No Agenda Episode 1260: “Pre-Decisional”

the nose patrol is on the job adam curry
john c devorah it’s thursday july 16th
2020 this is your award-winning
nation media assassination episode 1260.
this is no agenda confirming

china is asshole and broadcasting live
from opportunity zone 33 here in the
frontier of austin texas capital of the
drone star state
in the morning everybody i’m adam curry

and from northern silicon valley where
we’re all
loaded up with goya seasonings
i’m john cena borax
hey i don’t know about you but i turned

on my computer this morning and now
microsoft has determined that dragging a
from one place to the other is a
security risk
what does that mean i just saw him this

morning i’m dragging clips around you
know with
all within the same drive and every
single time i
i want to copy a clip or move it
somewhere else

uh microsoft windows pops up an alert
security alert is new
says are you sure you want to move that
and you have to click yes but there’s no
no way to say uh

i’d like to uh have this go away
that’s a virus that’s not microsoft
that’s the microsoft
virus alert what are you talking about
yeah it’s a virus that’s gotten into the

system and it’s doing
that well it must be a virus from
microsoft that they put in their update
well i’m not saying that’s not a
possibility but you do browse and go to
websites and float around

so that’s not necessarily you didn’t
catch something
okay well to me it looked pretty much
like a microsoft
thing but okay it’s a virus just ask the
chat room if anybody else has ever seen

what you’re
describing i sure haven’t i don’t know
well the troll the trolls say it’s a new
security feature they’ve done a whole
bunch of things
outlook stopped working security i was
reading the move and my

stuff from drive c to drive b
i was right b it’s a floppy disk boy
no that’s the d drive d drive is a
floppy or f drive
no a and b are no flops oh you’re right

amv are the floppies oh my goodness
um yeah and a lot of people after the
tuesday update
uh outlook stopped working and i guess
they’re still trying to push updates

every day that’s not a that’s a feature
i agree outlook not working is a huge
when we did our show on sunday i started
with news that was local to florida we
were in florida

about these testing centers um reporting
positivity rate and we did it right at
the top of the show
and i got a lot of hate mail
uh in the form of this would be example

wife says you’re full of crap proof show
me proof where’s the proof
because these days no matter even if i
just post something innocuous or reply

to someone on twitter
trolls come in and say oh yeah yeah i’m
gonna take my advice from an ex-vj
because you have to have the right
credentials i guess you have to have
some kind of

studies in order to have an opinion uh
but as it turns out
oh boy the florida department of health
releasing its daily coronavirus testing
showing a statewide positivity rate of

11 percent
but fox 35 quickly noticing some
shocking positivity rates
countless labs reporting 100 percent

that means every single person tested
was positive
we sifted through the report to find
local testing sites with high numbers
like this centracare 83 people tested

all positive check out the orlando va
a positivity rate of 76
ncf diagnostics has a location in
88 of tests coming back positive
and 98 for orlando health

how could that be we investigated these
astronomical numbers contacting
every location well it’s a local
affiliates okay
and how can that be well because these

guys were jacked because this story went
viral very quickly
mentioned orlando health the only to
confirming errors in the report its
positivity rate is in fact

only 9.4 percent now we just heard back
from the orlando va they are looking
into the numbers
we haven’t heard back from the other two
labs or the florida health

uh department of health of course it
makes you wonder if these numbers are
are other numbers on the report also
we’ll stay on top of this story yes on
top of the story well of course

the numbers were wrong uh
and this is not like something
incredibly new
testing goes wrong testing is not
100 perfect in fact

i think you brought it up the h1n1 swine
the obama administration called a halt
to testing

because of the error rate and this was
the same cdc
some of the same people actually and
someone dug up the report here’s a
30 seconds just to understand that this
is not novel
if you’ve been diagnosed with probable

or presumed 2009
h1n1 or swine flu in recent months
you may be surprised to know this the
odds are you didn’t have h1n1 flu in
fact you probably didn’t have flu

at all that’s according to
state-by-state test results obtained in
our three-month-long cbs news
in short only a small fraction of cases
that doctors flagged as most likely to
be swine flu

actually tested positive for swine fluid
state labs the vast majority of the
were negative so that’s how trustworthy
the systems are
same type of test and the uh
the i guess the administration took some

and put out a an order a change which
we will have nicole wallace of msnbc who
i have
plenty of good clips from today will
have her read this out and

and talk about her amazement about
what’s happening i want to just read to
from what the new york times has just
posted and asked you to react
the administration orders hospitals to
bypass the cdc with key

virus data alarming health experts trump
administration has ordered hospitals
to bypass the centers for disease
control and prevention
and beginning on wednesday tomorrow

send all coronavirus patient information
to a central database in washington
now this is the new york times notice
the positioning of where the data is

going the data is going where
coronavirus patient information to a
central database in washington a central
it’s probably run by jared kushner a
move that has alarmed public health

experts who fear the data
will be distorted for political
gain how scary is that to you
well let me ask you john how scary is it
to you that that could be

i am scared to my socks i’m sweating
thinking about this it’s pretty scary to
me i’m so
scared this is now the woman she’s with

is very interesting uh she is the
ex-ceo of planned parenthood who
resigned after a very short amount of
if you that’s the one that was in there
she’s the short timer

uh she’s the short timer and uh she is
uh well she’s
she was born in china it’s also
i mean what is the rationale for
bypassing one of the preeminent

in the world the cdc is admired around
the world in fact
other countries have named their own
equivalent of a cdc
literally the cdc the chinese cdc for

for example it’s named after hours
yeah you can go to china in the woohon
and say where is the cdc
and they’ll point you right to it
because we are the ones because our
scientists and public health officials

there are the best in the world
the cdc is supposed to analyze the data
coming from different regions in the
and look for trends identify these

inform the public about them and then
also synthesize guidelines
and inform the public about what to do
next that’s what the cdc
is supposed to do and i don’t understand
where this data is going instead
i don’t understand where the data is

going what
is this woman doing is she an expert on
the cdc is she had
is she had infectious disease experts
she’s the ex-head of

planned parenthood what’s she got to do
with the price of bread well
why is she even on the show well two
reasons one
she has a chinese connection and this
will be a theme for me because there’s a

lot of chinese stuff happening
two what do you mean she’s comp she used
to run planned parenthood of course
she’s connected to population control
please it’s obvious why she’s on
um that was msnbc now we do my favorite

we’ll go from msnbc to cnbc
the same basic news organization
and somehow they were able to read the
information that the white house posted

which explained where this mystical
database was and where the information
was going
and even the new york times kind of made
it sound i didn’t get a clip of it i

even heard a report somewhere
donald trump says it’s coming to the
white house that’s where the data’s
but it’s right there i mean they publish
it on it’s an official

that they want to listen to here’s cnbc
a little bit closer to the facts but
still can’t help themselves
dr gottlieb i read several stories
yesterday about how
health and human services is going to be

taking over the the state’s reporting
of what’s happening with coronavirus
cases it won’t be going through the cdc
anymore it will be going through
many of those stories raise the question
about whether that would politicize the

data whether you could trust it at that
i just wonder what you know about this
and if you will trust the data
that health and human services is
putting together at this point
you see what was in the new york times a

database in washington
is in fact the uh health and human
of which cdc is a part of and the
database is actually located at a

national institute
of health server and again this is all
in the documentation well the data is
still going to be shared with cdc i mean
there’s been some frustration about the

cdc systems being somewhat old
and not being able to collect the data
in a very efficient way and not being
able to report the data in an efficient
way i think the preferable path here
would have been

to try to build out the systems inside
cdc and not try to recreate the wheel i
think there’s a temptation when you’re
in government
if something’s not working well you just
try to rebuild it somewhere else
as opposed to trying to fix the system

that that that exists
that’s in place at the moment and i
think they would have been better served
probably investing in what cdc is doing
in the cdc systems
because cdc is a better repository for

information they have the scientific
to call this data in a way that no other
agency does
all right so i’ll just cut to the chase
on this it’s a very
so the cdc databases aren’t working

clearly there’s no
there’s no quality control uh there’s
just really neatly reporting
new is that if you’re in the hospital
and you’re tested 15 times during the
course of your three or four days stay

you count as 15 cases um
but more importantly this data has been
functioning as a procurement
measurement system which i didn’t

and resources such as money
along with treatments vaccines
future vaccines ppe mass ventilators

are determined by this testing data
so maybe just possible that one or two
of these
testing or hospital places inflated a

little bit to make sure that they
were prepared for the surge or they got
enough of the stuff that they wanted
it’s all very very very sketchy
but okay it’s going to a database in

washington and the president is now
sifting through your information is
going to
is going to do something evil to you but
what about the death rate
what about the death what about the
hospitalizations hospitals there’s so

many hospitals we’re over the hospitals
are overrun
a perfect interview with the florida
hospital ceo
leah what is her name now
uh i’ll get her name in a second this is

again msnbc now what are we being told
hospital beds are filling up icus
over 100 capacity

but it’s not exactly the way they’re
telling it
and the truth always wants to come out
in this interview with the ceo of this
florida hospital um it’s so dire at this

point where we’ve had to
actually separate parts of our hospital
so we have two emergency rooms now we
okay so first of all the elective
surgeries are back

so if you’re saying your hospital is
overwhelmed it’s not quite the same when
stopped all elective surgeries and the
whole hospital was ready for
uh covid cases so now
you should also note that there has been

pent up demand for these cases for the
elections surgeries
and elective surgeries is it’s not like
oh i think i’ll go to the hospital and
have something done today

it’s it’s a categorization of any
treatment that is not emergency so if
you need a heart valve
or something a stent put in that’s an
elective surgery if you have a heart

attack then you know then you’re
different sorry yeah no all that is true
and so and these people
need these surgeries elective surgery
doesn’t mean it’s oh

casual as you just said it means you
need the surgery but you so now
piling into the hospital sure yeah so
she has

two emergency rooms now if if we needed
to we could go back to the original
hospital setup which was no one is
so just bear in mind that full is not

exactly the way it sounds but it gets
so we have two emergency rooms now we
have one for as you said appendicitis
and all of those other
you know very very critical issues that

people come to an emergency room for
and then we have a separate emergency
room strictly for covid
so that we can isolate those patients
and prevent the spread
right now my icu is at 187 percent

capacity and i’m able to do that by
creating additional spaces
but i love these numbers
i’m in 187 capacity

and i can do that because i still have
room left
i don’t understand um and i’m able to do
that by creating

additional spaces but it is what it is
sooner or later we will run out of space
so we’ve got to get control over this
disease and we have got to stop the
um you know the good news is is that

about 98
of the people who come to the hospital
are discharged
but if you go into an icu you have a 30
to 35
chance of never leaving and so

it’s very serious and we have to make
that oops cut it off there
yeah so it’s

thirty percent of the two percent
go into the vent ghana ventilator and
may not survive
but 98 of all patients are discharged
discharged from the emergency room

discharged from the hospital in general
it’s flaky
it’s flaky and it’s no comparison to the
um hospital resourcing that we had
at all no and that’s what’s being done

by the media
yes and it’s real media reports on these
is just completely out of control it
almost makes it unlistenable it’s really

the information that you’re not being
given which which makes it the worst
you know just it’s so bad and it’s so
obvious what this is all
you know pushing towards uh let’s get a
little update from

let me see i want to get a little update
from our buddy ted ross let’s see what
china has to say about the sich
if governments do not clearly
communicate with their citizens
and roll out a comprehensive strategy

focused on suppressing transmission
and saving lives if populations do not
follow the basic
public health principles of physical

hand washing wearing masks
caffeine a ticket and staying at home
when sick if the basics
aren’t followed there is only one way

this pandemic is going to go it’s going
to get worse
and worse and worse say it three times
so they remember
there you go if you’re if you do not

comply if you do not follow the rules if
you’re not listen if you’re not a rule
it’s only going to get worse and worse
and worse
play this clip this is this is kind of

an aside to your
hospital report i got a kick out of this
this is the kovid hospital death studies
one thing that hasn’t been mentioned
much in the debate over reopening the

nation’s schools
the expenses involved while much of the
back and forth has been over health and
policy school
and union officials say the cost is also
a major concern
they say there’s a long list of extra

expenses ranging from additional
custodians and nurses to the cost of
purchasing protective gear
stocks gained ground today on wall
street the dow up 227 points
that’s your clip i did a pretty

piss-poor job of editing it
yeah you forgot to cut off the other
minute of dribble
yeah we’ll let it go that’s okay that’s
okay it happens to the best of us

yeah so you know they just they just
keep on pushing
pushing vaccine though so now we’re
getting all kind of exciting news about

about a vaccine but this is the wrong
because uh the oxford
oxford university has a very exciting
results with their covid19 vaccine they

have licensed it to astrazeneca
uh and it is developed
oh man are you ready for it in close

with china and oh they stole some they
stole some documents good
oh yeah you know why it’s good because
astrazeneca will help pay for your
if you can’t afford it it’s in the small

print on their advertising
and of course this this is not the way
it’s supposed to go so yeah i don’t have
any clips but fauci’s out there saying
well now don’t get too excited because
it’s not modernist vaccine yes

it’s so obvious oh we’re not very
excited about this at all
no this is i don’t know proof gee
uh meanwhile the modern vaccine has
induced adverse reactions in more than

half of the trial participants
and there goes the stock but it doesn’t
matter cnn will just keep everybody
uh hopeful i mean hopeful that one day
one day i will once again be able to

fly on an airplane have four four
children uh
youngest one is 10 months old you know
the the biggest concern is flying with
i don’t want them to get sick and with

like a 10 month old
she’s going to be she’s going to want to
crawl right she’s at that age where
she’ll put everything in her mouth
right and she’s always touching things
and then the other concern is you know
right now i
it’s hard to trust other people i think

you have the crowds at the airports
going through security
so you’re just exposing yourself more
than that you have people
with this virus that may not show
symptoms until

you know you’re on the plane and then
it’s too late especially if you’re going
you can’t go anywhere you’re stuck
i’ll wait i’ll wait as long as i have to
even when a vaccine comes available

i’m not going to be the first one to run
out and get it i’d like to make sure
it’s going to be effective and it works
i mean
if it lasts a year maybe two years
that’s just what we have to do

