No Agenda Episode 1262: “Use Your Words!”

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blah adam curry
john c divorce sunday july 23 2020 this
is your award-winning get my nation
media assassination episode 1262.
this is no agenda celebrating victory

and broadcasting live from opportunity
zone 33 here at the frontier of austin
texas capital of the drone star state in
the morning everybody

i’m adam curry and from northern silicon
valley where i’m looking at the new york
times and all i can say is
move over buzzfeed i’m john c divora

we have a winner okay who
we have a winner yes it’s time to
celebrate ladies and gentlemen we have

a winner dr bill to the rescue
everybody except the planned
pharmaceutical industry
it’s the germans to the rescue my
administration reached a historic

agreement with pfizer
to produce and deliver 100 million doses
of their vaccine immediately following
its approval
hopefully the approval process will go
very quickly and

we think we have a winner there we also
winners right behind that are
doing very well in the vaccines yes long
ahead of schedule
wow a winner john
and it’s this little firm bio in tech

little german firm that had to team up
with pfizer to make it look real
and and it’s an mrna vaccine it’s
i mean i haven’t heard anyone say how

fabulous this is it’s very
very interesting i thought that was
moderna’s gig
well you know because he did this that
means these guys are out of the running
the modern guys no uh the advisor guys
what do you mean out of the uh what do

you mean out of the running they just
did the deal with
with pfizer pfizer and bio in tech it’s
they yeah but but because
trump pushed this yeah the media and
everybody’s going to jump all over it

and he’s uh they’re out of the running
oh yeah automatically
because of course if trump endorses it
then it’s the wrong vaccine
yeah oh yes so you’re so smart this is
just getting him out of the way so

okay i love this idea and i was i was
already so curious because
no one was saying how revolutionary this
was this bio in tech
who clearly teamed up with pfizer for

the distribution or i don’t know
your packaging that’s what everyone has
yeah licensing they’ve got the
infrastructure what the stock did
oh the stock it went public at uh i
think it went public around 20

and it’s now at 100. that’s a winner
that’s what you want to do well i wanted
that’s good that you brought this up
right away because i have three clips

discussing a little bit about this
especially what’s going on in south
africa with the oxford
vaccine that’s that’s what we love to
and so yeah they can’t seem to get
enough volunteers because they can’t

find enough people that haven’t been
infected but
there’s a couple of things here which
which warrants and ask
adam oh because as we listen to this uh
great news about from pfizer who are

who will rue the day
uh let’s listen to just a little
background on what’s going on in south
africa this is from democracy now is the

covet vaccine s
a oxford uh about 20 to 22 in a in in in
the second
phase of of clinical testing and
i’m so sorry somehow my fingers have

been off i got a new
replacement the midi controller and i
hit the wrong one
uh we’ll cut all that out no one will
know the difference so i think the first
issue with the trial is that

what’s significant is that the president
and the government
agreed to offer solidarity and
participate in the trial
which is being led by oxford university
through south africa’s birth university

the difficulty of course is one trying
to secure a sufficient number of
volunteers for the trial
with as you correctly point out within a
climate where

the numbers of people living with covert
are increasing and we also
estimate that that is a significant
undercount because our testing strategy
has been hampered by the lack of

available testing kits
so the criteria for testing has changed
and in effect it amounts to rationing at
the moment
the second issue with the trial which
actually is

uh you know involves quite significantly
a pharmaceutical company called
astrazeneca and
the issue around astrazeneca’s
relationship with oxford
the relationship with the south african

government as in the contractual
including which university and clinical
participants in other parts of the world
in brazil as well is unclear we calling

transparency in those agreements because
on the one hand
if we are going to participate in a
trial that is trying to
ensure equitable access to a vaccine if
it is successful

what what is that sounds like there’s a
quagmire nothing’s going to work out
got an issue with something
yeah that’s part of the problem but i’m

gonna the second part of this clip is
kind of interesting because it actually
gives a little gives us some actual
information oh stop
and it’s like here’s an ask adam for you
um how many vaccine candidates

uh are out there currently you mean
uh that are wait a minute is this the is
this the actual question
this is the ask adam segment yep

all right everybody here it is of course

i know have all the answers
uh now you say vaccine candidates is
that vaccine candidates that
are currently in trial or that are just
or that are getting ready to go to trial

because they’ve gone through the
first two phases uh
well disregarding the phases how many
i don’t the answer to that okay all
right we’ll be answered in the second

clip all right then my first clip is
just the pure
how many vaccine candidates when people
start all right
if you’re in the business i have the
number 100
it’s a good number yeah all right play

the clip but
we know that there’s deep involvement of
astrazeneca and the terms and conditions
between oxford university and
estrazeneca is
is not available and this you must
remember is only one

of a possible hundred and twenty six
oh so close
i think i deserve so at least partial
credit for getting into the three

no you’re over by
okay now the ones going to trial are
going to be mentioned the number of that
how many
are going to try or or at least in the
second stage

126. well i have to just say 33.
yes but it’s not right i guess no okay

here we go
this is in this last clip the phase two
numbers okay uh about
20 to 22 ie in in in the second phase of
of clinical testing and you know there’s

very few a handful of candidates that
still will go to phase three
so now the thing is though astrazeneca
we did uh purchase pre-purchase
a billion dollars worth of the vaccine

so they took a which
i mean if they’re gonna get screwed in
the deal uh is that kind of their okay
okay guys it’s your turn next time take
a bill
take a bill from bill uh

i have no idea how this works and the
intricacies of it are
i think unknown to most people because
it’s you know as part of us this part of

the great
pharma pharma scam yeah
well i have no i don’t know what’s going
to happen maybe they’re going to have
two out there
both competing with each other oh this
should be i think that’s the whole i

think there’s they want to have that and
then there’s some other vaccine
forget who did that one maybe it’s the
oxford vaccine
that it’s just an old-school vaccine
it’s like oxford is the astrozenica
right but isn’t that the old school

that’s not the mrna they just didn’t
the old-fashioned
whatever it is they’re just testing it
down in south africa
i guess they get a head start on
somebody there’s a lot of stuff that is

also with um with the therapeutics with
rem distributor one of our producers
is uh a lab technician and
was digging around documents looking

into remdi severe
uh i’ll quote some from her uh his uh
uh note here i was curious about the
metabolite metabolite maybe which is
stability metabolite which is

which functions like an active
ingredient if you will so that would be
the active ingredient of remdi severe i
discovered something very very
uh attached an ncbi article about the
mechanism of action of remdi severe

there’s a lot of technical stuff in
there but it’s in the show notes if you
want to look it up it’s been
uh sanitized for our lab technicians
uh but it turns out the chemical

they use as the metabolite is
also known as a feline antiviral

so it turns out that a a cat
antiviral works to some degree
in against covet yeah
covet kitty cat medicine everybody gotta

love it
gotta love it melatonin apparently now
uh more news
inhibits the kovid 19 induced cytokine
storm that’s another good one that’s a

what’s a good one to know i mean
melatonin is easy to have around the
well they sure do you

were you were you being facetious or do
you mean that about people using
am i at the point now where you i ca
wasn’t so sure

i’m sorry wow i wasn’t sure that wasn’t
bottles of it in the house because the
kids like it
one time but jason you’d never take some
melatonin before you go to bed i said

why do i want
melatonin before i go to bed yeah it
makes you sleep better i sleep
fine so i was partially
right people do have it around the house

but you were kind of
i first heard about it probably 20 years

ago and people were using on airplane
flights when they couldn’t sleep on a
yeah exactly or uh to combat um
jet lag which i’ve never i like
weed is so much better time to go to

sleep boink done
so little uh some mask updates uh and i
think it’s relevant to something you
wrote in the newsletter but we’ll start
just with the thought that i had

um we are so trained with
social media and so we were so primed
for this mask
stuff and it just so i think someone
wrote me a note and it

almost bowled me over like oh yes do you
remember the ice bucket challenge
yeah so this self-moral licensing is
really this is a continuation of it
like i i wouldn’t necessarily 100

subscribe to that but i think there’s
yeah it’s idiotic yes which in the
in the netherlands translated uh when
they speak

in a derogatory tone about uh
uh masks they call it the face diaper
which i think yeah she told me this i
think i kind of like that one
so shanta who’s uh uh my daughter

christina’s girlfriend
she was on the train in rotterdam
going to i think she was going uh i know
she was going to amsterdam or not
and it’s mandatory to have a face diaper

in the train and
i guess she was fiddling around and
dropped on the ground she picks it up
puts it back on and she got kicked off
the train
what yeah she got kicked off the train

it’s like she sounds like she’s
exaggerating the story
no no why would she know she’s not
exaggerating the story
oh no nah she’s
a little bit past that she’s not really

a millennial she’s 30 i think
something like that um but the
uh i think what pertains to the
newsletter is i have noticed
and it’s uh it i hope it comes to light

and it can be exposed but there are
numerous elite women who took advantage
of the masking requirements
and the lockdown it was kind of a twofer

for them
uh which includes hillary clinton nancy
kellyanne conway and as most recently
kamala harris they all got work done on
their face

and they actually believed it when the
doctor said just a couple of days of
so that’s why they’ve been out of the
running for a while you haven’t seen
kamala and
and she came back and oh my god it’s
it’s like they almost all went to the

same doctor except nancy she’s got some
kind of miracle worker
um it’s it’s really astounding and
people are noticing it
well kamala harris is looks terrible
well she’s still swollen that’s the

she waited too long i have i have uh
experience in these uh
in these types of procedures okay well
good because here’s the deal
uh here’s the let me give you the whole

so they have the pictures of camille
harris from from seven
eight and then from eight days later
uh and it she looks like
she has a number of problems to me it

still looks more like botox than
anything except for the fact that i had
to notice this the last time i looked at
horrible pictures because it’s i had i
didn’t get a lot of sleep yesterday
so uh and i kept dozing off of the

computer so i put that picture of camila
harris up there and i look at it
and it just boom i’m wide awake
so uh it works it’s anti-melatonin

so take so you take this she’s so the
thing is if you look at her eyebrows
that’s the key yes you’ll see that the

corners of her eyebrows toward her ears
have been lifted up
so instead of her she has a low low
eyebrow that’s usually slips right
across the top of the

other yes that part i think that’s botox
that did that but she hasn’t bought you
botox doesn’t make your thing go up yes
if you inject it into the right spots
your eyebrows will raise a little bit

that’s why a lot of women got him in the
first place
not just wrinkles on the forehead but
she has injectables in her cheeks
and that’s the stuff that they always
they always hook these women into it
it’s like oh we’ll do an injectable

it’ll be good for you know nine months
and they’re never even ones a little bit
more squishy than the other you can see
and it takes a long time for the
puffiness to go down the rest of your

face to adjust to it
she had injectables and there’s so many
different kinds some just really suck
okay well let’s go back to the original
question before you go on to that
because i wanted to hear that too
which was if she had any serious work

eight days later would she be
presentable or not
no no you’re not you’re really not
presentable that’s what the doctor

always says couple days of bruising
don’t worry about it
it before these things really flesh out
it’s typically a couple of months before
really everything yes
so she’s coming out that’s what makes me
think she didn’t have any real work done

no just the injectables that’s what i
and some botox oh yeah oh that’s the
botox that’s uh every that’s
everything so much botox that her smile
what little of a smile she has has

turned into a grimaces
she really looks horrible
i mean if she thinks she’s going to get
picked for vice president now with this
new look she’s nuts well
i have a feeling that something else may

be in play i’m not quite sure i want to
ask some people about it i think she may
have been going for a different
face um look
a little less asian perhaps because

she’s you know her roots
she’s indian now she’s a little more
i don’t think she was going for that but
yeah that’s uh

no i i would say she was probably going
a little bit more for
ados look i mean that’s just a hunch it
can’t accuse her of it
but i wouldn’t put it past her i think
she’s done a lot of things for her
career and she desperately wants this

everyone everyone timed it even hillary
got all all
got a little uh refresh a little reboot
but again with and maybe maybe hillary
okay here’s what happened hillary said

to kamala use my guy
then this guy oh yeah cause she could be
she has the same injectables
and because it’s hillary the guy that
she uses probably hates
black folk now he probably doesn’t

doesn’t have
experience with the black features
but oh man i love that we’re talking
about this longer than a vaccine that’s
that we’re really good

this is this is the point is
kamala harris is just submarined your
own career with this stupid move
you think yeah she’s dead she did
if biden takes one look at her he’s

gonna jump just the way i do when i have
her picture on the screen
i mean i still think that elizabeth
warren is in the running i mean she
she’s really bankers already said no
they can’t put her in if they do then

there goes the money okay so like i mean
is camelot then
my thesis about who’s getting picked and
who’s not and of course i’m on a
columbus shore side but she got screwed
by by uh

current events yeah yes not my fault but
i still i’m going by the original thesis
brought bloomberg into the conversation
and brought him into the running

that the bankers do not want biden i’m
going to say
the bankers do not want bernie and they
do not want warren because of the way
they’ve both been threatening the banks
so those two are

just done right and of course all this
bernie unity platform stuff is just all
the charades
you know whoever is coming in as the as
the actual vice president who is
intended to be

the president but i just don’t see it i
am at a loss for who who could it be who
did do they have anybody at this point
up for grabs and then biden’s being
pressured if you i didn’t
get this clip but joy re read it maybe

no i didn’t get it
joy reid had him on her show and she was
to are you going to now did this now and
not right now tell us that you will be

nominating a black woman
yeah all right what about the black man
by the way
which has to be a black woman because
biden claimed he’s gonna
pick a woman which is stupid why did you
claim anything

dummy so he uh he’s being pressured to
put a black woman and if he does that
it’s well it’s believed by me and other
former democrats
that the democrat part the democrat

who want a white woman as the first
president of the united states that’s a
are going to just bolt right so who do
the white women have as

a candidate who can who can they support
i think
i think it would be i think what your
original pick was would be
elizabeth warren yeah which they don’t
know or they don’t want to

come to grips with the fact that the
bankers have nixed it
yeah it’s hard i don’t know i mean he
could still pick her and help
screw the bankers and because of all the
pressure he’s got to pick

somebody yeah
well hillary is on the scene again i
mean i’ll just uh just since i happen to
have a clip and we’re talking about her
this is
all she’s apparently she all she can i

guess it’s going to be about
russia screwed her give you a chance to
respond to the fact that donald trump
uh has now commuted the sentence of at
least one of the people who was
listening russia was clearly listening

but so was roger stone
what do you make of the commutation of
his sins well i think it’s pretty clear
that stone threatened him uh he probably
threatened him privately but he also
threatened him publicly about what he
would say

if he uh had to go to prison and this is
a continuation
of the cover-up it’s an ongoing cover-up
that trump and stone are true major
participants in

