’re gonna watch out some kind of
genius blockchain invention is coming

and we’re all gonna vote on the
blockchain while we have our masks on
making love to our partners oh I’m sorry
that’s not us because you and I are out
on the street white man so so that’s of

ders I did get it to find a thing that
Norah O’Donnell interviewed some time
ago is about it I’d say maybe a year ago
mm-hmm or no way I was just before he

was he got all his votes needed to be
the nominee and he was in the studio and
it was actually pretty it was pretty it
was it was he was the synced kind of but

there’s a there’s something in this clip
that I wanted to wanted to play and this
is oh yeah this is the fact that he
won’t he did this this is in June and he
wouldn’t answer a question word where

Trump’s name was invoked uh and it would
it was actually a good question it
wasn’t a trump question it was just a
comment that Trump made that she wanted

him to respond to he refused to enter
Menten to say anything about it because
it’s Trump has she never called him back
on at this very poor job by Norah
O’Donnell here do you believe there is

systemic racism in law enforcement
absolutely it’s not just a law
enforcement across the board it’s in
housing this is education and it’s and
everything we do

it’s real it’s genuine it’s serious look
not all law enforcement officer racist
mylord are some really good and good
cops out there but the way in which it
works right now it was seen too many

examples of it
do you support defunding the police no I
don’t support defunding the police by
support conditioning federal aid to
police based on whether or not they meet

certain basic standards of decency on
honorable lists and in fact are able to
demonstrate they can protect the
community and everybody indicated does
it hurt Democrats cause if there are

some in your party that are saying
defund the police the president is
suggesting that shows Democrats are weak
in terms of freslin that has no
credibility on anything Peter wise he’s
the first person anyone can think of in

modern history who’s taken regular
military officers and had the move
against peaceful demonstrators causing
for former Chiefs of Staff to say this

guy is bad this guy’s wrong did she just
stop wait a minute what’s the National
Guard wasn’t it yeah he says officers
you officers get out there and stop

those protesters I thought it was
generals you made the generals do it do
some work you’re not doing anything oh
my goodness hmm Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe well

if you think that’s the problem and
we’ll just kind of continue this thread
for a moment ABC News has found out that

our national parks are in fact
problematic which an avenue term for us
this needs this situation with the
natural parks needs to be normalized or

this can’t be normalized depends on how
you want to use it the sweeping vistas
stir the soul wildlife and waterfalls
awaken a sense of wonderful the American

wilderness a playground for old and for
young and overwhelmingly white when you
look around you don’t see people that
you identify with you don’t
welcome you feel out of place you feel

literally like you are an outsider
Ambreen Tarek is founder of brown people
camping when she was eight years old her
family moved from India to Minnesota

where she fell in love with the outdoors
20 years later she’s still astonished
not to see more people like her and
there some people might say isn’t this
just that people of color don’t like to

yeah and so that I would say no right
that’s a generalization and they’re just
because something isn’t happening or the
presence of someone is missing does not

mean they don’t want to be there so many
Americans of color parks campgrounds in
forest land are stubborn bastions of
self-segregation dam do you think this
is true is there some truth to this

seems wild this accusation dead blacks
don’t like to camp that was my question
that was a very strange report oh and it

went on for seven minutes it was very
in-depth and I don’t know I thought this
I know who to ask of course I’ve never

really thought about that and I’ve been
an ass before I just bring it up in the
next show yeah I’ve been I’ve been
around national parks lot I don’t know
it always seems pretty diverse to me but
maybe it’s tourists I don’t know who

knows but so this is national parks are
well anyway that’s it that’s a
showstopper whatever you didn’t mean to

stop the show I don’t even know what it
is called fake racist
okay well now this this can this could

pick us up out of this show-stopping
moment Raymond DeRosa and his family
were having dinner on his wife’s
birthday July 4th at Carmel Valley
Restaurant Lucia we were there just
celebrating having fun when that fun

quickly disappeared as the man you can
see in the background of the celebratory
picture began ranting Asians a roses
nice Jordan Chan recorded what happened

next on her cell phone
oh now you’re shy Michael waft how
escaped the family the finger then said
there’s still people like that in this

industry let alone in this country
Oh Lucia employee quickly stepped in
where did this trauma based
entertainment take place Carmel at the