i mean yeah you know i obviously want
the kids to get out i want my wife to go
do the things that they want to do i
want to go do things that i want to do
but at this time
it’s just what it is i mean so we just
kind of have to put up with it and make

the best out of our
wow time please think of the children
oh yeah my children i can’t fly because
you know
my toddler crawls around and puts

everything in here you’re gonna need to
teach your kids
early man don’t your kid crawl around on
the airplane floor
and maybe we should talk to some
pediatricians uh as nbc news did
talk to five pediatricians about even

getting kids back in school
you all right what are you doing trying
to crack this
just keep going never mind
nbc news talked to five pediatricians

children doctors
said well how would you feel comfortable
sending your child back to school under
these horrible circumstances even
without a vaccine would you let your
kids go back to school
i will my kids are looking forward to it

period absolutely absolutely
as much as i can without a hesitation
without a hesitation yes i have no

concerns about sending my child to
school in the fall
i would let my kids go back to school dr
john torres
nbc news okay that’s odd
especially for nbc i don’t know how that

slipped through something went wrong
i don’t know because everyone’s been
messaging just the opposite
in fact as i put in the newsletter
they’re messaging the butterfly effect
yeah well the kids will be okay they

won’t catch it but
even though they won’t catch it they’re
gonna bring it home and you’re going to
catch it and then you’re going to give
it to your uncle who’s going to take it
to this
old folks home and then all the people
in the office are going to die thanks to

your kid going to school
a study in the new england journal of
medicine shows the only reason for
keeping children home
from school is politics it’s always nice
for a medical journal but they said it

the texas teachers are now calling on
state leaders to delay
school reopenings they’re a lazy bunch
here in texas i know a couple of these
school teachers i’m not that impressed

this is a teacher’s union i’m getting 10
bucks and the tech the texas state
teachers union
is very powerful and very very
wealthy all the texas all the unions all

the teachers unions across the country
are moaning and groaning about this i do
have one report from new hampshire which
is where they’re going to open whether
they like it or not because there’s no
cases there
okay over new hampshire schools to open

new hampshire governor chris sununu said
schools should resume
classes in person this fall he’s giving
local districts flexibility as they make
rules on distancing and wearing a mask
reporter sarah gibson has reaction to

the plan the state’s largest teachers
union slammed the guidance saying it was
full of shoulds rather than requirements
that would ensure safety but gorham
superintendent david bakler says the

flexibility is a relief
it allows his area which has had barely
any coronavirus cases
to get back to school everybody’s a
little nervous but

the vast majority wants to get back into
and the majority wants to get back to
school safely and
that makes a lot of sense we want to do
that as well districts across the state
are expected to announce in august their

plans for the fall
including if cases rise significantly
how to switch
back to remote learning in
in march google classroom
had about 15 million students

they now have almost 100 million
on google classroom which is mining your

and preparing them for the g suite when
they grow up
and no one is even thinking about it
yeah just throw them on google it’s
going to be great that’s the default
that’s what all teachers go to by

default google classroom sure
the kids have to sign up to google
they’re tracked through google they’re
tracked through instagram
i can’t understand why people allow that
to happen

and it’s it’s baffling i agree and doing
this stuff via remote
even a zoom a zoom call can kill you
in arizona three teachers who shared a

classroom to teach summer school
students online
all contracted covid despite following
cdc guidelines
one of them a long time educator died
i don’t know if they were all i don’t

know if they’re on the zoom call or
what was that no i should mention
something here that
i you have to remind people this i used
to write about it and it

just constantly reminded people because
i had when i was younger i
control data corporation had created
learning uh machine learning system
not machine learning but a computer

learning system for students you could
take plato courses
and i took a couple of them and they’re
on these crazy terminals and they were
they were professionally designed the

whole thing was a teaching system that
that was remote it was computer learning
they studied it and studied and studied
it and they made these conclusions
that it’s no good that computer

learning is mediocre teaching it’s not
good it’s not like being in a classroom
where somebody can catch you
making an early mistake that you’re
going to fundamentally screw up
everything with

right but from then on it’s and it was
and i took these courses and it was like
i always thought that they were kind of
yeah they were fun you got them over
with you got always got a good grade
and it seemed like you were learning
something but in fact when they studied

it and studied they discontinued the
whole program
because it didn’t work it was a piece of
crap and every time people kind of keep
trying to go back to
computerized learning where you just sit
in front of a computer and try to learn

it doesn’t work it’s no good when was
when when was this what uh what year it
was a long time ago like 70s
yeah remember it was discontinued in the

mid 70s
remember the one laptop per child people
they’re going to save the world
i’m sorry i can’t laugh every time i
hear that if only we could create a
computer under a hundred dollars

meanwhile raspberry pi 19
uh yeah but doesn’t have a hand crank
the real
um tragedy that’s coming out and i don’t

if it’ll change because of the lockdowns
etc or
what what will happen but the birth rate
certainly in the western countries is
uh alarming

like really a fertility rate another
rate we have to look at
boom jaw-dropping global crash in
children being born
that’s bbc dropping why wouldn’t it go

up to or
got nothing else to do well before all
we had uh you know people were getting
dogs they weren’t making children
yeah this is uh here’s the from the bbc

what is going on the fertility rate the
average number of children a woman gives
birth to is falling
if the number falls below approximately
2.1 then the size of the population

starts to fall in 1950 women were having
average of 4.7 children in their
uh researchers at the university of
washington’s institute for health
metrics and evaluation showed the global

fertility rate nearly halved to 2.4
in 2017 and their study published in the
lancet so it’s got to be true
projects by 2100 now we got a little

ways to go
it’ll fall below 1.7
so i guess that whatever they’re doing
it’s working yeah this is all this is
ultimate this

is ultimately this is what the elites
want try to destroy the
nuclear family yes and you can get
pretty far you know it makes it get rid
of these
gender bias ideas you know gender roles

yeah yeah i got some stuff on
has got to go uh i have one thing on
you want to just do yeah i see you two
other clips anything we want to play

from covert before
this is kind of a run down summary if
you want to play but do the masks first
okay masks are now
being mandated everywhere in the world
especially countries who follow ted

because you know you don’t get fired for
hiring ibm you don’t get fired for
following the world health
um guidance uk 100 pound find
fine and you know that they really hand

them out there they’re not joking
around um all over europe now the
as they call them the mouth caps they
don’t call them masks they call them

mouth caps are being uh mandated
and uh there’s still a lot of people who
are very confused about the efficacy
of masks and here is dr scott johnson to

exactly how inefficient and


so i i traveled to florida with my neck

gator from uh no
which is not a mask it’s accepted as a
mask as a face covering it’s basically

a pantyhose over your face it’s fine it
has our message on it so that’s kind of
i have no illusions that is saving me
we’re in florida in the hot spot
traveled on the plane down traveled back
there 100 people on the flight

so it was not it was not empty no middle
seats um
and you know didn’t wasn’t crazy going
hand sanitizer and bathing in that stuff
no nothing at all come home we’re not

sick there’s no problem
the problem we did have is when
transferring at um
in houston uh tina all of a sudden
had to stop we were walking and she’s

hold on a second she got dizzy from from
having this damn mask and breathing in
her own exhaust
yeah no this is carbon dioxide poisoning
and the first thing i did is all right
off with this thing now let’s have a

sip of water let’s breathe crikey
yeah and she has to wear it all day at
work and so yeah this is i don’t i don’t
think this is a very good
a couple of things i got some advice
uh you can do the it turns out

uh as you saw the picture in the
newsletter uh
that nobody seems to really bitch and
moan at you if you pull it down so your
oh this is another thing that just gets

me everyone has their nose hanging out
it’s like
okay that seems to to me it looks like
you’re an idiot i mean
either wear it or don’t wear it and i
saw a baggage handler talking to the

the check-in uh lady and he’s he’s he’s
like maybe
you know 10 inches away from her with
his nose hanging out over the mask you
yeah nah nuts it does it looks like
you’re an idiot but at the same time

maybe you’re not an idiot well
let me i want to do your run down let’s
get into the the politics of this
because there’s

more interesting things yeah because
anytime you get poor yamiche
who is just just she’s just not improved
as a broadcaster she
mispronounces things and she’s has a
pace of it she sounds like leave it to

beaver trying to talk you know it’s just
terrible but let’s listen to what’s
going on because there’s a lot of action
because of
trump you know and biden and trump wants
to do this and that and

and we have the goya thing but even
though that’s not mentioned let’s go
covet pbs
raps yamiche won the coronavirus crisis
rages on and so does the war of words
over a top pandemic scientist

the verbal volleys kept coming today as
the united states neared three and a
million infections and topped 137 000
white house correspondent yamiche
alcindor begins our coverage

today from the nation’s top infectious
disease expert a fresh assessment of the
kovid 19 pandemic
what we need to do is say we’re not
going in the right direction now
so we got to call a timeout do a pause

and say
what do we need to do we need to stop
this with your fake numbers but amid the
worsening outbreak
dr anthony fauci also faces a public

rift with the white house
you know it is a bit bizarre today he
spoke out about the white house
attacking him
over his handling of the pandemic no i
cannot figure out in my wildest dreams
why they would want to do that but i

mean i think they realize now that that
was not a prudent thing to do because
it’s only
reflecting negatively on them i can’t
explain peter navarro he’s in a world by

those comments come after navarro
president trump’s top trade advisor
lashed out at fauci in a new usa today
he wrote that fauci quote has been wrong
about everything i have interacted with
him on

he also said he takes dr fauci’s advice
with quote
skepticism and caution navarro’s
criticism echoes what the president
himself has said about dr
fauci here he is last week in an
interview with fox news’s sean hannity

dr fauci is a nice man but he’s made a
lot of mistakes but today white house
tried to distance the president from
navarro’s comments
in a tweet white house spokesperson
alyssa farah said the op-ed didn’t go

through normal white house clearance
and is the opinion of peter alone the
president also responded
well that’s peter but i have a very good
relationship with doctor

there’s never been a time when two
candidates were
you know let’s just call it what it is
it was a total lash
out it was totally planned trump knew

this navarro
i read the piece you know it was
scathing but also honest the mistake you
know it’s about the mask
and about not wanting to lock down china

i mean it’s not like it’s untrue
but it was clearly an attack to make him
look stupid
and and bad and then which we’ve been
doing on the show

for at least four months i know i know i
know i know
it’s very annoying how can they’re just
like it’s exactly the same as it was the
first time around

we had to lock down only now and of
course we have this in texas because who
who is really stupid here who are the
and it’s not georgia who opened up

everybody else and everyone was going to
die it didn’t happen there
i don’t know who’s running georgia but
the three states that are the idiots the
the rednecks the people who are really
ruining for the rest of the country

because they oh they couldn’t wait you
couldn’t wait
you had to go out too soon
well so what what are those states again
it’s uh florida

texas and arizona just over a hundred
days until
election day and this morning we have a
new cbs news battleground tracker out
that looks at the presidential race

in three states heavily impacted by the
coronavirus that’s arizona texas and
results show former vice president joe
biden will be competitive or better in

all three states mr biden and president
trump are tied
46 to 46 in arizona president trump
is up 46 to 45 in texas
and the former vice president is up by

six points
48 to 42 in florida
that’s a lie by the way you’re stepping
in my sequence i’m sorry
um which that

luckily plays into it okay by the way
that that’s bull bullcrap there’s no way
florida’s before for joe biden but i
just like how
coincidentally joe is just doing so well

in the three states the republican
states run by
idiots yes
those idiots as a republican idiots
let’s keep that theme in mind

anyway she continues on and she brings
us right into the picture this yamiche
and but she does a switcheroo here that
i think he’s discussing in this next sub
clip so different all this is president
trump is behind in many polls

and faces fierce criticism over his own
response to the kobit 19 pandemic
and yesterday what was billed as an
official white house news conference
quickly morphed into a campaign-style
event the

president spent 63 minutes mostly
criticizing his november opponent joe
he mentioned biden by name some 30 times
especially he hit the former vice
president on a range of issues from

joe biden and president obama freely
china to pillage our factories plunder
our communities
to jobs america lost nearly 10 000
factories while

joe biden was vice president think of
that 10
000 factories
yeah all right the switcheroo is
she said specifically that trump talked

about jobs
and then she she here in her package
it’s about factories
now factories aren’t jobs and trump
doesn’t talk about factories because of

jobs he talks about jobs as jobs
factories are the industrial base of the
united states of america which makes a
huge difference in world affairs
we need fact we need manufacturing in

this country it’s about manufacturing
in this country it’s not about jobs per
se but she’s yamiche
so yamiche like drops the ball on that

one but she does this is the kind of
thing she does constantly
and i’ve noticed this is a lot of uh
there’s another one of these things and
i don’t know what
it’s the uh she does it again in the
next clip

but in a different way and i and i will
point this
out because i’ve i thought about this
what she’s gonna do because the left
media does this constantly uh uh
amy did this very early in the game and

we we laughed about
it and it you you’ll hear this clip and
discuss it after the clip back in the
rose garden the president also falsely
claimed again

that covet 19 infections are going up
only because of
increased testing think of this if we
didn’t do
testing instead of testing over 40
million people

if we did half the testing would have
half the cases it’s true that the us has
conducted the most coronavirus tests
yeah so she starts off with falsely

oh yeah and i thought about this for a
while because
wait wait let me just hear it again
because it is very subtle but it’s
something that’s done a lot here we go
back in the rose garden the president

also falsely claimed again
that covet 19 infections are going up
only because of
increased testing think of this well
that’s that’s actually not what he
said i don’t think and that’s

the testing numbers are going up because
of deposit i don’t think anyone has said
the positivity is going up only because
of testing

that’s kind of split in hairs but
i don’t think she split in hairs i think
this is a a
world view issue play that whole clip
again and i’ll tell you what i’m what i

okay back in the rose garden the
president also falsely claimed again
that coveting infections are going up
only because of increased
testing think of this if we didn’t do
testing instead of testing over 40

million people
if we did half the testing would have
half the cases it’s true that the us has
conducted the most coronavirus test
okay okay so what we have is we and the

left is the left sees it a different way
than the right than the right does
or or trump does trump says that we test
a lot and so you
and in fact those doctors that were