to try to prevent us from knowing all of
the details
about what they actually did in 2016.
uh some of it was very public i mean
asking russia
in public uh to interfere in an american

election but some of it was
um clandestine behind the scenes sending
messages the kinds of things that uh we
know about and i think much more
uh so what he did i just use the awesome

power of commutation as part of the
pardon power of the president
uh to basically shut up roger stone
uh so that roger stone would not spill

any more beans about what actually
happened and how much
donald trump actually knew
yeah unlike your husband who uh pardoned
mark rich when i went on to screw

millions out of billions or trillions
and uh susan susan goldberg
the uh weather underground bomb carrier
and many other fun people yeah yeah of

computation makes nothing but russians
uh while we’re playing these clips we
might as well
officially identify ourselves we have
joined a new network
uh we are the founding uh members of the

network and very proud to be a part of
and uh it will soon be a streaming

you have no idea how many submissions
came in for this network
just an orange man bad network yeah here
you’re listening to the omb
network orange man bad

i’m not quite sure if it’s r rated this
by the way she does it yeah every

everybody jumped it so we first we had
fletcher and that was uh
dame jennifer and darren of course
you are listening to the no agenda show
on the omb network orange man

bad i think it has i think we can get
well in this climate yeah we got a few
months i think it’s really possible

it could continue i wanted to dive into
uh i alluded to it just a second ago
how um bill clinton pardoned

susan goldberg as susan goldberg
we bumped into i think maybe a couple of
shows ago
um she
she was a member of the of the weather

and uh she i guess she carried bombs
placed it in government buildings
i don’t think anyone was hurt or or
killed uh but it did cause a lot of

and she went i think she had a 54 year
sentence but then got out
after 16 years when bill clinton
pardoned her in uh 2001
susan l rosenberg and

we ran into her because she is the vice
chair of the board of directors of
thousand currents
which is the non-profit which

is the fiscal sponsor for black lives
or black lives matter inc i should say
do you remember we talked about her
susan rosenberg you know the funny thing

yeah i remember talking about it but i
don’t remember her being the
the clinton uh pardon me i just ran into
that by
by accident that that’s new information
for me too
um and i look so i really did a deep

dive on
uh on thousand currents like what
exactly it did they seem to be more of a
pass-through than anything they’re
you know their mission is we’re very
concerned about people in the southern

hemisphere blah blah blah
nothing really about black lives matter
but i think susan rosenberg looking at
her history
she knows how to run non-profits and do
the financing so if there is a network
of old marxist communists who are

infiltrating then
she would be the one to come up with
this whole fiscal sponsorship scheme
so black lives matter isn’t a non-profit
by itself it’s just a group with a bank

and they get money and presumably just
you know
i don’t even know what their status is
this fiscal sponsorship was
fiscal yeah sponsor i think it is it’s
very odd

so she probably figured that one out um
and i think maybe we both had this clip
of uh patrice culler saying that she was
a trained marxist
yeah well i dove into that thinking i

could connect her to
susan rosenberg and it wasn’t just that
one interview she said it on a different
interview as well and it’s kind of part
of her script idea
she’s proud she’s proud of herself yeah

i think that the criticism is helpful
um i also think that it might
um i think of a lot of things
the first thing i think is that we

actually do have an ideological frame
myself and alicia in particular are
trained organizers
we are trained marxists
we are

super versed
um on sort of ideological theories
and i think that what we really try to
do is build a movement that could be

utilized by many many black folk
so superversed i don’t know what that
means but it sounds like some kind of
badge she’s super versed as a trained

by coincidence or maybe not i was uh
uh talking with mo and he he gave me a
little bit of
background on marxism with
ados or african americans dating back to

uh the 30s and i had no idea that that
uh let’s say blacks in the south that
were kind of um well they weren’t

actually recruited but they were drawn
communist stooges who were out trying to
get the uh
you know get workers unionized and cause

in the united states and so i just yeah
but you have to remember yes this is
and actually probably even goes into the
20s but you have to remember that in the
30s during the depression half the
country was being lured by the kind yes
no no that’s the beauty of it including

half of hollywood
they didn’t actually go aft they weren’t
intending to go after blacks
here’s the story how did the communist
party get started in
alabama in 1928 the communist
position internationally was that

african-americans in the south
have the right to self-determination
meaning they have the right to create
their own nation in the south
and it’s a position that came out of

moscow it came from other
black communists around the globe and
with that
idea in mind they sent two organizers
to alabama and they went to birmingham

and they chose birmingham because it was
the most industrialized city in the
and they went there thinking they would
organize white workers and from white
workers black workers

would follow but no white workers would
come forward
and so the first two organizers was a
guy named james
giulio who was a sicilian worker who had
migrated to alabama

and another guy named tom johnson and
they went out looking for white workers
and black workers came
and black workers came in fairly large
numbers right away

because for them they had a memory of
reconstruction a memory of the civil war
and in that kind of collective memory
they were told that
one day the yankees would come back and
finish the fight

when they saw these white communists
they said oh good the yankees are here
we can’t wait to join
i thought that was really interesting
that they went there to to get
white workers and the blacks came and
they kind of i guess they got hoodwinked

and uh
well i think that’s kind of a
patronizing story if if not
uh oh it’s very it’s it’s very
simplistic it’s very simple

though the black people that showed up
for this meeting were
stupid absolutely no absolutely not
i think they were lied lied to that’s
what i think

it doesn’t it doesn’t really matter i’m
just i’m just showing this
you have to remember again there’s lots
of comedies all over the place during
the 30s
right and i think they take over the
country they were trying to overthrow
the government besides the fact that the

democrat party was trying to overthrow
the government
of roosevelt with the attempted coup
yes and exactly so the whole place was a

my dad used to tell me these stories
about the depression era and
it’s kind of like it is now which is a
okay so i’ll just jump ahead i don’t
have to prove that there’s been a lot of
marxist influence on

african americans but not to turn them
into marxists or communists but to use
to use them as a tool as a tool yes as
a tool use the right word and dupe as a

okay dupe is the word so i’m glad that
you that you
your dad would yap about that and i’m
glad that you uh say it’s
very similar to now as uh i found the
democracy now clip here is patrice

callers once again co-founder of black
lives matter
and uh let’s see if we can tire into any
of these groups
from of course not the 30s but maybe the
60s 70s

as you began to develop the black lives
matter uh theme and uh
and also talk about the strategy you
mentioned you had to come out of the
strategy center what was the strategy

well i would i’m a trained organizer and
so i think sometimes
people think that because black lives
matter is the biggest thing
that that’s the first thing i ever did
and it’s not i

um which was trained knocking on doors
you know getting on buses and passing
out flyers and
getting people to join organizations the
labor community strategy center is my
first political home

it’s where i would um be a part of what
it’s famous for which is the bus writers
union started by an old
friend of mine yeah
eric mann double n does this ring a bell

uh sounds familiar but it doesn’t ring a
bell another weather underground member
oh okay who also set up the
bus riders union in los angeles

and currently runs i think for the past
10 years or even longer the labor
community strategy center in los angeles
which interestingly
he goes back to the august 29th movement

also known as atm which in 1978
merged with the chinese american
organization iwk the iowa

queen and the black revolutionary
communist league to form the
multi-racial multinational league
a revolutionary struggle which i think
is kind of we’re looking at derivative

groups of that right now and
she trained for over 10 years with eric
so you gotta think maybe she picked up a
few tips

so i found uh a 2010
workshop online by eric mann called the
transformative workshop it’s at a
university i’m not sure which one
um but possibly in los angeles

and here you can hear where his his
whole thing is he wants to
kill the empire which is you know
overturn the government i think that’s
kind of what the old
marxist socialist that’s what they

always want to do turned into the
welfare stake get rid of capitalism
uh but that’s called transformative
transformation and transformative
the second is that transformative
organizing begins by a challenge to the

empire we live in a country
that is running two declared wars at the
same time
iraq and afghanistan that is causing

misery for basically people
all over the world except in venezuela
and other places where they’ve been
successfully able to resist imperialism
um when they talk about getting rid of

poverty and people who have
only two two dollars a day that’s based
on the united states imperialism
imposing its
free market economy on the world so that

people can’t even have water
in their own countries so so with these
in our scholastic system and educational
system there’s no one no wonder they

turn out hating america i mean this guy
is speaking at a university
he’s written books i mean there’s
there’s legion of these people
he makes uh he says this is typical of

guys he says we were having two
simultaneously declared wars
yes we had no declared wars it was
neither were declared exactly
but the tactics of the marxist are well

it’s it’s pit to teams against each
and then you can control both and
they’ll actually work side by side
and it’s kind of the way the cia does it

i think it goes back to hegel it’s been
around for a while this concept
but you can do man woman might sound
familiar you can do race
black white but it’s not really about
the black or the white or the man or the

woman it’s about
weakening the empire to overthrow it as
he explains in this clip
when i got involved in the movement it
was for civil rights and against the war
and very quickly single civil rights

started calling itself black liberation
and the in the against the war was
vietnamese liberation
so we were part of an anti-racist
anti-imperialist united front
and we all became radicalized and i

think that’s what we want to do today is
bring this
into low-income communities of color
because we believe
that these advanced ideas are not
imposing our agenda on somebody

it means that we’re somebody that we
have views
we’re part of the community the
community is divided
we’ll bring those ideas in and the
community will decide if they want them

they’re free agents but it makes no
sense to go in and say
i have no agenda well you do have an
and they do have an agenda the agenda is
to overthrow the empire

but but these groups this guy and and
trained uh patrice colors
see race as a tool or use
racial groups as uh stooges

to achieve their overthrow of the empire
organizing focus on society’s most
depressed and exploited classes it’s a
strategic alliance strategic

we believe eventually that the vast
majority of people in the united states
can be won to an anti-racist
anti-fearless politics
but that’s very very hard you have to
start somewhere

we start with the intersection of the
black and latino community
as a strategic alliance that’s central
to building a broader multiracial left
and within that the role of the black

and latino working class
including defining the working class as
women in the home
bus riders prisoners people on afdc
yes factory workers people at the point

of production
but there are many ways to organize the
working class besides just
as workers because they’re working class
every minute of their day
so we have a bus riders union we have uh

community rights trying to get kids out
the pre-prison system those people are
just as working-class as a factory
so it really doesn’t matter as long as

they can get a pro and a con group
together they’ll use it
to weaken the system and this is the
only clip that really matters this one
because i think that this type of
thinking that

clearly is in universities probably in
grade schools
and has taken over the
woke infrastructure with black lives
is is in fact this dishonest crap that
they’re doing

to weaken society it’s not about race
it’s not about lgbt you know
you think you’re special no they don’t
care about you this is identity politics
which i agree is where the democrat
party is all in on this
and this is what really matters he

answers the question
what do you actually want
when you’re involved in a movement they
always say well what do you people want
when you’re not you know when you go to

the police station or go to the
so here are some things we want that we
think are systematic with transformative
systematic transformative organizers
they’re all caught up in these

terms this is 10 years ago though this
is 10 years ago it’s not that long ago
here we go with the list show’s older
than this this guy’s speech free the u.s
2 million prisoners

no prisons us out of afghanistan and
iraq now bring the troops home troops
we want the social welfare state not the

police states 100 000 more buses
new hospitals mental health clinics and
public schools and 100 000 less police
sound familiar

free safe and legal abortion with public
support and financing
uh miners having the right to abortion
without parental consent
preparations for the transatlantic slave

trade to the peoples of africa the
african diaspora
it’s a long list unconditional amnesty
and option of citizenship for 12 million

open the us board open the borders
full democratic rights and equality for
lgbtq people

all right
shut down the 810 u.s bases of military
all right stop the traffic of women and

girls which is very related
to those 810 bases
reverse global warning stop off offshore

restrict the order global warming
bolivian proposal for the coyote treaty
that will reduce greenhouse gases to 50
percent below 1990 levels
by 2017. is the climate change
that’s not barack obama

self-determination and sovereignty for
the palestinian people
yeah hello ayanna presley always got to
be in it’s got to be in there
it’s code yeah jobs are income now for
the 32 million

unemployed guaranteed jobs remove
all cia operatives from venezuela and
other third world countries
protect the communists
and stop the embargo on cuba

get rid of marco rubio finally end the
war on drugs
the war on crime the war on gangs and
the war on terror
okay so

if it sounds familiar that’s because i
think that’s been going on
well it’s very famous also on the list
of the radical abolitionist movement
web pages yeah yeah it’s been there for

a year i’ve been there for years none of
this is new
none of this is uh should be a shock to
no i’m sure you got the 10-year moment i
bet you go back 20 years you’ll find

another example of it that
that is limited is the same but they
probably they put the trendy things in
climate change lgbtq whatever but a lot
of people don’t realize that they say

it’s marxist it’s so
they don’t really know what they’re
talking about and
to me that kind of brought it all into
clarity okay when we say this or
uh cultural marxism whatever you want
it’s this

it’s this and it’s not to solve anyone’s
problem it’s only to
ultimately uh get rid of the police get
rid of the army
yeah so they can walk in i guess and
they pray

on week weeks
dummies and i think patrice cullers was
primed that she was ready
to be sucked into this listen this is a

quick just a few quick clips
about her uh her growing up and it
sounds a little reminiscent of robin
i grew up queen i grew up as a working

queer black woman and
a single parent household no father
my father was in and out of prison
addiction um
both my my basically all my family

is like the kind of typical uh
life of black working class people so
she’s 17
i’m sorry i don’t think that necessarily
being a drug adult is a life of

typical typical black working-class
no i that’s her generalization but this
is her recounting
story she’s been she’s a wreck she’s a

you know she put the checklist down
let’s follow what she has to say she’s
obviously the one to follow because
of her uh background i you know this is
like insanity
okay so let’s follow her for a second
because you’re going to see the model is

there this is this is
the easy prey i think for me when i
came to the organization when i was
organized into the organization
how about that for some cultish language
huh when i was organized into the

i think for me when i came to the
organization when i was organized into
the organization i was 17 and a half
i was really angry i was

really angry and i didn’t have
a direction i just was spewing anger i
was angry at
what i bared witness with my family and
police brutality i was angry

that my mother had to work three jobs
and she never slept i was angry
that just like there were so many things
that i was looking at
and so many things that i was angry

and um damon azalea and jaren brown
who’s in the room today he’s a part of
who i joked with i said hey remember how
i was 17 and a half and you organized me
organized me into the bus riders union

at the time and
what actually um it’s cult code
or they’re laughing about it you
remember when you organized me there’s
obviously some kind of ritual or
something or something that sounded like

got laid caught my attention i was
uh they had showed a 10-minute clip
of the bus riders union and there was uh
the scene in the film where