Bern Ardis lodge and who’s the white
person of this fracas because that’s how
it’s usually a person is a it was did
all the news recovered him as a

prominent Silicon Valley CEO of a
company as cloud-based convenient out of
San Francisco which is where the story
gets interesting

but you’ve wrapped that up and I’ll tell
you what what the deal is
I admire her for that in an e-mailed
statement the vice president and general

manager of Bernardo’s lodge and spa in
part writes quote we are proud of our
staff at Lucia in keeping with Bernard s
lodges core values
Michael Lofthouse also issued a
statement writing quote my behavior in

the video is appalling this was clearly
a moment where I lost control and made
incredibly hurtful and divisive comments
I would like to deeply apologize to the
chan family I can only imagine the

stress and pain they feel I was taught
to respect people of all races and I
will take the time to reflect on my
actions better understand the inequality
that so many of those around me face
every day

he’s just saving faces I think he really
meant what he said what he did
I don’t believe his words because he’s
actions speak louder a Rasta says those
actions in part include additional

Instagram comments that appear to have
been posted by Lofthouse directed at one
of the families supporters that include
Asian expletive and come near me or my
people and you are expletive dead

Lofthouse did not respond to a request
for an additional comment about the
Instagram posts or his role as solid 8
CEO a San Francisco based tech company I
can’t say what he did was was acceptable

all right no he it isn’t it isn’t
because a lot of people will probably
disagree with me by saying I forgive but
I do okay well this is an interesting

case we have our he’s the CEO of solid 8
a San Francisco based tech company yeah
you’ve looked them up the solid eight oh

yeah okay come on all right what’s going
on I hate I looked up everything okay
there and I sent a note to this this is
ABC report send a note to the reporter

saying you know I give me the address of
where they are in Sint where this
company is in San Francisco do you have
it the San francisco-based tech company
is San francisco-based yeah he started
this company two years ago out of his

house in Los Gatos and now it runs out
of a mail drop from in a shopping mall
in Los Gatos a this the aim
the aim mailbox company he’s got his box

number he doesn’t have a company that I
can tell this is a porn company come on
I don’t even think it’s that solid eight

he does have a website you go to I think
a solid eight dotnet or something or TV
or some solid eight dot info I don’t
know and it’s just a dead sided who was
put together through GoDaddy anonymously

and it’s been open I don’t know it
decides all this time on ABC or local
ABC station showing this guy braces
Silicon Valley’s CEO what is up yeah and

then they also ran in USA Today it ran
it gives moto had a whole piece on it
which called the President of the United
States a white supremacist I mean this
is completely nuts this guy’s as far as

I can tell this guy’s doesn’t have a
business Bobby he’s has a core it is an
LLC that’s registered with the state of
California through that mailbox in Los
Gatos which is supposed to be the office

and I don’t know what apology this guy
had it was AK and apology how is this
even a news story this is a this is a

sham so what is this is this a jab at
the real Silicon Valley to say hey we’re
just warming up over here this is what
we can do I don’t know
moto and after Asians for a reason who

owns Gizmodo I guess motors owned by
that company it was the day after uh
Gawker Media fell apart
you don’t Peter to you buy it all I

don’t think so this is the one at
Jezebel’s also part of this operation
China’s a bunch of social justice fortas
trying to find a quote and put in the
newsletter it’s pretty pathetic but the

this is a scam of some sort and I can’t
put my finger on why or what or maybe
just the publicity stunts for the guy
well that’s a really lame way to go

about getting some publicity for your
accomplish well don’t do publicity
stunts unless it makes your money over
sells books

exactly imagine all the people who do
getting parched

Ryan Smith the top of the list for the
guys we want to thank for show 1259 and
he comes in from Raleigh North Carolina
good old Raleigh 188 33 and he made it
the knighthood Joseph he’s gonna be sir

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Timothy’s 9999 and James James James any
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Jennifer Dame Jennifer Amy and free she
says let me see what she says she’s got
something in the morning more value for
value from you all from animated No
Agenda Maya lgy my dad would have been