banned from youtube those two guys in
bakersfield they predicted brought this
you do a lot of testing the numbers go
up the deaths go down that was it was a
it was the number you do a lot of

testing did cases go up and the deaths
go down that was the
theme thematic thing the guy was saying
over and over again
and and so what trump is saying and what
the right tends to say is like yeah you

test a lot you’re going to get a lot of
positive cases
and the the left says it’s got nothing
to do with
testing you’re getting more cases
because there are more cases

and it’s a it is it’s at a world view
level the way one side sees it as a
anomaly where you’re going to get a lot
of numbers and it’s not cases necessary

the cases are the cases whatever number
of people are
if it’s always showing up at 10 probably
10 of the public has it
they have to assume i think even more
than that

maybe maybe not it doesn’t matter
there’s a number of people that have it
that don’t that don’t count they don’t
count them as people would have it
of course there’s a lot of fudging on
the numbers that we’ve proven on the

time and time again that half these
numbers are bogus they’re double counted
there’s all these other problems
pool testing contacts
the numbers are out of control but the
left sees everything

as just a huge they really see this as a
great pandemic that’s going to kill two
million people to this day
and i think when she says what she says
which is

proven wrong this crazy notion that the
more you test the more cases there are
is is right because the more you test
the more cases are no
there’s cases and the more you test or

the less you test
it doesn’t matter there’s an extra
number of cases out there and i can see
their point but at the same time
they’re missing the point well what was
interesting to me yesterday

is there was a cover-up that took place
and in your second yamiche clip
actually was an example of it uh let me
see where

let me just play that one again uh where
is it yamiche
yeah in the switcheroo just listen to
what she says here so different
all this is president trump is behind in
many polls and faces fierce criticism
over his own response to the covet-19

and yesterday what was billed as an
official white house news conference
quickly morphed into a campaign-style
event the president spent
63 minutes mostly criticizing his
november opponent joe biden

he mentioned biden by name some 30 times
okay so she
she characterizes this rose garden uh
speech as
a rally uh to criticize biden
and this was a and of course you don’t

hear the president say anything she
doesn’t pull out for a sound bite maybe
a little piece
she’s just talking over him the whole
time this was coordinated the way this
rose garden speech was reported on

and i have two examples uh from uh msnbc
again but
cnn was doing uh the same and in fact
even fox news was doing the same
here’s brian williams about the speech

in the rose garden and this is the top
of the
show for brian williams the 11th hour
the president spoke in the rose garden
today for
52 53 minutes do you see the
similarities in the reporting she said

63 minutes 52 minutes
without pause or interruption saying the
same things he would normally say to a
rally audience it was billed as a
statement about china

and while it briefly contained one
briefly he went on to relitigate the
2016 election and the polls he went hard
after obama
especially hard after the bidens both
joe and his son hunter of course

he talked about the paris climate accord
biden’s failures in the area of road and
bridge construction
bernie aoc ventilators hospital ships
violence in chicago the stock market

three times the usual stuff
oh and he said biden would abolish the
and windows not the software but windows
the kind in buildings

he said we’re feeling good about our
country he said the european union was
formed to take advantage of the united
he quickly added other presidents didn’t
know that
he said we are coming out of this

pandemic on top
on the coronavirus he said testing is
fodder for fake news cases are created
because of the testing
but nothing new about how to control

this virus so again
we hear brian williams giving a rundown
of what is now being categorized as a
rambling rally speech in the rose garden
and the

and the report this the intro leads into
uh coronavirus and kobit 19 and testing
which is
apparently all that it was really about
well let’s just listen to nicole wallace
i typically don’t do this but i just

want us to enjoy
the entire minute and a half opening of
show yesterday hi everyone it’s four
o’clock in the east as
donald trump seeks to seize control of

the facts
about the coronavirus pandemic in the
united states by redirecting
patient records from hospitals away from
the cdc
which he’s at war with publicly there

are new questions about the president’s
grasp on the facts
after a bizarre and startling
performance in the rose garden yesterday
on the data seizure the new york times
reports this quote

the move has alarmed health experts who
fear the data will be politicized or
withheld from the public
and on the president’s rose garden
appearance it was notable
for both his personal delivery which was
halting and incomprehensible at times

as well as the very use of the white
house rose garden for the airing of
political attacks and grievances
that would barely be considered passable
for an inebriated right-wing radio talk

in the wake of trump’s disclosure last
week on sean hannity’s program that he’d
cognitive testing we start with this
passage in the reporting on
press conference by peter baker in
today’s new york times quote

he weighed in on china and the
and the paris climate change accord and
crumbling highways
period and then china again and military

and then china again and then the
coronavirus again
period new sentence and the economy and
energy taxes
and trade with europe and illegal
and his friendship with mexico’s

president and the coronavirus again
and then immigration again and crime in
and the death penalty and back to
climate change

and education and historical statues
and more quote we could go on for days
he said at one point
and it sounded plausible the president
seems surprised
by some of what he’s reading from his

own notes talks through a few lines
and then says them again end quote the
president’s loosening grasp on even his
own reality comes as the predictions for
the toll the pandemic is expected to

take on our country
go from dire to catastrophic new
modeling from researchers at the
university of washington
now predicts that more than 224 thousand
americans could lose their lives

so very similar uh pbs
new york times of course both msnbc’s
what they’re doing is telling you you
don’t have to watch this

don’t watch this is the rundown i’ve
never heard them do this
like this like it’s this extreme and
clearly it started in the
new york times and everyone copies it
you know that’s all yamiche is doing
so why why is it only about it

all stories lead into coronavirus
well because it was actually about
something else yesterday which
the comms the chinese operated media

do not want you to know about and let’s
listen to a little bit of the president
in the rose garden yesterday remember
rambling attacking uh rally speech

here’s how it started
ladies and gentlemen the president of
the united states
and i kind of what is this about who is
this announcer

i don’t know yeah i mean what i mean i’m
okay with an accent i’d just like to
know was it like a special deal
like it’s your time your turn today or
you know i have no idea especially odds

like the sergeant-at-arms in the
the president of the united states yeah
but this is
clearly a heavy heavy south sometimes

ladies and gentlemen the president of
the united states now remember this is
going to be a campaign speech it’s
rambling he doesn’t even know what he’s
talking about he’s attacking joe biden
and it’s all about coronavirus

we’ve had a big day in the stock market
things are coming back and they’re
coming back
very rapidly a lot sooner than people
people are feeling good about our
country people feeling

good about therapeutics and
possible vaccines rambling but we’re
going to go over
quite a bit and maybe at the end we’ll
take some questions if we have time
it’s not too hot today i signed

and an executive order to hold china
accountable for its oppressive actions
against the people of hong kong
the hong kong autonomy act which i

signed this afternoon passed unanimously
through congress
this law gives my administration
powerful new tools to hold responsible
the individuals and the entities

involved in extinguishing hong kong’s
we’ve all watched what happened not a
good situation
their freedom’s been taken away their
rights have been taken away and with it
goes hong kong in my opinion because it

will no longer be able to compete with
free markets
rambling a lot of people will be leaving
hong kong i suspect
and we’re going to do a lot more
business because of it because we just
lost one competitor

it’s the way it is we lost a very very
serious competitor
that we incentivized to take a lot of
and do well and we gave them a lot of
business by doing what we did we gave

them things that nobody else had the
right to do
and that gave them a big edge over other
markets and because of that edge
they’ve done really historic business
tremendous business

far bigger than anybody would have
thought years ago when we
did this gift we it was really a gift to
now of course this was reported here and
there but that’s not the message

anyone got all we saw was coronavirus
rambling attacking biden this executive
order there’s
two of them actually is a big deal and
you can go and read it i mean it’s uh

it’s on this is
almost identical to the iran sanctions
uh identical in many ways to the

act so certain persons are not allowed
assets are seized
you can’t transfer any money out of the
us to china
this is a huge deal and it’s it’s really
big it is

just like the russia sanctions and it’s
and assets are seized
people who have assets that somehow are
tied into
uh and i’m stopped i’m not calling him
the ccp anymore it’s

china and the chinese people have a
you guys got internet there’s a lot of
you should
overrun that shitty ass government so
now all we heard what
whatever you do don’t talk about hong

which is kind of important uh don’t talk
about that no don’t talk about what
trump’s doing to china let’s talk about
how he
sucks at the covid response and there’s
not just one executive order there’s two

today i also signed an executive order
ending u.s preferential treatment for
hong kong
hong kong will now be treated the same
as mainland china
no special privileges no special

economic treatment
and no export of sensitive technologies
in addition to that as you know we’re
placing massive tariffs and have placed
very large tariffs on china first time

that’s ever happened to china
billions of dollars have been paid to
the united states of which i’ve given
quite a bit to the farmers and ranchers
for our country because they were
targeted and that’s been going on for
three years the first time anybody’s

ever done anything like that
and prior to the plague pouring in
from china they were having the worst
years you know in 67
and i don’t want them to have a bad year

i want them to have a good year but they
were taking advantage of the united
states for many many years
and that’s stopping now so somehow this
rambling speech is actually a and i
consider it to be a declaration of war

china because it’s what it is when you
put economic sanctions like this
and you cut off the financial hub that
is hong kong from china that’s war that
is a form of war
i’ve we’ve called it that before with

and to some degree with russia but no
we’re not supposed to
know about that at all no this is a this
is a very
uh this is an excellent analysis of the
situation i’m glad you picked up on the

did stuff on it i don’t listen to those
guys so i miss this
but hey i will say that this is exactly
what’s going on and it
did stem from the new york times which

is highly compromised the washington
post is highly compromised both of them
and that’s where they get all their
sources from and i would say that these
networks are highly compromised and it’s
they’re chinese compromised they’re
working for china yes and i want to just

put a little aside in here there was a
this went around i didn’t get to check
this out to prove it but it was
documented pretty well
and there’s enough screenshots i think
that made it right is that the
nike has these jerseys that they’re

going to put on the nba teams
which is really screwing itself it seems
to me but
the jersey going to you can put these
your social justice warrior comment can
be on the back of your jersey

instead of your name so say black lives
matter or something
so some you can have these custom-made
for yourself they’re 130 bucks
and so a guy went in he was a chicago
bulls jersey and he tried to put in

fuck hong kong oh yeah i saw this it
showed up
yeah it came up fine no problem but then
when he put in free
hong kong it gave an error message you

you can’t put free hong kong is great
this is your this is your nike nba china
and this kind of thing is going on and
it’s just continuing it’s like
i do have some clips from but i have two

more from the rose garden just
okay i’m just going to say i’m teasing
them i have some clips about the uyghurs
yes yes yes yes good which which is
ties in with nike and all the rest of it

according to this this woman who’s an
activist wieger
she’s uh she’s charging our companies
with being complicit with the chinese
uh genocide but continue
well so this rambling campaign-style

speech where the president couldn’t even
figure out what he’s saying himself
and granted it does turn into an
anti-biden speech

but let’s just listen for a second about
and this is all in sequence
the rundown of some of the
accomplishments no administration has
been tougher in china than this
administration we imposed historic

we stood up to china’s intellectual
property theft
at a level that nobody’s ever come close
we confronted untrustworthy chinese
technology and telecom providers

we convinced many countries many
and i did this myself for the most part
not to use
huawei because we think it’s an unsafe
security risk it’s a big security risk i

many countries out of using it if they
want to do business with us they can’t
use it
just today i believe that uk announced
they’re not going to be using it and

that was up in the air for a long time
but they’ve decided and
you look at italy you look at many other
countries we withdrew from the
who and we fully

rebuilt the united states military the
world health organization we were paying
close to 500
million dollars a year china was paying

39 million dollars a year
and china had too much say they worked
it very hard
which is a bad thing done by
our past administrations we’ve been very

tough in the world
trade organization and we’ve been i
guess as tough as you can get on world
health we withdrew our money we told
them we’re getting out
doesn’t mean that someday we won’t go
back in maybe we will when it’s

correctly run but they made a lot of bad
predictions and they said a lot of bad
things about
what to do and how to do it and they
turned out to be wrong
and they were really a puppet of china
and make no mistake we hold china fully

responsible for concealing the virus
and unleashing it upon the world it
could have stopped it they should have
stopped it
would have been very easy to do at the
source when it happened

so um rambling obviously
and we have a an inter finally a real
leftist troll in the troll room who was
saying come on adam

play some more select orange man clips
to make him sound rational
well this is kind of uh in uh in
chronological order
it doesn’t sound irrational to me it
sounds like the chinese-owned media

does not want anyone to know that the
president is really going after china
and that these problems we have today
according to the president are the fault

of his possible contender
in contrast joe biden’s entire career
has been a gift
to the chinese communist party and to
the calamity
of of errors that they’ve made they made

so many errors
and it’s been devastating for the
american worker
china has taken out hundreds of billions
of dollars a year from our country

and we rebuilt china i give them all the
credit in the world
i don’t give the credit for the people
that used to stand here because
they allowed this to happen where
hundreds of billions of dollars were

taken out of the united states treasury
in order to
rebuild china
so to me it’s very clear who’s in with
china and it’s all the media

organizations fox was doing the same
the tucker carlson’s on vacation ever
his head right here tucker carlson’s on
his way out

his head his head writer turned out to
be a total racist
that total racist a-hole writers well
that’s not he was doing he was doing

racist shit on uh websites and
it was pretty bad you know maybe it
could have been a plant
so whatever the case the fox is
following your prediction of 10 years

ago which was that they’re
run by democrats uh and which is not
unusual by the way we have two talk show
operations in the bay area that once a

right-wing operation what’s the
left-wing operation it’s just
run by the same guys the fox
clip that i put in the newsletter
showing their use of the term
lashing out yeah our favorite aiming at

trump is to me
is his code you there’s these words that
nobody why you say
the guy says something saying i don’t
think i don’t like what they’re doing
he’s lashing out

it’s like you’re not lashing out lashing
out it did democracy now uses lashing
out and fox uses it now
describing anything trump does
so yes after that it was a lot of

what biden was not good at and what
trump was good at
but the the core and it was announced as
uh the press uh conference about the
two executive orders against china

which is and these are not just nearly
you know willy-nilly little things if
you if you look at him it’s it’s pretty
damn big
and but that was not meant to be heard