there’s a black woman organizing on the
bus and there’s a korean woman
the back of the bus and the black woman
is speaking spanish
and i’m like wait what and then the

black woman turns to a korean
and goes oh korean college to the korean
the korean organizer in the back and i
was like
you have a korean speaker can you come

organize her and i was so organized
i was like that that’s what i want to be
a part of
that right there makes sense to me so
that or that using it as a as a verb
that way

organize me is weird that’s that’s
cultish stuff
remember when you organize me code
anyway so the bottom line this is her
this is her real issue
my life hasn’t really changed much my
brother’s still in prison

um my my father passed away in december
and what i say
of racism he was only 53 years old
and he passed of racism because this
country killed him

okay so there’s some hatred there some
severe hatred issues this country killed
him so no wonder and
and she is organized
so all of this is

it’s a cycle i guess except now we have
the social media
network aspect to it and that cranks up
the noodle gun which is
yeah you have these dummies that are all

in on this thing
because they oh yeah okay we have to
destroy the country we just overthrow
the government which is
really what this boils down to when it
comes because that’s what they say
yes uh why would you so you’re in other

words you’re
especially you’re in college in the
university somewhere and you can
actually afford to go to one of them
and you want to overthrow the government
because you will benefit in some way is

that the consumer benefit or
for some i mean what is the point this
is a
a very interesting fog that they’ve
established stupidly
well crazy crazy part of it you know i

take my
i take my learnings from professor
theodore kaczynski
who said that you know the you look at
the kids we went through the
you know think of the children give them

participation trophies that never had
anything to fight for
they haven’t had to fight for shelter
for food the ones that we’re seeing
protesting at least
the looting is a different different
gang different bunch but that’s

it’s also explainable but the protests
that turn into
larping attacks
finally these kids have something to
live for they were given you know the 20

year olds now they were
hey you know come to college
you get a piece of paper it’s going to
be great and then they’re working for 11
to 15 bucks an hour
uh doing retail customers treating them

like shit
and then you know and they have no
they’ve they’ve not been challenged and
all of a sudden this comes along and
wow yeah and the feedback mechanism of
the videos and online postings and the

likes and the shares and the
community and the rainbows and
everything it’s so
obvious to me now and all you need to do
is just throw

a couple organizers with some money
thank you george soros
with an extra 220 million promised so we
know where that’s going
that’s going into the susan rosenberg
version of the

or half of the system and she
distributes the money or people like her
i’m sure there’s many more when we look
and these are the old fuckers from the
60s and 70s
that’s what’s so crazy they’re still in

the game
yeah well they should have been kept in
jail but i guess what are you going to
i’m impressed i mean let me also
i get i’m also kind of you have to kind
of admire soros

because if you really think about i had
a when i worked for bills if you get
these guys to get a lot of money bills
was one of the first of the of the first
round of billionaires he was one of the

back when there was like 20 in the world
not a thousand
and uh he people talk about his
relatives were talking about this too
he liked to fuck with people

he had all these he had this huge bunch
of magazines and he’d find a couple of
people i know a lot of rich people who
do that shit
yeah it’s reminds it’s actually people
watched the movie changing places with

eddie murphy and
and uh whoever else was in it uh with
the two rich guys who bet a dollar
that if these two guys were given this
you know they just it was some

crazy trading places yeah the trade
trades trading places
it just to screw with people and the
idea was you you note that there’s these
two people that were bitching about each
yeah so you put them together

making the head of some new magazine or
you do something like that or are you
george you just
really know that kind of like make him
co-ceos of a publication or co-editors
just to see him blow up

that’s sick that’s sick and that’s what
the kind of thing
and it’s not just like you said there’s
a lot of super rich people
that do evil it’s fucking and i think

it’s hilarious
well it’s not that i don’t think it’s
evil it’s good-hearted
fun by their standards yes precisely
different group different standards and
so i’m convinced

soros is one of these guys only he does
it on a grand worldwide scale and he
has to because he’s always got a kind of
a shit-eating grin in a funny kind of a

you know when you see him speaking he’s
got a stupid look on his face yeah
like he’s just got it he’s just having
nothing but fun
it’s interesting though if you look at
soros goldberg
and man you know when you see a group of

the these three people
it’s not hard to understand why many
think the jews are out to get the black
soros goldberg and what’s interesting i

didn’t i shit i forgot to clip it
he said a man said that he grew up uh i
think he was born in 42 or 43.
and his mom silent generation that’s
what most of those guys very few of them

baby boomers baby boomers are more
likely to be
a patriotic and his mom would just hound
him about
you know the fascists the fascists the
fascists and specifically the fascists

they came for the jews they’ll come
again and they’re going after black
and that’s kind of his reasoning for why
he’s so interested in the plight of uh
dark-skinned people doesn’t really
matter with their history as long as

they’re dark-skinned
yeah it’s kind of rather patronizing but
i think that’s i think that’s uh i think
where he gets it all from it’s just it’s
insane when you start to dive into it

and you look at what’s happening like
every single topic from climate change
to lgbtqiapk
you know equal rights not that i’m
against equal rights but

you know it’s like all of this stuff
it’s all their fingerprint and it’s the
same thing it’s just now it’s being used
i mean is it still being used by china
who have been who have infiltrated

everywhere and deploy this
or is it just the democrat party or is
it also the republican party is everyone
doing are we the only shitheads who
aren’t doing this stuff
yet you know it’s the chinese communist
party the ccp

they they know these tactics these are
all these
all stem from marxists early marxist
lenin uh right it’s nothing new to them
and so they probably see

they would just amplify it sure they
know what’s going on they’re not idiots
and china is asshole
says ho so let’s talk about some uh
some spies

we got spies in houston and they’re
going through the standard operating
procedure of the burn bag
which is everyone’s like this is crazy
look what’s going on the burning

did remember the russian embassy who
closed it was trump who kicked him out
like you said obama was it still obama
and they immediately started burning
documents so

that’s the standard operating procedure
that’s what you do well maybe it was
trump maybe it was early interest i
thought it was early in twitter but that
they i’ve got a bunch of clips on this
and there’s stuff i didn’t know
good um and we can start with listening

to a few of these if you want to talk
about the consulate yeah let’s do that
uh this is chinese consulate one i could
have guessed
a global fight escalates again today’s
move to close the chinese consulate in

is the latest action by the trump
administration against beijing
nick schifrin reports on what is at
in the courtyard of china’s houston
consulate chinese staff in a hurry

they burned documents in drums last
night after the administration ordered
the consulate closed
citing a pattern of chinese theft and
we are setting out clear expectations

for how the chinese communist party is
going to behave
and when they don’t we’re going to take
actions that protect the american people
administration and intelligence
officials tell pbs newshour the chinese
have used the houston consulate

as a hub for espionage just yesterday
the department of justice for the first
time accused chinese hackers of working
for both personal gain
and the communist party china has now
taken its place

alongside russia iran and north korea
in that shameful club of nations that
provide a safe haven for cyber criminals
in exchange for those criminals being on

for the benefit of the state but senior
officials tell pbs newshour today was
also about diplomatic reciprocity
in january out of fears of covid the u.s
evacuated its wuhan consulate
it has not reopened because of a dispute

over whether u.s employees
have to quarantine and take covet 19
tests upon arrival to chinese airports
longer term u.s officials say they want
to reduce their footprint in china

in addition to the beijing embassy the
u.s has five consulates on the chinese
and the hong kong consulate senior
officials say they’ve accepted the
likely permanent closure of one

and intend to move it elsewhere in asia
you know it’s really no wonder when you
listen to these news reports and i
wonder who was doing that reading what
this station it was on because there’s
no wonder that no one gives a crap about
china because it’s really not compelling
the way it’s delivered

the hell what station is this that’s
your pbs newshour hello
oh my god that’s really so exciting i
don’t know why people don’t listen to it
but we did report on the story bitches
spoke it this way and then no one really

paid attention to me
i’m pretty good at that voice down you
nailed it you could go to work
for pbs exit strategy everybody
yes i would i would agree with that in

yes yes well again yeah uh
that’s why we’re here so so what did he
actually say because i fell asleep i
think halfway through

uh he said that there uh there’s a quid
pro quo at play yeah was this because of
the one hand but a lot of it had to do
with this indictment
which was linked in the show in in the
the excitement the

actual indictment was linked in the
newsletter yes it was
and you can read it i read it it’s very
entertaining what did you learn
i learned that these guys are bad actors
what were they stealing us

blind they’ve been doing it for 30 years
and nobody’s done anything about it
until trump came along
and it was going to continue until we
just basically had no industry
it moved everything all that industrial

manufacturing and everything to china
because it was
cheaper i’m really amazed no one is so
outraged like you are because probably
they didn’t hear it when i was telling
them the story about what was going on
with chinese and chinese

okay you get the gag okay good yeah the
getty is good
um two
chinese consulate two i can’t wait
there you go more more security advisor

robert o’brien on the ideology of the
chinese communist party or ccp
the ccp’s stated goal is to create a
community of common destiny for mankind
and to remake the entire world according

to the ccp
fbi director christopher wray if you’re
an american adult
it is more likely than not that china
has stolen
your personal data and attorney general

william barr
the ultimate ambition of china’s rulers
isn’t to trade with the united states
it is to raid the united states u.s
china relationship

at their lowest point since relations
began in 1979
take the case of houston the eyes of
texas were on dongxiao ping today
in 1979 then chinese leader deng
xiaoping visited the city

and the johnson space center houston was
the first chinese consulate in the u.s
but while some china watchers worry
about the confrontation the trump
administration says it’s overdue for an
awful long time our policy simply

allowing china to engage in behavior
that was radically unreciprocal
enormously unfair to the american people
and frankly put america’s national
security at risk and so we have begun
to turn that around i

uh it’s interesting that pbs did pick a
couple of quotes from barr
the piece that we played so that but
just you know one or two quickies
didn’t he didn’t put any of the nazi

talk he didn’t get any of the good stuff
and he didn’t get anything good from ray
but by the way it was interesting in
that clip
where you had this monotone guy you’ve
been ridiculing here

and that that that talks like this and
then they
drove back to a clip from the 1970s
where they see
which was seen the eyes of texas
yeah exactly i love that and then done

to the stage
yeah okay never mind uh so if you

so that it is very contrasty and you’re
right and it’s pot and i didn’t notice
i did notice this because i was trying
to get clips and i’m
thinking in fact i could have clipped

this even more
tightly and with differences i’m
enjoying it don’t get me wrong but i
what i noticed when i was getting the
clips not
i didn’t pick up on it but i didn’t
realize it was the presentation itself

that was so bad
not the material the material is pretty
good once you pointed it out
it’s hard guys a monotone
blah blah loser blah it you know it’s no

good and
it’s and i think the newshour pbs
newshour is getting
more like this and i say that because
now that you
mention it there’s a report later in the
show on something else which i don’t

know if i clipped it or not
it’s the same thing so do you some
boring guy
he’s got no modulation whatsoever
now do you think this is a style they

or is this intentional so that they can
have some cover saying
but the way i see it is we reported on
it just no one heard it because they
just zoned out within two seconds no

there’s no
they can’t no i think it’s a style they
like wow it’s so lame
i think it’s a and i don’t know why did
they like it
and why it’s where it’s coming from yeah

well it’s also also from you know what
actually if the
the mainstream media already hijacked by
chinese interests
they should just start presenting like
chinese tv that’s fun
it’s they sing it a little bit

well no you’re thinking of the korean tv
tv i’ll take korean
it doesn’t matter i watch chinese tv a

at least our version cg tv whatever it’s
called china’s greater networked and
network television g c g n t
yeah uh and uh
they have a lot of monotones on there

there’s one woman who’s considered i
think the best
of the interviewers and she’s pretty bad
but in terms of the monotone
uh it’s possible that they’re already
this may all be

chinese influenced here on the pbs it
would surprise me let’s put it that way
let’s play clip three you know many
other countries share our concerns about
the challenges that it poses um to
international law

okay stop it stop i gotta set this clip
up all right
so it’s clip 3 is uh this went on for a
long time they brought some
a couple of people on one an old state
department hack who worked for

uh she worked this is this i think her
name is thornton
she worked for i think she came out of
the obama administration but she was
kind of neutral so they kept her on
as an assistant secretary and they were

going to bump her up
after and she tillerson kept her on i
like her
okay so tillerson keeps her on and she
uh it’s just a real dud and
tillerson keeps running when tillerson

goes they’re gonna bump her up because
trump’s thing is you know he puts these
people in positions when they get rid of
one of them they just bump the next one
just temporary they’ve become acting for
a while yeah it’s easy
yeah yeah and then yeah and then it’s

really easy to put you know like there’s
a problem like the
dhs now we’re getting some problems
acting we’ll get a new guy no it’s just
it’s something
trump stopped being scared he does a

good job it’s a style yeah
so yeah it’s a management style so so
they put this woman in they’re gonna
bump her because tillerson quit you know
and it’s
burked because he didn’t do anything
yeah and it was trump’s fault

and so she’s gonna be bumped up and no
they made it
it was actually rubio that’s the main
cause the stink no this woman is
not going anywhere because it turns out
according to rubio and the rest of the

conservative republicans she’s just
uh-huh and the monkey comes out of the
and so that was the end of her and so
she got booted but she bring her onto

this and then they
and she’s counter to a guy i think his
name is chang he’s a very
he’s an author and he’s a chinese lived
in china for twenty gordon chang
is great yeah and he’s not putting up

with any crap so here she is
they’re doing the back and forth and
she’s going on kind of hinting this
trump’s fault and you know this is
unprecedented we’re doing anything like

and then chang just lets her have it you
know many other countries share our
concerns about
china the challenges that it poses um
to international law and order into our
economic competitiveness but

this kind of action gives the impression
of recklessness
and it’s not really clear to me what it
gordon chang recklessness and not clear
what it accomplishes do you believe the

closure was in u.s interests
yeah i certainly believe that this was
the right thing to do
the state department talked about
protecting u.s intellectual property
and the houston consulate is known as a

hub for espionage
we’ve been talking to china about
hacking and
all the rest of these things for about
three decades and yet we haven’t gotten

we had the agreement with chinese leader
xi jinping in september 2015
for countries not to hack each other for
commercial purposes
we had the section 301 tariffs that were
supposed to be a remedy for the theft of

u.s intellectual property
but china has continued to steal us ip
in the hundreds of billions of dollars a
yes you could say this is unfortunate
closing the consulate
but we had to do something to try to get

china to stop this dangerous activity
you know buddy of mine who works at a
accountant uh
company accountancy uh
the xerox machine i’ll just say

generically because i don’t think it was
a xerox but the copier
broke and yeah they do a lot of copying
in law offices and accountants offices
and he called tech support and was
connected to a chinese help