83 on July 11th effing cancer happy
birthday in paradise we miss you here in
clown world that you’re glad you are
missing hold on let me expand that cell

you were missing the chaos pronounced
Shouse house of 2020
xoxo Dave Jennifer ah that’s so nice
sir herb lamb the vite count of georgia

baron of Buford dam and Sugar Hill
Georgia and he’s got a human resource
max who he wishes a happy birthday on
the list
he also says I’d like to call him out as
a douchebag all right you’re supposed to

be paying his way thanks for the
excellent continued coverage of the plan
demmick a lot of people like this now

this next one Steve Webb I just need to
stop for a moment Steve Webb is oh gee I
think he was the original god cat one of
the original God casters when we were
just starting 2004-2005 uh and he just

need its 7777 he’s in Riverside
California Street a little bit of his

notice you’re well aware Adam you
changed my life when you wrote the first
little Apple script that was the
beginning of podcasting now almost 16
years later in over 2000 podcast
episodes later what you began is still
taking it far too many hours of my life

they says he took a few years off but he
felt the calling to return to producing
more content life spring mediacom that’s
what I was getting to and he’s doing 10

episodes and I don’t think he I don’t
think he’s donated but he wanted to say
hi and he wanted to support the show and
I want to have Maddie do she
you’ve been deduced unworried Baron Marc

Tanner as usual comes with 76-54 twice a
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Switzerland and he is a also got a
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yeah we got did you do an interview with
him he interviewed you and plugged the

podcast on Israel’s most prominent
financial newspaper in 2012 ah yes I did
all right nice cooler than Clayton done

event in Greenfield Wisconsin 50 and we
keep on a great job by the way our
Israeli friends says that would be
concluding our 1259 show of and we want

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we do have to meet up reports which are

always appreciated from meetups that
took place in the past few days I
believe we go to Northeast Ohio first so
from the Northeast Ohio Meetup we are

taking refuge in North – the Lady of the

hello John I think someone’s smiling at
you nasty how you doing oh this is
Ashley Lady of the lake hi John David

CPU and the morning fellas this is dude
named Jay and I want to go where I’m
with all the knights and dames I’m not a

sir and really don’t believe to be
deserve to be out here
I think you’re getting it along
wondering where I am
middle of it Sergio we want here in the
morning in the morning Brian Vegas dude


Boris Bertolini Akron Ohio in the
morning wow man I think that 21 people

or something was off the hook
that’s pretty amazing I love that and
this is all just to go from place to
place as they found behind him I know
and their runs like breaking the law on

the lam the No Agenda producer meetup in
Northeast Ohio where they’re all clumsy
together we also have a so much shorter
report from Seattle this is Patrick at

the Seattle meet me know and half of us
are still here hey in the morning this
is Sur art Vandelay and we are having a
good time yes sir the original douchebag
from Seattle Washington Hey coming at

you from WKRP yes hell I was by one
Jonathan Coulton and I am a colossal
fucking douchebag okay I don’t watch the
podcast yeah hey this is we’ll hit him

in the mouth hey this is Thomas Donald
Trump don’t touch China China’s asshole
hey this is Brice and believe it or not
not everybody in Seattle is crazy some

good ones up there that’s so cool and I
understand this and I’m going to the
next Austin meetup it’s important you

want to get out you want to talk to
people that at least won’t look at you
you don’t have to worry about them you
know if you want to wear a mask if you
want to wear at hazmat suit no one’s
gonna care at the meetup if you want to

have nothing no one’s gonna care you’re
just gonna be together you can talk
can’t talk with anyone any we can’t talk
with your own kids it’s nuts hey here’s
the rest of the meetups as there’s
scheduled for today we still have the

Alexandra Virginia meetup I guess it
might be ongoing as we speak
hi guys and that was a civilian of West
pencil talkie probably also will see no
still go tonight don’t know it’s

probably yeah busy as well let’s do at
the most a dome in Malta I hope that
that one okay then we have coming up
Friday on the 17th Montreal Quebec six
o’clock hi citizen organizing for you

the venue is TBD to go to no agenda meet
ups calm also on Friday in Croatia at
the Adrianna bar Alex will be organizing
at 7:00 p.m. Central European Time Zone
I can’t wait to get a report from that

western New York local eight double-o
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ETA eastern time to help us plan this
assess a road wolf Baron of western New

York so go to no agenda meetups calm if
there isn’t a meet up there on the list
we have many more in the future you can
just start one it’s fun and cool people

come out and it’ll be very good for your
mental well-being
during this global lockdown in fact it’s
like a party
sometimes you wanna go hang out with all

the nice and days
ah hell

everybody feels the same this my
I wanted to take a moment got a couple
of three clips actually of Chris Fenton

and I also have two clips Chris Fenton
is a producer he is like a movie
producer big-time he did some of the