it’s it’s
it’s really really really
um sad that we’re just people aren’t
being served with the news and now

now the next vj has to go and find out
what the president said because you
didn’t see any clips of the china stuff
except c-span yes c-span

obviously they just play things full
cloth just as a
an entrepreneur there was something very
weird that happened over on cnn and
i’m sure it’s political but i’m not

quite sure
what what’s behind it um
new york governor andrew cuomo
who as we know is the guiding light for

all new yorkers
they love him and he has shepherded them
through this crisis
like a true captain wood on the ship
he came out with a poster that he is

selling and uh
again he came out with a poster that i
think he made himself or he commissioned
and i believe it’s well it’s certainly
online but it may even be on the cover

of new york magazine now or something
and it’s a very very bizarre depiction
of i guess his journey through the covid
crisis and

of all stations of all people cnn’s
jake tapper took huge issue with this
new york’s democratic governor andrew
cuomo seems to be on something of a
victory tour congratulating the state

and himself for
defeating the virus even selling this
which shows his state getting over the
mountain by bringing down the curve
during the
111 days of hell as the governor put at

the poster includes references to his
daughters and a boyfriend little
inside jokes there are no illustrations
however of the more than 32
000 dead new yorkers the highest death
toll by

far of any state no rendering on that
poster of criticism that
governor cuomo ignored warnings no
depiction of the study that he could
have saved thousands of lives had he
and mayor de blasio acted sooner no

painting there on the poster of his
since rescinded order
that nursing homes take all infected
in here’s what governor cuomo had to say
yesterday what we went through and what

we did
was historic because we did
tame the beast we did turn the corner we
plateau that mountain and then we came

down the other side
and they will be talking about what we
did for decades
to come so i’m not quite sure what’s
going on with this

why all of a sudden the attack on cuomo
from cnn
well we know we all know that cuomo
won’t fess up to the killing of ten

thousand the number is
ten thousand in the nursing homes
and i have to assume that
tapper had somebody die in one of those

nursing homes ah
yeah now yep yeah yeah that would make
yes in fact i think i saw later a
meteorologist i don’t know if she was

with cnn
and her husband both his parents had
died in old uh
old folks home in the nursing home and
you know where they couldn’t see him
couldn’t be there where they died no
funeral couldn’t be

just i don’t know if they get a box of
ashes sent at home
so yeah that could be it that could be a
personal thing but
cuomo looks really dickish now with this

maybe short-lived who knows short-lived
all right uh so let’s uh we could do a
little more i don’t see any more covet

stuff i got the
uh i did just want to mention one more
thing about china
china and the 5g so
yes the uk announced they will stop

using huawei but they have to take all
the gear out
so they’ll be done by 2027. okay
yeah that sounds like you did a good job

uh it hit me the other day
you know we have a replacement we have
our own system
our own let’s just call it
10g our own system is being built as we

and not a lot of people are talking
about it it is in fact
elon musk skynet which is being built
under the guise of hey man you’ll you’ll

get internet anywhere you are
this is it’s not even called sign it was
it satellite link is that what it’s
where yet eventually you’ll have
something in the order of

20 or 30 maybe in 60 thousand satellites
this is a military this is a
this is a military grid and it’s being
paid for by the national geospatial

nsa has a hand he is building the grid
and it’s happening right above
everybody’s head
it’s going to blanket the entire globe
and that’s why trump likes musk
oh yeah yeah we got to keep him around

he’s a good guy
so that is uh that is what’s going on
it’s it’s a total battle
for supremacy i think we have a good
shot at being supreme over

certainly over china with this grid
well we’ll see i don’t know what this
grid’s about
now you should look into it it’s pretty
crazy well i mean there’s still latency

issues with any no no no
no no no no it’s completely fixed
because the satellites um
communicate optically with each other so
you could actually

it would be less if you do coast to
on fiber direct fiber without uh
any any issues of right away it’s the
you know the the shortest distance

possible has more latency
than coast to coast through uh starlink
i’m not buying this well that’s that’s
what they’re saying that’s what the

measurements are
there’s a lot of articles i put them in
the show notes so people can take a look
at it
arch technica has some good stuff on it
it’s a it’s it’s meshed it’s
very interesting the way that i
understand the mechanism it’s just

there’s still a distance issue they’re
really low
you can’t go faster than the speed of
light that’s correct
and i think if you look at the
calculations you’ll kind of come to

agreement so
i was skeptical about the latency as
well they show the data i haven’t tested
it i don’t have a station
i’m not in the military uh i’m going to
take their word at it word for it that

it has very low latency otherwise it
would be useless for consumer internet
or just as useless as
hue satellite um but that’s not the
the main mission the main mission is uh

the main mission is to uh spy on
everybody and it’s gonna be fantastic
and we’ll own it there you go
take that china china’s asshole
all right you want to hear about the

uyghurs first before
we go yes i will say i’ve been waiting
for you so there’s the npr
i’ve been monitoring them mostly and
i have a couple i have three clips about

the uyghurs it’s a it’s a very very
interesting it’s nothing
completely out of control but there’s
but i do have a little pronunciation
exercise after these three clips are
over this is the uyghurs activist on npr

the trump administration has imposed
sanctions on three senior officials of
the chinese communist party
over the allegations of treatment of the
uyghurs a muslim ethnic minority

the u.s state department estimates that
at least one million uyghurs
have been detained and forced to work in
internment camps
and there are allegations that the
uyghur people are being forced to make

products for american consumers
including 13 tons of human hair for
weaves and wigs
seized earlier this month joining us now
is rushawn
abbas she’s the leader of the group

campaign for the uyghurs
welcome to here and now thank you so
much for giving me this opportunity to
talk about this
unprecedented atrocity of this century
this story is personal for you your own

is missing tell us what happened i have
been very vocal after
the concentration camps and also
according to our numbers there are

three million orders arbitrarily
outside the legal system in this fascist
concentration camps and now being used
slaves um and then my husband’s entire

was missing since spring of 2017.
so i talked about this atrocity
at the think tank one of the think tank
here in washington dc
but six days after my speech my sister

a retired medical doctor she was
by the chinese government as a
retaliation for my public activism
and i have not heard any news ever since

disappearances on september 2018
but only on june 5th this year
radio free asia confirmed that

she is in a detention radio free asia
you mean part of the
american uh propaganda
of course but okay but this is an

exhibition of what christopher wray was
talking about which is the chinese
acting like
the uh of international death squads and
pick people up if you’d say anything

about them they’ll pick up your family
and do all these sorts of things
and this is what went on with this woman
she’s very much beside herself over the
missing sister
which is somehow gone miss
gone missing but as long as as well as

her husband and the rest of the family
that was back there
so she’s upset about this but she’s
here’s part two and she goes on about
a little bit about some of the companies

what are the conditions facing uyghurs
in china and what are you advocating for
well every since the occupation
of east turkestan under the communist

chinese regime
in 1949 they have been persecuting the
and ever since the horrific attacks
in united states in 2001 after the 9 11.

the beijing rebranded its
repressive campaign against the orders
as a
a part of the global war on terror
and they also the belt and road

that actually put our homeland in the
of this belt and road initiative so
we are trying to let the world know that

signing up for the belt and road
initiative right now is complicit
with the oigar genocide when you look at
it you know

so many company companies are being
recent seizure of certain tons of humans
in our customs control here in united

that was produced from slaves in those
concentration camps
those years are from uyghur people
the recent sanction against the chinese
government officials and businesses

and that was very essential and we are
very pleased
but it’s not enough a note
a note on hair and i don’t know if uh
uyghur hair is special uh but i

um my ex-ex-wife’s hairdresser
uh was an expert wig maker and he made
wigs for

uh mainly women uh going through
and so now we’re talking 15
20 years ago all human hair comes from

even back then so and i don’t know if
you have to be
i’m not just playing the other side i
don’t know if you’d have to be a slave
to for your hair to be taken
uh or you could sell it i don’t know but
she does seem to be pretty fixated on

the hair bit
yeah something about it 15 tons of hair
somehow it is like it’s it makes it
sound like some kind of human atrocity
where they’re in stockades just

having their hair grow out i think
equating it with uh
i think they’re equating it with
concentration camps or something oh yeah

oh yeah yeah exactly yeah
shades yeah yeah
eyeglasses piles of eyeglasses yeah well
they should do that the hair
the hair is not cutting it they should
do like they make lamp shades out of the

weaker skin
that would get people’s attention yeah
with the hair i agree
with not cutting it ha ha so let’s play
part three

a recent study by the australian
strategic policy institute
found that weakers are being forced to
work in factories
that more than 80 global brands like
apple and bmw

and the gap and huawei
how do we begin to make sense of how
consumers should think
or know about what’s happening with the

right now doing any kind of business
as usual is complicit with this genocide
almost all of these brand names they are
using the ogres has forced labor

there is a current bill actually being
introduced of uyghur forced labor
prevention act by
uh congressman mcgovern and the center
it will address the direct complicity

and use of slave labor from my homeland
almost every single brand name you know
if they are coming from china if their
supply chain
is using chinese factories means they’re

complicit with this genocide
okay all right well that was the message
now uh so don’t buy nike no
no no i was listening to the

pronunciation i have two clips
two pronunciation clips you have to play
along here
okay this is kind of interesting i
believe there’s one of these

these blue dress gold dress things going
oh no okay good i’d like that now i have
the one that says give hit yeah should

five okay now now that’s the clip i want
you to play this
is her pronunciation of wieger five
times the five times she said it the the
woman herself
and it sounds to me like she’s saying oy

girl that’s what i heard in the clip i
heard her say
you’re hearing yeah okay now play these
five play the five
oh here we go this is gonna be fun this
is gonna go viral finally exit strategy

no all right here’s five in a row here
we go
young ogres tigers with the oil
uighur people voyager yeah i’m hearing

play it again play it again just because
there’s the the fifth one is the one
i want you to concentrate on young
oyggers tigers

voyagers with the oil uighur people
oigra people okay now the fifth one she
says auger people
but now i want you to put in your mind

that she’s going to say
wiggers okay
and we listen to it play that now now
this is the iso of that one clip
this is the the uyghur one hit this is

the fifth
of that series played just by itself
play it
uyghur people wow
oh that’s a good trick hold on that’s
cool let me let’s just play let me now

wait wait i’ll get you the last exercise
play that same exact clip three or four
times in a row and say to yourself
before she says it
is she saying oyger or wieger oygerweger
and you your brain can make you you hear

either one
uighur people wiggle people
uighur people weaker people let me do

sequence again young ogres
with the oil uighur people
wow that is interesting
yes it’s very interesting so she sounds

like she’s saying
wigger and oyager and just like we
so i can’t now after listening to this
especially that last one she says it the

last time
i i i would like to talk to a weaker
and ask them what it is make me
pronounce it correctly because i don’t

i don’t think it’s it’s not even
wow that’s that’s that’s
it’s certainly more interesting than the
hair well the hair

the hair thing well sticking with
religion in china
and i’ve been doing a lot of uh
research and learning honestly and we

have a lot of producers who’ve been very
uh about the vatican and the pope and
the catholic church and china’s
connection to that
and all of these uh somewhat extremely
religious or apparently coming across as

very religious people
in the highest echelons of the
coronavirus response being the head of
the nih

which is uh francis collins uh he is in
fact on the vatican’s permanent lifetime
uh board for all things medical
um fauci jesuit uh alex azar

um i i wrote that down but he has a very
very uh uncommon uh version almost uh
shoot man it’s all in the show notes

anyway it’s not that important but
a lot of uh strictly religious or
seemingly religious people
in the cdc and nih who also coalesce
around the vatican

and the more i look into the
renunciation of pope benedict who is now
93 and
he might actually kind of be in some
form of house arrest
he tried he visited his brother in

germany a couple of the
i think uh late last year and was
kind of sent back unceremoniously quite
quickly and
now he’s blocked down again we don’t
really see much of him

the current pope uh francis
has allowed the chinese communist party
to determine who the cardinals are in

for a different version of the catholic
church i think they call it the cpa so
these are the
uh approved cardinals while as we know
there are hundreds of thousands not
millions of uh catholics and christians

who are
holding mass underground in secret
because the what is happening there is
not allowed by
uh by the chinese communist party
apparently a new

curia has been signed and that is kind
of like the
way i understand it the constitution of
the vatican
so there will be differences in uh how

the vatican operates
there should be about 10 to 12 cardinals
who are on the chopping block who will
be dismissed new ones are coming in
and there’s a lot of worry about what uh

pope francis is doing and specifically
how he seems to be cow towing to china
once again
uh he had the whole piece about uh hong
kong taken out of his recent recent

he just didn’t even met of course they
published it to everybody
before taking it out but he didn’t
mention it so he’s a part of this system
and he seems to not like america very

much and coming from
brazil gotta think there may have been a
lot of
not brazil i’m sorry uh buenos aires
he’s from british argentina uh
there’s a lot of chinese belt and road

stuff going on there so how much
influence was there and is this
for china if we just look at what
they’ve done look at what they had set
up man they’re in our educational system
in our entertainment in our sports

in our news uh all over
uh the medical field pharmaceutical
everything is produced from there
you gotta think that there was an

all-out assault on the west
including changing catholicism or the
or influencing the leader of the of an
entire religion which is really comes
down to

changing the values of western
and the judo christian judeo values
i think there was and it probably is
still quite an assault

on the west by china and maybe just this
coincidental wuhan virus
maybe it was always intended to happen
maybe it would have been much better if
hillary were president

and then everyone would have played
along and done what we were supposed to
do and god knows where we’d be
but i have been speaking mandarin we’ll
be saying
we’ll be saying oyager
so there is this is an assault and it is

important and just to see
that the news media is refusing to even
really report
on the countermeasures that we’re taking

or in fact china’s
counter to our counter measures who say
uh let me see what does that have a
headline here
china vows to retaliate
you know we should be waiting for some

retaliation because i believe
they’re gonna be true to their word and
also they have a total lock on your
masks and your ppe
and and still for a lot of the world

these are bad actors bad actors
new york times washington post it’s all
every single institution that we rely on
write down the technology especially

technology especially silicon valley
they have there’s chinese investment in
reddit a huge amount actually
the the twitter i’m not sure about
facebook but no doubt

so when the president comes out and says
hey i’m uh i’m
putting it into this and here’s why
and everyone says look over here at the

something is up and it’s probably bigger
than we realize
well they’re definitely doing a
fascinating job
um of corrupting uh the west
yeah i have more examples in the next

part of the show
well not not as not as good as examples
as i’d like
well i’ll i’ll i’ll get that to get to
that with you

after one quick piece of covered up news
i would think is kind of important and
i’m not surprised this also was not
reported on

this was the secretary of state mike
also yesterday today the department of
state is updating the public guidance
for cats authorities to include
nordstrom 2
and the second line of turks stream 2.