desk and i’m thinking to myself these
things are plugged in
who the hell knows what’s being copied
out there’s so much stuff
that’s a great idea yeah and
why wouldn’t it work that i mean

networked copy machines are
just standard fare now well the copy
machine is basically a scanner
yeah yeah i mean there’s old-fashioned
one i mean if you go back to the

original xerox you could say well
it’s kind of a scanner but it’s not the
kind of scanner that we have today yeah
but you have a it scans
and then makes a copy and the scan could
easily be sent down the right

wire well there’s even there’s even uh
cables that have little bits of firmware
in it apparently
that can capture stuff and send it off
to nefarious ip addresses
there’s a lot of espionage going on but

of course we also do have
gordon chang there’s a number of uh
chinese dissidents uh who are clearly
you know working with trump i think

steve bannon banyan
is working for some you know one of
these chinese billionaires who runs some
other anti-china
television network and he’ll create his
movies what he calls a movie

like a youtube movie uh china bad china
bad oh actually he only says ccp ccp ccp
it’s not the chinese people and i don’t
give all the chinese people a pass

you got the internet come on get on the
stick help us out
you want to hear what gordon chang says
in my clip yeah i’d love to he’s grew
great well the state department said the
reason it was shut is because it was

involved in intellectual property theft
and they also wanted to protect the
information of u.s
individuals also there are stories that
this consulate
had links with protest groups in the

united states
providing financial and logistical
support that’s
unconfirmed but what is confirmed is
that the chinese foreign ministry
and the communist party’s global times
have been engaged in a malicious

disinformation campaign deliberately
stoking racial tensions in the u.s
and u.s customs has seized items coming
from china this year
that would be very handy for protesters
well now unconfirmed but like

what uh i don’t know i
have no id maybe helmets and gear
stuff like that you know they always
seem to have interesting

gear bricks chinese bricks maybe
so it’s not just the consulate in
houston that is a problem

it seems we have an issue in san
francisco as well
this investigation stems from a move by
the trump administration earlier this
to go after researchers who are here in
the united states on student visas but

have proven ties to the chinese military
this woman named juan tang was a
researcher at uc davis
her visa application stated that she
never served in the military but
the fbi claims an investigation revealed

pictures of her in a type of uniform
from the people’s liberation army a
further search at her home allegedly
revealed evidence on her
electronics of her affiliation according
to the fbi

and they say that on june 20th she went
into the chinese consulate in san
francisco where she
has been ever since two more students
were named in the court documents
chiang sang was charged with visa fraud
she researched neurology at stanford

her 2018 visa application claimed that
she ended military service in 2011
but the fbi says that she is in fact a
pla member
and ching wang was a researcher at ucsf

during an interview on june 7th
he admitted to being an active duty
member in the pla they claimed that he
was instructed by a supervisor in china
to copy the layout of the ucsf lab to
replicate it when they got back home

and that his devices found studies from
ucsf that
they allege he planned to share with his
pla lab this news comes as
the chinese consulate over in houston
texas was ordered to close by the trump

administration today
live in the newsroom ellis sigmonia in
kron4news donald trump don’t trust china
china is asshole
they’re here they’re spying on us

and yet that doesn’t seem to be oh no
roger stone that’s a great story i’m
gonna give you a clip of today because

that was unknown to me oh thank you and
it’s your backyard
i know i’m embarrassed
why would they cover it here that would
be crazy

russia trump orange man bad we all know
i did pick up uh a um
an edit of pompeo’s speech
about china’s asshole in uk it’s about a

minute and a half
and uh just good to hear him reiterating
the points as the
all of government and uh hopeful
they wish for the all of society uh

effort moves forward to
expose china we of course began with the
challenge presented by the chinese
communist party and the kobit-19 virus
that originated in wuhan china on behalf

of the american people i want to extend
my condolences
to the british people from your losses
from this preventable pandemic
the ccp’s exploitation of this disaster
to further its own interest has been

disgraceful rather than helping the
world general secretary
she has shown the world the party’s true
we talked about uh how we’ve seen hong

freedoms crushed we’ve watched the ccp
bully its neighbors
militarized features in the south china
sea and instigated deadly confrontation
with india
i want to take this opportunity to
congratulate the british government for

its principled responses to these
you’ve made a sovereign decision to ban
huawei from future 5g networks
you’ve joined other free nations to
condemn china’s broken promises on the
sign of british

treaty you generously opened your doors
to on congress who
seek nothing more than fleeing just for
some freedom and yesterday you suspended
your expedition treaty and extended
your arms embargo in china to hong kong

we support those sovereign choices we
think well done
i’ll meet later today with hong kong
democracy advocate nathan lawns or chris

the last governor of hong kong i’m sure
those will be eye-opening and important
discussions too
uh dominic mentioned the free trade
discussions we’ve completed two rounds
more work to do
a third round scheduled for later this

month it is a primary focus of
the united states to see if we can make
progress on this and bring this to a
closure just as quickly as possible i
spoke with the prime minister this
morning about this
and i hope that we can get it finalized

before too long
china is asshole yep the message is very
and just to make everything crazier with
and they’re very consistent the chinese
virus not even saying chinese

coronavirus just the chinese virus um
i am reading here in front of me from
pubmed which is the national institute
of health
uh publication website uh and i’m not

sure how this
is vetted or any of it um
from the journal of biological
regulators and homeostatic

agents a study and research are you
ready for it you may want to sit down
i’ll read the abstract verbatim in this
we show that 5g millimeter waves could
be absorbed by derma

by dermatologic cells acting like
transfer to other cells and play the
main role in producing coronaviruses
in biological cells what
this has got to be a spoof how did they

get this in here this has got to be a
this is so good i mean it is on the website i’m that i’m
i’m sure obviously you got to write
you’re not spoofed on the website no

it’s not spoofed on the website
um so it goes on to say dna is built
from charged electrons and atoms that
has an inductor-like structure
the structure could be divided into

linear toroid and round in
inductors yeah okay i’m there inductors
interact with external electromagnetic
magnetic waves move and produce some
extra waves within the cells

i don’t like that some extra ways what
is that the shape of these waves are
similar to shapes of hexagonal and
pentagonal bases of their dna source
so something’s dubious about this these

bases could join to each other and form
virus-like structures such as
coronavirus well it’s true we do create
our own coronaviruses
to produce these viruses within a cell

it’s necessary that the wavelength of
the external waves be
shorter than the size of the cell thus
5g millimeter waves could be good
for applying in constructing virus-like

structures such as covid19 within cells
i’m confused how can this be let’s just
put that aside
we’ll work on it that’s nice we have

listeners we have
we have producers out there that know
for sure i mean
but it fries my brain when i see that on
that it’s like
no come on i don’t know just like
i kind of looked for this it’s not even
the onion anymore ever since the onion
got taken over by
jezebel oh really is it they bite it’s
in that same group

yeah so now the soda so now it’s the
babylon bee if you want
humor you got to go to the babylon b the
onion’s no good well babylon b is is
is is fantastic hey there’s one thing
a note that i got from sir loin uh

the wife and i have noticed a very
strange occurrence my wife likes to get
flower seeds off the net that’s where i
get my seeds too
they all seem to come from china

recently the people in the gardening
pay attention trolls the people in the
gardening forums
we are in have been receiving small
packets from china

none of these people have ordered
anything they just show up they are
marked earrings
but have some kind of seeds in them we
have not received any yet but being
that we are kind of at war with china
i’m a tad concerned as

to this offering of free seeds marked as
i wonder if any other producers have
seen this what could that be wow
that’s kind of that’s kind of dubious
i wonder what it is maybe it’s a it’s

poppy seeds i don’t know what could it
earrings i wonder why they say earrings
it’s code yeah of course it’s code but
why but
what’s the uh uh

uh it’s a crazy world i’m telling you
crazy things going on
crazy absolutely i mean we get a lot of

seed catalogs but these people grow
their own seeds i mean we get
right we can grow seeds
why are seeds coming from china unless
you’re growing some exotic plants that

you can’t get here
i don’t know this probably you’d
probably just order them from an
american site and they’re just
sourcing them from china i don’t know
dude i would i wouldn’t be my my place
to get

seeds from honestly i’d be like meh
maybe not well they’re
big china is not a agricultural country
no that’s for sure no they know what
they’re doing
yes know there’s something earliest and

i want to i’m still pondering it which
are the chinese so uncreative that to
build a
a college research lab they have to copy
one of ours the one in davis or wherever

it is
i mean that was the report that the
woman yeah
yeah they they they copy everything they
they don’t the implication is they don’t
have an original thought

yeah i mean that’s the implication but
it’s not true no it’s certainly
not true but maybe they
they you know they skimp around let us
do the hearts just maybe low self-esteem

as an entire culture
that they oh well we can’t build a lab
you know what very possible it’s very
possible that that’s cultural like
we that’s not that’s not what we do we

copy and we
recreate that’s i mean that can be a
culture i i believe that
if that’s all you know just stuns me
that they

i don’t know i just i find it i find
that particular one little element to be
quite peculiar
they have architects they got money they
got all kinds of stuff

i don’t know they can buy the design
maybe that the idea was they’re going to
make a good designer but instead
maybe ah here it comes
yeah they could do the design from

but this is cheaper best price
with that i’d like to thank you for your
courage to say in the morning to you the
man who put the sea

in consulate john cena borack
well in the morning to you mr adam curry
also in the morning to hold the ships
and see boots on the ground feet in the
air subs in the water

and all the dames and nights out there
hello trolls in the morning to you
let’s see how we’re doing in our little
troll den
uh count them here 1719
for what is today today’s a thursday

it’s thursday night i believe so it’s
thursday i’m sorry no it’s sunday
no it’s not sunday is it thursday no
it’s thursday what day is it
sunday no it’s thursday it’s not sunday
if you think it’s thursday i’m all in

it’s thursday stop gaslighting me dvorak
you know i have a problem with this stop
it stop it stop it
uh yes so that’s not bad actually we’re
kind of we’re kind of where we need to

that’s the troll room uh if you and if
you just
go to google as an experiment i do it uh
frequently just to make sure we haven’t
been de-listed you type in the words no

you type in no agenda man you’ll get
everything but there’s no real
to the troll room so where you want to
go is
and from no agenda stream uh you’ll be

able to register and
hang out in the troll room uh troll on
live shows
and also uh just troll that’s what it’s
for do i need to explain it
and a big in the morning to the artiste

who brought us the artwork for episode
1261 we titled that info demic we’re in
the middle of it
jordan 33 returns relatively new on the

knocking out some favorites but what a
dynamite piece of work i mean this
was the act 3 the clapboard
with fauci in the background and it was
a artistically beautiful piece and you

you really
um dragged me into this one it didn’t
take long for me to understand what you
were saying because i was kind of
looking at the lmmo laugh my mask off
yeah we had a good piece by darren who

always has
darren produces at least two every show
every hour
every hour he’s just it’s just now
and he uh he had we had a couple of

these laugh
lmmo uh left your mask off uh
yes emoticons or emojis
and he did one that would that you liked

the most and it was uh
it popped it popped a lot it popped
popped it popped in other words it had a
it had a lot of contrast and had a nice
look uh
but i like this other one better because

it was it was more creative
it had all kinds of elements which
the lmmo had one element it actually it
actually also
popped when you when you realized it

turned out to pop because of the
the natural cropping on twitter yeah
um i’m looking at the list there there’s
some other ones that were pretty good
most of them

people got kind of hung up and i’m going
to tell did a little artist
tip right now nobody is going to get a
with the noodle gun theme you can stop

you might as well just give up it just
it’s not
i’ve seen you know attempt after attempt
of making something with a noodle gun
to uh no it’s not going to happen um
so just stop doing that

and on the other ones that we have here
uh fauci’s head you know well he had
fouchy in the one that won so do you
that means fauci’s not going to be
winning anything probably not just

generally speaking
i don’t know it’s it was it was there
was a lot of
that could have been used but
essentially not used the people using
some thematic stuff like

the my show our show gag
yeah we’re not gonna pick those it’s
never it’s just never gonna happen
and that’s comic strip blogger doing
that mostly because he hates us

i think he only hates you his slavic
why don’t you unblock me on blockchain
i’m on twitter

unblocked unblocked in my twitter you
did unblock yeah so what’s he
complaining about oh
did you block him on no agenda social
not yet
and that’s the next thing i want to
promote after thanking jordan33 again
for an outstanding piece of artwork no

you can put your art up there and uh if
you well there’s a process we pick it
actually i was talking and i did i
finally fulfilled the promise i went on
nick the rat show

it was online he wants me to do the show
someday oh yeah you should totally do
why it’s fun it’s a very fun
uh fun interview and he asked very good

not great ones but good ones and um
he was convinced that by putting red in
the artwork
it was more prone to being picked and he
was pretty sure that you uh

that you were uh susceptible to reddit
sucker for reading the artwork that’s
kind of roger black theory of design
i don’t what is the roger black theory
of design roger black they

did the rolling stone logo among other
tongue yeah
no no no i’m sorry rolling stone
magazine yeah
you know that their their head their
their logo

and other stuff he’s a famous designer
and he’s always believed that all
designs should be
should have the elements of white black
and red period really and so you’ll see
a lot of designs that are just

white black and red or a lot of just
black it’s all dominatrix colors
and uh so i i guess it’s attractive i’m
not sure
well we all know that orange is the only
color that matters now

right but it’s bad it’s very i also
wanted to
call out to to a new artist that that
because i was going to use this art for
the newsletter and i decided against it
which is uh banjo-manjeff

who took a uh theodore geiss uh
oh dr seuss dr seuss cartoon and he
and he took a regular journey put masks
on two of the

animals and it’s on the list that you
can see
i think it’s a wonderful piece it is
derivative to a point
uh it may be too derivative and knowing
that that

yeah we don’t want to get cancelled i’m
going to get a
letter a letter yeah we got to be
careful about those things there is a
thin line where
where fair use bleeds
yeah and we try to ride the line a

little bit and if and
but when in doubt throw it out but i’ll
what i’ll tell you
i there’s no one i’d rather ride the
line with
than you wow

well i’d rather i there’s no one i’d
rather line ride the line with
okay travis mercer thank you
in charlotte north carolina get me out

of here yes
what does travis say travis says 667
dollars and 77 cents is what he says
oh okay uh itm jensen’s in top
four yeah 12 1267.