Marvel stuff Iron Man a couple other
movies and he as the story goes was so
tired of cow telling to the CCP as all

of Hollywood does that he’s written a
book of course which he is now promoting
and it’s I have not read it yet but I
look forward to and here’s just a couple

of clips of him talking about the hoops
that they had to go through to have
access to the Chinese market which is
really where all the money is you know
since the Clinton administration that’s

what the deals have been all about
so from Hollywood to the sports world of
the NBA without China without access and
they and they make take advantage of
their position and they will cut you off

as we saw with the Hong Kong NBA fracas
which don’t talk about that anymore so
here he is talking about I think this is
Iron Man one of the things that China

was extremely strict on us about was if
if you’re gonna have access to this
market and you’re gonna have access to
market and promote this movie far beyond

most movies you need to shoot the movie
here you know and not all of it but
parts of it and you need to have what
they call first unit people over which
means having Don Cheadle and Gwyneth

Paltrow and Robert Downey jr. and having
our director over there and showcasing
the movie by shooting it you know so
many days in that market and having a
certain amount of the movie take place

in China and the final cut unfortunately
what happened Robert Downey jr. got hurt
in that production so we lost a lot of
potential shooting days that we could

have done in China so we ended up
shooting just second unit material in
the market and we did certain things
that you know would the ccp’s you know
guidance to try to showcase the amount

of moviemaking we were doing in that
market and the amount of people that we
were hiring with those second-unit shots
that were Chinese and the amount of
skill set in exchange that we were doing

to help them build their own film
industry right because remember that CCP
is about how do we govern 1.4 billion
people and keep them just happy enough

that they don’t revolt right you can’t
make them all happy there’s not enough
resources on earth so how do you keep
them just happy enough that they don’t
revolt and part of that is giving them

all of what they need and some of what
they want but another big part of that
is also ability in their middle class
and how do you build their middle class
well you create industries that hire

skilled labor in the film industry is
one of them and it’s already all there
there’s nothing left not much in
Hollywood yeah well this is true here’s

a he’s a funny anecdote he had about the
movie Point Break they did I guess they
did a a remake of that movie of Point
Break but he again a little interesting

tidbit on how much control that the CCP
has over the storyline even Point Break
is another one right where we did the
remake and there was a scene in that

movie where we were gonna open up the
film with a cold open which is always
that high action sort of impact three
minutes that gets you right into the
movie and it was gonna take place in

Shanghai and it was gonna take place in
a building way up like on the top floor
of a one of those massive buildings in
the Budong district and it was a diamond
the diamond store diamond showcase

Center and these motorcycles were
driving through they got on the elevator
and they started taking all the diamonds
and then they drove out the building up
on the hundredth floor and they had

parachutes and they were supposed to
take the diamonds with them
but because they’re sort of Robin Hood
characters they were gonna spread the
diamonds all over you know the city from
the air and then all the Chinese were

supposed to pick up the diamonds because
the Robin Hood effort you know won over
the rich diamond dealers or whatever but
the Chinese government said you can’t do

that I was gonna say this I am sure that
one didn’t go over very very well said
well number one is our police would have
caught them and number two is the
Chinese people would not pick up

diamonds that weren’t theirs this does
not make sense that might actually be
true we need to help the Chinese people
we need to tell them what’s going on I

don’t know if they pick up a diamond if
you see it laying around that’s our tip
of the day our anti-ccp tip of the day
if you see a diamond laying around go

ahead pick it up it’s okay it’s a little
subtlety that’s got to drive these guys
nuts which is that our police wouldn’t
let that happen
right when you compare it to our

storytelling mechanism it just on TV for
example let’s examine the show NCIS Los
Angeles where there are bombings and
shootings and car chases and explosions

all over the place by these NCIS people
and no local cop ever shows up our
police in Los Angeles

it’s so predictable but the cops are
just gonna walk they were gonna leave
people are gonna find other things to do
oh I think this is the dude we’re gonna

have a policing problem in this one
major lives made good move is a Marxist
idea yeah yeah major problem I mean once
you even just start talk about defunding

taking base over it’s over
who wants he wants that job ah it’s very
very sad
okay so I have a couple of things to end
with please I thought this would

definitely get to one of some let’s
fight where I got one short Kayleigh one
let’s get it out of the way she’s
bitching and moaning because she did a
press conference early in the week where
they all they asked her was about the