this action puts investments or other
activities that are related to these
russian energy export pipelines
at risk of u.s sanctions it’s a clear
warning to companies

aiding and abetting russia’s malign
influence projects
will not be tolerated get out now or
risk the consequences let me be clear
these aren’t commercial projects they

kremlin’s key tools to exploit and
expand european dependence on russian
energy supplies
tools that undermine ukraine by cutting
off gas transiting that critical

democracy a tool
that ultimately undermines transatlantic
the united states is always ready to
help our european friends meet their
energy needs
today i have with me assistant secretary
for the bureau of energy resources frank

who’ll take questions here when i’m
complete with respect to this action
once again trumping help trump helping
out his buddy putin
don’t you just get sick of it john it
just makes me sick

who’s pulling the strings what does
putin have on him that he can do this
you know the funny thing about the
problem this didn’t you’re right
this got zero coverage because

it doesn’t fit in any narratives that we
need to promote
and especially uh we need to continue to
promote and this was done in one
an article i just saw uh where they’re

condemning russia for uh
i mean the narrative is to condemn
russia for being tight with the united

and and corrupting our elections this is
the the nordstream 2 and of course we
followed this
with our our pipeline precision team
nordstrom 2 is is shipping natural gas
as someone a troll asks

why does america have to police all the
oil okay idiot
this is a fight for our natural gas
russia’s natural gas the customer is

that’s why ukraine was so important
ukraine was the pass-through until i
don’t know
some someone got hold of this scam that
was going on
which included a lot of u.s politicians

and so
that kind of got chopped back in the
north stream too puts it directly
into germany bypassing every other route
and the same goes for the turks stream
the turks who are definitely not

uh in order these days the interesting
you know
going back to the to the church they
into a mosque and now they’re you know
threatening to kill the armenians and

this you know so these are bad actors
yes it is it’s a basic this is basically
a capitalistic battle
yes we have our gas and we don’t you

know you’re going to buy the russian gas
we’re not going to do business with you
you have to buy our gas
yeah without so we’re of course of
course guys too i mean
we’re gas guys everyone’s fighting for

that you know so yeah so
what we say is hey if you’re in that
we’re about to put sanctions on it just
so you know we’re giving you fair
the netherlands is one of the founders
of nordstream 2. so that should be very

interesting how that plays out
now there’ll be some quick pro quo’s and
those things will be fine
and with that i would like to thank you
for your courage and say in the morning

to you the man who put the c
in the chinese wiga wigs john c
devorak well in the morning to you mr
adam curry also in the morning all ships
to see blues on the ground feeding the
air subs in the water and all the dams

and nights out there in the morning to
the trolls of the troll room no is where
anybody is welcome to come in troll uh
we’ve had
quite a number of interesting ones
people are at their wit’s end i can i’m

i’m so good at reading the troll room
how people feel and they’re very
frustrated at this point let me see how
many of them we have 15
26 about it’s a little above average for
a thursday
just a tad very happy to have you what’s

the number
one 1526.
so yeah sundays are higher sunday is
closer to 18
and thursday is usually a little under
15. so we’re doing good

of course that that’s well done well now
we’re doing good man
i’m doing good uh trolls
it’s very interesting there today that’s
no uh where you can log

in 24 7. you literally
literally listen to the stream at the
same time
and troll back and forth and if the
stream is live with a live
host or hosts that makes it even more

fun if they are reading while you troll
and while you’re there you can also ask
doug for an invite to it is our
federated um social network with very

signal-to-noise ratio and that you can
find that at no and i’d
like to thank our
artist for episode 1259 we titled that
one do the work do the work you got to

do the work i’ve been doing
have you been doing the work john well
have you been doing
work i’ve been doing some of the work
but you really need to do the work some
of the work
jordan 33 brought us artwork which

turned out to be spectacular when viewed
in context
on a web page this was the massive
no agenda mic cube on it with joe biden

sniffing it up
i don’t think we had any argument we
were both like yeah that’s the one
we’ll take it and this is the same
artist who did the orange man bad on the

the cheeto background
that everyone liked so much so this is
uh this is a i would say
this is a good uh a good find this uh
is a nice piece i like i i use prevent

all privilege by darren o’neill for the
newsletter that was good that was i mean
there were other pieces
lots of other but the problem of course

really try to separate the opening clip
the title from the artwork
a lot of people a lot of artists jumped
on the do the work stuff so that kind of
fell by the way so i remember us
determining early on that was going to
be the title and just too bad for the

art i think
and an upcoming art i want to mention a
few things just for
clarification because you can’t say you
can’t state your rules

enough times yeah uh if you use
and i’m aiming this at criticism at
cernette ned
i made a edict that if you use the

model as any part of the artwork it gets
rejected automatically
i find it to be a very creepy image it’s
also not really what it is

it’s not a real it’s not what it is but
it’s creepy image i don’t like it
and if you want to use it you can use it
but you’re not going to get picked so
there you go any other rules for today
no that’s the only one i’m seeing it’s a

violation well the other violation is
our images oh yeah you can’t use our
images it’s that’s a violation because
it was
the first two or three years of the show
was our images and then one day we i

think jointly decided that that’s now
automatic rejection and it’s not
creative and we really don’t look like
that anymore either
that was when we were young and
surprised i never looked like that

that’s possibly true uh all right who do
we think is our executive and associate
executive producers for
1260. well a few people think i think
there’s one or two missing and i want to

people if you don’t get mentioned i let
me know we’ll do a make good
peter bickford in chile chile chileles
chileles washington um

one thousand dollars whoa that’s nice
tonight is a jre immigrant oh hello
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well there’s plenty more coming yeah
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there you go well welcome and we will
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some of the jr ecommerce uh i made a
on the on the last uh show
and i published uh the podcast feed
totally my mistake uh with the same date

and time
as the previous episode uh which meant
for a lot of people it showed up in a
weird spot i corrected that
within about 15 minutes and having been

a part of the podcast
development the spec means the next time
your podcast refreshes that feed uh it’s
told by the

actual agreement and how we do these
things to change that and
and put the date properly and then place
it wherever you want
the only as far as i know the only
system that had problems

and never showed our episode was the
spotify app
uh and i want people to understand uh we
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i never said they can do that on spotify
they don’t
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podcast app and i suggest you get a
better one

if you want to listen to podcasts
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automatically fix itself as intended for
19 years
you telling me that spotify

with all the money they have
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and all the
money they have for development can’t
develop the

podcast app correctly and followed the
rules that are
clearly defined well they haven’t i
don’t know if they can’t i think they
probably are capable but they’re more

interested in signing michelle obama as
their new joe rogan
which just took place she’ll pack him in
all right
so to speak addison todd’s next on the
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oh reverend manning long-legged mack
yeah and what else did he want there
uh bingo boom shakalaka remix well i’ll

see what i can find for you so
this is uh dave or sir dave duke of
america’s heartland the arabian
peninsula so
within a day of my plea for karma on the
last show

our company sent everyone a pink slip
giving us notice
that in 60 days that will be september
we will all be terminated pretty sure
that’s just the employment part but not

something like a beheading
but the news was something someone
jarring nonetheless
official reason is covid but as part of
the all-powerful
powerful military industrial complex

we get most of our funding from the u.s
government and it sounds like the
current six-month funding wasn’t yet
secured before the six months began
this has happened in the past so most of
the old-timers aren’t too concerned and

i’m optimistic that funny will get
sorted out and will still be here on
september 12th
frankly we all have doubts that the
organization can actually accomplish a
sacking and get everyone out of here in
less than two months anyway

may i request a jobs karma please you
got it uh it’d be nice to get back to
see my games a bit earlier which has now
over six months in fact day melody uh
said it’s been

six months i think now seven days and 32
but i still like steady work to be able
to put food on the table the good thing
is that since we’ve had no occasion to
use paid time off
if this job ends i’ll cash it enough to

buy one of those industrial size jars of
peanut butter from costco
that should keep us alive until i land
the new gig finally john
you nearly caused a family tragedy when
your comment

mommy mommy who’s that strange man
had gay melody and dame isabella
laughing so much
they almost crashed into an overpass on
i-35 while driving back from oklahoma

last weekend where incidentally
damie sabella cleaned up clean up with a
couple of first place trophies
and a veritable mass a mess of medals
she’s in the irish river dance

competition super proud of that
incredibly young
incredible young lady how about a
reverend manning’s long-legged mack
daddy and a bingo boom shakalaka mix if
you can dig it up i can help i can’t
help but smile

when i hear samples of his wise teaching
and inspirational instruction thank you
for your courage
uh sir dave duke of america’s heartland
and the arabian peninsula and we
certainly look forward to this
reunification this is
he’s been locked down there for over six

months and yeah
military family but still you’re not
expecting that and it’s
and what’ll happen anyway i don’t want
to think about it it’s not the greatest
place to be stuck

probably not so we are thinking of you
we have good chicken though
the long leg mack daddy dingo boom
jobs jobs and jobs let’s vote for jobs

good chicken the thing is you know i
need some i probably need that chicken

recipe from that al fayad whatever the
name of that joint is
i can’t stand eating chicken anymore
really yeah yeah i’m not a fan of what i
made you know one of the things you can

do you can use i’m going to talk about
this after the break
goya seasoning i mentioned at the
opening i
i made no agenda chicken a uh maybe two
weeks ago

yeah and i don’t i don’t know what i did
or i mean how can you mess it up right
it’s like throw the shit in throw the
chicken on top
pretty hard yeah and we just we didn’t
need it we just like

kind of put us off chicken for a bit
maybe maybe some up with a chicken
i think it must be the chicken itself
interesting all right let’s try some of
these seasonings

benjamin nidis in san francisco
3 33 sunday’s show was too good no
can’t handle it must donate refer to
email sent eight minutes ago to both of

you well
dr kiki is science shut up slave and
give him a karma on that do we need to
check for his email or
well i mean i could check his head why

don’t you check well i can i can throw
this little sequence out
shut up already it’s science shut up
you’ve got karma anything

i just i just got to the email
i mean you got to get there then i got
to go find this cert yeah you could get
to the search box
and here we go ben he’s sent a lot of

mail and he’s been
he’s a mailer he’s a mailer he’s a
mailer he’s wrote a thing here’s a july
13th this must be it
okay uh okay
no he said this is a clip that he wanted

us to check out okay
okay thank you for the email yes i i did
check out your clip of steve
gibson that’s fine next
oh i’m sorry i was trying to i was

looking at some of the stuff in the
all right onward with steve i mean
basically he basically
sends a shitty clip of leo laporte and
we’re just going to ignore it because
it’s not our style
steve bibi 3333

i thought he sent a clip of bill gates
my best friend hit me in the mouth
way back in 2015 and this donation ends
my five-year run as a douchebag

nice no agendas kept my amygdala small
and ended tds before it even started
uh loving light nj i want some goat

you got it steve bb
you’ve got karma
john shadows in austin texas one of your
fellow texans

305 and he says short comment for show
colon blank thank you perfect
love that that’s the often way you’ve
got karma
well done sir well done steve sprague in

washington 250. uh i need a deduction
you’ve been deduced this is unusual he

listens he learned about the show
from some article listening to 10 best
podcasts sometime last year what
now we’re we are rarely ever listed in
the 10 best

are a listicle we’re not we’re not npre
yeah most of us 10 10 different npr
shows or podcasts
repurposed speaking of speaking of which
and i know you’re on the npr beat

uh report came out the npr radio
listenership down over 25
because people are not in the car so
they they’re

oh that’s very interesting that would
make sense and
and so people are listening to podcasts
which are not
monetized in the same way in fact
they’re really going to come up short
because it shifted and they really don’t

have the mechanism
to um
get to make money with their
underwriting the way they do
on the podcast i mean it’s just a

fraction it’s probably
almost a giveaway for some of this stuff
uh but that’s not that’s not great for
for the radio i mean they need to just
trim it all down close down the the

transmitter this is public supported
broadcasting why do they care about
ratings yeah all right okay
i got something that makes sense no no
anyway he continues and says i checked

them all out and no agenda’s the only
one worth listening to
hello can i get health karma from my pop
he’s got a few medical challenges
including cancer

f cancer yes thanks for breaking it down
you got it man
you’ve got karma
we needed the jingle uh who is the who

is it
grand duke uh melonson of the pacific
holy crap and why was this not uh sent
to me by the back office

and when you’re trying to look for it
all you get is uh
melania trump ladies and gentlemen i
the grand duke of the pacific northwest
sir dwayne

mellonsong here he is ladies and
gentlemen the grand duke of zipper
west 23456
itm from the grand duke of the pacific

i just ordered some gator masks from the
noaa gender shop
hearing a friendly and a fine
product i got a text from biden to chip

so i figured i’d chip in here instead
where my money actually matters
that is such a good point um with my
hearing aids and my glasses
you know when you hang a mask off your
ears now you got three things that are

all intertwining and it just
it’s it’s it’s a hassle so the gator you
just whoop just pull it right up
up over your nose and you’re good to go
you advertise the show
and i’ve noticed other gator people

we uh we give each other a little nod
in the airport oh you got your corvette
owners yes exactly
that’s exactly right and it’s it’s all

kinds of people
you know there’s black guys there’s like
rednecky guys there’s all kinds of
i haven’t seen any asians but i like
this i’m gonna get one now just for that
reason it’s it is it’s like corvette

you know some have an american flag
that’s that’s not the ultimate i’ve got
the no agenda show
which says no agenda and i get a lot of
comments like
that’s great man you have no agenda i
said that’s right that’s that’s