itm thank you for doing the work
i’ve decided to become a knight in the
guild my good
over evil 6677 donation gets me

a seat at the table i so henceforth be
known as sir
tactician from the fresh coast for my
armor i’ll be wearing how

dare you use your privilege to assume i
am white
i have done the work thank you
to taylor curry it fits perfect
i’ll never know how you got it to fit

just right can i get some scotch
coors light and jerky beef at the table
please you betcha i think we already
have scotch in there
yeah but i have a combo special combo
i’ve decided to welcome citizens to my

in the south for the next charlotte
meetup oh that’s cool
yeah go meet up in charlotte and go hang
out at the pool
uh insert a jcd hit it here please uh
uh head to the no agenda meetup site go

to for details no
douchebags please
unless it’s a friend that needs to be
hit in the mouth
get your donations in and we’ll see on

eight one
uh special thanks to sir suspected spook
of the sycamore
soot for his help in organizing
spooks are good he organized you

uh so i didn’t okay jingles so i
i so not know my lines
never heard of it biden beats biden yeah

i don’t know if that’s the jingle bell
no it’s not
i don’t have uh biden beats biden okay
sorry probably turn it into a jingle
someday but we don’t have it

these are just clips i mean you can’t
call us for clips
that’s a clip yeah uh trump aroused i
think we do have that
in the whole load for sure and i can’t
wait yeah and then some goat karma we

got it it was hard to get it aroused and
it is hard to get it harassed but we got
it harassed
i’m gonna give you the whole load today

you’ve got karma well i like that we
can’t wait when i
haven’t heard that for a long time years
yeah i found it when prepping

you know wow i prep play it again just
play it again for me
sure baby no problem here we go we can’t
oops this is the one you want
we can’t wait we’re doing it
we can’t wait we’ll show you how oh

nothing like reverend manning showing up
for a cameo gotta love it
all right sir caleb the lavender

blossoms our buddy in northville
michigan 420 dollars and 27 cents
uh sending some love your weight jcdg
yes i did i got the honey package the

honey looks good
the uh bought lots of bottles of
stuff thank you uh thinking about
sending you a little homemade wine soon
but i hear you john quit drinking what

so maybe i said what what
did you quit you didn’t quit drinking i
did i usually quit every night
okay go to bed yes stay organic says

circal of lavender blossoms thank you
very much and
love the coded message for 22 7.
uh 4 22 7 oscar court course 10
in rotterdam uh holland 333.

i’m finally finishing my third trip
around the sun it will turn 33.
i always get a kick out of people that
are turning 33. yep

uh this friday i couldn’t think of a
better birthday gift to myself and
producers alike
and a contribution to the show this i
think this is wise
it has been a great ride so far and i’m

wishing for many more years of info
saying meant to come
i am seeing the magic numbers appear
everywhere around me i knew
i had to donate driving 33.3 kilometers
an hour at exactly 33.3 kilometers into

my cycling trip
for the third time in a row for example
you cannot make these things up
you can’t you can’t you can but it

unlikely uh since this is my first
contribution please deduce me
you’ve been deduced and call out
hans his sink as a douchebag

in honor of the great kaylee i would
like to end my message with your
question for you
with a question for you since the saying

goes quote unquote who controls the past
controls the future
there’s nothing more to ask then what is
your agenda i can tell you
okay the agenda is to have

no agenda cop out
please provide the world producers and
douchebags alike
and all the small businesses i work at

with some sweet karma with a goat twist
you’ve got karma
quickly dropping to associate executive

producer with brian mcdonald
in koppel texas 220
or is it kapelle i don’t i think it’s
hello gents love the show thanks to the

show my amygdala remains an acceptable
size and i continue to point out the
bias in the m5m to the wife
as appropriate my uh mimi once said if
you ever call me

the wife i’ll shoot you
okay noted in roads are being made
in my last donation i requested bowling
karma for my human resource for a

bowling tournament in vegas last
it was effective he averaged 202 over 15
games which is
pro level really in an outstanding
showing and

finished second in the under 12.
is it still regulation length the is
yeah no you’ve just the same game i was
bowling when i was 12.

i know that’s why i ask you you have
your own balls
i do i have my own balls like most
people should have their own balls
since then he has bowled 289 and that’s

so he hadn’t hit the three he’ll hit a
300 if he’s this good
wow and this is the one that gets me for
for an 11 year old however oldies
he shot an 813 three game series in a

that’s unbelievable by the way i’ve
never shot an 8-13 and i know very few
i mean i know very few people shooting
800 in a three-game series is
quite remarkable because nowadays with

the balls have got weights in them and
they they’re different than when i was a
we actually had a real you know it had
to be a solid ball it couldn’t have
it couldn’t be oh so you can have a
rigged ball

yeah the kind of rigged balls that were
used to be illegal are illegal now yeah
wow okay it doesn’t matter he’s an 11
year old he’s 11 year old this is crazy
beside the point i don’t care shooting
at 8 13

is not nothing trivial uh he was playing
by the way i don’t think anyone’s
officially shot at 900
ever no i don’t think it’s you have to
shoot three
perfect games in a row it’s almost

impossible he was planning on doing more
tournaments but
most every event was cancelled due to
the rona
unless he’s able to compete this weekend
in nashville in this donation of 220

if he were to average that for the
upcoming tournament
should be enough to i would think wow
for she’s
to win what would be his last
competition in this age group
and so i humbly request bowling karma

for my human resource
wow that’s a great story and what a
great kid no agility
nation to be able to agenda nation man
we rock
the best people you’ve got karma
of course the kids i go i’d go practice

i’d go practice up and uh get my game
back up to something decent
and i’d want to play him someday why
don’t you do that
i’d love to go bowling i never think
about it but you know you’ve got balls
everything you know how to do it you

know where to go
you should get some balls at them um
you know they don’t cost that much a
good ball

i think you get i don’t know what the
current prices are but i think get a
good ball and you can have it weighted
so it cooks a lot
uh probably for i don’t know under a
hundred bucks surely oh okay

and a bag i need a ball bag you need a
bag and you need to make
most importantly you need shoes
oh really is that the most important
thing of the of the outfit you don’t
want to rent somebody’s stinky old shoes

no that is
that that’s actually one of the reasons
i don’t like going bowling is the
stanky ass shoes nasty
stephen well they spray him steven
reilly 202

here’s the second installment i rode to
knighthood uh thanks to my daughter
andra and my sister her aunt barb
for getting me going no jingle’s
that’s a very nice family and thank you

daughter andrew very very smart
and don’t forget uh barb
that’s uh black knights remark
magpio in cerritos california

200 uh
john usually gets it right magpio
jingles that’s true thanks obama dr kiki
and goat karma today july 23rd is my

and i thought i’d get myself a producer
credit since it falls on a show day
no no not much else to say but keep up
the great work
okay got it and he’s got some jingles
and you’re going to play them

yes um i hadn’t seen this one
i have them all anything else you wanted
thanks obama shut up already science

you’ve got
james walker in cincinnati oh h
i made my first donation today after

listing quite a bit
quite a while after listening i don’t
know what that means but he’s been
listening for a while
listening says listing
please the wife i was just kind of

leaning i can’t quite make the donation
leaning the wrong way i listed wrong
and then he needs jobs karma now let’s

get back to school i don’t suspect you
it yet okay uh no jobs karma we got jobs
jobs jobs and jobs let’s vote for jobs

sir coupon soccer in bullsburg
200 itm gents thanks for the sanity in
recent months in particular and for
helping my critical thinking skills so
much over the last six years once i

realized i had overlooked becoming a
i can cock it concocted my barony
baron of douchebag daniel’s gay mom’s
gay bunghole oh that’s a business card

but my brother in sin daniel
went and got himself a fake knighthood
by setting up the no agenda meetup site

wow he’s got a little little
anger issues here between them
and by the way it was it was uh lady

who uh who pushed for this knighthood
not that it’s not deserved but the anger
should totally go there
yeah blame her so i have reluctant she
doesn’t listen

so i have reluctantly had to reconsider
my domain
anyways with the capital capitalists
accept my humble submission to the
peerage committee to be
designated sir hoop and soccer baron of

the psychedelic overmind in related
in all seriousness it could not make me
happier to have had the opportunity to
support the show’s continuant
continuance and global domination and to

have dragged my wife and her brother
into the full good work good work please
grace me with some new practice location
karma as i salute you with my
belligerent retort to people

who tell me to stay safe stay sane
with internal love and light sir hickens
hoop and sucker
you’ve got karma beautiful
you know not you mentioned it coop and

uh i’d get a little annoyed by the stay
safe thing too
who says stay safe everybody really you
go to this store yeah they did in

california they do
oh that’s like stay safe uh like we
always joke around that
uh when you’re out on in the field in
the hurricane stay safe
yeah same thing it’s just you go to the
store and you say okay

how’s business yeah good okay so long
stay safe
we need to stay safe it’s like be well
is or like it’s just say
they just say it constantly okay
everybody says it

so close i said it once oh that’s now
this is bad so i i have i think i have a
good retort
because this is annoying and we need to
stop this stay safe
so uh we’ll try it out i’ve i’ve

received the goods say okay thank you
very much john i
am gone oh stay safe yes
under his eye and then just walk off
stay safe under his eye if someone says

stay safe and you say yes
under his eye or under his watch maybe
now under his eye isn’t that the one
from uh
you thought was that some religious

thing no that’s from the uh
the hane handmaiden’s tale oh i said i
never watched that piece of shit
so clearly a failed attempt here

okay i’m sorry so i would go okay let’s
do it again
this time you do it okay all right
uh so okay i’ll see you later adam yes

okay john and hey
stay safe with jesus
i like that one a lot i like it a lot

it’s it’s just a good way to and also it
spreads the word of the lord
so it’s not about it’s not it’s not a
bad idea it’s somebody’s word but
it’s definitely a show-stopper it’s

definitely a showstopper wow yeah i
hadn’t considered that
very nice we have our last guy here
can we offend anybody else possibly

surely there’s someone we can still
well he’s been he defends his
brother-in-law or whatever it is um
cirrhosis is up and he’s last he’s our

last associate executive producer from
atlanta ga
200 bucks itm homies i like a jobs karma
request for my special lady who’s making
a switch
masked fist bump cirrhosis
okay all right so does he want uh just

the jobs okay we got it
jobs jobs jobs and jobs
let’s vote for jobs
karma oh let’s try that one more time

let’s try that one more time i just want
to make sure it really works so you’re
you’re leaving okay i’m out of here see
you later
all right hey and stay safe
okay whatever oh you’re such a douche

come on man why don’t you play along and
i gotta cut that off
okay you’re gonna do a comeback okay do
one more time hey okay so long adam see
you later all right hey
and remember stay safe with jesus

oh have you done his work
um no it doesn’t work doesn’t work no i
think we just keep it at that
that’s good but you can you can you can

also it’s always gonna
there’s no retorted no one’s gonna say
anything you could say with buddha
you could say all kinds of things it
would be kind of fun to mix it up see
which one gets the best reaction
report back people report back okay let

me try another one
okay this time i said this you just stay
safe right this is the this
one i think is maybe better okay all
right okay i’ll see you later adam all
right stay safe

go fuck yourself
what did you have for breakfast
you have dropped two f-bombs on this

what has happened you didn’t did you not
sleep well something something’s going
on something’s happening out there
ah now i have to put an x-rated label on
the show

so much extra work was that our last
donation or did we have one more
that was it okay wow uh
still a little shaken not stirred from
that one but thank you very much

everybody these are our executive
producers and
uh associate executive producers for
episode 1260 what are we at
two of the no agenda show um
it’s it’s fantastic to see so many

producing this uh and of course we need
the financial support
very simple you get out of what you put
into it so if you
found any value after listening to a

program uh just
translate it into numbers and that’s the
value you assigned to it and we
appreciate it
and we’ll be thanking more people 50 and
above in our second segment please

that we have another show coming up on
the second thursday of the week on
for more information go to
and i did look it up it is in fact
actually thursday the 23rd so there
our formula is this we go out

we hit people in the mouth
shut up

so the eu uh got their deal together
really yeah i think the netherlands now

italy i mean that makes sense the way
i mean it’s it’s it’s that crazy the
netherlands has a lot of power or at
least they’re saying they have a lot of

power we’ll see
in the big eu morass if it really does
happen that way
um but it’s kind of like rhode island
being you know making california it’s
it’s really weird it’s a very odd

and there’s not not really a lot of
money and their total package is under a
it’s like 900 year 900 billion euros
doesn’t seem like a lot now we’re

dropping a trillion left and right
oh and i think today is the big
announcement of the fourth uh
the force package yeah so it looks like
1200 bucks for everybody

and extension of unemployment
but it’s going to be a cap at i thought
40 or 60
40 000 or 60 000 a year
so i don’t know it’s gonna be i’m sure

it’ll be interesting
well this is leveraging the argument for
guaranteed income yeah well

yes i think what you’re gonna do so well
you know this won’t be tomorrow or
the next day but some were down the road
someone’s gonna say oh this is what
happened back then
it didn’t break the bank we could do it

we should probably
start thinking about because something
has to be done uh
we have to we have to go in that
because of the nature of the uh
of our sis of our economic system the

fact that we got robots doing a lot of
work and
taking the place of people and yeah
there’s just no jobs there’s jobs
even when we bring manufacturing back
which i think we’re going to do as long

trump stays in office he’ll promote it
yeah biden wouldn’t
but if he if we get you know get more
self-sufficient like we should have
that we’ve always been traditionally
there still won’t be enough jobs

no that’s actually going to be a
gardener well certainly with the amount
of restaurants and bars that are closing
it’ll take a while for that to cycle
some of it comes back or is taken over
by new ownership and

that’s i think it’s a lot of these same
kids in their 20s who were working at
those places
and then and i think it’s universally
recognized now that

a lot of them made made out like batwin
bandits is not true
made out much better than their uh than
wage wise with the uh with unemployment
600 a week
which is a sad state of affairs um

i don’t know and trump trump seems to
well i mean he he clearly is misguided
if he’s only looking at the
at the stock market i mean the money has

nowhere else to go
it really doesn’t it’s just going to
keep he loves the stock market i don’t
know he’s never been considered an
investor he’s a real estate guy
all right but it’s he’s found that

peculiar that he’s so
jacked up about the stock market he’s
not like a guy who’s in the stock well
he likes graphs
i thought he did a pretty good uh a
pretty good job of his uh

first two uh covid 19 uh briefings just
going up there saying death rate’s
almost down we’re testing a lot more
boom vaccine coming all right
two questions we’re out and of course uh
cnn is not carrying those msnbc

does carry them but cuts off before the
and uh fox carries them all the way
through fox news of course
the white supremacist cell network
we’ve got to mention that last uh on the

last show
where this is now you know we have a if
you’ve seen the ed henry lawsuit or
you’ve heard about it
no you haven’t i know i know ed henry
was yeah

i don’t know the details okay you might
as well you obviously do i would like to
hear them
ed henry uh is being uh
sued for
he apparently had a relationship but