Confederate flag the Confederate flag
cuz Trump tweeted something stupid and
see this is what Trump does that will
make people vote for Kanye it’s this
kind of shit that drives people now

nobody’s throwing Josh okay you can
think that all you want but this is a
classic is she didn’t have anything she
didn’t have a setup she didn’t have any

target but she did every classic close
and walked with him yelling at her on
ventilators and having leaders that we
were able to deploy around the world and
help other countries so that’s what I

would have to say ANCOVA and finally I
didn’t with this you know I was asked
probably 12 questions about the
Confederate flag this president focused
on action and I’m a little dismayed that
I didn’t receive one question on the

deaths that we got in this country this
weekend I didn’t receive one question
about New York City shootings doubling
for the third straight week and over the
last seven days shooting skyrocket by a
hundred forty two percent not one

question I didn’t received one question
about five children who were killed
I’ll leave you with this remark by a dad
it broke my heart a dad of an eight year
old lost in Atlanta this weekend they

say black lives matters you killed a
child she didn’t do nothing to nobody
was his quote we need to be focused on
securing our streets making sure no
lives are lost because all black lives
matter that of David Dorn and that of

this eight-year-old girl thank you
Wow Wow

that was what kind of what’s going on
with her
she’s irked no job she’s a oke teespy Li
she’s released the different Sarah

Sanders not much different the way they
approached these things never Sara
always had this grouchy look on her face
she never smiled when she did it was
there and it wasn’t part of it she
wasn’t the cute bubbly blonde so the

cute bubbly bubbly blonde comes on and
she smiles she knows everyone’s name and
then at the end she turns on the group
and is yells I never not doing their job
correctly which is why we love her
intact while we write songs about her

may we have her around long time but I

don’t know
I died I’m worried for her future oh
she’s fine
says you I think so so I got two other
clips alright just a news clip this is

the st. Sophia this is a major story
that they’re playing on they played it
on CBS so I guess they’re picking it up
in the national level but when you we
talk about the Pope earlier yeah then
this happened I’m thinking oh yeah yeah

yeah this is another another another
piece of the puzzle in the news now I
have two of us one is that starts with
lowercase I think is the real clip the

other ones was is an empty file
okay the World Council of Churches
expressed dismay today following a
decision by Turkey’s president to
convert one of the country’s most famous

landmarks from a museum into a mosque
the aya Sophia in Istanbul was built
1,500 years ago as an orthodox cathedral
CBS’s Holly Williams is there for nearly
90 years aya sofya has been a museum

built as a cathedral for Christians
later becoming a mosque for Muslims but
modern Turkey’s founder Kemal atatürk
wanted it to be a monument for everyone

who’s the one of the earth now turkey’s
current leader register one has
announced it’ll be converted back into a

lighting his devout supporters who
celebrated outside aya sofya chanting
god is great but the decision horrifies
those like nobel prize-winning author

Orhan Pamuk who want their country to
remain a place where politics and
religion are kept separate there are
millions of signal Turks like me who are
trying against this but their voices are

not heard because we don’t have enough
free speech and democracy in Turkey
unfortunately anymore aya sofya was
built as a cathedral around 1500 years

ago when this city now known as Istanbul
was ruled by the Christian Byzantine
Empire then nearly six hundred years ago
it became a mosque when the city was

conquered by the Muslim Ottoman Empire
in modern-day Turkey the religious and
the secular rubbed shoulders
often surprisingly sometimes
uncomfortably to convert aya sofya back

into a mosque has been criticized by
Christian leaders and US Secretary of
State Mike Pompeo warned against it when

I hear this report I am so happy that
the state of Texas is lowering marijuana
to a second-class drug I mean this is

this is Vatican shit this is you know
you’ve been there okay cool oh yeah
Oh tell me it is unbelievable this thing

was built in like 500 mm-hmm and it is
so big it’s it’s absolutely impossible
to believe that this was built that it

was built during that era
it’s a gorgeous facility the other thing
is there’s a nearby there’s another
famous mosque called the Blue Mosque

that serves the purpose I don’t know why
they’re switching this back it was
originally a Eastern Orthodox Church the
massive massive Church I mean is you
have to go visit this thing to imagine

monstrous it is and then of course the
Ottoman Empire took it over and turn it
into a mosque and it’s it it works as a
mosque works as a mosque I mean looks
like a ma don’t they need to change

something no conversion they just hang a
different sign on the outside what’s the
deal take the cross but if you go into
thing it’s pretty maaske already hmm
although there are some images imagery