me in a nutshell i got no agenda and
yeah you just kind of walk through the
airport and like hey man
yep yeah yeah we’re we’re the gator gang
uh-huh huh yeah you should have a

the only thing the only problem with the
gator is you really need to have
more than one of them because after a
day of traveling
the gator pretty much smells like ass

crack on the inside
it’s just it’s it’s it’s not really
meant for uh prolonged breathing into
with whatever airport airport food
airport food you’ve been eating it’s

it’s not
maybe you should put the note leave the
nose out
onward with calling o in fort lee new
jersey 200 bucks year old stomping
grounds uh
kinda uh fort lee

nj mo karma fat bitch and life
relocation karma for myself make good
kind of thanks and thank you for
checking my producer privilege

i was deep into the electric lettuce
when i planned out my last jingle
sequence and i
got a good giggle from it maybe i was
employed if i was employed i’d have less
time on my hands i think this is colin

who we called out on his uh producer
privilege on the last show where he sent
us 18 clips to play and the whole war
and peace bid
and and this time he’s nothing well i’m
going to give him a goat karma because

he asked for nothing you forgot
you can take this last one all right
this is dave from columbus ohio
uh oops i can’t say columbus anymore he

says indigenous people find your ohio
our mayor actually had his statue
removed a few weeks back the city
officials are all
dems didn’t even have a repub run for

mayor in the primaries
mayor has taken over the police
department as well it’s going to get
interesting keep an eye on ipf ohio in
the coming weeks and months leading up
to the election

we shall thank you both uh of you for
your shows as you provide great humor
and real info
news that is not found anywhere else
well it is but it’s never highlighted
this is my second donation to your show

the first one over 50
so please deduce me
i’ve been listening since february this
year after watching the movie shrek
thousands of times with my kids over the

years i think the movie provides
character parallel for us today with our
doctor of the u.s dr fauci i think we
need to give him a new name
lord fouchquad
i guess i haven’t seen shrek men of his

stature are in short supply
that’s like a bob saget gag almost
man of fausti’s stature are in short

there are those who think little of him
this is really bad why does the tall guy
have to read this note that’s not fair
as it looks like we in the us are being

pushed to the brink
by many in power in the u.s i think it’s
important that those of us
know agenda show listeners who have
small amygdala need to band together
so to bring support to keep no agenda
show flowing and help those in need i

want to make an offer to all your
and for you and john as well i work in
the energy supply business
we electric and natural gas and any
listeners who contact me dave at wec
dot energy and we gain their energy

supply business
businesses only not homes we will return
20 percent of our revenue from that
business for the term of the contract
with 10 percent
going to the no agenda show well is this

is this green what kind of energy is
this are we getting green energy finally
green dots what’s going on well we’ll
fight even if people check it out and
find out no agenda show
yeah this could be a bonanza okay this
is our exit strategy selling energy who

would have thought
with 10 going to no agenda show monthly
helping those douchebags get deduced or
help night more listeners
and 10 percent going to charity monthly
charities that serve homeless veterans

expecting moms in need and kids oh okay
now you’ve got me
we already do this with many of our
clients and actively work with charities
provide monthly revenue back to them so
they can keep doing the great work they

thanks for all your efforts your show is
owned the only time i find comedy
these days thank you which really makes
me laugh
keep up the good work when i get to
knighthood i will take the name of
sirloin of beef

or serosas of the liver i think we
already have one of those
assuming both are not taken by then
please play joe biden obama you may die
uh that’s true oh my goodness bojon hold
on i mean did you just

read these to me bo jaiden
yeah i didn’t have those uh you might
and what else does he have there you
might die

uh that’s true and then f cancer okay
i got it we’re good don’t eat me blow
jared and you’re scary so scared
you might die
and also wait a minute he wanted the

pelosi trump on the end there sorry
pelosi trump we’ll do that again
jobs jobs jobs jobs
jobs jobs all right there we go we need
some reporting on this

on this particular journey yeah if it
works or not if anybody’s
had a reaction to the pelosi jobs the
pelosi trump
combo jobs that particular one yes we’d
like to know

uh uh if it works because uh it’s
it’s x experiment it’s not yet
certified by the federal jingle uh
commission so

uh we will let you know single
commission has not given it to the top
thumbs up these are our executive
producers and associate executive
producers for episode
1260 of the best podcast in the universe
which i explained quite clearly on the

wood show which i believe that episode
today why are they dropping it i thought
the guy was done that like 1800 episodes

and now you’re telling me that
the thing’s being dropped i’m talking in
the hip parlance of diddy and the boys
um that was actually quite interesting i

you know i know tom woods from years and
years and years ago i think we had a
twitter thing
and i was like hey you know he’s like
how do i get the podcast started i i’m
sure i sent him a
some pointer or something and he does it
daily so he’s up to 1800 shows

oh yeah now he’s he’s uh they’re all
about a half hour although he he almost
went an hour with me
and he wanted to know the genesis of
podcasting he wanted to know
i want to know about no agenda how it

came about which i think i was
able to uh articulate come close you’re
close enough
and you want to know about the value for
value model
of course because he needs that model

and then i’m gonna i’m gonna spoil this
for uh people but he he asked me about
cancel culture and what i thought about
john you had been so proud of me i did
nailed it i did a seven-minute shaggy

dog about
under-informed over-socialized and how
i’d read about this ten years ago in
some paper that was given to me by a
harvard professor and i had
i was going i’m just i’m doing the whole

thing he’s like yes i agree so much and
i said yeah and that paper
was written by professor theodore
kaczynski also known as the unibomber
i thought i thought he was going to fall
over i was so proud of myself

wow i would have seen that one yeah
all the way yeah it was good
you’re used to it anyway well maybe well
he does a good show it’s kind of a

to me it’s a uh it’s not a um
it’s not a it’s not a produced show it’s
show yeah it’s like yeah it just talks

to somebody from a straight up interview
it’s as good as any of them he’s he’s a
good interviewer yeah
and he and he uh lets the guys talk
i think it’s one of the hardest things

to do because it’s not a matter of being
a good interview it’s a matter of
getting good guests
yes exactly he has a booker he has a
book he has a booker that’s what makes
it worse as a booker
but i really appreciate it and there’s a

big overlap you know this is one of
those tribe venn diagrams
there’s a lot of people uh who listen to
no agenda who also listen to him may
also listen to joe rogan so it’s kind of
overlapping it was really nice to see

and what was interesting because he does
take donations
he said that people who donate have
special access to his private

facebook group which he said
completely as a surprise to him he said
this is one of the
one of the things that people like the
most and i said well

yeah as it turns out now we we don’t
charge people for no agenda social
but it’s true it’s true people like to
have their own little space where they
can just you know

chat about the show or with other
producers very much like a virtual
meetup so there was
it was some interesting things to
compare the models with anyway tom wood
these people here on the no agenda show
they are executive producers and

associate executive producers and we
thank them profusely for helping produce
this episode uh the credits are real and
you can use them anywhere credits are
recognized for professional reasons
that means you might want to slip it

into your linkedin profile and i look
forward to thanking the rest of our
for this episode coming up later on in
the show and as always
we’ll be here again on sunday the second
thursday of the week please

uh go to our brand new website no agenda
show dot com or directly to our donation
dot org slash n a now
you definitely know if it’s uyghur or
oyger or whatever you learned it our

formula is this we go out
we hit people in the mouths

as a as a tip by the way something i
forgot to mention
now if you’re wondering if we’re going
to go into lockdowns
uh the gates foundation just doubled its
uh investment

holdings in walmart uh just something
you might want to think about
hold on a second let me stop you right
why is the gates foundation a charitable
fund but they’re supposed to be giving

money away
investing in walmart i will give you the
answer since you always seem to be
baffled by this
large non-profits who really only
shuffle money around can either put

their money in a bank account and get
0.01 interest or they can invest it
it’s all reported in their form 990 they

in fact money making entities and
everybody makes out like bandits because
well primarily you get to fly around the
world on the gulfstream 5 for free
because that’s all paid for by the
and the charity continues to make money

it’s it’s uh
this is a very common thing if anything
we need
non-profit reform in the united states
of america that’s for sure
and i’m not talking about the big

non-profit like the gates foundation i’m
talking about the all little pieces of
that uh that soros is now giving 220
million dollars to for
black lives matter which is
you know these are very very small

two-person organizations
and really what he’s doing is handing
out more bail money the way i see it
go ahead kids go ahead we got the bail
money on the way

there are several hundred people who
have been arrested and face some serious
who people uh protesters
there are hundreds hundreds who have and

and uh and statue
uh uh statute polar downers
there are there are hundreds in jail
right now well good why don’t come did
they get any publicity

well that would be wrong because these
were peaceful protests we can’t have
news stories about that
peaceful okay
i have a little side thing i want to do

side hustle i want to talk about kids
okay you have now this started because
one of our
one of our uh producers david and
lila and they uh

have a it was mentioned in the new in a
in the last show
that leela has this fun facts podcast
with her dad
david oh yeah yeah yeah yeah you did

mention that yeah and so i got it
so it triggered me to go well let me go
listen to some kid’s podcast if these
are any good i do want to give them a
plug though for fun facts the fun facts

it’s called fun fact friday with lila
lila and david
and this uh i do have two clips from the
show just to show you
what kind of listeners we have now i
will say the dad
david uh probably is promoting the

npr style of podcasting
he’s talking to it he’s talking to his
kid like an npr hello
hey what are you doing yeah no we do we

do that this is
yeah you should do your choice let’s
play fun facts one so we get a feeling
for this podcast that our this is our
we we give ourselves credit for helping

these spin-offs so before we start
what what is your favorite toy that’s a
toy and not like you know
your nintendo switch which i guess it
counts as a toy because you play with it

all that but an actual toy
so not like a guitar
no guitar is a musical instrument okay
my favorite

toy i don’t really have a favorite toy i
don’t really play with toys
very often i do like crafty stuff
you play with lego i do play with lego
and you play with the rubik’s cube yes

we’re excuse my favorite toy
wow there you go leela has gotten down
where she can consistently solve a
rubik’s cube and
what what are you at around three
minutes around two or three two

between two and three minutes that’s
pretty good she’s uh she’s been learning
all the tricks of the trade on the
rubik’s cube
toy talk hi everybody welcome to

the rubik’s cube is fantastic obviously
smart little kid smart
smart girl puzzle kid that’s a puzzle is
that is a puzzle a toy i guess it could

i’ve i guess maybe she throws it but
whatever the case
yeah this is fun facts too this is the
same she actually just gives us this is
actual information and i thought it was
valuable enough to put it on our show

so do you have any rubik’s cube facts
for us
yes i do let me get to them the standard
rubik’s cube is three by three
but it can be made in other variations

such as two by two
four by four and so on um
as of 2016 the largest
was a 22 by 22. do you think you could
solve that dad

i absolutely could it would it would
just take a while
how long do you think it would take to
scramble it um
a while that’s a lot of possible
speaking of possible combinations the

rubik’s cube
has about 49 quintillion
combination a three by three rubik’s
cube just a three by three
just a three by three and no matter how

i scramble it you can solve it
yep wow 10.
all right well that’s your desk you know
podcast is

that’s nice to go somewhere yeah now so
but i so i started looking around so i’m
listening to these different podcasts
there’s one w uh bur has thing called a
circle around

and i want to play a couple of clips
from these things and listen to the
the wbur is rsa is the biggest
people always think of w a q h b
whatever that one that majored boston

station this
w bigger wgbh wgbh everyone thinks of
them because they produce a lot of stuff
but wbur
is bigger hold up just wgbh i have to
give props tony khan

was the first guy anywhere anywhere the
npr universe who was doing podcasts
he helped npr podcast
they’re very influential i think it’s
one of the major stations but wbur out

of boston university is bigger
and so and wbr has a whole podcasting
they have a bunch of podcasts and
there’s like a little network and
they have these kids podcasts called

circle around and i want to play
three clips from this let’s start with
circle round
one i’m rebecca sheer and welcome to
circle round

where story time happens all the time
today our story is called the enchanted
paintbrush versions of this folktale
come from china
i was sitting here i’m thinking man this

this better be a good bit because
this is really gonna i mean thank you
let me just i want to play that intro
again because this is

yeah i’m rebecca and welcome to your
circle round
where story time happens all the time
today our story is called
the enchanted paintbrush versions of
this folktale come from china

some really great people came together
to bring you our adaptation of this tale
including philippa sue and stacy keach

so circle around everyone
for the enchanted paintbrush did she say
stacy keach yep stacy keith he was a
famous actor

okay yeah he still is a famous actor
all right once he’s gonna stop that
really i’m ready
okay no play at the beginning ever so
you get a feeling for it yeah yeah i
want to hear

right away i hear chinese music i’m
intrigued great for the kids
once upon a time there was a powerful
emperor the mighty ruler wore the most
luxurious clothing

and he had orange hair pump shoes food
lived in a grand palace with so many
rooms floors and hallways
his hundreds of guards and servants
often got

lost so given everything the emperor had
you’d think he was content right right
oh i love this let’s teach the children

all about the emperor
okay oh yeah we want to teach the
children about chinese emperors
but that can’t be too consistent let’s
play this one which is wb or

leaky bucket i’m rebecca shearer and
welcome to circle around where story
time happens all the time
today our story is called the leaky

versions of this folktale originally
come from china
what is going on oh
man i thought i thought hijacking the
the pope was bad

hmm all right next now i will admit that
not every
folk tale comes from china but none of
them seem to come they do have a few but

minor they’re all foreign that they will
not they don’t do
hans christian anderson or anything a
good example is this one which is the
last clip which is the incident
which is the dinner date and this one
this one is actually a european folktale

but they’re not going to do the european
version because that would be too
today our story is called the dinner
date variations of this tale come from
many places
including greece sweden and russia

our adaptation is inspired by versions
told in parts of
africa oh okay yeah that makes sense
which is run by china yes

and by the way a troll room when someone
oh must be a slow news week this is the
news douche
china is taking over your children

now this one is not as much about china
as um it’s just about this is called
what if world is a major
children’s podcast this one just is

because there’s something baffling here
uh that’ll be in the second clip and i
want you to explain it
but let’s to get an idea of this
particular story which is called
and it’s what if they have these stupid