like a bdsm
relationship with a with a producer or a
co-worker i’m not sure
or it could be both of course uh which
appears it was consensual
uh but then there’s all these details

she said the safe because uh ed henry’s
the dom
he’s the dog allegedly s m relationship
yes and ed henry look at ed henry that
guy was the dom

he was the the dominant the dominant of
the two
and he would ignore safe words and
apparently there’s text messages
and and and um pictures all
news to me pictures listen to me

pictures with clothes pins on genitals
oh i don’t want to hear the details of
that granularity
this one the general details okay so

that’s the general
that’s the general details but then they
draw nobody wants to hear that
and then i uh governor uh
bill what’s his name governor cuomo

wants to hear all about it i’m sure he’s
probably paying attention just keep keep
on with this story he’s all about that
so then they
uh they brought in uh another lawsuit
which it looks pretty feeble actually

uh implicating that tucker carlson tried
remember the liberal sherpa
who was on his show for a while and he
kind of could tucker carlson
make fun of her and she
all right well anyway she said that he

had said oh i’ll be in new york and we
should have dinner or come up to my
hotel room
anyway the whole point is uh they’re
really going after fox news and

the upper echelon as a white supremacist
cell consisting of tucker carlson tucker
sean hannity and frau ingraham so
what about what’s his name henry now

henry just kicked it all off that got
the attention
because you know that’s the whole you
know so the they’re just
they’re positioning them as this but
then there’s this sexual harassment

to lawsuits i think it’s just the whole
thing is just funny
but what is more couldn’t happen to a
better company
this is true what is uh very exciting
and i have a boy i have four clips well

by before you go off on that
i do have a tucker carlson thing someone
as we’re talking about it okay
yes i don’t want to have to go back to
it nope tucker carlson
he gave a little speech at the end which

pretty much explains what what
everything is about
this is tucker’s lament about what’s
going on with the new york times
one thing before we go tonight last week
the new york times began working on a
story about where my family and i

live as a matter of journalism there is
no conceivable justification
for a story like that the paper is not
alleging we’ve done anything wrong and
we haven’t we pay our taxes we like our

we’ve never had a dispute with anyone so
why is the new york times doing a story
on the location of my family’s house
well you know why to hurt us to injure
my wife and kids so that i will shut up

and stop
disagreeing with them they believe in
force we’ve learned that
two years ago a left-wing journalist
publicized our home address in
a group of screaming antifa lunatics

showed up while i was at work
they vandalized our home they threatened
my wife she called 9-1-1 while hiding in
a closet
a few weeks later they showed up again
at our house for the next year they sent

letters to our home threatening to kill
us we tried to ignore it it felt
cowardly to sell our home and leave we
raised our kids there
in the neighborhood and we loved it but
in the end

that’s what we did we have four children
it just wasn’t worth it
but the new york times followed us the
paper is assigned a political activist
called murray carpenter to write a story
about where we are now
they’ve hired a photographer called

tristan spinsky to take pictures
their story about where we live is
slated to run in the paper this week
editors there know exactly what will
happen to my family when it does run
i called them today and i told them but

they didn’t care
they hate my politics they want this
show off the air if one of my children
gets hurt because of a story they wrote
they won’t consider it collateral damage
they know it’s the whole point of the

to inflict pain on our family to
terrorize us
to control what we say that’s the kind
of people they are
they’ll deny this of course they’ll
claim it’s just journalism just the

really by the way i just need to stop
this for a second
he he has built a studio in his house
and he has a noisy ass air conditioner
we noticed this
a while back it’s been irritating the

crap out of me
because he’s in dc with his or wherever
he’s he is with his house
it’s too hot and he built a studio and
there’s an air conditioner it sounds
like crap

us to control what we say that’s the
kind of people they are
they’ll deny this of course they’ll
claim it’s just journalism just the
really so how would murray carpenter and
his photographer tristan spinsky feel

if we told you where they live if we put
pictures of their homes
on the air what if we publicized the
home address of every one of the
soulless robot editors at the new york

who assigned and managed this incitement
to violence against my family
what about the media editor jim windolf
we could do that
we know who they are would that qualify
as journalism

we doubt they’d consider it journalism
they call it criminal behavior if we did
and that tells you everything well it’s
all over for him
it’s obviously over he has no

um editorial support no production
support his topics are kind of him
talking about
stuff rehashed not interesting no

in-studio guest because he has a green
screen in his basement
he’s done he’s done they
i think they i think they will finally
be able to cancel him unless he figures

out a way
to make value for value work or anything
like that and he gets his spark back
because he’s also not interesting to
watch i don’t know if you’ve watched him
in the last couple of weeks but it’s not

that’s the last time i watched was this
yes i’m not going to argue this but i
now i’m fascinated by the by the sound
thing that you bitched about and i
realized you have complained about it

uh why doesn’t it they bring it you know
a good sound engineer can
can filter that out witness the no
agenda show
that you’ve got air conditioning you’ve
got people working on this no air

conditioning you’ve got the
pimp in the basement come on well we got
the guys digging outside we have okay we
you know i’m basically in a in a uh
in a large room that could have echo

the trains go by and do you hear the
honking and there’s one coming now
um yeah well yeah you you could probably
filter out the sound uh yourself yeah

i’m just saying there are people that do
this for a living yeah
it’s it’s it’s very very low grade
but now unfortunately once you mention

by interrupting the clip you can’t get
over that’s all i could hear i’m sorry
you can’t get away from it but they
didn’t dox him that didn’t happen
they said oh we were never planning on
that so it was a good defensive move but

when you’re down at that level
it’s over i’m sorry and you know
the fox kid is donating to joe biden
yeah it’s over you know the murder the

fox kid’s
wife works for the hillary folks the fox
that’s just not gonna keep tucker
carlson around and i think you know sean
he’s so boring that doesn’t matter

no one cares ingraham i think is on deck
she’s bound to get cancelled i think i
think she’s a rough customer
yeah but yeah tucker’s gonna go i mean

if you’re gonna take these guys out
say you i’m sam james murdoch uh i took
over from the old man the old man was
nuts you know
they got all these right-wingers this
whole theory was great but yeah you know

i mean the whole original theory from
roger ailes was great to get this whole
large market but we already got that
market now we don’t have to keep it
i mean we now we’re established we can
we can play with the big boys in their

you know in their own game we can be
more objective we can get rid of some of
slant we get rid of some of the slant
which i don’t like i’m james murdoch i’m
a big bite and supporter i don’t like
the slant

so let’s get rid of who’s the big
slanters do you got your three
and there’s a few other laggards in
there you know the five then
you know greg gutfeld
they’re just comedians yeah there’s just

a bunch of comics so we but we got to
get what’s the order we got to get rid
of people we got to get rid of
tucker number one oh i i know where
they’re going to put him
where the i know what they’ve offered
him it’s obvious they’ve offered him

just the moon anything he wants as long
as it’s on
the uh the fox nation app
you know that’s where they keep
everybody they got um

uh tammy what’s her name tammy’s on the
fox nation app
tammy bruce tammy bruce and her protege
lisa booth she’s on the fox nation
that’s where they put bongino they part

they park everybody there
and with the hope that maybe it’ll catch
on because i think it’s subscription
the hope that it’ll catch on and you
know they’ll be able to make make it
work that way
i think that’s their strategy and then

just make it all white bread dumb
on uh or you know from promote other
maybe lisa booth takes over for tucker
something on
something uninteresting it’s over
what’s not over

said the segway king is the chance
that we will indeed in our lifetime
the unsealing of thousands of sealed

indictments and we have
new news from the front joe de genoa
has some interesting info about the
sequence of the
durham report so we should see a report

by the end of this summer
are you hopeful i am i’m a little
surprised by the notion
that john durham is going to publish a
report before
filing criminal charges um that’s really

fascinating to me
uh when i was an independent council of
the united states investigating the
clinton passport scandal
i love how he that’s his only
credibility is

well i was a part of the you know
i mean uh whitewater i mean uh the
passport scandal yeah clinton
impeachment i was there
uh i decided whether or not to bring

then i filed my report and that’s the
usual sequence
so it’s pretty obvious and that was
actually a very surprising bit of public
information from terry kupak so

the plan is to issue a public report
about the nature of the coup d’etat and
what went into it
before criminal charges are filed
that’s going to set up an interesting

series of legal challenges to any
charges that are brought
later by suggesting that the report
prejudice potential jurors
but i’m all for it i hope they issue the

report as quickly as possible
and that criminal charges follow
there’s a joe de genoa my how the how
the mighty have fallen he now calls in

on an
am talk show on the phone
however they’re just the worst there was
an all of government approach to this
they had people out they had people

spreading the message here’s former us
attorney guy
lewis i think we will see in the next 30
federal criminal indictments coming out
of the durham investigation

i think it will be an overarching
conspiracy that charges
obstruction of justice it charges
submitting false information to the fisa

false information during the course of
the investigation
and frankly i think you’re going to see
as has been suggested by the attorney
a charges relating to illegal spying
during the course of the trump campaign

look in my experience having done this
almost 20 years as a prosecutor and now
almost 20 years as a defense lawyer
i’ve never seen anything like it truly
and i’ve handled

uh was participating in one of the
largest espionage
investigations here in the country when
we did it in south florida a few years
as i was u.s attorney uh this is going
to be something we’ve never

seen before and i give this guy a pass
for saying
look because he followed up by saying
i’ve never seen anything like it
so i give him a little pass on that to

look transition cute
analysis there now uh there’s one more
mark meadows mark meadows is he not the
current chief of staff
no he’s the former chief former chief of

staff so he was the
reacting chief of staff another one was
acting guys well he went on
now this now you know that it’s an
all-of-government approach
that he went on the sunday’s show with
the original money honey maria bartoromo

your reaction to what we know now and
when are we going to hear from john
durham will there be indictments sir
well i think the american people expect
indictments i know i expect indictments

based on the evidence i’ve seen
lindsey graham did a good job in getting
that out we know that they
not only knew that there wasn’t a case
but they continued to investigate and

and yes i used the word spy on on trump
uh campaign officials and actually even
doing things
when this president was uh was sworn in
and after that and doing it

in an appropriate manner you’re going to
see a couple of other documents come out
in the coming days that will suggest
that not only was the campaign spied on
but the fbi did not act appropriately as
they were

investigating it’s all starting to come
to unravel and i tell you it’s time that
people go to jail and people are
maria can hardly believe it it’s just
unbelievable that for three years this

president was
investigated and investigated again
over something that wasn’t even true and
the entire
country was up in arms about collusion i
mean you know i don’t hear

anything on the other side of the aisle
about this wrongdoing
which is just stunning to me well it is
stunning and here’s the interesting
thing is is not only that it wasn’t true
the problem is they knew it wasn’t true

and when you know something is not true
and you continue the investigation
that’s collusion that’s the kind of
thing that we must stop
and that’s what we where we need to hold
people accountable yeah i don’t think

he’s a lawyer
but well i want to just
i can’t remember his name now you guys
already fading from view the
ex congressman he’s from i think from
the south somewhere he’s a

long he had the long head with the
always a short cropped blonde hair
oh trey gowdy trey gowdy i think we had
a clip of trey gowdy
or one of these types of ex-guys and who
talking about this exact investigation

and at the end and we had the clip and
we i don’t you’ll never find it because
i don’t know how it was labeled
but the but the conclusion was nobody’s
getting indicted about
nothing was that his conclusion

hmm i’m looking that’s what his
conclusion is you can
no it’s nobody’s getting indicted
there’s not going to be no indictments
and that’s why

the genoa was like all of a sudden he’s
stunned that there’s no indictments
before the report because that’s the
normal process
right that’s because there’s going to be
no indictments period
oh okay yeah you’re probably right

so sad yes this is just not it’s going
to be a report’s going to be scathing oh
they could have done this better
they were wrong to do this they were
wrong to do that and they shouldn’t have

been disciplinarian
no no no there has to be there has to be
one it won’t work
one person zero one this is our bet yes
you go i got none you got one

one or more well fine if it’s 20 i’d be
i’m not happy about the idea it’s gonna
be none which is what what i’m saying
there’ll be none if there was to be one

uh just a little thought exercise
who would we choose to i would choose
yeah that would be my choice too that
would be my choice

yeah and we should like give him the
chair or something
it should be electric yes that would be
that would be cool and and make uh you
know make clapper pull the switch
something like that on his buddy yeah

okay live with that clapper
uh rick wilson uh
he’s on your side of this and another

piece of news that i am aware of that
white house is extremely unhappy about
told the white house sometime in the
last seven to ten days
that the famous durham report is not

it’s not coming at all it’s not even
well he’s i doubt it i don’t know
manchester rick wilson he’s you know he

is part of the lincoln project he is the
didn’t they did you see that they fought
they fired their
uh their video editor we talk about that
no we didn’t talk about i know they get

they’ve lost a couple of people for
sexual harassment yeah yeah yeah it’s
lease ball operation yeah
rick wilson looks like that but so does
not basically there
they’re a a meme video production

with an atm that they back up to from
time to time and
the only guy that mattered who made the
i think the videos are good they made i
that’s high level it uh it’s mimi as in

meme it’s memified but that guy had to
because uh he he was he didn’t create a
safe work environment oh

man i was thinking of you as i was
looking at the noodle gun
listeners just go down the noodle gun
list for a second red bull
took your advice and they purged a
number of

high-level executives who pushed for
diversity and inclusion
how about that yeah
i mean yeah they took they took out the

guys that are troublemakers
these companies american companies have
got to identify
and get rid of these troublemakers that
are not going to
they’re going to harm the company you

can’t have these people yeah the red
bull guy the ceo to do he’s gonna
hopefully he’ll get through it but uh
yeah he did the right thing that’s what
you got to do

i still say i’m gonna bring it up i’ll
bring it up again and again and again
when the evergreen students took it upon
themselves to kind of take over the
they should have identified the
troublemakers and expelled them it’s

that not that hard to do you can expel
your kit you know and
send these kids packing back home saying
i got into the easiest school in
washington i probably can’t get in

anything else and i got expelled i have
to live at home now
that would be just fabulous expel the
expel them you can expel kids
these kind of behavior is not acceptable

in a university situation
and i would do the same thing with all
the universities should find these kids
that are whining and moaning in these
safe spaces and all the rest
and just kick him out unfortunately we

yet another fabulous exit strategy
uh someone has already done it before we
could come up with it u n h e
r d as in the herd and this is this is

where you can find uh
uh people who want to work who are not
who are not part of the herd
who are not woke who just want to work i
think that’s that’s probably that has a

future of that recruitment site i think
i agree i would hire from them yeah
pretty good ideas i was still
i was still vet vetting is like okay
you if you confess you know well you you
didn’t hire them because they were