in there which they know what to do I
think that and they paint over the fresh
yeah I’m gonna paint over the frescoes
this isn’t I have to do that because
they have this the frescoes are nicer
gorgeous well that’s done it’s a

fabulous place that I don’t understand
whether it’s Phyllis icing it’s
something else is going on we have to
assume end of times end of times it
could be the last clip I have is a work
some clip this is the pro sports team

names and degree all these names you
know they’re trying to change all these

names this is a good story because it
brings in an element that I do want to
discuss before we quit the show which is
the the notion that putting any sort of
makeup on is akin to blackface and we
have to remember that black faces a

specific insult and an appropriation
based on the minstrel era it’s got
nothing to do with painting your face at
a football game red or blue or green or

anything like that at all but in this
case now we’re gonna doll everything’s
gonna be equated to blackface long time
there have been calls for certain pro

sports teams to change names that many
of you as racist
change has been slow to come by but
there is now a renewed debate Frank
Morris with member station KCUR reports
on what makes this moment different lots

of Native Americans loathe the name of
Washington’s NFL team the Redskins yeah
it’s a dictionary to find racial slur oh

Christel echo-hawk who heads the
advocacy group illuminative says a
30-year stalemate when the team suddenly
broke when washington’s corporate
sponsors demanded a
new name and the team agreed to consider
it what changed was the murder of George

Floyd and it changed everything in the
country that includes customer
preferences just this week
Walmart and Amazon joined others and
stopped selling the team’s merchandise
Mike Lewis a marketing professor at

Emory University says the Washington
team named now has become more of a
burden than a benefit and he says it’s
just the beginning
the Indians second the Chiefs probably

third the Braves and the Blackhawks
don’t take a lot of heat for whatever
reason but at this point I think all
sorts of team names are now in play the
Cleveland Indians have lost a formal

name review at least primarily the
Kansas City Chiefs
Atlanta Braves and the Chicago
Blackhawks hockey team the three teams
all claim to venerate Native Americans
crystal echo-hawk says the names Braves

Blackhawks and chiefs alone are not
racial slurs but they do carry heavy
it’s the imagery that gets associated
with those names it’s the racist fan
behavior when a fan paints their face

red that is blackface blackface is wrong
we think most people in the country get
that now all right your face red that’s
blackface no that’s red face face is

generic yeah yeah it’s a concept no and
that’s not okay no by the way you paint

your face blue it’s not okay it’s
problematic face problematic issue you
know you’re the one that banned that
word no I didn’t ban it I said you gotta

look out for it and now we use it as
like a rim shot you’re using it yes well
you’re using I decided not to ever use
it but you’re using it now I’m feeling a

blush to go back to using it okay then I
used to use it all the time I’ll slow
down but it still should only be a rim
shot for us that shouldn’t be we
actually mean that I’d rather have a
real rim shot

we can’t normalize that rim shot
well I guess at the beginning of the
games when we have flybys of f-15s with
Tomahawk missiles attached that’ll be

and then maybe a nuke helicopter or
maybe the Blackhawk maybe those will fly
over I mean come on where does it well
now it sound like it like an AM radio

talk show guy well it ends only with
things that hurt Trump nor that we can
spin to hurt Trump or feeling your local
politician anywhere because this is not

just taking place here force Johnson has
it many other our own ro this it’s a
great time to be a podcaster that’s all

I can say it’s very very proud of with
your own network to distribute yourself
without having to go through pod bean or
any of these Federation’s going oh you

know we don’t think your podcast is
suitable anymore
grumpy old bands is next with Dame Carol
and Blaney on the on the iron stick so
you can check that out on no agenda

stream comm end of show mixes some some
fun ones we have
let’s see Jesse coy Nelson we have a
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Rolando Gonzalez checks in with his 15th
mix and we will be back on Thursday now
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I’m Adam curry man from Northern Silicon
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according to our new ABC News poll with
hip sews 9 out of 10 Americans say
they’ve worn a mask in public in the
last week right now in the United States

people should not be walking around with
masks but there’s some partisan divide
you said as late as March 31st there was
no consensus on wearing masks let me

explain to you what happened back then
but in general if someone is well enough
to be out in public they’re medically

well enough to put some kind of face
covering or mask on an off-duty officer
was seen body slamming a woman at a

Walmart when she allegedly refused to
wear a mask

okay we’re gonna play that game
hood asymptomatic

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