premises and this is
what if a squid squirted jello instead
ink and that’s the kind of premise that

this every what if podcast has got uh
what if world podcast has uh okay that’s
kind of the crazy premises but
let’s just play part of the first clip
and then then we’ll get to the meat of

okay hmm

okay i think we got the positioning
hey there folks and welcome back to what
if world the show where your questions
and ideas inspire off-the-cuff stories

i’m mr eric your host and i’m fred the
here to shout out william and aydah
they’re from illinois and they always
like it

when i try to eat things so that’s why
you’ve been
gnawing on my chair jesus
okay i’ve also got to shout out carolyn
who likes writing books
i am here to shout out parker and amelia

but they wanted me to help though
of course fred they like legos
and making up adventures with jf cat
abacus p grumbler alabaster zero and

always thread the dog obviously
yes then there’s ella nine years old who
likes writing comics
and playing animal crossing i am very

concerned about my co-host
on the no agenda show now i want to say
what the reason did you
just let this go that was to give you a
feeling for the podcast

and the way it’s going to go and the
fact that kids would listen to this is
kind of beyond me and i wonder if
anybody listens to it because
i want you to listen carefully to the
second clip and i want you to tell me

what it says three is much less than 50
oh who cares about math but in their

they hadn’t noticed fred going towards a
jar of squid slime oh
yummy squid slime almost as good as

tell me i didn’t hear that
we were going through these podcasts at
the the dining room table and

everybody heard that this is a version
do you like fish sticks this is this is
this is let me play it again that last
bit oh yummy squid slime

almost as good as dicks
is that boring yours or is that no
that’s mine
do you play clip 2a and you’ll hear the

whole thing in context without the
oh my goodness oh yummy squid slime
almost as good as sticks no stay away
from that jar of squid slime

you smell bad enough said jf capped
good catch
what is going on i said i said look

we’ll let this
the chat room maybe they heard they can
hear what that word’s supposed to be
no they exploded they exploded in the
same laughter they heard it they heard
wow well unless somebody can tell me

what that word is i’m going to
assume that they’re just pulling one
so to speak wow
so that’s your kid podcast report vote

for 2020.
and for more you can always look at some
of those creepy kid
kid shows on youtube there seems to be a
lot of creepy stuff around
but that on uh on on wbur

yeah from especially the chinese
what if the what if show is not wbur oh
i’m sorry the wbr is the china stuff
oh yeah and the what if is from where

it’s just on the internet
oh okay well very good i don’t know it’s
associated with a channel or a network
well that kind of fits in perfectly to
what uh bo jaiden was saying the other
day as he uh

came out and did a speech listen
carefully to get our people to work on
our kids at school safely
to get our kids to market swiftly to
power clean
energy revolution in this country we got
to get our kids to market

what does he mean i have the eclipse
what does he mean i cannot
what does he mean get the kids to market
so uh i’ll gun it

i wouldn’t uh i got a couple of the
political-like stuff that
that i think is kind of interesting if
you want to talk about your mind just
for a second

i’d love to sure kind of an oldie but
goodie i want to play
yeah sure because i do have the the iso
of it i think is a suggestion for the
end of show
okay this is oldie o’reilly

oldie oh right we haven’t heard it for a
while all right it will leave you with
a i can’t do it
okay we’ll do it live okay no we’ll do

it live
do it live i’ll write it and we’ll do it
fucking thing sucks that ending by the
way is

me i i know i’ve said that exactly like
you know usually in some kind of
technological meltdown fucking thing
sucks yeah so i guess this is your iso
do it live

i’ll write it and we’ll do it live yeah
nothing beats the do alive
i’d like that you brought that back i
did have some other isos that i was
let me see well i had a ted dross i
guess it’s going to get worse

and worse and worse and that one and
what’s this i don’t know what this is
someone who’s very restricted
no that’s no good well you that’s that’s

only in context you got to play yamiche
on fauci 25 second clip
yamiche so tell us what more do we know
about came to be

and also about that white house
relationship with dr fauci
well what we’ve seen is an escalating
war between the white house and dr fauci
dr fauci has served
some five presidents before president
trump and he’s someone who’s very

someone who’s very restricted he was
someone who also said
before this op-ed was written by peter
navarro that pete that the american
public should really trust scientists
including himself
very restricted very restricted she said

restricted restricted
now she’s yamiche restricted
hmm all right there’s a

i don’t really have any clips but i just
wanted to note that the uh
epstein maxwell conspiracy theories are
off the hook right now and a lot of

are the best a lot of it takes place on
on instagram which i’m i’m i mean i have
an account but i
will not visit it i have someone people
like ancilla send me a link i’ve gotta

you know go to a different machine you
know copy the link
i just won’t do it on on most of my
computers or or
anything really um but it all kind of
stem so that so guillain maxwell is

and that immediately brings back up
jeffrey epstein and the pedophilia
and the coveted list the the flight log
and this flight log now really has life

of its own
uh within two weeks i’m just telling you
what is out there within two weeks
uh we will see john roberts uh supreme
court justice
step down and he of course is on the
flight log manifest of jeffrey epstein’s

lolita express to the pedo island
so uh we’ll see him step down this is
just what i’m being told this got to be
true it’s on the internet
um the the my
favorite though which is really

schadenfreude for me
is christy tegan and christy tegan who
was married to john legend
uh who is uh john legend is just douchey
but she has mr douche she it has such a

big mouth on twitter and instagram
and she’s just always calling people out
and she’s
been canceling people and telling him to
shut her because she’s very powerful you

know she’s with
john legend but the mob turned and came
after her because she also along with
her husband john legend are
on the epstein lolita express flight

and they dug up tweets from 2011 where
apparently she was
live tweeting while watching toddlers
and tiaras
which i think should be a forbidden
television program

just to begin with it’s gross and she
would tweet things like
seeing a half naked five-year-old do the
oh my i love this so much hashtag

toddlers and tiara i mean
but there’s it goes on and on and now
she is being she’s
she’s like calling the fbi twitter help
me she’s deleting
all these tweets 60 000 tweets i don’t

know what she’s doing
but she’s completely out of control
and the mob is spinning it’s just
they’re good
and and here’s the best the wayfarer

this is we forgot to talk about it on
sunday yeah yeah i was pissed about i
forgot to talk about it on sunday
yeah okay so the for though if you
haven’t heard about it

wayfair which is the e-commerce uh shop
pretty much sends you ikea level put it
together your stuff
made in china some of it’s quite
interesting but most of it is really

low quality crap so they found these
storage cabinets industrial storage
cabinets which were selling for fourteen
thousand dollars
and they had children’s names associated

with them in the title
so of course it makes nothing but sense
that these are uh
uh pedophiles who are selling children
in cabinets and
mailing them to their customers

and this went on and on for days
uh and i i’m pretty sure i can say nah
that they don’t really put children and
ship them in containers

but i do have an idea of what’s hap
what’s going on here
and there was some good work it was
putting like oh
this cabinet is named the jacinda

and like look here’s a here’s a child
who’s been missing for five years her
name was the same
uh there is something going on though
because this happens a lot it happens
uh and you can set up your own

storefront on wayfair
uh very similar to amazon very similar
to ebay and many many others
when you see a nine thousand dollar
for sale or or it could be a storage

that has a name or some other uh other
than the actual product name that seems
a little bit off
my understanding is these are used by

money launderers and in order to find
the proper product they’ll put a little
code name in there so you can search
and this i’m i’m sure someone has to do

with human trafficking
but it’s probably 90 99 drug money
that is being laundered through
e-commerce sites and when you think
about it it’s
really genius and very hard to track

and nor would i say that any of these
companies want to track down
such high ticket items and give them a
nice vig
and this has been going on since art

auctions what was that
what was the hugh grant what’s the hugh
grant in a movie
where his uh his wife-to-be has some
shitty art and his
and uh her dad and her and goomba i

don’t know this movie
anyway but it’s money laundering yes and
there’s real money laundering going on
it could truly be for bad things i think
amazon used to be a conduit for this

because i remember when you could like
you’d look up something and you knew
exactly what you wanted you put it in
you know a camera let’s say an icon will

something 20. and it would come up
there’d be the different
here’s one here’s one here’s one and
there’s another one that was jacked up
price with ten thousand dollars
you’d find this on everything you’d look

for would there’d be one guy
selling it for like 30 times more than
everyone else
and so i had to assume that that’s just
some sort of some sort of scam
yeah it’s a scam of some sort and money

laundering is the most
is the best example because they got to
get that money into the circulation
yeah so i think that’s what it is not
that i don’t enjoy
all of the conspiracy surrounding uh

surrounding the elites
but with with what happened to legend
and christy teagan christy teigen
this is related to all of a sudden
gillane maxwell being

arrested i mean this that could have
two months ago three months ago could
have happened a year ago but no
it happens now i think we got some
october surprises coming and perhaps
thousands of sealed indictments speaking

of not dead
speaking of uh pedophilia
um and i’ll just end with a little
global aside which is the research

that’s being done
about how much better countries run by
women have done during the coveted
from new zealand to taiwan to germany
to finland etc and you know maybe it’s

not a very big sample
but the kind of inclusive leadership
that actually
uh followed the evidence and listened to
science uh
has proven to be quite effective

women are so much well by the way no
they have not but
women why does she laugh when she says
it is it because

she’s embarrassed to say it or she knows
it’s not true
or what exactly is is the point i think
she knows she’s giving somebody the
i think it’s a genuine
okay um

angela davis didn’t you didn’t you bring
the angela davis clip
i had a whole bunch of davis clips yeah
so now she’s on the radar and

for me mainly because of her her weird
she likes likes
uh she is uh

she is a surrogate at this point for joe
biden and she is promoting joe biden
and she’s very honest marxism
yeah but she is she’s a marxist uh she

says it’s
not a problem that’s fine there’s lots
of children following this uh
and uh they shall get what they what
they wish
um here is why she supports joe biden

so i think that in the long run we need
to break out of the two-party system
both of which are very much
tied to corporate capitalism
but of course that is for the long run

and we have less than five months before
the upcoming
election uh i don’t see this election
as being about choosing a candidate who
will be

who will be able to lead us in the right
okay let’s just make sure we hear what
she’s saying this election
is not about choosing a leader
who will steer us in the right direction
i don’t see this election as being about

choosing a candidate who will be
who will be able to lead us in the right
it will be about choosing a candidate
who can be
most effectively pressured into

allowing more space for the evolving
anti-racist movement is very problematic
in many ways he is not only in terms of

his past and the role that he played and
uh uh pushing toward mass incarceration
but he has indicated that he is opposed
to dis

uh disbanding the police and this is
definitely what we need we need to
re-conceptualize the very notion
of public safety yeah but
i say but biden is far

more likely to take mass
demands seriously far more likely
than the current occupant of the white

house so that
this coming november the election will
us not so much to vote for
the best candidate but to vote for or

ourselves and to vote for ourselves i
think means that we will have to
for and vote for bidet because
he’s so much easier to pressure
he’s a push over that guy he’s a

pushover is a wimp
perfect perfect um
just a uh another update on the 2020
election in the united states this is
this has got to be my favorite story

um kanye west announced he’s going to be
uh then all of a sudden there was an
article that came out
and the uh the article

it wasn’t even it didn’t even say
the way it was interpreted uh
but it was well he’s uh it looks like

consultant somewhere spoke to a
journalist and said
well you know it doesn’t look like he’s
serious i don’t think he can get you

a complete non-story people familiar
with the matter
the headline raged everywhere kanye
drops out he drops out
dropping out that was a short bid
is good and so so people of course

put a time code down for that series of
pretty much the public is just right
there in one spot i know you can hear

them it’s exactly the way they sound
and uh anyway and so of course i
uh i tweeted this article i said you
know the
the article doesn’t say this but

everyone’s treating it
as if as if he’s dropped out and he’s
given up
and friends good friends of mine
tweeting back curry you’re out you’re

out of your mind you’ve now you’ve
finally gone crazy
you are really truly the nut job
and uh i said okay then today
kanye west officially listed as 2020

presidential candidate he’s on the
oklahoma ballot
and that’s just the first of many and
what people are misunderstanding is
kanye west west is not out to win maybe
any election

he is out for political power and you
are fools
fools kanye is a very very smart man
and i stake my reputation on it i look

to seeing what he will do with his
apparent two percent
uh uh in the polls for whatever that’s
worth two percent he’s polling that is
enough to be incredibly substantial
in this particular race and there’s a

whole bunch of other people
where i say um and in fact the uh
tina’s uh best friend there in florida
you know her the uh

she’s the uh the new york jew libtard
you met her i did yes of course you did
at the wedding okay we’ve talked about

it many times yes you know what i’m
talking about a girl
yeah who i love because she is so open
and honest and she
and she really will say exactly how what
she feels and there’s not a bad bone in
her body

but when i said yeah i think you know
kanye seems like a pretty interesting
because of course a vote for kanye is

going to be a vote for trump the way
they see it
whereas i think kanye might have a nice
trial run for 2024.
he’s a billionaire he speaks wacky and
people seem to enjoy him

he has every chance just as much as
trump did
so i’m very excited about kanye west in
the in the 2020 race and i think we’ll
be seeing a lot more
and again i stake my reputation on him
making a difference

not winning making a difference because
that’s what he’s doing i think he’s
very smart for it he’ll be very powerful
with this
well maybe that’s okay he’s definitely

makes money
yes he’s a business but that that’s
that’s what everyone is saying
oh yeah he’s so smart he’ll sell his
shoes with this yeah he’s doing it for
now that’s always the benefit i think he

means it i know kanye well enough from
what i’ve listened
listened to anyway all of this is being
held up all
all we’re waiting for now is this final
bit of news

and that will change everything in the
next few weeks
uh are we going to lock down are we
going to mail
vote for mail from home all of this

on one thing as always follow the money
here is larry kudlow uh we’re looking at
a lot of things
it’s pre-decisional formal talks haven’t
really begun but

wow what a word i know isn’t that great
i don’t i don’t know is it a word fuck
it is now it’s pre-decision
it’s kind of like pre-cancerous i guess

we’re looking at a lot of things it’s
pre-decisional formal talks haven’t
really begun but look
certain things the president has said uh
for example he wants a