this or that no i vetted them they
didn’t i vetted them you could vet
people instead of
uh interviewing them once we do a quick
run down the the noodle gun see what’s
on decks
it’s apparently the racist noodle gun

i guess china is responsible for all of
uh so he did unheard ah yes doctors are
now calling for

the adam’s apple and achilles tendon to
be renamed
because of their clearly misogynistic
so a little noodle gun for them oh
brother the uh

the top abc news executive barbara
she is indeed out she got kicked out uh
after probe into racist comments
uh then of course we have ed henry we

already talked about him yes the trader
packaging petition is rather interesting
a classic this is uh yeah i mean so they
there’s different types of uh

products that that they think are
cultural appropriation
or it’s uh here we go trader mings
is used to brand the chinese food

trader ming okay we can’t have that so
it is a chinese noodle gun right off the
bat we nailed it

arabian joe uh middle eastern food
is not okay no not okay
and uh trader it’s probably because
there’s nobody named joe in the middle

east that’s beside the point
well it’s arabian joe with this trader
and trader giotto
and there’s also the trader joe san jose

for japanese this is all a problem this
all has to go all has to go there’s your
noodle gun
done yeah and of course nothing of the
sort by the way we should note

what do you mean they’ve done nothing of
the sort the trader joe’s has refused to
this is i had a clip on a couple of
shows ago they refused to do it
trader jo this was all started in the

bay area by a local girl
she’s 17. and she i i
i wish she could find the clip i have
the clip it’s a 13 second clip is that

it’s possible to play it listen to it
trader joe has died joe colombe was 89.
he opened his first oh no that’s really
awful that’s
not it it’s a lot very oh that’s not the
clip no

no no this is like a few weeks ago so
this 17 year old high schooler
uh was went into uh trader joe’s and she
just got offended
right so she started a petition to stop
this racist

names yeah you know she’s kind of just
as far as i’m concerned unemployable for
the rest of her life
uh started a petition got 3 000 people
to sign it it became a big national news

it the traders just has not done jack
shit they’re not going to do this
oh no they said that they did they would
i haven’t heard that they did anything
yeah trader joe’s agrees watch

to change i’m pretty sure that they did
i’m sure they buckled
uh trader joe’s agrees to change
its name to trader cowardly eunuch no

that’s not the story
there’s the b we got the b
i was sure that that he had said they
would do it

yes no trader joe’s will eliminate
ethnic product names here we go
they buckled to it yeah the two-week-old
petition only 2500
signatures oh i was off by 500.

yes the 17 year old there’s your uh
bryoness bedell and trader joe said
this past monday decided to use only the

trader joe’s name on its product several
years ago since then has been the
process of up oh
fuck week oh they we we just hadn’t
gotten around to re-labeling everything
oh my god oh you’ve got noodle goo

all over your face
oh we we decided we were already on
board we just had the old products
oh please what a sleazy

um germans
actually uh yes it is the aldi’s
uh we have the voice actors we’ve that’s

just continues now the lego helicopter
was supposed to come out everyone’s
really excited about it
it’s the uh the v22 osprey helicopter

which is uh an augusta uh bellagusta
you know the one that has the it can
it’s a plane that can take off
vertically like a helicopter but

they have canceled it uh due to a
pressure uh people wanted uh
love bricks hate war is the group’s
website who went against this

love breaks hate oh here’s the video
let’s see if we can let’s see if they
august lego will release its new technic
set bell boeing v22 osprey
for the first time in the company’s
history it’s going to be the model of

military is this a chinese thing usually
deployed i can’t hear it
oh you can’t hear it at all legacy
yeah it’s very low well it’s a horrible
story but it’s uh with a chinese uh

accented voiceover uh who knows
everywhere he’s supposed to be getting
the kick out of this
they must be
edmonton football team discontinues the

use of the name
eskimos the edmonton eskimos is no more
and uh high on the cancel list
and it was this was very odd and i was

kind of waiting for it to show up
because i
i knew he had done this episode rogan um
did an interview with a woman who wrote
this book
uh her name is abigail schreier

and the book is irreversible damage the
transgender craze
seducing our daughters well you can only
imagine that kicked up some shit
of course now the joe has uh as we say

has his sheep
on dry land uh he felt pretty bold every
every other podcast i i understand in uh
in the la area rejected were afraid to

have her on
would not would not take her to discuss
the book and now
men’s health men’s health
uh the big article joe rogan is

spreading transphobic hate speech and
it’s putting lives in danger
those these are those editors that need
to be fired yes
yes and and i have to say i listened to
the whole episode and you know we’ve

talked about this phenomenon
and what she basically she said she’s
not anti-trans
she says of course some of her best
friends are trans obviously
um she says there’s an issue right now

very similar to putting
uh if you have one or two girls who are
bulimic or anorexic
and you have a couple girls in the group
they get this kind of
um contagion and then

more will become anorexic or bulimic and
she says it’s called mass hysteria and
it happens to girls
in high school a lot yes so she’s saying
that there is

quite a mass hysteria among girls in
high schools
who are all getting together and
deciding to become trans and i got a
little clip from this
interview some sort of uh if you just
step in now

and start injecting this body with male
hormones it’s going to fix all your
but yet it’s really popular to do that
it’s really popular these girls are
getting it on their
own diagnosis so they’re just going in
and self-diagnosing nobody questions it

we now have informed consent
which means you walk into planned
parenthood you sign a waiver
you decide you have gender dysphoria you
walk out that day with testosterone
planned parenthood is doing this yeah

it’s one of the biggest distributors
so you don’t have to have some sort of a
some transitional therapy session with

you can get your breasts removed with no
therapist note
whoa yeah so you could be a confused 18
year old girl
and walk into a planned parenthood
self-diagnosing with no therapy at all

and they’ll prescribe testosterone and
you can get your breasts removed
absolutely you sign a form
actually you can’t get your breast
removed or planned parenthood she
clarified that later but

that’s uh there you go joe blew it there
yeah i thought joe made a mistake in his
tell me he should use 15 year old
instead of 18 euro to make it more

yes but i don’t think he was going for
drama i think he was
actually she was big he was shy
it’s a it’s a very interesting interview
and it’s not
and that’s the thing by the way yeah a

law was just passed in california that
even more of this so you can go to any
if you’re a kid you could be a 12 year
old and go and
get all kinds of stuff done behind your

parents back
and the whole interview is is worth
listening to because she says the big
problem and this kind of folds back to
everything we’re talking about
is that some parents are seeing this and

oh man you know this this doesn’t feel
like my daughter this this has got to be
you know this is this is maybe something
else um

well the problem is that they are so
to do anything or say anything or even
question it
because of you know this if you as a

say uh i question this boom you know you
might as well move you might as well go
live in tucker carlson’s basement
oh yeah they’ll take the kid away yes in
california i think that’s a very
distinct possibility

so it’s just like wow anyway i thought
it was
that was cool he put her on and they’re
trying to cancel well yeah
that’s it you anyone listening to this

this is the last you’ll hear of it
whatever unless
we or any of it
unless we bring it up again or joe rogan
brings up again you will not

hear yeah you’re probably right any of
this because
it’s ver it’s uh i don’t know why
why you won’t hear it but you won’t it’s
because it’s against the agenda

it goes against the agenda it does it
does here
here’s a q i was talking with producer
dave jones who actually helped me with
uh some of the marxist stuff um
we’re thinking of the there should be a

list perhaps of woke
infrastructure it appears there’s
certain things
that are permissible because
the uh the

whoever’s woke per
they need it so for instance joe rogan
if they really hate joe rogan for
being uh transphobic and spreading trans

transphobic hate why are they not going
after spotify
and i think the answer is because they
use it

why are they not going up after apple
well first of all it’s probably a
chinese angle that’s stopping them but i
think they use it there’s there are
things that
the mob uses that somehow become immune

for destruction
and i think that’s the infrastructure
did funny you bring that up because i’ve
thought about this too
which is the the uh you know the

this happens with geez i wish i could
kevin the example right at the top of my
head but i don’t but the examples are
where somebody’s condemned for something
that somebody else has been doing but

they’re okay
yeah yeah yeah yeah you know you have
this situation well that’s the
guy’s pur he’s terrible but he’s but you
all right i just
put it on the other side of the extreme

let’s take mel gibson
yes the guy always gets work
no matter what he doesn’t get in fact
okay i was listening to an interview

uh one of the famous uh one of the more
famous uh
screenwriters who’s i’ll think of his
name in a second but
uh he was going on about this on one of
the right-wing talk shows one of the was

i was listening to
while driving and he said that
they asked him why you’re still getting
work and you’re like a trump supporter
he says yeah because i i’m about i

talked about one of our
producers about this because i’m above
the fold um
i’m i’ve got i’ve got lots of emmys and
awards and oscars he’s a
famous uh i wish i could get his name um
and so i’m part of a i’m part of another

list of people that are always employed
always employable i don’t get count i’m
not put into the other
i’m not well i mean here’s here’s maybe
a bigger example i understand what

you’re saying
jeff bezos on one hand
amazon is used by all these kids
so they don’t go they don’t really go
after amazon

the company and there’s plenty of
reasons for them to do that and
certainly if you’re talking about labor
situation there’s
not enough stories out there instead
they go after bezos
with and and blame him for being rich

then and and if i heard one extra
millennial i would be rich myself
say well he just made 13 billion dollars
in one day

so fuck that guy who cares if they went
and robbed his stars
amazon go store and i said do you
realize that a stock price doesn’t
actually mean you’d like someone

dumped a truck of 13 billion dollars in
your in your in your wallet
doesn’t matter okay and then why not go
after the washington post
well that’s the truth they’re important

you see so that it’s it’s like bezos is
but his actual uh properties get a super

that’s infrastructure it’s
infrastructure the word super pass
yeah okay we could use one of those
i’m gonna show my spoon by donating to
no agenda imagine all the people who

could do that
oh yeah that’d be fab yeah
and we do have a few people to thank and

i’m going to go get a note
that’s on the desk and you can skip the
first name and
and read a couple while i’m doing that
okay yuri filenov
i believe 128 dollars and i think

yuri y u r i y
is i think uh from australia
let me just see i’ll just read this one

john’s getting a note this is insane 128
this is insane history repeats itself
but listen to your podcast for at least
a couple of months now cannot stop
falling into some weird deja vu loop uh
oh ninety percent of messages produced

by u.s media outlets can be translated
to russian
and you won’t be able to tell the
difference whether these news are
messages coming from modern us
or their 100 year old ussr propaganda
all the best to you gentlemen you’re

doing a terrific job deconstructing this
shit show hope your country won’t
go the same way soviet people went in
oh there’s some interesting cycles there
isn’t there

yeah well let’s yes we’re not good doing
that no
let’s go to janice oliver 160 from
washington and she uh is going to be

so i i think we can read her note and
it’s in a card it’s on a card and she’s
you know nice little nice writing well
hopefully she should be dancing
and not knighted yeah gold dame hood
that she yeah but it’s kind of united

because she’s going to be using the name
dame knight okay
uh she talks about some of the things
she’s been listening to uh
she first found out about the show on

guess whose show
uh rogan
adam corolla oh really wow that that
goes way back
yeah she was started she’s an old timer

on the show producer all right
i have not missed an episode since show
i guess 11 7 11 or something like that
and i have noted you and
adam adam adam

adam do show she’s realizes your
writing is pretty but not readable show
for so many news people please christen
me dame night i’m fine with the

mutton and mead and john mr devorah
could please choose a an amazing
pinot noir for the occasion oh okay so
yeah i will put that on the at the round

table do you have a suggestion for a
yes okay
from burgundy and that’s the one she

is that expensive because uh i just have
to let him know if we need to get the
credit card
it’s one of the most expensive wines in
the world generally

but not as expensive as
romani conte which i could have put on
which is too expensive well you’re
thinking of the business i appreciate it
yeah i’m trying to save money here yeah

good job
uh i think i need a d douching giver d
you’ve been deduced now
now on to baroness so happy to be in

this cult
love and light xxx xoxo
jan oliver aka demon okay
there you have it beautiful love it

very cute note uh craig knowlesley
in cumberland bc one two three four five
then we have jenna d’amico or d’amico

d’amico in bellingham washington 100 i
should read her note
uh because it’s interesting i want to
thank you for the white fragility bit
from sunday’s show i had to read that
book for my business school
book club to be discussed on tuesday
so i was raised in a white family i’m

and i’m pretty sure i’ve done the work
it’s frustrating to always have to
defend myself i’m dreading the
discussion because of all the sjws in
the class

but those audio clips of her are gold
and will help my case
hey i think we missed uh uh christopher
ah christopher dugan 100 and 33 cents
from bristol rhode island yes thank you

i thought we had him there anonymous in
new york 100
uh david sutcliffe in idol wide
idol wild california
um 100. ian field in eastleigh hampshire

uh or hamferture hampshire yeah uh 100
andrea newell
in wango monkawango

wisconsin now it’s
andreas do you just
you just stay home and not go anywhere i

mean it’s hard if you have to introduce
i’m i’m andrea schnule from mcnawaga oh
all right she has a i’m pretty she’s
gotta know what i have to read

yeah i would like to thank you to make
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oh brett uh just in time for his 35th
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as we are first-time contributors and
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us yet another thing we have in common
oh you guys are amazing sincerely andrea
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as you will find out the people that
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i can also uh inform you uh
that she said yes we had the uh we had
sam uh propose

on the last show if you recall
yep oh yeah yeah she said yes of course
she did yeah
that’s what i do well you never know but
yeah well you never know but

i’m thinking it was it was going to
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exactly no marriage is on the show that
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you know the uh johnny carson used to
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it’s like a party yeah
all right what do we have lingering here

oh we got plenty i think you’re right oh
just a little a little aside little
aside um
as more and more people and companies

start to offer
podcasts um just so you understand
no agenda show does not upload their
podcast to spotify
tune in google play stitcher etc

we have one place where we upload and
these other apps
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manually to a podcast feed then that’s

not a podcast app
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how about a couple of recommendations
here we have a few
what do you use i just redo it off the
oh i use um overcast
okay i like overcast a lot and it’s not

free you you pay for it but then you get
a lot of great
features so that’s my recommendation
i like my is it one guy one guy doing a
podcast app and he cares about the

listeners and kills
cares about podcasters yeah you get
another guy get but two guys would be
half as good yeah well
that’s the weird thing about software
it’s true
it’s so true all right uh

big protests all over the place a big
protest in front of the
massachusetts uh i guess one of the
state house or something

blm driver’s license protest i want to
play this clip so i can say something
about this
in related news immigrant families and
allies in boston have been camping
outside the massachusetts state house
since friday

demanding state legislators include a
provision in a racial justice bill that
would grant undocumented people the
right to get a driver’s license
okay and that’s so they can vote no
no no no no no no no