payroll tax holiday that would give
about a six and a half percent increase
to uh after tax wages for people either
going back to work or have been working
all the time we’d like to see some

unemployment reforms
we like uh return to work
type bonuses of a modest nature we don’t
want to give people disincentives
not to work there may be extensions to

ppp that’s to be decided
there may be some targeted directed
assistance from direct mail checks to
individuals and families that

hasn’t been decided yet there may be a
capital gains holiday
there are a number of items that we’ve
talked about publicly and the president
has mentioned
so at the moment that’s kind of the grab

and this would be for the fourth
stimulus package
and that’s what it’s not really
interesting what people will get
the states are all the states are all
sitting there what how much is in it for

the state how much for new york city
that’s what that’s about well
he did say something in there that
perked up my ears
a capital gains holiday i heard that too

does that mean you can sell your house
or something or
does it mean it’s just deferred
i mean that’s a that’s a wall street we
don’t know what it means but that’s a

that’s a wall street give me isn’t it
capital gains
capital gains yes if you give you have a
holiday or they’re not going to let’s
say you can sell stuff

for a month then you don’t have to pay
capital gains on it right
well first of all that’ll crash the
so i don’t think they’re going to do
that but it would be dynamite
i don’t have any capital gains to take

advantage of yeah there’s plenty of
people that do
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or discuss a little bit this goya
brouhaha yeah okay so

can i tell you how you see it it’s like
sorry the ceo said something positive
about trump and then
and everyone tried to cancel him so they
tried to cancel them of course this is a

this is a mexican seasoning company they
actually sell
beans they sell all the canned stuff i
don’t think they’re a lot of their
cancer is as good as luck
constantly i think is the one i like and

uh if you go to a mexican sort of shop
but they do have a couple things i want
point out to people to at least to to
buy as their seasoning to use
just all-purpose seasoning okay and one

of them’s in a kind of a green bottle
you want the biggest one you can get
because once you try this you’re going
to use it and you don’t want to
do you want the big giant bottle because
it’s too expensive if you buy a small
one it’s the goya

door and it’s called the perfect
seasoning and it’s
and it is stupendous
this stuff is good on everything it’s
great in a salad

it doesn’t you know it just adds a
dimension of
flavors of a mix of one of these what is
it called again
says on the doors s-a-z-o-n-a-d-o-r
the golden seasoning i guess no it’s

total seasoning
oh okay
uh anyway it’s uh it’s a stunner and
you can take a heaping tablespoon of

and mix it with some sour cream just
straight up
let it soak in so the pieces you know
absorb the
moisture of the cream and then it’s a
potato chip dip

stunner tastes better than the the
buttermilk stuff
anyway so that’s good and then the goya
adobo another one where you need a big

giant thing of it
the adobo seasoning that they have is a
dynamite all-purpose meat seasoning it’s
particularly good on chicken and
so those are the two that of that brand

this is the two things i like
and they’re worth checking out i don’t
think by the way or before you play the
i don’t think that uh this so-called
boycott is going to do any good and i

think trump
didn’t need to pose with it neither did
the more you know in the morning yeah
anyway cooking tips people come here for

cooking tips occasional cooking tips
yeah well i like your cooking tips your
cooking you’ll really be impressed with
this goya seasoning well i’m going to
try it i mean i i
i’m sure i’ve had their beans but i’ve

never really considered their seasoning
no they’re they’re all there this is
canned goods i mean anybody
you know whatever the seas the mixed
seasonings that they make to adobo and

total seasoning is dynamite i think it’s
actually time and if you wouldn’t mind
considering it for sunday’s show i think
it’s time we have another recipe to
on the show it’s been quite a while and
maybe you have something for people who

have been locked
locked down at home you know they’re
they’re really tired of
what they’re making uh you know the
whole family’s kind of pissed off at
each other anyway
i mean maybe there’s something that that

could be a healing
meal that could be a dvorak special i’m
just i just have a feeling there’s
something there
feeling there’s something there so i
have three clips of wrap

okay now i’m gonna see what
any of them should be oh this is one
this is a shorty this is one that i just
i always like to get these clips because
it’s just

this is from a wbr uh show about a bunch
of stolen uh
paintings from a museum uh and this is
the paintings more important
i would say that the museum the

are exponentially more important than
a podcast
i don’t see how that can be true i just

love those clips
it’s not that’s bull crap podcasts are
more important than paintings
all right next
now i have two clips left i got the

trump campaign shake-up story from npr
which is probably worth listening to
it’s a news story and then they i have
the item of the
i promised the guy yelling at the woman
the woman yelling at the guy in walmart

face masks which might be the way to end
the show
okay so we’ll do trump first president
is shaking up his campaign as polls show
him trailing badly to former vice

president joe biden both nationally
and in key swing states as npr’s tamara
keith reports bill stepping will take
over as campaign manager
stephen worked for former new jersey

governor chris christie and served as
political director in the trump white
in a social media post president trump
said he is elevating stephen to campaign
he replaces the tall bearded and brash

brad parscale
who’s been running the campaign since
2018. parscale will continue on as a
senior advisor leading digital and data

he vastly overestimated and boasted
about the size of the crowd that would
show up to trump’s rally in tulsa last
and has also faced criticism for the
campaign’s inability to settle on

an effective message though trump
insists it will be easier to win this
time than last
campaigns that are going well don’t have
dramatic shakeups like this
tamara keith npr news i guess

campaigns are going well don’t have
dramatic shake-ups like this i mean what
is that editorializing thing at the end
there is that supposed to be news

coverage i’m not sure
the reason that parscale was booted out
kicked upstairs or whatever you want to
call it advertising
is because he screwed up that tulsa
thing big time

not only that’s unacceptable but where
was the um
well there’s a couple things where
where’s that big technological surprise
he was talking about
um but also there’s a lot of complaints

about the texting and uh what
the text messages you know the ones that
i’d like to read out loud
and uh so i’m still getting the the ones

from 88022
which is the text number but either
uh the campaign has
sold them or given them or jared kushner

took them i don’t know what it is
there’s all these other numbers that you
get texts from
that say hey it’s don jr here or
hey it’s mitch here mitch mcconnell uh

what’s the other one um
you know it’s just all of these jamoks
and it’s it and who
i think it’s probably a scam i don’t
even know if those are real or not
and there’s and they’re egregious and
it’s all the 600 times

match which by the way we i know how it
works the matching i figured it out
our producers went and asked
the match i’d like to know myself yes
the match

comes from donations that were made
uh but anonymously or by
corporations who do not want to be uh

to the donation so
you have to have from what i understand
you have to have a name associated with
the donation
so they take out of that pool that’s why

it’s easy to say
five or six times they have the money
just want to make sure it’s
put in the system legally with the name
attached to it
so if you send your 50 with a 500 times
match if

uh 500 percent match then all of a
sudden there’s 250 dollars that is
attributed to you
they had the money they just couldn’t
put it on yeah
do i get credit for from the tax man for
the 250

bucks well there’s no credit
otherwise what’s the point there’s no cr
you cannot deduct
uh political donations i hope you know
that but then what
i thought you could well

yeah you can until you get audited then
it may be kind of an issue
well luckily i don’t donate anyway but
just besides but that whole thing
it’s all win red it’s incredibly

in fact i’d say it’s kind of disgusting
how far they’ve taken this
and i think that by itself was reason to
get rid of brad
brad big brad brad’s just a web guy from

pennsylvania who fell into this and he
i’m amazed he’s he’s been in this
position he’s been camping
he’s got suckered by those fake uh
fake people signing up for the rally

yeah it was pretty weak
i mean if you’re in the internet scene
at all you get
you have to be skeptical about
everything like that that’s out of the
what i find that was out of the ordinary
what i find so interesting

is people look at trump and say well
he you know fires everybody can’t hide
does not high rap that’s all parts
wrong people look at the list of people
who slide

it’s like is this some kind of surprise
did y’all need not see the apprentice
that that was a reality show that’s
that’s got to be the way he operates hey

you seem like a nice guy go ahead go do
it you’re not good
you’re fine goodbye there are plenty of
businessmen that use that model
absolutely you can see it if you can
let’s take it to a level that everyone

understands you can see it at certain
colleges where you have a football coach
if the guy doesn’t perform they get
fired immediately and you have other
schools like let’s say the university of

berkeley where they hire some slacker
and they let him be coached for five six
seven eight years and say oh god he’s
not working out let’s get rid of them
as opposed to some other area like you
say i’d say alabama would be a good

example oh they got together they’re not
going to get rid of for a while but
these sec schools the guy one bad year
he’s gone
yeah so there’s different theories of
doing business and trump is

is a turnover guy
man every once in a while you keep
turning it over a lot you end up with
something like kaylee mcinanny
a bonus you get a gem you got a gym
sometimes all right now you wonder the

walmart clip i’m i’m
i’m yeah this is okay this is a scene
videotaped by some karen like woman
seeing some
is a fat guy that said walmart who’s

looking in the hardware section for some
bulbs or something
he’s just standing there minding his own
business looking at
a wreck and she starts yelling at him
after he sees her

filming she she’s filming him and he
calls her out
you take a picture of me does that make
you feel better why don’t you get a life
long dude i have a life
and that’s going around taking pictures
of you because what you’re doing can you

and look at you not wearing a mask oh
dear i wear a mask to protect myself

it’s a fucking political it’s
unbelievable now you have accosted me in
this store
it’s not a wall that i’ve got to wear
not wearing a mask
if you’re going to keep this up maybe

we’ll get the police department hey mom
would you call 9-1-1 then
yeah yeah i’ll go on another one
you people are like monkeys falling out
of a tree

no you’re the monkey that has it
dragging those knuckles
okay how’s that grab you ever heard of
darwin income evolution
evolved for me why don’t you burn
something down

why don’t you go back to where you are
you know you must be the one who’s are
you burning crosses
are you burning crosses

good luck with the virus good luck with

the virus your whole family tree is
getting cut off at its roots
i it was funny kind of the first time
but i’m so sad by this i’m so sad but
the people are ill it’s not good oh i

i did have my favorite my favorite line
in that was have you ever heard of
evolve mister knuckle dragger
i did try out my line on our friend in

oh what was the line again okay here’s
the scenario
so i finish the show i go down and there
the ladies are at the pool and they’ve

had a couple of froze
and which is good because i’m coming out
of i’m like i’m i’m completely dazed
doing the show and it’s she said it was
it was when it was a throwaway joke said

yeah okay white man she said to me i
said and i
i came it came out beautifully i said
excuse me
how dare you use your privilege to
presume i am white
i’ve done the work and she was floored

her mouth fell open she went oh that’s a
good point
yeah and there i there i am saying i’m
not white

and it froze her in her tracks i was so
so pleased so it’s a good point is what
she said
because she was frozen she had she
couldn’t because there’s nothing to say

at that point
and it’s a stopper it’s a show-stopper
but here’s the best thing
i so what did you talk about on the show
i said doing the work because they
hadn’t listened

doing the work says oh yeah i’ve been
doing the work too i said stop let me
have you been reading a book yeah white
like so on sunday we’ve got some more
clips about this because this phenomenon

is very interesting to me and
and it goes much further i think than we
realize i mean now even
the feminist movement is under attack i

mean it’s it
everybody is eating everybody else and
are the podcasters documenting it for
yes we are the doc the podcasters

documenting it for posterity
we’re proud of it and we hope you’re
proud because after all it is also your
show you
are the fifth the producers yes that’s

uh please remember us at uh
na check out our new website go to you can see
uh what uh producer tim has done it’s i
mean this thing has got

troll room transcripts transcripts it’s
got the player integrated
uh it’s i mean it’s crazy crazy i’d say
you can do chapters
also all of our search ends and bing it

bing it dot io no agenda no these things
work it’s very impressive we have end of
show clips
from jessico nelson tom starkweather and

jason lewis with something crazy coming
to you from
opportunity zone 33 here in austin texas
capital of the drone star state fema
region number five on the governmental

maps in the morning everybody
i’m adam curry and from northern silicon
where i don’t see a lockdown coming even
though they’re threatening it i’m john c
devorak nick they’re at next on until sunday in the
morning everybody i’m adam curry
adios mofos and

i met a woman with curvy
and wednesday

she coughs so all the time
and i thought that the rules were simple

and i thought hell i wore
my mask and even though i’m not reason
the doctor said that i did something
wrong because it kills you

yeah mortality 0.002
and friday

she called to say she had corona i don’t
need to worry
just go get tested go find a place to
run and rapid test
anywhere i don’t understand how it goes

through where i’m only testing negative
no no
and my temperature ain’t up and my pulse
ox is strong

but this woman said i had to go home
results can be wrong and you gotta stay
people are dying cause people don’t obey
reporters hover while we weep over
others who’ve been dying since the day

they were born well
this is not that the test say i’m fine
but they don’t
and i thought i’d live forever but now
i’m not so sure they try to tell me that

they’re clever
but that won’t let me out of here or
mortality’s 0.002 if you’ve been out in
public and exposing yourself
if you’ve been out in public and

exposing yourself
when you’re having sex couples should
wear face masks during sex
new study insists they’re screwing with

can you actually read a sex study that
if you’ve been out in public and
exposing yourself teach your lover the

meaning of submission in no time
with this pvc masquerade mask and ball

actually was a study where couples uh
were encouraged to wear face masks
during sex
now unless they do that the s m

if you’ve club out in public and
exposing yourself masquerade mask
and ball gag

joe biden is blasting president trump
we’re still in a deep deep
job he played your eyes from me but he
can never

pull it off he likes plagiarizing the
president wearing a blue mask with the
presidential seal on the side of it
the data is clear they love to see those
commas in these figures monovirus cases

are growing faster than any country on
one thousand two hundred and thirty
seven percent they’re gonna see the new
we are realizing that the virus in a way
in this election it gets a vote as well

you to get them to do very fundamental
closing bars certainly nervous about
them opening up this weekend but in some
ways it’ll be a bit of
an experiment for those that want to go

it will be transformative
i think we should be slightly encouraged
really i got
that man everything come on it’s not
that hard
but the forecast only calls for rain in
the morning


i’ll write it and we’ll do it live