they don’t care about driving you care
about voting yep
why would all the allies also known as
democrats be uh their protesting
apparently the uh idiot uh mayor of

portland one of the dumbest guys
running any city major city got gassed i
guess last night
because he was in one of the protests
protesting the

how can you be the mayor of protesting
you’re the mayor go do something you can
actually do
something when you’re a city official
who is this uh who is the the mayor of
portland i can’t remember his name he’s

just like doofus
he’s always whining he’s constantly on
his own
here’s the pushback clip just portland
push back

in portland oregon federal agents tear
gas protesters tuesday night the 55th
day of demonstrations in portland
against racism and police brutality
over the past week unidentified federal
agents have been attacking anti-racist

protesters even
snatching activists off the streets and
unmarked vans
on tuesday the u.s department of
homeland security’s customs and border
protection arm confirmed it
deployed officers from three

paramilitary style units to portland
meanwhile a leaked dhs memo reveals the
agency is now conducting domestic
targeting potential threats to federal
buildings as well as

local statues and monuments in
the white house press secretary claimed
president trump had the legal right to
federal agents to portland and other
cities yes i find this to protect

buildings hello yeah i find this very
easy by the way yeah ted ted wheeler
is the guy’s name uh yeah i actually i
have a uh
i have a package from cbs news not you

know from the actual evening news uh i
think nora was hosting
uh about these troops the
paramilitary that the trump is sending
in and i want to play that to add to the

nazis after round of cheerings and
rubber bullets fired into the crowd by
federal agents is becoming a nightly

this unnamed protester says he collected
some of the spent ammunition
what was it like when they all came out
there war literal war
except you can’t fire back on your enemy
portland’s federal courthouse has been

attacked repeatedly and today the
department of homeland security said
they have to protect it mayors from six
cities have written the trump
demanding the president take immediate
action to withdraw your forces

among those tear-gassed er doctor sharon
myron who’s also a county commissioner
what the trump administration calls
anarchy sort of what we call democracy
david the protests start out peacefully

here every night and then gradually
turn into chaos the mayor tells me that
it’s the presence and
actions of federal law enforcement
agents that have led to an increase in

and vandalism david the trump
administration says it sent federal
agents to portland oregon to defend
federal buildings against violent
but the mayor there says that escalated

the conflict
now mayors from six major cities are
sending this letter to the attorney
blasting that deployment one of the
of the protesters is believe it or not

that the mayor resigned
that’s one of the one of their top
demands but i know this mayor is such a
dummy now i
i saw i didn’t get this clip because

there was really nothing to clip it was
just basically a lot of smoke and him
bitching about the feds being there but
he’s in the crowd
protesting himself once he was
identified as the mayor
the crowd turned on him and started

yelling at him saying get out of town
you’ve got to quit yeah and he had to be
escorted out probably by the feds
so here’s the the overall meme
is uh trump has a paramilitary

and they’re going in and it’s illegal
and it’s posse commentators and it’s
stormtroopers etc
and it’s really based on one uh

one thing let me see i think i have this
clip here
there was one video i have not found
another but one video
of uh what was billed as uh
unmarked feds uh rousting people off the

street throwing them into unmarked vans
i think this is the clip
what are you doing use your words what
are you doing
i love this um so the only video that i

exists of so-called rousting protesters
and throwing them to unmarked vans
when i watch this video and i encourage
everyone to watch this this has

dramatized music under it
so that there’s a gun like a guy dressed
with you know the helmet all black with
the backpack
and and the two cops hop out of a van
that stops at the intersection

sliding door astro van i see them
signaling to the guy the guy stands
they come up on either side the
protesters are saying who are you use
your words which is some kind of

infantile way of asking someone to speak
i don’t know use your words
use your mouth use your words this guy
is not a protester
he puts his hinds behind his back walks

they didn’t handcuff him no zip tie this
was again
this was an observer it was a fed he was
in there probably
you know with the forward intelligence
or whatever this is not a protester who

was rousted
but yet you get these kinds of videos
what are you doing
use your words what are you doing
tell us your name how are we supposed to

know who you are
how are we supposed to know you’re not
kidnapping us in your civilian
yeah now they’re talking to the cops
very scary and the guy your people

identify themselves as law enforcement
so we don’t have to get kidnapped feel
like we’re getting kidnapped
so this was the basic meme that was sent
around they’re kidnapping people

there’s no evidence of that at all but
uh well wait i did have i did see an
interview with a guy who claims to be
one of the guys that was thrown into
that oh good good good good where’s this

i don’t have a clip but i can tell you
what it would happen
okay because it was interesting i wish i
had the clip i’m sorry i’m sorry
i blew it but the guy standing there
being interviewed by one of the

was i don’t know if it’s what what
source this came from to be honest
it may have been democracy now the guy
says yeah i was just standing there i
wasn’t doing anything i wasn’t
protesting and they grabbed me and they
threw me in the van
they said oh okay well then what

happened he says then they took me over
to the uh
police department and checked me for
weapons and and then they
threw me kicked me out of there that was
it okay so

there are rules for picking people up
and i don’t know about this guy
i wish we could find that clip i wish i
could because you can’t do that i mean
that is good
bullcrap anyway yeah but that’s what i’m

thinking but it’s still not the same as
kidnapping and
disappearing the person exactly so
that’s the meme
and it’s uh no of course
so they are indeed protecting federal

buildings but there is something
worrisome that came out of the pie hole
of chad wolf
the acting department of homeland
security and these are his
uh his people who are on the streets
i also think that the the dress code

that they’re using
is just this they could make it look
more like police and not like
military you know it’s very annoying the
way this is done and it’s not it’s not

actually helping it’s saving the federal
buildings and statues
it’s not helping the narrative would be
so easy to make that just a little more
clear what’s happening
uh anytime that you attack a federal

facility such as a courthouse there in
that is a federal crime attacking
federal police officers
law enforcement officers which they have
done for 52 nights in a row
is a federal crime i agree and so the

department because we don’t have that
local support that local law enforcement
we are having to go out and proactively
arrest individuals okay
i don’t like that proactively
is like what is that pre-crime

pre-thought i mean you can’t really do
that so if that’s what’s happening i’m
against it otherwise
tear gas those babies hold honest i
think he’s just this guy
he’s just misusing the word proactive

that’s why i said i’m not sure but he
that he shouldn’t be acting anything if
he can’t get his story straight it’s
important because this is
they’re doing something here and it’s

creating a lot of crap
and this trump fucking it up really is
not doing a good job with this
for that local law enforcement support
we are having to go out and proactively
arrest individuals and

and we need to do that because we need
to hold them accountable this idea that
they can attack federal property and law
enforcement officers and go to the other
side of the street and say you can’t
touch me
is ridiculous we don’t do that in any
other type of law enforcement we pursue

a criminal
we investigate we pull them over if you
have probable cause
we arrest them we charge them and we
prosecute them and you need to hold
individuals accountable and we don’t do

that i think we get what we see in
portland today
i’m pretty sure it’s played by the book
i just think that again
the way it’s being the all the whole of
government i’m telling you it doesn’t

bother me in the least
i don’t know how you can be i mean you
maybe you think this trump is screwing
it up as far as i’m concerned
i think it’s great that portland
situation is completely out of control
so it’s a stateless

it has no government but please don’t
me thinking that it’s good that you have
to rouse these kids it’s just as a way
to do it
and i’m tired i mean i have to go
through all the reporting crap because

it sounds like
you know he’s sending storm troopers i
know it’s bull crap but it’s
it’s not helpful to anybody of course
what really needs to happen is these
cities need to go stew in their own

screw them well the problem is there’s
federal property that
does have to be protected which which is
being done
but trump now want he desperately wants
these mayors to say help me help me

they’re not gonna do it and he should
stop and let it just burn it to the
but don’t give him money in the bailout
coming up
and that’s what this is going to be
about well portland is definitely

going to be uh trashed it was
it’s this place has been trash for the
past three four years it’s
you can people are camping in every
single park

it’s which is written now with crime and
it’s it’s a really bad scene in portland
this is not just i mean yeah the past 50
50 days have been bad
the whole thing now i don’t know what’s

going to happen but a couple of uh
you know guys protecting federal
buildings is not going to stop this
especially no i don’t think so either

but then that mayor is not going to stop
things and if they get defunded police
won’t they just
you know they which they’ve done in
minnesota we’ll see how that works
uh this is i i don’t know i find the
whole thing to be highly amusing because

of the
of the specific cities involved in that
report there was mentioned
was mayors and the five mayors are all
they’re all radicalized democrats and
they somehow became

mayors right uh in cities like seattle
which have been radicalized at
all levels i mean and san francisco is
the same way where you have a
a district attorney who’s supposed to
prosecute the crimes as

it would say on the law and order show
and he’s
they still let anything under a thousand
dollars they won’t even bother with
is rampant right
yep well san francisco

i don’t know but san francisco’s just
yes san francisco seattle park
all these west coast towns well new york
l.a has like never been manageable so
who knows what’s going on there

new york is bad new york is terrible
and uh austin’s been pretty good though
i mean we’re not that big we’re only a
million people
all the way through san francisco’s got

less than a million
really now 800 000 i believe wow
such a mess yeah it’s a little bitty

there’s no cleaning it up unless of
course we elect kanye as president
well he’s not gonna clean up san
my gosh poor guy he’s being train
wrecked now

have you followed any of it of his oh i
follow a couple things they’re going
after him for his comments about
tubman for one thing well they’re going
i mean he did this

he did a a campaign rally which was
a huge wreck i mean he didn’t even have
an a mic
he he was wearing a security flak jacket
and i understand when he’s so

reminiscent of trump
stuff comes out of his mouth like what
like these kind of
like uh pukish type sentences of stuff
and then you know if you really think

about it he’s saying something pretty
actually but it’s so easy to well i mean
now his whole family is saying he’s
having a bipolar episode
um even kim kim posting a whole

thing on instagram saying he’s going to
please if you know what it’s like he
needs love now
but he’s uh he’s still pushing it we’ll

he’s definitely he’s getting attention
which i think is is the key to this
well he yeah and he uh he’s got a new uh
album apparently he’s gonna be released

shortly yeah oh i’m sorry it’s gonna be
yeah you gotta say it right so let’s
listen to this clip this is an
interesting club this is a covet
there’s one thing that’s being reported
a lot on around the country

but but they’re not real it’s like
nobody’s really making a fuss about it
and i’ve got i’m amused as hell bite
especially here at san quentin where we
have a covetous break

and and pretty much the guys that are on
death row
the worst of the worst guys they’re
dropping like flies
and they talk about it but nobody’s
really too well you know

if anybody should be dying it should be
that guy
so there’s mixed emotions about these
in san quentin the big q uh that are
dying this is the uh san

quentin report from democracy now uh
covet code to one of the cove eclipse
ah got it in california the coronavirus
death toll at san quentin state prison

has now reached 12. more than 2 000 men
held at the prison have tested positive
in one of the nation’s worst outbreaks
in texas more than 500 women jailed at a
federal medical prison in fort worth

have tested positive for coronavirus
national security agency whistleblower
reality winter
winner funny flub
yeah well that brought out the iso i

have suggested for today’s show which is
at the bottom of the list called winner
winner i’ll take it it’s good
it’s good um i believe the uh
who’s the porn lawyer stormy daniels uh

oh yeah that guy i forgot his name
already yeah i think he’s he’s suing to
get out of jail
because you know his corona danger and
he’s saying trump wants him

wants to kill him by keeping him in jail
he does want to kill him pretty much
avenatti that’s the guy’s name michael
avenatti but now he’s the guy
that all that he had that clip blitz

with that guy all the
clips with him oh he’s gonna be the next
sure and msnbc was oh you’re so great i
think i was a criminal
yeah kind of no not

kind of he’s he’s in jail he’s in jail
for it yeah you’re right
yes uh oh oh wow the aclu
is now carrying his case the aclu

we are suing the federal government for
imprisoning oh that’s michael cohen i’m
that’s not avenatti that’s cohen that’s
good too
michael cohen but that’s not for that’s

not for covid that’s for publishing a
oh brother whatever aclu man what are
they what are they up to
i used to support the plot yeah i used
to support

him no more no more all right
uh let’s see i
don’t really have anything specific
other than uh can push the otg to

sunday i do have some fun things the uh
looks like the illusion i do have a
short bite and gaff
always good biden gaff is always good

yes biting at the hospital
yep and i had a nurse at
uh nurses at uh walter reed hospital who

bend down and whisper in my ear wow and
go home and get me pillows they would
make sure they’d actually
probably nothing ever taught in uh you
can’t do it in the covent time but
they’d actually breathe in my nostrils

to make me move
to get me moving ladies and gentlemen
please welcome
the next president of your united states
wow that’s when when they took the top

of his head off
yeah i guess oh that’s fantastic poor
joe poor joe poor joe
yeah poor joe well they never cover it
the good thing is
it doesn’t matter who becomes president

it’s good for the show
remember this people it is all
everything is yes and it
is good for our listeners to have us
cover this stuff because then they don’t
won’t go

nuts like the mainstream media wants to
drive them
and if you derived any value from uh
this deconstruction we’d love to hear
from you
by going to n a coming up uh
oh it’s a nick the rancho with my uh my

interview and
end of show mixes we’ve got uh
let me see we have professor jj
we’ve got uh jessie coy nelson

and we also have a good rolfie
look forward to that coming to you from
austin texas that is uh
opportune zone 33 here the capital of

the drone star states fema region number
six in the governmental maps in the
morning everybody
i’m adam curry and from northern silicon
valley where they’re digging up my
street i’m john c devorak we return on

sunday the second thursday right here on
no agenda
until then adios mofose
and such

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as a result of being raised as a white
person in this society i have a racist

worldview i have deep racist biases i
have developed racist patterns
while we who are white tend to be
fragile in that it doesn’t take much to
upset us
around race the impact of our response

is not fragile at all it’s a kind of
weaponized defensiveness weaponized
hurt feelings right right right
i believe white privilege is the way

that they are
stating that every single white person
that’s born have this same level of
that gives them an advantage over every
black person that’s born is rooted
in hatred deception and division white

people still have to get up
every day and go to work and if they
don’t work they don’t eat
and if you work hard enough to be
successful if you don’t work hard enough
you’re gonna end up being poor

if you sit around and complain you’re
gonna be poor have you ever heard of
trailer parks have you ever heard of
poor white people
they don’t just somehow get
grandfathered in to success in society
just because the color of their skin
about racism

or violence
i will use my voice
i work for black lives matter since i

work for that company my ceo has told me
to come out today and to bring you on
your knees because you have white
and could you just please apologize for
your white privilege you’re listening to

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